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All About Heaven

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April 23, 2020 10:19 pm

All About Heaven

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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April 23, 2020 10:19 pm

All About Heaven

Today, Dr. Danny Akin, President of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, joins us today to answer all of your questions about heaven! All about heaven on this Theology Thursday!


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Everyone is time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cow ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God's grace and a host right so somebody figure that out it I don't want to. I don't do it that the governor of New Jersey.

That's above my pay grade.

And that's the last thing to mention everything that were talking out of the news at non-GMO talk about it all the time here as well. So instead of driving back down in the darkness and the bad news and the challenges of which I'm not saying they are not relevant. Of course they are.

But given that it's theology Thursday with our friends at Southeastern Baptist theological seminary working to turn a corner going up pushback. I was talking yesterday early in the show about. We can be gluttonous about a whole lot of things and we can be gluttonous about media intake and the news the day.

So let's just pushback from the table. Set your fork and knife in your spoon down instead of looking downward to spend theology Thursday today looking upward as we talk all about heaven and different questions about heaven things that aren't going to be in heaven.

And so our guide for today's tour will be none other than the president Southeastern Baptist theological seminary to the music of my was in the mood for the presidential theme, but I'm not.Dr. Danny Aiken the presence of and how are you doing quite well and God is being kind and gracious to us in every conceivable way, yes. So glad grandpa because I know you just you have to do. I understand the moral imperative. Well Cheryl and I were blessed on Tuesday evening with the arrival of our eighth granddaughter and 14th grandchild Ada Schaefer Aiken, who was born to my oldest son Nathan and his wonderful wife Kelsey and so they just arrived home this afternoon. Mama and baby are doing great and so what we are very very thankful for this new addition to the Aiken family Aiken clan taking whatever you want Aiken nation. We are very very grateful for her safe and healthy arrival yet praise the Lord. That's awesome. Congratulations so exciting and I great to see the family continuing to expand and eventually dominate soap. That's a that's what it's all about where hereto to take over. That's what's our you have enough for football teams with a number of reserves and can almost feel three basketball team Solaris were getting close so so how are you finishing the semester at Southeastern.

Obviously, everything's different buddies online, and when you're not in college or buddies a homeschooler now. So what… Like, what's it been like how you guys handling it to spend the rest of the show today talking about heaven and questions about heaven. What's there.

What is in what we have to look forward to spend our time there will really things have gone remarkably well. Given the new normal. It is quiet on our campus with only essential personnel being here… Our students rolled over magnificently, as did our faculty to a completely online delivery system and classes have continued on full speed ahead. We have just passed counting out dual enrollment all the way through our PhD the 5000 mark in terms of students so the spring enrollment has been tremendously year was not long ago that we are celebrating 3000 yes and and is been remarkable what the Lord is done in a short amount of time hours, summer numbers look really really good and so we're very hopeful that by God's grace we can be back on campus in the fall and so the school is doing well. We grieve that will not have a formal graduation in May. Everyone understands that we will have a large graduating class that will be deployed across North America and around the world people are continuing to be very generous in their giving. And so were doing well, Stephen. In spite of all this going on. This is been a good and fruitful time for the seminary and for that we can simply say thank you Lord for your grace and your kindness and your mercy I am and that's awesome to hear.

And by the way, wherever you live, whether you're here in the Raleigh area or this part of North Carolina outside the state wherever you're at, you can access. There's all kinds of things are the you can access you don't you have to be a Southern Baptist. You just have to be serious about wanting to learn more about your faith and about the Scriptures and so there's that. I just put the link up on Facebook live but if you go to SC\radio you're to see all kinds of things, some you pay for summer absolutely free all kinds of incredible classes that you can take at your own speed online so make sure you take advantage that I've heard from people that have gone down those roads and take it whether it's theology or hermeneutics.

Which is a class that Dr. Aiken is taught how to properly study and interpret the Bible and it's a rich, rich resource there and that you gotta take advantage of a punch to the vet this particular time doing yourself to the TV and being a couch potato.

