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Paul's Promise Opening 10/21

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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September 19, 2022 10:54 pm

Paul's Promise Opening 10/21

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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September 19, 2022 10:54 pm

Paul's Promise Opening 10/21

Steve talks to Ryan O'Quinn about his lead role in a new movie called Paul's Promise! What is the movie about?

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network one noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve now 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble okay welcome back everybody had a great weekend thinking about this, for filling in for me on Friday. Want to introduce you to a couple people first name that you probably have never heard unless perhaps you grew up in Arkansas I lived in Arkansas in the late 60s early 70s Paul holder field senior, better known as brother Paul was not somebody that you would've expected for a good part of his life to do what ended up doing and what the Lord did in his life and he came from a broken home in poverty is father had all kinds of messes.

He had all kinds of messes personally and probably mostly as a result of that and growing up. Obviously, in the 1950s and 1960s in the South.

The racial issue is a big deal and he struggled with that too.

But then eventually you find out, and this is just a wild story.

Eventually you find out you you look it up and sees go Google Paul holder field senior and the first thing that comes up is friendly Chapel Church of the Nazarene in North Little Rock and you go there and you find this is a racially integrated church and has been since day one in its run now by Paul holder field Junior is the son. Obviously a Paul holder field senior and then to find out that the senior dad struggle with racism struggle with alcohol struggle with all kinds of things that had no interest in the Lord and then all of a sudden boom, then he ends up starting friendly Chapel. Now his kids still are involved in ministry. They felt they put given out millions of meals down there it's really an amazing story. I felt the only reason I found that out is because I was asked to consider doing an interview with the folks behind Paul's promise, which is opening theaters nationwide October 21 and that's what it's about. It's all about Paul holder field senior and it's amazing story, so I kinda want to work my way backwards and literally about 40 minutes ago I finished watching a screener, but that's one of the beauties of doing what I do, you get access to the movies and stuff at school but Ryan O'Quinn is the producer and the star of Paul's promise and we jumped on Zoom today and he was wondering if I compose myself slightly towards the end it turns into a real tearjerker. I didn't really see that one coming over to talk about this today excited to have Jan Ryan and to share all this stuff with everybody but is great to see. It's great to meet you and when I was looking at your own background all the way back to 9021 know what time like yes I used to watch that show. Looking to sell our demand. They are good. Thanks so much for having me on Steve yeah my my career spans all the way back to 90210 I have to say for younger audiences. The original 902 yes because they did a general reboot a while down to this I was doing a comedy show years ago and inevitably, people introduce me as a guide was on Beth Mitchell 90210. This this gaggle of think it's what you call a group of eighth grade girls. This gaggle of eighth grade girls came running up to the bar table afterwards and in one of them said which one of you were on Beverly Hills 90210 and of course my my head got that big around as I get a few episode you know what I said to God, was traveling with. I've got this site clean forward and I said that as a matter fact young lady that was me and without missing a beat. She said when my mommy was a little girl. She loved that this dagger right there where it is not the love of Jesus. Let me know what you want to say yes or goes all the way back in getting started only back then but but parallel that and then obviously we want to talk about Paul's promise and again everybody that's opening October 21. Paul's promise is the website but parallel for us just for a minute if you would be so kind, Ryan kind of your your walk-through movies and television in the crazy world of Hollywood and then your faith journey. Yeah well 25 years ago I came to, by the way I'm in LA now. That's where my production company is in where we are right now name of our company is Damascus Road productions, which your audience will they will get that sort speaks volumes. But you know I had some sums semblance of an idea that I should be in this business and I had an undergrad I did a lot of lifestage and I poured with the idea of live theater in New York, New York. Ship to be like Peter for film and television. I felt like that was my calling. I'm using" your calling and I felt like there was something that the Lord had for me in this businesslike to be fully transparent forward with the idea of vocational ministry at seminary. I thought there was something some sort of messaging that I was to give, to proliferate. The gospel message and II believe Matthew 28 is very specific and we all have a job that at NRR vocation often differs from our occupation or occupation is how we we put food on the tables what's on our tax returns are vocation.

