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Grand Opening of Prime BBQ

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May 4, 2020 2:40 pm

Grand Opening of Prime BBQ

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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May 4, 2020 2:40 pm

Grand Opening of Prime BBQ

Christopher Prieto, the founder of Prime BBQ, is here again to discuss the Grand Opening of his first restaurant. Plus, how Prime BBQ is dealing with the COVID-19 debacle.


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Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true but no sacred 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online know is your host ha ha ha ha ha ha I been waiting for this day for a few months now because this will be. I think this is actually me the first time here in the Steve Noble radio program that I am going to absolutely invest in something and take advantage of something and and experience great pleasure and great joy. And you guys are gonna be will to do anything except watch it on Facebook.

Live and listen to it on radio because in about 15 or 20 minutes I am going to get to eat once again.

Some of the greatest barbecue well to the greatest barbecue ever had in my life and so I'm excited to be here.

Christopher Prieto is with me the owner operator legendary barbecue pit master prime barbecue and not an ideal North Carolina so in the midst of the situation where we've got restaurants all over the country. Closing by order of the government and we've got restaurant owners and restaurant workers hurting all over the country. Imagine trying to open a brand-new, cutting edge barbecue joint and in any market, but here in Knightdale which is outside Raleigh, North Carolina, and I haven't done anything like this in years when I've been able to partner with a brother in Christ and to do whatever I can and do bring you guys in the fold to help one of our fellow brothers in the in the faith with a grand opening and kinda something like this. I've done this in a while so it's great to be a Christopher always hear you talk my my family might not agree with you but anyway the lesson we were together you are in my studio yes now I'm kind of in yours. So is this actually what does this feel like and for those of you on Facebook like this. I'll show you on the break. If you want to join us in faith's book, you will to see just how incredible this place is about 8000 ft. of that right. It is thousands were the most incredible I mean is just an incredible restaurant. But the fact that the barbecue restaurant, but how you feel and this is pretty exciting.

I haven't been able to feel a lot of people always say you must be excited must be getting so excited, but you know I don't know is how God wired me, but when things get closer I get more focused rather than excited you because I know the responsibility you have in front of me and sometimes that had this discussion with many other people think excitement can lead the bad things in because then you can become defeated gruffly. You know so I'm excited that we got to the point of hearing the register printer first order. I'm excited to see the joy of my business partners face while we started the pits for the first time, but I'm just really focused on serving this community and are ready to get that started. I know there's just a lot of people that need smiles yeah sent numerous miles and good barbecue.

Does that to a lot of people what's going to do it to me in about 15 minutes so that is exciting to be here for that but but because originally prime barbecue were primed the feeling of the website and you should because they've Artie taken orders and will talk through that and how do you do a grand opening and open a restaurant in the midst of this situation wherein with COBIT 19 and I will talk about that but prime barbecue is the website prime is the website so because originally it was mid April. Right. That was the plan was the plan in the January February COBIT now becomes a regular part of our vernacular, so hope you guys dealt with this well you know it. It's interesting because we've been building this building in this plan for two years and how I know that's because the day after we literally had that grand opening with the shovel. My wife gave birth. The next day, so everything's every time in Charles's birthday is this Thursday and he'll be to so it's been quite a while since we broke ground not the whole due diligence prior to that, you know, and I've always you anticipated all these people coming.

I have family flying in from Puerto Rico. I had everyone bought plane tickets. I had no other shots from other parts of United States coming food to eat their meal and to do presentations really do grand opening for the town of grand opening for the friends and family meeting was orchestrated. You have great bands out here were going to connect with the community work and raise money for charities you are having deep rich meetings with the town just coordinate all that and was can be this big thing which every business owner. For the first time wants to how man of course, and I almost and I even thought about it once just looking going out of one of those meetings going.

I don't know if I like covet that day or that opening and night. I knew I needed to refocus my attention. So every time that I got brought up.

I tried not to stare at it too much, you and all the sudden I was like what's with this on the new. No kidding. Should I be worried and usually point towards Fred because Fred's you know, in politics and he always has his ear and the beat of things in Fred's like not just yet, Fred Montana, by the way, will join us later. He's been on the show before his run for house 35 district 35 your North Carolina and is Christopher's business partner, but were live at prime barbecue here in Knightdale, North Carolina, by the way if you live anywhere North Carolina. Heck, if you live anywhere in the United States of America. Once your state opens and I hope they all open.