Take at least the part of the day and study the Bible study theology study how to interpret the Scripture study ethics missions, evangelism, all of those type of classes are available they are and so redeem the time, as the Bible says and be good stewards of what God is giving us at this particular moment, the odds are, and we certainly hope so. A season of life like this won't come again.

That's right yet so but make sure you take advantage of it. Okay, so when we come back in the break.

I want to talk about is you have a list of things that won't be in heaven.

Where to start with the negative and then will go through a list and most of these common questions that if we open the phones at this won't happen, but generally what what's your impression to any of the church. Us individuals.

How do we handle heaven. Generally, because I think we don't think about it enough.

I don't think we think creatively enough about it I just don't think is that much of a big deal and a lot of us just plain old misunderstanding what I think that we think about it in adequately. Some of our ideas are simply wrong. In light of what the Bible teaches. But in many cases we think less than what the Bible reveals is going to be ours forever and ever and ever.

Revelation chapter 21 and 22 which is the perfect ending to the grand redemptive story of the Bible tells us that we look forward to a new heaven and a new earth and a new Jerusalem and what I want to say before we go to the break is. That means that the current earth upon which we now live and occupy is not to be destroyed. Rather, it is going to be renewed out Romans chapter 8 is very clear that all of creation is groaning longing for what the Bible calls the redemption of the sons of God because they know that when we experience our full redemption in glorification. This created order is likewise Cliff experience its full redemption and glorification as well yeah you think trip to Tuscany or Hawaii is nice now just wait and so don't get all bent out of shape by way of your father, Jesus Christ, for the Holy Spirit and you don't get to enjoy everything around the globe. Right now there's all kinds of tricks which you can take the worry one day you have plenty of time to do all of that. What's not can happen what is good happen to have an effect. You will show theology. Thursday we know of a lot of new friends here in the show listeners and on Facebook live so welcome the show are super glad you're here if you don't know every Thursday were here at Southeastern Baptist theological seminary, one of six Southern Baptist seminaries in America, the largest seminary on the East Coast were the preeminent seminaries on the face of the planet.

So we have this blessing that we are right here and so I got my Masters degree in ethics here and every class I've taken every hour taken. It's been such a huge blessing. So when I first approached Dr. Aiken is with me today in the studio. The president seminary about doing theology Thursday. I wanted more of that for myself quite selfishly, but I thought there's a howitzer sitting out here in the only people that are really able to take advantage of it. For the most part. At the time this was five probably five years ago our students in local churches and stuff like that. But now, by doing. You Thursday on the radio. There's literally thousands and thousands more people that can benefit from this type of teaching.

This type of wisdom and knowledge, which is why we do it and that's a special place on the show every Thursday we do it and Dr. Aiken is usually with us but once a month and I was just a great blessing to me personally and everybody else listening, I hear it all the time for a lot of people. It's their favorite aspect of the show so it's been a great blessing is great to have you and thinks it's always thinking okay so have in order to talk about heaven. So before we get in the kind of the common questions. This is the niche I've seen this list solicits a list of things that will not be and have her come in at it from the negative, which is fascinating. Well Chuck Swindoll of course is a very well-known and popular Bible teacher and wrote a really fine and popular commentary on the book of revelations rocket command that to our audience, but that in his book on Revelation. He has a chapter where he deals with things that are not in heaven, and I just know them very quickly says there are 12 things that will not be in heaven. Number one no more see because in the Bible, the sea often represents chaos and calamity will be no chaos and calamity in heaven. Secondly, no more tears because hurtful memories will be replaced by good and wonderful memories number three no more death. Because mortality is been swallowed up by life.

Number four no more morning not morning versus evening, but no more crying in sorrow because we will have perfect comfort in perfect peace in the presence of our Lord. Number five, no more crying. Number six, no more pain. All human suffering be cured, which I'm really really limit orders at one, number six, no more pain.

Number seven no more thirst number eight no more wit wickedness no more.

