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The Worst Part of COVID-19

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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May 6, 2020 4:23 pm

The Worst Part of COVID-19

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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May 6, 2020 4:23 pm

The Worst Part of COVID-19

What is the worst part of COVID-19? Plus, news that the worst outbreaks of COVID-19 is in nursing homes! Additionally, the debate of if masks are needed or no masks!


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Wake up everyone it's time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true but no sacred calls 866-34-TRUTH six 634 true or checking out online noble now here's your host Steve Noble good day and very alarming statistics on the culminating thing specific to our senior citizens, and especially those in retirement homes and and I senior living situations. This is really bad. I don't know why this is not getting the press that it deserves, but I'm a take you through this today based on an article by Daniel Horwitz is a great researcher does great work over conservative review and just just unbelievably alarming and goes to something I've been saying for several weeks. A lot of people can say this not like it's unique to me but the whole notion of using a laser versus a shotgun bringing Adam bomb to a knife fight and in here to see these are really, really alarming trends for people that are not there. Just like I don't know why they're not getting the press on this on the why were not pointing our resources at this of the name of this article secure the nursing homes, not the beaches. Most new deaths are from nursing home sorta talk about that and why think of and open up the phones today that one of the big things that I've gotten into it more than I can remember on Facebook with other believers over the issue of wearing a mask or not wearing a mask and so this is this. It's become kind of a social contagion and now if you don't wear a mask when you know if you don't wear a mask and you going to the stores now. Some stores like Costco and is it fresh fresh market are whole foods of the third. Now requiring you to wear a mask, but I but in most places not require yet, but I think just anecdotally most people where I'm going to different stores are wearing masks and so now there's it's kind of like early on when the governor started to shut down states that if you when they first are shutting down states people like gods an overreaction good to hold on there. What second, what are you to shut down the whole economy.

This is ridiculous.

What are you doing within 2345 get done now that becomes this moral imperative that if you don't shut down your state. You're one of those people that obviously you don't give a darn about older people vulnerable people about people in general. Obviously you don't all you care about is the bottom line your scumbag capitalist, you just care about tax revenue. Baba Bob okay and so then he gets this this kind of moral. I don't know what you want to call it moral momentum.

All it sounds kind of good moral momentum so that starts pushing through then the masking and found she by the ways of everything about you wearing a mask of you know, I know you I have so in all these different to three hour press conferences with the coronavirus task force yada yada nobodies everywhere and amass four-week skill were talking about mass and all of a sudden everybody should wear a mask and we shouldn't hang handshake and all is going to stop and and very kind of massive widespread answers to all these things and so I want to ask you the question today to mass or not to mask. That's the question not to go to these other stories because these need to have our attention. But I want to ask you how are you dealing with the mask situation because I posted notice was a little risqué on my part. I posted a meme that featured Leonardo DiCaprio from some movie.

It's not that I'm a Leonardo DiCaprio fan but some movie and he's kinda like he's like he's kinda tiptoeing dancing through the aisles right.

He looks happy. He looks in a smug and is obviously going to do a little jig as is walking through Everett isn't somebody put it. But that meme up as of this is me walking to the store going the wrong what way down the aisle without a mascot right so yes is that an obnoxious meme. Yes it is, in and of itself, however, does it not depend on how you're using it okay. I was using it because I haven't worn a mask part of me is very concerned that we and we titled the show today, what's the worst part of the whole coven 19 situation I was talking a bunch my students earlier today asking them that question.

Some of them it was a personal concerns about family and grandparent stuff like that for a lot of people.

It was the impact on the on the economic climate for other people.

It was the overreach of government power in and so a lot of different concerns. There one of the things that's that's very alarming as is.

If you think the country was divided enough look at it now.

Now you got the social contagion of master not messed right so if you don't wear a mask so I I am not wearing a mask because I actually don't believe what I what I've researched what I've read what I've seen what I listen to and I've never I've never been a conspiracy theory person. Okay I'm still not.

