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Some Good News + Money Monday

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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April 27, 2020 4:51 pm

Some Good News + Money Monday

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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April 27, 2020 4:51 pm

Some Good News + Money Monday

Some good news about TransWorld Radio and Africa Needs Jesus with John Summerville! Plus, some news on COVID-19 and a Money Monday Update with David Fischer of Landmark Capital Gold!


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Steve Noble
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The Steve Noble Show
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The Steve Noble Show
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The Steve Noble Show
Steve Noble
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Everyone I know will show where Christianity meets the everyday issues of why your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and truth, but no sacred cow call Steve now 634 through 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble well day greetings from sunny South Florida. I'm way southwest Florida.

We escaped North Carolina. You can tell me if you like. That was Friday night we had an interesting little encounter at the border coming into Florida where they were asking questions like checkpoint Charlie. That was very strange and abnormal. Certainly not the norm. As we travel from state to state here in the United States of America if it's still that so I'll tell you that story here in a little bit some other things that we want to do today as we can unpack several different things here on the air but wanted to start and keep listening back in beautiful Winston-Salem North Carolina got to bring John up here in a second because I can bring up my call screen right now so I can see that John's on the line, but I know that he is John Sommerville Transworld radio and working to talk about something that we can do taking our minds and our eyes and our spirits and even our dollars off of ourselves and something that's really really easy to do to help spread the gospel around the world in the morning to talk about in segments two and three, several covert stories that I want to run you through and some new information coming out several things there can a rapidfire way through that when we get to it in the second and third segment in the four segment will pay attention to what's going on financially which is changing day by day by day, but keep the big go ahead and bring up John John Sommerville of Transworld radio Africa needs is something to talk about here a quick with an opportunity for you to be a part of what God is doing over there. Africa needs Jesus John Sommerville are you there.

Great to be working again. How are you buddy thanks Sarah, thanks for calling and I got. I'm assuming you're in North Carolina I'm down here in sunny South Florida so I don't know who has the better deal today. I wrote about here, but it practically ignored here. There are dark and left her being in Florida. Let's it's great to have you on again and we appreciate all that you're doing.

Tell everybody just real quick about Transworld radio, which is been around and has just a great history, great story and the will talk about Africa needs you are around. If I can get you forward in broadcasting the gospel of Christ are quite where your dog everything will bear our objective is to tell people about Christ would have it no opportunity here about any other way radio can get there radio is a great tool to be able to do it and we're doing that now in 230 languages here from over we hear from people all over the globe. More than 170 countries every year and are you ready for this. More than 4 billion people would be 4 billion people are able to turn on the radio and hear about the good news of Jesus in a language that they can understand us Transworld radio and I think the more you again you find out about parental radio fall in love with this ministry God is doing amazing things through it really is totally amazing all these years is transit radio reaching pretty much the number-one gospel influence on the planet just because of radio and in and we take that for granted here in America in the Western context. We all the radio way off computers. We all smart phones, but a lot of people in the world, specifically in Africa or I've been a couple times do not have that luxury. So how can we help be a part of what Transworld radio is doing in Africa get people actual radios. But Victoria, I was in Africa last year, twice two different times, one in the country of the man which is just on the waterfront in Nigeria want in Malawi now both countries are very very poor and I had the opportunity wallowed in Malawi to be able to pass out radio user windup radio and the reason we get all windup radios is because a lot of them don't have access to electricity. Many of them would not be auto for battery and give a windup radio to wind up like you would a clock with a handle on the side of it and they're able to tune in Crandall radio program now interestingly had a number of different places where we went to one of the ones that outstanding to me in my memory were driving back after having given out radios and art director says let's just stop randomly at a house and give away a radio about you Steve but I don't just stop at people's houses randomly traveled around the US and – we stop at this house thatch roof made of homemade bricks that they made out of clay. You're playing in the dirt in the front yard. There is no grass and there is laundry hanging on the line and we walked up and we introduce ourselves and Transworld radio yard shot tranquil radio really and we want to give your radio really radio have a radio and I would love to have a radio and thought to myself, wait. If they don't have a radio know about Transworld radio because they're so grateful to still want to know so much about parental radio.

