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Fired for Praying?!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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September 26, 2022 10:21 pm

Fired for Praying?!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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September 26, 2022 10:21 pm

Fired for Praying?!

Steve plays his interview with coach Joe and Jeremy Dys about him being fired for praying on a football field.

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The following program is recorded content created by Truth Network. Welcome back, everybody.

Hope you had a great weekend. Do you remember the story? School officials at Bremerton High School suspended and later fired football coach Joe Kennedy because this radical anti-American hateful bigoted homophobic all the other Obics because he prayed a brief quiet prayer after football games out on the field after the game. And so back all the way back. This goes all the way back.

This is amazing. To 2015 coach Joe Kennedy Bremerton, Washington, which is way up north of Portland out there in the middle of nowhere. 2015 this story goes back to and they fired him. You can't go out there and pray because you know Joe. Hey coach, you Christian idiot. There's a separation of church and state and you're violating the establishment clause because you know, you work for the state when you work for the high school.

You work for the city, which means you work for the state. Then you can't be doing any of that religious stuff, man. That's that's a violation of the separation of church and state and a violation of the establishment clause because you know, you're forcing your religion on people. Really, the guy would go out to the middle of the field and take a knee and pray silently for 15-20 seconds after the game.

And that's what started this whole mess. Do you remember this one? Anyway, welcome back at Steve Noble, The Steve Noble Show. I had a chance to sit down with coach Joe and Jeremy Dice, who's been on the show before from First Liberty.

Institute, which was started by Kelly Shackleford. They're down in Texas, fighting the good fight of faith via the free speech argument, especially when it comes to Christians. And the fact that this had to go all the way to the all the way to the United States Supreme Court. And at the beginning of July, just a couple months ago, coach Joe got his victory.

He got one in the W column and they reversed several decisions in lower courts that were basically upholding. Yeah, yeah, yeah, you can't do that prayer stuff because you're awarded the state. And that's a high school football stadium.

Look, high school football stadium. And you can't bring that Christianity stuff in here. You need to stay in your churches on Sunday.

Keep all that whack job stuff out of here. And so all the way to the United States Supreme Court. It's it's an amazing the reality that that happened at all. First Liberty Institute filed a lawsuit against the school district arguing that banning coaches from quietly praying just because they can be seen by the public is wrong and violates the U.S. Constitution. This is a correct reading of the Constitution. The U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington and then the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit sided with the school district. So First Liberty appealed again to the United States Supreme Court in January of this year. They agreed to hear the case. They heard the oral arguments in April and at the beginning of July in a six to three vote. Boy, I wonder I wonder what lines that went along. Six to three.

Hmm. And praise the Lord that the chief justice, Roberts, voted with the majority. But six to three. So there are three people there, the liberals that think you don't have a right to your free speech when you're talking about, you know, Christianity. And so it's just an amazing case. And praise the Lord for First Liberty Institute and people like Alliance Defending Freedom and others, Thomas More Association, because these are Christian attorneys that are out there fighting the good fight of faith. And Coach Joe Kennedy was he served in the military. And he was a patriot. Right. And he knew his rights, but he's willing to stand up for his rights before he was willing to die for them, for him and others.

And then when it came to having his own rights stripped, he decided to stand up for it. So I spent some time with Coach Joe and Jeremy Dice from the First Liberty Institute this Saturday. I'm going to play that interview for you and then we'll get to David Fisher at the end of the show.

But this is a great story and praise the Lord for the victory. I'm just going to set it up here. It's going to play the first part and we'll hit the pause button and we'll go back to it when we get the next segment. All right.

Ready, Josh? All right, let's go the very first time you decided to just go out there. My sound was kind of really kind of facing the Giants. Was it a movie inspiration?

What got you out? Yeah, it was absolutely a movie inspiration. I wish I was original in, you know, coming up with by myself. But I was offered the job on a Friday. And that weekend, I said, Well, let me think about it over the weekend. And facing the Giants was on. And you know, God doesn't come around very often. But boy, he knocked me to my knees. And just like in the movie, the guy said, I am going to give you the glory after every game, win or lose.