We were transgressing all kinds of state lines of the last week we went down to Florida and came back and survived that trip, but this will be worth your your your trip and it's one of those things for all of us for you Christopher. It's an interesting environment to be in an and to build it like you said to try that we all need some smiles yeah we need a win. We need to get behind something you know where to start to see where there's a little bit opening here and there are some restaurants even hair salons opening some people getting in trouble with the law. Because of that will talk through that when I worry about that here, but people want to start seeing some wins and a great opportunity for all of us to help each other. Yeah I you know I greet you know it's it's really especially the community were around food, or service industry in general. We just have to bring each other together, which is a very difficult time for a lot of those people in it is just funny that all these delays came and then will response to open almost grateful that the Lord just kept us away just long enough to say okay I don't want you to be open before because you have all these people come to the doorknob center would crash yet so we have this time to step back and you know reposition ourselves. How do we still serve the way we want to serve through the door and like reinvent everything out the back door NA a clean and orderly fashion where people feel served and appreciated, and we just literally had to step up our barbecue game you know we do that each and every day, but this was more than anything because we wanted to build the experience of what were about what ministries about fight. Now we have to do it through the car with you, but eventually through the front door and all the other doors in the outdoor seating and everything elsewhere prime barbecue here in Knightdale, North Carolina, just outside of Raleigh prime is the website. Here is Christopher Prieto and then his business partner. My buddy Fred.

I cannot join us here on the other side and pretty soon as percent Facebook live and on the radio you're going to have to listen to me just really loving the fact that I'm here today to show up here on Facebook live by probably just made it dizzy as we switch locations here in here in the air in the restaurant were at prime barbecue in Knightdale in the midst of the shutdown in the closing of so many places and now we've got protest as their need to be for the reopen movement, not just here in North Carolina but all the country and we've got literally, probably millions of businesses that might not even come back. We've got right here North Carolina loan. We now have about a million people.

We know that number now that are unemployed. So imagine opening an 8000 square-foot I would you say to somebody asked me a Facebook live here is Christopher Prieto, the owner would you say that something that isn't real barbecue like Texas barbecue or is it other barbecue so good to me, this is Texas barbecue because you have brisket here from Texas but yet that's a beautiful question this into kind of like our market were building the brand or barbecue without borders. Oh no, I like that that's get in the reason why we say that is because I'm traveled the entire United States eating and cooking different styles of barbecue. Never one thing I've come to the clarity sentence is all barbecue is great this matter where it's from the sky, vinegar sauce, smoke, heavy pepper pork rib squirrel. I don't care as long as it is cooked properly and absolutely delicious. I don't care what regional style. It is now if you looking for specific regional style.

My influences are Texas and North Carolina predominantly go a little sweeter my ribs because I come from competitive cooking backgrounds a little more Kansas City yeah I think rib needs a suite to it. Brisket is black pepper by peppers a food group in my household here in Texas that's hilarious. In Salina, fruits, vegetables, piles of black pepper, Mexican code and those are things that we can find a way which is a Mexican Coke what he meets. This is a scout without high fructose corn syrup is made with cane sugar. It's very very very original recipe is the original rest of his a lot of history that's awesome art, so I know we've got some meat in the house over here in Knightdale, not Carolina just outside of Raleigh prime You guys are taking orders right now. So even though we still got all the shutdown craziness going on in the pits open yet so the pits of the running board, doing the seasoning. The pits opening. What that means is you during this time were just cooking tons and tons of me just seasoning the pits up really nicely and worry are taking orders online.

Just as that's what we feel is the best approach at this moment will be doing it in advance. Tuesday through Saturday taking orders and it's 48 hours in advance and the reason why we do that a lot of people are asking why 48 hours is because barbecues three days behind this is in a hamburger hot dog I can throw on the grill over short like you surely can feed the entire community is much as possible. Either I make a small batch and feed a small amount of people each day are can make a big batch. 48 hours in advance and feel a lot more people capacities, not her issue.

