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Get Out The Vote!

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October 31, 2022 8:56 pm

Get Out The Vote!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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October 31, 2022 8:56 pm

Get Out The Vote!

Steve talks to Wing Ng and Becky Lew-Hobbs who are both running for wake schools. David joins for Money Monday.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Welcome back, hope you had a good weekend, certainly had a nice weekend away, 13th year in a row.

I've gotten away with some of my closest buddies and that's just a blessing so I wasn't here on Friday. For those of you on the radio there was some technical difficulties so they couldn't go live on the radio but Matthew Winslow who's been serving our state here in North Carolina diligently and incredible man of God and family man and business man Winslow custom homes filled in and had some great guests, was able to stay on Facebook live and rumble. Yeah, we're on rumble now so go over to rumble if you're a rumble person because we got permanently banned on YouTube which is fine, whatever, but go over to rumble, the Steve Noble show, you can find us there and watch it live or here or still on Facebook, of course on radio so we're back five by five live today, a week from tomorrow's the election so you're going to hear a lot of candidates on this show between now and then I will be beating that drum until next Tuesday is over in the books and hopefully next Tuesday we'll know just about everything. There'll be a few states where there's things going on after the fact as a problem that we've had in the past but we're going to be all over that especially here in North Carolina but one of the things we've been paying a lot of attention to and giving a significant amount of air time to the last couple months. Right here in Wake County, here in the Raleigh-Durham area, we're the 40th biggest market in the country but the 14th biggest school system, the Wake County School System and so an unprecedented opportunity to literally take control of the Wake County School Board so I've had a lot of those candidates in here. Wing Ng is one of them, District 3, Wing thanks for calling in buddy, how are you?

Thanks Steve, thanks for letting me in. You're very welcome, you're very welcome so just give us an update, I know you're out there working the polls, how are things looking and as you've spent the last few months campaigning, what are some of the biggest issues that the voters in your district, that's District 3 and then across Wake County that they're running into but a quick update and then tell us what the hot issues are with respect to a school board. Well the hot topic right now is what's being taught in schools and I think that a lot of parents are concerned about what is being taught in school and what's not being taught in school and so there's definitely a concern about the learning loss but also the concern about some of the extra material that's being introduced into the curriculum. Yeah and thank goodness for Loudoun County, we talked about that when you were in the studio, I'm not sure if you're in a good spot right now, we have kind of not a great connection on the signal right now but I know a lot of parents are exactly worried about what's going on in there with CRT and the sexualization of our children and gender ideology. I think that's top of the list for a lot of parents but what are some of the other issues specific to Wake County that people are paying attention to? I think definitely the idea of what parents can, how parents can be involved in the kids education, a lot of times they feel like they are not being heard and that's something that I've been beating the drum on that in my personal example of my child that I don't feel like I was being heard by the Wake County schools and so I think that a lot of people have the same feeling, same experience. Yeah and that's something that I know a lot of people can relate to what you're talking about and I know we've got a little bit of a weak connection but Wing and his wife had that one situation with one of their own kids and had some special concerns in terms of the type of education she needed and it's hard to be heard and we've got a lot of people Wing this year running for school board that are just kind of quote unquote regular citizens, regular parents, a lot of people that are parents and have kids in the school system and I think we've seen a groundswell across the country not just here in Wake County of parents getting involved and paying more attention, are you encouraged by what you've seen so far just in terms of people getting out to vote?

