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Reverend Plays Politics / Pastor Sues Governor

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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May 20, 2020 2:53 pm

Reverend Plays Politics / Pastor Sues Governor

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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May 20, 2020 2:53 pm

Reverend Plays Politics / Pastor Sues Governor

Today we are joined by Reverend Dean Nelson who is the executive director of Human Coalition Action to talk about how they are dealing with the pandemic and the politics surrounding it.   We are also joined by Dr. Ron Baity president of Return America to talk about the lawsuit and its traction and the hope we have to return to our buildings of worship once more.



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Everyone decides what is the noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God on his show.

There's plenty of grace and through no sacred calls for truth 866-34-TRUTH or Jackie Mello life Steve Noble know is your host Steve Noble lie that you may not have been paying as much attention to over the last few months with the COBIT 19 situation going on but tell one of those things that was deemed across the fruited plains as an essential business which unfortunately today in America is actually accurate is the business of destroying the lives of the unborn is called abortion in another another way of phrasing it but that's been protected nationwide. A few states dealt some significant blows did that Texas and a few others in terms of what not that not being an essential service because it is a lease I've been told it's a choice right so if it's a choice, then I would say that's falls under the definition of nonessential but in most of the country.

They continue to do abortions and women continuing to make that choice in the father's as well. And so one of the organizations out there across the country that's doing great work and was uniquely positioned because of their work online especially to engage the issue and to continue to serve those moms and those dads and especially trying to save babies across the fruited plains is a human coalition human coalition great organization. I got several friends at work with the human coalition. So these are people that I support that I regularly work with for the cause of life and one of the one of the great leaders as Rev. Dean Nelson has been on the show before. It's also been on talking about the Frederick Douglass foundation, but right now, as the executive director of human coalition action Rev. D Nelson buddy, how are you.

Thanks Conan a brother thank you so much. It's always great to be on your show and I get your absolutely right. We have been into quarantine situation up here. The Washington DC area, so my Afro is about the size of present just until a couple days ago when I guy I engage in a little illegal activity. Got my haircut I started to look like I kinda look like a redheaded Beethoven which is an antibiotic so you look like Frederick Douglass I look like Beethoven, and together we make a pretty nasty. Anyway, it's good to go is great to hear from you and just let me say this of publicly Dean and I've known each other for a while and I really appreciate all the things that you've done for the good of not only the nation but for the African-American cause and so many different ways for the cause of life.

You just been just a tremendous God is used in so many different ways and it's just an honor and a blessing to call your friend and have you on the show and just wanted to to say that publicly so kind to get us up to date on what's been going on with human coalition but were also to talk about human coalition action. As we get in engaged with obviously a huge political season. Yeah, thank you so much in the right back at you.

We love Jesus and we are called according to his purposes in working with like yourself around the country makes it all worthwhile human coalition for some of your listeners that may not be aware of the organization of the last 10 years quickly grown to be one of the largest pro-life in the country but little bit different in that we particularly use innovation, big data and metrics to try to be successful at engaging women and doing children so will happy that in the 10th year, we've expanded which will talk a little bit about later in our work establishing a new entity human coalition action. But as you know, we have no work with pregnancy centers around the country probably 4550 pregnancy centers around the country where we provide them with with lead women that are speaking of abortion and the great partnership.

