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My 9/11 Story!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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September 12, 2022 10:18 pm

My 9/11 Story!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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September 12, 2022 10:18 pm

My 9/11 Story!

Steve tells his 9/11 story and talks about his promise he made to a firefighter during that time so long ago.

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Everyone just time for this noble show where Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred call Steve now 634 true 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your host lately afternoon or night. 2001 at Ground Zero that day would store ambidexterity today.

Tom Dennard was a FDNY New York City fire departments firefighter. His firehouse was in Brooklyn, Redhook, Brooklyn, one of the most I Redhook itself is one of the most violent housing projects in America and Tom at his at his firehouse, 161 and one 3261 131 I can member exactly every firehouse that lost firefighters. I took one guy off line and for months they would just deal with family and friends that were coming into town to just pave the respects or come visit firehouse or whatever anybody related to the firefighters. They lost 55 firefighters in their house and their firehouse and I was there that day to. In particular, pay tribute to one of them and to meet his wife, which I did not meet her that day in the newborn child, welcome back. This is Steve Noble to Steve Noble show and sell at that end of the day when Tom took me around and we spent time at alum and introduce you to Evelyn Rodrigues to Evelyn Rodrigues's house with her six-year-old son Derek and her newborn daughter, Morgan Morgan was born on September 14, 2001, three days after 9/11. She was due to have a C-section on September 12, but she told the doctor that day. I'm not coming in until Anthony gets home.

Anthony Rodriguez was her husband. He had just finished, he was still up Roby probationary officer in the FDNY and he was last seen going into the hotel at the base of the south tower and she said she's not, then, until Anthony gets home.

What that point on September 12. Anthony was already dead. Oh, at the end of the day I spent time in Evelyn's house and spent time at the firehouse and I spent time inside the base of Ground Zero and at the end of the day as Tom was taking me back and I kept apologizing for taking his time, he was getting sick and tired of me doing that and he said you know Stevie similar time on the drag you out of the van and beat the tar out of you.

Here's a big stubby fire department guy, bodybuilder just just a great guy, soft heart, but a big stud physically and and I said okay.

All right.

I'll shut up and he said listen that there's only one thing on ask of you today because if we could bring everybody in America here to see what you saw the day and experience what you saw. We what we would take the time to do that solenoid going ask you one thing masculine favor and it's okay anything. What is it and he said never forget. Keep tell the story, don't ever forget what you saw today.

Don't ever forget what you experienced and keep telling the story and here I am 21 years later. Bear with me because everyone so I look at it, Mickey. I was emotional day.

So me tell you that story and how we ended up there. Of course most of us in 9/11.

I'm sure you know exactly where you were when you found out that day and most of us it was that it was only will I gotta do something right to give money to volunteer. You gotta give blood, something that was an amazing thing to see in America don't think I unfortunately will ever see that again but my cell firehouse cleaning company at the time and another guy that used to work for me had his own house cleaning company and he was a former Navy seal so I was talking about what the world's going on.

I mean, the day of 9/11. I talked to him about 1 PM and his cousin and some other guys that were still Navy SEALs had had left already.

Their wives didn't know where they were going to know where they would be back and so things are moving quickly and you know we just kinda shared just our shock as we all did, but within a couple weeks. You know, we talked again and in just catching up and what's going on. If you are anything else and you know you do anything at me are you going to do the drop 500 bucks off, wrote a check drop it off. The fire department firehouse here in Raleigh and and he did something similar as I wonder if maybe we, there's something more we can do. I don't let's think about that now.

This is not a 2001 I was saved in 1994 okay so five years and my faith still pretty much a baby Christian. Not to really doing a lot of things that the Lord would have me do. Yet, but this thing started to change because of the story so eventually we were talking another conversation is a well maybe you get all your guys together.

