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November 1, 2022 9:56 pm


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November 1, 2022 9:56 pm


Steve talks to Steve Bergstrom, Irina Comer, and Laurel Brooks who are all running for Districts in North Carolina.

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Wake up everyone, it's time for the Steve Noble Show, where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life, in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God, and on his show there's plenty of grace and lots of truth, but no sacred cows. Call Steve now at 866-34-TRUTH, that's 866-34-TRUTH, or check him out online at And now, here's your host, Steve Noble. Okay, let me start off by saying thank you, Lord, for Loudoun County, Virginia.

I've been saying that for a couple of years now. Loudoun County, Virginia, where parents started to show up, get involved with the school board meetings and what was going on in Loudoun County, the school system, and that was a wake-up call to the rest of us around the country, and we've certainly seen that here in Wake County area in North Carolina, where I am broadcasting from Raleigh area, North Carolina. But whether you're in Wake County with the Wake County Public School System, the 14th biggest school system in the country, whereas we're a number 40 market, but we're the 14th biggest school system in the country.

If you're not in Wake County, I don't care where you live. On this particular issue, find out what's going on next Tuesday, between now and next Tuesday, with your local school board, and make sure you find out who the conservative, common sense, critical thinking candidates are, and vote for them and throw every liberal out. Every Democrat, every liberal, throw them all out. We're to that point now where all red, all blue, yep, we're there, I cannot find, for the life of me, any rational Democrats anymore, at least not running for office.

So make sure you find out, and if you have nonpartisan elections, you don't know who the Republicans and the Democrats are, then call your local Republican office and find out from them. But get on top of it, which is why we continue to talk about the Wake County School Board race, but your school board race wherever you live, and why we will continue to have the candidates on that. I'm personally put out there, they're part of my picks, Steve Bergstrom was with us just a couple weeks ago, running for District 8, here in the Wake County School System in North Carolina. Steve, welcome back, how are you? Hey, doing great, thanks for having me. Great to have you on, and so, tell us what's going on, I know you've been out working the polls, and what are you running into with parents out there? And remind everybody, by the way, Steve, where District 8 is, for the Wake County Public School System, and his website, by the way,, I can echo that myself, by the way. Steve4Schools, F-O-R,, so what are you running into with people that you're meeting at the polls?

Well, I think your opening was perfect. Voters need to find out before they go to the polls. What I'm finding is that voters that are coming to the polls are excited to vote.

They're energetic, and typically about the top of the ticket. So they'll come to the polls, and they'll say, no, no, no, I don't want any information from any of the volunteers that are out there. And you'll ask a simple question, well, who are you voting for for school board? And they don't know. Wow.

They have no idea. And I'll give you a very interesting story. This has happened multiple times. A teacher has come through, and the teacher will say, no, no, no, I know who you are, Steve. I'm voting for the other candidates. And I'll say, well, let me talk to you after you come out of the polls. And so I do.

I go talk to them. I can't tell you how many teachers that I've talked to for 10 minutes after they voted, and they've said, Steve, I wish I would have come talk to you before I went in and voted. I would have voted for you. And so these are just very simple, very basic issues, common sense stuff. We've got to just get back to common sense, and people have got to find out who they're voting for all the way down the ticket, especially with non-parks and braces.

That's exactly right. And we continue to throw the next generation to the wolves. We've been doing that for a while, and Wake County is a perfect example of that. Unfortunately, I wish it weren't. I wish we didn't have to talk about this as often as we do.

But when you're encountering people, you've been out knocking doors, Steve. And again, we're talking to Steve Bergstrom, District 8 here in the Wake County Public School System, What are some of the issues that are the hot button issues for parents and voters out there that you've met before they get to the polling place?

Well, you know what's really interesting tonight? The school board is meeting for their last school board meeting before election day. And you know what the topic of the school board meeting is, is equity, if they're equity again.

Exactly. So last Monday, front page of the News & Observer, historic learning loss in North Carolina wiping out nearly 30 years of educational progress on the front page of the News & Observer. And what's their agenda tonight, equity? You think that if they're having historic learning loss, they'd be talking about, well, folks, we need to fix this.