If you're a believer is to spread the good news and that could be in the form of certainly a vocational pastor but a teacher or a bus driver or a lawyer or a banker or radio host or an actor you we still have the same vocation. We are believers so 25 years ago. I loaded up my little red car drove ended up in Los Angeles and and started down the path of what inasmuch as I can. Let me figure out how best to take these God-given talents that I've been given and utilized that for the kingdom and by the way you alluded to it, but not easy to do. You know you Mitchell 902. Also one out of secular film and television and just trying to chart the path of where where my supposed to be in the midst of all that and then there was about a 10 year period were, although I still lived in LA I was traveling around the country doing standup in improv comedy ministry. I know that may sound a bit boxy. I did comedy ministry and I traveled all over the country doing large platform primarily youth events and all over the place with the company I cofounded called teamwork play large platform denominational gatherings and youth conferences and large platform music events and and that led me into television film production through my own company called Damascus road and through a number of factors led us to this movie yeah and so how did you break so just 30 seconds. Real quick. Ryan, how did the story of Paul holder field get on your radar screen. Yeah the great executive producer Nick Logan with Nick Logan who lives in the Southwest Virginia and he was familiar with the story and had countered the book brother Paul which found the Nazarene church is a publishing arm and all field senior had co-authored a book about his life and it ended up on the exploit came to us and said we have to make this project got such a such a powerful movie or talking to Ryan O'Quinn's producer and please Paul holder field in the movie, Paul's promise, Paul's promise or to get into the story itself in the making of the film and all that the Lord has done and praying with the Lord will do as we get closer to October 21, Ryan O'Quinn, producer and star Paul's promise, this is Steve Noble will be right back and will show the one of you has worry about what the Lord did in coming in your life and moving the way he did in you coming to faith and then what happens as a result of that transformation is is a great story. Whether it's a huge story and anybody knows it all brings glory to God in every every conversion and every person that chooses to follow up to the Lord is a great testimony and every once in a while you run across one that is inspiring and convicting, especially in the context of where we are today in this country with race being a big issue has been obviously since the start of this nation go back to the 1600s. I teach US history.

We go back to the 1400s you go back. We've been doing it to each other since we got kicked out of the garden. Okay so you get all these issues that are out there, but the issue of race in particular is a hot button issue and it's totally politicized that we have to engage that when the gospel heart and that's what happens in a movie that's opening nationwide October 21 called Paul's promise, Paul's promise it's the true story behind the conversion of one Paul holder field who was in Arkansas and race is a big part of this was the 1967 as the setting of the movie Arkansas was a segregated place and in and but what happens when you bring the gospel in the race relations.

That's really the ultimate answer. It's not the White House it's not some program in schools at the gospel itself.

And so in Paul's promise. You see that you see that the Kenneth convergence of the gospel in one man's life and other people's lives in the power of prayer, like Paul's mom is just incredible stories.

Opening October 21. And like I said earlier I finished watching it about an hour ago I got the tears out of my eyes.

I jumped in my car, drove here to the studio to talk to Ryan O'Quinn today, who is the producer and the star. Paul's promise and Ryan again thanks for your time today. It's great to have you. Thank you so much I'm I'm glad to see that your eyes are not moist thing away, but like you said at the end of the film is a bit of a tearjerker and a great and a great way yes is is is you can glorify the Lord and all of that. So you adapt from the book. It's a true story of Paul holder field, but how did you come to prep yourself since you paid you played Paul, your believer, you have your own conversion story, but how do you get yourself ready to play somebody that went to such a large conversion, especially in such a trying time in this country you will again for your audience, I'm showing you some of inside baseball but I was not originally slated to play all over. There was no before the casting process begun Nick Logan and his team saltshaker media brought the project to us and say how can we work together a lot. By the way, alongside producer Mike Davis and John pictures North Carolina and how can we work together to bring the story to the screen so as we start really diving and unpacking what we have in our hands. Here, take a look at the original book and how to translate that into a feature. My my wife said you do know and I know I read the Redbook as well. In the original screenplay and strangely enough, Paul's relationship with his mother very closely resembled my father's relationship with his mother, my grandmother not unlike many overfilled in the movie wasn't was a praying mom. Just every day of her life for her son and pray that he would take a look at this Jesus thing and so in a weird way, unbeknownst by the way, to any other executive producers and and really no one but my wife really story that but until now, but you know this is kind of like your dad and your grandmother and again, unbeknownst to any of the producers Nick Logan reached out to my wife about people not to eat and go to me your nor my agent will think about Ryan looking at this role and so Heather you'll start stepping in. The gap is my is my conduit said you know that is a great idea.

