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Reopen NC

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April 15, 2020 10:14 pm

Reopen NC

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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April 15, 2020 10:14 pm

Reopen NC

The coronavirus has practically shut down the entire country; closing shops, restaurants, and other small businesses, this has put many people out of work and in a financially difficult situation. Recently, in the heart of North Carolina there has been a movement of #ReopenNC. This begs the question, is it time to reopen NC?


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Everyone is time for this noble show where Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cow call Steve now 8643 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online noble now here's your host noble rail today on tax birthday. Happy birthday Catherine real simple question for you super simple question is it time is it time to reopen the country as a time as we were gathered yesterday downtown Raleigh North Carolina is a time to hashtag re-open NC is a time to open up the stake up everybody back to work, not ours, that belligerent is that unloving are you being a bad Christian, you're being a bad neighbor all you care about is yourself obviously how can you possibly put other people at risk. Just so you can go earn some money. You're so materialistic yada yada blah blah blah. Is it all one where all the other shall become sliding the reopening but is it time as things are getting more focal around the country and yesterday I said we would to keep an eye on operation gridlock in Lansing Michigan which is the that is the capital of the great state of Michigan and it is easy to spend in zoo there today. People driving from all over the state. They were they babe jammed up all the highway. The exit jammed up all the streets around the capital. I put a bunch of pictures up on Facebook today.

I just recently and there's people out of their cars. I mean, I'm looking at one picture here people protest against excessive quarantine amid the coronavirus pandemic at the Michigan state Capitol Lansing, Michigan. This is a Getty image and there's there's there's probably 200 people in this picture plus the roads are absolutely full and there there that they've got the most draconian things going on in Michigan with the governor in Michigan and she's just totally lost her mind and end people are pushing back that's what happen here in the Raleigh North Carolina yesterday. It started happen in other places around the country.

Is it time is a time for us to reopen is a time for us to get back to work. That's my question for you today 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Is it time to reopen the country. The time to get back to work not ignore the fact that there's virus out there still be wise you can still be smart distilled. Take care yourself and try to take care your neighbor.

Particular emphasis on the people that are more vulnerable but do you think it's time for getting it's not that selfish. That's heartless how can you do that what you think about this reopening the country reopening the state.

Again, things are starting to heat up around the country on this issue, but what you think.

Is it time to reopen the economy to get people back to work. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

Do not hesitate calling in and in particular if this is if the shutdown of the stay at home, more or less, of course, should kill babies or so boots for living you're doing just fine, but if if if this is hurting you. It's hurting your family turning your business to turning your income. It's hurting other people. Maybe you have employees people down.the deadline to supply your business. Is this hurting you personally is putting you in a bad place financially. What do you have to say how do you balance that I need to get back to work. I need to provide for my family and yesterday we talked about the deaths of despair, which is suicide, anxiety, depression, these things go, are skyrocketing right now because people are not working. We have massive unemployment rate some more numbers tomorrow. We've lost what 16 million jobs and some of the economic numbers that came out today are the worst we've seen since the Great Depression is a time to get back to work, or should we do you think we need to stay hunkered down until nobody's getting sick mean how low does the infection rate need to be and how low does the death rate need to be if you take that position for us to then reopen. Where's the bar, how do you think we should do this so I don't feel like talking the whole show today.

I certainly can do you know that if you listen to the show at all, but I would prefer to hear from you and in here that you know I'm in a different different environment in terms of income and what I do for a living and stuff and I really haven't missed a beat.

So it's is in a personal issue for me and my family in terms of income.

Maybe on down the line because of the ministry exist. The radio ministry exists on donations and we been fine this year. Praise the Lord but I don't know that it's going to stay that way the rest of the year will see but right now it's really hasn't hurt us but has hurt you and your families are people you know as I hurt your business. Please call and share that because we need to be discussing this. This is something that you should be left to Donald Trump in a couple of doctors and scientists in Washington DC and whacked out liberal governor like we have here in North Carolina.

It should not be left of the elite. We all need to be in on this conversation. This land is my land.

This land is your land right 866-34-TRUTH 87884 pick up the phone and call in and share your thoughts so we can have this conversation together 866-348-7884 is number 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH, is it time to reopen. You think it's time to reopen. So please give me a call today during the show were to do this. All our because I really want to hear from you. Really we need to be hearing what's happening out there need to have this conversation.