They know about us here when they're working out their fields doing her farming. They listen to their neighbors radio as they're doing it now their families can have their own radio to bring in the house and to be able to listen to the gospel to transport radio – how impressed I was. When people are hearing the gospel for the very first time or people are having a radio so they can hear the gospel and be discipled in their faith and that's why it's so important for us to be able to give these radios to people who have an opportunity here working out radios just willy-nilly giving amount of people who don't have a radio don't have a cell phone wouldn't have access to the gospel and you make it possible today will you make a call and make a gift.

Our phone numbers, 888 988-5656 windup radio so that they don't have to have batteries or electricity were put them in the hands of people would not have an opportunity here… Any other way, which is really amazing is you got something that doesn't owe Jesus to hear the gospel something that just met Jesus. Maybe just came into the kingdom or somebody has been walking with the Lord. For years we all know, especially here in the Western context is were spoiled this way.

We all will know how much we need to be discipled that we need that Christian influence we need to come to continually stay in the word and hear the word and these are people like you said $75 for windup radio. Again, this is we don't even think like this is a so remote to us in the Western context, but for 75 bucks, especially when were not spending our money at Starbucks these days. What a great opportunity to bring the gospel to let me do some other part of the world in a context that most of us, like you said Johnny not been to Kenya a couple times and out in the bush where they had nothing but just amazing opportunity to be able to do that regard. Good way to people who all views radio for folks I read redistributed from his radio store wind school and it was interesting. We have enough radios almost at war zone, you know what the rebellion in the school. Yeah I know is John working to keep talking about Elke given out the website Africa needs John, thanks for calling anybody noble life in sunny South Florida page from Rush Limbaugh's book today and down here for the weekend and let me just say the story quick and I got a couple of clips on a play from you from my from my MacBook Pro down here in South Florida via my other headset on my mobile unit is I'm doing Facebook life in the screen porch of my father-in-law's place. I hear Naples so were driving down here knew already knew. They have checkpoints right to driving on I-95.

This checkpoints coming into Florida from the north and the checkpoints come in in Florida and I to and if you're coming from Louisiana because the hotspot you know New Orleans was the hotspot. Obviously, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut. So we rented a big SUV to get down here in we got Massachusetts plates on okay so I video this whole thing and go look at it on my Facebook pages I video the whole thing.

We pull up the state police everywhere. They got the first two exits when you get into Florida and I-95 headed south to get the truth first two exits close down so he can't escape, and they pull you in the waystation trucks they allowed to keep going but but regular passenger cars they pulling into the waystation. This is all very surreal. As you can imagine. And again were just inside the Florida border on eight on I-95 until we have Massachusetts plates. We pull up to these just look like temporary employees. They weren't dressed up in any official guard. There were a lot of state police around but not these three regular people that they just gave a job to so we pull up my wife's driving. At this point and I'm filming and they said you know where were you coming from North Carolina okay going through. That's it. Now there was a car in front of us and SUV in front of us with New York plates so they notice that, and they pulled them back around because the deal is here. They're going to ask you to self quarantine for two weeks and I think they're finding out what your destination is contact information.

All that kind of stuff right big brother to the nth degree but then we could. We have been lying. Obviously, we could've been lying through her teeth bid and ask for an ID they didn't check anything so my point is, why would they do this if they're not actually painstakingly checking why would they do it do it I just think it's intimidation that is all you're going to be checked.

The pulling cars over. So if you're coming down from from New York or Connecticut or New Jersey don't come down here we do lunch which coming from a hotspot. I can understand that but the fact that they're not really enforcing it. Unless you literally have plates on like New York plates or New Jersey plates or Connecticut plates and so we just breeze right through it. It was so bizarre it really was.

It was just it was just it was a surreal thing.

Consider going okay here we are in United states of America.

I'm hitting checkpoint Charlie within the confines of our own country so that was that was really disturbing praise. Lori got sore down here all week and and you enter me in glad social coping stories to dig this this video been going around. I share this couple days go to ER doctors that own and urgent care series of clinics and in California sedate their start to look at the numbers they're actually seeing people coping. 19.

