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Dealing with our Students

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April 14, 2020 1:45 pm

Dealing with our Students

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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April 14, 2020 1:45 pm

Dealing with our Students

What to do when your school closes? Joining us today from  Iron Academy, CEO and Founder - Alan Hahn - and Bruce Mack, Science and Bible Teacher.

Plus, Ashley Smith is one of the founders of  Reopen NC.  She joins us for the last 10-minutes to discuss the protest in Raleigh earlier today. Additionally, the overall goal for the movement.


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Everyone who sighs with his noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life, your home more and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on his show. There's plenty of grace and lots of tree but no sacred forgery 866-34-TRUTH for checking LOL I have received know is your host Dale you and I can hear a lot of you in my mind's eye, grimacing and complaining ended, check this out. The this is a great story and will get to our Prince Myron Academy 15,000 LA high school students are AWOL online 40,000 failed to check in daily amid the coronavirus closure so that since they shut the school to a case of 15,000 students is roughly the population of I don't know here in North Carolina you could go with Roanoke Rapids you could go with Albemarle city of Clayton here in the Raleigh area of the entire population of Clayton disappears from the school system right in any of 40,000 that don't check in regularly. So now you're talking about the apex in Hickory and's and gold Goldsboro cells burial in North Carolina and that's the problem that's the public school system was not ready to pivot.

They were not ready to deal with this and didn't like our daughters, our youngest one is in the public school system here in Lee County, North Carolina. They were not ready and are just now starting to actually get some things sent out to the students so that's a problem, but for every school across the nation that have been shut down and for all you parents out there. Also, a lot of people are in a lurch. They don't know what to do.

Things are falling behind. But that's not the case with our friends at iron Academy which is a great example of when you have a tight ship and you have a cohesive team in a big vision how things can can you can pivot with these things and so to find out what they're doing and how they're caring for these young men Alan Hahn and Bruce Mack are back in the studio from iron Academy iron gentleman how are you. Welcome to the strangest of days after well, thank you for having a fixed totally bizarre. And I'm sure you didn't start the school year. Last fall, thinking you'd be online but yet here you are, know this is not what anybody prepped for it. No, not at all me nobody prep for this, but this is what were doing. So how did you guys react to mean the word comes down to Doug that the governor's office was in wake County. How did you guys gonna get put into this scenario were you have to actually shut the doors and iron Academy very good question. So we have the option early on not to wake County shut down. To be a week or two before we did a we get going but it started look more obvious like we should always want do the prudent thing. Sure, I know we don't use that word very often, but which the wise thing to do. You don't want to be wrong about the situation. So we decided that we would do the same thing we want to school Monday maybe two weeks after wake County shut down and we said all right. Our students are to have one day off will consider the makeup day for them to need them to make up any work to a little day of staff training to finish on some of the software we already had and we started school back the next day remotely and so we missed one school day and we haven't missed a beat since yet. So how do you verse one that came up because you're one of the head of professors there at iron Academy.

What was your 1st.Allison while working to shut the doors will when it had been two weeks that would be looking at the rest of the school system shutting down your ideas at that some point you're going probably have to do that so I would say that we all were talking about in the hallways and me together with in small groups as teachers and okay how we handle this when it comes and so when it when we finally made the decision when when Alan decided were going have to do this. This will do. I don't think anybody really was shocked we had been looking around in the back of my mind I was thinking well okay how would I handle school if I couldn't come back. School yeah how would we do the Internet and I was thinking, well, my materials will allow me to do what I need to get done. The students already know the program all the way through to the end of the year of or have that completely laid out so it I'm out a day or if they miss Internet service or whatever they know what the makeup so that they got ready the next day so there should be no reason for them not to be able to do this toil and what they did they actually did exit close the doors and then you guys were online. The next day.

Yes. So what what became the priorities like how you do this.

This is opposite different scenario, but you got a lot of young men in iron Academy that were homeschooled before so wasn't totally foreign them but not all of them. So, what changes about what you do at iron Academy. Let's back up a little bit just explain to people that may not be familiar that what I Academy is all about what that will put some of this in perspective, we are an all-male school we are focused. If we had only one thing to be try to be really great at it would be the Biblical manhood development that we do with the families in the local church. After that is, leadership development, and obviously we have an all-male atmosphere that we try to cater to the learning preferences of your men and we do that, but to do that.