But we also have our own brick-and-mortar clinic around the country in states like North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Georgia. The major markets where we are rescuing children every day and were proud that we've now over 15,000 children. We plan to continue to do that work around the country, particularly serving in the vulnerable population you and some of our friends like this, it wouldn't have been making this known a long time that you will abortion disproportionately does impact on black and brown communities because of its historic mission and so we worked really hard and a lot of these the rescue children, but to also serve women, particularly in vulnerable population but were grateful for God has allowed us to do. We continue to expand and as you mentioned a little bit earlier done it not just through the brick-and-mortar, but even through our virtual clinics in the kind of providentially. I think prepared us a few years ago we started at work. It's remarkable how that was set up, and especially for this time I very much and Esther kind a moment to tell us about that because that that that's coming cutting edge human coalition's little bit further out there in terms of using the technology and using data in in swimming in that pool online also explained that those who use that phrase a couple times kind of a virtual clinics so tell us how that works. Yeah. So one of the things that we have done over the years. We continue to innovate is we started testing years ago with engaging women in finding out if we are able to influence them, not just by bringing it into our brick-and-mortar clinic, but finding out if we could influence them online or through texting. We've always had our call center is received call, but we've always had the idea that we need is expected to virtual clinic to get them inside as quickly as possible to have that connection will in this research as we continue to do this over the years we've actually found that the younger generation doesn't necessarily need to come into a physical brick-and-mortar building to have that engagement. As you know me there texting online there during their deepest secrets enough online and so we been able to our virtual clinic based there in the in Dallas have our care professionals as well as nurse to interact with and engage with these women and get them make a healthy decision for themselves and for their pre-born child before they even come into a physical brick-and-mortar clinic, we've actually counseled with them and got there they made a healthy decision. We will then directly into a brick-and-mortar clinic or a pregnancy center that we may be partnering with that they can get a pregnancy test and they do have ultrasound, but we've realized business, particularly dealing with the younger generation. They don't have to come into brick-and-mortar able to do that so important talking to Rev. D. Nelson John Holder talking to Rev. Dean Nelson from human coalition some more about that because that's just the way we are now we can have all kinds of communications all kinds of interactions and not be in the same room for us to talk about politics because that's an important field as well. This is Steve Noble will be right back showed different as a brother in Christ, agreed to impact player for the kingdom. And that's why cod has them up in Washington DC, of all places, Rev. Dean Nelson, Executive Director human coalition action and in that again Dean, thanks for being on the show today.

We are talking about how human coalition was going to ready for this covert, 19 shutdown arena that worry and because you said it so well because of the younger generation.

They don't have to go to a brick-and-mortar location. It is a matter fact with the issue of life. I think it makes it even a little bit easier because that's obviously a difficult awkward conversation and there's first starting their search especially if there abortion minded all that starts online. So why are we not meeting them right at that point in talking to them. Right at that point, which is exactly what human coalition's been doing so, it would've been the results of that you are a great innovative marketing team really leverage Internet technology and marketing intelligence to connect with the practice. We had a plan that was already set for to convert more of our work online and at the beginning of March when things completely shifted for all of us in our country. We basically took a weekend and other human coalition keeping our staff about 150 people there in Plano, Texas. They basically converted us over the weekend to Leah lately online operation and since that time, we have served more women than we normally would have. In that same time. The rescue more children so even though we weren't really ready to do it right now because of the preparation we were able to fitly in one weekend become completely virtual and not paid off. One person hired more people during this time. Just because of God's great provident work, grateful that we been able to serve more women and rescue more children even during the yeah because they'll actually make a choice for life in a digital environment and a digital meeting will make a decision for life. And then what happens at that point because this is, like the gospel you Nyberg Greg Laurie for years and we were doing harvester states and all that stuff. It's awesome when somebody makes a decision for probation for spiritual life. It's awesome when they make a decision for the life of their child.

But what happens to them after that. Great question though you once we engage with them are trained professionals will consult with these women provide the education that they need. Then we will get them to brick-and-mortar to test it right, you still need to get that you know that that pregnancy test. We do want to confirm that their pregnant do that and then from that point we will walk with those women all the way through the process that we have a tremendous work that we do with our continuum of care program where we eventually will help to coordinate long-term assistant for these women through a network of support services.

Whether it's financial, whether it's job-training a job placement, maternity, housing, healthcare, in fact the program is been so successful over the last year and 1/2 dozen state of Texas reached out to us and said hey listen you guys are the best at marketing to and engaging with women. We have all of these services in the state of Texas. If we can't connect effectively to even provide some of these services to vulnerable populations and folks a year a little bit over a year ago, we entered into a contract with the state of Texas where we actually provide them with the resource of engaging with these women, they go through our final list: a two way program alternatives to abortion progress as they go through our final week of the opportunity to do the counseling but then we also connect into valuable resources that the state needn't go through that program in Texas were saving the state money and were helping them to ask need their goals in reaching women in this vulnerable population. So awesome.