It's making sure we maintain quality and we just get everyone serve that need some barbecue. I woke up when I was in here a few weeks back but it smells a lot better today. It does, we have the right uterine on my we've got them all here right now. I excels in all of you on Facebook live. You're gonna hate me for this but I'm here to love you and lover that's just ridiculous looking that that looks fake. Look at this because I know you guys, this is a Facebook like that doesn't even look real to me that's what it smells ads are you tell me what were doing here at church so I can only talk for so long overdue new thing in Texas or something. It's really needs called the Trinity of meat sews the three main things that you need to eat sausage, brisket, anytime we go out to eat. As the three things I always eat our sausages for days behind schedule, so were in a word processing that out today. Wish I could have a link for you, but it's an all beef sausage. We use it only with the prime great beef trimmings that we use from here we touch with a little bit of pork shoulder ears are St. Louis spareribs wizened Iraq pork absolute top of one pork, we feel it just leaves what I call me Chapstick E pork you end up licking your lips like it's got this beautiful buttery work delays on this beef brisket is just killer it comes at a Kansas City have a great relationship with the company itself went to Mexico with them a cook with them is rich in unctuous and buttery peppering, flavorful, and what we got here is the these things we call him the caviar so we call it a sugar cookie. What that means is it's the end of the burn and that's what I've been eyeing as you been talking and I have been listening. I just got my eye on that. There's two different variations to beef, there's the Deco which is the more moist section, like a rib I think of a ribeye underneath his more of a leaner, tighter section is called the flat even though it still buttery tender that's more of a sirloin techie or the fat is become sweet. So even if you hate fat.

I always transition people in the loving fat because we've rendered it for 19 hours as the salt-and-pepper robbed really high-end beef smoke with pecan and oak for 19 hours to adjust to bring this this whole situation of the country home for everybody because any knowledge and if you see this especially could smell it. Sorry can't smell it on Facebook live as you would be hating even more right now but but beef and pork. These are big issue right now it has is not as easy to get all of us know so bottoms of dropped and then things went up. So what that means is I'm eating this piece pork is very difficult, very volatile right now because a lot of plants are shutting down. What that means is it's a lot harder to get pork whatever's been butchered is what's on the market. So were just trying to rake up as much of our pork as possible see with our beef note beef quadrupled in price. I mean when I was looking at the thing going crazy. Am I ordering too much beef and know and it'll go for three weeks down for three weeks is like the stock market and we don't have the choice of switching right either. We maintain yet. All I have to buy the best because that's honestly the one thing I've learned in a lifetime of cooking barbecue.

The better quality the meat the better the end product and all you have to do is catch up your skill set to the quality of me and you really get this mesmerizing soulful flavor at all that this is amazing.

The ribs are all salt-and-pepper there.

Absolutely delicious and you can tell, like their super sticky but the rib is considered stir our pork and we glaze it with a little bittersweet right at the end you don't you offering that to me you're holding it like 6 inches away from my face.

Okay yeah so the thing you want to see the rib and a lot of people are misconstrued.

They wanted to fall off the bone and honestly you don't want default about you wanted to maintain moisture which these have plenty of moisture. There's just no just reason that is in there as it should pop like almost like a delicious pork balloon in your mouth all the flavor and smoking salt-and-pepper so it almost looks like it's on there but when you bite it it should come off cleanly all so ridiculous. You should licking my fingers radio you should be able to see your bite mark in it) through the the pork again is so so good. Have just a bit of sweet do it while in the reason why we put a bittersweet on it as we wanted to be kissed in balance with flavor right. We want kids to love it, but then also adults and purists to love it as well.

So is finding that balance of new generation to old generation of doing things so so right now in terms of the meat situation in the country that is very real. It's yet another challenge that restaurants are facing.not just the price difference, but actually being able to get get get anything. I mean bags are hard to get Harry out.

See, cups, plates, silverware, anything to everyone's doing the same thing right.