However, there are so many things going on. Whether it's the World Health Organization whether it's vouching in Berks whether it's what's going on with the with the Wu hand virology lab America's dance with China so many different things there and in different voices coming out say, listen, there's so much of this, such as bogus and then you got Bill Gates out there playing all his games and he's buddy buddy with with with algae and all Pope vouching all this kind of stuff and so now I'm much more open to an insidious angle in all of this. There's obviously a spiritual darkness that's involved. This keeps reminding me of like the Star Wars prequels. Okay like there's this cloud.

The cloud of the dark side is that confusing everybody and they can't sit on clear vision.

All I can stop so that's certainly true. You've got the actual concern for neighbor you've got government and trumps a reaction strong reaction upfront, once he decided that okay working to engage this shutting down travel from China and then we need to save 2 million Americans and all that kind of stuff so now you're not. You're going down this road, yet always different facets to keep describing it like a diamond, but now you're in a situation where I I've so I posted that because I'm like you know what I am partly is not about where to mass because I don't believe it actually helps based on what I've studied okay. The other part of me. By the way, my wife and I went in on Monday got tested for anybody's because we thought we might have it back in February with our kids. My databank back up every 94, 95% accuracy with these anybody tests and ours came back negative, which means we haven't had it and I haven't worn masks and I been out running around and I've traveled when Don Florida came back and and I been out in stores. I want to mask and find 54 years of age and a pretty healthy and so now there's people I I post that meme because I don't believe the works and I believe it's a cut talk is there's another problem. Mass is your touching your face all the time you pull it down to put it up. People don't put up people done to put it up in your touching appraisal that so there's all kinds of misuse of it.

So there's like kind of a self-imposed emotional safety net there where to mask and help others in helping myself mostly and help others.

So if you know where mask your scumbag love she doesn't care about anybody. What can a Christian are you anyway right there's HUD that whole thing going on, so that bugs me that the government in two different sides of this equation medically and scientifically speaking, I put us into a situation. We've gone into it with eyes wide open, were now are like the invasion of the body snatchers and how dear you know where mask and now I'm going to condemn you as a bad Christian and all I can do stuff.

It's really getting not don't open up the phones will talk about that when we come back, master not mask couple other things will be right back back is noble the Steve Noble show.

Well, praise the Lord.

Gov. Cooper is allowing nice Gov. Cooper… But as an observer here in Raleigh North Carolina on the Triangle area. Other insurance.

McClatchy owns him over over liberal and that's the headline.

This was the headline just the other day I may fit. Gov. Cooper allows North Carolina to move into phase 1 of lifting coronavirus restrictions now. Do you have a problem with that title, you have a problem with that headline. Gov. Cooper allows North Carolina to move into phase 1 of lifting coronavirus restrictions.

This is like a thank you think Sir, thank you Lord Cooper, whatever you want to call that sound like the divine right of kings God has put me in this position. Therefore, I love that kind of authority so I will allow you little plebeians to get back to work. I mean I mean he's getting his haircut is getting his hair colored his travel and some he's getting paid to staff getting paid. Who cares about all you plebeians out there that are out of work right now and his businesses are crashing. Gov. Cooper allows know you serve at the pleasure of the people Sir we don't serve at your pleasure. You will allow us to the problem there is the is a massive problem that's going on here. The Dallas salon on every talk about her.

The judge that hey listen you just need to.

You just need to apologize. How how rude you been given her this to apologize for being selfish or having her salon open. Your actions were selfish.

The judge said putting your own interests ahead of the community in which you live. District Judge Eric Moy said you disrespected the orders of the state, the county and the city sound like the divine right of kings again is in it, but Luther is not compelled by the offer to drop everything you just apologize because you been so rude and selfish is what she said.