We do not need to leave it just the president and the press briefings and the elite media and the liberal media. We do not need to leave this conversation just to them and people are beginning to rise up and we should and you need to share your story and your thoughts in here is an opportunity for you to do that. Welcome to America. We still have freedom of speech. Although there stripping away a lot of other things.

Still, freedom of speech.

So take advantage of 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH. I want to know if you think it's time to reopen NY and and and if you think it's not. If you think that would be careless, heartless, evil, capitalistic, whatever mean I can. I can take that. You probably know where I stand on this one.

But don't worry I'm never going to slice and dice anybody when you call and I may put you on hold. If you start ranting and raving and I can't get a word in edge wise, but I generally work real hard when I take calls to not be a jerk because as important as these things are my my witness is a follower of Jesus Christ, especially here in the air is is more important whether I can beat you up in a debater, not so don't ever worry about calling inner because you have a contrary view. We need to be willing to have those conversations have a contrary conversation to be able to stay in it. The stay civil to be good neighbors, even when we disagree… Really old saying I think it's in the Old Testament are in the law code of Hammurabi goes back several thousand years. I don't think you've heard of it but the statement is the saying is let's just agree to disagree.

Can we do that anymore. There is a law.

Governor Cooper is that that page 16 of your edicts that were no longer allowed to agree to disagree probably can't disagree in your to go to jail for that.

Unless of course you're in mint Hill, North Carolina veneer fire Department everybody can have a parade, Jim on a local hospital. That's just fine. But if you want to come up. You're right back to work by family, you're breaking the law will be right back back is still good to be with you today is our country is floundering about in many different ways and there's a lot of tension is growing every day here in Raleigh yesterday with the hashtag reopen and see movement today and in Michigan and Lansing that the state capital. There thousands and thousands and thousands of people inside their cars and outside their cars is a time to reopen. That's a big issue that we need to have that conversation if you want to join us today on the phone lines are false all get to these calls and then we'll go from there and see what happens.

Let's have that conversation. Let's jump first to go to John is gone and from Winston-Salem today.

In truth, radio, John thinks for calling a redhead from same opinion but I think it's time to reopen big thing with me and you always have to start off the cliché that we have to do that. It's terrible that anybody has died, but they can North Carolina longer over 11 million people and as of right now hundred 15 people have died and an Audi.

Note that one per hundred thousand which works with the flu would do and I think I read the news and never said that 79% of those were people over 65 and with the deeper line conditions and things for people that probably would've passed away with just the flu in the past few weeks or something of that nature.

And I'm just concerned that that all this stuff is is setting the stage of what you have the spirit of antichrist. When he does come the make PC going to need for there not to have been peace in the kind of fear I'm seeing even out of people that go to church that will come out of the house that are better than are scared to see relatives than in separate rooms are all husband and why that spirit of fear.

I'm not saying it now that q. week but that's what the antichrist is going to need to be able to come and explode on the scene and make peace. I'm not saying that's within months or even a few years from now. This certainly fits the stage and start to let us see how people can be terrified. Luckily, in the moral from somebody yes that's exactly right. I would greatly think so much for calling today.

Do you think it's time to reopen 866-34-TRUTH 87884. 866-34-TRUTH is go to Tommy's going to Orsay County. We lost Thomas good Howard conifer wait for say Howard, thanks for calling. Go right ahead. Love the children currently on things that like I'm reopen, and I think you know what you're seeing now in Michigan with downtown.

Continue it because there's not a plan. There's there's just left to your own imagination. They just had the mayor of Los Angeles today will not have a sporting event, any kind of live event in the city Los Angeles until sometime in the middle of 2021 I think that a date yet. I was go with me 50 and create a plan back in. You know if you've ever worked in your life.

You gotta set a deadline at some point even if you have to move that deadline. It is down based on things that happened during that period of time, but create a plan of how to reopen and start to do it. You has this affected you personally Howard or anybody you know in terms of economics of a small business owner in the anybody you know personally that's what this is affecting web app, absolutely. I'm a sports marketing. We had three projects that all water the country on a franchise is opening a new league mother.

