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Life After Death?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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September 16, 2022 8:56 pm

Life After Death?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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September 16, 2022 8:56 pm

Life After Death?

Chris Connell Talks to Ron and Gabe Shirley to talk about the death of Ron’s son Bobby. Where is Bobby now?

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One noble show where Christianity meets the everyday issues of life at work and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and truth, but no sacred down call Steve Brown at 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble.

Well, this is not the Steve no Michelle became is not here, filling in for Steve today and were excited but I guess today we have a very serious topic. Life after death really talking about, but it's great to have you guys here. I'm a friend of Steve's got to know back, way back in 06. We get the Gregori harvest Crusade today here in the Raleigh-Durham area and if you have a question for I guess today we can't take call ends, but we can get your question, you can go to the Steve Noble show on Facebook and comment. There you can also call 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH and the engineers will pick that up in Winston-Salem and they can type your question out our comment again will be to bring young live today but today is an important day and exciting day. So my guess today.

Now if you are a fan of redneck television than you are to know these folks. Okay, this is Ron Shirley lizard lick towing fame and his son Gabe of Gabe of ballet fame is he's a huge ballerina, aren't you gave Russian Russian ballet, and so Rhonda's wife Amy. I had a television show called as a lick towing and I still get mad because Gabe when I go anywhere with your dad. I always tell them nobody here knows you and I've been to some real boozy places in some blue haired lady will walk up and say I love your show and I get a photo with you so anyway, it makes me sick and but anyway I will say this one thing on the Shirley family. Nobody lacks self-esteem and his family and that true might maybe just maybe what about bacon Vic's is this bacon bits is a quack result noted about the start right if you go through but are not yet started for the listener sake bacon bits are is a is a pig right us our protection. They can protect nothing but maybe it's food all I anyway run the Steve Noble show and I don't have enough of a fun time but X have a serious subject, because all Ron you got a family and as a young man named Alex that your son and in fact my daughter Olivia was in classes with him or when at the school he went to when they were like back in elementary school and Alex passed away. Tragically, how long ago now is not that long for the most more. It's been seven months of the most more and how old was Alex. 21 so so today I want to talk about this because this is a real it's a tragedy now is God good is Alex in heaven. We believe that we know that he's in heaven, but this is a challenging situation.

So the first I want to ask is Alex was a young man who did have some challenges right there are some battles he had right and it seem like in the last season of his life that he had come to a point where he was leaving a lot of that stuff behind and was in a better place.

But if you don't mind telling what happened. Alex, if you want I can answer like that a lot some lentil. He went to a balloon release where one of his friends God never been sorry notice like, but I guess they pulled them up and tighter parking place, and these boys came behind him knife into his face and what about gun bullets to the car.

Everything then we thing that he might've been alive on the way to see the boat not certain yet.

When you mention sheets because a young lady I think was driving the vehicle's five people in the vehicle they found 21 shots 20, 21, seven penetrated out his body.

Three were final shots the girl decided to tutor her spine. She's probably paralyzed how I saved by the grace of God over three people in the vehicle were on hold and asked us to fully know what is 2020 shots to go through a car for three people to walk away. As you know, met us there if anybody says anything about God. I don't have a clue. You know, just so someone else can hear that 14 more bullets is astronomical. He he left us that day in and body. But you know this is his gift serves a greater purpose.

Yeah right to talk about that, Ron. How I found out and give I find out was I think was a posting that you did Ron from the parking lot where he was. I still remember that and I couldn't believe that you had the courage to do that.

This is this is still raw is still fresh. It's difficult only as anything harder in life what what goes through your mind in a day like that kind of shock. You don't really you don't really like you don't expect. It is not like it was an older person so young you think everything is fine. It's kind like you just don't believe he's gone yet you're still waiting for him to come back to those doors and scream at you like every other day. You still need still wait for that. I do sometimes, the way yeah whatever I want and where is there a way to form the lake about the casket home is a joke. Yeah, a son he would do you yeah he had a big personality personality left a huge impact on people.

Yeah, I did.