I'll get all my guys together. Maybe they be willing to paint a couple houses and we don't want to pay so we have all the labor would be free and then we'll talk to Sherwin-Williams which is our provider and maybe they'll give us paint for free or at a deeply discounted rate and so most of the money we can get from these two jobs we get to somebody which is exactly what we did and it was amazing all these Hispanic guys some of them with families that were willing to work for free and then then so we had $5000 against a huge number amount, but it seemed like a lot back then what you do it well. Good old Bill O'Reilly member this on Fox news. It didn't take long. I mean millions tens millions hundreds of millions of dollars being collected and donated where's the money going and so there was that concern. This was pre-radio, barely a Christian here at this point. Okay so I'm skeptical. Anyway and so I'm worried about that in the rethinking who can we get this money to and so we had a bunch of Hispanic guys that we work whatsoever like well maybe for some reason of his fire department so firefighter Hispanic firefighter and maybe that had kits and will get the money will figure a way I don't know how we do this, but when we get the money directly to widow so that that was the plan, but where you start. There were 343 FDNY firefighters that died at 911 Ground Zero okay 343 where you start hot even figure that out so I called my dad and my dad was always one for a just go straight to the topic to look steep call the mayor's office right Steve Noble housecleaner from Raleigh M's got a call and talk to Rudy Giuliani just call the mayor's office. Yes sir. So I called the mayor's office in surprisingly they were pretty receptive and I suggested that there's a Hispanic firefighters Association. So I went to that website was like back in dialect days or whatever so into that website and then found out there's another thing is the widows and children's fund. No, maybe that'll work. I left a message when I found the phone number for the Hispanic firefighters Association never heard back then I found out about the widows and children's funds.

I called there and talk. This lady name Fran who is just a fast talking New York lady told her exactly what I was looking for and she didn't explain the whole thing. He said I can go call you back several days go by soon call back so I call I call her back right I'm sales guy marketing guy. You and I can get away so friends as I hold on and literally she's holding the phone away from her head as I got this guy from Raleigh I'm trying to give money to a firefighters window Hispanic with kids and Angel war Bay was the first name.

I heard in the background and somebody else said he didn't Evelyn Rodriguez just have a baby and Mike yet.

Will our son was born on Valentine's Day at 2001 Clay West, and so that's truck and I just wrote it down so that so very ghostly.

Hey did you hear that yeah all those that's all I got for okay great and I got Angel war Bay and Evelyn Rodriguez. So now how do I figure out where Evelyn Rodriguez is how I get any this information how we can put that money in the hands of all FDNY widows firefighter pick it up back at Steve Noble to Steve Noble show it is Monday, September 12 and the yesterday of course 9/11 the 21st anniversary. I made a promise to Tom Dennard, the firefighter who spent the day with me on November 9, 2001.

Their New York City act to spend time at Ground Zero spent time at the firehouse and in red Hook in Brooklyn and I spent time in Evelyn Rodrigues's house and in the Bronx and tiny little row house not much money at all. She was still shellshocked about Evelyn Rodriguez because I'd come talk to the Hispanic firefighters Association widows and children's fine and then this lady friend gave me the name Evelyn Rodriguez okay well you know what you do, so I was able to find a list of all the firefighters, all 343 firefighters in the FDNY firefighters that died that day on 9/11 New York City New York City of all places, many of them do you think had the last name Rodriguez funny Josh in the other room says a lot that would be incorrect.

Josh, the answer is one there was one FDNY firefighters who died at 911. With the last name of Rodriguez. It was Anthony so I got this page I see it's part of engine 131 and latter 261. Whatever the numbers where I don't recall and so now I'm like okay Elyse I know it's Anthony Rodriguez is Evelyn Rodriguez and husband, and he died so now I know it's the engine company right so you look it up online. You can find individual phone numbers for engine companies was an engine company in the latter company and most fire departments Elyse, but that's the deal. New York City saw Mike well I don't know. I knew it was Brooklyn, so I called the FDNY look it up but tonight is the Brooklyn headquarters and sure enough, there is one, so I call and tell him what I'm to hey this is Steve Noble.

I own a house painting company, Raleigh, North Carolina.

We got $5000 were trying to actually give it to Anthony Rodriguez's wife.

