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COVID and Ahmaud Arbery

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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May 11, 2020 3:20 pm

COVID and Ahmaud Arbery

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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May 11, 2020 3:20 pm

COVID and Ahmaud Arbery

Today, updates on COVID and Ahmaud Arbery. Plus, Congressman Mike Johnson of Louisianna's 4th district joins to discuss the new COVID-19 Recovery Plan that is in the works. Additionally, David Fischer of Landmark Capital Gold to discuss the rising economy!


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Everyone is time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, work, and even in politics.

Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true but no sacred forgery 866-34-TRUTH or checking out Now here's your host all weekend. At least it was here North Carolina or at the beautiful weather got out and about a lot and was able to enjoy that tried to stay away from gold in 19 stories everything else course that continues to develop. So I got a bunch of different things on to talk about today. I will live on Facebook. By the way, so if you want to go to the Facebook page. The Steve Noble show you go there, or if you happen to be a personal friend on Facebook.

It's also we jump it over to my personal page via a watch party seek and join their comments and I'm gonna watch and that during the show so that we can have an all conversation within the conversation show within a show whatever you want to call it in. The one thing I wanted to let you know and I'll be a talk about this tomorrow playing a little clip for you were about to go live with the new podcast and I'll explain the title because some of you are to be really upset with me because the title of the podcast which is who is this SOP and the people to what is that stand for stands for what you think it stands for, but I'll explain all that often in why would a Christian be using a common language of this type's concerns are really the target but were gone live in all bunch of different podcast platforms this afternoon working for the last few kinks. So before I go to bed tonight. We should be live all over the place this week just the introductory episode in the next week of the first four episodes will drop all explain all that play little clip for you. Morrison can hear what's going on but the day will stay on target with all the things going on in the news and so much to look at and discuss in some valuable lessons here so we talk to the Bishop wooden on Friday.

We talked about the Ahmad Armory story down in Georgia, which happened in February and then nothing much happened until the video popped last week of the actual shooting there in the confrontation in the street in that neighborhood now. More information coming out more videos coming out of a mod that he went in. I spent about three minutes inside of a house that was under construction in that neighborhood and the new different reports about somebody yelling at him and then he went back, was he running was he walking to the neighborhood. What about his previous experience with law enforcement.

In all these things and it was a very valuable lesson.

In an ongoing lesson about how we handle developing new stories and the same thing we've been doing this game I've been playing this game myself for years and we really struggle with this now as a culture and for me on the radio and Facebook and kind of reacting to news as it breaks in and were all kind in this mode where we tend to come to a pretty quick conclusion. We have our confirmation bias is going and if you're if you believe that racism is a problem in America and there's too many shootings of of young unarmed black men as soon as you see something you'll tend to to take a certain position. People that think that's a bunch of gobbledygook reports an overreaction or you think that you're just prejudiced against white people Bob about tend to take an acting to take the opposite position we do it almost immediately and then and then you have more news comes out and more stories and more angles and like we talked with Bishop wooden on Friday that were all we all should be interested in the legal system. Hopefully, working and doing its job that people are presumed innocent until proven guilty and not vice versa. We did the same thing. I remember early on in February. Talk about coping 19 would be by God's exhibit same thing as the flu and a and I got you know I found some information and I'm like, no, it isn't the same thing as the flu and look at the mortality rates amongst older people and is 31 million people in America that are a 70 and older. And what if he hits them in the mortality rates there. We got this. Millions of people dying in and really kind of certificated got on my high horse there and in the story has changed over time, and then in the second segment today. I'll do a bunch of coping 19 updates with George on something that was reported that Deborah Burke said last week in a close task force meeting coronavirus task force up there. DC where she's basically saying I can't trust anything from the CDC and and we everybody is good a horse in the race right and we just jump to conclusions quickly. So in the Ahmad armory case, whereas we were in one thing last week and seen this video, which is horrifying and people cannot taking taking matters into their own hands and the citizens arrest any I find want to go confront somebody and talk to him you want to call the police. You want to try to hold them. There are even forcibly okay but to go with a shotgun and a 357 magnetometer, pull your truck up in the street and all that kind of stuff all seems like an overreaction to me in and we'll see what happens.