Here's why so again just sneak peek behind the scenes a bit. But as I looked at that role and really try to tackle that unpack that you aptly mentioned the timing of this film in race relations, albeit 55 set 55 years and has to arguably weird you were going through the exact same thing today so really looking at how to structure a screenplay start to finish and also honor this man's life who, like you said, by his own admission was a big racist ne'er-do-well was the wrong crowd had a fascinating art in that early on is childhood best friend was black and he was raised for the son of a sharecropper as was his best friend, and a best friend who was black and they shared a number of things you love the sport of boxing and they were just, you know thick as thieves until as as life often Dick dates you fall in with the wrong crowd start hearing from others speaking into your life and in the height the zeitgeist of the civil rights mood of the 1960s, it was just not cool those to be seen together.

So Paul really literally and figuratively turned his back on best friend and the climax of that we don't show it in the creative license and condense it all into a short period time at the real story. Steve is during the Little Rock nine incident in 1957 Paul was approached by Jimmy look at his childhood best friend. By the way, played upon by the actor Joseph Cannon is an amazing job on a number of awards is approached by Jimmy Lipkin and Paul stuck his hands in his back pocket and at risk of having kids friends I'm using our quotes see him shake the hand of a black man.

He really turned his back on that stuck with Paul and he went home. He says that night and cried to his life and basically said never again. Ultimately, when the Lord got hold of his life really made a point of standing up to the injustice that he saw around him really coming amazing servant of the Lord said racism is not biblical and essentially not on my watch, let's do something about so powerful. Which is kind of tough call Paul Harvey of the rest of the story is to this day I'm talking about a movie set back in 19 667 and his family. To this day has a racially integrated church in a ministry in their reaching out to the people in the area and poor people truly amazing story. It's a great cast and in a Christine Kane. Most of us remember Dean going back to Superman days and and Sherry Sweetman now, but it's Sherry Riggs, which a lot of people recognize her. I thought it was really I'm looking at Linda Pearl and Nancy Stafford. I'm going okay.

I know these women were they both both on Matlock. Together they were both on the aptly were not there on the same show but they never work at the same time Nancy left the show, Linda came onto the show and so our movie was a bit of a recovery union sorted out the known of each other and they both did an amazing job. Linda, by the way last night won best actress at the Canadian international well cool MNR are film a couple nights ago one a number of awards. The red letter awards here in Los Angeles yesterday again to put a hat to our cast was just incredible. Matt Wright, Mayor director who was at the helm expertly took the lead to pull this all together. Dean courses is fantastic. As always, you make jobs well yeah now I wanted to ask you about casting we had about a minute for me to run out of time again that will continue.

On the other side break so obviously you know there's there's casting and there's all the talent that's out there. But when you're making a faith-based film. Do you have like the casting book part two like it's the secret one on the shelf that yes all the believers and how you cast a film that's obviously paid driven and pointing people to Christ will step one is to get great actors that's always one and you know is that wearing the producer out as well. It's not lost on us that at a time back we like this there's going to be opportunity and reason for those people to be promoting and to be in front of folks like you and to know talking about the movie. So we honestly look at me like on the day when their honesty will show what those say yes risk of written revealed. Right there up against a break and they were talking a rhino plan producer and star Paul's promise for you keep talking about that when we come back for more about the story itself. Paul's promise will is a noble show today spend time with our brother in Christ.

Rhino Quinn is concerned star, Paul's promise, Paul's promise opening October 21 true story about Paul holder fields life upholder field Senior and that his son X he runs the church in the ministry that Paul started.

Paul was an unlikely person he would not have been in the yearbook in high school most likely started church and grow ministry and be integrated. He struggled with all those things back in the context of the 50s and 60s grown up in poverty super powerful movie and rhino Quinn is the producer and also the star plays balder field himself. He said something earlier Ryan. Again, thanks for your time. You said something earlier and I've had conversation the people because I've done a lot of Christian movie stuff on the radio show. Over the years because I'm a huge movie fan myself and now people to make the assumption that hey, let's go higher but the Christians and make all these movies we hire the best people in order to produce the best product that's an offering to the Lord.

They want the best talent you can have, but that provides a great opportunity because you spent how long does it take to make a movie like Paul's promise. Yeah, this was about four weeks of principal photography and about your development before that sore boots on the ground about a month before.

That's about two months on the ground you got another for six months of post production and probably 6 to 6 to 12 months of preproduction development year from start and everybody once your filming is kinda poured into this one spot in everybody's on top of each other and have been around enough of them now. Unlike you guys get along because everybody got there so many parts but what a great opportunity just love people were there at and I'm sure over all these years you seen God. Be faithful and those things over and over for sure and there's no business you know when you're in the midst of shooting a movie or an voxel writer in the trench and and for better or worse your spending every every waking minute with folks around you and everybody has one goal in mind and one mission and mission and a lot of times you are at odds with people like you would be with any other any other work setting, but I would say that you know 12 to 14 hour workday.

