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Black Pastor and Ahmaud Arbery

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May 8, 2020 11:57 am

Black Pastor and Ahmaud Arbery

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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May 8, 2020 11:57 am

Black Pastor and Ahmaud Arbery

Back in February, Ahmaud Arbery. was shot down in the street like a dog by two white men making a "citizens arrest". In recent weeks this story had broke from a video of the scene that went viral. Today, our hearts stand with Ahmaud Arbery. and his family. Bishop Wooden of Upper Room Church of God in Christ joins us today to discuss the injustice that broke his heart. Plus, Nate Bates, a pastor that prayed over the gravesite of  Ahmaud Arbery.


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The Steve Noble Show
Steve Noble
The Steve Noble Show
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The Steve Noble Show
Steve Noble
The Steve Noble Show
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Everyone views on mobile show were biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics.

Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true but no sacred portrait 866-34-TRUTH or checking out now gives your house right helping. Let's take a breath and remember who is on the throne. Whether were talking about the coronavirus 33, 34 million people unemployment. I think I was about 13, 14%. They said earlier today that was Larry Kudlow was on a show earlier this this morning and using 13, 14%, and that's those that we haven't seen numbers like this since the Great Depression. There's obviously a lot of I've been sharing some of these different scientist videos and then get the plan to make video out there and other people that are kinda shredding that right and left, so there's a lot of confusion there's a lot of information disinformation miss information you got the whole general Flynn thing in there and really let me just notice there about that that the fact that the Department of Justice was willing to drop the case when you know Flynn was forced into a corner pleaded guilty plea bargaining and all that kind of garbage because they were threatening to go after her son and more people in his family so is a big mass and so many people do that.

This plea bargaining problems all over this country, usually not for people of means but that was part of the deal then for the Department of Justice is come on sale can would drop everything was really remarkable historical date that that just doesn't happen okay.that's a huge deal and obviously I'm really encouraged by that. I'm hoping working to see Atty. Gen. bar and a prosecutor Durham getting one thing Domino after another, as we see bad dominoes dropping as a result of as I see bad dominoes dropping then with the coronavirus actually maybe we'll see some good dominoes drop as a result of what's going on with Durham and with bar and these things you we forget about all of that in all this in general. Flynn comes back of the what what you talk about just like the amount are very shooting, which were going to talk to Bishop wooden about that for this. Most of the show today were trying to get a hold of Mike Johnson. I don't know for him he will get him on.

He was just in a big, that's a Congressman Mike Johnson my buddy from cop from Louisiana who was on Trump's defense team for the impeachment there in the end when they went over to the Senate as well as being on the president's current team opening up America again. That's a congressional group and in not Mike is on there and also he's the head of the Republican study committee and they just recently put out there can a plan for dealing with all this stuff called the framework for recovery accountability and prosperity really across the whole, a plethora of everything.

The federal government is doing some is great. Some of its an overreach, obviously so Mike Johnson just as he is my go to guy up in Washington DC, Mike, and I've known each other since 2005 when he was one of the top attorneys for alliance defending freedom and I trust him implicitly. He loves the Lord. He's the most brilliant constitutional scholar in Congress.

And so when we have a chance to get him on the show and unlike I said he was just in that live, you might've watched part of that Trump had a life press conference with the his and his group their work and to reopen the country as much as they can from the federal level and so that's probably what's going on with Mike schedule but were going to talk to Bishop wooden and the second, third and fourth segments today. Bishop would my slightly older brother from another mother who has been on the show many times he and I've been friends since the first day I became an activist all the way back in 2004.

He sent me in a text message on the heels of everything going on with Ahmad Aubrey and this was before Ahmad Aubrey is the accused. The father and the son that you don't block the street. Hopefully you seen that video and in this happened in February and then didn't really get any press until this really really disturbing video was released. Just the other day just came out yesterday or the day before and and Bishop wooden Patrick is a dear friend of mine.