But then there's of a friend on Facebook.

Send me another video. This is from a gentleman who's a former police officer guiding Brandon Tatum's got website YouTube channel and motivational speakers, a Christian Uber conservative African-American okay former cop, so he he gets on their and and shows some additional footage of Ahmad armory, when he went into the house that was under construction and then it look like somebody yelled something at him and then he ran down the street and I thought it was out for a jog and almost up. No we do not have all the information yet but sometimes we act like we do, and emotionally react in it which I completely understand, especially the emotional reaction in many ways most ways, perhaps warranted by my good friend Bishop wooden and I had an emotional reaction and I'm white and but it's just we just don't leave much room anymore because the media feeds. This way we feed this way and we just come up to our conclusions and presumptions of innocence or guilt immediately and so describe Brandon Tatum did this video coming at it as a former police officer going all you see is here you see here. Need we don't know this, we don't know that. And here's the situation. The situation for casting some doubt on an the way that a lot of us were reacting last week. Based on what we saw and so this other video came out and then you got they had a gathering down in Georgia just over the weekend new video from the date of the incident apparently taken from home security camera shows a jog or an area garage that would be a mod at a home construction site.

After several minutes, Georgia returns to running and then another neighbor seen around the same time a 911 call was made. So there's the new video that was obtained by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution at a rally on Saturday night.

Several family members respond to the video he committed a crime on just call the authorities markets are Bree told WSB TV to but you came at him like you are hunting available and an attorney representing the family also issued a statement our offices reviewed the surveillance video, which appears to show a person believed to be Ahmad armory entering a property under construction. The individual remains on property for under three minutes before continuing to jog down the road. This video is consistent with the evidence Artie known to us on he goes on and presents his case.

My point B whether it's this the coping 19 situation is continuing to under unravel. And I don't mean that. I just need to unfold. Okay, so it's unraveling because of coping 19 in this covert, 19 agenda for signs of scientism. There's philosophy of politics.

All these things involved in. We just need to are we willing to wait. I don't know that we're willing to wait for much of anything anymore. I'm just cautioning mostly myself as well as you. Let's slow down at least a little.

Try to actually pursue the truth as opposed to just let about fire motions will see hopefully what the truth is, will be right back. Noble showed good to be with you and I just talk a little bit about this the more information coming out about the Ahmad armory case done in Georgia, which is developing other video coming out in just cautioning all of us, especially myself, slow down, slow speak, slow to anger, quick to listen and we want the truth. We want justice.

I want the facts, but I don't know about you but I struggle with withholding myself back on the site jump on the bandwagon sometimes and then are the fruit of the spirit, self-control, and we all need to work on that same thing is true with the coping. 19 thanks I got several things there that I want to share in and Bill Gates who's becoming increasingly more alarming in the way he's looking at all this a short clip from a an interview he did just on April 9. Okay, so this was a month ago speaking to the financial times, but he's repeated this mantra and many other places talk about vaccines and shutting down the world's economy which is easy when you're like the second or third wealthiest guy in the planet. Okay, thanks for that Bill won the last time you actually had to worry about money. I mean at any level. So only get to that. But one thing if you might've seen a site I just saw this the other day I knew Ravi Zacharias is just one of the greatest apologists in the history of modern history of the church has not been doing well. You really bad heart are a really bad back and back surgery. Not that long ago. But then he is fighting cancer to and now it looks like Robbie is in his last days here and I shared an update from his family and the ministry the other day so what I mean. He's had a huge impact on me. I'm sure he's had a huge impact on most of you and me much of my ability to reason and think through things is as a result of listening to hours and hours and hours of Robbie showing his podcasts and just an incredible combination and I think the apostle Paul might've been a lot like this where you're just unbelievably intelligent and able to slice and dice just about anybody's argument, but he never did. He was never Rudy was never ugly.

He was never harsh justice, loving, kind, compassionate man. I really think like the ultimate the ultimate example for most of us believers when you're engaging anybody that disagrees specially theologically against the group. A biblical worldview and and and he would take people's arguments apart on college campus, but he always did it with disgrace in this compassion, this love.

Just amazing.