Nine. The number nine no more temple because the father and the son will be the temple and we will be personally and permanently with them forever and ever. Number 10 no more night because God's glory will provide an eternal light. Number 11. No more closed gates because God's doors will always be open and then number 12 no more curse, because Jesus's blood has forever lifted the curse that we've been under so those are things that won't be in heaven and I'm grateful Steve that none of those things will be present in the eternal state of the new heaven and the new earth, and the new Jerusalem galaxy is so exciting and and the think of in those contacts is wonderful in biblical by the way I want about one of the questions I was at the we have a list of questions that are really common questions about heaven that will get into because there's people you know what to do in heaven. Can I really imagine an unending praise and worship service. Sitting in a church. I'll be at a nice church or do I get my standard issue harp and I'm sitting on my cloud and I'm plugging away at my heart all day in and just in wonderment of the Lord, but will what just in terms of activity.

We know about what's actually going on in heaven. Well both of those are faulty images of what the Bible actually says about heaven. There is not up nicely. There's nothing in the Bible about sitting on a cloud or floating on a cloud and strumming the heart. Nothing like that at all. Furthermore, though we will be engaged in perpetual praise and worship, which by the way, we should be doing right now you're here on this earth, so that's not good to be new just could be done more perfectly and more joyfully more fully, but I think Steve the Bible indicates very clearly that just as we cultivate and just as we learn and investigate this earth, we will have all of eternity to investigate and cultivate and enjoy the new earth. In fact, some of the questions were to get into. I think the Bible teaches that in the eternal state. There could be government. There's going to be creativity there shall be invention there's going to be. I think athletics there could be literature, there shall be song theirs will be dancers on the art. There's to be drama.

All of the wonderful things about culture and its non-fallen state is going to be realized and actualized forever in heaven. So we are to have more than we could ever keep up with more than we could ever imagine I will get to enjoy all of that is absolute intended fullness. As God intended it from the very beginning before sin entered the world and just messed everything royally less I like. I encourage people to think about all the beautiful things about culture and creation. Yes, with respect to the human mind and human ability, and the my good they were creating God's image and then expand and your understanding of what worship is from outside taking care of my lawn. Well, that's worship. If I'm creating something in the studio that's worship. What were doing right now is worship so you unleash the potential untainted by sin with perfect teamwork and beautiful creativity all to the glory of God is illegal. Okay, hold on a sec right now there's this is one of the most my blowing things to me there's science right now says is about 76 billion stars in the known universe 76 trillion in with a large percentage of those there's powerplants so the only person that can really enjoy all that right now is God himself. But what if enter our creativity, don't you think you want to open up the playground.

All of his kids and say okay now we always garbage out of the way.

Let me show you what else I got going on and how I like to take forever along that perfect relationship with everybody forever along to take advantage of the creativity that God has placed in us without the hindrance of sin forever. It's really miraculous.

The mind bogglingly cool what you're pointing out is there is a physical die mention to our eternal state. We often miss.

In other words, we tend to think of heaven poorly in spiritual categories, which certainly spiritual categories do apply, but we also should recognize that there will be physical blessings as well.

Just as this body of mine is going to be completely and fully redeem God's not just saving my soul right God will save me body, soul, spirit, all of me just as I will be fully glorified as a redeemed human being, body and soul so we can also anticipate the same thing or the created order. So imagine instead of telling the ground at the sweat of your brow to the day that you die. We will be enjoying this earth in a perfect kind of away. Learning about it, investigating it enjoying it. I really like what you said to think that we might also be able to explore beyond planet Earth is our planets, our galaxy and beyond.

I don't see anything in the Bible that would indicate that will not be available, actualized, and so my goodness, we will be a people sometimes say one of the questions is asked is will be bored in heaven. Absolutely not, because you have all of eternity.

Learn more and more and more because there is only Ender only be one omniscient being that's our God. Even though we will learn so much more and know so much more than we know now none of us will ever be omniscient as our God is all of a sudden were all going to be in line with Buzz light year yelling into infinity and beyond and end it with unbelievable abilities that God is placed in us from the beginning that were marred by sin. It will be unleashed will talk about what is the new heaven and the new earth will talk about where it is now what it's going to be and it will get in this list of fascinating questions in the second half. A lot of the common questions that you would be asking anyway this is Steve Noble Amira Dr. Denny Aiken theology Thursday today on the student shall be read Noble show here today theology.