I love hearing that and in the sea. A state like Texas embrace that which is wonderful which is why we have to remind people that elections matter, and I know human coalition at action just kinda came into existence, not that long ago to get more directly involved in politics. We can complain about it, we can call it dirty. We can be mad all the time, but much of what happens on the life in the life conversation happens and in state, local, and especially at the federal level Setauket talk to us about human coalition action with the plan. Is there yet been one of those things that you said when you get involved in this and you recognize hey you have innovation, you got good ideas. You're doing great work, but you but you know you stated elections do matter in fact, even in North Carolina where we have several women clinics because there is not a pro-life governor. We have not been able to do some of the work that we would like to do and I'll probably get back to that a little bit later. The reality is human coalition action is a fee for, and we advocate for public policy that aligns with our values in Washington DC and in the state where we are working with pregnancy centers and will be have our own women's clinic and so even though again were brand-new. We used data and technology to help us to engage to grow a grass roots network of control advocate to be able to advocate for women and children, particularly at the state level, because a lot of the work that we do in these particular statement is at the state level, as opposed to the way up in DC even though we do some of that our focus really is at the local level the grassroots level and at the state so we have partnered with a number of fantastic groups, whether it's like the family research Council, Susan Anthony list or people organization like faith and freedom and even denominations like the Church of God in Christ be able to build these grassroots networks on the ground so that we can have people that can work with us to hold officials accountable at the local at the state level and that's something that we aim to do with some of these organizations as we move into the busy political season yeah because you can never really underestimate the impact of these elections, and often times we think you know it we got presidential election coming up.

We got, you know every member of the house, get 1/3 of the members of the Senate up on the hill and that's a big deal and that matters but the state elections as well are super important because we can. We've seen way more victories on the life issue at the state level than we have at the federal level.

Even with Pres. Trump in the White House in an Republican control still of the Senate that there's so been so many advances so many battles, one on the state level, which is why it's so important, so Dean let's make sure as we move into the summer and start pushing towards November. I'll give you a guys as much air time to talk about this as I possibly can because we all need to work together across different states and across the nation to continue to propel this Florida and even though it's great to have some Republicans in charge here and there, there still lack of follow-through.

Unless we hold them accountable. That's where we need to have their prophetic voice as followers of Christ and working to apply the truth of both sides of the aisle.

I do not play favorites. We let the truth fall where it may, and sometimes more often than not that's going to tick people off on the left, but every once in a while. It should take people off on the right to because we need to call balls and strikes based on the word of God, and that's what God is going to bless I could not agree with you more.

We've seen that last year we were left to stand with a minister of the gospel, who was also elected in Georgia. He was the only Democrat last year's support of the heartbeat bill that we were very active in involved with brought governor Brian can't find that into law last year. It is important for us to use dated to be able to work with people who stand for our values regardless of their party affiliations. Obviously we know that the publican party platform does have very, much stronger position, but in reality we're willing to work, but it does will unite with anyone right no one wrong so I look forward to working with you in the future around the country, Rev. D. Nelson human coalition action. God bless your brother thanks for being part of the show today. Thank you God bless and talk and soon will be right back all the way back to 2004 when I realized that I had some rights of my own and I realize that as a Christian up on the love my neighbor as myself in the United States America. I should probably be somewhat involved with politics at the very least of which would be voting, but also of course according to God's word.

Praying for those in authority over us and then getting involved in. So I was just running my house cleaning company at the time and then as I started to get involved in called action was born. I started to learn about other people other Christian men and women and leaders that were involved. I started okay so I'm deftly not the first. I hope I'm not the last. And there's people out there that you can learn from that of been in the fight much longer than you have in God just started to allow me to encounter all these types of people, which was hugely inspiring but also convicting, because it convicted me of my apathy in one of those people that that had that impact on me was Dr. Ron Beatty is the president of return America.

He's a pastor. Of course at Briand Baptist Church which is in Winston-Salem here in North Carolina and we mentioned Pastor Ron the other day and talked about it a lot on Monday and last week because well pastor, you're the one that was leaving that effort to bring the lawsuit against the governor here in North Carolina and praise the Lord for that victory in Saturday.

It's so great to have you calling in today. How are you all you groupware your request to a lot of people absolutely right back at you and so can a tech take us into the Genesis. Dr. Beatty of of why the lawsuit will and I knew you're talking about it before he actually did at the kind of take us to how it how it got in place and then take us into the courtroom a little bit jealous about that and then not talk about the great victory in Saturday will we became concerned when the church through our governor was stated that we could have.

First of all, 100 people in the 50 people have been finally, through executive order, we could only helped him people that we lived with them for four weeks we have our services and drive in parking lot. We did media services also divide in the wind came up on one of the goals we realize we have a First Amendment right Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free archers are all short, prohibiting of our religious exercise so we met overboard and we decided this is a muffins of the remotest executive order extended a limited amount of worshipers all the way out first or second week of July and that was just beyond our ability to Copperfield or to agree with so we go with our attorney know we begin to put things together and through our attorney. We placed this wall should of river. We started off last Thursday with a rally at the legislative build what is so wonderful use of the lawsuit was filed Thursday morning before we have the rally and at 1030 Thursday night, the judge to you have appears at 1 o'clock Friday afternoon in Raleigh so it's amazing from the time we live in my office with my board we have the perfect assurance and you know how this is a believer, you probably the third point you just know before you ever get off you ladies that got you sure it's a flexible work and from the personnel related we knew the Lord's will. The way put it together decision that came to help is given the churches across the state of North Carolina choose to do so. The ability to open back up and as we like to say under furry sanitary conditions. We do not want to go back and certainly we want to protect the health and well-being in the welfare of our people and that's it. It's been portrayed some 12 months now pastor that those things are mutually exclusive.