The pressure in millions of dollars, sometimes on the lie and you know that that adds fuel to the fire so you're actually right.

You know, we don't we don't set out the higher Christian people to make movies and I think that is somewhat antithetical to the mission of what were called to do.

We hire people to make movies and best case scenario at some point, you know, between take somebody may say something more about this or in the script it says How I find out more about that night tell you stories all day long about lasting 20 or so years of business where it had opportunity. Time and again and maybe that is exactly the reason the guy was called thoroughly to you know to put butts in seats and a movie. But to have those one-on-one conversations, bonds yeah it would be an interesting conversation have at the morning goes okay you rhino to make movies and people to see the movies but I'm actually not that interested in the people seeing movies I'm interested in the people that are using to make the movie so don't worry about the audience and then of course got spans both places.

But when when people just asked generally ask them to back up because I'm sure there's people just joining the show when people say what's Paul's promise about what she what's the elevator explanation there yeah what what is an incredible true story of a guy who buys only mission was not a good guy is a racist bigot in the height of the civil rights the 60s and promised his mother on what was essentially her deathbed made a promise to his mom who was who was devout and prayed for him. His whole life really wanted him to take a look at her face. Her Christian faith and so he said finally, the last result to his mom okay I will I will take a look at this Jesus thing and when he did, it made all the difference he made a complete 180 in his life.

He practically overnight dropped all of his vices and he really started loving on people in the inner city of North Little Rock, Arkansas.

First phase of his conversion was fine. Some people that just just need sex for love on people and started with with kids and he started up the shelter and a food pantry in Little Rock and that sort of respondent to sort of actually led to church and some of the folks that were with him on this mission that he wanted to be the start of church and why don't you be the pastor of the church at first want to say absolutely not. I'm just new to this rental role-playing and I've never gone to seminary and the last person on the planet doing this but he did thank goodness, and the church still exist that he was among the first to start a truly integrated church in Little Rock, Arkansas. He had a black man preach from the pulpit one the first times that it happened, integrated church and so he was really a visionary and a man I had assured height of that movement and then part of our story. You just taken from his real story where he later in life reconnects with his childhood best friend Jimmy. Looking who yet mentioned earlier, literally and physically turned his back on and and he and Jimmy reunited and reconnected and he had Jimmy speak in peach preach from the pulpit and they continue to this day, the church preaches a message of unity and reunification and you know really true bonds in the Lord and he said, among other things, now that I've read this book. I can see that it's not biblical and snowy. He sought his family still seeks to eradicate racism and wealth and discrimination in all forms from their permit when you're making a true story like this and you've got all senior is with the Lord now right is no longer years passed Win98 so he's out here is the got promoted got his son in his and his kids and family still involved. So what's it like to make a movie when you're actually telling somebody else's story in his own family still around to kinda go see Ryan knock knock knock great question and I was on the phone this morning took great pains producer Mike Davis and Jason Davis are producers and I went to the family and Little Rock and spent time with them and really walk them through what it is we want to do and how we want to do this really spent time with all juniors meant to use current senior pastor of the church and Paula and Philip Paulson used other two kids are involved actively involved in vocational ministry at the church's week we sat down with the entire extended family for a long time going over the course of multiple days laid out for them, how we want to approach this. What we were doing what the goal was we wanted them to be comfortable with storytellers and vice versa.

We didn't want to miss that. We also invited them to the set and so Paul and his wife Paul Junior and his wife Kathy and several several people from Fernley Chapel Church of a lot of the hopes that it were so close to Paul Senior came both charset in New Mexico and two are set here in Los Angeles and spent time and really, you know, I said let me get what we get the gate when we get the wall really dive into the to the care he put on this character Paul and I had his son was an amazing resource.

Needless to say, walk me through those new and Sherry Rigby had had Paul's Junior talk about mom and how she would stand what you were talking water cadence laws and let us listen to those accents. Let us as best we can emulate both the spirit and the physicality of what your parents were about that, so powerful, so I'll combine his last question into two parts. What what was their hope what it what are they hope everybody gets out of this story of their fathers conversion in their grandmother's role in all of that in the what's, what's your hope and prayer Ryan for Paul's promise and I think it's one of the same holder feels the family is the least selfish people I've ever met on the as witnessed by their ministries still go strong today. Nobody's ever paid a dime for food or shelter or clothing or anything at all that they have that they offer at the church and they really just want to proliferate. The Mets is not a one man, not a one-man story they would be the first to tell you that despite the title.