Oh yeah I mean I've been to the area up in Wake Forest and it's just amazing the line is wrapped around the building and especially during the early afternoon time and it's been quite consistent every single day and the location up in Wake Forest is consistently the number one and number two in terms of the number of voters coming in. Wow that's good to hear, I'm so encouraged by that and was hopeful and we need to keep praying about that. I know we've got just a week up to the election day Wing but people can still be a part of your campaign. is the website that's W-I-N-G How can people still help you besides voting for you between now and November 8th? We pray and also volunteer by meeting people out there greeting the voters and telling people that this is a non-partisan race that we are really all for about the children and all for the kids. Excellent, that's good to hear Wing thanks for being out there my friend we're going to try to get you back on either next Monday or Tuesday but stay the course we appreciate you or praying for you and any of you in the Wake Forest area that's District 3 here in Wake County School Board System District 3 that's Winging our brother in crisis up there fighting a good fight. Wing thanks so much for calling in buddy we'll talk to you soon. Thank you Dave. You're welcome great thanks a lot and that's that we're going to check on the phones and see what's going on and make sure we can get a good connection with our next couple of guests but that's super important and these are you know there's a lot of people running that are not quote unquote political people they're not politicians they're not out there not you know radio show hosts they're not spinning up the people and having this incredible ability to get a crowd going these are just normal people most of whom I know that love the Lord all the people that are on my list are good conservatives just regular kind of normal people that are thinking clearly it's amazing how much common sense be has become a freak show in this country but that's what we need we just need people with common sense that are paying attention to the realities on the ground I don't need a splash and dash I don't need people that are big time orators we just need people that are thinking clearly if they know the Lord that's a that's a bonus for me I love it if I can have some spirit and the candidate but it's not required I prefer it but it's not required but not every candidate that's a Christian is going to be a great representative so we need people that just understand that this the system they understand the issues they're on the ground they're willing to fight and a lot of these parents and you're going to hear from Becky Lou Hobbs in the next in the next segment she's running for Wake County School Board in District 4 are people that have been down this road have dealt with the school system have stood in front of the school board not being noticed not being recognized not being cared for obviously and there they just decided we talked about that before with Wayne when he was in and when Becky was in that based on what they experienced and what they were seeing was just time to stop observing and stop complaining from the sidelines and being concerned from the sidelines and getting in the game that's what Wayne has done that's what Becky Lou Hobbs has done she's going to be on next Becky for she's in District 4, Wayne in District 3, Wayne for this is Steve Noble and the Steve Noble Show we'll be right back. Welcome back it's Steve Noble the Steve Noble Show a week from tomorrow the big election all over the country of course nationwide issues going on with control of Congress literally the House of Representatives in the US Senate and then on a state-by-state basis there's some big statewide issues going on around the country big Senate races governor races there's all kinds of things on the line here and then go back a couple years to Loudoun County Virginia that's when we all started to pay a little bit more attention most people to school board races when you started to find out the amazingly evil degenerate things going on there in Loudoun County Virginia and you would think well that's closer to DC that's blue state no it's happening all over the country hopefully you understand that now which is why school board races have been a big deal I've got all my personal picks this is in North Carolina especially if you're here in the Wake County area where I'm at you can get my you can get my picks these are my personal picks say this is not the official show this is not any of the radio stations that I'm on is nothing to do with any of that this is just Steve Noble private citizen these are my personal picks I do this every two years and so you can go get that list you can go to my website the Steve noble the Steve noble you can get them there or you can get them on my Facebook pages my personal page or the radio show page but those are all there and winging who was on just a minute ago he was out kind of in the sticks a little bit that's why we had a bad connection but he's running for district three in the Wake County school board election so he was on and now we're going to talk to Becky Lou Hobbs she's running in district four again another concerned parent that this was it wasn't the plan a few years ago but yet here you are Becky Lou Hobbs running for office and a week away from the election how are you I'm doing fine today thank you so much you're very welcome and thanks for calling in and being a part of the show today tell us what's going on out there in its t-minus eight days until the election a lot of activity on early voting wing was saying that at some of his polling places the