This is up to about 2 million views now just came out lately last week and they did a press conference is just one little clip from the pet press conference that you have to hear this. Okay this is part of the empty the actual information campaign that I mind Steve bases on many others are on. Steve was on last week is on the blaze network and and and especially at anybody's.

But these guys are just there ER physicians.

They been at this for 20+ years, using the actual numbers that are out there than questioning. They were either reaction, i.e., overreaction of our entire nation a one-size-fits-all, which Pres. Trump has got to do something about this and start to see it in some states, which is encouraging. I'm happy about that but just got a listen to this. This is the first one really a short clip when you're talking to these guys.

Dr. Erickson, another guy ER doctors on California just to the doctors say that they have compiled their own data of coronavirus cases here in Kern County and used their research from the cases here to cross reference them with numbers across the nation and really across the globe. They say that that data shows that healthy people don't need to shelter in place anymore. And of course that's going against with a lot of health experts have been telling us so far.

I say do we need to still shelter in place. Our answer is emphatically no. Do we need businesses to be shut down emphatically, no. Do we need to have some work. Yes we do.

Doctors Dan Erickson and Archie Masini both co-owners of the five accelerated urgent care facilities in Kern County say they have tested 5213 patients within the county for the coronavirus that makes up for over half of all testing done here. They say their data and research qualifies.

Their statement is less dangerous and no it's not there similar in prevalence and so we're saying that our response. Now we know the fact it's time to get back to work. Task was expert, Dr. Anthony found she says otherwise.

With national research showing COBIT 19 cases to be, by the way, who died and made Anthony Ouchi the Pope in terms of all things COBIT algae in Berks, so this goes back to early in the year when I when I know that again at Ike.

I'm cutting the president all kinds of slack. I think he deserves it. I think in many ways he done a great job.

I think there was a lot of panic up there. He's talking to the head of the CDC's talking to the National Institutes of Health and found she's there has been in the government, for I don't know, 450 years and Dr. Burks is there in this answer. This things horrendous it's come out it's it's here in America not working to lose 2 million people. Unless we do something and in the president states rightfully so, would be like holy cow. We have to do something and then of course they just went with that know what's going on with Berkson's Ouchi behind the scenes in and found especially pouches ties to Bill Gates and the whole vaccination world and all that stuff that that again this like a diamond with a lot of different facets but so much about this stinks to me and every day that goes by, were getting more information like these guys are talking about.

It stinks to me now why the president at the time out. This is just obviously what do we know really were on the outside looking inside right where on the outside looking so. But here's what I'm really disappointed. I think it would've been awesome early on when you got people telling you, us, or we have to shut the whole country I be okay within 24 hours. I want the 10 smartest virologist epidemiologist people that don't agree with you. I want them in my office you get them here with them and within 24 hours you get a minute here within 12 hours. The present United States says that it'll happen go go get him calm the jet bring them in here. I want everybody that disagrees with you.

That's just a smarter smarter than you sitting in the Oval Office tomorrow by noon. Make it happen right now because I'm looking to shut down this entire country because of you to.

That's not enough is not enough information so hold the horses here just a second and go get me some people that disagree with you and let's go get up some different looks here. Let's have it out because he's just listening to people that have been a part of the federal government for decades and immediate but but don't Trump cares about the country. He's looking at that the greatest economy.

Perhaps that we've ever had in you want shut down the country. 2 million people dead.

It's an election year. All that stuff white and do that. I don't know I'm just I'm just taken an educated guess that all that's about, but that's what I think you should. Okay, so back to these guys because I want you here all this time times is lethal than the flu.

Ouchi's decades of experience as an immunologist and physician old to know when one Erickson and Masini were actually seeing the patient's doctor found she hasn't seen a patient 20 years. White House health officials have reported more than 800,000 COBIT 19 cases with just over 6000 deaths across the nation.

Erickson says that quarantining is a health hazard understand microbiology. We understand immunology and we want strong immune system to my home. We can system and then come out and get disease reporting the disease. Okay, so the security say they talking a little about herb immunity as well. Herd immunity sorry herd immunity. So when you stay inside you.

Hi, here's what's going to happen come November when it gets cold out again another telling people he go south get to the heat and humidity because the virus can't survive really no kidding. That's not new news to another telling people hate what gets what and November when he gets cold to come back around what to stay inside for some more details. Here again I said before I'm in a stick to this that I totally believe we brought an atom bomb to a knife fight.