Personally, I have a daughter that that high risk and I understand absolutely and you can't just lump everybody into one bucket when I can open until no one died. Well, that's just unrealistic interest based on emotion. We have to have a plan that people who are you at risk need to be quarantined still for a while but start rolling things out in business to get people back to work. Howard great points. Thank you so much for calling.

I appreciate you, but I meant God bless 866-34-TRUTH eight 784. Do you think it's time to reopen or know is that heartless is a careless is a terrible neighbor love.

It's just totally selfish.

You're obviously just worshiping money and you're just thinking about yourself or is it time to reopen and most people is a hate of maybe it's that maybe it's a rolling start. It's not everything all the time.

100% capacity. But where's the plan Cooper shows no plan as a matter fact, last week, out of a bunch of conference calls us State Sen. that I know. Let me know that he was hinting about moving the stay-at-home order through May to June 1, and businesses just can't survived as the nurse families that can survive this economically and yes you you have to obviously worry about the physical ramifications of people getting sick and especially those that are dying. Obviously, what man there's going to be depths of despair, which was brought up yesterday on the show and that's something we need to remember all these dominoes down the road. So what you think. Is it time to reopen doing need to stay sheltered in place. What you think and has it affected you personally or somebody that you know and financial aid small business.

Whatever the case may be.

866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH and and we need to have this conversation. We need to have an openly we need to have it publicly because we want our government officials to know were talking about it because if we just sit around and do nothing all that is necessary for evil to triumph them in Brooklyn set is for good men and women to do nothing but we certainly can't do that. Let's go to Greg's conifer, North Carolina Greg, thanks for calling grandma Steve go ahead you to be cautious but probably I'm a firm believer all morning wound so what will read in the article is about about a strange sight of the great and through the Christian notion you still reminding sewage on the right proximity to, or all of the hardest hit areas are what's going on with their affiliates wait to withstand the recording's motion dog in the crowded bar with the flu strain really will be trying to book. I'm certainly not a shiny new I am a small business.

Construction mobility can't start 34 years in the recently lost two jobs just because the was going on and I'm not trying to clear about from a perspective on the new survived little depression live article you know administration. I will marry David Barlett or two people you talk with our president, and for his rage and one on the food we plan to do a lot of diversity trying to get something accomplished and what are you all part of the reported Bush the only loan but you haven't had TV until we could be cute in the Congress of the talk about the school.

Your key word about the unifier to be as far as about population over all of we would follow one paragraph all the work is needed for revival and was you might be there and got a new job selection: God bless you and I appreciate you calling it hey Michelle and Sherry here at Michelle's, a nurse, I do please hold to the break about a four minute break. I want to go to you personally come back on the breakers is adversity about a particular and an important perspective on this and you might be surprised what Michelle has to say Michelle stay right there.

I know you been on hold for a little while, but I really want to hear from you if you want to call in and share soon.

We reopen is the right thing to do is time 866 34 through 6643 Noble to steal the show should we reopen the economy maybe a sliding start, maybe slow start but it's gotta be a start.

It's gotta be soon, as businesses are collapsing the economies collapsing are we looking at a new Great Depression, perhaps, and we've got the depths of despair and I were talking about the 26, 27,000 deaths as a result, the coronavirus, but we gotta talk about suicide we get a talk about depression.

We got a tech about anxiety and on down the road.

As the economy continues to collapse further and further. People lose their jobs. Also, by the way there's in a Mongol day issue here about the image of God placed in every person, whether there believer not made to work and when you suffocate that you suffocate the image of God is like taking a resource and keeping it in a 10 x 10 pen resources not designed for that nor are human beings, so, so does the government to even trust ourselves to care about her neighbors to take care of ourselves. Obviously, to take care of her neighbors and to be responsible early not really aren't worthy to be trusted. Let's go to Michelle, his nurse Michelle I am so sorry I had to keep you on hold for so long. Thank you for your patience. Go right ahead and call Mary and I happening in Irving, we have gone so quickly to want the government to completely clarify and in my opinion, what happened at the beginning with this quarantine actually born Did not know what he what the response is going to be.