lines have been around the building what are you running into out there Becky and what are the voters talking about with respect to the Wake County school board well definitely people are coming out to vote on a regular basis we have several early voting polls that we've been working and all have been steady and consistently voters are concerned about the what their kids are being taught and what they're not being taught in school it's just a consistent theme parents are concerned that their their scores or their kids are not learning what they need to be learning and just want to make a change yeah and I've been encouraged by the amount of people that are paying attention now at this level with school board races and and in terms of turnout and just enthusiasm out there Becky what are you running into people are excited that there's a different voice out there you know they're not looking to have the same people in the office over and over again they want they want more access to their kids education they want more access to understanding what their children are being taught and they're looking to get behind people that are that are that are wanting that yeah that that's one of the things that we and we're having some trouble with our phone system today Becky Sophie here's some crazy stuff going on I'm sorry about that but that's one of the things that we said and and a lot of other people Jacob Arthur was on recently Steve Bergstrom's calling in tomorrow Michelle Morrow is going to be back on soon I think I talked to Cheryl Caulfield about this it's just parents generally unaware of what's going on they I think the assumption has always been you know a nice teacher here and there might perhaps most teachers are nice people but you don't once you drop your kids off or they could jump on the bus you don't really know what's going on inside the inside the inside the school especially when it comes to curriculum are more and more people kind of waking up to the reality that they don't really have that much information yes they are and realizing that as a whole the schools are not communicating that information there are teachers that individually do a tremendous effort to relay that but you know they're operating on their own that puts a lot of pressure on those teachers to to relay what's going on in the classroom to the parents when that should be something that's done systemically by the school itself yeah and that's and that's why we need people out there like Becky Lou Hobbs that is and again I said this earlier Becky before we hit a commercial break that really this is it's amazing how just common sense and rational thinking in an approach that includes accountability is coming across as such an outside perspective where we're at not just in national politics but even at the school board level it really isn't that complicated is it in terms of making a positive difference in our schools no I mean every decision the school board makes needs to be engaged by is this expenditure or staff going to provide our kids a quality education you know we need to get rid of the fluff we need to stop looking at these special you know towards these special interest groups and just focus on the basics of getting our kids education back to reading writing history you know some good on sports and art you know get away from the the agendas and the programs and the special interest groups yeah there seems to be a whole lot more going on in the school system than just what you and I experienced when we were a bit younger which is just teaching teaching children just how to think clearly not necessarily what to think but how to think and giving them the basics that they need in order to be productive members of society not getting into all the political ideology the worldview stuff and especially not the the CRT which is just breeding hatred and putting people we're resegregating the country with that stuff and then the and then the sexually laden information that's out there in terms of agendas and what's showing up in school in terms of books and reading selections it's pretty amazing what what would you say has been the most hot button things that people are talking to you about out there on the campaign trail believe it or not it's it's actually been teaching handwriting in elementary schools that they're not being taught how to write in cursive the kids can't find their name I know that sounds really basic but it truly is that you know I go from door to door and I talking to parents and I'm at the polls talking to parents and they're just expressing basics like handwriting and I think that's a shame that that is something so simple that can be easily taught is not being taught and our kids are suffering because of it yeah because obviously what the way the school board is now and from the top down with the bureaucracy and the leadership the basic essentials of education really isn't their primary concern it's an agenda and their own personal worldview and the worldview of the left and that's what has to change Becky how can people still be involved obviously we want people to pray for you we need people to get out and vote anything else they can do to help you right now with eight days before the election well we need volunteers to cover the polls I have three early election sites that are in my geographic district district but that is probably our biggest need right there and then on election day the same thing we need volunteers to help cover all the different polls and that that's across the board not just for me but but the other other conservative school board candidates that well as well and they can find information on that by going to my website Becky for wake calm and