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NC Republican + Post Covid Lessons

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September 21, 2022 3:57 pm

NC Republican + Post Covid Lessons

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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September 21, 2022 3:57 pm

NC Republican + Post Covid Lessons

Steve talks to Michael Whatley (Chairman of NC GOP) about running in NC and to Dr. Mark McDonald about lessons from Covid.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network one time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve Bell 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble wait a minute, wait a minute, even in politics a Christian should be in Alden politics I thought politics was to dirty for Christians to be involved in. Well, if that's what you think friend you have bad theology is just bad theology think the Christian should not be involved in politics. What's up with that sleep when it is put it this way politics, especially here in the United States of America affects virtually all your neighbors, and when the politics of the country is adversely affecting your neighbors were there, in utero are outs I regardless of their walk of life.

When politics affects your neighbors good bad and ugly then you scared about that because you know you're supposed to love your neighbor as yourself. Politics affects your neighbors, and it does to not be involved with politics. As a Christian means you don't really care what political world is doing to your neighbor and that's why say the violation sent the sin of not loving your neighbor so politics is just part of the deal. The states of America and following up with our conversation yesterday with my good friend Fred Voncannon will be out of his house this evening for a fundraiser and a gathering there of conservative Republicans and Fred is in a very hot race snorkeling house 35 because you for me saying this over the last probably bow about a year, 321 23 in the house to in the Senate and we need to take control of the North County Supreme Court in order to have a vetoproof majority. How are you to do that via the mechanism we know as the grand old party, the Republican Party nobody better to talk about that than Michael Watley who is the chairman of the North Carolina GOP. Michael, thanks for calling and man, how are you great you're very welcome.

I appreciate you being here. Thank you for all your efforts. This is a huge were like 66 and half weeks out from November 8 other so much on the line here.

Whether were talking about what I just mentioned in the North Carolina state legislature versus Gov. Cooper who doesn't give a rip about the legislative process, or were talking about the United States of America in Congress up in DC and what's happening in the house and the Senate boiler so much to talk about Michael word we start in terms of understanding, just what's on the line. On November 8 for us as conservatives. I really appreciate your approach in politics, you know, I firmly believe that we have got to get more men and women of faith, politics and public square, you know, I've been doing a series of after lunch with Mark Robinson all around the state done so far over 3000 that we had a conversation with about being involved politically running for office and getting evangelicals registered to vote, so that they can engage in the public square. This is one of one of you know that the project I feel strongest about the chair so your your approach. I could not agree more with you know and and I look at this election cycle as one of the guard rail.

You know, we don't have the president of we don't have the governor up but we can put guardrails around the governor's mansion. We can put governors around the White House guardrails around the White House.

You know when when we when we look here in North Carolina we have the opportunity to get the green out and I think were in great shape. Make that happen. Nothing is more important than winning the sprinkler when we look at the travesty after travesty that artist and board has done over the last several years the majority we got to be able to overturn that the last cycle.

We were three for three on the Supreme Court. All Nubian Chief Justice you talk about a strong man of faith. Help me in that addition, there you know that that if we win one state will get the majority, but I stated we went one working when boat and were going to win those two seats and and at that point with super majorities in the court and the governor could just go hang out in the bunker in the basement of the governor's mansion. The next two years and be totally irrelevant on the federal side, we have to get the help that you think about everything that is happened in the last 19 months.

Joe Biden was sworn in in a week.

We were at 1.4% inflation.

We were at 239 a gallon for gasoline and groceries were not an issue in any way shape or form. We had a secure southern border and we had a strong place in the world and here we are less than two years later and we have runaway inflation caused by out-of-control federal spending and out-of-control gas prices, both of which came directly of the White House and out of Congress you see what happened in Afghanistan what's happening in China and in Ukraine we know what happened in China and Taiwan this coming southern border with 4.5 million illegal immigrants that have come across the border and they're not just coming right there bringing drug child trafficking, human trafficking, you know, just it is Venezuela.