Thursday is their friends at Southeastern Baptist theological seminary. By the way, I put the link up on Facebook open it up again.

There is that there's a webpage and go to an access for yourself. You can get in the class and some classes to class your paper classes, but there's a lot of free content on their and certificate programs all kinds of great stuff.

You can access something that link on the Facebook life eat again right now if you want to jump and join us here in the studio.

Just go to the Steve Noble show page on Facebook. You're probably looking for your feet are ready.

Truth be told, and you can check out the links there so I put it up and you can check it DISCOURSES and stop us. Always a blessing to do theology Thursday Dr. Denny Aiken, the present seminary with us today as were discussing heaven. So what's the deal with what is heaven like now and then heaven, then, can we talk about a new heavens and a new earth and all sudden heaven is it's come to earth but but what is it now and then what happens in the future. Well what I can say for sure is that the Bible says to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord, O. Upon death, a believer immediately goes into the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ and so in a sense, wherever Jesus is.

I think that's heaven is certainly a place of wonderful satisfaction and peace and joy, because with him as technically our eternal state has not been prepared yet because that doesn't happen until the end of the age when the Lord brings into existence the new heaven and new earth, and the new Jerusalem, I often say that the what we call the intermediate states will be clear those who die in the Lord go to be with the Lord. Those who die without Christ, go to a place of separation and a place of torment and suffering that is not either's eternal resting place, our eternal location. Eventually the unredeemed go to a place called the lake of fire which is what we know as Gahanna or hell of the redeemed go to the new heaven and new earth, and the new Jerusalem right now. People go to what is best described as an intermediate state, which is on the way to their eternal state and both have similarities in terms of the conditions and also most importantly in terms of our relationship with Christ. Believers go to be with Jesus. Tragically, unbelievers go to a place where they are separated from the Lord. Waiting for the great white throne judgment was out of Revelation 2011 through 15, where they will be judged or their with their works in terms of every sinful act, every sinful deed. Every sinful emotional emotion. No one state will stand before the Lord and say you were unfair to me. I don't deserve to go to this place called hell. All will stand before him, recognizing their absolute guilt and the justice of his judgment so as an intermediate state for now.

In anticipation of the eternal state is yet to come.

And then heaven takes on material form and ends up here, absolutely because he talks about the new Jerusalem, coming down to and so in the in the book of the Revelation of the new Jerusalem is both a place and a people of the body of Christ. Believers constitute the new Jerusalem.

And yet, the new Jerusalem is also a place where were going to go and where were going to live as well. But the Bible seems to indicate that we have access to all of what is called eternity, whether described separate categories as new heaven and new earth. New Jerusalem, whether they're all in some sense. One thing to think of them in terms of separation, but nevertheless we will be able to enjoy all of that regardless of how it is constituted forever and ever and ever. And of course the best part about it as related to a moment ago is that the new heaven and new earth in the new Jerusalem is where our God is and he will dwell with us in perfect relationship in perfect fellowship forever and ever.

So whatever is going to be like because with our God is will be absolutely wonderful beyond anything we could ever imagine in this life.

So you mentioned fellowship slid still at the relational aspects of heaven first. These are some really common questions and I'll just all just taken one by one, but let me mention them all first so I want the big ones that for a lot of people, especially whether you want to talk about abortion you want to go.

Miscarriages will babies go to heaven. We know one another in heaven recognize loved ones in heaven. And then of course there's the issue of marriage and with that with the issue of marriage is the issue of sex is a kind of the relational aspects of heaven.

So to help us understand that well again. I think one aspect that we often miss when it comes to making well about heaven is the relational aspect, both in terms of our relationship to God is, we tend to think mostly will heavens just will be this place where I go after I die, as this will be cool to enjoy.