There has not been one single plan that has been given to how they're going to address this generational issue here in Wake County. And of the COVID money that the school board received, less than 1% was spent on tutoring, 1%. Most of it was spent at the admin level, where these people are making six figures, while our teachers are making $45,000 a year, they dump all the responsibility on the teachers and say, hey, you know, sorry about the bad policies we're bringing in.

You guys clean up the mess. So what voters are talking to me about is they agree with my message about school safety. It's a huge issue. We just had a kid that was hit in a carpool lane because there was no SRO out there directing traffic.

He faces months of rehab. We have an issue, this is now the second time in Wake County public schools where a kid with special needs was locked in a closet, 24 times over an hour and a half. This time the school board has been sued over this issue and my opponent has remained silent on it. People are appalled by these school safety issues, academic excellence, teacher resources, and they just want change.

Yeah. And so instead of addressing historic learning loss here in North Carolina, the last meeting of the Wake County School Board, they want to talk about diversity, equity, and inclusion. These people are so woke that they are just beyond useful.

God bless them as individuals made the image of God. That's where I end it right about there because in terms of their job, they have to go, and this is a unique opportunity for us in Wake County, Steve, to literally take over the entire school board. How do you feel about our chances? Both obviously they're in district eight and we're talking to Steve Bergstrom, by the way. Everybody still needs volunteers and help.

So even though we've got seven days from today, there's still plenty of work to do. But how do you feel about your own district? How do you feel about the chance of conservatives taking over the Wake County School Board? Well in my own district, we feel very, very good. Now more money has been dumped into my opponent's campaign by outside PAC than any other district in the county. They're running negative ads, negative mailers, but they don't have anything to run on. All they say is these candidates that are running these people that have the audacity to challenge us on the school board, they're extremists.

And no, most people understand, no, he's just a parent, he's a parent that's concerned. And so we feel very, very good about our chances. The numbers look really good. We feel good about four other districts we feel very good about. But you're right, we need volunteers to come out because the NCAA comes out there, they have paid agitators. They come out there and they've been causing havoc all across the polling station and they hand out the red apples to people who don't come prepared to the polls to vote. And they say, hey, teachers recommend these vote or these candidates. And we need to change that around, getting people to be involved in the process more than just online.

Actually, there's a polling station helping out. Yeah, giving out the information, which is what you started our time with today. This is Steve Bergstrom, District 8, Wake County Public School System, Steve, we're going to try to run all you guys back through next Monday and Tuesday, so I'll reach out to you. Thank you, buddy. God bless you. Steve, thanks. Take care. Thank you so much. We'll be right back.

There's a man going round. Welcome back. It's Steve Noble, the Steve Noble Show.

Can you believe that? I appreciate Steve Bergstrom. He's always right on top of it. He's running for District 8, which is basically lower Southwest Wake County, okay? The Wake County School System, Southwest Wake County, Apex, Fuquay, Varina, Holly Springs down there, and then a little bit west of that, okay, southwest corner of Wake County. People like Steve. Well, like what people like Steve? Well, you've got Steve Bergstrom in 8, you've got Michelle Marrow in 9, you've got Jacob Arthur in 7, Patrice Nealon in 6, Jackie Bogle in 5, Becky Lou Hobbs was on yesterday, District 4, Wing Ng was on yesterday, District 3, Monica Ruiz in District 2, and Cheryl Caulfield in District 1. I'm just reading from my own list. Do you want to know who Steve Noble is going to vote for from the Wake County perspective and several people that are statewide?

Go there, okay? Dan Bishop actually is in the U.S. House, he's calling in Friday. During the show, he's an incumbent, Dan Bishop, a great brother in Christ, District 8 here in North Carolina, Congressional District, okay, he's in the House of Representatives.

He's calling in Friday, we're going to be talking to a lot of people. One of the races I want you to make sure you pay attention to is Wake County Commission. Right now, we've got a Wake County Commission full of wall-eyed liberals who never even have to have a conversation with a conservative. That's the whole point of getting people like Irina Comer in there who's running in District 3 for the Wake County Commission.