He did you know is not the natural order of things Ron to have your child pass before you do the natural order of things is you. You want your kids to outlive you kind of thing. Obviously you're sitting here in the studio across from me. I can tell from the emotion. This is difficult it would be difficult for me so I just for the listener sake. I talked run ahead of time and set you up for talking about this and he said he said yeah I am but you know this is the Breathing harder in life all the do I get upset you resort things almost God sees this loss is for life from David creation was developed know Cain killed Abel, the first thing you see in the Bible is I don't need Cain and Abel and Cain killed Abel doesn't kill because he hates him he killed him because he's jealous you know licensed blouses for life, and unless you been through it, you know, I don't know what it's like to lose a spouse mom and dad and and or slightly as a brother was like blues child but whole loss is hard to find keeps me going. Nothing to keep Jamie going family going is your God promises us in times of trials and tribulations you take heart, you use must be joyful when you lose something because you know God had a bigger plan and we do know that Alex went to heaven. So therefore the was horrible close as people, we know will see him again. So honestly, that is, it hurts sometime this season.

Talk about some sort of talk about but God has a greater purpose.

Biggest thing we have to have faith without listening to Steve Noble show our guests run surely life that we are back in this is not the Steve don't know it really is. But this is Chris Connell filling in for Steve. A friend of his and is out today so why play blessings and him and his family today. Today we talked about life after death what is life at that fact when my favorite Christian artist Toby Mac just released an album called life after death because his oldest son died of a drug overdose are not long ago and and you know that that was that.

And I thought about that album today when I was having Ron Shirley and his son Gabe came on because his son and brother Alex passed away unexpectedly and forcefully violently several months back and and I was shocked, honestly, that Ron you are like hey I'm going to come on I mean I know when you like I do.

I felt like okay I probably would've asked anybody out that same question I would've waited several years but I felt like I want to say hey you know what is it like what's life like so Alex, you don't pass away.

Suddenly, unexpectedly, he had for a portion of his life really not been making great choices he had turned to walk away from that. What is the assurance and why do you have assurance about Alex being in heaven.

I was there they got saved, I was with a truck on the side road know we can't show salvation, but you always know when this to anyone and it was ironic because there's a door in our house that never opens us in our dining room and not a come home from our screenshot outstanding my wife in the store in within her six years in six years might open it three times. Maybe thing always stays locked. Never open were standing there with prayer were talking were trying to console each other and Amy said God just let me know is which and you know God is have to prove anything to us whole job is Hebrews 11 1/8 things you can't see but at that moment. There's no wind outside the snowstorm and both doors flew open and I don't know any other way described in angelically while both the worst when completely open to doors and we never open both only from one or a life both doors flew open and Amy immediately quote quoted a verse on a revelation which is a door shall be open to you while we knew that the door to heaven open Alice to go home and Sissy and honestly Chris there's been 100 things I could tell you tell me Alex's home yeah but God has has definitely reassured us in ways I can't describe right, Alex is with and so you know that that's where we take wrist yeah that's where honestly, that's where we can really revive and move forward is because we know where Alex is a yeah and you know, theologically, doctrinally, Alex is not in heaven because he was a good person you know I don't know that you know absolutely that is as a reference to him personally, but I'm not a good person and you're not a good person on another UK because word of God says not good is not one so I want listeners to know that were not saying that Alex is is with God because Alex of the perfect life were saying because he put his faith in Christ for the forgiveness of his sins and and that's where that comfort comes from.

We're talking off the air. A moment ago about the comfort that that brings.

Knowing this, like, does this not make you realize like how short life is measured. Realize that you really only do with one's and to make sure that when you're live and have fun do things you enjoy. Walk with Christ and don't want a moment goodbye was not like wow I really should know my family and set it out here. Don't run with friends. Yeah. Does it make you angry.

Yes, very angry animal hothead. Yeah, well written, but that's the yeah if you ever watch lizard lick towing you seen his parents.

The apple is still attached to the tree has even fallen off of it so you know, but it does it does my acid is. I think sometimes that there is this fallacy that if you become a fire Christ that all your problems go away and then that's not even biblical. So so you know you guys that say ham.

I'm committed to Christ. But this is a very difficult thing to go through your angry. What about what about forgiveness what what about bitterness, what about this. My watch is talk and what about what about that question. You know how do you how do you deal with that because I'm not sure I have to be honest with you if that was my son does my brother. I don't know. It would that would not be easy for me.