Yeah, Leo all serving to get well happy lot not only work on reopening this country that we gotta support all the company all the businesses of restaurants that are opening especially here in barbecue and its grand opening coming up really soon. We'll talk about that is noble, being somewhat rude today as I'm doing with my mouth open and am doing it on purpose. You guys can hear Edward to get at is that the best barbecue ever had rare prime barbecue in Knightdale which is just outside Raleigh, North Carolina, and I haven't done anything like this in a while which is just a blast to be able to help a brother in Christ and in this case to my brothers in Christ. Some families and being a part of all this together as were trying to see our country reopen obviously and is restaurants and businesses shuttered all over this country lies are being destroyed. We don't just need that we act like it's mutually exclusive.

That if you if you care about the people that are actually dealing with covert, 19, that somehow you don't care about the people that are not dealing with, but whose lives are being devastated financially in many other ways in depths of despair is a phrase I want you to remember because were to be looking at that over the next several months, if not the next year or so.

If anyone happens here in America as people are losing their jobs or losing their businesses and those people are being affected to and so this is mutually exclusive. You can care about both. You can work towards both at the same time and so in the midst of all this close down were trying to reopen words were here in North Carolina trying to reopen and imagine in the midst of all that trying to do a grand opening of your restaurant) barbecue like I said in Knightdale here with Christopher Prieto who is the owner and the genius behind this incredible barbecue that we're enjoying right here on Facebook live and on the radio. If you are eschewing stuff. I'm sorry it I would like to say that's bad manners. But in this case I'm trying to help you. I'm trying to help you so that you make the right choice and come out here to talk about the opportunities do that because they are doing orders now online that you can come pick it up but we'll talk about that in the grand opening stopover. Also, here is another friend of mine, Fred Voncannon, who is Christopher's business partner also happens to be running for North Carolina house that's district 35 we had Fred on before how to talk about politics, but now are talking about which is better politics or barbecue. Fred questioned junior Mike in a little bit so it's going right into your mouth. Very good so you barbecue all the time anytime over politics. Amen. I'm with you there in tells about how you guys get involved. How you guys ended up being business partners in its is a great story.

Everything going I sure have known Christopher all goodness almost 15 years or so and so he's he's exactly who you want to be in business with somebody that is passionate fellow believer.

So were we. We've been talking about this for a very long time. He was catering a lot of things and not in the neighborhood and different things.

He would go anywhere.

He was cooking. We all were there and so at some point about 10 years ago told him if you ever if you ever going to do brick-and-mortar. Let me know. I'd be honored to be partner with you in about three years ago that that we caught up each other in a Sam's Club and simony say I think I'm ready. So this is been a labor of love for about three years. Here we broke ground.

I think just two years is two years ago this week, as long time even get to that point. So God's timing is is interesting. It's not how we would've designed it to an entry talked about this opening in the world. Covert restaurant which doesn't it seem a little counterintuitive, but that's it's God's timing.

You were given a chance to work out and work on a lot of stuff and get this done, but we opened up the orders on Friday to do with doing 48 hours in advance notice and and it's been overwhelming amount of response that we've got. So we had to shut down Tuesday and push people to Wednesday and Thursday so so 48 hours in advance if you can get in might actually be 72 hours.

I wish I yeah it is this great yeah this is been a long time coming and in the first project that I don't like this were a been a partner on like most entrepreneurs control freak thing on their own, but I deftly don't want to get in the kitchen when the shirt when Christopher's hair because he knows what he's doing so were were really excited about this and then from a business perspective because it's it's the reality of brick-and-mortar. You gotta get open at some point, you can't open with 10% to get high for the governors talking about this because whether it's North Carolina other states he got costs that are there that you can't avoid if you can open your doors actually lose more money by opening your doors because night from our cost in there but what really difficult situation deal. So how do you respond, as a business person but also as a believer because he cannot deal with the world as well as the spirit will yet again this is God's timing is not how we would've done it.