They don't even have anybody pushing back on them. Irina, how are you? Thanks for calling. Hi, thanks for calling. I'm very good. Thank you for having me. How are you? Good.

Thank you. If you're on speaker, can you jump off the speaker? Can you jump off the speaker? And if you have a radio on, turn that down too. Is it better?

Turn that down too. Yeah. Is it better?

Yeah, that's better. And if you have a radio on, make sure that's down too, please. Sure. I don't. Okay. How are you doing, Irina? How's it going out there? I'm very good. We're busy, but we are running strong.

We're getting very good feedback from everywhere we go, from a lot of voters, Republicans, Senate-related, even some Democrats. Yeah. And remind everybody now, Irina, by the way, was born and raised in former USSR.

Okay. So she knows a little about something about the direction that this country is going in. But remind everybody, Irina, what's the current situation on the Wake County Commissioner and the commission, and why are you running? County commission is a government body consistent of seven commissioners, all of them Democrats. And county commission hasn't seen a fiscally conservative commissioner for many, many, many years. And they increased property taxes seven times in the last 10 years. Just now, they increased property taxes by 3.25%, while they increased their own compensation by 64%. Our county is already $2.4 billion in debt, and they want to take more debt. And they went into the spending spiral, and now they're in mentality, spend, spend, spend.

And I think we don't want to become just like Blue State, where property taxes triple, quadruple, or five times more than hours. And that is why I decided that it's time to step in. Yeah.

And that's the remarkable thing. You and I talked about that before when you were on the show and you were in the studio is how they can do whatever they want. Literally, there's no accountability whatsoever. There's no pushback. They never have to explain their rationale. They just do whatever they want.

As you've been out working, really, for months and months and months, Irina, and God bless you for that. Are you finding that the average voter out there is somewhat informed about the impact of the Wake County Commission, or are they ignorant about it? The most popular answer or question when I tell people that I'm running for Wake County Commissioner is we have commissioners. Generally, people don't know about what commissioners do. And a majority of people have no idea about what kind of debt do we have right now, or how much money do we spend on debt service every year, or how many tax increases did we have in the past few years, so people are not informed.

So when I give them all that information, very often I hear that it was like red pill for metrics, right? It's eye-opening for many. And only then, people started to realize that our finance situation on the county level is not as great as some people might have thought. Yeah, I think they look at the overall state of North Carolina with a Republican legislature and think everything's fine. But when you look at the state of Wake County and the way they run it, the tax structure, the tax increases, and how they spend money, whether we're talking, if people go, oh, what about the school system? Yeah, well, the Wake County commissioners determine how much money goes into the school system.

So they're really tied into a lot more aspects of our life here in Wake County than most people know about, I assume. County Commission affects our daily lives in so many ways that most people don't even know. County Commission, more than half of county budget goes towards schools, and it's about 30% of the overall school budget.

They fund sheriff's office, libraries, they work with zoning in development in unaffiliated areas, in mass fire stations, you name it, parks, trails, you name it. And they also, they set up property tax rates that would pay every year. So I think the major problem there is that instead of concentrating on what kind of spending do we need to have, they are concentrating on how much revenue can we get. And oh, we've got so much money, how can we spend all this money? And they start to create new programs, new spendings, and they never come back and they never review all the programs that they are already paying for in terms of do they even have merit, are they effective, are they efficient, do they make any sense, do they bring any value to residents? It's all about money, money, money, the most tax revenue they can get, and then all spendings while we need to shift that mentality in terms of, all right, what are the necessary spending we need to have, and then what's the minimum amount of taxes we need to collect to be able to provide those services that county government has to provide. Yeah, you're working in the right direction, Irene, with 20 years of business experience that you think about, you think about it logically, like most of us do with our homes, as opposed to you get all this money and like the county commissioners do, and then, oh, how are we going to spend all this?

No, you got to figure out what they're actually supposed to be doing. How much of an issue right now with the Wake County Commission, Irene, is the explosive growth here in the Raleigh area? You see it all over the place. There's new buildings, there's new developments, there's housing starts.