We did not know how many people are to be impacted through the compassion of the American people wicked who we are when something happens that tragic. We got there and we fear what we can to help our fellow man felt we ate home and we have wrecked economically and we can stop. You know, we have Found at and doing what he and I feel like the government is now using our compassion and here you can echo (now they are basically counting. If you want to go back to work and you are evil and your hateful if you don't care about you, while medical the reality Eric. There are people because they can't get surgery. There are hospitals that are laying people off and that are completely anti-nobody is going to fight somebody that had COBIT 19 back to the manner in our bodies with miraculous healing power and we aren't being caught how to harness that power. We taught anything that we can do for now to strengthen our immune system so that we can fight. The parties are intended you will people for common. Absolutely.

Is often because we have become so that we want.

We want to run very greatly when I shop for apparel override everything that we don't need to take care of the camp. Right and back.

We are now using this as a weapon against people who want to go out work and provide for their family. Because the reality Eric older people. The majority of them are even work for right over 500 and hold the majority people that are going to work and those are the people at high week we counting all of the wonderful benefit of hydroxychloroquine and through my work night infusion torque and quinine pounding and sweat. There are there are so many people that have been treated fully with medications that we carry. The reason why they are not putting forth hope because this is a control tactic and we need to fight again.

Yeah so so wonderfully well said Michelle and I so appreciate you calling and by the way, whenever I open up the phones and I'm talking about this please call back because that's what we need to hear you're very well spoken. You have the experience you see the truth about that yet to get to the Holy Spirit and and that's what we need and we just don't get much of that. So they are taking advantage of it. The government never especially liberal side of our government but now both sides act like were a bunch of imbeciles and a bunch of fools and we can't take care of ourselves. We would never care about our neighbor. Swords can run around willy-nilly and abuse one another and it's preposterous and going back to when your original points which is great. That is unique to the American society that when push comes to shove, we actually do come together most of the time and care for one another that whether you like it or not, flows out of our Judeo-Christian background because it's just part of the who we are but yet it's remarkable to see the government now taking advantage of it. Especially people like Gov. Cooper. This is a dream come true for them because they get to grow their power in and around and abuse it like crazy and unfortunately most people just sit back and say okay fine, Gov. Cooper born alive barely had no right to speak about my that were risking my ability when trying to leave her baby could die. I got a talking point for him or anybody that the court know he's got zero moral authority to talk about health and well-being because like you said he braved he he detailed the instant born alive, active and pro-choice.

His whole career, probably most of his life and work or your were killing 2300 babies a day. He protects that he celebrates that he funds that but then with the rest of it he uses it as a as a whip to put the rest of us in place. You hit the guy's got no moral authority whatsoever.

Michelle, thank you so much for calling and I really appreciate it. Got bless you. You're welcome. Soon I was totally worth the wait was she was awesome. Thank you for that.

Lord, let's go to Renée's call in and also here in North Carolina. Renée, thanks for calling. Sorry to keep you on hold for so long, Karen.

I had another our work for a nap for several years but have no problem prior to that 30 years over 98% of that you agree that all people and political are chomping at the bit to be an extender authority in your power anyway they can. Anytime they can. There are some workplaces in some parts of the country that probably could, with proper safety measures be very open, stifling, however, Sadie changes within the past way and according to the reports that I heard their accurate and revised their knowledge of how contagious coronavirus is that is if the measures had not been taken to the extent that they have there would not have been 250 positive infections. For every infected person it would have been without now found out that in the last few days that airborne virus doesn't travel 60 with a forceful major call it travels more in the neighborhood of 13 to 15 now. Yesterday morning I listen to Glenn Beck did a great job of breaking down just exactly how risking this country when you take the numbers of people who are over 65. After that the numbers of people who have comorbidity even though they are younger than 65. Add to that the numbers of people who have things that are not typically thought about the population in general is comorbidity that is hypertension and obesity you're talking about, well, well over easily.

Over half the population of the country. Now here's my point. I can't tell you we look at our guiding star charts chapter as our example to follow Jesus day. He gave up 33 years, gave up literally, his lot at the and when he was on that cross bearing our fans because of that he gave up his communion with his father for that period of time because the father in holiness, could not look on that fan we have pastors that continue to willfully and knowingly exercise capable to coronavirus regardless of the consequences ever.