Her name is Evelyn and he was at latter company, 161 to 31. Whatever it was, and I'm trying to get a hold of them trying to get this money to her knees. I go I'm sorry sir I were not allowed to give out the inside phone number of individual firehouses know what you do in a situation like that. If you have a sales mindset in it and he just stops talking right I said nothing but similar thing are dead. Thomas don't sit first one to talk loses right I said nothing as a positive else to give it to you anyway so you give me the phone number I hang up and I dial I dial in number firehouse hi this is Steve Noble on conference I North Carolina housecleaner down on housecleaning company of his money belittling is at all is a you need to talk to the officer in charge, so oh okay can you go get him to hear a no call back at 6 PM call back at six tonight I'll leave a note just after the officer in charge.

I said okay oh okay do you have a name know we got officers going all over the place was we lost so many guys of their movement.

All that we don't just call back at six all of okay sure, click right is only the note.

I called back at like 605 firehouse hi, this is the militants with the S of the officer in charge Guillen second Capt. Ford Capt. Ford gets on the phone right this Ford hi Capt. Ford this is Steve Noble I'm gone from Raleigh north to phone as I don't whole and second because are you the painter guy yes or Brainerd. Okay, tell me know what you trying to do you have some money and try to get the wife or something like yeah action coming to town with my wife and her kids to visit my sister who moved to Philadelphia just like two months ago three months ago and I like to come down there so I can deliver this. I want to deliver this. I wanted to hand-deliver this check I got my we took a picture of all the guys my wife bought some clothes for the baby.

We didn't know what it is a boy or girl and he's like okay when you come in November night because are you going to do to contact this guy name Tom Dennard times here in the works in this firehouse. And then he's going to set it all up and is it okay that sounds awesome. Okay, what's the address of the firehouse. So when I get in I can get capital just get out there.

He's like now on will pick you up. What a guy picking up I'm like this is ridiculous.

You don't know me, from blue right it's ridiculous is not the guy picking up Tom will get you on like no, just just give me the address. Have you no time getting it just the night before when you get in your sister's place just while here's a phone number call. I'll tell Tommy to be calling is going up he's going to make himself available that day and it will take everything. Just call when you get to town right so it's a couple several weeks later we get to Philly where my sisters house and I call and I get all the time. Hey, Steve, Tom Dennard hey Tom, so what time you get and then I said, I think I get into Grand Central at like nine and raised a lot of expletives in his eye. Hi, you know how crowded it is down there. 9 o'clock's no but I'm sorry bro, I mean I'm in a limited timeframe.

So nothing I can do it all right wears a chicken to do you come out of thing was the seventh Avenue exit, just come out and just stand there at the street on the pull up in his big giant white FDNY Van Aust.

I'll just stop you will build a miss me and then jump in will will go from there. Okay cool. So I take the train down the next day in this the first time in years I've seen the skyline of New York City. Obviously it's different and I get into Grand Central and you're walking to the train station you remember all those pictures that people would put up there putting up plywood all over the place in the report. Have you seen to be seen to be seen. Have you seen you seen walking by all the stuff this all the stuff I'd only seen on television now walking by. Okay this this was rocking my world with every step. It's it's real now. I mean, I knew Israel but not out to my face so I get out there in the street expecting to see a big white FDNY Van no Van so I use my stupid Nextel phone couple minutes later and I call Tommy's AOL Mail sorry this cabbie cut me off. I was beat that there and so he will be right there. Just sometimes go pull up in the middle of street and I said, like right middle Street of the Isles. I can say I go anywhere I want right now with an FDNY Van Hobbs pull up everybody. It will be hilarious to just jump okay and sure enough up roles this big white FDNY band FDNY down the side of the van and right in the middle of the street. He's not even on the lane next to the curb. He's in the middle lane at the light and he just pulls in the middle of the intersection stops and all the other Christians stop so I boogie out there and I look predict I khaki pants on. I got this tacky 2001 shirt or coat.