And I just added, I'm going to do that right there on the battlefield. And that was my covenant with God. And it was not a big deal because it was just some guy out there taking a knee for 15 seconds and saying, God, you're awesome.

Thanks for this. In the first few years, did anybody make an issue? No, it was actually we were in our eighth football season.

And nobody even made a complaint about it. Actually, everything started from a compliment. Keep going.

Yeah. So one of the administrators from one of the other schools saw what we were doing after our football games and called the principal and said, Hey, I just wanted to call and say what your football program is doing is really awesome. So of course, anytime you get a compliment like that, you got to do an investigation. Their attorneys got involved.

They started making these rules. Don't pray, you know, you could pray by yourself, or would they say they said, you could pray as long as it doesn't interfere with your job duties. Well, that's not a problem.

You know, 15 seconds is nothing. Then they said, Oh, well, just don't pray with the kids. And I was like, well, that's not what my thing was. That's not a big deal.

You know, I'm just thanking God anyway. But then they said, Yeah, we can still see you doing that. So you need to stop doing it all together. That's where I was. I mean, my back was against the wall. I had a line that I could not cross.

And that's why I needed help. My daughter-in-law, that that, you know, just got hurt in a way. And then one one time we finally determined that, you know, somehow there was something in between us and our approach to the Institute just came. I mean, like, just like God just shows up. When when it's a perfect time, you were running into that because when you call First Liberty and Jeremy's here with us experience for you guys, you know, this is going on all over the place, but regular people there just doing your job and trying to exercise your faith aren't really all that aware.

Right? Actually happening. You know, I I was in the Marines for 20 years which you know supporting and defending the Constitution Thank you you know supporting and defending the Constitution really meant something to me and I knew the First Amendment that you have these freedoms the Second Amendment you everybody you have All of these rights, but all of a sudden they don't apply to me and it rubbed me the wrong way Especially as a marine I was a brand new Christian So it wasn't that really bad of a rub because I didn't know what I was doing with God Anyway, so yeah, but it was a real I mean just an eye-opener and I was like, are you kidding me? No, I have the First Amendment to the Constitution protects my rights to do this Well to that to that point and Jeremy, you know, we'll go ahead and pause it right there This is I was talking to coach Joe Kennedy from Bremerton, Washington Bremerton High School Who was suspended and then fired because he took a knee and went out to pray on the field after the game was over No, you can't you can't do that.

But praise the Lord the Supreme Court found for him in July just this summer And these are the freedoms that we need to understand number one number two the big question for all of us Are you willing to fight for coach Joe was we'll pick it up there when we come back Welcome back at Steve noble to Steve noble show great to be with you I was at the salt and light conference with our friends at the faith and freedom coalition over the weekend down in Charlotte And I had a chance to Pete Hegseth from Fox News and Fox and Friends on Saturday this book I've referenced so many different times battle for the American mind had a chance to meet him and exchange some information I've been talking to his publicist So I'm gonna get him on here and then James O'Keefe was there with Project Veritas had a conversation with him and got his press Secretary got his new book and so I'm gonna get through that and we'll get James O'Keefe on and just met several other patrons And great people amongst them coach Joe Kennedy as well as Jeremy dice from the first Liberty Institute in Texas coach Joe Back to 2015s a new Christian decides. I'm just gonna stop facing the Giants I'm just gonna go out there after the game's over. I'm gonna go out to the center field I'm gonna take a knee and I'm gonna thank God whether we won or lost We're gonna I'm gonna thank God by himself silently 15 seconds, right and the gut in this and this the high school Bremerton High School They're in Washington the state of Washington's like yeah, you can't do that You can't if it's gonna disrupt your job. You can't do that. And he's like it doesn't it takes 15 seconds Maybe I walk out there.