We've also chosen to be a low technology school, especially middle school your guys don't have phones from the minute they get there to the minute they leave.

We don't have devices in the middle school so you would think are iron Academy is not gonna do well here. I which is legitimate thought. We happen to have all the software got it taken care of us there we had everything on hand. We didn't have to pay anything. So when this happened we just spent an extra day of training and we said all right. One of the most important things for us to do this remotely and we wanted to keep the daily schedule a because one of the things we're worried about is young men who will II had seen what online education looks like elsewhere and we had two weeks of of looking at what was going on across the country, but my kids were home from from college. All of a sudden we were empty-nesters now or not and they their online education usually consists of. Are you getting an assignment posted in go do your stuff and turn it back in, which for higher learning level, an older student or adult that can work really well and for some young Minnick and young lady sick and work will but we wanted to keep the daily schedule we wanted the interactivity with them every day of because we we love these guys.

We want to know who they are. Every day, and so we kept the same schedule we do the videoconference you sweetie to see them hear them and we just were able to start the next day and one of the things that's interesting about iron Academy because the problem with the public school system and most of the private school system is is there but he gets trained under the same basic educational model which in many ways is fine for young ladies.

It still doesn't work very well at all for the guys in one of the things that happens at iron Academy.

Recognizing that dealing with reality that God made guys different than girl sorry everybody that's a tough one for you, but but the activity level so you said you are in the same schedule.

So how do you manage the fact that there stuck at home but did you have a lot of time during the day with his physical activity for these young men because they need yet so the good physical activity that they would be missing his every class we have a short brain break will you get outside and do intensive activity of the we also have for for 69 to have daily PE. So how do you do that well.

Coach Mitchell's been given them a daily workout and several imams have been doing it with her sons has been really great to see posted on her Facebook family. That's a great idea.

So increase the health of the entire family. These Gypsies young men that are coming out iron Academy were talking to Bruce Mack and Alan Hahn from iron Academy iron, what else is going on how they minister to these young men how can you minister young men the young women in your house based on what the iron Academy folks are doing because they always do it is an excellent and this is the dome on the steep hill show will be right back up to this is Steve Noble. As a 16 year homeschooling veteran with my wife.

I say that is a veteran unlike the guy in the stands acting like I'm on the team that my wife is the team I'm occasionally was the headmaster, but do as a 16 year homeschooled veteran. Well, welcome to our world to everybody else in the country that's never homeschooled and most schools are ready for at schools with a lot of kids that are living in poor areas could not handle that on the technology advance on Facebook live as a cane in his poor areas here in Texas they don't have Internet. They want computed on a laptop that already that stuff at home and so we have a huge problem in the public school system and like we started the show with 15,000 kids high schoolers in the LA County area have had zero contacts 40,000, having been checked in line online to on a daily basis and are all high school students.

What you do with what you do with them with us this fall. If God willing we can ask to get back in the school. This is a huge problem in huge challenge, but for iron Academy, which is operating a whole another level. This is just it's not business as usual but your goals, your intentions, the way you do things that change you just gotta switch to to an online format right so we switched up but we did have to. We did lose some things are we. We felt like we did a really great job educationally and we we surprised ourselves a little bit with how well we did there, you know, we had to invest in some additional equipment like some Microsoft surface Pro's and some document cameras and some WebCams and things like that. Otherwise, the educational delivery is very similar.