I've never I've never received a text message like this before from him and we talked about these issues on the air. We talked about racism on the air is very very conservative. He's gonna be the first one to tell young black man to pull his pants up and in and and show respect to everybody and he holds very high standards for his own church and the people around him on his staff and we know we have. We had these conversations for years, sometimes very difficult hard conversations for me as obviously Caucasian and ship wooden as a black man. We can't, there's only so much we can understand about each other's plight because of the difference in our skin color. However, setting that aside, you cut us. We both bleed red and we both are allegiances to the Lord into the word into the truth of the gospel and the truth of the Scriptures and so that's allowed us to travel down a lot of these tough roads but I I was really surprised me that_read this to you and will talk to Bishop wooden on the other side of the break and will try to work on getting to get my chance… Even get on Monday.

Soup is available Monday or Tuesday next week what it now dilute not listen to all my white friends out there you have to yet to be willing to be slow to speak, slow to anger, quick to listen when you have to engage stuff like this. Okay because we lack that perspective put it on the table K to just chill out. If you can have a negative reaction the student you need to work through it as a Bishop wooden send me a text. What is it in some and some white people that would cause them to do this.

According to Exodus 22, 233 based they still should not have killed him like a dog. His mother said that he was going for his daily run.

They cut them off and killed him like a dog soonest motion here sees the video right. We ought to be careful the videos horrific sure looks terrific. The details look terrific and they finally arrested these guys I think today maybe yesterday we cut them off and killing like a dog men you would believe the rage that is in me right now. More love and consideration is given to dogs ideally live with white women who see me walking down the street automatically clutch their purses that look at me with fear and loathing in their eyes.

I learned that if I smile that tends to disarm some of them, but this man, this simply isn't right. No one has been charged. No one arrested were not dogs as the godly loving Christian man who happens to be a pastor and a bishop and my friend Bishop wooden, not dogs. Listen he's done very well. These law-abiding I've never been in trouble with the law on a conservative.

I have no tattoos don't have dreadlocks. I'm clean-shaven, etc. they still clutch or ship their bags away from the blackeye unless they know me, I guess. Blacks are given the benefit of the doubt. Nice Bishop wooden is not like a kid. Okay like 55 my age and this is just his experience. By the way that it that the area where there is words running from this majority black man. I feel that some kind of way about this, but I see that guy on the video try to run try to fight back and take his last steps and follow the ground and I'm crying you texted me the floods my heart with great rage, surreal teal friends that's that's raw reaction to watching that video without all the facts.

Yes, we have to be willing to have these conversations with and having my dear friend Bishop Asheville wooden Senior when we come back credit for this back is noble to see Bilbo showed great to be with you all today and I was setting up at the end of the last segment will lug it.

That's funny you just is on hold so we can't take on this is going to pony I noticed gonna take care.

This will not. Bishop got Bishop my my slightly older brother from another mother.

Bishop L wooden Bishop had to go with senior because I'm trying to do three things at once or Bishop hold so can't take him now, so I just I just told the producer in Winston-Salem tells Congressman Mike Johnson, who's on the presidential committee for restarting the country was part of the president's.defense team in the Senate on the impeachment that I can't take his call now because I gotta talk to my brother Patrick Senior so there you go. I got my priorities straight pal to see how our I'm doing good I'm doing good I'm doing good, these are strange days indeed, and is the NF if COBIT wasn't enough going on in and we could talk about that for the rest the hour, but we aren't that this whole situation come up with the mod are buried. The 26-year-old well you just having his birthday. I think it would've been today and actually I mention this to you sought on Facebook and undermine a Facebook is a pastor down in Georgia is going to call and in the final segment of the show he and seven other pastors were at Ahmad's gravesite this morning together so we can hear from that, but a but I wanted to get your perspective it's it's know we talked about race issues over all these years we come at it head on. We love each other and the Lord. We appreciate and respect each other's differences and in the our lack of ability. IBC could never know what it's like to be a black man you don't know it's like to be a white man, but we both know what it's like to be God's man and we come at all these things from that direction, but you sent me that text the other day I shared a little bit about it when we first started and at the end of the last segment.

I've never got a text like that from you before.

Where was that raw I could I could hear your tears in the words I could tell how emotional you were and how frustrated and angry, you were so just take us back to that when you first saw this video of these two guys taken out Ahmad Marbury last when I first got I watched and I didn't have that reaction moved by what I slept, I dreamed about and got up the next day he watched again and when I looked at it the second time. That's we I really really got to me because there are, as I stated to you the text that certain indignities that African-American males whether there conservative liberal whether they have had to know that you dreadlocks your range.