We just found out, emptied their president told everybody go cross the border and state. We fed 60 people on the terror watch list that have been arrested, have gone through so this is about guardrails and it really is about the future of this country because you know when we get these majorities and in the house and the Senate. It does set a stop for what can happen in 2024 where we got an opportunity to take that governor's mansion in Raleigh and and take the White House in DC yet, since it is such a huge thing to remember because as the Democrat party for you know from our perspective, Michael. You know this from our perspective, we look at we look at the Democrats in DC with the Democrats here in North Carolina with Gov. Cooper when I say over the last years man, the Democrat party is really really radicalized. I think they've radicalized I think that's normal. I think that's normal for them. Now that's who they are and they don't give a rip about the legislative process still abuse that the judicial process that the only way that you can fight that fire is, you have to cut them off at the knees so they will you do that, North Carolina to your point Michael is that we have to we have to own control of the North going to state Supreme Court because there to run everything to the courts because that's how they get around the legislative process which means you and me.

Everybody gets a way to get around us and then for Gov. Cooper in order to deal with his veto and Fred Voncannon mentioned this yesterday Michael Cooper's vetoed more things than Allport former governors North Carolina have combined the only way you can deal that shift and neuter him.

Which means you have to get a vetoproof majority. The same exact thing as exists up in Washington DC in order to neuter the Biden administration an occupancy. Biden himself because I don't think he's that much in charge, but only come back.

The break Michael only come back. I don't want anybody to get a false sense of security. I appreciate your optimism and we need to have that we got a lot of work to do in the next six weeks of Michelman to put you on hold when we come back and asked Michael Watley, the chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party.

What do we need to do what our marching orders as conservatives in order to accomplish this to win the battle to succeed.

Noble will be right back noble so we have a very very very important election coming up on November 8 when you're talking about here in North Carolina trying to have a vetoproof majority. We pick up three seats in the North going house to the Senate.

We need a least one to take control of the North going state Supreme Court under the incredible leadership of Paul Newby is one of the most remarkable Christian men I've ever met and we need to do that in order to as chairman Watley said to build a wall, basically a restraining system around the governor's mansion went to do the same thing in DC to build that same boat and keep the by demonstration out of the rest of the world's stay in the White House. Do whatever you do for the next two month two years where your mass. Get your 18th booster whatever you stay there. Just don't come out here and making more decisions.

We can do that is the control of Congress. So we got a lot on her plate and a lot to deal with a lot of challenges here and I want to make sure even though were confident, and I appreciate you Michael talking about the competence because things are really going well. Mike, my concern is always that people are getting all it's in the bag so I'll just stay home and not but we have a lot of work to do between now November 8 only you know North Carolina got 30 Democrat 5% on affiliated lotto you know we are by definition and we are always going to be a battleground at every level.

When we look at this election cycle. Yeah, the good outweighs the North Carolina 40 you know and and then we saw that even in 2025.5 million votes that were cast. You know, we delivered on the 95,000 boat president promptly delivered 73,000 boasted Paul Newby after to recount and 96 different County protest was 401 bookmark. It's crazy you know so so the way that we approach the election, but we need people do his work focused on two, number one, you gotta get out the vote.

You gotta get out the vote. My favorite and all of politics is if you have a five minute conversation with an undecided voter. There's 6% more likely to go vote vote for your candidate to where we got 7500 volunteers lined up all across North Carolina all 100 counties that are out there. You know, getting out the vote in there knocking on doors and making phone calls and their initiating those five minute conversation so tremendously important. The second thing that you gotta do you gotta protect about. We need election integrity in North Carolina. You know, we built a team in the 2020 cycle where we had 570 attorneys in all 100 counties. We had 3000 volunteers in all 100 counties.

Not one single boat was counted in North Carolina without us having the observers and attorneys in the room, which made a tremendous and I'll never forget president from calling me after the election day Michael I love North Carolina. You know I went to bed at night is Molly. I woke up and I doubted about that.

I got a small that's really the way that we want to protect it.