If you want to have some freedom if you want to open up your business on open up your church and by definition, you must than they would use this against us as Christians that you must not really love your neighbor and the whole point was we have the right to assemble. We have the right to exercise our religion. But this that doesn't require any party to show up and when you do show up. We can take measures and go by the CDC guidelines for as good as they are and then act responsibly.

That's all it's ever been. But of course it gets demonized by the media and those on the left. But what was it like in the courtroom because based on a what I read from judge's decision I made it seem like he was right on the ball from the get-go review.

I was in the courtroom with another one of our board members and much like return was removed and five minutes in the year and I have water to cover them is almost weeping because I could tell the way this thing was going to our attorney presented RK well, at least you started presenting our case we got about five or seven days of the governor-based student is the judge basically just took over the conversation and then remove then moved over to the Council for Gov. and talk to him for 45 and the union that conversation, you know, he said things like, can you explain to me, of course, if you remember the negative order to save that you can have 50 people at the funeral home but you can only helped him people in the church service so would you address the counsel for the governor. Can you explain the big one cipher to have 50 people in funeral home with their spouse to people in church are and of course the counsel for the governor has no real response to and really should to curtail the Grosvenor throughout the hearing is about 315 states available for the churches anything for 15 straight finish that you have any record or, at least 15 straight this virus increased with these churches. Of the 50 states over the you have any records that the death rate from the virus increased when these churches if the 50 states over the course of the government. Skillful propositions with no result. Or we could fail beaver occurredand got them towards the end of it.

The things that really made me proud of America interested in the courtroom of the judge said something like this you know if somebody should ask what right do I have to sit in the church on a Sunday morning, I would say the recall, the member that I have a First Amendment like that is so true. This is not 1/3 world country what our forefathers came to this country. They recognize that you cannot have a prayer meeting or start a church of the eventually violate their way here put something in place you like, sure that there were half a First Amendment of the Constitution.

Think of it also built the possibility existed that it might help with, but hopefully it never would. Will this happened in our lifetime we have some forefathers but legal documentation employees that gives us the right to worship in our churches keep our church doors open and the deal always have to have the thing a lot of these overview Thunderbird Sen. Bishop. We love our people.

I would have to say that we have to live our people as much as the secular business world loves their employees. I think we my love are more because of the talk business. And we're going to look after our people. We believe we have a First Amendment right and as you know, our state constitution is even stronger than on federal Constitution when it comes to our right of worship that which is so encouraging and then again I buy mentioned, the apostle Paul before he jumped on the subsegment of the shows they hated the possible new's rights and at the appropriate time. He exercises rights as a Roman citizen and that that we still have in so many different ways.

Dr. Beatty you know this better than most in so many different ways we still have the law on our side. We just have to personal have the knowledge, people perish prep for lack of wisdom and lack of knowledge and then you have the backbone to actually call out and take a step forward to ask for your God-given rights that are protected by the U.S. Constitution and now. That's why it's so important that that listen as much as I love you Ron you should not be the exception to the rule here. You should just be a normal Christian in America that noses rights and understands that there is no essential business more essential in America than the in the church and the gospel of Jesus Christ. Because you may survive coving. But if you don't get right with Jesus, you're knocking to survive death and so we that's the whole thing. We do this and this isn't just when I think about ourselves ever think about our nation. People leave the church preaching teaching assurances to constellation spiritual health of his time with her other time to select The congregation and look into the word of God and find the hill but we need the Bible talks about. We have a great high priest who can be touched with the feelings of our infirmities that he's a very present help give the time of trouble and there's going trembling and as we come in contact with each other. We leave the support of each other with the support of the Scriptures is that we put these things together. The house of God becomes a great source of encouragement to some of them so beautifully said I Dr. Ron Beatty present at every turn America and of course the pastor Brion Baptist Church there in Winston-Salem.

God bless you my friend.