I pray I come back about a minute. That's not disrupting anything. Obviously, it's not compulsory You can't tell people to come out and do it with you. But then they ultimately they told him you can't be seen You can't even be seen praying and he's as a veteran He's like forget this junk and then that's when he connected with first Liberty Institute This goes back to 2015 and it was just the beginning of July this year when they finally won at the US Supreme Court Had to go all the way through that Isn't that disgusting? but Joe Knew his rights well enough and then he made the big step which most of us more of us need to be able Willing to make is he decided to fight.

I'm not just gonna take it. I know what my rights are You can't deny me my rights Which is one of the foundational principles of this country in the first place which is called the tradition of dissent Which goes all the way back to the 1500s and Martin Luther when he dissented from so many things about the Catholic Church That's the tradition of dissent which rose up through Protestantism, which gave birth to individual liberty Individualism in general that you had a shot you have right and you don't have to have the right last name or be wealthy or Be part of the aristocracy to have those rights You have those rights simply because you are made in the image of God and all this stuff Factors into what we now call the United States of America This is all part of the story. It's what I teach in US history It's also what I teach in my civics class noble use make fun information on that So back to this interview with Joe and then Jeremy you're gonna hear from him incredible mind great lawyer at First Liberty Institute About this whole story.

Let's pick it up there. Go ahead That's the students every week that I teach so I teach civics US history and Christian ethics and I tell them if you don't know your rights You essentially don't have any you should come up to Bremerton I would love to so so Jeremy at the school level. Is this is it ignorance? Is it hostility?

Well, what's good? What's behind this because it's been going on for a while Obviously we see it more in the press but what's going on in their minds what's going on in the school system that they come? Out and deny somebody something that's kind of yeah Look, I think for most school district is probably just ignorance or they've heard the the drumbeat for so long of this thing called Separation of church and state that they've begun to actually believe that that thing actually exists when in fact it doesn't and I think also School board attorneys across the country at least the ones that I've run into which are a lot of them across the country Have beat the drum that this thing called the establishment clause trumps everything else in the First Amendment of the Constitution So the the 7th clause whenever religion pops up on public square they think That they have to then pull out this can of Lysol That they call the 7th clause and spray down every surface in the in the room so that religions infection doesn't affect everybody else So are they thinking and this is like a second grade level that because because Joe works for the state He works in the school system.

He works for the public. Therefore if he's exercising his religion, it's like he's establishing stuff No, actually their argument is even more pernicious than that It wasn't just the fact that they that he was, you know speaking because actually it was all quiet What he was doing just taking a knee in silent prayer for 15 to 30 seconds But the very fact that they could see him and that students could see him engage in what the school district called demonstrative religious activity That was enough to violate the exception clause of the Constitution and mandate that the school district not just that they couldn't tolerate him that They had asked him to stop but they actually had to fire him lest he infect the entire rest of the school district here But the Supreme Court thankfully put that thinking to rest and no longer should any school district ever have to think that ever again In fact justice Gorsuch's opinion He goes to great lengths to say that it's not the job of the school district to go around there hunting down phantom constitutional violations of the establishment clause He reminded everybody that there's actually this other clause in the First Amendment is pretty darn important as well Which is the free exercise clause and as important as the establishment clause may be that free exercise clause guarantees people like coach Kennedy the right to be able to engage his faith while even on the job or during the private times that he has Unifor between on the job and so the school district job is to protect all of that to show respect and tolerance Towards religion not to have to punish it to drive it off campus and to fire people if they actually engage in it all in Other words, the school district does not own every word that comes out of his mouth They do not own every moment that he is employed from 8 to 5 or whenever the time frame was for him as a coach They can't claim every aspect of your citizenship while you're a school teacher or a coach You actually have to respect the rights and freedoms and privileges They have as American citizens, even when they walk through the schoolhouse gates. That's vitally important going forward in this country So that's that's a precedent that did that not exist before had none of these cases made it to the spring What it existed and then back in 1971 this case called lemon vs Kurtzman came along and just threw everything upside down now think about that for a minute. That was 1971 We know about 1973 Roe v. Wade and how how important or how overwhelming that case has been for the last five generations well in the same way 1971 lemon that case has been around for five generations and has suppressed religious activity in this country whether That's on school campuses or in public parks or every religion may find itself in the public square That case has controlled and that was the can of Lysol that the government would use to spray down the surfaces to make sure religion Didn't infect anybody if it came out of its hiding hole inside the church Instead today that case is gone coach Kennedy's case overruled that case It no longer exists and you and I now have more freedom than we've ever had in all of our lifetimes Yeah, that's the lemon law and I've had to deal with that myself. So coach Joe you've probably gotten a theology lesson Christianity 101 lesson in a civics lesson all in one over the last couple years Are you surprised how massive and all-encompassing this thing became?