I think forgiveness is the hardest part. I think forgiveness is the hardest part over anger over bitterness over just thinking about it forgiven the people who did it is the hardest part of the whole in our walk you, I'll say no, I'm pretty open about my past and Chris you know I was a pretty evil person and him and I'm up and about God delivered me from a heckuva life, but I was I got it go to your dog if you offend me. I'm not being funny so that would prod. I would kill animals. I would hurt you. I would tell you core about how was that God would get my retribution and when this happened for the first time since I've been saved all I will say I want to retribution and I will save it through my life and through the people that I've dealt with Chris, the force that would thousand dollars.

I can make you disappear.

Three steps on like a family dispute and I'm not trying to be funny and I'm try and try to say that would prod I'm sanded the lifestyle I live all these years in the business. I lived in the life I live is not hard to get retribution so the hardest part for me was forgiveness in the day that I forgave the two gentlemen that took the life of Alex and today I forgave the mom hit the guns and today I forgave the girl that drove that car in the day, I forgave all the gentleness in the front seat or straight here over $400 and hatred muscled up a $400 to pay that tent on the that day for me when me and God had a talk makes it look the one thing in this world and the devil wants you to do was hates he said everybody hurts hates and hate come from hurt so when you get hurt. You will hate you hate you will hurt and that's something God just revealed to me. I mean, when again we can killed Abel was because he didn't love his brother. He got jealous of his brother and he got to hate what happened to his brother's brother got Pharaoh him and what man in a gift to God and suddenly turn around and hurt his brother from hate and God had to bring me to a place where you live on UK you just can't. You can't hate because at the funeral that day. A very wise gentleman to ghost across assembly look at me and said I'll never forget it. He said Ron I know what you can ask me you have no idea what school to my. He said you and asked me where God was. Your son took his last breath he said, you can ask me where God was. When you watch the blood in the water which I watched going to the drain asked me where God was.

When your so that you can estimate where God will is when the bullets and it is he a chest and back and I said okay you got me for one another and he said Ron got was in the same place he was when it to the sword in his son side.

He was in the same place he was when they put stakes to was all those homes he was in the same place he was when his son took his last breath.

See, God has moved and he watched his son die with all the abilities take his son off nephew can stop your son about what you and I let him said woo hoo what father would you said your father would we can all go to heaven and that is a day I realized hate was not to solve the problem so you know I can't speak for gay like you speak Amy, but I feel that my family has forgiven these people do we hurt you, always angry absolute Jesus flipped over tables and anger.

But in his anger. He didn't sing and I feel like you know you could drop a couple stacks might be for this appeal. That's great, but you still hate the only person because Chris excuse Obama's mamas have so why Steve nova show life after death.

Ron surely Gabe should talk so you're listening to not do Steve nova show it really is. This is present on a phone ever. Steve taken the Gulliver is the so this is really serious conversation with some good friends about life after death. What it's like to to lose someone and this is not ancient history. This is recent history and Alex really passed away suddenly, violently, he because of his faith in the Lord. He's in heaven but you still gotta live with the residuals here on earth, and over talking about forgiveness for talk about how difficult that is. Is everybody in your family dealing with the passing of Alex the same way are the all doing with it in different ways all different. Everybody's different and I mean my mom doing it will similar by between Maggie and my dad is very quiet right wings kiss kissing again. Please forgive me Sega held Alex was with 2121 I thought was 21 of the drinking age Maggie) Williams, chichi, talked Alex doing her own way. Gabe and Amy really very similar would be like you write poems written. I wrote poems them. He was alive. The pushing through his like drugs and everything. He was dealing with.

But after he passed away and no one touched write him a poem while while Lee was standoffish. Use the trust fund. The greater glory unit and as I know that sounds horrible centigrade doing this but you know death is gloriously sizzling whatsoever 70 entire angels in heaven. Rejoice on all the angels rejoice in.

I try to find a greater glory. Just try to avoid the negativity at this point but I will handle it pretty differently yet.isn't God supposed to keep us from stuff like this if you're a far cry start you're supposed to be protected from all this kind of stuff. I think when you become a follower of Christ. Your life gets 20 times harder was that I think Satan comes at you a harder temptation. People you hang around start doing stuff that is worse when you know before you are most of the God I think everything is gets worse. And that's what makes that's what makes or breaks it.

That's what determines how strong to be with God. How dedicated you are. How close you are to be and if he can show he's really there for you not well well well said, yeah, well said your mom did a good job you laugh a lot. Do you do you talk about funny things that Alex did you remember him and in in those ways as well. A lot. I would like pictures like with her emo stage saw the picture to make from the chest like a younger brother would do.