Whatever it was you patch of all all and get all your help. Live with every day at them from time to time things like this happen when assault is it to be. It produced rage and anxiety in the because when I sold the young man take those final two steps and fall. I sold my grandson. I sold my son so my son-in-law and I saw so many men who are law-abiding or good like the young man who was Geo a go jogging and was hunted down like a doll or industry in Charlotte by two men who lose individual to be appear to be larger appear to be stronger and but they also became judge sure executioner Steve one I oriented all that that Ahmad I pray that I got the pictures of the father-son burden. I pray to God that these were not last to face that he so as she lay in the street. I pray that by the time you feel that he was gone. God don't let gold bosses.

God's eyes that the law hatred and the leader and the rage that had to be present as you take a gone and you find your bank three times and endoscopic balls did you know you can look into loving, caring, understanding, and I didn't view him as a fellow you would be and I hope the listeners understand this and Ahmad and went where people just like everyone else. Like I mentioned to you in the text that certain indignities that we live with daily. As an African-American male who have never been in trouble with the law.

Apart from a street. I've never been convicted nor charged with any crime.

I II don't think I'm finishing you know yourself that one of the criticism I get that address nice backed up so about if I got up dancing at all.

The pop got some menacing bear. And yet Steve, it happened we could, I would. I went down, maybe no field somewhere widely this evening, nine times out of 10 you will ship that purred or she's going to clutch.

She's even aware of what people not do just be also looks like me. I was traveling from the holy convocation church service in Memphis, Tennessee and in St. Louis, Missouri going through getting ready to catch you plaintively was an unwanted child had on so large black overcoat go through no problem Makoto, Steve, my wife and I walked to the gate a few meters later a uniformed work at Apple go walk to the gate and asked check my pocket and and so on, and I cannot let it and then of course you know I'm a Christian.

I was only work gate and assume dressed like a professional. And yet I'm the one that he first to see if a white lady had misplaced. "And they follow that dressed up as soon and again look like I need to steal anything.

No, I'm the one that he goes to the gate where I asked check my pocket.

These kinds of dignities or things that that people like me contend with every day. AME know I'm not a criminal. I'm not going to go crazy. It doesn't make don't make me want to go find somebody white and kill them go and find someone not when you live with this all the time and all of a sudden you see this young guy and as boys we know right now young man was only done and if he was feeling if he stole a couch of the stolen must be to get a good job hiding. There is no evidence that they found no evidence that they found a gone on him.I saw some in the neighborhood is out for run this is all stuff that you can find online and read these reports and and then decided this probably him because we had some break-ins in the neighborhood and it was young black male. Wow, look, there's a young black male running through our neighborhood and no one reported that he was checking out a house that's under construction live checked out houses that were under construction as well. Nobody chased me down with a shotgun and a handgun. But in this case. You watch all this and then you know then they look at the law go well, there's this citizens arrest what citizens arrest when you block a street with a shotgun in the eye look like some out of a movie. But it happened one of the biggest tragedies. Besides that's obvious is the fact that were not even talking about it. So what 74 days later were talking the bishop was in effect and is reasonable to see normal show here today with my good slightly older brother from another mother, but that was my senior slightly not allowed to slightly and perimeter to God and Christ here in Raleigh, North Carolina, and Bishop and I have been close friends ever since the first day we met on the field of battle fighting for righteousness in our culture that goes all the way back to believe and check this out. Bishop April 2004 believe that 16 years it had amazed you haven't aged a day. But your hair has a lot but it's great to see you. I really appreciate you and love you as you know anybody else knows that that we are two brothers that love each other talking today about Ahmad Marbury who was gunned down back in February in Georgia and working out in the final segment of the show hook up with a friend on Facebook earlier today. Pastor Nick Bates at Powell Baptist Church in Augustine Georgia was actually will show you picture this, I was actually at Ahmad's gravesite today would have been his 26th birthday. He was at his gravesite this morning with seven other pastors a mixed group of pastors over to talk to him in the final segment as we continue to talk to Bishop wooden but that's one of the things about this at so enraging. Besides watching the video is the fact that this happened in February and it's May 8 today were watching the video on May 7 so so that this is is shocking that it wasn't until the video came out that anybody down there in Georgia decided to do anything about this with what your read on all of that thing off of video because I got a field that had not come out on video.