I have to disagree with you Sir, when you say that I'm selfish because feeding my kids is not selfish. I have hairstylists that are going hungry because they would rather feed their kids so Sir, if you think the law is more important. Kids getting fed, then please go ahead with your decision, but I'm not going to shut the salon. The judge found Luther and her company hot mess enterprises guilty of civil and criminal contempt of court. She was taken into custody and sentenced to seven days in jail, one for each day. Her salon was open after the court ordered her to close the judge also ordered Luther to pay $1000 for each day was open totaling seven grant about that now. Thankfully, in Texas at least at the higher level. Texas Gov. Abbott calls for immediate release from jail. The salon owner, the Atty. Gen. in Texas is agreeing with that their next executive action to get her out of there and hopefully they will okay so there's stuff going on like that… Fascinating never to talk about her senior citizens because this is really where we should be. We should been focusing here in the first place and and there's all not all the whole mess. The reason some seen someone see is why we haven't swing claims coronavirus success after keeping country open says herd immunity, eminent herd immunity. What is this ridiculousness criticized for refusing to lock down swings top health official says herd immunity is inevitable, and took credit for the slowing of coronavirus numbers according to our modelers. We are starting to see so many immune people in the population in Stockholm that it is starting to have an effect on the spread of the infection. Remember, sweetened and shut everything down candidate social distancing clean your hands. They didn't lock anything down our models point sometime in May despite social distancing guidelines from the WHO swing is resisted lockdowns instead keeping open school gems, bars and restaurants relying on citizens to caution themselves sound like the American experiment a little bit. To me self governance tech comments echo thoughts about herd immunity in which most of the population is and is infected with the assumption that those who survive will not be infected again.

Photo by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, but Johnson eventually folded the advice of health officials and shut down the United Kingdom, because it gets very political, very fast WHO has also insisted that there is no evidence at the coronavirus anybody sleep infected immune so far 14,385 people in Sweden have tested positive coronavirus of those 1540, died tech tech now said the death toll is not a failure for the overall strategy is a failure to protect our elderly, who live in care homes. He said, speaking of that. Okay watch this is really disturbing is looking at some things earlier hearing some rumblings about what's going on in our senior citizens committee, by the way, for those of you that are on Facebook live taken our Snapple there on the screen. No mass are needed 87%. Yes, we need them 13%.

Here's where it gets ugly that if your 80 said a lot of people that 13%. Look at the 87% say you're just a terrible Christian you don't care about about anybody else really care about yourself. You don't care if you infect other people you're so selfish you are, that by the way, I've gotten that definitely and sometimes my engagement of Facebook in the last month is deftly been fleshly.

Okay I'm I'm coming back in my battling mode that I originally started with in 2004 becoming a culture warrior and I'm I get ticked off easily. I get frustrated easily. I'm watching more videos and listening more content on all this stuff and in and it's making me a little naughty and I got push away every once in a while, but I'm definitely out of frustration but he listened for all my Christian brothers and sisters out there can we show each other a little grace little patients will mercy and and look at if you judge me at least look at the overall thrust of what I've tried to do with my time and my calling in the last 16 years.

If you don't like one particular poster one meme and I might've gotten upset and out of frustration posted something which you can't judge my heart but I'm willing to say that now were to throw each other under the bus. Let's let's let's be very careful here because I've been guilty of it to okay there some Christians that I'm been back and forth with on Facebook in the last couple weeks so called Christian about all that kind of stuff. The devil loves that let's not give him his due. Okay, let's be very careful with that stuff. But then for those of us that don't think where we need mass which is 87% of you responding on Facebook live 87% said no mass are needed. 13% said yes we need him us 87% is let's not look at the 13% all your budget. Budget went a bunch of followers are so fearful, you idiot, you just drink the Kool-Aid, especially for the talk about fellow believers are right.

Be careful with that number to give this a significant amount time for the rest of the show. Okay this is really important. Secure the nursing homes, not the beach is mostly desert from nursing helps us from Daniel Horwitz in the conservative review adjuster earlier today whatever government expended all of our national funding resolve regulations and resources pushing a quarantine of healthy people with less than up to 1/10 of 1% totality rate in the left nursing homes main target of COBIT 19's deadly reach completely exposed part of why it's so important for the government to stop lying to people about the risk of death for younger and healthier people is not just to get our lives in economy moving again, but to more effectively and effectively train our resources and focus on those who truly are in imminent danger. One peculiar observation about the death count is that the number of deaths continues to skyrocket, which I know there's a little*there okay even as hospitalizations have long since Pete and everyone agrees, the curve has been bent main argument of the pro-lockdown crowd is only concerning what might happen if lockdowns and so why are the deaths still going up and where are they coming from. At the same time, Horwitz writes, as I document the percentage of states total cup COBIT 19 totality that come from nursing homes, I've noticed that the percentage seems to be rising nearly every day.