I've got the little bag that my wife pack that that's got little goofy pit of paper sticking out the top and I get in the vanities like this done muffin after you like to feel like an idiot. So we just start driving and I'm like hey think some Onslow Smalltalk I said hey man, is there any way and and maybe this is just a stupid request. Is there anyway you could actually get me down to Ground Zero's anyway. I can see that it is Jeff you want to see it. I think it get you down there it's okay. It is, but let's head towards firehouse. Okay, so we get across the bridge and were now in Brooklyn and he is okay right appears the exit for Redhook is tell me all about Redhook, which is named after the housing project that's just couple blocks away. The most violent housing project in America and he's like well that it hears actors the fire others firehouse over there and we keep driving town where he got and he's like oh, don't Evelyn's house. I like to I didn't know I was actually going to meet her. I mean I have a letter here picture I get stuck in the money options can get that to you guys doesn't know she's expecting us now. I had never been in a situation like that never. And so you I get quiet and we get over there and were parked out front and he's like, listen, listen, just let me do the talking. I spent a lot of time with Evelyn the last two months she can have the baby. She got little son Derek she's got some friends with her family. Whatever. Just let me do the talking and just just follow my lead. Okay Pre-Steve Noble let you know this is not Steve will go engage anywhere, anytime any part person this before that so I was scared to death.

Quite honestly, and so we walked in to pick it up there we come back and Noble show keeping a promise I made to an FDNY firefighter back on November 9, 2001.

His name was it was Tom Dennard. We were exiting a Ground Zero when he asked me to never forget, and to tell people what I experienced that day. So every year around 9/11 on the show. I tell the story, or some version of it and sometimes I add stuff that I can't tell that I don't have enough time to tell you every detail and cumbersome to giving you the big highlight so got downtown got it ended up driving pessimistic firehouse keep going.

Our Evelyn Rodriguez's house. If you're watching on YouTube or Facebook. She's on the picture behind me with her daughter Morgan who was born in September 14. Her son Derek, who was six at the time, and Anthony Rodriguez, her husband, who died at 911.

He was a probally appropriate probationary officer just finished training last seen going into the hotel at the base of the cell tower so I didn't know we are going Evelyn's house. Tom took the camera so that we could get a picture of that was that the opportunity presented itself that was one of the most uncomfortable things I've ever done in my life is walk into this house and she just does not look good. Eric and Derek are six-year-olds fine and I'm noticing yet seen videos that we have with our kids. It was so bizarre and just so heartbreaking.

But she was so appreciative. I kept running into that appreciation all day long.

I'm I got what you appreciating me for I am. I could see little life down Raleigh you guys devastate what that's how they treated me all day is like royalty. It was so uncomfortable and you know we just had a nice conversation and I asked her does Derek understand what's going on and she said well Derek knows his dad's never coming home. He just doesn't know why this doesn't can understand why and and then she goes now. How did you how did you pick me and so I tell her the story I just told a few mystical cuts the podcast or catch Facebook live YouTube live later but I told her that story that I picture of all the guys all these painters and stuff me my friend that organized in front of the house and Sherwin-Williams did this and I had a letter explaining this whole process because I didn't expect I was good to meet her in the my, my wife, who was obviously led by the Lord had bought pink clothes instead of blue clothes.

We didn't know that Morgan we name you know the baby's name, but Morgan's girl and so she was like oh I'm so glad that the people were giving me the wrong stop whatever account number exactly what she said and then I you know I gave her the checks because you have no idea how much this means much, as matters everybody things that were getting all this money but I haven't got anything yet. It took me about a month to get his next paycheck Anthony's next paycheck to go. So there's always money flying around the were not getting any lease not yet. So with the thanksgivings right on the corner thinking this I can't tell you much this means I'm like okay let $5000 seems a lot bigger and so we took a picture if you're on Facebook or YouTube.

You see the picture right behind me on the TV. We left and so we went back to the firehouse and that was while having a great lunch always firefighters and in word it is that that's corn chowder of ever had and also the alarm goes off in all these guys get up in the Bolton Tom Dennard to God is with me all day just continues to eat his corn chowder right whatever was contesting any just stops and he looks up at me in the middle of this maelstrom useless for me to take. So, I'm so sorry.

Do you want something to drink, so surreal. Yeah sure, Tom. I have a Coke okay fine so spent time Mary went down the fire pole than knowing the bonding of all man. I've got big picture. Go back up three-story firehouse right coming down okay stop you know your hands on the metal that's terrible. So I have pictures that new stuff from kids all over the place and Tom's telling me stories old-time but always kids that came by. Tell me story about Redhook which is a steerable housing project on the street and they got a note somebody dropped up a note at the firehouse held the Redhook people are to come over tonight for a memorial. Everybody be here and they're all like yeah right.