So be in prayer for Robbie's wife in his and his daughters, his family, his ministry, and that pretty soon he'll be with the Lord. He's out of here man and praise the Lord for that Robbie will probably have one of those places in heaven will dry bag that us who lives there Ravi Zacharias that figures will be one of the one of the well-known people that I think is he's just on it so well anyway be in prayer for them, but yet I didn't know if you are aware of that but we just praise the Lord for all. Ravi Zacharias is done in service to the King and the impact it had really on the whole world around the world and in many of us as individuals. So the coping 19 thing and end. My wife corrected me and I and I appreciate that. Thank God for our wives, gentlemen. If you're married in God's given you a good wife. I certainly have one when I never earned couldn't deserve and don't deserve but you have been a little flippant about the coping 19 stuff and in a little flippant again about the mass question. And even though I've deep disagreements with people about that and I've been a little flippant of as of late, and then we found out your friend that we knew that used to be a church here in the Raleigh area there open for she's up in Virginia now a young family and these two young boys are both now in the ICU fighting for their lives. One of them totally healthy. Got coping 19. The other one got believe this H1 N1 a while ago and that was a big issue and that permanently did harm to his lungs but they both got it in their both young, I think, like 18 this late teen something like that and end getting that information and were coping 19 can seriously affect younger people mostly older people. We talked on Friday about the increasingly nightmares situation going on and in retirement centers and in rest areas arrest homes around the country, but it does affect young people to and in effect. Some people where they don't have any autoimmune problems. There's no pre-existing conditions are perfectly healthy and then to sometimes help of apples with the flu too, but I think will do my wife that she was rightfully so upset with me that I was just being a little too flippant about it and lives are being destroyed. I can turn around and go well what I could argue with but the whole country doesn't seem to care much about the 850, 900,000 babies we kill your but we go. Not so about what's going on with COBIT, but those are still lives, to be perfectly consistent. I to be pro-life consistent from the tomb to the will from the oldest to the youngest and all points in between and every life matters in every life has inestimable worth.

So let's be careful even when they're arguing about facemasks and stuff. Let's remember, even though it's not to the level of abortion every life matters.

They all have inestimable worth, and they were all created gods in which so we did that was thank you honey for challenging me on that I needed to deal with okay so this is really interesting Georgia got excoriated by Trump right Georgia got excoriated because they opened up. That was April 24 and they just came out over the weekend.

Today marks the lowest number of coping 19 positive patients currently hospitalized statewide.

This is Capt. Gov. Georgia since hospitals began reporting the state on April 8 today also marks the lowest total of ventilators and use 897 with 1945 available we will win this fight together. He got excoriated and hammered in the big deal in Georgia is the incubation.

The CDC's thought to extend to 14 days with the medium time 45 days so when they started to reopen things. April 24 that was going to be a total nightmare. You would think to see based on the numbers that we do have that I the beginning of May Mande be spiking back up there, but they're actually going down in today of the lowest numbers so more information. There Deborah Burks the other day in a meeting this week. Dr. Deborah Burks okay this was look at this headline. Dr. Deborah Burks reportedly tells task force. She can trust nothing from the CDC.

Well, what during task force meeting last Wednesday.

This is reported in the Washington Post on the ninth heated discussion broke out between Deborah Burks. The position oversees the administration is going to grow the virus response and Robert Redfield, the director, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Burks and others were frustrated with the CDC's antiquated system for tracking virus data which they worried was inflating some statistics such as mortality rate in case count by as much as 25% quote there's nothing from the CDC that I can trust Burks reportedly said, according to two of the people flare came two days after it was reported that an internal government model based on data from the CDC and other agencies projected the death count would rise to 3000 a day by June 1. So even inside that organ is that organism the coronavirus task force. They're all over the map and get something like Bill Gates talking about that trip to just mention obviously the economic pain what to think the right balance is between the trade-off of protecting people's lives and the economic. Hence, I mean do you see a situation where the global economy could be virtually at a standstill for a year or even more. Well, it won't go to zero, but it will shrink global GDP is going to take in probably the biggest hit ever. Maybe the depression was worse.

1873. I don't know but in my lifetime. There, this will be the greatest economic kit, but you don't have a choice. People act like you have a choice.