Absolutely, you know you look on a map everybody's where's Bremerton, you know Bremerton, Washington Where is that? Yeah, and of all things I was a high school football coach, you know of Nowhereville So it's really amazing that something so so trivial to me, you know in the eyes of what's going on in the world This can make that kind of impact and I had no idea it was going to affect everybody the way that it has You know, it freed up the you know, the the whole lemon thing and I mean I just wanted to take a knee and coach football. That's that was it So God works in weird ways and yeah when he shows up and does it What's been the hardest part about this for you? With my family and having them go through it my wife She was the HR director for the school district and that was a real hard time for us We had two kids that were in the high school one in the middle school and it was hard on her family I mean, it's hard enough just raising a family to begin with and being on top of that where you're going through a lawsuit suing essentially suing my wife and her employers and Over the years, you know people always take shots at anybody, you know, nobody wants to talk anymore and you got all those brave people behind, you know, the keyboard commandos and Yeah, it's been hard just just keeping things in perspective and you know Just got to remain, you know, humble and say, you know, I'm just some schmuck that you know Happen to stand up for right there Yeah, we'll pause it right there Did you hear that his wife worked in HR for the school district and he had two kids in the school system And he was still willing to step up to the plate still willing to fight for his rights and by proxy fighting for your rights and my rights So what's our excuse right when you don't stand up Whether it's COVID and vaccine mandates and all that stuff for your freedom of speech Are we willing to stand up? This is Steve Noble. We'll be right back Welcome back at Steve Noble the Steve Noble Show I was talking on Saturday with Coach Joe Kennedy and Jeremy Dice from First Liberty Institute Coach Joe all the way back in 2015 Just to say he was a new Christian. He had seen the movie Facing the Giants and just made a covenant with the Lord Hey Lord, after every game, I'm gonna go out on the field when the game's over I'm just gonna take a knee I'm gonna pray and I'm gonna thank you And if you saw Facing the Giants, you know, we're gonna praise you when we win and we're gonna praise you when we lose We're just gonna praise you And so that's what he did out there silently invited nobody else just one himself And then eventually they're like, no can't do that Another school actually called his school and said man We think it's awesome what you're doing with the school with the football program And we'd like to do that too And then of course that starts an investigation And they tell him listen, you can't do that That's a violation of separation of church and state and the establishment clause blah blah blah blah blah Speaking completely out of ignorance And then coach Joe is like it doesn't seem right And then they said to him you can't be seen praying because you work for the state Because you work for the high school, right?