submitting a volunteer request to get the information on that yeah that's just literally being out there to greet people at the polling site hand out some information there's there's distancing requirements and stuff but it's not that big a deal it's out there just being friendly handing people information and that does make a difference Becky Lou Hobbs thank you so much for calling in that website again Becky for the number four Becky for wake calm we're gonna try to get all you guys back on next Monday and Tuesday Becky so I'll reach out to you again okay that's a great have a great day thanks you too thanks so much and it's let's be praying for all these people whether it's here in Wayne County or the school board where you're at these are really really important races this is the future of our nation we're messing with here with these kids we got to be all over it we'll be right back welcome back it's Steve Noble to Steve Noble show great to be with you please forgive us for some of our phone issues earlier we had some technical difficulties we were able to get collars through but the quality was horrible sounded like we were all stuck inside of a tin can at the bottom of the ocean somewhere but we switched over to Skype to talk to our good friend David Fisher so that we wouldn't have any of those issues things are sounding pretty good on my end David how are you I'm doing good I'm swimming in the ocean at the ball in the ocean no I'm fine we are we're gonna do two segments today because David's gonna be a little family vacation the next week or so so we'll miss you the next two Mondays but what a great blessing to be able to spend some time with family that's gonna be awesome I'm looking forward to it something been the plans for about nine months and we're gonna have a good time no that's awesome good for you guys so a lot going on out there that we're gonna talk about between this segment next segment but we'll start with the passage of Scripture I love to be in the book of Psalms David so thanks for taking us there Psalm 62 five and six let's start there and then we'll move on yeah it says my soul wait thou only upon God I got the King James Version here today for my expectation is from him he only is my rock and my salvation he is my defense I shall not be moved so I was talking with a fellow brother of this is actually a sister a listener from your program and we were talking and you know iron sharpens iron and she just talked she said the scripture I shall not be moved and I just it registered so much in my spirit that I said you know we got to talk about that on Steve's program and you know the storm will come in life whatever the storm may be health wealth family the Lord trying to make you into his image and we were sometimes resisting us yeah we gotta say he's our rock he's our salvation he's our defense he has our back he's our paraclete we shall not be moved from that place so no matter what's happening in the marketplace no matter what's happening socially economics spiritually physically we go to him as our strength and we shouldn't be moved from that position because he is our source here's our all-in-all and out of that comes the abundance of life and then we can make the decisions if we need to make changes or you know to become like Christ and change things internally in our life yeah I love that and that last phrase I'm so glad you had that conversation with one of our listeners and I shall not be moved I think that's a real challenge for all of us whether it be a family situation a health situation a financial situation or what's going on in the country right now David whether we're talking about the state of our investments and 401ks or whatever or this election this is a huge election coming up on November 8th millions of people voting early already and literally control of Congress and a huge effect on the Biden administration second half of his term there's a lot going on and I think it's hard for us as followers of Christ sometimes that we that we can stand up and say I shall not be moved like in Psalm 62 but you have to remember whose side you're on who's with you who'll never leave you nor forsake you also to it helps me especially to keep in keep in mind David that this is all uh temporary that that even the loss of loved ones is temporary and we have this future in heaven that is guaranteed by the blood of the lamb and wow that that should make it all the easier for us to be able to stand up and say I shall not be moved no matter what absolutely because the storm will come and this is what makes our roots stronger the tree in our life in essence and we become more like him through that storm instead of saying don't I don't want any storms of life that's the very thing that causes to be like him because we're drawn into him that's right what a great point I was uh with uh six of my closest brothers over the weekend we do this uh get away once a year this is the 13th year and we were all kind of joking and laughing a little bit about what a wild ride it's been this year for all of our uh plans to retire hahaha and uh and so the stock market indexes you know they're like and every guy every one of these guys is a believer David they're all mature and they're all like yeah it's been a it's been a pretty awesome uh six or seven days but I don't expect that to last so stock market indexes overall have done well recently but uh what should we expect there I don't think that's going to be the new norm no I think uh you know it's like when you have good news like this you're thankful for the good news a little bit of a mountaintop experience I think you know give you a quick update with Credit Suisse the bank over in Switzerland you know that