In many states, one would expect the percentage to remain relatively the same nursing homes account for half the deaths. All things equal. Veteran should hold but consider the following… This is really important and very scary. And again we brought an atom bomb to a knife fight reason a shotgun instead of a laser. Why fear yes quickness to move because the political pressure yes spiritual darkness. Yes, forces of darkness. I think that I don't think we should trust grouchy anymore. World Health Organization Bill Gates all that stuff in there and who gets left behind. Dying at a higher rate for senior citizens will be right back back is noble to see Philip show trying to keep it between the lines to keep my head on my shoulders I we are doing well. Snapple and Facebook live trying out some new fun things that we have on their audiences increase praise the Lord for that. As we been having these really important conversations. Now I can do some Snapple's on. There is like 87% no mask of 13% yes mass so that will keep working to that issue. But right now I think what's more important is not what your wearing a mask or I'm wearing a mess but whether are our senior citizens who are very very vulnerable. We tend to ignore wheat we as a country of ignored 60 million babies in the womb because we been fine as a nation, killing them.

Now it looks like we have the same kind of attitude lease in effect with our senior citizens. This is really disturbing so this is from an article from Daniel Horwitz in the conservative review brilliant guy does great research to check this out. Watch this trend. This is very scary.

And if you have a mom and dad, a grandfather, grandmother, whatever somebody you know care about and remember not that's in a assisted care facility, retirement home, place like that you you better get all over that get involved.

As this is a nightmare. Check this out Massachusetts on April 16. This is Horwitz writing. I use data culled from databases by Phil Kerpen who found that Massachusetts 530 COBIT 19 deaths of nursing home residents 37.8% of the states total reported 1108. That's okay. So it's 47% on April 16, the number was 56% on April 24 and 59% on May 4, which means disproportionate share of the recent increase was from nursing homes, Pennsylvania on the same day, Kerpen reported that Pennsylvania reports 365 COBIT 19 deaths of nursing home residents 51.6% of the states total reported 707 deaths. Local media reported that number had risen to 61% as of April 26, then up as of noon on May 5. It was 67.3% of all deaths were happening amongst nursing home residents. New Jersey, April 17, Bloomberg reported that nursing home deaths were 39.8% in New Jersey's total count as of May 5 was 50% Minnesota the Midwest were you think things are better. On April 28 the StarTribune of Minnesota reported that nursing homes compose 77% of Minnesota COBIT 19 deaths, 77%.

Now it's up to 85% Connecticut back towards the hotspot as of April 16, long-term care facilities accounted for 4% of the total deaths. Now it's 55% of all deaths, 55% Connecticut now our nursing homes 85% Minnesota 50% New Jersey I Virginia using state data posted by Kaiser family foundation April 23. We can show the shared nursing home deaths jumped from 22% to 57%, which would mean that nearly all the recent deaths were long-term care facilities, Illinois as of April 19 nursing home deaths accounted for just 22% of statewide pursuit tallies as of May 1 it was up to 44%.

That would mean that 68% of all new deaths for those 11 days were nursing homes and the trend seems to be accelerating every day. Meanwhile, throwing salon owners in jail. When you go through the data. Her Horwitz writes, it becomes clear that not only are there more than half the deaths in most states from long-term senior care facilities, but the percentage of deaths, nursing homes, compose is growing rapidly every day. This fact was borne out most dramatically in the New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced yesterday that the state added 1700 nursing home deaths to its overall total in New York whereby the way.

According to Andrew Cuomo as they flatten the curve. I did do that faith didn't do that. We did that, like Herod who comes walking out with his bling. The robot innervates agrees like a God and here's like it's right next thing you know where it's being eaten by worms. That's Andrew Cuomo, who also said about a month ago were not going to let a dollar come between us and a human life, but will pass a law allowing abortion all the way up to the moment of delivery and then like the whole stinking town up in pink including one World Trade Center to celebrate. I'm not gonna pull Pat Robertson talk about where God is judging where God isn't what we as a nation do you think we we don't deserve judgment 60 million babies and climbing and now we have this problem in our nursing homes.