You can't even be seen praying. That's offensive We have to disinfect that And so Jeremy Dice who I also interviewed he was there with coach Joe from First Liberty Institute Mentioned the Lemon versus Kurtzman law Which goes back to 1971 I'm gonna explain that one to you because that's been used to muzzle Christians ever since Until this case this case is precedent-setting Coach Joe's win at the United States Supreme Court at the beginning of July this year Got rid of the Lemon law That's what they call it the Lemon law And now you have more freedom, well you have the amount of freedom that you're supposed to have in the first place When it comes to free speech, free exercise of your Christian faith Including prayer That's why this case is so important So let's finish up the interview with coach Joe and Jeremy Dice from First Liberty Institute Then if I have a little time I'll explain the Lemon versus Kurtzman case to you from 1971 Alright let's go So what's next for you? Well I'm waiting right now and I have been waiting This is the 8th football season that I've been waiting to get back on the sidelines with my team And I didn't want to crash a party These coaches and this team have started These kids weren't even in school They were in kindergarten when all of this happened But all the coaches that are there I don't want to come in and be this big spectacle It's been hard enough on our community and our school and our football program So we thought it would be a whole lot better to start fresh And kind of earn my stripes back on the team And get to know who the coaches and these kids are The coaches are being very generous too Because you would think that you just snap your fingers That the Supreme Court is deciding this case and you're back It doesn't work that way very well You actually have to get a final order from the court where you file the lawsuit And get the whole thing resolved And the only way to do that is to sit down with the school district and work that all out But we've asked three different times to sit down with them to do that We've asked the court to order them to do that, which the court did in August And we still have not had any sit down with the court Instead the school district is running to the press Acting oligog that he's not back on the field yet And pointing at everybody but themselves is the reason why that would be And even worse than all of that It's the rare case where we've gone to the Supreme Court of the United States And come back to a worse policy than was there before The school district has in response to this case adopted a new policy That permits private personal conduct while on campus If you get your supervisor's permission to do so before And this is the real kicker If you're engaged in personal private conduct Whether that be checking social media, sending a text message Or taking a knee in private prayer You have to have a 25 foot buffer zone around you from any student on campus And so for the teacher walking through the hallway Trying to send a text message to see if his kid is going to get picked up At daycare or not He's got to run yelling, unclean, unclean or something To keep the kids away from him In the coach's situation If a kid steps over the 41 yard line When he's at the 50 Well he's got a heckler's veto over what the coach is doing Which is something the Justice Court has specifically warned against In his opinion So coach's case is going to be over And we're going to get that over fairly soon But I think as soon as we get that wrapped up I might be back up there knocking on doors To find out if there's any other teachers that want to challenge that policy Because it's absolutely horrible Yeah, and we've seen that Nobody's hiding anything anymore That's the nice thing about it It's so aggressive at this point That nobody's hiding in a closet Everybody's kind of out there now But still if there's a person with a life and a wife and a family It's got to be somebody else It can't always be Joe That's my question for you Joe Coach What do you say to parents who have kids in the school system In terms of just your faith The intersection of your faith The anti-Christian bias that obviously exists in most school systems What's your encouragement to them And then Jeremy I want to ask you that same basic question from a legal perspective Mine is very simple It's just be who you are I mean it's been pounded down our throats So much of the whole inclusion and diversity and everything That works both ways I have tolerance for just about everybody And I try to have grace for everybody That's where you have to know what's actually happening around you And I'm not going to hide I've never hid from anything You don't have to hide who you are You can be proud to be a Christian You can stand up and go Yeah I love God Jesus is my savior So what This is America Exercise your rights Because if you don't You're going to end up losing them And it just takes a little bit at a time And they'll chip away from it And we end up where we are today Well I love your use of I love to use those words as well Diversity and inclusion I'm like yeah Can I be included in that? I'd love to be included in that It started pretty early 1619 on one hand 1620 on the other We've been a diverse nation since the get go I'm one of those different groups Can I be a part of the club too? That's something I'd like to use that language Against those that want to use it against us I'm just asking you to be inclusive That's all I'm asking And you're the one that has the big flag for inclusivity So why can't I apply it too?