This is Steve Noble the Steve Noble show live from sunny South Florida will be right back with more on this when you come back back it's the show live in sunny South Florida will be here all week much, so I wanted to hear this when this was that this is that Illinois Illinois Department health and how there could not even the coronavirus death numbers are all whacked out and are being inflated and this is an official in the state of Illinois just come right out at a press conference and just explaining to get here this check this out Illinois virus related death toll continues to climb, the director of public health at time today to explain how the department will follow in an actual code that can be a little, okay, here's one part becomes unexplained were in hospice and had Artie been given no a few weeks to live. And then you also were found to have cuvée that would be counted as a covert death. It means that if it technically is, even if you died of clear alternate because what you had coded the same time is still listed as a covert death.

So even if you died of a clear alternate because at the time it still listed as a covert death know I would do that because they need the numbers to work for them. They need the numbers to justify what we just undo ourselves under the leadership of the feds, the state and local government okay they needed to work so like there's the story.

This was out of the daily wire by Ben Shapiro drug overdose and head trauma deaths added to coronavirus death toll so that was out in LA though the death of the unidentified man was caused by drug overdose. He also tested positive for novel coronavirus, which was coded as a significant continuing condition. What prove that you can't but they counted it that way.

That was that was that. That was a drug overdose. Here's another one last month. The 61-year-old Pennsylvania man who died from a head injury and tested positive for Cove 19 was added to the coronavirus death toll to cc all the numbers here are off now again a disclaimer that I've made time and time again is that I am by no means downgrading the seriousness the brokenness of all of those that have lost their lives on their family. Other friends. Everybody involved that people that are very seriously this is not mutually exclusive. You can look out for the economy. You can look out for the country you can look out for the unemployed. You can look out for small business owners that are tanking and look out for people that are sick all the same time is an amazing, you can actually do this so I think with all the crazy stuff going on in the press. That's why the White House canceled this week's coronavirus briefings because trumps just at the end of his wits here and he may know there is that he longer those press conferences go, the worse it is for him because he'll say some things in the heat of the moment. Just like the disinfectant thing and he was talking about some information that he been that he had received it had been talked about in terms of even using ultraviolet light, which axes discipline disinfectant outside and then he just kinda confuses stuff together but the media was looking for anything and everything to trash the guy jumps all over and I got people saying oh I have people calling the the hospital saying at the president told him to drink bleach that's so ridiculous. God help us if there's people that actually would think client like that but got but it's just the gotcha thing all the times I'm glad he canceled these.

That's of the three hours ad nausea.

Okay, it just gets old.

I one thing about North Carolina so reopen NC tomorrow 11 AM downtown Raleigh. I wish I could be there to comfort myself buddy of mine, Jake McCauley, who teaches about constitutional of the country might be something for me. So working to do something live on Facebook tomorrow starting at about 10:45 AM Eastern time will be week number three reopen and see if your North Carolina resident you got a join that group on Facebook at the close group, but it starts at 11 AM same location parking lot right by the legislator building and by the way in terms of fake news.

I put some stuff up about this. Our local paper which is owned by McClatchy which is uber liberal, but the news and Observer put up a story on the 22nd reopen NC protesters heckled a nurse about her weight why she stayed strong so she said they are saying. Why work with all these people is Cove 19 people and held hands of people that were dying and then once I read that unlikable then why are you going to a large protest with a bunch of people why you going there at sounds remarkably irresponsible, but in this whole article in the news. It is ever painted her out as the helpless victim right but then I started getting information once I shared that because I'm think think on a cam to choose the believer and especially peer Christian. We need to watch how we treat people the matter what the situation. Then I start to get information on Facebook from other people, including a mom who actually had an interaction with this woman. This nurse and I did some research, he actually is a nurse at Winston-Salem and and she could before the 11 o'clock start when she stood on the steps and acted all calm and quiet.