As I said we got through 335 million people now in the womb. Now everybody's worried about themselves, but the difference between us and the womb, and actual babies in the world as we can defend ourselves.

We can speak out.

We can protest we can call we can defy we want to go down that road baby in the womb. You have a choice, just get murdered is therefore quite obvious.

Horwitz writes why the debts continue to grow in large numbers, even as the hospitalizations plummet. The majority of the new deaths are increasingly coming from nursing homes, and many of the patients dying the facilities not in the hospital this clear fact, Pat pattern demonstrates the need for two policy changes that are really one. First, it's insane for the government and the media to obscure and model the nursing home crisis in conflated with the general population. It's quite have, that's that hole. We brought an atom bomb to a knife fight. Okay, it's quite evident that the nursing homes are the main crisis. There's no reason why younger and healthier people should not be brought out of lockdown go back to Sweden, where their developing herd immunity. That's what your body was designed to do. That's only God set the system up in a fallen world of the human body because it's just the most incredible creation it got ever made. As the ability to learn from viruses and bacteria and build immunity. But when you lock yourself in a closet you kill that process.

So when we hit the dentist when we hit the winter again and coronavirus of still around a bunch of weaklings speaking from an immunity perspective go back out and whammo you can handle it as you are never exposed in the first place. While verse it's insane for the government and the media to obscure the fact that the nursing home crisis in conflated with the general population.

It's quite evident that the nursing homes are are the main crisis is no reason why younger and healthier people should not be brought out of lockdown at the same time, Horwitz writes over conservative review. The very fact that we are focusing all of our energies and resources on locking down an entire nation getting protective gear for people who are at low risk is harming those who are 100 times more at risk.

The national universal lockdown is what is killing not saving.

Grandpa the police and public education resources targeting young people in parks and at the beach and I'll be focused on nursing homes. The test and PPE personal protective gear. Whatever it is that are being diverted the general population should all be prioritize first at nursing homes what the politicians have done is akin to trying to distinguish the fire in a building by spraying water at the entire town.

At this point more than a national pandemic crisis. We have a morality crisis in terms of care and nursing homes. While the death rate is higher for those over 80. It appears at least anecdotally that the death rate inside nursing homes is even higher. Are they getting the proper care. Once the, they contract the virus.

Are they getting the proper precautions for avoiding virus avid at this why is Andrew Cuomo not getting hung out to dry because they sent infected senior citizens back into their nursing homes.

That's like, hey, working to strap a bomb a little kid and sentiment of the market what what what is that that's why I think I still have this overwhelming sense that there's the spiritual darkness mixed up in all of this.

There's the liberal left wants comp concentration of power. There's Pres. Trump, fearing for the health of the country as well as his presidency hates 2 million people could die.

You gotta do something about this at the same time realizing we can shut down our economy for long. Got all kinds of other people are going to suffer not just the virus, people in one nursing home in New Jersey. Horwitz writes nurses quoted lamenting that staff were not given PPE until April 6 and that there was no isolation rooms for individual patients in states like New Jersey and across the country. The pattern is the same. Not enough resources quarantine space testing for patients and staff are adequate healthcare. Then there's the 800 pound gorilla in the room.

Andrew Cuomo's March 25 decision to four senior facilities to take in those who were already hospitalized with the virus. A similar dynamic played out in California, Connecticut, New Jersey, in their panic to deal with an exaggerated death rate among the general population and free up more hospital space that was not needed, the cost and astronomical death rate nursing homes.

It turns out that it was the purveyors of the panic porn and universal lockdown who killed grandpa okay I know that's inflammatory language. Okay I get it that's an inflammatory situation and again a atom bomb to a knife fight.

Sit there and go okay.

80% of the people that get it get over it and most of them don't even know they had it. Younger people, 16 under like very tiny percent actually have any kind of serious concerns or so wash your hands to social distancing a little bit but were not allowing anybody to develop immunity, which is the way God designed the system to work in any of these kind of numbers and and that's getting worse as we lockdown and do all the things that we've done the fact that we haven't spent so much of our time and energy and effort helping the most vulnerable just exposes again the darkness that exists not only here but around the world. If we don't hear from you if you can't defend yourself. We just don't care.