This is not about Paul is about a man who made a decision to come into a real relationship with the living God, and as a result, changed his own life and his entire community because it will be our hope as well and on behalf of all producers in our whole talk about this regularly continue to do so even as we are in the midst of the marketing machine that it takes to get a movie out in theaters around the country are holy and goal goal and prayer literally is exactly that. Let the people who need to see this movie can hear the message of the movie be the people that come and where I can elevate one person or one company or one studio like that the messages what's in it for us.

As is audience members we need to realize is just another tool that the Lord gives us to take somebody marginal believer and unbeliever summits hostile. Whatever the case may be just invite him out to the movies and take them but you have to continue that conversation.

I think oftentimes they will help the movies going to close the deal or whatever course that's not the way worse. You can even do that yourself Ryan you can't do it.

I can't do it. None of us could do it, but it does it does have the potential to plow a field and start a conversation for sure.

It's another reason Steve and I like the idea of bio we've seen great precedents before us like what John and united with.

I can only imagine and I still believe in you can argue with someone's with someone's faith. You and I could tell they long talk on social media and yelling and SOMEBODY arguing about fate what you can't argue with his somebody streusel and in this case it's the real true story of Paul Overfield in my opinion that again and theatrical marketing terms that broadens your your shotgun's general marketing demographic trends see this because it's a real story about a real and then called action for all of us to see understand this the first weekend is immensely important. You have to come out the first week and you don't way. I'll give it a week. No you can't do that you need to get out and support that week that keeps it in the theaters and that allows them to hopefully add theaters. Paul's promise opens nationwide October 21 rhino Quincy) to pray with you I think you showed great to be with use of rumor, Paul's promise.

Opening nationwide October 1. Let's change the direction here, take a turn in will go back to our good friend David Fisher from landmark capital as we do every Monday and Caicos are newer to the showing is like what's the deal. I talk about this stuff on a regular basis. The only reason that originally I even consider doing a financial focus on Monday so we do a Monday Monday update with David. But on the first Monday of the month we do a full show. So the full first Monday of the month to go full show we talk about all kinds of things going on the markets and what's going on in thinking internationally nationally was going on with the fad what's going on with investments in general.

David specialty is in precious metals and how do you incorporate those into an overall strategy as the opposite end of the teeter totter. As I like to say but the only reason I made it a regular part of the show is because talking about money and possessions is a regular part of the Scriptures.

It's all over the old and the New Testament. So God knows that this is something that we struggle with at heart level management level and a stewardship level.

So if the Lord's gonna be talking about it a lot, don't you think we should reflect that appropriately here in the show, which is why we do that, a regular basis and is such a blessing to always have David with the sorry my friend. Good to have you back. I am doing good to me. Every welcome, as always, so money Monday update.

We start in a great place to go right to the Scriptures. In this case.

Psalm 127 so let's start there in the multibillion house labor in vain. The Lord watches over the city. The gorge stand watch in vain. So the Scripture unless the Lord builds the house, you know what were talking about simply Lord doesn't have a set of hammer and nails and not actually performing the construction but he's at work within us, but it speaks of the Lord direct involvement in our lives. Obviously the real verse reveals that we need to see God's blessing we need to ask him for divine wisdom. We need to seek his face.

No, that's far action and so were partnering in the building of this, but there's a Scripture that relates to this. Proverbs 1921 says many are the plans in the person's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails. So my advice is sometimes Christians were true, too much effort in pondering and thinking.

What should I do for the Lord instead of my advice and start moving as God can move apart car you know and believe that the Lord is greater than your plans for your life and you saw her and he knows all he sees all and direct you. Once you start moving on with the purposes for your ministry for your work. You witness to, and you will becoming more like him because you engage in saying you don't want to build his house.

But I want you to give me the plans be going to again engage you and he'll use the hurts right in your motivations right like the instantaneous checking everything against love God can use whatever you're doing, but it there are times for meditation are times to be still obviously but we need about the father's business and we can do that while were about: quote our own business and that's why it's great to be a room. I'm reminded of that.