It's never too little stock to make fun of your older brother black and for me me for me. Among the pictures it really but like summer hunting trips. I'll sit down and look at some the stuff he did on trips and some of the trust as we have and I remember stories in this chemical. Yeah, it's really chemical gnosis to me and everybody's different. But to me the stories we've made since his death.

I've seen in all my sins because of Alex so only God can bring you to God. Only Jesus can bring you to across his dear five seen on first-hand basis with me and Amy are some of the things we been able to do through God's grace of sing at least 30 different people come to Christ and throughout your story and estimate that's amazing.

One was a 96-year-old lady and I saw 13 no child, so we see both ends of the spectrum and not saying this because of Alex but his story help them find Jesus and so you know, for me that's what I look at this test, the stories and the pictures I look at your 96 your warmest she's deftly been of her days and you know just know she's going home is chemical. I not trying to make fun of people bipolar, but there is someone that said to your defense gave that Rocky is the one the Bible are known gamers of and that is a serious condition to be taken seriously. But anyway, not bipolar, both: I am in North Carolina enclosed him him close.

So, life after death. Passing of a loved one. I want to go back to the topic of forgiveness for a moment, because I'm sure their people listing our future listeners a lot to listen to the podcast or watching the tick-tock video runs doing live here in in in May. Maybe it's not even a death of a loved one, but it's something that somebody did to someone and it hurt bad is is forgiveness something you feel like doing is it a feeling is it a choice. Is it something you do one time you do it multiple times. I'm going is more of a an action, you know you're saying. Actions speak louder words. I think when you forgive somebody the way I would do it through an action you show that you forgive them you talked on you. Let them know you reassure the forgive them doesn't mean you have to be friends with them doesn't mean you have to sit there and be there for all their needs, but it tells me, forgive him the hatred you have for them, or that this like you have been goes away, and I think that's we should do we forgive somebody sometimes easier said than done. What you say you don't hear Manus everybody hates because of her somebody searching people out there right now to hurt because somebody left somebody doing wrong somebody stole from home so my lads home.

Somebody left somebody somebody killed somebody all hate what can I hate it is even racial hate from hurt all Semites computers to do another race is taken some from all hate comes from hurt and if you can learn to forgive hurt and again I grew Gabe Hunter sent you do would actions because anybody can say I forgive you. Yes, I forgive you and I know you don't house your heart feel it was your mind that if I died tomorrow, would you care you care from going to heaven or hail me. Do you really forgive me of you saying that so that you can sleep at night and honestly I'm on my guess. I think this today's been a great day for me already because Muslims become more vertiginous student yeah and I think that actions are going to tell you everything I think everything about what God did he show the people he forgave yeah life is.

I would argue that some levels and if you know but for Corrie 10 boom and who was her family worries murdered in in in the Nazi concentration camps. In the end she had one point in life came face-to-face with the prison guard that was responsive death of her sister in and she was there to forgive. I think there is. There are levels of forgiveness that Rick require an act of God in someone's life. I just do II you know if you step on my toe. I don't think it takes an act of God for me as I have figure 7. My foot but there was kind of egregious acts and mean do you feel like it. It it it takes God moving in someone's life and in giving them the perspective of the way God looks at us, to enable them because sometimes people want to forgive but they don't think they have the ability to forgive.

It definitely determines how close show God, but I think it also determines time when stuff happens. You can't just don't think you expect, you forgive them right then and there. Or maybe in a week, maybe a month I think determines when God is ready for you to do that when God is there to push you over the edge of the IK is time the new, forgive them. Yeah, I don't think it is forgiveness without you I don't I don't think you can truly forgive anyone for some that is hurt you in a way that you can't recover from without a supernatural intervention and I know stories told about this great story that they don't always resonates with me is the grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan was at a restaurant one day and I actually got to meet this man African-American preacher walked in and the grand Wizard had a piece of chicken and he won't be enough solid after making a piece of chicken and walking. So what if you do that you can that pastor sit there for minute he looked up at the grand Wizard Ku Klux Klan and he kissed the chicken and I'm not being funny but the mass illegal units chicken. I will give you that piece to and he kissed the chicken and it was at that moment that God intervened and it grand Wizard's life is that I is timely forgive interest to guys and become a best friends and enter run the ministry together.