How many people I don't want to give up there in person in the building. Worship services for a few months and get all and you shall make this point before state. The bottom line is DS probably protesters out there how many people have 13 or 14 hour shift constantly in and out of her room having to wear battery-powered backpack care supply pump of breathable air pumped into their astronaut helmet knowing what the consequences to themselves therefore to all their love and would be if there was a tiny microscopic CareNet system that nobody could before they went in that Ryan, here's the bottom line for me know person, including you, with your family numbers almost protesters out there with their family members die.stick with Corona because state that risk could take to expose themselves would not hesitate. I got called for the Braves were not happening at the Coliseum and is totally get your point.

Renée and I appreciate the call in and that's I wanted to write and interrupt you. I'm just up against a break now some things to say about that. I really appreciate it made some really good points will be right back to Steve Noble Noble seasonal show talking about the opening not just North Carolina but other parts country should reopen New York City right now. No reopen any of the hotspots right now. I mean, I was just looking at the numbers here and you look at New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts between the three of them, they account for about 320,000 of the 639,000 cases, about half so half of all of the confirmed cases in America are in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts. We look at the death, which right now is a 28,223 this is CBC World Health Organization bunch of different sources on this is his world. Oh which is a running total going all the time so 28,223 deaths. But if you look at New York, 10,656 you look at New Jersey 2260 look at Massachusetts 1755 and you've got almost about half the deaths almost in those three states, so do you turn around and then apply the situation in those three states to Wyoming and Alaska, North Dakota and Montana in Hawaii and West Virginia in Vermont, Maine, Nebraska, New Hampshire, South Dakota, New Mexico, Idaho, Kansas, Arkansas, Oregon, Michigan, Minnesota, Delaware Mr. Columbia Kentucky okay district started stop stop the district of Columbia and all the others I just mentioned, but they all have less than 100 deaths and some of them less than 50 and some of them less than 20 why is nine Montana seven North Dakota nine Alaska nine Wyoming one and they're not the same as New York.

That same living conditions not seen cultural social conditions. So it's not a one-size-fits-all and and on the comparison the number to get your calls Freddie in Greensboro and Tampa and Greenspring to get you guys just seconds of thanks for your actually let me put the pause button then we go to Freddie right quick as is been on hold for a while.

Sorry about that Freddie go right ahead and every one of the Navy.

All of this should have them all fall refurbishment model on the Coast Blvd., West Coast code oh people ownership all three of the hospital because I'm think is more healthier to pressure constantly blown everyday and no start of the block builder here over and over recirculated area right right."

Oh spaced apart2 feet apart. All the recall. What about the whole reopening part of the conversation. Freddie, do you think it's time to start reopening the economy you at least from the Midwest up to the West words were were things are in hotspot haven't been a hotspot will be spot right will be warmer think that he air show moisture from people call was to talk about the temperatures as well. Just like the flu season.

The hope is that COBIT 19 will also have kind of flu season. The problem with all that, Freddie.

I appreciate you calling in today.

Thank you so much for your service. By the way, God bless you.

I really appreciate you calling and the thing about that is because we haven't developed any herd immunity to come back and people haven't we have.

We've sequestered ourselves. We have been able to develop an immunity to Michelle's point earlier were not a very immunity conscious people in the first place. We are a very obese people and so now it's kind of the chickens are coming home to roost a lot of different ways because they haven't cared for self doctors and in no medical field. The vast majority of it is all about medication and mitigation of your pain and your suffering is not about health. It's not about healthy living is not about immunity is over were in contact with Dr. Siva get a lot of attention right now because he talks about all those types of things hopefully will get them on the shows as possible going back earlier, though, to my other color. Renée the comparison between Jesus leaving heaven to accomplish an eternal goal versus how we live our lives and I appreciate your hard on that because the Bible really says it's right there. Love knows knows nothing greater than one who at least laid down his life for his brother right okay I'm what you but when it's we talk about Jesus will compare our responsibility here on earth for physical health to Jesus is desire to come down to make it possible for mankind to be forgiven of its sin.

Through his death, burial and resurrection that that's not a valid comparison and then mentioning that you know you get a rip in your gown when you're in there and I know it's very difficult.