Should I wear Kevlar it's Redhook people are crazy on the street. It's so violent when we pulled up and got on the videos. Don't leave your coat.

Don't leave the camera bring everything with you. Somebody is across the window to you, so we all come in a 6 o'clock and then also and we looked on the street and there's literally hundreds of people coming from housing project were all thinking were dead and then we notice that they were singing their singing hymns and they had candles and they came down there and he goes and he prayed for us and they saying and then they left. Many told me stories like that all day all day like where you Tom when 9/11 happened, where really is out serving a Long Island even get down there till midnight that night never change in our boots, every, but every 3045 minutes because the things were so hot, her boots were melting above the bubbly, just tell me all the stories on time to tell you and then we leave. We finally leave and he gets me but he kept asking me how to kids older kids against me, send these never forget T-shirts and got me a baseball hat. This is never forget that I keep comfortably at home and and then we are at let's go, let's go to Ground Zero so were going into the wood go down the tunnel to get back to Manhattan and he doesn't have his. He doesn't have his ID with these got me. I come in stranger. He tells me don't talk to anybody just let me do all the talking. Don't say okay fine so we get to the security of total and there and he's like it got your ID music all help me and I left it at the firehouse or sorry bro.

Mimi's in dress uniform and an FDNY band. They will let them wiggle back at the ID we finally get down there. He parks a couple blocks literally from Ground Zero and he just turns out the van because you done this before it goes okay Steve you heard about the smell you are doing a mask might know I don't I don't I don't want to I want to blunt any of this. I want this burned in my head right so member not don't say anything. So, as were walking blocks to get there.

You're passing on these other people please fire whatever in dress uniforms are leaving and Tom's like squinting and I like what you look at because I'm looking at their badges there from all over the country. They just come here to pay their respects. So we finally get to the gift of couple of layers of security system on he's one of the family's firefighter from letter 160. Whatever it was, so we finally get in there were like in the deck that they built there is deck they built Rumsfeld and and: power go down there do little press conferences literally looking is right across the street from the maelstrom right is looking right over there, and that's where we went were at that deck and the thing about standing there, is amazingly quiet and are tearing down 456 that's tearing them down with wrecking balls and then there's fire trucks all over the place spraying water because they did a hotspot sleep complaint and in and if so surreal.

I'm looking around and they got this crimson colored snow fencing hanging down large buildings down the side and you're looking through that just gouges like so many big giant hand just to gouges on the stuff, and you're looking at the railing right in front of you in your reading always personal notes is pretty much his family down there. And these personal notes are just heartbreaking. And then there's couple private security guys show up to my right up on this deck about 67 feet away and I go some VIPs come in and Tom and I are talking, then I look back to my right and I'm like oh that's Benjamin Netanyahu.

Tom's like to. I said Bibi Netanyahu, the Prime Minister Israel. Tom looks over he goes oh expletive expletive probably not a safe guy to be around. Let's go off. We walked to some other areas and then we walked down to. They had a little memorial set up for all the on the planes was all teddy bears, for whatever reason, people were leaving family were leaving teddy bears in the FDNY and the police report authority all had separate, next to each other just pop up shelters and then family just come and leave and stop wedding pictures and birthday cards and one member one print the card have a picture of it somewhere so dear dad, we happy birthday. We still celebrate your birth even though your debt. This is like a five-year-old writing this in all these pictures. It was brutal. I felt like I deftly felt like I was on holy ground. I felt like I was trespassing just as outsider rate and so we finally are getting ready to leave there and we get in the truck and he literally goes on the streets surrounding Ground Zero D member, have you seen this and started early.

All these people always people hanging out here outside of the work zone and whenever the truck the trucks would come in or out. They'd all be cheering their way flags and stuff like yeah I guess all that he's like dirt. Set some of them are still here August, two months later really use the other still your will watch it single and he goes look look and in a bold zipped arm up all was here standing up in his arms.

I love this part.

So were pulling out. I think it's on the West Highway heading back towards so we get to the train station and sure enough I don't notice. Eight 1012 people there. They see the FDNY band. They all jumped to their feet there waving American flags and screaming. Tom's got the windows down. These honking horns waving us this. You guys are also crazy Tracy and they were driving to the station and throughout the day.