came close to going under really came very very close I think some of the good news is happening because of that because the Saudis came in and backed it bought 10% stake in the bank uh the bank uh shares are down 55% they plan to raise another four billion from new offerings of new shareholders that they're going to sell at a huge discount price below how much has already dropped and they're also hiring a syndicate of around 20 banks to conduct a big system to raise more capital they're also cutting 9 000 jobs so the good news is they didn't go under doesn't mean we're out of the woods whoever buys their debt is going to carry on that kind of like Lehman Brothers buying Bear Stearns yeah but hopefully this will be fine I think that contributed some of the green boys the good news that Dow industrials in October is on pace for a record the best month since President Reagan that's just huge stat uh it's averaged 13.4% higher in October uh that's the last time it did that performance was 1987 January but just remember 1987 October it was Black Monday 22.6% drop so we're not out of the woods but we've had some fourth straight weeks of consecutive gains but the market is a little bit fractured in other words not all areas are going up the techs are just tech stocks are just getting crushed Amazon stock sank 16% in a day last week they missed their projected earnings alphabet fell 8% Google Microsoft Texas Instruments they all slid 6% to 10% Apple down 2% um it's we're not out of the woods oh yeah well I yeah I was gonna throw in their Facebook which year to date is down 72% 72% I mean that's mind boggling if you look at the tech stocks they're just gotten hammered this is the dot com for this tech stock rally and it's unfortunately not done yet yeah so is are the losses mostly contained to the tech sector so we look at the nasdaq which is in all about that is that is that like carrying the lion's share of this bad year that that we've experienced or is it spread out you were talking about that it's not necessarily contained just a tech well but the fed rate hike is still happening on November 2nd they're gonna there's a 98 chance of raising rates three quarters of point in December 60 chance of a half a point raise so um that the markets don't like that and that's more likely going to happen so the experts are coming out and analysts are comparing this to a 2008 crisis um they're saying here's how bad the top commentators we've mentioned some of these name uh before and how they see that it's going to get worse in this coming recession Norell Ruobini he's the economics professor at uh stern school of business and he used to work for the the imf the fed so i mean he wrote the white paper in 2006 predicting the crash two years ahead of time and again the hard time but he was right he's saying if you combine the features of the 70s which that was a lost decade 10 years of no movement in stocks stagflation and the 2008 debt crisis he's saying combined this is currently just the beginning of that pain we have real pain and in his view he says stocks could fall from here 40 percent more david rosenberg he's an economist he says this is just like the summer 2008 they keep talking about this correlation he says it's going to fall another 27 percent he said 2008 though the market rose briefly 17 percent and recovered kind of sounds like now and then it plunged 40 percent and caused a massive recession so as in his view we're not even close to the bottom yet jamie diamond uh says the u.s is going to enter a recession you'll see stocks fall another 20 percent michael burry the guy who made all the money in the great short he says today i'm wondering if this could be worse than 2008 and mohammed elleron said there is something about ready to break and if the fed continues to raise rates you will see this break happen in the financial system everything i've been talking about so there's a lot of pros out there i can mention the dozen more names they just keep coming out keep saying it's not going to get any better for a while yeah and they're talking about 2023 being worse than 2022 and and i don't know that many of us have the imagination for that you mentioned stagflation just set that up real quick we're going to hit the break in about a minute but uh set up stagflation a little bit you mentioned that we're headed into a season of that what is that so stagflation is an economic cycle steve that's characterized by slow growth kind of what we're heading into a high unemployment which we're not there yet but that's what the fed wants accompanied still by inflation which is what we have so the economic policy makers uh combined this combination they said this is never going to happen they said this in the early 70s and boy did it happen severely in the 1970s and that's what they're saying we're getting ready to repeat again yeah it's really interesting i think a lot of people are assuming that uh you know the republicans are going to take control congress at least the house that would be enough to stop biden legislatively and that because of that next year is going to be better but i haven't heard anybody uh say that next year is going to be better i want to keep talking about that and stagflation we're talking to david fisher a little extra time today because david's going to be on a family vacation the next come a couple mondays praise the lord for that this is steve noble on the steve noble show we'll be right back welcome back it's steve noble the steve noble show i hope you're doing well hey make sure you are in prayer over these elections over the next eight days it's a week from tomorrow it's november 8th and then of course all day and then just i think we should all be