Timing wise or situation wise, but we we put a lot of blood sweat and tears time money into this and and we feel perfectly. You know clear that God is let us to to get the doors open and get this going and so right now it's online orders there again were kind of overwhelmed with how much we got, which is a great thing, but to we will get will get the doors open whenever you know whenever that's appropriate. Just like you said to the scares me define the you know the kind of the it's not mutually exclusive I've heard the governor say that he's going to open it when the data says that it's that it's good to open it, but unfortunately don't think he's taking any other data accepted the virus data into account because there are data that come into play about just like you talked about the depths of despair and economic so I think that in the holistic situation where the mean we should be open neighboring states states that it hadn't hit a lot more hard and we have are already open her opening and so he slow playing this I'm not sure you know what the motivation you want to trade anything. Their debts are as hard because you want. I want to attribute things if you know and in government loves to gain more power and unfortunately that cuts about across both sides of the aisle. There's plenty of people on the right that don't mind having a bigger, more powerful and more expensive government as well as of course, by default, people in the left but ultimately for us as people not of the right of the leopard people of the book. You do have to have faith and trust God's timing and all of this is okay to lose our minds about it just had more time to prepare. Like you said Christopher. But then sooner or later you have to trust the Lord.

That's right, you were open and will open the inside and it's beautiful here.

She had a shot of it spun around earlier but will do it again okay yeah it's a beautiful beautiful restaurant.

It's been in Chris's mind and kinda designed as it over the years and we had great architect Tony Johnson then G and G builders that help push to put it together and I couldn't be more proud of the building and so were really looking for to people coming in as Christopher always talks about eating is just like it is for some people like me. Just you know it's just eaten all that was good and you go on first for talked about eating being experience and part of the experiences being inside and doing the suit people that are ordering online would love it and it's going great, which can't wait for them to get inside you is I get to experience it on Facebook like you can see this on the radio, But you got really large tables and hear that seat looks like the pipe at 15 people, 16 people at a table is as opposed to little individual for tops and sick stuff what what you do it this way.

Christopher well communal seating right we wanted people to sit together get together have conversations together. There is no better conversation I've had for more connectivity have had been standing in line at a barbecue restaurant Lord, knowing that I've done this thousand times. After dinner thousand lines and you meet so many people that love the same things different backgrounds different. I do years different ways to connect in your all connecting through this just meet experience so it and that seemed like a such a simple thing to connect people with just ministry in general, may we say stay hungry here, but I comes out of the Psalms and we say that because we want people to ask about it was stay hungry mean and it means so many different things for nonbeliever just means just stay hungry. However, never feel for for believe that I learned quickly. I always want to be eating in developing maybe with scripture may be with another Christian brother may be with the music euro surround myself with with worship with whatever it takes. You have to stay hungry for God's word because he feels you fuller than 15 briskets on the stable right I could I could lay everything on my barbecued on the stable we could eat till we can't move, but the Lord's word just just the breath of it can fill you for weeks. You in months and a lifetime if you allow it. What you guys decide to do. Fred you and Chris were both on this one because it's like hate, what is it mean to be there's there's the notion of running." A Christian business cycle.

This is a Christian barbecue place.

I got a professional all I can stop versus running an excellent business as Christians.

And then of course you have gospel opportunities. We look how you can walk that line. How you develop that business like my barbecued so a good first. It's just how I can know the Lord right someone was just filled with the spirit around me and I came to ask why are you so happy and when he spoke about it. I remember was at a restaurant was an old friend of mine and just the life-giving words he spoke and how he loved me so well and I'm like I don't know who you are. That was different for me. When we develop this restaurant we wanted people to be just loved and appreciated, and they want to be doing all but we want to make sure we put the right language worker starts the right conversation without presenting it in a big way. You should be known as a Christian to actions and how you approach and speak about life. How you react to situations. It shouldn't be Scripture all over the walls yet, which is one way to do it. But again, I want the fall security. There is hey we have a fish up with scripture on the walls there you go were done like that little quote that somebody likes to attribute the Francis of Assisi at all times share the gospel and actually necessary use words. I hate that one you actually have to do vote.

You have to live it out the jobs.

Let's get our talking to Christopher and Fred here. Prime barbecue will be no wrong.

Life is that I'm a vegetarian is there enough outside stuff for a full meal and I said Christopher Prieto series of founder prime barbecue and Fred Voncannon who is his business partner, the guys are both brothers in Christ such a great thing just one of the many reasons that you need to be a part of this. This is a part of a nationwide move that we all need to be a part of whether it's prime barbecue or some other place man what what a special time for all of us in an important time for all of us got a band together and help one another, especially in the family of faith.