But how can somebody who has that much hate in your heart over skin color and that much hate in your heart of a lifestyle. Forgive somebody over a piece of chicken as crazy as it sounds. When that man kiss a piece of chicken to change his life and honestly is crazy that South Korea's only thing Nessa supernatural final thing we can do that on.

Oh yeah, asking can copy and stuff like yeah and I believe it takes God moving in our life and giving us perspective because you holding in, forgive, it just makes makes you better in the end is, is there is there joy and laughter after death most definitely. I think joy is the best medicine. It is a good some bad. But when we were there I was on Alex's casket bearers and I look at all our cousins, our customer, and often I submissive the last time you make when Alex and I think we all stood there and cracked the last joking all laughed. Yeah, you don't someone think it happens that people when people pass is people don't know how to talk to the love ones were talk this work. The music to my ears around to go on break here, but when we come back. I'd love for you for two things one another.

Talk about how people interact with people lost a loved one is going to say or do to. I'd like to to pray for those are going through difficult times. Listen to the Steve Noble shelf life after death of Ron and Gabe surely talk with the passing of son and brother. Alex suddenly seven months ago will be right back. I listened not the Steve Noble show this is Chris confident Kristi, however, a great time you today but were talking a very difficult subject. Life after death with my guess Ron Shirley is lick towing and his son gave him were talking about the sudden passing of son and brother Alex and you guys been very vulnerable. So thank you talk about difficult subjects of thank you, how, how should people talk about someone is passed away because sometimes sometimes people say dumb things or sometimes they say nothing said you like it when somebody walks up as a man I really miss Alex or I think about Alex or would you rather just not be reminded of it. It depends on the day depends on the time depends on if that one week between where he died at if it's that time of the month, but usually it's okay. The thing I don't enjoy going people like I'm always here for you like yeah I love that. But you don't really know my pain because you never had a brother or sister that was relative pass right it's like you don't really feel what I feel. You can tell me you do, but I know you don't you can tell me that you're going to know exactly what to say in a minute. Think of my head no you don't, you know, and it just is rough. I've had people trying talk to me about it and I talked to Mike he still here in us, or when you to understand that if you start speaking like he's not here.

They don't understand because I never lost somebody that close that sentimental that like that person. Believe it or not as rough as he was. I think Alex was my hero. I think I would look up Alex so when people I talk about how he died. And what happened is just a rough subject hello Mike, that was my hero. Like most people are heroes or that my dad he's he's up there now if he was my here who's up there more mom or dad having all wrong. What about you do you like the people come up as a man of think about Alex are hampering for your you know because I was a dumb thing you know you what you have to remember is usually excited with a kind heart. Yeah and and most of them will be a basis in Virginia so you know how appreciative I think Amy can speak again for but I feel like were always appreciative when people come up to hey sorry for your loss to a just a little annoying when I want to continue the conversation got it was if I don't if I don't know you on a one-to-one basis is hard for me to open my heart to you and that one subject any other subject we can talk about what about catchup this supposed to be in the fridge wrong, but that's on the subject us of no effect on the counter is on the counter. Always so wrong. Both wrong and the hospitals and sauces in the refrigerator work now. It gets cold and hot and I know Chris moron hot/cold for you. Just call me an oxymoron know will you honestly I'm so appreciative of it. On the one thing I would say and I mean that sincerely is when you lose someone to not do not and I mean this with all my heart try to contact do not go to Sears and shape shifters and tear readers and do not go to mediums and why go to people, because honestly you are opening the door to the demonic rail obsess Alex's live.