That's a great point Look I think folks just need to know what their rights are And be able to exercise them When it comes to be their turn We can preserve freedom pretty simply in this country Which is just simply knowing what freedom actually is What it means And sitting down at the kitchen table with our kids And telling them what this country is all about And what those freedoms are for them So if you're a parent If you're a grandparent You've got kids in the schools Make sure you're going to Learning what your rights actually are So that when they go to school They know what those are If you're in the public square Go to So you know how to act as an employee And an employer for your employees To maximize the amount of religious freedom Religious freedom is the first freedom in our constitution It's the first one for a reason It undergirds all the other ones that we have So if we undermine that in any sphere that we might be in Whether that's in our houses of worship Our students in school Or teachers in school as well Whether that's in our military Or the public square Or our marketplace We have to know what our religious liberty actually is And not only know what it is But be prepared to be able to stand up for it Coach Kennedy could have done the easiest thing That everybody would have understood And nobody would have known him And he would have gotten out of the limelight entirely And just simply walked away from the entire thing He could have done that But a little bit of our freedom would have died in the process if he did And instead he took a need to stand up for all of our religious freedom And that's been critical for the future of our country Yeah and that's the great point right And he did it He wasn't looking for it He could have just walked away We've all probably done that But he decided to stand And in doing that he secured freedom for Christians And people of other religions all across the country Let me get to this real quick Then we'll have David Fisher in the last segment Talking about the Lemon Test Okay it goes back 50 years, 1971 The test named after the Supreme Court decision in Lemon vs. Kurtzman Made it too easy for people to claim they are offended by a religious display Then sue and win in court The test caused many school administrators to mistakenly believe They had an obligation to suppress religious observances Often leading them to violate the rights of teachers and students You can't talk about Jesus in your valedictorian speech You can't include that and you can't write on that in your project You certainly can't pray in school You can't pray in the lunchroom and especially you teachers That all came out of that, the Lemon Test They made them all paranoid And then of course people that are anti-Christian Would use that to bludgeon Christians into being silent And that's what got turned over That's what's such a big deal in this And so I'm reading from First Liberty's website, Last week Supreme Court victory, talking about Joe's victory Finally vindicated Coach Kennedy The decision rights the wrongs done to this American hero He can return to the place he belongs, coaching on the field And quietly praying by himself This victory, however, did not just deliver justice for only one coach in Washington State It has a nationwide impact, listen up everybody On public school teachers, employees, and coaches It affirms their constitutional right to engage in brief, quiet, personal prayer in public And sets a major precedent for religious freedom in our country moving forward Thanks to this win, you and millions of Americans have more religious liberty And more than you've had in more than a half a century Okay, that's why this is such a big deal So if you work in the public school system You know somebody that works in the public school system And they feel like they're actually violating the law To express their Christian faith in any way That is a lie, right from the pit of hell And it smells like smoke Okay, it's a lie, it's a violation You do not check your first amendment rights when you walk onto school property As a student or as a teacher Now as a teacher, you can't disrupt class You can't disrupt your usual job But you take five seconds, ten seconds to pray at the beginning of class Just to yourself And they say, you can't do that Yes I can No you can't, you have to stop and we'll fire you You go ahead, you fire me And I'm gonna sue you I've had that conversation a few times myself With the Raleigh City Council Chambers When we first put up something that would pass the Lemon Test The City of Raleigh could have put up the Christmas display we put up But the next year, we got rid of all the secular symbols We put up a very Christian nativity scene Complete with scripture And I told them I gave them 40 pages of the legal memoranda From my friends at Alliance Defending Freedom Mike Johnson is now a congressman from Louisiana And I said, if you deny us this You will be violating our first amendment rights We will sue you And we will win And two minutes later, the mayor goes Let's vote on this right now And they voted unanimously You too allow us to do it Because we had enough of a history They knew we would sue them And they knew that they'd lose And we would win You have to know your rights And then you have to fight for it This is Steve Noble, we'll be right back Welcome back everybody, it's Steve Noble, The Steve Noble Show It was great to be able to talk to Coach Joe Kennedy over the weekend We all need to be willing to stand up for our rights You gotta know what your rights are as a Christian in the United States of America And then you gotta be willing to stand up for them So that's something we'll continue to trumpet And talk about here on the air And I was having a good day today I was having a good day Until I pulled up to, oh I wonder what the Dow did today Well that was down 329 points Then I went online to look at our own stuff Personally, and I saw it at a level that I've never seen it at before And this isn't a, woohoo, let's go to dinner This is a, oh man I haven't seen it this low Our own investment account And that's sobering man And these things are real, this is going on I don't think it's gonna get any better, I think it's gonna get worse And so that's why we're always so blessed to have our friend David Fisher from Landmark Capital on here Helping us to understand what's going on around us And obviously a huge rate hike last week And what's going on there just so we can try to understand In a worldly sense what's happening and use wisdom and discernment But also to remind ourselves that this isn't the whole deal As a matter of fact, it's a very small blip on the radar screen of eternity And we need to remember that David, how are you buddy? Thanks for calling I think the word today is patience We need patience in a lot of ways Exactly right, which takes us right into our scripture Which is a great choice today, 2 Peter 3.9 And this is such an important, so let's make sure we're listening here Because if you're getting beat up in the market Like I am and like a lot of people are This is a really important message before we dive into the nuts and bolts But let's start there, 2 Peter 3.9, thanks David The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise As some understand slowness Instead he is patient with you Not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance So I'm feeling really healthy It's been years since I've done some electrical work And hung some lights for my wife She picked out a few lights this last week And I said I'll hang them on Saturday So I thought I'm just gonna blaze right through this Got through the first light It took a lot longer than I thought The second light took even longer My patience was winning Steve We got to the third light And what's the number one rule when you do electricity? Turn the electricity off Well I forgot I was so like I'm frustrated now Like this should be done by now and zap And my wife was watching me She said did you just shock yourself?