She walked across the parking lot went to this mom with her young two-year-old son and it stroller bent down really close to the kid and said all we intubate little guys like you all the time. Now that's just sick and then I heard from other people that she was heckling and saying rude things everybody else, but then McClatchy news and Observer, which makes her out to be the this nice woman who cares about everybody just stood her ground and didn't say anything and everybody else all these crazy reopen.

People were nasty.

That was just that was talk of fake news. I of course emailed the guy at the news and Observer. He hasn't responded and heard the little thing that she's wearing rally together and die alone charming. So you gotta make sure I have to make sure we often make sure were paying attention to these news articles because were being everybody's being sold all the time just forever that I missed her skeptical and that's true.

Okay back to anybody thing so New York City nearly 3 million New Yorkers have had coronavirus anybody study suggests in" was doing that now. So that's like 2.7 million people, which then drops the death rate in New York City drastically. Okay, drops it drastically because there off by factors of 10 and 20 and 30 around the country that was New York City. There was another one.

I coronavirus anybody's present nearly 25% of all New York City residents. Cuomo says and so circuit center going back to what the doctor said okay, hold on a second. This is not a one-size-fits-all is the first time that we've quarantined a healthy is it, as well as the sick and see that this one-size-fits-all. We brought an atom bomb to a knife fight and I really think that's what's shown up here as we get more and more information is these anybody test they did him out in California that Donovan Boston the Duma New Yorker start to do more of them around the country. I just found out earlier today that actually you can go get one and one of the areas around Raleigh, North Carolina, to deftly sign up you will get one of those because I think I had it already.

I think our kids had back in February. So all the numbers start changing but what will the government do with that because by admitting to all these things they're going to have to admit. Holy cow. We just train wreck the entire economy for every one person that's died of coronavirus, which is serious and terrible. We've destroyed the jobs of six or 700 other people and were to be finding out soon.

Over the next few months.

How many businesses are not coming back is just over and over and over again and now we've got food issues showing up. So in that like Tyson Foods just came out and said were having to kill a lot of chickens like to million of them, and because processing plants are being shut down because the coronavirus care were not to be what we can't process and solve summer concerts see in the shop and grocery stores coronavirus in Minnesota 200,000 pigs may be put down to processing plant closures to 200,000 pigs, Justin and one click particular location that's Minnesota in the near Tyson Foods coming out and saying it.

This is just crazy stuff you guys. It's just crazy and so what you do with that is the Tyson Foods story okay Tyson Foods the food supply chain is breaking Tyson says is plants close Tyson Foods is warning that millions of pounds of meat will disappear from the supply chain is the coronavirus pandemic pushes food processing plants to close the food supply chain is breaking real board chairman John Tyson in a full-page advertisement published Sunday in the New York Times. Have you heard about that.

Neither of US farmers don't have anywhere to sell their livestock. He said, adding that millions of animals, chickens, pigs and cattle will be depopulated because the closure of our processing facility such as a nice print word for kill is to destroy all these things, there will be limited supply of our products available in grocery stores and went until were able to reopener facilities that are currently closed in places like that are tricky. That's why New York City got hammered because you have enclosed places with tons of people on top of each other. That is a situation that's almost entirely unique in America, to New York City, so he Gov. Cooper her North Carolina.

I know how much you would love for North Carolina to be New York. I know that would be just a satisfying dream come true for you but were not 49 other states in this country are not like New York State but yet were all doing the same thing were all following the same program are all following the same playbook.

That's insane and it's one story in and out and in and out and in and out okay and all I'm doing is finding actual studies actual information somebody on Facebook live. I'm sorry but I don't believe anything news reports you and Dennis Michael Lynch out.

Maybe it's anybody other than I have no dog in this fight other than the truth I've no horse in this race other than the truth. Get that's all I'm after here and and I'm not after it out of self-interest because I'm still on the radio. I'm still teaching my classes and so we haven't lost a small business because of this I'm not unemployed. I have been furloughed, but there's millions and millions and tens of millions of people that have and as people of the book as followers of Jesus Christ, our ultimate allegiance is to God, which means our ultimate allegiances to the truth. My ultimate allegiances into the Republican Party.

It's not conservatism it's not the Donald Trump is not even to America at large.