praying for clear victories all over the country we don't need a repeat of what happened two years ago with the presidential election all that big mess this country does not need that problem right now so just pray we all need to be praying that the lord would make it obvious really across the country and especially at local levels so we need to be in prayer for that school board races because our children are being misled all over the country there's really a demonic influence their powers and principalities are having a field day with our kids not just in school but on social media and everything else so we need to be fully engaged politics is a place that touches all of our neighbors and because of that as christians we absolutely have to be involved if you if you think that christian should have nothing to do with politics then you're denying the call to love your neighbor as yourself and you need to put that before the lord uh because i i'm just saying it on the authority of scripture you're wrong that is not a conscience issue just like praying for those in authority over us is not an option that's a command from scripture and we're commanded to love our neighbors that's ourselves and you can see what's happening all over this country to our neighbors who are being misled uh and we need we have an opportunity to speak that truth into that situation by voting so make sure you do that we're talking to our good friend david fisher today and david will be on vacation uh spending some time away with family and his wife and friends and so we're excited for you david enjoy that so we're doing a little extra time today uh getting caught up with money monday and we were talking about stagflation and that's a slow growth high unemployment and inflation obviously slow growth were there inflation were there but high unemployment uh is that something that's on the radar screen you were mentioning people like ray daleo and all these brilliant economists and investors are people looking for a change in the employment situation later this year or into next uh next year david yeah so unemployment's at three and a half percent really low and uh there's several politicians several economists are saying you know the last thing we want to do is cause high unemployment because it's the people are going to lose their jobs is the people in the middle to lower income and that's who are going to be affected already is being affected the most but that's what the fed is wanting to do they've said it's going to cause pain and so they they know that this is the roadmap that they've laid out the plan and we are going to see higher unemployment because they have to slow the economy down and if less people work and here's how it works simply i don't like it but here's how it works if less people are working less people are spending less of a hotter economy the economy cools down because they pull in their money they don't spend as much and that's what needs to happen but so far that's not happened so the fed is aggressively going to continue this rate hike until they see that data but then there's nothing that's showing that data so that's why we're going to eventually have stagflation but this stagflation is going to be completely different than one in the 70s the economists like norell rubinis is saying it's going to be the 70s stagflation was not a government high debt level the debt was manageable yep that's right and there was not near as much money dollars in the system this time around we have high debt that's unmanageable even more so will become that way with higher interest rates as the fed raises it so this is going to be a financial crisis that's going to get triggered because we'll have stagflation less revenue to the government a lot more debt to manage which is already unmanageable so it gets compounded and snowball so he's saying norell is saying today we have the worst this 1970s gave us we have massive amount of stagflationary negative supply shock and at the same time we have a debt ratio like we've never seen before so get ready for a stagflationary debt crisis yeah and it's what he's saying and it's so funny that that we we look at that and go oh we don't have all the necessary things for stagflation by definition but the country's in a different position than it's ever been at 31 trillion in climbing and our our like labor force participation rate that's that's uh based on the total population what percentage of workable people are actually working that's been a big change in this country in the last three years i just looked it up david we're at the lowest labor partition rate participation rate since 1977 so even though we've got this oh look we're so low on our unemployment which Biden likes to talk about because they're going to talk about anything they can other than the the realities on the ground but they're not they never talk about the labor force participation rate and like i said it's the worst that it's been since 1977 and there's just no good signs going on out there right now there's i mean literally there's nothing really to look forward to economically right now so make sure uh here's a practical advice like i said six eight months ago ten months ago i was saying make sure you pay off your debt your credit cards you know home loans are a challenge don't have car loans if you if you can get by with it but get your debt manageable because as rates go up it's going to become even more challenging and as the incomes shrink it just compounds things and then uh then we've got another rate hike coming up this week right did you say it could be three quarters of a point there's a 98 chance there's a three quarters of point coming in two days yeah that's amazing