It's all over the place. The market continues to just explode in its growth despite what's going on in the economy. How big a deal is that for the Wake County Commission? It's challenging, but it's good, and it's good in a way that some people say, well, taxes have to go up because you'll have more people.

That's the wrong assumption. We have more people, so we have more taxpayers, so we have to achieve a kind of a scale. When we achieve a kind of a scale, taxes actually have to go down. We have to be very smart in terms of how we address the growth, because currently what's happening is with so many people coming in, we might like it, not like it, but people are coming. With so many people coming in, there's more demand for properties, for houses, for apartments and then there's supply, so prices keep going up, so values keep going up, so if tax rate is unchanged, taxes go up. We need to think about not how we can sort of put a band-aid and artificially create what government calls supportable units, but what regulates the prices is supply and demand. We need then to increase supply the way it makes sense, not at every corner, the way it makes sense, then prices will inevitably go down. What currently county commissioners do, they designate certain units, they force landlords and developers to undercut prices, and then they compensate them out of our money for those losses. That doesn't create affordable housing, that creates permanent government reliance. That's right.

That's the worst thing that can happen to anybody. Exactly right, and that's what they're after, you of course know that with the background having grown up in the former USSR,,, Irena, God bless you sister, thanks for calling. Welcome back, it's Steve Noble, The Steve Noble Show, is the website. You go to the Steve Noble Show website right now,,, say sounds a lot more arrogant,, okay, what are you going to see right there on the homepage, boom, right at the top of the fold like we used to say, Steve's personal election picks, 2022 election, there you go, bada-bing, bada-boom, you can get them there, or you can go to my personal Facebook page or my radio show Facebook page, these are Steve Noble's picks, they're not the ministry, they're not any of the radio stations that we're on, that's all dislodged from all of that, that's not official with any of those folks, any of those organizations, this is just little old Stevie B, as my oldest sister used to call me, little Stevie B, Steven Bryan Noble, it's just me, take it or leave it. Hey, Steve, I don't agree with you here, I don't agree with you there, all right, praise the Lord, this is America, you don't have to, obviously, but if you have known me for a while, you know me like me and trust me, and I do this every two years, I've put up my picks, I've had more people in more ways asking for my picks this year than ever before, and I'm grateful for that, that people are paying attention, they want to make sure they get it right, and so I've got a large list, a lot of them are just Wake County specific, but you got the Wake County School Board, North Carolina Supreme Court, North Carolina State House, outside of Wake County, some folks in there too, as well as the North Carolina State Senate, Carl Ford, for those of you listening on his stations down there, closer to the Ashboro area, Senator Carl Ford, who's just a dear brother in Christ, a great conservative follower and brother, vote for Carl Ford, okay, he's a friend, and just a great believer, he's on my list, I forgot to list him officially, but I'm just putting him on there, some people like that, you see Sykes that's been on the show, North Carolina State House, North Carolina State Senate, and then US Senate, Ted Budd, and the US House, we'll have Dan Bishop who's running in District 8, he's going to call in on Friday, we had Courtney Geeles, just called in last week, actually it's Geeles, sorry, Courtney called in last week, she's in District 4 in the Durham area, Chapel Hill, tough fight there, North Carolina Appeals Court, North Carolina District Court, Wake County Commission, we were just talking to Irena, District 10, District Eternity, Wake, Soil, and Water, all those things are on there, okay, and then if you're outside of there, this is one of those years that I'm perfectly comfortable saying, just find out who the Republicans are and vote for them, wow Steve, are you a Republican Shilt? No, I'm a realist, okay, I'm a realist, and the Democrat Party has gone so far afield that even a weak Republican's going to look stellar compared to an average Democrat or even a conservative Democrat which sounds like just an oxymoron at this point, but that's, and when in doubt, vote to the right, go red, call your local county Republican Party and ask them who they're endorsing, who are they supporting, who are they involved with, it's really becoming that simple, I wish it weren't, but it is, and because the Democrat Party is so given over, it's so woke, that it's essentially just go right down the line and say no to every single Democrat, say yes to every single Republican, which is sad that we're like that, isn't it? This will be the first year that I would be comfortable voting a straight party ticket, I've never voted for a Democrat, cards on the table, because that's the party of death, so I can't, I don't care how much you love Jesus, I don't care how right you are on a lot of different issues, if you're in the Democrat Party, you fly under a flag soaked in the blood of the unborn, you want it to be soaked even more in the blood of the unborn, you're willing to fly people all over the country to states like New York and California, in order to assist them and pay for them and pamper them while they have their child killed in an abortion clinic, and so how can I possibly as a follower of Jesus Christ give my vote to anybody that's flying under that flag, I can't. But before I used to go through candidates one by one, and I still do on this list, that's what I've done, but if you're stuck and you don't know who they are, if you've got some numbers and races, find out who the conservatives are, because the red, getting redder, blue getting bluer, that's where we're going, do I think that'll lead to a great divorce in this nation?