So if you know another Christian was a business owner and is hurting, I I often tell people you guys.

We should be a lot more like the Mafia. The mom feels really good. The mop is really going to take care of their own descriptions make that perfectly clear. Our charity starts first in the body of Christ and then it goes up from there. So if you know a Christian business owner if they have a restaurant and any other small business men. We really need to be looking for opportunities to support one another here in the Raleigh Durham Chapel Hill area trying Larry North Carolina prime barbecue is a perfect example getting started in the midst of this crazy COBIT 19 stop you mentioned a chopped salad. So for Peyton my friend on Facebook by bicycle for small pray for you center vegetarian. But secondly, there's that there's a chopped salad that it's the even ironically no one's ordered the chopped salad selling out each day. But it's delicious. We put a lot of time and effort because of farm going to have a salad it's going to be good so it's like it's called a superfood it's got chopped Brussels sprouts cattail green now that we have our fried onions on it hurt your rate hatch green chili ranch dressing who we kidding.

If you have a salad, is what I'm saying it's covered it to me now to get the salad without the meat is only actually present. I think you should make them repent at the counter. Yes, you have to do the walk of shame to the fickleness Christmas turkey meat is secretly hiding choker brisket the middle and immediate like don't.

What was I ever thing that ever thinking that somebody Fred I know you want to come back. That's the question sometimes Christians run their business and real obvious way. Sometimes we think well I put a fish on the back of my car. I got a passage of Scripture on the wall and then you they run their business.

Like anything, but Christ would have them run their business idea, you can incorporate your faith into running a business, any business is your successful entrepreneurs yourself, but in this case a businesslike prime barbecue where you're going to be having people come in here how to work well is a great question.

When we got Scripture. When we got things around here. It's it's it's meant to do a couple things it's meant to give people an idea of who we are and what were about, but also helps us stay accountable to. So just like you said, there's people that say they have a Christian business and then they don't run it like one. Well you know we we want to be held accountable to that and so II have another business.

We have 60 some employees and and in any business, you can't.

It's not a criteria you don't interview you know and say are you Christian or not, and in fact that's not and we just want to work to be done and done well.

The you know we do want people to know what were about to interview you know, faith, family, work, and others a priority to things and we ensure that they understand that that's who we are because you know I've interviewed people before and my other company and tell about what were about. They don't show back up and that's okay sure, sure, and so but we wanted.

We want to model Christ. We want to do you know right by our customers, our employees and we want people to see that our customers are employees and we would hold each other accountable, so, so, yeah, you don't. Beatty anybody over the head with it, but you also have a high bar of accountability that were want to keep out what a great point and were here at a prime barbecue in Knightdale which is right outside of Raleigh. Not a full grand opening a can of soft opening you can order online, but you might what 4872 hours. Could you your cook and meet all the time. Our subprime is the website prime and I'm telling you I got. I was raised by Texans. Okay, my mother my dad my dad's in heaven now. I was raised on barbecue brisket so when I moved to the Midwest and when I moved to North Carolina and I couldn't get barbecue brisket. I was wondering what was wrong with all the sinners but but this is the best bark you've ever had the best best brisket I've ever had is just phenomenal. And plus he's our brother in Christ. Both of these guys are in their family. So this is one of the times we all need to pull together and its affiliates was the last time you heard me on location at a retail place you it's been probably 10 years was a body mind and start a copy shop here in Raleigh and its due bottle and it was just fun to me when I realize that you know when I got a little bit more platform than your average person. So why wouldn't I help not only in the case my brother in Christ, but other people to come enjoy what God is given and the ability to do which is clear here in this beautiful 8000 ft. foot facility tell us a lot about some of the people you work with one of the things that really got my heart the first time I went got my stomach.

He also got my hair so it's interesting because God's really put people in my path that I didn't know I needed are the avenues I needed was importantly but our general managers actually wounded veteran. I've been working alongside wounded warrior Project rehabilitating soldiers use barbecues therapeutic tool.