My ultimate allegiances to God himself. Which means if you're a follower of Jesus Christ, our ultimate allegiance is to the truth each and every time the truth. The truth, the truth no matter where it leads you in this case, the truth is leading us to most likely the biggest colossal mismanagement in the history of America. Certainly maybe in the history of the world that were destroying our economy and we brought it in and up onto a knife fight so we need to be prayerful people praying for the president, praying for everybody involved. Praying for the leaders especially praying for the truth to prevail. This seatbelt show will be right back back is noble to see the noble show feeling a little bit like Rush Limbaugh today because I cannot say that were live from South Florida and its early in the week. Obviously it's Monday, so that's when we talked our good friend David Fisher from landmark capital La Marque is always in so many different things to to become a monitor here as the economy continues to get body blow up your body blow in the federal reaction to the economy and what they're doing. So we have to really make sure were paying attention to things.

I think I keep my producer back in Winston-Salem, North Carolina think you've got David on the line.

A ready David, are you there I am here. Excellent.

Good to hear your voice how you doing my friend doing good. Got some shocking news today but will talk about that after we talk about the important things that you say let's start in the passage of Scripture that's always a special and are talking about everything going on in the economic hand, we should definitely ground ourselves in God's word before we dine on that craziness. So yes, I Corinthians chapter 4 verse 17 let's start there, go right ahead truth of Scripture for our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us in an eternal glory that far outweighs them all on most of monitor troubles but momentary troubles wanted change Scripture show life has challenges, obviously in the world is facing a challenge and you know the world is us. We face challenges, and just as because were believers does not mean were immune from that affect God wants to shape us in his image through these challenges, what I believe Scripture talks about and so you know, our focus is not earthbound but is heaven bound. Also during times like these. And so the you know being frustrated. We can't go outside or do certain things like we use to take your spouse out to dinner, but embrace it and say it's only for a moment and during these times floored when you tried informing me such a great point and a buddy of mine on Facebook earlier today.

I thought this is just a powerful reminder that because Ross and the gun he let's go back to the way it was.

I want to go back to the way it was. Go back to normal and the bigger question is, maybe the guy doesn't want us to go back to the way it was. Maybe the whole point of this for us as followers of Jesus Christ is that there is something that God wants us to adjust in our lives such an important message and and really a pregnant time for us to be growing in our faith and understanding of the Lord in his word and what words must be doing here in this world, especially when the world is confused and dark. That's not part of archaic that's not part of our modus operandi anymore. We are not given over to fear in the people perish for lack of of of of judgment and understanding and wisdom and knowledge, but we have that so it such a great reminder for our light and momentary troubles. And of course that these monetary. This is also part of those momentary troubles, so some important things to react to their but you said some big things going on this week so help us understand what were looking forward to hear what was happening. Today we give reports are coming out from Apple and Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, alphabet, there's actually 20%.

That represents 20% of the S&P companies so organist see all hundred 97 companies come out and report the earnings and is going to be probably brutal because what we've learned here through the coronavirus culvert 19 is that most companies would you know laid-off workers or not. This is helping them so were waiting for this event skews me want to correct a number hundred and 73 companies this week of the S&P 500 reporting, but the analysts are saying to be at least a 15% decline in earnings. Overall, but some sectors like oil was abused down as much a 68%.

That's one thing that's being announced his recommitment to come out tomorrow and also on Wednesday and I'm probably trying to calm the markets calm the fears calm the economy and and then say a few things so mean it's just amazing to think about that me the Congressional Budget Office last week was saying okay were going to see GDP in the second quarter, down 40% were to see 13 to 15% unemployment. We arty have 27 million unemployed that we know of, and of course the budget deficit now is ballooning.

It was originally supposed to be about 1 trillion announced to be about 4 trillion, and it's just one thing after another. So like I thought the Fed was pretty much out of bullets. So what are they gonna tell us this week will surely be hell if anything, they repeat what they just made a big amounts right, but sometime over the weekend. Steve and I am shocked.

Probably the biggest shock of my life in 26 years being in the financial and do you not make me feel better. But go ahead Forbes magazine reported. They show a picture of a nuclear bomb in the title of is called the Fed fires the big one.

So here's the deal you know we banks are always required to have money on account in the first 50 years of the Fed banks were required of 20% of their holdings on account.