It's more difficult to to get to you the quality it's you have to be more imaginative in getting the to develop the critical thinking skills when you're when you're testing and those kind of things. One of the things that the hit us very quickly is that we lost the discipleship opportunities in intensive level and that's why we exist so we been struggling with. How do we reclaim the discipleship we had to change a couple things we did there and and and all mission is to think these will be good for for some of your listeners yet because I want to make sure all of the majority of us don't have sons at iron Academy and were stuck with kids at home and for a lot of people. They never really dealt with that to have students at home so yeah I want people to learn from you what you guys are doing because God continues to bless everything iron Academy so there's a lot of lot of teaching that you guys could do for the rest of if somebody's getting it done academically. You can't assume that their healthy mentally psychology spiritually. You have to dig into that. So take your opportunities every week or more if needed really dig into the Ascom estimate printing questions, but stay in tune with who they are and how they're growing and what they're struggling with. Many people were caught in homes with new guests or their getting on each other's nerves like you are sending bewitching domestic violence go up. That's not something we worry about it are to carry. But I could happen anywhere at but the D indicated it was its there's a lot of tension and some household a lot of art or homes are are thriving in this note. This isn't there are good things about this quarantine but it is affecting people differently so we have to be really into much yet. So Bruce Mack is here from iron Academy and Bruce on the discipleship side of me so much of that I'm see the model is Christ himself.

And then we see the apostles, but all of that's proximity discipleship your your together. You're not utilizing technology to see. You can, but how do you preserve that because discipleship is one of the main reasons people send their young men to the iron Academy here in the Raleigh area. How do you do that electronically how it how do you overcome the challenges of discipleship will not sit at the same table together. By the way somebody asked me on Facebook live. This is kind of funny and kinda not least aware your facemask.

My answer to you is were living in the past, the past in terms of facemask only To go back two weeks or three weeks or felt he was seen don't don't worry about facemask till today.

They say where placement so that's all part of the madness Palisade at Cypress glance, not a problem at all. I think probably the words that I would use would be words from the great 19th century preacher Charles Haddon Spurgeon.

He wrote a little article on the fruit of the spirit any related all the other parts that make up the for the spirit to the number one part the first part which is love and when he gets to the word gentleness or humility is some some version translated. He describes that as God's love in the classroom, and the more I thought about it and it refers, of course, to our honor code. I will always conduct myself as a gentleman, a gentleman is teachable. He's coachable. He's trainable if you want to have a great teacher first and foremost, they must be a great student, I was one of won't want myself to be a lifelong learner.

I my goal is to learn two things new every day and I learned from my students in the first five minutes of class. So what's going on with and I'm quite it's not about sit down, shut up and let me teach you. It's about tell me what's going on with in many churches you heard the statement that said they don't care what you know till they know that you care.

Let's so important. Our God is a God who is infinite, but is also personal.

He's up close and in Genesis 1 we taught that the Bible talks about this God who creates stuff out of nothing and then you get to Genesis 2 and a slight will. Here's a recap of what happened in one except you keep seeing this word Lord and the Lord God did this, and the Lord God did this at a not he's close he's in there.

He's in the mix. He's outstanding, all throwing lightning bolts and he's coming down in meeting you where you are personal.

Emmanuelle God is God with us and he's been that way it was that way to all 66 books and and so for us as teachers in the classroom. The goal is to be that to be God's hands. God speak God's ears. So what's going on with you guys and they are able to share whatever they want to. My goal is if if I can get them to drop that guard of all, here I am in class and I got a note buckle down and get into this women. This is not me teaching you this is us teaching each other. I'm learning as much from you as I hope you learn from me, and in that kind of relationship that's what they want. That's what they desire those guards come down and then I can teach them and they're willing to listen and they know that if they speak to me. Unlike on essay not your time, tell me which tell me what's on your mind, let's work this out because that's what relationships are all about 12 at that what the students that I teach. I've got you guys know that I got for classes isolate homeschoolers and 88 students every every week and I always tell him and I tell the parents is to us of this and the other to learn the Constitution article in Civics yesterday to learn Christian ethics, but ultimately the whole thing is a ruse to get to their hearts. My my number one goal is to glorify God. My number two goal is to disciple your kids and and so when the Holy Spirit opens up a conversation in the middle of the of the chapter when were talking about the judicial branch. I will walk away from the judicial branch from the head knowledge to pour into the Hartnell absolute but but in on most public school situations.

Even most private school situations and on that kind of flexibility but it's absolutely necessary. Silent. You told me something earlier where with Alan Bruce from iron Academy iron

If you're in the Triangle area any of young men and your family up grades 6 to 12.