Also, it's been a platform for me to share the gospel if they want to go deeper in conversations if if it's an effective tool and it was effective with one specific soldier. Our many, but one specific who kept on coming back to class and it was like when I first heard Scripture for the first time I it's like I couldn't get enough of it.

Every time I heard the next line of Scripture. Just like wow one of what a fulfilling thing that is and Justin for Justin it was with barbecue and just over time he served alongside me so well.

He understands our approach that you know it's it's it's faith it's families barbecue this just an avenue for us to change people and we've had a lot of veterans come alongside of us would just was very specific out Mr. Albert met him at a charity event.

He's a retired fireman 30+ years on the fire department.

He was just staring at my rig and I was like, give your name sterile you better start sweeping is our start sweeping and these are still there waiting for the next job to give another job message out tomorrow at seven and he is never left, and he feels lords called in the service till the end of his days, and he is my right hand guy very important to the entire process of our barbecue is very soft-spoken but he works as in God's instructed him to so as to why and we have missed Sammy and she's Albert's wife and she really kind of makes us smarter. You know, just make sure some hunting absolute everything she's also our event director asked if we ever have a note just big large group sure I do.

I try to do as much charity events, Christian organizations compassion international we do.

10th Ave. N. classic things of that nature.

She helps presents us in a good way to raise as much money and we did exceptionally well last year I sold myself multiple times, but it ended up being just nights full of me preaching about on the gospel and then we ate meat along.

That is, now I don't know what working to do. Let me ask you this theologically deep question.

Will there be meet in the new heavens and the new earth, because that would require death, so I don't know what God going to do about brisket, so probably take that to him in prayer and have a little discussion will see what happens or were in a this is a remarkable like community kinda setting people can see this, but if I look outside there's huge, almost floor-to-ceiling windows all the way across this place. As were looking out at really this whole community wrecked complex farmers market all the stuff in Knightdale the first time I came over I didn't even know this was here, but this is an amazing opportunity to be a part of a community and what's so awesome about it was none of it existed when we first looked at the property so it was like we are staring out the farmland and we were like okay God called us here. The will just trust you and everything started to fall in the place. It's also during the construction period given me a good glimpse it. People because I've sat and worked at that bench and stared at people walking by and it's interesting how the world shifted and went from families playing outside of people doing aerobics class together everything beautiful to the songbird masked yeah is not that I look so exhausted walking back and forth and I'm like, look, that's a six time they walked that dog today, and they're just like I had walked his dog. I want this dog and I can count on now, but it gives me a good picture of what people really need and like how important is this ministry we have here you because I have to take something as simple and it's been so far in the American history is barbecue have to apply it. Just like Scripture and have to feed their their souls back and then just bring joy back into it, which you can see me that's going to happen because people are itching to come back out and I would like my 88 high school students I teach every week now and zoom. The one thing though number one thing that they miss is this a missed proximity is the most connected generation are also the loneliest generation, but they missed proximity being actually in the room so we got a couple minutes left to talk about kind of the grand opening here.

What can we expect. I know you get a deal with the government will get a deal North Carolina all those fun things that none of us like to do.

But, what's the plan what's available now and what's what's the vision for the near future. Sure yeah and in just like you said were going to just have to follow the governors lead here what we can do right now. Order online prime It'll take you to the online ordering from their order anything and everything will have it ready when you when you get here when were able to open if they're going to open like it 10 or 25%. It's probably not something we would do will probably wait to at least get 50% when most businesses can't do that because you will incur all that because you're not actually lose more money.

Yeah we we were blessed to have a big building got 8000 ft. seating over 200 people and we got outdoor space, even beyond that, that we can put some folks out if they'll when they let us go to 50% will probably open the inside in and probably still keep the online ordering.

So as far as a grand opening we were going to have a big hands and all kinds of things and were going to still probably do that but it will probably be September October as they come. Just you listen to Christian God is calling on Instagram, they can order right now they can order prompts for like media pickup time, but you also can choose advance in your head, had given him a calendar ordering two weeks ahead. Great way to celebrate be a part of what God is doing here my barbecue. Bless your family breast. Bless Christopher and Fred and everybody are primarily humans help each other through this prime the order that now grand opening coming up soon. Christopher and Fred are welcome hi guys this is normal so

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