You're in the womb, you can't say anything you can't defend yourself a couple wacky Christians out there once in a while we can ignore you. You can't defend yourself, you can't fight for yourself in the womb. So if you're inconvenient will just eliminate you now get a situation with these numbers peering out that our moms and dads and our grandmas and her grandfathers are suffering at an increasing rate and dying at an increasing rate from COBIT 19 and were worried about a salon owner in Dallas is wrong with us please, Lord Jesus, we need your help desperately for Steve Noble to Steve Noble show] to Steve Noble show so much to talk about anything ridiculous and then some these numbers out there these projections, the models I am e.g. I get this one. This was interesting. I am e.g. and always models models by definition wrong or just guesses. Okay, educated guesses, but there looking out into the future without having hardly any information you don't know the denominator. The common denominator in this case, how many people actually gotten this so that's why the anybody studies that are increasing in number and around the country are starting to show that that we could be off by factors of 10 to 50 units just stop and think, okay, did set aside the mask argument and in the politics of it, whether you like Trumper.

He trumps that all that stuff aside just for a minute okay just set it aside, let's say I got my smart phone in front of me him to use the calculator. These anybody studies which are not perfect but it's more information coming in that pushes back against the narrative and and for us as Christians for me as a Christian should I pray about all this absolutely should I be seeking the Lord's face absolutely should I be really looking out to care for people that are directly affected by this economically or physically based on their health based on the virus itself.

Should I be looking for ways to minister to them. Yes.

Should I be looking for ways to share the gospel in a dark time when people are asking big existential questions. Yes, but I should also be a champion of the truth and pursuing the truth.

People perish for lack of knowledge and wisdom right so do we just sit on the sidelines while the fight rages in the carnage masses masses and just sit on the sidelines and pray that's like will just in the upper room, board, know the gospel is not going anywhere yesterday to get out and he threw them out by persecution. So people. A lot of Christians reckon like it's mutually exclusive. Now we should we should be involved in all these arguments, we should be about. That's you just sowing fear and discord bubble bubble know we should be people that care about the truth because in this case is in every case the truth affects people. People mean the image of God, all of whom are my neighbor and your neighbor. So I say don't take the easy way out were called to do it all. Some of us more in one realm that another picture called to do it all as we need them the help of the Holy Spirit right so let's just go back to this, go back to these numbers. It's talk about what the what the anybody tester pointing us to saying that coronavirus cases in America which right now is like 1.2 million could be off by a factor of 10 to as much is 50. I've even seen 75 anybody cases are shy Brandon Kate grouping of people protesting him in a current vaccine. While we found out by percentages people have anybody's which means they Artie hadn't got over it and develop the anybody doesn't true hundred percent of the time. These are very strong numbers that are pointing you strongly in a direction okay so let's just as low as 10 high 75 let's go 35 just for the sake of the argument, let's say that it's off by 35 factor 35. So here's what you do.

Here's how the MathWorks common core will get you an answer next week sometime. Right now I can do it easy because I've got going in front 1,254,858 cases of coronavirus that we know of tested in the United States gave let's say that's off by a factor of 35 1,254,008 and 58×35 so anybody testing could make a decent case right now that there's actually been 43,920,030 people that have had most of them got over the death rate luscious set aside the I think the understandable skepticism about the death numbers based on things that Berkson said and I started to see these doctors. There was this one just heartbreaking. Nurse working in the New York system.

They were brought in and she drop in at bombs all over the place.

You just gotta get over that and just listen to what she's talk was they were were murdering their printer murdering people in here because there's so much malpractice going on so many dumb decisions being made and and mostly their minorities because it's an urban area. New York she's just heartbreaking.

There's more information like that. So if you know a doctor if you know somebody that's counter to the big public narrative. The federal narrative the liberal state narrative, the governor, Cooper narrative that's in the science and health realm.

If there actually in it. They know what they're talking about. We need to be posting and sharing those videos all the time like I did last night. Early morning like 1 AM or whatever was planned to make to go I think it's go find her a quick Avenue and put it up on Facebook. What don't go expose yourself to other narratives are not just the one were being fed to let's say it's off by a factor.