From everything I've learned and everything I've seen for people on on the front lines in the areas where it's a hotspot to Freddie's point, we don't need ships off of both coast because we have very few hospitals actually most hospitals don't have much action right now because it set aside all the all of the things that they're calling on nonessential surgeries elective surgeries things it can proffer a couple months so you got some hospitals in this country were there furloughing people. So again it's not one-size-fits-all. We brought an atom bomb to a knife fight. We need to use a laser not a shotgun so we don't even need the ships maybe in a couple spots, but even in New York's Harbor. They didn't really use the ship. There so you have to be careful to assume, and this is an Ebola so the vast majority people get it will get over it, many of them won't even have any nasty symptoms. Some will die, but is still a very small percentage and maybe even smaller than we think because we don't actually know how many people had it or have it okay but back to the central question.

If you want to call and is a time to reopen here in North Carolina. Other places around the country as a time to get people back to work and be responsible. Nobody sand. A responsible be responsible as well is a time to reopen 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH 10 thanks for call and thanks for being willing to hold, go ahead.

Problem I would take the level that I think will come back to opening not opening.

As believers we know that our battle not against flesh and blood is to get the spiritual forces, but we can watch what flesh and blood and discern how the evil forces behind all this he did around if you think about your has our government. Local, state, spent time and energy spent time and energy and taken risks to suppress people getting together to worship and then more starkly to suppress the simple act of prayer outside of abortion facility which is the blanket use only everything I look at because it's such a stark example of evil in our culture so what I think were you is a chance and it's just a chance for the church, the body of Christ to rise up during this time I'm not in church next week. I'm not at all. I think we can decide what is prudent and safe and good, but the church stand up to the spiritual warfare are not.

I think it's a question because if you look back the 9/11. The church is still look for about a month was over. This is very very different. But the but the real battle ahead is not. We are, we open when we open even though I think we should open up tomorrow. The real battle is will the church rise up to recognize this so from the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. On the most precious thing we have, which is the unborn and in the lives of people now who were going to speak out of their heart failure and you know you see that coming out the church to people church members that won't go out of their house and you just you have to kind of say what's the real battle here like to be rational and responsible while not fearing so they really act like it's a zero-sum game that if that if you are worried about your health that somehow that by definition, you have a fear problem. No, I don't really fear been inoculated from death a long time ago I got the ultimate vaccination to Christ. But I also realize I can make other people sick. I could make my wife sick and I'm trying to be responsible, but I'm also not operating out of that fear of operating out of responsibility and a I totally agree with you Tim and I'm so glad that you called and it's good to hear from you and and to go ahead with look beyond the physical look beyond what we can see and remember the spiritual and yes push pushing down prayer which we know forces of evil want to do that.

Pushing down the gathering. The same thing want to do that especially on this country's gone out of its way to allow for the murder of 60 million children there protecting that practice.

Even now, you can't do any of these other things but you can kill babies all you want violate the 6B. The separation all you want. You can even send out there and pray if you don't think that spiritual darkness, your head is in the same and and that's I've been saying anybody heard me say this that all 3300 35,000 Americans were all in the will now everybody's a crisis pregnancy, worrying about their own lives and now you know what it feels like, and so that that that there's so much there on the prophetic level in the biblical spiritual side we we ignore that to our own peril. Temp great to hear from you brother. Thanks for calling it like you. You're welcome. Let's jump got time for one more call go to Amanda Cullinan from Winston-Salem. Thanks, Amanda. We got about a minute and 1/2. Go ahead and bury out if they want and find everyone out and my job going okay out there fighting our centers for email not let you know reopen estate people are out of work people and people around me were getting married before going out to greet her three quietly.

When I got back we want to open up was amazing a shocking thing to see and keep some analogies that we need to do. Amanda, thanks for calling and I appreciate what you do is by the way you want to.

Are you check your heart here you you want everything to shut down because you don't want to get sick. Are you thinking about other people whose businesses and livelihoods and their ability to provide for their children is getting crushed so you can't get sick, talk about sacrifice for others cannot forget that. Cannot forget.

Also, the death spare come in this long line of dominoes as we continue to train wreck our own nation prayerful.

This is Steve Noble of the seasonal shell gobbling up. Talk to you soon. Like my dead

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