These guys would've gotten away and how many time have things like this happen and there was no one there with a video or if they headed. They didn't release and so nothing nothing got done and that was part of rage when I found when I saw it and I realized this happen in February and no one's even being charged when you don't have to find the guys who did not look around their own video. So I pray that justice is served. I certainly do not want tribute anyway to the racial divide. My my reason for reaching out to you is to say to people like you, my brothers and sisters who love the Lord will wipe to the white ministers out. It may cost you some to address this from your pool. It may cost you something to help preach the gospel got remember for a long time Southern Baptist church denomination and in the evening. Various Bible. They talked of black people or the result of a curse God put all him right so when you view people ideologically as crushed. It explains how you can easily shoot a black got down industries like a doll and just one of only use on all well in your church. They've talk. These people that we are somehow subhuman. I wonder if that not still white people out there check is out procedure draft jail. Well, the deep South and you can going to the history of the of the Mormon church which has an agreed just to say the least history in terms of their position on African Americans by people in general Southern Baptist convention, of which I'm a member at least at some point. This is about what 15, 20 years ago came out publicly repented for its inactivity which is which was sinful to the core. The civil rights movement in the whole entire history of chattel slavery in America and so there's that. It's just brutal out there and yeah I means there so many pastors that are afraid to talk about this because just earlier today. Bishop on my Facebook pages one guy was saying well you know the kid did grab the gun, line really knew what it so I had a flyaway buddy that jumped in on that when he does listen if I'm going on a run through the neighborhood and his two guys with a gun trying to stop me. You can bet your butt to try to get one of those guns away from to at least even the odds, but the fact that somebody can even go there, which is part of our problem. I think for a lot of people quote like me white folks is that you is so uncomfortable to get into the racial reality of this go okay this is actually still happening. I thought we were beyond this, listen in, and Bishop wooden is one of the most pro-life people I know we've got decades history of killing babies in the womb. 60 million+ right now we have the deaths uncoated 19 skyrocketing in in retirement communities and those types of rest homes for all these old folks because we just don't value life then you add you add skin color and their minutes human depravity on display 47. Yes, we need the gospel preached and that needs to be a wholesale repentance across the board and got Americans also all need to repent. We all need to look at this thing what it is. But in this particular case, I pray that the righteous out there for quite black not try to rationalize this, or find a moral equivalence. The guy was shot down. The guy was hedged all now if I'm out walking my neighborhood and someone to love me stop alone accurately been about how they tell me to stop. You have no authority to stop me if I'm in the neighborhood on the role of public access yeah yeah no one has authority to stop me at all. I can stop but want to but if I don't I don't, you can't shoot me. Well I guess can also know there is no excuse for that. They were bigger than what if you just had to just hold all not just following right or why not just since you got a description that it will fix the profile and description about called baby can use their own smart phones and taking video and pictures on them just by hey dude what are you doing here Outlook. He refused to doctors but now you want to clear something up. I know that you are a law-abiding citizen because you love the Lord. We both want the judicial process to be followed. These guys did this because there their citizens. The United States there is a due process that they have protected by the Constitution that they deserve simply because their citizens and that's the way we play get to do an equal application of the law.

That's what justice requires. And so both of us just for those of you that might be struggling with some of the things were saying both of us want the judicial system to work.

The fact that it was delayed 74 days is inexcusable and the fact that these guys didn't system work right. Great point that the problem is, but it was not you got me judicial system is there.

This was George sure an execution.

Yeah, they decided all and went free.

70 us. Some days I thank God I don't I don't belong in prison.