That means we have 43.9 million people in America that have had it or have it, and then debts remain the same at 74,043.9 million, so it was the new lethality rate 74,014 people divided by 49 million is running it off as a lethality rate of .15%. That's up 15%. Artie move the decimal place .15% lethality rate is about the same as influence.

Okay is difficult. Okay, on second what and then you go back to what I was talking about, which is what's going on with our older population because the left Valley rate is much higher in the older population.

The hospitalizations by the way this is nationwide from the CDC as of May for May 4 hospitalizations between the ages of 65 and 84 account for 31 to 59% of all hospitalizations that age group 85 and above account for somewhere between 31 and 70% of all hospitalizations that's called using a laser, who's most vulnerable here and this is the older people.

Okay 6584 and 85+ make up the lion share of hospitalizations and a good chunk of the deaths as well.

And that's increasing as Daniel Horwitz and showed us through the research is done through just yesterday it is increasing at an alarming rate. Plus let's take the population that has pre-existing conditions. They have asthma.

They have autoimmune deficiency. There's a whole list of things that make you much more susceptible we take those people and then we deal with the older population and we go. Okay, let's apply a laser here.

Let's really focus our resources. Let's focus our prayers on that. Let's focus on these most vulnerable, then I'm thinking really in America.

Once the last time we were really good at focusing on the most vulnerable 1972 is a 1973 by judicial fiat.

We decided that the vulnerable no longer have a voice there nothing there pond scum or garbage there an afterthought. There a inconvenient thank you Al Gore and inconvenient truth.

Pregnant your mom pay your debt yeah that's inconvenient. That's an inconvenient truth need to do it that Pam asked is not just because I'm looking at Facebook life.

What about the people who have died that are 30 with no other medical problems. Yeah, terrible tragedy. Same thing happens with the flu. So do we treat the entire country. You're always good to have that there is tragedy sent of somebody that was a high school with his little brother got hit by car in front of her house and messed up that the older brother was a friend of mine messed his life up for decades.

Explain that to me.

So do we stop all car driving because tragedy happens no you can't do that you can't live like that, that's unfair to all the other people sing us a heartbreaking 30-year-old, a 15-year-old, 28-year-old 45-year-old that no other conditions very healthy gets killed at 19 and it just goes south, and they die.

My heart breaks over that. That's horrible but duly we then do we manage the entire country based on the exception. No. And when I say that doesn't discount the fact that I care about that 30-year-old that Pam mentioned on Facebook life. It is the discount that I can we do both. We can but look where in a nation where we haven't done much at all since 1973 as a nation, as weeks slaughtered baby after baby after baby first trimester recently stuck about second trimester we dismemberment pull them.

Third trimester we do partial-birth abortion that's happened in America and so all the sudden I'm and expect us to start caring about the vulnerable.

You have a history of doing that and that's just the brokenness and depravity in the depression that is a world in sinful rebellion and brokenness under the curse that we brought on ourselves and that's where all of this stuff. The gospel just comes back right up through all of it just comes right up through and bust through the whole thing going with a promise with the whole stinking system its sin and brokenness in the world is cursed because of it and were cursed because of it and we look out for ourselves.

We don't look out for the vulnerable week. We hate each other we fight James for why don't like what we qualify. We don't get what we want. I can't believe you would wear a mask you don't care about anybody else, and sometimes it's just because we care about ourselves and people that want to lecture me about mass that's that that vote for candidates that support infanticide abortion consider going really to lecture me really only so what you do with all that you do make sure you know the Scriptures so you can have a compass that set on true North is much as possible and where prayerful prayers that the only thing we should do what we should do nothing about it. Thank you my buddy out that works with Greg Laurie Norris for Southern California. What a great reminder prayers and the only thing we should do but we should do nothing without then we engage for the sake of our neighbor and ourselves. Love your neighbor as yourself. Seek the truth speak out question the narrative. These skeptical don't be fearful pushback because there's all kinds of insidious things going on here is good-natured people.

There's the coronavirus then there's the coronavirus agenda their science and then there's scientism days was talking to us about that weeks ago. You know what your Christ follower. This is unit is stay engaged we can engage in staying fight for our neighbors for ourselves for the gospel to see, no one to see Bill, Michelle, God willing, I'll talk you can always

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