Does that mean it was perfect know not of course not. But but we were able to prevent really big issues that we thought in other places like, you know, Georgia and Arizona and Michigan Pennsylvania so you know where we are building out our ballot protection fee right now is.probably 7000+ volunteers that bind up and gone through our training session and working to have you know election observers election workers and election judges that are Republican and places that we've never had that every polling location and working to be there when I got the I just think that that's tremendously important you know people can go to our website and see.GOP and we got there to volunteer and you can sign up for either you know to get out the vote, teamwork, or for the ballot protection team as we need to get more people involved in and really the most important thing we can do is tell people to have that five minute conversation with an undecided book yeah because he uses are out there. The mainstream media doesn't want to talk about the issues by Ms. want to talk about the issues.Democrats don't want to talk about the issues that's I got to tromp and do various things to get your eye off the ball, but the issues that that that mean the most of most of us Michael mean the most to most Americans in their pocketbook issues. The southern border. There's all kinds of things to go on so you cannot rely on the mainstream media to have that conversation we had to have those personally and I know in order for us to get a vetoproof majority there some races around the state were safer in some areas than others, but some really, really challenging races like we have to Write Your Way, County which most people think you think a big city.

Think Charlotte Mecklenburg you go to wake County and Raleigh. Most of that's blue but we have opportunities to kinda take some of those like what I mentioned, my buddy Fred Voncannon as well as easy sites over in the Senate. There is some races in the state that we absolutely have to look at have to win in their closer but meant we gotta get after those two we really come down to a percentage point or two in all of the week.

It devotes more that will make it different than in terms of a radio. Aaron Caray in wake County is doing a fantastic job. You know like doing a fantastic job. You know in wake, Granville. You know when you get over just a little bit to the east were running again. You know all of these are fantastic opportunities for us here. You and I always stayed look. If you think about why all across North Carolina. We get more Republican votes out of Lake County and Mecklenburg County than we do any other County, by far, with the with the raw number of votes that we get out of there so you know from a perspective of the party. I worked very hard to make sure that we have an urban plan that they were talking to urban voters that we have a suburban plan where were talking to suburban and college-educated voters in those areas as well as just the rural you know we cannot rely on just using the rural turnout for we've got to have strategies to go into every one of the particular areas and and you're right, you know, our overall framework for the anti-GOP this cycle we call our family first agenda and is really about economic theory and educational opportunity because everything goes back to the family about those pocketbook issues and it's about educational issues and it really truly resonate to the core of every family doesn't matter if they're black or Hispanic or their manner, their women or their liberal or or their unaffiliated other conservative everybody cares about their economic security, educational opportunities for their kids. What about the Senate level but now talk about devotes all over the state manner. Doesn't matter what your County looks like this because this is a statewide race for the U.S. Senate. That's a biggie as well. It really is, and we got an opportunity to pick up Georgia Pennsylvanians can be very difficult for us to hold so we may have an opportunity.

You know to get it deep and in a place like Arizona or Nevada. You know, out West, maybe Colorado, but not that we don't hold the Carolina in a work week we will always put caution you know and and and say that we really bullish on where Ted but is doing. He's running a nominal rate that got it all 100 counties during primary is well on his way to getting all hundred counties now breaking fundraising record. The guy I was with him. Just the other day. We did three events in three different Together you know and and the guys tireless. I told him he is losing too much weight to get the chance to either rest. I feel really strong that were going to be in a position to win that right. We are forget to have the conversation.

That's right, working to get out of those working to protect SLS get somebody else to do this work, we ought to pull our weight on this one salt like this Friday. Michael there on Saturday I thought okay that's all I'll see you down there doing the show there and Friday and I'll get some interviews on Saturday so hopefully we'll get to spend some time again, thank you my brother for all you're doing. God bless you everybody bring you back in March. Dr. Mark McDonald by my friend Beth Moran. Bill and Jim great work out later in our tree, dealing with what we've been talking about dealing with the last two and half years now believe not, which is the covert issue and the author of United States of fear. How America fell victim to a mass delusional psychosis is explaining that to you guys a little bit on the break and also doing a podcast with Dr. Jeff Parke informed dissent. When my favorite words dissent and so Dr. Mark McDonald back with us. Clinical psychiatry also medical legal expert and him and Mark for me kinda just crack open different cans of worms and talk about these things limited I said last on the missing again just think you never met in person. I don't know that we ever will let you being on the front lines and having engaged starting a school board situation and then just telling the truth about the stuff which comes at a high price anymore.