Only one I want them to go through the system and the and and be judged by a jury of their peers. I'm not for vigilantism, not for hanging anybody to street the goals out there who say you selected the system speak – I'll point you they didn't let this knowledge should and even let the system speak in the system itself didn't really step up to the plate and do these arrests excuse me and convene a grand jury until it came out in the public and praise the Lord like you said to the video because I know where all the work or else must be responsible citizens. Now, I do have one quick one thing that's really disturbing to me about this Bishop is who in the world was following him in the car shooting the video that that that that's and then for the VAT video could have been given to the police that day.

Why was it not there's a lot of questions you're just like in the Cove at 19 thing.

Truth is, is becoming more and more elusive in our nation today but thank God, though, that the person was there and what ever reason you even though they delay.

Thank God they turned an x-ray of this is your room in South Carolina. Remember the Batman begins to run from the police and the guy shoots him in the back and any debt without heaping video tape and the stage is the same. I had that not not been for video got away with that. I just think that you have to take a cool at the way you want to and you are right with way we kill the unborn is cheap and human life.

Everyone how they sent the mayor of New York, the governor of New York said COBIT 19 uninfected people back in person, home, I don't think that that was a mistake. I think that that wasn't ginger all and I don't think either that that stupid that or that wicked the way it was a wicked thing to do so with all of these things is going all need to how you want to know and respect one another and and and treat people with dignity that that they deserve.

When I see you I am not written you have a give me a reason to be afraid nor have I given you one that that's all I'm saying. I don't want any woman's first person picking up the gift. Give it back to order. Try to be a judgment and variables 40 last thing I like the handle is let me echo a hearty amen to that director with you, and I stood up, and Bishop. You might remember this several years ago I stood up in front of your church on a Sunday morning and said listen, I guy grew up what I term a passive racist so I told some jokes I participated in some jokes. I knew there was trouble in the black community and difficult things I just didn't care and unfortunately that was true repent will be right back. So do me a favor.

Do yourself a favor.

Dear friends of this is nothing to do with me. I don't care listen if I wanted to get rich I would pick another line of work.

Okay I I'm not in this because I'm trying to be somebody. Whatever God wants me to be hopefully and so when I tell you to go share today's episode, it's not because I want more likes and I want more views. I don't care about any of that stuff I don't. I'm not doing a tremendous job of storing about my treasures on earth, I'm storing them up and have okay so if you think you're telling me to share just because you want more tension, no I don't and you don't know me okay I would say that is just judge mentalism that sinful. Okay I'm telling you to share it because these are conversations that our nation needs to hear black people need to hear these white people Hispanic people. Republicans, Democrats, independence, rich folks, poor folks. Everybody needs to engage in these conversations, we cannot be afraid to go down these roads and we have to end and Bishop wouldn't and I know that I can think on the grace that Christ is put in him. He banks on the grace that Christ is put in me so we can go down these roads and have these conversations but we all need to be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to anger okay so that's I'm asking you share this because you almost never hear conversations like this on any media in the country right or left where it's saturated in the love of Christ and the word of God. Our two men that love each other and aren't afraid to tie have these conversations so this is very rare. We thank God for it.

So just share this over and do our nation and our neighbors a favor. Okay so were talking to Bishop one today upper room Church of God in Christ Bishop Patrick L1 senior my slightly older brother slightly slightly older brother from another mother and end just talk about what's going on with the mod are buried under a friend of mine that's on Facebook to win here at Southeastern Baptist theological seminary appear in the wake forest area of North Carolina pastor Nick Bates went to Southeastern and we been friends on Facebook for a while, the pastor of Powell Baptist Church in Augustine Georgia pastor Bishop. When I told you I wanted to to pull him into our conversation because an experience that he had earlier today pastor Nick Bates. Thanks for calling brother how are you I am well thank you for having me on your very welcome and I and I really really appreciate working to put up a couple of pictures up on Facebook live for you guys. One will be a picture of a pastor, Nick Bates and then as well as a picture of a great site that you are out. I think it wasn't just this morning Nick it was a gift, or really well to tell us about that experience and where you were why you are there you were with him in on what happened. There is such an important story. Well, you know, honestly, I had not heard the story of what happened. The mod until just maybe three days ago and one of the guys I follow on Twitter of pastor from the ballot. Actually feared it all, and he linked it to the video and I click on the video and before I knew what I was walking all video and immediately my heart sank and I basically had my mind made up about what happened if they knew that all video because I think the video speaks for itself and and and actually I can't take credit for organizing the prayer group that took place this morning, dear friend of mine who is actually a pastor of first black president. In Waynesboro, Georgia, which is actually clear. Mod is his theory is not not at his church, but a model was buried in Waynesboro, he organized it and just invited pastors to calm and just going to grow the stuffer sort of the southern. Got in and I your fellow Southeastern.if you love your brother and you know their slogan in their motto is go and in my heart I knew immediately that I needed to go. I needed to go and stand up for Ahmad.