People don't feel like going to the stadium when they might so easily get to the cell plate is for you only come back from the break and I will talk to Congressman Mike Johnson because Mike is on the opening up America again congressional group Donald Trump. He was speaking to him by the way on Friday so I could help widen my calling. You always talk to the present okay so the Congress, and Mike Johnson Louisiana but I want you here for the rest Bill Gates thing after this noble shell masking to finish his clip real quick from Bill Gates.

As with an interview he did about a month ago I Bill Gates is where the hundreds of an billion dollars is talking about the massive hit on the economy, not just here in America but around the world and these dogma. We really don't have a choice.

We had to do that and then he takes his we really don't have a choice to whole another level.

So I just wanted because I started this clip on a finish it so you can hear about it.

They were to talk to my good friend Congressman Mike Johnson from Louisiana is very involved in all these things with the Republican study committee, which came out with a great program in terms of a framework for recovery accountability and prosperity. He's also an president trumps task force for opening up America again is part of that group and he was just with the president Friday summer to talk to Mike so just hold on just say my gun is a finish his clip to Bill Gates and listen to what he says here at the end of it. Okay, just little bit less than a minute left to go check this out.

Get infected. You know it it's not the government. Hussein okay just ignore this disease and you know people are deeply affected by seeing these doubts by knowing they could be part of the transmission chain and old people their parents or grandparents could be affected by this and so you don't you don't get to say ignore what's going on here. They're all there will be the ability particularly rich countries to open if things are done well over the next few months, but for the world at large.

Normalcy only returns when we largely vaccinated the entire global population in okay that that so there's some concerns are in and of itself, but we want to jump over here and talk to my good friend Congress and Mike Johnson from Louisiana Mike, thanks for calling a buddy, how are you in the dark wood of our while we were having some fun on Friday because when the timing didn't work out. It was because you were otherwise occupied by talking to the present United States like a okay microphone and will will going to let that one slide. Anyway, it's good to hear from you. Thanks for your time and how busy you are. So tell us about what's going on there because you're very involved obviously as the head of the Republican study committee and a great framework you guys came up with recently but also on the president's task force for opening up America again.

So what can you tell us about the progress what's going on here quite a bit and yeah I want to apologize for you on air. I was with you Friday afternoon, but the one hour we had scheduled a warrant out for the president argument about three hours so I met a lot of things but I hated ethics. Good work.

Of course, the reason the reason we went long is because there is a lot of great boats that were going on and we got in that meeting Friday at the White House with the diminution in Larry Colón was the chief economic advisor to the president and Kevin happen within their several others and in some of the 19 of, but without regard can't be thought leaders in Congress and very fruitful discussion.

The president is is very I think I think leaning forward on this and you know I've been very grateful for the way you lead. He's been completely transparent coming to the point where some of the smoking inner circle. You don't need to talk to much, which is is defaulted towards giving you know too much information American people into who could fault him for that. I think there's no administration that it can perform better under the circumstances. This essay said many weeks ago. It is a war anywhere in a war against an unseen and unforeseen enemy and we've done everything that any nation could do under the circumstances. There's a lot going on economic recovery of the very beginning of the president for his work on Thursday. He regards this to be a transition.

A transition back to greatness and were already working all hands on deck yet because there's there's a challenging tenant narrative about their that you can't do both. You can't care for the vulnerable.

You can't care for people that are being directly affected by the virus itself as well as trying to care for the economy and all of the other kazoos in the depths of despair are going to go up there so many different dominoes that are lining up behind just the virus-infected self.

So what you say to the people Mike that that there, like, well, hey, if you start to open up. That means you don't care for people.

Now it not all joy and acting people using their political purposes and or and and and frankly they're driving a wider chasm wedge between various groups of people in the country. Here's a reality we are the greatest nation in the history of the world. We can protect lives and livelihood.

At the same time but are not usually with the pursuit were American think we can do that then.

And we have made the point very forcefully. I think the reason the president asked me to serve on the real America test forces because he knows that I would. I would be no very aggressive about this brought the reasonable and the point is you got to allow the American spirit to flourish right wheat we can trust American to act responsibly.

We can trust people to argue no engage in social distance between the end and use your proper sanitation protocol.