I go yeah, I think the electricity is on And what did I do? I touched it again Just to make sure So the moral of the story The bigger picture is Sometimes life zaps us a little bit When we get too carried away And we think we have all this patience But God looks in longer terms than we do He wants to work out his image in us Through challenges in life Whether it be the market or electricity Or whatever it is Health, wealth, our associates, our friendships Our marriage And obviously the ultimate patience Is he wants none to perish But all have eternal life But after that he wants to work out his image in our lives Through challenges in life So I gathered that from the markets I gathered this over the weekend on Saturday Boy, what a remembering time Just to kind of take a deep breath, you know Yeah, that's for sure And it's such a valuable lesson for all of us And we know God's will towards us His grace and kindness and abundance In many different ways But oftentimes we're frustrated with his timetable We go this is taking too long Well, not on God's schedule And in terms of God's providence And he knows what's best for us He knows exactly how long we need to be In particular trial or facing whatever we're facing And even with stuff like right now Like I mentioned just looking at our personal account today I was depressing and I was like Oh man, this is really troublesome But I know that eventually it won't matter at all And we'll be in paradise We'll be in a paradise that's beyond our comprehension And our ability to explain just like it was for Paul So it's such a great reminder I always appreciate that Well to the bad news Stocks are lower this week than last What are the numbers year to date, David Across the spectrum I'm just looking at the Dow year to date Down over 7,000 points Which is just shy of 20% This is shockingly bad 19.5% for the Dow 23 plus percent for the S&P NASDAQ over 30, almost 31% So the Dow is now in bear market territory As well as the other two indexes The S&P just last week alone 91% of the 500 stocks Closed out the week at losses So this is all caused by the Fed Other things, we'll get into that in a moment But Goldman Sachs threw in the towel They said we're calling for the S&P Dropped down to 3,600 mid last week They said we're at 3,655 at the close today And then two days later on Friday They said the new low we're calling is 2,900 If we get to a recession They're not the only ones In fact they said there's going to be a hard landing now But David Costin is the Goldman Sachs guy He's been wrong by the way He's been saying 4,100 last December Saying where we'd be about right now So he's been wrong In fact most of the guys who've been saying Stocks are higher, all of us are all wrong But his associate strategist Dominic Wilson Is also in the 2,900 number for the S&P 500 And the Wall Street Journal came out today Said buying the stock market dip is backfiring Shares are continuing to plunge Distanting the strategy that's soared in popularity For decades buying the dip This is the worst year for buying in the dip stock market Since the 1930s Oh man Yeah because they keep thinking this is the bottom of the dip And it hasn't been I mean again you look at the NASDAQ Down 30.95% this year That's crazy It's not going to be the bottom until the Fed Stops raising rates And I think that's really the key Yeah I have to keep an eye on that Speaking of rates Actually we know they're causing the markets to go down Is there anything else about that? And that was a significant rate increase 0.75 of the basis points So it goes from For example when you hear that Just to not be confusing If it's at 4 Then it went to 4.75 Okay so that's It's a big jump But anything else kind of spooking the markets And causing this problem besides the obvious? Well there's the other thing that is a wild card And I