I just think the Lord for people like you that are willing to step out and come out of our little myopic lives and engage a greater narrative is such an important example in such an important thing for up for people to be doing such as God bless you think. Thanks for mentioning that difficult sometimes to get through the day when you don't have a conversation at least one conversation with someone that has basic common sense and awareness. I had a conversation with my window repair man came over today that kinda corrected roar.

The previous day where I had no good conversations whatsoever. And it's it's those those moments that you have no five or six minutes with another human being.

You may have never met before, who just started yes that were in a really profound state of decay and despair right now and sees things, sees reality the way that you do and some days go by where you don't have a single encounter like that and then those are tough days. Yeah it's very tough days. It's hard to canna remain hopeful for me as a man of faith. That's why have to turn away from the realities and I'm seeing on the ground and I have to look at something else, something that believes a metanarrative story on top of all that but hey, at least according to Joe Biden the colored pandemic is over. So what is a kinda ridiculous statement, but as we look at that from your own perspective your own clinical psychiatry perspective is a medical professional and everything you've gone through. I really wanted to ask you about what what kind of lesson. Should we really be holding onto. As we go forward coming out of this nightmare that that the covert situation is bad but what if you learn what should we have learned and what we do about it. Moving forward to them to make sure we don't easily allow this to happen to us again that might be too big of an ask, but you gotta try what I think you just summarize the intent behind all of my speaking and writing in the last six months after I published my first book United States of fear November of last year I kept getting these questions from people and audiences and I would speak so what do we do now how do we move forward.

What can I do what can I do for my neighbor for my husband and I didn't have an immediate answer to some of those questions. So I began to think about it more and I put together was a book that I published just a few weeks ago all freedom from fear twelve-step guide to personal and national recovery, which is my way of answering that question.

On a personal level, not to the nation but to the individual.

Just like AA works on overcoming action addict at a time to I'm trying to encourage Americans to overcome their fear, addiction, one person at a time.

I believe that that is the path forward in a nutshell, it's not top down. I believe a year ago. It was I was wrong. Top down does not work too much corruption at the top, but at the bottom you can actually do good if your mother and you have a student interested in school who also lives in your home who happens to be your child run for school board trade schools are the ones that are forming the minds of our next generation. There also the ones that are cutting off their testicles and their breasts and putting them in dresses and ideals of their boys and genes which cut if there girl and encouraging cross sex hormones.

If there over the age of seven and it's mostly female teachers because most teachers are women better doing this, along with female therapist and female doctors you can affect change on that level.

If you're willing to get involved so I believe now that it really is up to the individual and community not to the federal government not to even Congress for Sen. Pres.

Hopefully we'll get there eventually will reform those institutions, but for now we need to reform ourselves as if you are the person you love is actually addicted to something harmful which is fear paralyzes reason paralyzes thinking common sense encourages compliance enabling all kinds of evil crop up out of chronic irrational fear. It is the source of a lot of people in our societies the way out the way forward in my opinion is a psychological way forward.

First and foremost, and it starts with the individual overcoming their addiction. So what you think of things that you get hooked on Netflix pornography. Whatever. But when it comes to fear, but you look at those other things and go okay these are really damaging the people get hooked on anyway right so what what what look like the fear addiction because I talked to I probably talked about this and we were on the march.