You need to be looking and I am Academy right away, especially given what's happening in the country and who knows what can happen this fall. You said earlier Alan that I see you guys exit checking up on your 77 students than individually as well that I resent that we talk to each student you every week, but we have set up special times outside of the normal classes were we can check in next week you're doing what's called accountability day which is something we normally do twice a year.

It's usually little more hard-core, but this year it's good be more focused.

This next Wednesday is to be more focused on a spiritual checkup but several teachers will will be talking at once and with their parents and you're really fine tuning a deep prove better how everybody's doing it out of very important and how how and never had to break in second, but I do. I do want to hear from you guys how are they reacting the strange new world that we live because I think a lot of people are much more nervous than you're willing to say it's a little upsetting. The normality is gone is a bizarre app aspect to it. As Christians, did God send Eddie certainly allowed it. What's the Lord doing and all that.


Are you finding that there asking those kind of questions are they sharing a little bit about what they're experiencing in the midst of the shutdown projections are by the mL 2020 project. Okay, so not clinically 3 trillion Hargis in US history to that year that it was 5 trillion read today, there are trillion, and I love that that's my buddy Matt.

510% enough I stay away from Jesus because he wants a lot more than that, however, you will give you much much much much much much more and return and not just in the here and now. Forever.

And I know that's a bedrock principle that they live just an outstanding school for young men only is just for young men here in the Raleigh Durham Chapel Hill area of North Carolina.

For those of you outside the market. If you don't have an iron Academy there start praying because you need what we need iron academies all over the country and with the shutdown of the school system is virtually nationwide iron Academy just pivoted within 24 hours and boom there up and running and that taking care of these young men and continuing to disciple them in Alan Al-Anon is here is the CEO, chief education officer Bruce Mack is here as well and you guys pivoted fast and you are mentioning and I wanted to keep talking about that that you're actually checking in with these young men individually, how often, and then what's that call like and how are these young men reacting to this bizarre world that we live in right now.

So the coronavirus is not what's messing up their world.

It is the isolation it's the being out of community with other people. That's what's messing up their world, but I will also say as the gone immerse themselves further into a digital world. The distractions of the digital world and the traps of the digital world.

I can't even imagine the damage that this is going to do across our nation to our young men with all of the young men we had immersed in video games and and in all the other things a young man can get into on the Internet. The things of been happening our country is been bad enough. But with this coronavirus if I want to destroy a nation.

This might be hello do you do things that are that they're being exposed to.

That's why it's important for us to talk to them each week so at home. What if there home. You should already have some some things to good you can control when they have access these things, but if you got if their own computer if you completed a central place.

If you can come off the Wi-Fi at a certain time, but keep them focused but one of the things we had to do this week. They started getting digitally fatigued and I would have to say probably our teachers due to the we rescheduled our spring break and we have four instead of having our spring break. We had four consecutive three-day weekends and if were still start a school by in mid-May. Then we will continue. What will do his will continue the three-day weekend yeah and so what are you hearing Friday's are you on some of these phone calls Bruce I would imagine that you are, what are you hearing from these young men just in terms of being at home. The frustration of that the angst of that some of that some of the pressure of that but also just what's going on in the country what's going on around us and how are they handling it well. It's it's so interesting because you would think okay the standard answer should be.

I miss my brothers.

I miss being in class.

I miss being with students. I'm here by myself. I don't like that I want to be around my buddies and then one of them said I miss my teacher and we were. We were sitting in every every week we take more.

The study skills classes and is sort of like maintenance time and when I first went into this I thought well maybe I need to have something for them in the first week it was.

I have four questions 45 minutes just just evaporate in the next week I came in I said okay. What's on your mind, and I study and say anything for 15 minutes. I didn't guide a conversation they just announced it around. Okay and one student says yeah I miss my teacher. I'm so tired of watching having to watch a video. I really want to be in the classroom with you teaching me yeah yeah what I want to be in the classroom to I like to do that leases like 45 am just trying right in and out of 14 or so that I had that there were together as we were discussing and I found that to be a fascinating thing because when they're in the classroom. You're not really sure there that paying that much attention. Sometimes there that's part of their their little faade and I'm not really paying attention but there listening. You are always lying there like big brother there always listening to what Allen and then I want to talk about what's coming this fall because hopefully everybody's and be back in session, and I know that you would love to see everybody get back in a Saturday in mid-May, which would be awesome working about talking in the last segment of the show.