Thank you so much for continuing to stand strong for the rest of us and we just praise the Lord for this great absolutely. Will talk again soon that was faster Ron Beatty one of those believers that stands just for his own church, but for churches across the country and not just for the good of the body of Christ. It's good for the whole nation is the help on the stimulus I will be back right if this is a couple of crazy stories was so great to be with you. Did you hear the new podcast yet you can't say that your podcast on radio on Christian sure I can. Who is this SOP. That's the name of the podcast was this as a Could it be super outspoken Baptists.

Some might say yes. Could it be super obnoxious Baptist. Some would definitely say yes. Could it be short of breath. I've learned that recently that SLB in the medical community stands for short of breath. I don't think I have that problem. How about a buddy that flies triple sevens.

He said it means it stands for souls on board. Could that be what it is the last of the whole point of this was to have a rather in-your-face title to a podcast which was based on assuming and I think rightly so, what many people's because I want doing is dealing with the top 20 or 25 podcast like podcasts in and of themselves, or podcast episodes okay so I'm always looking at it I can go look at it right now. Take into my world a little bit and we been working on this for like 14, 15 months, but if I go look at website. I called and then this couple stories and get to hear the second. I just want to make sure you understand what's going on here so that when you judge me. You're judging me accurately.

I can go I can look at right now I can look at the top.

Podcast episodes in America and number one in the country right now is called call her daddy, which in episode one of the visits as will be podcast ideal is something this is the trashy is Ron she is podcast known to man that I'm aware of in America and last year is one of the top 10 podcast all the time in their reach in a demographic from 12 to 40 and Christians and non-Christians.

So there's a good chance if you have teenage Christian God sons or daughters or grandsons or granddaughters. Believe it or not, they might've heard of color. Daddy name and I listen to it and so if there listening to it at the cultures listening to it.

They're not listening to me they're not coming to Christian radio. They're not going to church that are not tuned in, and the Christian media Christian podcast. We got to go to them. So that's the number one episode America right now called daddy speaks because the guy that started barstool sports who owns call her daddy there in a big pay disputes of the two girls were basically in their mid to late 20s talk like the they talk like porn stars basically it's unbelievable only listen a couple times, but it's being listened to by millions of people. Those millions of people are not listening to us. Somehow we have to intersect them. That's all point about guest and then there's Joe Rogan and there's the daily New York Times pod save America fired up and ready to zoom number seven individual pockets episode America right now, which means there's millions of people listening to it, never listen to us. So I listening to their podcasts and then engaging it in with a title like you as a set. So be it. When you see the artwork and stuff that's going to get some attention. We got intently got the attention yesterday of the producer of Dolly Parton's America, which is one of the top series in America last year and nine episode podcast all about the life and philosophy of Dolly Parton and in the producer the podcast yesterday that the first day we drop episodes into the podcast world noticed the tweet about it and liked it.

I don't know that she listen to the podcast but we got her attention how to get their attention. Steve that would be the name of the podcast and the artwork wise as serpents and gentle as dots, that's all.

Point okay.

I hope that makes sense to you.

So go check that out for yourself. Listen to it. Read the podcast homepage was its and then judge me. Okay, don't judge me beforehand.

Go check it out and see what were up to then judge away that still all right breaking news to know whether to laugh or scream on this 1 mL. This is a huge on if you go to but this is all over the place.

Okay, so don't fake news or just a Republican. Whatever I'm enriched by the way, CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention right at the top of Fox' touching guidance and key shift CDC officials now say coronavirus does not capital NOT spread easily via surfaces CDC now since coronavirus does not spread easily. What two hours ago.

States reopen their economies are plenty of strings attached. In some places for those of you still wiping down groceries and other packages amended outgoing coronavirus pandemic breathed a sigh of relief.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now says the novel virus" does not spread easily from quote unquote touching services or objects, but experts warn that doesn't mean it's no longer necessary to take practical and realistic precautions in stopping the spread of coping 19? Backtrack away does not clearly expect clear exactly when the federal health agency appears to have recently changed its guidelines for early March that initially said it may be possible to spread the virus from contaminated surfaces.

CDC now include surfaces or objects under section the details ways in which the coronavirus does not readily transmit coping 19 is a new disease and we are still learning about how it spreads, it may be possible for coping.