I talked about it for a few years again. From my perspective, a biblical perspective. I just watched fear consume people and in Rund because they're afraid of death are free to getting sick. They're afraid of the unknown and so the bill do anything you go down there and get that little box and put this thing on your face and then you let me put this in your arm and then I can take your fear away and people literally just like lemmings just followed followed by long so was a fear addiction look like in an why do we even go there to address this in different ways and like substance: dissident, MD which is also went through my will dissident the work that all my writings and I even wrote a recent article in the last week or two expressing one specific point of this which is, as I called it. We need to ban and asks why isn't is and isn't in my body, my choice whether on the right or the left and on the left. It's for abortion on the right. It's for freedom to not get shots. Everyone agrees superficially that we should have the freedom to make decisions about our bodies and putting a master body is a choice I argued in that substance: no actually, they should be banned in the immediate gut reaction by conservatives, libertarians, people that on the left to like to control is this is freedom. I mean as long as not hurting when should they be allowed to put the mask on their face.

I hear this from a lot of people I respect.

Hey look I don't want to max but if you want to do is go right ahead. I respect your choice right well.

My opinion is changed fully in that area because I think that the left is co-opted the language of the common sense American which is liberty and freedom and choice in their using it in a perverse way twisted way to co-opt an action that would superficially sound really good. It is actually evil and damaging and destructive mask wearing is not a choice. And I'll tell you why we have laws that ban public urination, public nudity, public intoxication graffiti stating why do we have is my body, my choice and I can lie drunk on the ark with my wiener hanging out smelling like alcohol, vomiting and crapping on myself. It's my choice. I can ruin my life if I write to allow that with reason why we don't allow that is it's a public space or social world is public. It's a shared space. We don't allow people to have their dog crap on the public park and walk away, pick up after your dog. Hey, my dog, my body, my choice no, it's not your yard. It's our yard and when you go out in the public you engage in a social contract to behavior in one of those is to show your face and you don't show your face. We buy all of us should I don't cease say can I say should assume that you are up to no good that you were going to rob Ray permitting someone. I think it's a very reasonable assumption software to rewrite our social norms and rewrite them for the most fearful rather than the most courageous. We are going to destroy our society.

We need to ban on, because when someone puts a mask on. It's no different than someone covering her face in going into a bank the right to know good right you're destroying the social fabric, just as if you were exposing yourself or pacing yourself for passing out or spring graffiti on the wall of reality and that is you start thinking about what kind of society do you want to live in, and we arty know we seen this with the educational process. What's happened to our kids since we started masking them, which is absolute ridiculous complete denial of reality and in all the costs that come with that and the hardening of society listener society before call that was already struggling with decent civility just basic civility. Now you put a mask of your face you can't even begin to nonverbal communication is dad increased concern about where these people because hey guess what criminals wear masks to the presiding chemical minerals, where mass and now everybody walking in every situation had a mask on. That should make you nervous dear point it should. But then we have a shared space and what can a shared space. Do we want and that's that that's something that that we just kind of fell into this. You talk about this in the book.

Don't be a sheep reject the collective, even when enough of the collective.

And I do not such of the collect was as big as the media wants to say it was but even when the collective pushing. That's when you got have a backbone and you gotta be willing to take the heat. You know this probably better than most. At this point you be willing to take the heat because if you leave, you better get used to standing alone because most people don't do that. The reason why we have allowed the left to take over and redefine our social norms to the point now where pedophilia is now being re-normed is minor attracted person right map which I wrote about in my most recent subsectors. Well, I coded language of the left how language has been taken over.

When we normalize evil and I think every decent person would agree on any political striper spectrum that sexual molestation of a child is specifically evil. If we normalize that by changing the language just like we change the word safe to mean I wear a mask.

That's not safe I'm sorry is not safe by any stretch of the imagination neither as being attracted to infection. Children change the language doesn't change the action is still evil. Evil all that's ever talking to Dr. Mark McDonald, United States of fear in them was recently freedom from fear 12 step guide. This is Steve Noble will be right back Steve Noble to see Noble show freedom from fear 12 step guide to personal and national recovery. This is written by Dr. Mark McDonald, who was on the show back in March and is been fighting the fight about the truth with respect to covert and masking and all the other math that goes along with that there's a lot of dominoes that line up behind that little Seaward COBIT and all kinds of stuff going on. Clinical psychiatry medical legal expert's website as is up there.

Got all the stuff in the easy thing to do is go to dissident dissident you can get to his first book, which is United States of fear.