This is not rocket science. We can do it but you have to allow the free market an opportunity to thrive. If you do then small business owners and business owners, and everyone else will innovate will be creative. Bill will look for a way to make it happen. But you cannot keep the economy shut down to prevent that possibility entirely. If you do as you're alluding to their lead to even greater long-term negative health outcomes right Democrats diverted regeneration that the greatest indicator of negative public health is poverty right you keep the economy shut down to ensure that more people are forced into that category and as incalculable, but you know our unintended consequences and that's why we gotta go. To do this and do it right. I'll give you a quick example to illustrate everything in a nutshell your nail salons have been a big building, left open) a nail salon not far from my home here and work with you and and there were very innovative. You got one of those clear plastic sheet that you see now the big big big big car to hold it right and Steve. You can put your hand or your feet and they can work on your on the other side of the Plexiglas. There is no threat to anyone is safer than the grocery store and yet they can't open up why lets let people user, I think it's really important virtue, and something that we rely on American. Fortunately, my wife and I've been talking to you and I been talking about this a lot lately and with the younger generation millennial's in Elgin.

See you 100 years ago were willing to step up 80 years ago will step up and fight Nazi Germany will take on anything and now we got a hold a generation or two that are kind of easily scared and easily cower in a corner and so that there is that there is a cultural mandate there that we also need to pay attention to that before we used that we used to come out and will fight it head on and now we tend to cower and I understand early on when we didn't know much, but as we got more information. We should be more grounded in that reality.

It's a real challenging and heartbreaking thing to see in America's wheat so many people are just unwilling to know if and steel courses blindly follow these government mandates without questioning thing run of things you mention small business. Mike and this is one of the things talking to Congress and Mike Johnson from Louisiana is on the president's task force for reopening America, one of the things that was really disappointing to me last week and doing some research was with all the money that's going to businesses are still the, the overwhelming majority of its going to larger businesses. 100 employees more as opposed to smaller businesses less than 100 employees which make up the lion share of business in America. What can you tell us about that because I was really good.

I didn't expect the federal government to be able to do this very well. Just because the size of it and turning on a dime.

But that was really alarming to me what it was alarming and it probably something we might even cook.

I mean, obviously the larger more complex operations are to have staff that are better ready and dedicated Bible paperwork in order to be able to apply for something like this quicker. So when the second round of of the cures that funding was what was passed by Congress. We put stipulations in there that a large portion of it had to be used for the smaller mom-and-pop Main Street shops and businesses like that and so that has been a distance, but I'll tell you theoretical for conference call short a few minutes before jump on your review of reporting leaders now and we were lamenting together that there's a real problem right now misinterpretation of Dr. but somehow the smaller businesses in the people who have gone in and inmate avail themselves of this paycheck protection program or somehow to be responsible for paying it back now and I should simply not the case of they're using and in good faith and are using at least 75% of it for their payroll taxes or payroll expenses as was intended to be just fine, but there's there.

Somehow there's a misconception out there and I think some people are using us for political wedge to scare her people and to either not applying for the loan to their small business or some of them now even turning the money back in and not using it because they're greater than be read when I want to say on the air and you can you know sure your listeners.

Although small business owners out there. Don't worry okay the Treasury Department specifically said loans that were nexus of $2 million may do some sort of routine audit. Make sure that those those monies are not being misspent with the smaller businesses is larger operate in good faith a larger document document this to the government to be just fine and you should thank you so that is that with the intent of Congress.

The whole idea behind is Stephen. We talked about that we wanted to make sure that employees would stay connected to their employers while we walk through this dark valley of the nation of the people together.

We need to be able to emerge on the other side of the we are now beginning to emerge out of that valley. We have to have a job to go back and if you sever the relationship between employees and employers, then you lose the ability for us to revive the economy so that the whole purpose. The rationale behind the paycheck protection program and thankfully I think it's being used for that purpose. What's going on behind closed doors up there in about a minute and 1/2 left in terms of the Democrat response to the Democrat positioning because you know my fear and I to gets well well-founded.