Actually I don't, I don't think people have the backbone for an actual civil war, not anymore, but I think that's generally where we're going, you're going to see that with abortion, okay, and abortion's a big issue. So on that one, let me talk about a couple of abortion things then, the Republicans look really strong in terms of taking control of the House, that'll be, this is the amazing thing about the American Republic by the way. So on January 3rd, when they do the swearing in of the new people, the Republicans take over control of the House, Nancy Pelosi, every single committee in there, every single leadership position Democrat the day before, Republican the day of, boom, the whole thing changes just like that. And you want to talk about bills that are going to be introduced, you want to talk about opening up investigations on Anthony Fauci and Hunter Biden's laptop, this, that, and the other thing, go ahead, that's what you get when you take control.

You're going to see that in the House. The question is what's going to happen in the Senate, I'll get to that in a second. But on the abortion issue, do not forget that, do not give up, press, press, press on the abortion issue. Because here we are in North Carolina and you would think, wow, that's the Bible Belt, you guys are going to be anti-abortion. No, not yet, you can get an abortion up to 20 weeks in this state because Governor Cooper, who's a walleye liberal and an abortion supporter, can veto anything, anything. So the Republicans can start to pass good, really strong pro-life legislation and they've tried, but he can veto everything. They tried to have an infant born alive bill.

He vetoed it, but they didn't have enough votes to override, which is why you got to pick up three in the House and two in the Senate, State House, State Senate, in order to have override capability with Governor Cooper. But this is what's out there. Look at this, Anne Hathaway.

Right? Why does that matter? Just because she's on the view and this is just typical for the left, okay? During the latest episode of The View, okay, here's what she said, quote, my own personal experience with abortion, and I don't think we talk about this enough, abortion can be another word for mercy.

This is what a reprobate given over mind sounds like, by the way. Elaborating, she said, we don't know. We don't know. We know that no two pregnancies are alike and it follows that no two lives are alike. It follows that no two conceptions are alike. So how can we have a law? How can we have a point of view on this that says we must treat everything the same? Uhh. Ignorant, massively ignorant, and reprobate mind doesn't operate correctly. Okay?

It's broken. And she's like, really? Really that matters, Anne? No two pregnancies are alike? No two lives are alike? Yes, yes, we know. No two conceptions are alike?

Mmm. Circumstantially. Okay, fine. But pretty much they all happen the same way, do they not? And so, so how can we treat everything the same? Like, you know, every life's precious. Every life matters.

Every life has sanctity. She doesn't get that. She can't get it. Because she's got a Romans 1 reprobate mind.

Behar read the post Hathaway shared Instagram earlier this year. We're in the fight every day, we're in the fight every minute, and you mentioned the Devil Wears Prada turning 16. Some 16 year old's life has been irrevocably changed because of the overturning of Roe versus Wade.

No it hasn't. She can still get an abortion in a bunch of states around the country. She went on to say this. This was really, this stuff. My initial reaction is totally fleshly in some righteousness in the nation. I just get sick and mad.

And then at some level, the gospel kicks in and then I, I'm heartbroken. And by the way, this is not a moral conversation about abortion. This is Anne Hathaway. This is a practical conversation about women's rights. And by the way, human rights, because women's rights are human rights. Okay. So women, what about the women you're butchering in the womb and humans that are, I'm 100% of all children killed in the womb are human and it's not a moral conversation.