The brand-new book, freedom from fear. You get to some stack there.

I put all those links up as well as the podcast that he does he can just go to anywhere you get podcast Apple the regular places informed dissent is the name of that he does that with Dr. F. Dr. Jeff Parkey and so were working our way through several different things today and and when you look at the book earmarking appreciate you being on today and I know how busy you are and we look at things the peer addiction admit you're an addict reject the collect collective meaning. Don't be a sheep live in the real world I choose reality over fantasy. That's where I think I want to talk about then went back to narcissism. We talk about that a little on the break, but choose reality over fantasy live in the real world.

The one thing that progressives never want to hear in the Pro covert Pro mass crowd. They don't want to deal with his facts then want to deal facts and figures. They don't deal the truth. It's all narrative worldview ideology in order to gain control, but they never want to deal with the facts and we can get ourselves caught up when you like suspend your allegiance to truth and you're all about emotion and fear and and I think this is a huge problem in this country. I completely agree. I had a conversation with Amanda came to repair my windows today. Manual labor, not a college degree guy works with his hands, got three daughters wife works to lives out town you know hundred miles south of LA this guy has a greater grip on reality than anyone that I interact with in LA with 3 to 6 letters after his name.

He said I just ran into an old friend of mine that I grew up with a woman hadn't seen her for a long time and she came up to me and she started telling me the story about how she's affirming her boys transition to be a girl and he looked at her and he just said to me, I thought. I don't know who this person is anymore. She is no longer living in reality. And I said you hit your nail the nail on the phone with them to do the other yeah I said you get it because you live in reality you have to if you don't put the screw in the window it falls out and then the house gets wet and robbers come through and they brought the family so you don't have the the luxury of renaming the insert is female to male or male to female. If you get those mixed up the screw doesn't stay in the whole. Now this woman what she does for a living, but she apparently has lost reality she's left common sense and now she's living in this fantasy world and he said to me when I approached her and she said that to me. She could sense without my saying anything that I had no idea what she was talking. I was completely opposed to any idea it was coming out of her mouth. He said nothing and she immediately felt that, and she began to wave him away and leave the conversation and I said to him, this is the result. This is the consequence of people who live in fantasy versus reality, they lose the ability to engage with other people express curiosity and have discussions that will lead them to greater wisdom and truth because they know on some level as a part of the maybe unconscious knows that if there feeling based fantasy is ever confronted God for bid punctured by reality.

The whole balloon will collapse. They don't want to know the truth.

They can't handle the truth right that's right line from the movie Jack Mickelson that is our problem today and the left has succeeded.

Basically, in encouraging and complying with and forcing everyone in our country to join them in their fantasy by using fear trauma and ultimately government force to coerce people into remaining silent. That's right, this is a big big problem is the inability to live in reality to continue to live in fantasy and to force everyone else. Through this re-norming of social conventions into saying black is white and white is black yeah and there's interesting enough as is when you talk about than you can handle the truth and not seen the movie umpteen times, always.

I'm always cycling through because I have a pretty robust biblical worldview in the book of Romans.

In the New Testament.

Next, he says they suppress the truth and replace it with a lie. That's not passive that's active, you're me. It's like being a four-year-old sticky fingers in your ears, who do not want to hear, but not necessarily I don't hear and I don't hear it. I don't hear it and and how does and everybody has done in the not like a lot of people in church like oh we are supposed to love your neighbor as yourself and your symbols to submit to the governing authorities and then that's how they kind of baptized there desire to do what they're told. But how does narcissism fold in here. I like two or three maybe all four of my kids are pretty pretty regularly use the word narcissist, a person of the nurses says there narcissism. It's all over the place. I think narcissism actually all over the place up with understand how does narcissism fit in here with the way people act more like that woman who is denying the reality and ends. He looks at him because he probably look like Tucker Carlson, like Tucker Carlson's always got that look on his face like what you talking about, and I'm sure she thought all over him that she doesn't want to go there to your point, she refuses to deal with reality but narcissism fit in. I think the easiest way to explain it is developmentally every baby is born with what's called primary narcissism, which is the necessary state of mind to have your born or defenseless to rely on another human. Probably her mother to survive. He is born into a fantasy world where he believes that he is the center of the universe and everything revolves around him know that's actually necessary for survival because if you realize how insignificant he was if he was one of 8 billion other human beings on the planet. He would collapse and grief because he knows that with with his lack of power and real power. Your babies can even turn over nothing for six or nine months. They can be themselves, they can keep themselves warm.