By the way Ashley Smith; she's one of the founders of the reopen NC on Facebook which had that the protest on downtown today and I was down there for that sort of talk to Ashley Smith last segment of the show today but but what are you kind of focusing on obvious he got a continue the education continued discipleship. There are there any other levels that you are working on with these young men right now, just given the situation with what you're doing online. Well I have got to get on praying that were back in mid-May got a map and you don't know how this will affect us again next fall. Just can assume that will be back to normal forever. Mid-May. We we have started exploring some things about how we might change this. How we might offer some things to move your juniors and seniors in the future that would allow them to have a few days per quarter that they could do this digitally from home and take this note to give them a little more flexibility.

Even though we don't like what we're doing now were also seeing that were all but also able to teach new skills that they will be using in the workforce to our primary job is not to create workers, but that's a natural thing that also happens but we've had to to change some things you especially when you have six and seventh graders who were suddenly able to just put in a chat line during class. I know the first couple days it was. It was entertaining as we came up with some new plans there, and they've learned how to be better digital citizens. These are skills that will transfer later so that was really interested. Not all of this is bad. Many of our families are really, I think we got basically two types of families here got families that are looking at this and say wow were really going closer together as a family we got other families that are saying are just driving us again this is like a nuclear get out of here, but I think they're really good things that can come out of if we look for them of swearing and finding some things even though were not a high tech school. In fact, were the office of the high tech school on purpose. There are things that were seen that we will take from this and learn from this and be a better school because of Sultan Bruce at because I want to make sure we talk about this.

What would be your advice for the parents that are really struggling with. All of a sudden, especially that middle schools and high schoolers at home. What would be your advice to them about maximizing the opportunities that this present will.

There was a book written a number of years ago by gentlemen all day. The trip in the name of the book is age of opportunity.

If you have not read it, I strongly suggest you get a copy of it and read it. The moments that you have now to spend with your student will build his character will grow him as a man if he is able to see you transparently.

By that I mean this is a struggle for you. Dad, this is a struggle for you mom and they need to see that they need to see that the world is not all roses and moonbeams and that just because you say that you're a follower of Christ. It is an instantaneous. Everything is easy. In fact, it's tough. It's tougher, I think, because not only are you dealing with a broken world which are dealing with an enemy who wants to destroy you and they have to see you as a real person who deals with real issues, but they have to realize that at the end of the day your hope is in Jesus Christ, your faith is in Jesus Christ because you know the love of Jesus Christ. Yeah, and if you have that you have something you have a tool that no teacher in a classroom can teach that no other person can teach better than you. You're the primary teacher.

You're the one God pick he gave you the student and said, getting ready because when you release him. I want to use them for my Gloria so important.

Oh it is, and so if us. If a parent comes to that. Understanding that this is not an obstacle that I've got to avoid. It's an opportunity to train the next generation to be followers of Christ. What an incredible privilege. We have grandparents. Yup, that's right. And then then all of a sudden the Mets in the midst of this maelstrom we have our our sons and our daughters as well a home a lot.

Let's not miss that opportunity to really selling to them by the way, for all of us in the midst of all this craziness, we should be a very worst we should be of particular people in the first place. But we should be really particular right now. I mean strange out of the ordinary broken about the real impact of the coronavirus situation but also free of it because of our faith in Christ because this is our ultimate destination.

We don't grieve and we don't go to these things as people have no hope. What about this fall.

Allen at Academy opened up as normal. We start actually admitted to people last week were still doing admissions now most of its virtual now you can do a ghost town tomorrow if you'd like. But that still continued I wouldn't wait until this is over because you know we were having our best recruiting season ever, and then boom it almost stopped but that'll that'll resume all you Thompson put out. Honestly, I wouldn't wait for that but call with havoc. We can talk to you about all kinds of things that we got parents were out there working right now they're doing some volunteer activities to build an outdoor workout rig got some kettle bells in tolerably look up Annette was stone as we got three new Atlas tone goals for the guys. Note some exciting things with regards, but this is this a bit of a fun time getting ready for when they come back as I know every teacher can't wait for them to be back is much slide I still teach one class I teach the Constitution.