19. Spread another ways, but these are not thought to be the main ways the virus spreads and talking about talk at touching things okay so the gloves on the kind of stuff using the gloves and then using the hand sanitizer to try to figure out who touched the cocoa puffs that I just bought put Mike to bring about negative clinical composite. Okay now the CDC totally switching going okay. It doesn't spread easily so maybe on that whole thing we were off a bit when I posted this on Facebook a little while ago. I simply said I what's next, the masks, I don't think so is to go back to Canada darkness in the human depravity side of all this, one of the things about the darkness. I was just talking to my guys in the studio on the break and said they wanted, not the darkness. Well yes, one of the things about the mask. As you can see it right so there's something in the broken human spirit and something in in the liberal acquisition of power that when you see all these people out there wearing masks. Yeah, the following are orders okay that's really skeptical actually kind of dark really kind of ominous but that's the world we live in is not don't write that off so quickly. It's like do you think when we back in the early late 30s early 40s in Germany but that but that yellow Star of David on your sleeve, we can identify you that's that's assigned to the governing authorities at the time that it's working. Look, we can look out there and see how were controlling things. I know that sounds like a Z that's really skeptical really kinda dark but that's the world we live in so fascinating okay to give them credit to my friend Cindy Watt go sister in Christ. She's got a lot of connections back in Ohio so she posted this Candace Kellerman to get her on the show.

Cindy is a state representative in Ohio. And as she posted this. This is awesome when you read for weeks now a security person is camp at the door of my office building with a thermometer and a stack of facemask and for weeks I walked past and smiled, waved and been polite is likewise polite, taking my temperature is about is personal to me is asking my broadsides if you wish to wear a mask, etc. that's certainly your business. I don't think more or less of you whether you do or don't like anything more or less you for choosing to wear jeans as opposed polyester what we choose to do right now is less to do with facemask and more to do with the entire culture brought about by social media which is demanded that if you don't have to do like me a bad person. So here I'm going to malign you openly criticize you, even though we just met and you need to lose your job reputation for all I care your life. That's where we are. That's called the spirit of the age. Yes, Candace Keller representative in Ohio as a believer here in Ohio data given to us by political leaders has been exaggerated and largely false.

Two things have emerged from this phenomenon, number one, we now know the media lies to us about 98.5% of the time and number two, you can't trust the government. We really surprised by this is the bigger problem. You really will have a national occurrence in future that will be deadly devastating, but who will Americans trust.

Now they will be more skeptical than ever.

Many things about this pandemic of irritated me.

There's too much to say on this post about the irreparable damage done to our economy is too much to say about the incompetency and arrogance of the elected political elite that we assumed were good people. I'll save that for later. She writes most disturbing is how quickly and easily. We laid down and handed over our freedoms based on partial information. Fear of death and fake compassion. Remember those of most fear for those that are most fearful of death right now are the same ones who advocate for the dismembering of live healthy babies only minutes before the court is cut is a tough thing that here friends. This is me, but it's true.

Back to Candace's comments. What's incredible is that those who walk in hypocrisy are completely blinded to Speaker Nancy Pelosi brags about her designer ice cream in front of to $20,000 refrigerators, while millions of Americans can even collect unemployment. She's completely oblivious to this unit. Now that's the spirit of the age. We both have courage speak up. Don't be intimidated. Let others walk and live in fear, don't patronize institutions that operate on fear, let them cower, hold your head up smile and wave away the fear. This is a 1939 Eastern Europe, she writes our freedoms were wrought by those who loved not their lives unto death 18-year-old to jump out of planes over Nazi occupied Europe former militia who took down England's uniformed Army under the direction of a mentally ill King George. We were given freedom by millions who drew a line in the sand three hours from now, I'm waiting politely again to the guy at the temperature table is the least I can do. He's just doing his job. Things will become clear to Americans eventually wear a mask don't wear a mask whenever you want to do. But remember, the same folks making demands of our citizens are making $230,000 annually in their government jobs aren't elected by the citizens. They're not wearing masks when the cameras are around carry-on, so that's from representative Candace Keller serves in the state House of Representatives in Ohio. Amen Candace so wonderful.

Again, these things are not mutually exclusive. I can amen all that stuff that Candace wrote from Ohio I can.


All of that and care about me neighbors, especially our elderly population who have really been brutalized by this virus and underserved by our government to a large extent to and care for the vulnerable. While staying on top of our freedoms as Americans and I got you can actually do all that same time. It's like chewing gum, walking is an amazing what people made in the image of God.

This is Steve Noble. This is the Steve Noble shows God willing I'll talk to you again real soon. Tomorrow theology Thursday really talking about something that most of us don't know much about Ramadan to go down that road tomorrow night.


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