No more sand no more death no more sorrow forever, never, never, and Steve all of that is absolutely true when you look at what the Bible emphasizes in the façades is both our relationship in terms of intimacy with our God. Also, in terms of our relationship and our intimacy with one another is well. So heaven is so multifaceted in terms of the blessings that were going to experience and enjoy it really is difficult to get your arms around all of it again. That's why I would encourage people you have a chance, take a verse by verse study through Revelation 2122 recognize now symbolic or apocalyptic literature, but at the same time those symbols represent real things and true realities. You'll discover just how many different facets of the blessings that God has for us are described in those two chapters, which again as I said earlier, is a perfect ending to the Bible we were talking about a moment ago that one way of describing eternity is even regained and more of everything we lost at the fall in Genesis chapter 3 when Adam and Eve sinned against the Lord. We will not only get it back. You will get even more than that. Okay so let's let's click through these babies early retirement abortion damages young children 1 to 3 years of age. Miscarriages will we will we see her babies again have absolutely. I'm absolutely convinced that the Bible teaches that anyone who is not reach what we call an age of accountability or an age of moral responsibility are objects of God's redeeming and saving grace. That would include tragically all of those to bingo boarded but that is a blessing. It is also going to include all those who died in infancy or died as small children. I think Steve it also includes those who have some type of mental disability that prevents them from understanding morally right that there is no moral culpability.

There is no fact John MacArthur has a really good book on the salvation of infants and he says that if an infant or if someone that did not have full moral capacity were to stand before God is the great white throne, they would not know why they are there in other words, when we stand before God.

You are an unbeliever at the great white throne, you will know fully why you are there other child that never knowingly sinned against the Lord, have no understanding and therefore because God is gracious and kind and loving. Further, I do think there are scriptures that would also affirm this. Yes, I think we can have absolute complete confidence that babies go to heaven will we recognize each other, absolutely and will recognize each other in the most perfect and fulfilling way ever know there'll be a knowledge of one another that pales in comparison to what we are well it what we have. The day pales in comparison to the knowledge will have one another, then such beautiful thought and now this one is troubling you and I talked about this before and I'm not keen on this.

I understand it, but what about marriage is that there's no marriage in heaven in a regular stinks and I think you said before you really felt that you and Charlotte have about your house, your mansions will be next to the job and ask for her to be my roommate move away from next-door Manchester element big man Gilberto know is best we can tell from the Bible. There will be no marriage in heaven that Jesus says that in the resurrection they are like the angels neither given in marriage, or taken in marriage. I have to take our Lord at his word that marriage will not exist which then I think also answer the question really be sex in heaven. Well first of all depends what you mean by sex. Peter craft is a wonderful Christian thinker and philosopher. As pointed out that we will not lose who we are in terms of our personality and our nature in the eternal state.

So I will forever be a male and my wife Charlotte will forever be a female.

Alright, so we do maintain our sexual identity even in the eternal state. But there doesn't seem to be any indication that conjugal relations will take place in heaven.

However, I would want to say this is wonderful as conjugal relations are in marriage.

What we enjoy in terms of intimacy in heaven will fall art far exceed our yes so don't worry about being disappointed, you're not going to trade is a great night when you look and I love that. So what about people asked this question are our loved ones in heaven now this is where people get derived looks a little so look forward to seeing all my love ones in heaven. That's a blanket statement in your assuming that all your loved ones are actually in Christ ago to be really careful with that kind of language but don't enter into one of those debates with a hardhearted okay that that's the can be very disappointing people and understand Scripture and understand the reality of sin did, are they planning attention to us to our loved ones know what were going through. Is there any knowledge and when we get up there we can be looking back and longing for the good old days in the intermediate state only will what's the relationship between heaven now and down. Well, I don't think the Bible gives a crystal clear answer that but I don't believe they are watching and looking down. Furthermore, why would you waste your time when you're getting to look into the face of the library got to get a change or context because there is nothing attractive down here that would not be overwhelmed by everything up there since they were talking to Dr. Danny Aiken today in theology Thursday about heaven will be right back in Steve Noble to Steve Noble show the Steve Miller is the website the podcasts out there pretty much anywhere you knew podcasting to the podcast of the show so you can check out all the previous shows yesterday. By the way up you really want to set some great information unbiased referral information and and great commentary about the milk over 19 thing yesterday had a Steve bases on my favorite analyst brilliant guy loves the Lord is on the blaze TVs on every day.