Elsa and is much interactions we have in the class and is much as I can hear in their voices still want them in front of me. I still want to know I can always tell when something might not be crystal-clear but can't wait to get him back in front of us.

How can people find out more about at iron Academy and again that's here in the Triangle area six through 12th grade for young men how can they find out iron watch the videos you really find out who we are and what is this what is the sign say the trader at the end of this was that I will always myself as a gentleman looked curiously true right wrong and follow the king that's iron Bruce Machen Alan Hahn always gets the you will be right back with Ashley Smith. The real tendency to McAfee Noble to Steve Noble show great to be with you today and earlier today I was downtown Raleigh and I been out some abortion clinics last few weeks. Those of you that there on the Facebook page for the Steve Noble show carrying that stuff. I've watched 78 people get arrested two Saturdays ago in Greensboro for film were pastors and I bet that was deftly targeting then about a week and half ago in Charlotte. They arrested eight people are not arresting anybody else you have an equal application of the school" law, which means it's an unjust law and there's major problems. Plus, now working out well me to say this summer to talk Ashley Smith is one of the founders of reopen and see which is a private group on Facebook if you're here North Carolina.

Specially you need to join it.

So go to reopen and see hashtag reopen and see but reopen and see as the Facebook group and you need to join that and so we have this balance where yes we care about every person that sick. We care about all the people that have died every one of those lives matters. I'm approached the pro-life person. So whether it's in the womb all be to the tomb. All those lives matter.

We have to remember to continue to talk about that we need to protect especially the vulnerable. But were trained wrecking the economy, which is also destroying people's lives in different ways. They are at the the suicide hotline. Traffic is up 300% in the last three or four weeks 300% and plus you get people trapped in homes that are underneath the authority and authoritarian regime of an abuser. So there's all kinds of other things going on besides just the coronavirus situation itself, questioning numbers, all that stuff but a lot of people need to get back to work. They simply cannot in the government can afford to keep everybody afloat that's never going to happen and so that's one of the things that was behind reopen in C which is a great group that's growing quickly on Facebook and Ashley Smith is one of the founders of that. Ashley, thanks so much for calling today. How are you and me.

You're very welcome. You're very welcome. It was great to be down there in solidarity with everybody this morning on and it was just continued to grow.

So, take us back to how this all got started for you and the other people that are behind reopen and see and what was the genesis of it. What's the goal let's talk about. Also, what happened today. Rumor, I think we can go from another letter and official that Cooper had no considering extending the shutdown to regain health personally had been on the phone think they wanted out and I can't stand Gloria and my name, small government, libertarian, constitutionally and so when I learned that our governor basically call your counselor to date you have about getting on restaurant and bar and they voted against him based on a jacket that he excited and I did not think it was the rightness or North Carolina to shut down and allow take out only 15 minutes later he came back and fight in a different statute and went ahead and move forward the shutdown of a restaurant and bar without being content that have direct Council member and point I found the article. Anyway, I began doing what I knitted it wicked, you know, you think restaurant governor. It didn't actually formerly get back actually leave a voicemail or speak a real person on the governor's phone number.

I never got any response from email I have reached out and I enter my represented as I know that people in the general family and making calls and email, all on our group when we heard that he was going to considering extending the shutdown might not make any other founder had a conversation but clearly going about their target and posting on my personal page have been very outspoken about my opinion on the matter and from there at night and hit create on the group we all joined became man and a great crew and I think I hundred and 50 people on day one we were at like 3500 last week there were finally call today. Our little one week birthday on the pad 3500 members by Thursday at Easter Sunday. We had it cleaned out mentally and now today and a break about 30,000, and I will have you know we are a private Facebook group, not a public group that we are really only allowing North Carolina resident people who are interested in the cause were really kinder that our members the little that we don't want public were trying to really be in action greater than be focused on PCP forming to protect that radio thing yeah and what would you how would you describe the ultimate goal of reopen and see Ashley because there's a lot of things on table. He mentioned Dan Forrest. I'm looking at his page on Facebook right now he had a great list of questions that needs to be answered, and I been saying this for a couple weeks now that I think of federally and on the state level. We brought an atom bomb do a knife fight and nobody's being strategic about this to just doing a one-size-fits-all, which is destroying a lot of businesses and families economically, which also has other effects what what what are some of the main goals for reopen and see our area where we really count them with our neighbors and our friend for going under targeting graduation can can't can't build on it entertaining the email account and all the email from from North Carolina are writing into their governors and their elected officials and a copy not that we have a record and when I'm reading heart-wrenching stories our neighbors who are leaving their dream work their entire lot and cake bakery over a leading photography yet and now they can't work I can't do anything they can't function date they don't want away on a government handout. The article that pressure and meet officials and to peacefully protest until North Carolina and open for business are our goal date would be to have the executive order once it concluded on April 29.