The whole time is been well this is just another opportunity to use something to get rid of Trump. So what can you tell us about how they been handling it very badly. Fortunately, there are people who play politics and they even do it at the time of a national crisis like a pandemic future seeing that now. I think there are some who have a perverse incentive to make the chaos of greatest possible as they want to use that literal goal removing Donald Trump's election in the community where it all out with it the right thing to a point of Mike Johnson my good buddy from Louisiana thank you father God bless and thanks for you to be right back. Show this to be with you is always worth all these different make sure I did this a little bit over the weekend. I just wanted say it to you is my brother sister in Christ. Let's not be afraid to come to push back from the table a little bit were dining on all the stuff all the time were like gluttons on social media gluttons on the news gluttons uncle did this in Cova dad and everything going on and I think it's easy.

It's easy for me anyway. As a Christian.

Sometimes I sell my joy down the river because I just allow myself to get consumed by everything going on in Jesus already told us in this world you will have trouble but be a good cheer. I've overcome the world. We need to remember that whatever talking about the armory case down in Georgia whether he talked about different states opening up what's going on the federal level small businesses not giving getting the help that they need favoritism. The problem most likely to big businesses in the Cova 19 situation and in the financial situation as well. It's so easy to seller joy down the river. As if this is all there is. But we do not grieve talking about when we lose loved ones and friends and family.

We don't grievance those who have no hope. If you have Christ you have ultimate hope. We need to remember that to when we look at the world and how broken it is that we don't grieve over that is if we have no hope because one day brother sister in Christ, this will all be a distant memory. At best, I don't even know that it will show up on the radar screen. New heavens and new earth he ever met Cova 19 thing really when you're in the presence of the Lord in all this garbage is gone, every, every tongue has Artie confessed every knees bowed like a whale.

The tears really think will remember this think we will. So let's determine that just trying to offer a little perspective. Also on the financial side, of course, we always talk our good friend David Fisher from La Marque M David how are you I'm doing pretty good pretty good today friend yeah it's a nice change of pace were both a little skip in our step that's been rare as of late, so that a lot going on here, but were to start where we should start more often than not all of us need to do that is a start in the Scriptures will be in the New Testament today. Romans chapter 8 of course, just probably the most powerful theological book in the Bible Romans itself.

Let's start there and then will dive into some of these headlines. 25 but if we hope for what we do not see, with perseverance we we we wait dearly for it know this reminds me, it obviously most of us in our life have not had a experience that we saw Jesus with our our our human flesh eyes. We have not seen him physically on there were so in front of us. Most of those have not had that experience.

I'm sure there's some believers out there there hearing your voice. Though there might be a handful that have that but faith comes through hearing, but we also have that if we focus with perseverance because we best Jesus Christ in her life and become her Lord and Savior that were in the in the realm of not just faith but also hope you know.

Reminds me of a time when my kids were little, we first moved down to Phoenix and we had a pool in the they were sitting in the front door waiting for dad to come home with her bathing suits on the eagerly awaiting they know I think that that type of tenacity. That's what the Lord wants us to have in our faith toward him gratefully, and that's where we got the windows, but if we hope for what we do not see, with perseverance we wait eagerly for it and that's that that's the thing that gives us that strange to talk about dichotomy here in the second string dichotomy where I'm, you know, I grew. I grieve an unbroken over the here and now I long for that. There in the den.

Part of me has this joy that's never touched and part of me can be frustrated and angry and broken over the conditions of the world but that's why we have to have that perseverance and wait eagerly for this hope that God has promised us and most of us experiences in our lives as Christians manage such an important message, especially when things are are just so crazy. So dichotomy is a great word you put it in the NRO are overview for today's of the stock market seems be doing well. If I look back at March 23.

It was at 18,591.

Today it's closing at 24,221 so you know, a significant return. They are not backed up to its highest levels, which is over 29,000 know you got that what seems to be doing good for the economy and how they came out the other day 14. I think 14.7% unemployment rate 33 million people unemployed.

Our national debt skyrocketing faster than we've ever seen it so how do we deal with that with that dichotomy. That's the thing that probably frustrates me the most, like the doctor report report you are working, not in conjunction, but against each other and normally they're connected.

And usually when you have a good economy.