tomorrow they'll make the announcement the next day and then there's a 50 chance it's a 60 rate hike happening in december they want to get to we're two and a half percent they want to get to 4.53 somewhere in there four and a half percent it's going to maybe even happen and keep sustained all through next year because they're not seeing it actually work right now and that's the problem that kyle bass he's a big billionaire he's a c c i o of one river asset management he says this is going to be totally different than what we've experienced because it's not working getting inflation under control this time yeah and i mean 30 year fix the average rate right now in a home loan is about 7.5 percent and if they're going to go from two and a half to four and a half holy cow we're looking at uh probably 10 percentage 10 10 percent home loans i mean we haven't seen that's literally since the 1970s talk to us real quick david about oil just we haven't talked about that for a while oil and then a gold and silver update real quick because i want to make sure people we we continue to beat this drum of diversification we need to not have all our eggs in one bucket especially with uh everything going on in the market right now so real quick oil's been going sideways for the last couple months but gas is starting to turn upwards again there's a it's about ready to break out and there's this thing called the strategic petroleum reserve it's at the it's a reserve that was established in 1975 by the government to regulate the price of oil basically and we've been filling up that reserve it peaked at its highest level in 2010 and now we're at the lowest level since 1984 uh biden has released 450 million barrels initially and they just released another 180 million bear well excuse me 480 450 million total 180 million barrels in march they just did on the 18th another 15 million so this is his key to get this thing under control flood the market with the government subsidizing of oil and but it's not working this is a political thing maybe just to help create good uh re-voting right that's right spr is at 40 less than two years it's gone down 40 percent and now the solution is check this out we don't have a few minutes to get off this topic on the next one there's 10 top democrats urging the biden administration to nationalize oil and gas industry there's a guy by the name of jason boredoff he just spoke at a houston oil conference last week he's the dean of columbia university climate school and he's very well connected with the biden administration he is an energy expert and he said twice in his speech i'm now calling for a nationalization of oil and gas companies he also spoke last month at the world economic forum so he's a big boy speaking at that and he's calling for the great reset to quickly now move into the fossil fuels and renewables in other words the government the big brother the whole world you'll be happy when you have nothing and we'll control everything for you so they're they're coming after our money they're coming after you controlling free markets free capital so that's why it's important to not just have all your money and paper right now because that is what they're going to control that's right and there's definitely an agenda at play there when you look at the world economic forum and the great reset and and whether you've got a hundred percent understanding amongst all these liberals not just here in america but around the world is irrelevant because it's actually happening there is a demonic agenda and all this you cannot forget that there's a meta-narrative everybody there is the story of scripture the overall trajectory of the world until jesus comes back you have to remember no matter what's going on in the political realm that plan is going to come to fruition so you got to remember that as we deal with these things so with respect to diversification just real quick david a gold and silver update we got about a minute and a half so the indexes and gold and silver are down a little bit but the fiscal markets are up seven and a half percent i'll just say this norrell norbini again he has said we're going to have a state inflationary debt crisis and he is saying this is the guy who used to head up the imf the federal reserve he worked at the world bank he used to work for the government under the obama administration and clinton at the treasury he understands the financial industry in other words he is saying last week get some gold and he said quote investors need to have the asset like gold because of what we will never have seen before is about ready to happen with this debt crisis so call my company learn about that we have the brand new white paper fresh out the pressure you got an old one on the bail-in if you haven't called in the last month and got this new bail-in you got old data we got a whole bunch of new information it will really help you understand how the government is after your money well give me uh make sure you send me a copy of the new one david that would be great we'll talk about it on a future money monday but if people want to get educated they need to get educated about diversifying how do they do that simply call 844-604-2575 again 844-604-2575 or david fishers always god bless you brother thank you for your time and your expertise have an awesome time aloha on your vacation we'll talk to you real soon this is steve nobel on the steve noble show god bless you i gotta remind you that that he's for you right he's not against you god willing i'll talk to you again real soon and like my dad always used to say ever forward hold on david another program powered by the truth network
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