That's exactly what it is. She doesn't want to go there. Why? Because she's made the image of God, something in her conscience somewhere deep down. She knows what it is.

And it's murder. She knows that Michigan voters listen to this. First step in pro-abortion extremism. They have proper prop three over there written by Planned Parenthood, constitutional amendment in Michigan, written by Planned Parenthood and the ACLU. Oh, you can trust them creates not only a constitutional right to abortion for minors, but also creates a fundamental right to sterilization. The world's sterilization is quietly placed into this proposal without any definition or explanation. Undoubtedly, this one include a right to be sterilized to align with one's gender identity. When the amendment's authors use the terms pregnant individual and individual right, instead of pregnant woman and every adult, we should ask why? That's all in there too.

So that's going on. A 12-year-old girl wants to get an abortion? No, don't worry about it.

It's no problem. And this is abortion right up to the moment of delivery, okay? Which is infanticide. I mean, it's butchery. It's all this is, butchery. There's no other way around it.

It's butchery. And so the next time you want to wave the American flag and hug the flag, you might want to remember that we're guilty of that as a nation, okay? So get off your high horse, red, white, and blue. I love this country. I love Patriot.

There's a lot about America and American history that I love. There's other aspects of it that are disgusting. And abortion's one of them, okay? So don't be afraid to lean into the issue. Talk about it online.

Talk about it in person. Vote pro-life. Again, if you're a Christian, I don't know how you throw the lever for anybody that's a part of the Democrat Party based on the life issue alone. Well, there's other issues, Steve. You're right.

There are. But none of them rise to the level of the sanctity of human life. None of them.

I don't know how you do that. Okay. So the big issue is the Senate, all right, the U.S. Senate. So you've got a solid Democrat, likely Democrat, lean Democrat, okay? They got those races. Then you got toss-up races, okay? These are the ones you have to be praying about, and if you're involved or have family members here, Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania, obviously, Fetterman versus Dr. Oz. He's a big Oz fan, but Fetterman can't be allowed to win, period. You got Warnock, who's a false prophet down in Georgia, versus Adam Laxalt, and Nevada.

Adam Laxalt's in Nevada. And then Kelly versus Blake Masters in Arizona. And these are moving. Okay. This is looking good. Leaning Republican, North Carolina. That's Ted Budd versus Sherry Beasley.

Ohio. That's JD Vance versus Tim Ryan. JD Vance is the Republican and in Wisconsin. Ron Johnson, the Republican versus Mandala Burns. And those are leaning Republican.

Then you got likely Republican and solid Republican. So right now, it's trending in the direction that the Republicans could actually take control of the U.S. Senate. All they need is control of the U.S. House, okay? That shuts down the legislative avenue for Joe Biden. He can't do anything legislatively. They're not going to pass anything he'll sign.

He won't sign anything they would pass. But if you take the Senate, then you're just adding more investigations, okay? And you're going to unloose Senator Ryan, who's going to put Fauci on the stand. Talk about turning that into a Netflix season.

I would binge watch that. Let's get Fauci on the stand. Let's get Biden on the stand. There's all kinds of people we need to put on the stand. Be praying into all of this.

Pray into this election. We'll be right back. Welcome back. It's Steve Noble. The Steve Noble Show.

Great to be with you. And if you're curious about my election picks, again, these are my election picks. This isn't the ministry. This isn't Noble U. with all the teaching I do.

This has nothing to do with any of the radio stations or anybody involved with the radio show or the ministry itself. That's just Steve Noble Citizen, okay? So if you're curious about Steve Noble Citizen, you can go look at my picks. I put them up on Facebook. I put them up on the website.

You can access them on the website. Or you can just send me an email. If you want, I'll just reply and send you back my list of picks. Steve at the Nice and easy. Send me an email and I'll send you my picks. If you want them, it's up to you.