hate to bring it up But the CNBC has been talking about it And now it's becoming more mainstream news And that's what Putin is ratcheting up He said last Wednesday on a televised address That he said anybody wants to invade our territory Will pull out every arms And rush missiles at our disposal And this is not a bluff Two days later the previous Russian president Said he doubled down And he said he's including This is nuclear wars The strategic nuclear weapons And right the next day One of our commanders military Admiral Charles Richard Said that this is not a bluff So the Pentagon is taking this serious So that's affecting the market But the biggest thing is Reducing inflation They got to get the unemployment Up to about 4.6% Which means another 1.3 million people Will be unemployed Powell said this is going to be painful I wish there was a painless way to do this But there isn't So another three quarters of a basis point rate Hike in November 50 points in December is what they're projecting And February of next year A quarter of a point This will bring the rate to 4.6% Keep in mind They were only going to be like 3.25 by the end of the year So this is a lot more than what they've been injecting Yeah and they have to So we got the print it and spend it model Obviously that's not working to stimulate the economy And a lot of people now David are just like The government's trapped Are they actually trapped? Is this not going to work? Or do they have some wiggle room here? Well the Fed has like a dial Or doesn't have a dial mode It's basically an on or off switch And they waited too long to start raising rates So that's why they're behind the curve But there's this whole adage Over the past few decades The system was not allowed to reset They just kept printing a lot of paper And issuing a lot of debt And now that's all stacking upon us So we backed ourselves in a corner The Fed is trapped The government is trapped Raising rates is bad for the Fed It makes them lose money on their balance sheet The 9 trillion It makes the government unmanageable in the debt So it's just a bad thing And that's why we're going to see a movement towards gold The dollar is at all time highs Excuse me, got something in my throat here The dollar's at a huge movement In fact it moved up 2.5% just last week alone Wow It's just a huge move It's moved up 16% year to date That's something you would see in four years Yeah So put it into perspective It's just a huge run in gold A huge run in the dollar Gold should be like $1100 It's $1625 today The biggest hedge fund in the world Which is the most successful hedge fund in the world Bridgewater Associates Ray Diallo is the CEO of that His associate Rebecca Patterson The chief investment strategist said She expects gold to outperform every other asset class This is the largest hedge fund in the world That happens to be the most successful And she goes on and says that On behalf of her clients Gold is the obvious place She believes gold is a bargain at current levels So I think it's undervalued with all the money All the debt It's going to make a turnaround Now you want to learn about it Call my company Yeah, so what do people do? Education is the key here It is the key So call my company Get your answers to your questions Get a packet 844-604-2575 That's 844-604-2575 Or God bless you brother As always, thank you for the incredible information So helpful And I just appreciate you We'll talk to you next week Have patience everybody Amen, have patience God bless you bro We'll talk soon God bless Thanks And we'll be back tomorrow Got a lot to cover Got a lot to do this week So many things going on We'll be all over it This is Steve Noble on The Steve Noble Show God willing I'll talk to you real soon Like my dad Always just to say Ever forward
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