We like to stay open for business on May 1.

We stand by the statement.

North Carolina residents are intelligent people that we are able to make her own medical decisions and offense are unranked and benefit and that we are able to just like every other living viral outbreak that we as a country and everyone that we will in the future lending have heard a resounding waste on people who had been in you, I'm compromise their you know every single clicking actually already know what date and we don't need the government can't force how we know regain her gift that he had during the fleet even or how to only one person go grocery shopping either think that we already did because we know how to protect ourselves because were actually intelligent sovereignty with God-given right and we have the ability to make our own intelligent engine and that's the statement that at the federal level at the state level in the local level. Essentially what most of our government is telling us is you guys are a bunch idiots and don't know any better, and where the nanny state and where your Savior and working to take care of everything because they don't trust us to do it and then the liberal side salivating over it because it gains more power for the government so there's so many different forces at play here and what you say Ashley were talking Ashley Smith from reopen in C hashtag reopen and see that as a private group on Facebook so you have to request to be added and only if you're North Carolina you can get in there but what people say and all you guys only care about yourselves. You only care about your money. You don't care about the people that are actually sick and dying, and I'm sure you've heard this ad nausea but but how you cannot handle that bear on the ride everyone. I'm angry at 2% increase in death rates at 335 hotline call what I will continue to say that effect shutdown are going to be far more far-reaching and that anything on a long-term and the effect of the virus itself statement. I truly believe that that can't government will get out of the way can actually handle this ourselves that we never had Marilyn what today so you sound like it's one of the founding fathers to be careful with that. What you think about what happened earlier today. I know what you think about what happened earlier today and then give us a call to action for next week.

We call the conquered people. Have to plan your vehicle pilot running a little late getting there because I live like four hours away. I actually have dating.

I was taking care of and get away from my mama for both the little bitty for now. I got there about 11.5 5 o'clock were extremely people in Iraq were out of their car, so we are exercising social distancing and handling of the phone number and then to call ahead and had spoken to the Raleigh Police Department and I believe the Lake County Sheriff and we were totally didn't need a permit. We were within a constitutional right demonically maintain the guidelines which I believe that we get now I was doing an interview with I think February now I think teacher cannot sure have got a chance to see it in her the next thing I hear there is a whole group for Capitol police go deeper not on the Raleigh Police Department and many were telling everyone that they need to disperse or be arrested and though I tried and totally not communicatively here and I'll add your car or not to be here, not public property you have to leave now. Are you going to be arrested and arrested and at that point, the majority people deadly. There was some conversation about double disobedient and I feel it is legally continued to circle the capital building and honk your horn and I'm sure Pete that went on for about an hour and I actually stayed on the capital ground and walked carrying my fine for about 45,100 on and United is extremely limited to the honest with you I think you can dictate on their Facebook page that protecting is not essential handle.

Are you exercising your constitutional right together is not essentially how we got her plan next week. Ashley, what's the plan okay excellent Ashley Smith reopen in Siegel join that group. If you're from North Carolina.

Go join a group like I did reopen in C on Facebook. Ashley Smith got bless you think you put on it and now we look forward to being a part of what you think some of talk you later think so much that was Ashley Smith reopen in C or here's the trick you get so many people down there that one of the going to do through us all in jail at some point they can. We need to stick up for a right elbow. So, God willing

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