Steve at My Faith Votes, a great organization out there helping to rally Christians and encourage Christians, engage Christians, educate Christians so that we can be a part of it. And again, I've made this case for years. I actually believe it's a sin not to vote. I think it's a violation of neighbor love, which is a violation of God love, which is a sin all across the board. And that's why I think when you choose not to vote, you're kind of like the guy walking by in the story of the Good Samaritan. When you see this bloody dying mess on the side of the road, in this case it would be our country, and you decide, that's none of my business, I'm not going to get involved with that. And you walk on by, which would make a great song in the 1960s, but it's a terrible way to live now.

You don't just walk on by, you can't. And one of the things you can do, trying to affect your neighbors in this country is to affect the political process and the main way we affect the political process. Besides voting, or besides praying, which we should be doing on a daily basis, we get out and vote.

And that's what my faith votes is so effective at doing, Laurel Brooks. Welcome back to the show. How are you, sister?

It's great to hear from you. Hey, I have no idea where you got that picture of me. Don't ask me.

Ask my intern. I don't know, you look like you're kind of undercover, like you're out in the sun getting things done. I identify as a beach goer. That's right, you got, that's right, which is not a bad way to be, especially here in North Carolina. Anyway, it's great to have you back, Laurel. Thanks for playing along. You're welcome. So tell us about My Faith Votes and I want to make sure we go through all the different resources that are there because it's really a great opportunity for every Christian, really, no matter where they're listening or watching from.

Yeah, exactly. We're nationwide. My Faith Votes is a nonpartisan ministry that motivates and equips and activates Christians of America to vote in every election. We're trying to transform our communities and influence our nation with biblical truth by through our vote.

And I completely agree with you. I think in our nation, we don't have a Caesar. God didn't give us a king.

He gave, we're the king. We have the authority and we have a responsibility that comes with that authority. And if we advocate it to those who do not fear God, we reap consequences. And I think you, you've described to all our, this hour, the consequences of abandoning Christians, abandoning the public square. So we exist to promote Christian, to encourage Christians and promote that they getting got involved in the public square.

And we do that through all kinds of activities. But the one that I wanted to talk about primarily today is my voter hub, because if you go on, you'll see my voter hub and it's a great tool to become a very educated voter in very short order. You put in your name and your address that pulls up your ballot. It shows you who's running.

You click on them and it shows you what they stand for. You can make your selection right there and print it out and take it with you all the way down your ballot. It makes it very, very simple to become an educated voter. We find that a lot of people don't vote simply because they don't want to take the time to educate themselves on what selections they're making. And life and death is on the ballot across the nation this year.

And in the hands of everybody that we're electing, it's just critical that Christians vote. So myfaithvotes in general is just the best asset you could have to become that smart voter. One of the other things that I just really love about our website that that empowers people we find is we have a place on there where you can select contact your representative. You put your information in there. It pulls up everybody who represents you. You can click on them, find out what committees they're on, how long they've been in office, whatever you want. And if you're upset about something and you know your issue is my issue primarily too, which is abortion, and you want to tell everybody who represents you, listen, I am pro-life and if you represent me, I want you to represent that viewpoint. You just click by their names, compose the email, hit send, and it goes to every one of them.

Yeah, and the one thing about it, yeah, and it's such a helpful site, I actually just went through the process as you were walking us through the different aspects. And now I'm into North Carolina based on where I live and I can get the federal candidates obviously for the U.S. Senate and U.S. House, I can get to state candidates, I can get to local candidates, I can get through the Wake County Commission, like I was just talking to Irena, I can get to judicial candidates, which is a big deal, Trey Allen running for North Carolina State Supreme Court is going to be in the studio with me tomorrow. And a lot of people, like you said, Laurel, they go in or they don't go because they don't really know enough. They can go in there and maybe vote a party ticket, but not every race is a partisan race.

But again, this is something that my fear has always been that people don't take it seriously. A lot of people, especially now, fall into that lie that their vote doesn't count. Well, our vote, our elections are so close now. Every single vote absolutely does count 100 percent, 100 percent and in particular in North Carolina in 2020, for example, we sent 20,000 letters to low propensity Christian voters in North Carolina to encourage them to vote in our chief justice of the Supreme Court election, there were 5.6 million votes cast and Chief Justice Paul Newby won by 426 votes. I mean, we sway elections by being active and that's just the truth. This year for the midterm, we focused on 10 swing states, North Carolina is one of those. We have written, our action partners who are people who partner with us to encourage Christians beyond themselves to go out and vote have written 600,000 letters and postcards to low propensity Christian voters who are pro-life and pro-traditional family to encourage them to vote.