Let's Lord builds the house to build his labor in vain. So if you're not if you're not working for the Lord, you're pretty much working in vain. So you remember that the CPI number came out last Tuesday. That was an ugly and is still wreaking havoc on stocks and looking at just the last month and it started just a month ago we were at the stock market. The Dow is that 33,000 706 today. It's all in with up a little at the end of the day but it's at 31,000 barely got back about 31,000 so like a 10% swing just last month, Janet Yellen's time and in there's all Janet Yellen's yelling at his STUFF going on. So what's happening and what it and what did Janet say because she's usually pretty good at stirring things up to 47/50 on the myth CPI number I'm in the living they've been completely listed.

They predicted it would be 8.2% or 7.9% came in lower than what it was last month was 8.5% last month became an 8.3%, but usually the sentiment that you know that investors recall the public administration, you name it, that there is this belief I want to just have the Fed go away no more racing rates get the markets back to normal. We should relation all those things but basically do have. We have to embrace the reality of this market embraced the real reality that there is inflation and the Fed's going to meet this week probably raise on two days from now to three quarters of a point, probably in December, half a point and probably 1/4 point in January before we get to Janet Yellen, CEO FedEx says he expects the economy to enter into a world wide recession last week on Thursday, going all the markets have been read. Today's the first Green Day since the CPI net amount Janet Yellen. She came out and said Sunday she talked about inflation. She said she talked about the Irish crypto digital currency in relationship to inflation. She said the feds going to get it under control phone call, but in then we won't be in a recession we are in one now that the G-7 nations were referring to US-Japan Canada, Germany, France, Italy and the United Kingdom and the Ural land are all coming together.

They met last month and to put A price cap on oil so that Russia stays in line only too much money and we don't have inflation. So if the Fed is in here Janet Yellen this year, she's going to control her crazy all over the board verbiage we heard from her this weekend and she talked about the now infamous adding 87,000 new IRS workers. So given the highlights of that because I remember when I first found out about this within 24 hours and $40 and like the billionaires are there in American is like 800 okay. You don't need 87,000 IRS agents that what about multimillionaires is good number of those but still 87,000. The big number, IRS agents, that's pretty intimidating so one of the highlights of what's going on there at the new building in Carrollton so she talked about the author as she said she confirmed Pres. Biden's belief that there were going to target people making under $400,000 but I go with what you just said I'm in billionaires. They have multiple millions of dollars to hire the top right, tax advisors, children billionaires, but the person making 100,000 or 50,000 or 75,000 which that is the number that the Republican Party did a survey and said they're targeting a person that's making around 70 $500,000 so Yellen was pushing back against that report. She also said this is going to be a great improvement you feel the difference right away. Next tax filing season roaring 5000 custom new Irish service agents answer the phone. My question is 82,000 agents were they going to focus and that's where their signing up to be a field agent which goes and knocks on your door going after the money that they can get. So I say still be aware that everything is not a bed of roses, especially when chanting illnesses. It's not what you think of this. Yeah, no kidding and still talking about the clinical US digital dollar right now. In fact the White House on the White House will webpage Biden often summarizes his vision for America in one word possibilities digital dollar may seem far-fetched, but modern technology could make it a real possibility. So once the seem to go through the administration is getting closer. He said in the digital currency and Janet Yellen said on the Irish building quote right now some aspects of her current payment system or too slow and too expensive. Last time I bought groceries ever since I bought groceries I don't ever mention remembering it being too slow and effective and too costly chose to listen to what they're saying look past it. Talk about this is greater access greater economic go growth is going to boost the economy is going to keep the dollars the central global currency. My thought is if we are doing such a poor system of managing her money of $31 trillion in just regular money that they can create out of thin air paper money and money that they do electronically digital dollars fix that it's going to make things worse because they are privacy. There was an executive order by buying sign in March order number 14 067. That is moving aggressively towards unleashing this thing on my gorilla clear they haven't said that for sure, but this should do a lot of research on it.

Spent a lot of money on it and there's nine different government agencies now coming together with one big report I got it right here in front of me. 50 pages seven have a chance to read it so the government website. I will assume having additional currency is not to be true, beneficial, and probably will might have some detrimental attributes to it. Well, you mention privacy that will be an issue and then control is another seed you want the federal government to literally have its hands on all of your currency in answer to that.

Of course should be no but that's exactly what they want because it's all about control sows house gold and silver reacting all this news will the back trap of people sidetracking their money out of leaving market cultures on the dollar goes up, so gold silver goes down and poured in the same time that's that's what we keep hearing from people that are immensely successful and talking about including you, David to get more information about that. They just want to get educated. What they do. The way 744-874-8646 excellent things is always my friend have a great week.

This is what he got This is so always use ever forward another program powered by the Truth Network

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