After going back excellent commentator so he was on half the show with me yesterday.

Just a great blessing great conversation so you can check on that on the podcasts but here on Facebook you can do Facebook.

Why would you Facebook live just about all the time I see you look at past shows on Facebook live in during the commercial breaks on radio your hearing regular commercials and stuff on Facebook live. We continue to have conversations because we can do that here in the studio while the commercials are playing so I get about an extra 14, 15 minutes of content when you come on the Facebook live feeds to join us there. The Steve Noble show is just the name of the Facebook page. So I hope you check out actually like it. While you're there and then we can stay in touch and have great conversation talking to Dr. Danny Aiken today on theology Thursday about heaven let's get this one because I know this one. His hits close for a lot of people. What about our pets where there be animals or pets in heaven. Well, I can give a clear answer to one question in a more fuzzy answer to the other.

The clear answer is, will they will there be animals in heaven absolutely calls everything. There's a part of God's good creation in this order will be present in the eternal order is well so when it comes to the new earth. New earth will be populated with all of the good things that God made for this world. I sometimes playfully say that then means absolutely dogged will to be there cats. There's a question I'm just kidding. Dr. Aikins. He always God. B.

Redeem right will be so different than they are right now. Some dogs you know what is a real possibility. So yes animals will be there now will my particular specific pit be there. I don't know we had some wonderful pets over the years had a great wonderful dog named Samantha.

Big giant great Dane.

I would love to have Samantha in heaven is my pet for ever and ever and ever. But I don't know, so I'm grateful and and comforted by the fact that there will be animals in heaven and the good news is I'll be able to engage in activity with them without any fear of attack really like a redeemed lion King.

Absolutely all of us will send a guy Netflix of the yeah I don't think is redeemed applying for his soul. Obviously so will have the joy of enjoying to the fullness and to the fullest. All of God's good creation about rewards in heaven yes can be awesome for everybody. But here's a principal theologically that we affirm over and over and over. That is clearly taught in the Bible, Revelation brings responsibility, the more you know, the greater is your accountability so need understand that the oddest place in hell is not be reserved for those who never heard the gospel. They are accountable to God's good Revelation in creation and conscience. Those who live in America who have access to the gospel, heard the gospel over and over and over and said no. Yes, they will experience the greater condemnation. That's the words of Jesus in the Gospels are right, but just as there are going to be degrees of punishment in hell. There will be degrees of reward in heaven now that enrages the questionable anybody be disappointed with what they have said everything was great Puritan Thomas Watson nailed it in his book body or practical divinity. He said this and I quote, though every vessel of mercy shall be full yet. One vessel may hold more than another. That is a great quote, and so nobody is going to be disappointed with the gifts and the standing and status that they have in heaven. But, yes, some will be rewarded more fully than others because of their greater faithfulness and service to our Lord in this life and let me quickly add state that doesn't deal, just with what they did. It also deals with why they did it. Motivation matters a lot to our God, what a great point that such a great quote though every vessel mercy shall be full yet.

One vessel may hold more than another.

So whatever size cup you bring this kind of people that I have all overflowing which is so exciting. What about the whole notion of no sin in heaven.

No temptation yet there's free.

Well, how do we gonna do without. Well, I do believe that we will have a perfect leave a perfectly free will in heaven we will be free not to sin.

In other words, in our sanctified glorified state. We will be free not to sin. We will not feel I don't think temptation we will not be the Lord any aspect that could draw us into sin, and so we will actually experience freedom in its fullest measure for the first time in our entire existence is an awesome thought out that we know everything is going to be as there can be a limitation to our knowledge.