We did this for Virginia last fall and tracked our success with a control group and all of that. And when we combined our digital ads with these letters, we thought we saw an increase in voting by Christians of 57 percent. Wow. Unbelievable.

That is unbelievable. And that's, I used to say this years ago, Laura, we're talking to Laura Brooks from MyFaithVotes, I used to say, hey, okay, you guys, this is back in the day, you guys go get all the people together that saw Fahrenheit 911, I'll get all the people together that saw Passion of the Christ and I'll see you at the polls. And what happens is we win every time.

The problem is you got way too many Christians that sit home for whatever reason, I don't think there's an excusable reason out there. And like you said, that's a 53 percent increase. That swings elections time and time again, I mean, right down the board. Well, you saw what happened in Virginia. That's right.

I mean, we've just got to get in. Mike Huckabee is our honorary chairperson and recently at an event, he said something I thought was really profound. He said, it used to be we were looking at American elections as horizontal, Republican, Democrat, libertarian, whatever.

It's no longer horizontal. The conversation is not about party. This is spiritual war. It's between good and evil in this nation now, and we cannot sit that out. I think part of the reason that Christians don't vote is that we have a vast majority of pulpits in this nation that won't touch the issue. And more and more we are seeing pastors who are willing to at least ask their congregations to engage in voting. As a matter of fact, we're promoting My Faith Vote Sunday this Sunday.

And that's Last Sunday, we created a free toolkit for any church with a video, with an email they can send to their people, just to non-partisan, just to encourage their people to vote. We have contacted, we sent out 113,000 emails to pastors around the nation to engage in this activity this coming Sunday, because it has to start there, too. It has to be spoken about, just like abortion and perversion, it's got to be addressed in the pulpits of this nation. If the church is going to be relevant to speak into the morality of our society, we can be silent no more. Yeah, and that's the challenge to pastors, is the love of money can provide a snare of all kinds.

And oftentimes, that's what I think drives that. They know they've got a mixed bag of people coming to their church. They're afraid to bring up any political stuff or fear that they might be seen as far right or far left, whatever the case may be.

They don't want to upset people. If they upset people, people leave the pews. If people leave the pews, their dollars go with them. And then who are you really relying on for your church? Are you relying on the Lord, or are you relying on people?

You're relying on people, and you're a people pleaser, and you're a coward. And so in this issue, this is like, and get out and vote. And I never tell people, vote your values.

Our values are tainted by our sin. I tell people, vote biblical values. You got to be able to look at the party platform. You guys provide that at Have you ever looked at the party platform to actually compare a Democrat party platform, Republican party platform? Lay those things up against Scripture, and you're going to see really quickly, one party is closer to Scripture than the other.

Well, that's not very complicated. That doesn't take an advanced degree in theology to figure out. But you have a lot of pastors that are afraid to push people there because they're afraid of losing money, which means that's a fear of man rather than God. And I appreciate that you guys are doing that. Pastors can just push people out there and challenge them to get out and vote, and vote biblical values.

And everybody knows what that is. That's code word for like people like you and myself, Laurel. For pro-life values, pro-biblical sexual integrity, two genders, all that kind of stuff. But again,, Laurel, thank you so much for calling in today. Thank you for all your hard work over all these years, and it's a great resource for everybody., whether you're here in North Carolina or some other state, that's all there for you. Laurel, God bless you, sister. Thanks so much. God bless you, too, and thanks for having me, Steve. You're very welcome. We'll talk again soon. Thanks so much., sitting on the sidelines, apathy is simply not an option if you're going to call yourself a follower of Jesus Christ. This is Steve Noble. On The Steve Noble Show, God willing, I'll talk to you again real soon, and like my dad always used to say, ever forward.
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