I needed to go and stand against the right and I needed to go and against prejudice and I needed to go and stand with fellow brothers in Christ who could we we could in solidarity and have difficult conversations and be able to demonstrate our community that Christ can overcome even something so tragic and so what what what actually happened or who was there because I know I sound like based on what you put on Facebook and maybe was a mixed crowd. So tell me a little about what happened while you were there at the gravesite you know it was when we got there at 10 o'clock this morning and it was there.

There were there were eight gods in all of us were pastors there were. It just so happened that we there were four white pastors. There were four black pastors there were guys that were there from the southern Baptist like myself, there were again the Presbyterian brother, who organized it was a Pentecostal pastor there.

There was just it was it was even further.

Eight gods. There was a lot of diversity that was that was represented like this morning and when we first got there.

I think it we we had organized it to have the time to pray for just but when we got there it was you not think maybe perhaps maybe you can understand that it was just an awkward were restrained and nobody knew what to say and so were were kind of thing in there and you know one of one of the pastors that matter fact it was it was the pastor of the church where Moniz is buried here in Waynesboro all in and he wrote the eye and end we had started to happen. The very thing similar conversation that you've been having with Bishop wouldn't that I video to try to figure it is, but also that there there conversations that he has to have with his congregation that he's having a house with his the students in his church have with his grandchildren that that were not that that honestly I'll never have to have a conversation that's right, and another Scripture that you guys kind of got to then I gotta get back to Bishop wouldn't but you guys were in Amos II put this up on when I put a post up last night about it. I use the exact same passage of Scripture which is Amos 524 but let justice wallow like water and righteousness like an unfeeling stream and I would imagine you guys that there was the unity of the body of Christ there at the gravesite of the mod are very apt, absolutely no we got out all that there there was a moment there where were we not in the mid-of the global pandemic and we were not trying to to the filter especially distant. There were there were we we wanted to embrace all and I think there was even if it was in just that body of people that were standing there and I agree. I think there was a small tiny fair in the right direction, but we also realized that there a lot of work to do, so we committed to each other, standing there at the Monterey that were going to continue that this is the first time these eight individual like this book but it is regarding planned that it will not pastor Nick Bates. Thank you so much for calling and assuring that story with us. Powell Baptist Church down in Augustine Georgia. God bless you brother really appreciate you absolute thank you for having me on your walk talk again. Let's go back to Sheboygan and in Patrick. That's pretty amazing yes or that that's amazing. To God be the glory received. Yeah I got you go ahead okay.

To God be the glory for that that pastor down there who came together and and is almost as though God arranged and they did know that they were going to be so. It was a puerile gathering and it was a diverse gathering of men of God who came to stand and to show low solidarity and remorse after three that justice be done and we won't justice and we want we want whatever really we lost the devil Satan leaves his way into the heart of men just like me and you know we fight for life all the time we see people what was so quick to sacrifice my life. We've got to value one and appreciate one another more would not animals.

I'm watching alternate affection play out in commercials and ostrich.

I hear people all the time as they refer to animals as being members of the band right got all the mothers out there don't fall out with love, the animals and what some people actually love animals more than they love others, you would be and you can't do that and you can't do so.

I pray that I want.

Thank you. First of all, or thank you for understanding. I text you the only white conservative brother. I take was you I text you I did not text send that case takes any black preacher or pastor friend of mine I sent the text you and you will do for us.

When it came to about my heart recall I wanted to share my wall at that time with you not to get on the radio not to have a voice. I just need to talk to so why one you love the job but we want to work through the conversation itself is not efficient. Thanks for being on the day brings God willing outside to get on Monday

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