They're not like other mammals there born completely defenseless for over a year if he knew how defenseless he really was, how weak, how impotent he really was.

He would probably just give up on life. So this is a hardwired necessary trait to think in a fantasy, not real, but you're super important thing when you imagine that your wet your mommy comes and wipes her but when you imagine that you're hungry she comes over and gives you her breast and milk. The these are necessary components of primary narcissism. However however if they don't have all into delayed gratification. Recognition of your own relative insignificance among all other human beings. The need to be aware of others around you, like your siblings. The fact that your father and your mother. They love each other to. And there's something called a couple, and sometimes the couple takes precedence over the child doesn't mean that they're ignoring you. It means that there there focusing on their own one another, which is what created you. If you don't understand that at some point if you don't get that in your thick little baby had been, you're going to grow up into the people that we see now walking the earth, especially the United States, with her adult children, adult babies that haven't gone past her primary narcissism and me in a fantasy. They still believe that everything around them is revolving around that they are the most important person in the room. Their feelings, their physical satisfaction or gratification is paramount.

That is the failure to develop a healthy narcissism, which is a healthy regard for oneself. For example, my name is actually pronounced Dr. Jeff Barclay not Dr. Jeff Barr.

I appreciate if you could just remember that that's a healthy respect for oneself, but saying I'm Dr. Jeff Barclay and I am the best doctor in all of Los Angeles and if you criticize any opinions that I have a great fire. He was my patient. That's not helping, narcissism, and we've lost the difference between healthy respect for the self, which is sort of self-preservation and bodily respect. Respect for our values. Knowing that we are to some degree important because were human and we have the mind and body misrepresenting that as baby narcissism is what's led to people ignoring as Jordan Peterson is fond of saying ignoring their own house their own bad and going out and trying to fix everyone else's homes and their throwing stones all the time.

Is there driving in their glass cars. This is what's happening today so they all rename themselves.

Karen Karen thing comes from his yes that's right Karen.

Karen Karen Karen Karen Karen Allaire goes another Karen Wright were surrounded by Karen's so we had a couple minutes left.Dr. McDonald so what we do about that. Delete should we focus on our own challenges with fear, or should we look societally as well. Should we do both.

Can we walk and chew gum at the same time I think we should focus first on ourselves.

We should give ourselves a true honest assessment are we addicted to fear or are we feeling her fear and overcoming acting in spite of if it's the latter. Good for you.

Now go and help others. If not, if you are honestly addicted to fear. If you are unable to think rationally. If you are unable to act in service of others.

You need you need you must for your own good and that of the community to overcome your fear addiction admit that it's a problem and start working on it and if we all of us collectively can do that simultaneously, then we can go from the bottom to the top and we can reform from the local community up to the federal level that I believe is the solution and the answer to this problem. You absolutely bottom up which the progressives have been great at forever and and and conservative minded people are just critical thinking people, isolating its died on this heap is critical thinking understand that from the bottom up.

If people want to start really got getting engaged. I received freedom from fear, it's available. I put the link up on by Dr. Mark McDonald, the subsector podcast we talk about on the part of the intersection (politics, Sebastian Gordon Charlie Joseph with you. Yeah DeSantis last year while talk about how healthcare, medicine, politics, intersect every level mind. That's awesome that the podcast informed dissent with Dr. Mark McDonald, Dr. Jeff Parkey exactly the right way to say his name. Mark it was great having you back on the film and God bless you think your efforts will do it again. Talk later okay everybody this is Steve Noble and Stephen Michelle, God willing, I'll talk again real soon and like my dad always used to say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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