Most recently, they were required to have 10% of their holdings of acid just in case you know we go through a downturn like 2008. Well, that all changed on March 26 the Fed implemented a plan that they discussed on 15 March ML banks don't need any reserve accounts should role and it looks like the Fed might be doing away with their having using what he called fractional reserve I'm I'm still looking into that. So don't call me. Is this piece of this on-air that this is the gospel. What I do know is the Fed has not reversed plans to reimpose reserve requirements. They said this in the Q&A on their website all about it, but it looks like when you look at the Fed balance sheet in 2008 the Fed printed $1 trillion in eight months $1 trillion in eight months what they've done recently as $2 trillion is six weeks. They've not bought assets for that. So this tells me that this announcement I'm trying to find the factual side of this by the Fed and bouncing it over to Sheila in the near term, but it looks like they might've gone off a fractional reserve were they have to have an asset on hand to print 10 times more money to put in the system so it looks really really bad right now with the Fed is doing the trick. All the bumpers away.

Okay, so this explains us.

We understand this. Why would the Fed then complete like this is changing decades of policy.

Why would the Fed say banks don't have to have any cash reserves whatsoever.

What why would they do that, she came out and said why on their website is because of the coronavirus that you put as much cash into the system and not required help banks as a backup so they wanted to obliterate all their cash on hand, physical money, although that shrink to zero. Also, unplug mother for an acid that the bank has an account that there no required to have that they want to put that money to work so this is just unheard of break dog Frank act as breaks all banking's common sense. It just breaks all financial sentence doesn't make any sense and it also says when we moved to a trouble time and were not out of the woods.

All you had.

In fact, we might have. The worst is still yet to come on arm of the market on time at the banking industry now this would completely initiate a bill because there's no assets on account to fall back on right where you go after that things in and I have a friend on Facebook that reminded me of this thing Susan that these are part of the of the measures that were put in after 2008 write one of the things are trying to banks from going insolvent is to make sure that you actually have assets to back everything up. Now they're sitting there saying 12 years later I forget that big to fail.

They just threw out the door in response to this day or so out two days after this, the FERC chairwoman Julianna McWilliams came out and put a video out there saying don't withdraw your money out of the bank. Your money is safe, the FDA, she is flying fish she sees that the significance of this huge MS is an understatement.

There's this atomic bomb. This nuclear bomb that was just released by the Fed. This is just a big mom speechless of trying to find the average of how challenging this is going to be down the road if there is no safeguarding, the more there is no safety belt.

There is no airbag. There is no nothing to stop this from going south when we get into a better environment and that's why you gotta get some gold you need to diversify which you talk about all the time and again, if you listen to. So for long. We do not wish you don't spend a lot of time talking about gold. David usually mentions at the end of the shell in terms of the diversification but working is and then of course the market knowing this happened over the weekend the markets up to what 300 points today and so are we in a bear market are we in a bull market. Are we just in a blind dog market.

I will what are we in word connected happening between the market and actually economy and being seen by what is happening, you wonder, since were looking for in a bear market and remember technical bear market but a bear market typically lasts 6 to 9 months of pullback where they have that yet and the recovery is for years, but were in the low volume economic environment of stocks which is very indicative of market show there is a disconnect that's happening between Wall Street and Main Street. Since I mean that's us every day.

David on the air in and yeah we were down here in Florida it's not like I'm on a vacation because I'm not just doing life from a different location but in my head just shakes more in some gold where's the bottom of any of this awareness and word of sanity come back in the picture at all. We need to be just like the start of the Scripture we need to be in God's word.

We need to be in prayer because this is so far beyond human understanding and human ability.

The only way anybody can handle this is God has to intervene cry out for his intervention for people to get more information about diversifying how to use gold as an asset in their diversification.

David how to get all the thinking call it the old-fashioned way. 448-7988 82 or they can go to our Neither one of us are at a loss for words very often. But obviously we are today.

Not a good sign for sure. Thanks so much, but he will talk again soon. I really appreciate a call in and help us out with my friend. I felt God bless you. Will talk soon. I friend will be back tomorrow.

This is Steve Noble to Steve Noble. So, God willing. I talked again real soon. My dad always said ever forward

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