We have a good stock market, but this is all because what happened use of the date, March 23. I mean, when the Fed says we have unlimited resources to help support the economy that didn't change how much money went into the People's Bank account that it make any change in that the government does that and some of that's not near enough, the nonmember socialist book in reference to how much money really needs to happen towards to make the economy or the same direction.

The market is going.

Living really touched reality of what needs to happen so there is this Wall Street versus Main Street unfortunately happen. A lot of it has to do with the Fed thing about and someone has to do with the marketing of the S&P 500. 20% of that market. Steve represented represented and for stocks, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon and Google's there's a lot of stocks still out there. They're not performing at high levels, but they're still in the index so there's now a dichotomy happening in the marketplace were good stocks are moving in some lesser stocks are not doing nothing so but this all comes down to number $3.7 trillion is how much of new treasuries is going to be created between April and September. Think about that how much that is going directly on the national debt that will put us at $28.8 trillion: 29 trillion close enough I said in December think it was November. Maybe that person Trump will have $28-$30 trillion of national debt by the end of his term.

I meant the second terminal sellers want to be there at the end of his first term.

So is ballooning the Fed is doing this in this is also going to have ramifications were not out of the woods.

We dealt with the problem here is towards what they're doing to stop the problem of of the markets going down the end of the economy going down. That's not a fix yet, but when we do with the fix of the fix which I mean the debt will have to do with you to scan print all this money and issue a lease. Treasuries and not have to service the money you have to services for this can be a bigger problem coming up. That's one of the ones that we can run away from cancer, you can run but you can't hide what about the banks or banks to be in trouble that we that we basically bank collapse like we saw in 2008. We have more money in banks now much more than in 2008, but my question is then wise carrie who's the person of the Federal Reserve of Minneapolis, saying recently that urging banks who show around $200 billion in stock now to survive the coming crash or another possible bailout. So maybe banks don't have as much money in reference to more money into thousand 12 in 2008, but in reference to reducing could turn the don't have enough money and that's another thing that the Fed so that they don't even have any money zero cash reserves is just insane you. I read the newsletter today that blew me away newsletter get all the time.

It's a stock newsletter and also one about the economy and they actually are talking about the bill and this is a financial newsletter. The topic of this is the secret plan to introduce cash groundswell taxes and asset confiscation in US and the goes and lists them to read the whole thing with just three things I say number one freeze bank accounts and use them to bail in. Kimberly Mize was removed. Close the gate number two on all investment funds, money market to stop you from getting your money out M3 imposable taxes and fees asset. I couldn't believe what I was hearing reading. It's a financial newsletter on what, stocks to buy ambitions were there saying we could be in this environment. It sounds frightening but it smells real part of upper future.

The deeper the hole that we dig ourselves the board tangible that that threat becomes because you get to the end of the line you will what are we going to do and the only thing they can do at that point is to turn inward which is happen. The bail and is happen in other places. If you want to get some more information about the Davis, so to speak, and that what's what's gold doing in the midst of all this craziness, outperforming stocks, even though there's been a recovery in some assets in stocks. There is a big institution and out of Britain. Britain.

Houston called Buchanan it is a women-owned webinar which was for real stock investing once again in the main thing that came out of this was.

This quote gold means to be the core asset for all investors. Once again, stock people talk about gold to Bank of American well regarded.

The researchers work at the ever attended the webinar, Michael Weidner.

He says the gold in the push around $3000 an ounce in 18 months. Grievous Williams though said, and he's from Bank of America gold pressure to push the $3300 by the end of year 55 between now and then.

I don't think it's good that I'm way more conservative than that, but I can say that central banks are buying more gold than they have ever bought before in 50 years.

So there's going to be a big gold and it's really important to what's happening in this environment, it is gold and your polio when you think some people like Dave Ramsey's always been. I appreciate Dave Ramsey comes the debt stop I've never appreciated when it comes to investments double what he thinks there's still some people like that are like a vivid and like my dog is a need to jump on the stock market. Every time we've had every pretty good point there.

People get more information, call it the old-fashioned way 844-879-8824: don' but he thinks the much appreciated will talk to give us his blessing, but you talk again real soon be back tomorrow a lot going on tomorrow. Let more happen in the news, obviously were paying attention that there this is Steve Noble and Steve Noble shows God willing I'll talk to you always used to say

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