We have several family members of the compass and said you know we spoke, Alex and I had to look at him and say I love you with all my heart but I was a demon you were speaking to. That was not our son because our son is nowhere near there. There is a castle between heaven hailed as a chattel between those way to get to heaven and Hades. And so, so many people want to reach out to the date so the one thing I would say is it's okay to give condolences and leave it at condolences but do not in any matter of fact, when you lose a child, husband, a spouse or mother, father, I don't care sibling do not reach out there for them. There and that is probably been the most trying things that have excited so many people come to me and Amy and say hey would you like me to contact yourself. You will initial name is God or Jesus Christ. I doubt that's even a possibility right, but the fact that our life right now is just not something you don't want to be ugly about it right because that maybe they believe that the other motivations are gotta be careful to you, their motivations might be. But you gotta be careful because once you get on that road is this really is hard to come back and SI have had to learn because like say we have some very close family members try that and it's just not there. You don't one of the things I remember making a decision to follow Christ when I was about 11 years old and really kicked him as a teenager and I remember vividly when my grandmother, mom's mom died in 1991 and God really godly woman me just really influential Sarna Christian school in Bernie called her mom and she just was one of those women that I wish my kids at all, been able to meet because she just had that kind of influence that when I got the phone call she died. It was really interesting because it was the very first time in my life and I was in college at the time that the reality of heaven meant something to me like it personally had weight and I remember thinking I'm gonna see her again. I remember thinking this is not the end this hurts, but I went to see her again in and that was not it at at her funeral.

The minister got up. Rev. wrought and he got up and he said something I back. He said Sophie was myself, I don't funeral.

He said I my grimacing was Vivian. He said if you know Jesus.

This is not goodbye, but if you don't know Jesus.

This is the last time you'll ever see Vivian Weller again. I still remember that so that hope right is not a whole based in feeling that hope is based on an empty tomb. 2000 years ago. It's based on the fact that God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever should believe in him would not perish but have everlasting life. It's not a hope in vain. Jesus, of Narrows walked the planets of fact it's not faith. For that, but swear that hope meant it becomes a real reality in your daily life. When you lose someone you love, you know might be one of his most emphatic things were said to me also showed that we have several serious conversations but that's a strong and all in fact say this and this is just my opinion. I'm not like you theological stuff myself at either.

But when just came back and went to the upper room. Everyone recognized him. Yeah when Jesus walked on the road with the two strangers before they fully deported they recognize him every time Jesus appeared to recognize him when the great prophets of the Old Testament. I recognize him and I say that excited emphatically because when we go to heaven actually think that once it left the force will recognize us. Nothing recommends him and I base that often fact the disciples recognized the resurrected Jesus. Yes and and I truly think that God makes us in his own image.

We go there we know might not remember our past and we might not remember CNs and will not remember my not members or brother, sister, son or daughter, no, yeah.

And I think that when the disciples recognized Jesus.

That is the warmest wind about what it when I think about death of Alex and when I cross that gate I'll recognize yeah a man is so no man it is a shame because like when you just said if you didn't know Jesus. You never see her again. Yeah and asked us is a hard pill to swallow. Yeah yeah yeah to me that if there's no other reason to believe in Jesus other than the fact that we could reunite with those yeah if that's the only reason it brings you to the Bible to read a start.

Believe me I am one of those calls you an email because if you truly love someone you do anything for you and if I can get my life. Alex sure you yeah we would absolutely no man if we give our life to God. We get you what else can we get to see picture again so yeah I can live with it. Ever think about some of the people that is get to hang out with all God I don't know if it was like a chiller reality to sit up.

There was some of the great something not to be funny man but besides being fat. He concealed Jesus's throne room and probably should submit saving out him him walking me and you get to me with some of the great evangelicals of all time you to be with John the Baptist Billy Graham be with some of the great gumming musicians unaware Alex that anybody was in a Christian wrapped Alex over to now try to run stuff you know, I don't think anything wrapped in heaven sure it's there. I think I'll know earlier we started. I know you know you mentioned was that that's true. He's a musician and he doesn't write Ray a dozen when he was a basic job. Yeah, but probably not contribute. I don't I don't think it made I was there with the country in the country is is like because you can't sing in heaven about your truck.

Diane, your dog Diane and your wife leaving you right seeking of country music. Warmest Jesus is the champion you know one day right work and get to see our Lord and Savior face-to-face. And as hard as it is for me to understand. He says wipe every tear from right right and that all injustice will be made right in and and I have to take comfort in this world is messed up and you got a lot of people that are listed to show their doing with messed up situations in some of them have the hope of Christ.

Some don't. Would you say to someone I didn't know Jesus was going through difficult time right now. We got one minute to close out I was in the words of him and get one shot one shot was shot so shot shot you listen to Steve Noble show this, I guess I'm truly gave you guys think coming you guys SMEs a topic to talk about life after death. You don't know Jesus right where you are, you can simply turn to him now confess that you're a sinner and look to him and say forgive my sin take you know Michelle Beckman

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