Well, I think there is no everything. All of a sudden your Mormon and your God right will we have limitations. No. But will we ever exhaust our abilities know in other words, there's only one who is omnipotent and omnipresent and omniscient sin. That is our God. However, we will have a I think unlimited capacity to learn and to grow and mature and develop is simply the case that we will never completely feel that capacity that's one of the joys of eternity. I wanted to learn more and more and more, never ending, never disappointed, never exhausted as all another dimension of the phrase be a lifelong learner absolutely is critical is a great question will injuries, deformities, and other physical disabilities disappear in heaven will be shorter will it be taller will I hear back in the back of I do believe Steve that any aspect of this fallen world that speaks of sin and pain and suffering will be eradicated. So I do not believe there will be any blonde I do not believe it will be any death.

I do not believe there will be anyone that can't speak. I believe all deformities. When we enter into our glorified state will wonderfully and supernaturally a disappear. Now that enrages another question. All right will scars. For example be in heaven. And again I can answer that question perfectly. I do know this. There's every indication from Revelation chapter 5 that the scars of our Savior will still be visible in his glorified body for us to be reminded forever and ever and ever.

Without the shedding of his blood there could've been no forgiveness of sin.

I think the scars of our Savior.

For example, will be present forever.

My did not be. Also, if the scars of the martyrs who have suffered loss of life for their faithfulness to Christ might be there as a perpetual witness and testimony.

Sure, even in their glorified body. I could easily understand and see that that perhaps would be something we would need to take into recognition. If this and that, in the context of this particular question when I'm not on that notion. What will we look like and like what age will we be well. There is no agent heaven because we are at that point in an eternal state. So I would say this why I believe that whoever we are, will be realized in the eternal state in its fullest potential and capacity so is a small baby that died in its mother's womb or small child that dies because of an illness or an accident. Will they then be crawling around heaven all of eternity. That certainly is not their full capacity cycle and full potential. I would say no.

We will be fully known and fully blast and fully existing in our fullest capacity and potential, regardless of when we stepped out of this world other words, reverse it.

Do I want to be going around heaven with a cane or walker is 105 or hundred 10-year-old.

Certainly that would not be heaven right now only torture and painful. So I think that the again. Whatever we are will be realized in the glorified state in its fullest capacity and its fullest potential. Okay so Hebrew and Greek and Aramaic are God's real language English yes call and more so it will be bilingual.

All I think we will be more than bilingual.

I think will be poly lingual and will have the capacity not only to speak any and every language but also to understand any and every language which again this reveals the beauty and the wonder of God's creativity in terms of our ethnicity in terms of our language in terms of so many wonderful things went out what what books have you enjoyed reading about heaven other than obviously the book well probably my favorite is been the book by Randy Alcorn own heaven. He deals with a lot of these questions that we have dealt with today and he does so in such a well researched, but also he such a good communicator excellently puts things out there that a theologian would appreciate and be challenged by the same time you could put that book in the hand of a of a layman, but that in the head of a teenager or even a an adolescent and say read this and they would be able to grasp and comprehend much of what he is saying so tremendously well's research tremendously well written. I can't think of any book I could commit any higher than Randy's will and don't be intimidated by because it's thickets, it's about form pages take a section of the time and read it over several month don't sound so exciting to read BS and ill tell you in our MLM extra. Biblically, I'm just letting my St. by imagination go and it was really exciting to me that completely and really revolutionized my well the good thing about Randy is his. His imagination is, I think you sanctify where some people's imagination just got a run crazing you like where in the world is that coming from. Well probably wasn't put there by the Holy Spirit got exactly exactly right. And so this is something they explore it. Ask God to give you more of a hunger for it because it was our it's our reality present reality for future reality is far beyond anything any of us could ever ask or imagine. Let's get excited about that. Let's not do well, you simply want to like take leave your kids or five or eight going to Disney for the first time. Multiply that by thinning infinity beyond the vendor a great scene at the conference tomorrow.

Billy Abraham just one of the greatest theologians met. I did a show with him recorded back in Dallas at Dallas Baptist diversity about the opposite about the devil.

So that's tomorrow in Shreveport until tomorrow. Monday got willing up talking and always used to say never for

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