Unlike meant dudes. Thank you so much. I feel so horrible and taken your whole day.

I'm suppose, O from North Carolina. You don't know me from who and at this point he was getting a little frustrated with me to say that I think he said the leg seat warmer time to stop the van up beat the tardy dragging out to me on the beach up and drop you how much okay right. I'm sorry is listen. If we could bring every US citizen here today if we can bring everybody here to do what I've done with you today. We will we do it we want everybody to see this. We want everybody to experience what your experiences are just gonna ask you one favor and ask you one thing. In return I said sure what his name and he is never forget. Never forget, don't forget what he saw over here. You met the giggly experience. Don't forget what smells like don't give a looks like.

Don't forget what happened us.

Everyone happen. Evelyn don't forget what happened to Derek. Don't forget what happened in Morgan everyone happen. Anthony and all the other guys all the pictures I saw all the destruction please don't forget and make sure you tell people that I'm in. I will we lost touch after couple years I'm been on the fine Evelyn. She was on people magazine. All this other stuff but you keep that promise I will keep him off but I'll keep this so never forget what happened on 9/11 and we need to honor all of that.

Remember, do whatever we cannot see that happen again this is Steve Noble and the Noble show will be right back back at Steve Noble to Steve Noble show.

Thanks for that promise to that FDNY firefighter back in November 2001. I'll continue tell that story on or around September 11 every year until the Lord's gets me out here and then I'll probably still tell that story in heaven.

Anyway, thanks for listening and in never forget and we need to continue to pray for everybody that was affected by that and be grateful for what the Lord has given you what you have today in light of all that it's helpful to look at things and and keep the life in contrast and to count your blessings. One of the blessings that I count every week is our good friend David Fisher from landmark MR and pay the markets up today. David's I'll take a break and go home and every things going fine. What not to worry about it. Welcome back. Are you good while working at talk about that and and what's what's going on and is a little bit of a turnaround. But don't get too excited about that. Everybody so we have a lot to talk about something with the Federal Reserve that you deftly want to share today, but let's start where we always start is the powerful passage of Scripture. Colossians 323 sought start there and will move on to whatever you do, work at it with all your hard working for the Lord, not for human masters. There's usually a time in a person's life for moment sometimes for a season where the spot where I fully serve the Lord and most you know you on staff at a church you must be in a ministry you will that's really cool of servitude for the Lord and you are been in full-time ministry know you are currently showing an old we know about is like, I can confidently say not to diminish full terms of ministry role that we can fulfill the call of God and not be in full-time ministry and our daily activity every day were whatever he do unto the Lord, and some of my greatest.

I think personally of reflection of when I didn't when I was drinking smart and pulled ministry, but other things in life years and years ago involved giving dirty work on the farm and we have a feed mill in the dusty.

I said to myself I don't like him serving the Lord's reminded of the Scripture do it unto the Lord, and do it with a joyful heart. I heard about absolutely at such a great reminder and we tend to think, I gotta be some super possible some super Christian to do this you to do that you go to church. Whatever I do in my in my Christian ethics class. David, I'd I do a whole day on work invocation and I you know than with these young people in high school, like you, that you say you're working at AAA and you just put in waffle fries and little thing and put in the bag think God cares about that knowledge, no like you're wrong. Everything you do you can do with excellence as an offering to the Lord.

So it's the fact is, were always worshiping. Doesn't matter what you're doing. You're always worshiping the question is are you worshiping well or not. And so the Lord calls us to live a life of excellence. Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart is working for the Lord because he's right there with such a powerful reminder for us regardless of what you do for living, or if you're at home. Whatever all those things matter more concerned about our heart.

The trick markets last week so little change upward.

Today the markets up 229 points say okay that's it.

It's the color green. I'd haven't seen that too much like last week.

Some people might go turnaround in stocks so did we break the three week losing streak or is it got it hold on homeland everybody old on their buckaroo will I like to give good news with good news from green all US equity futures. Even European stocks pretty much all risk rules last week. Steve is one outfit tumbled.

That was the dollar most talking over the last month or so to put all eventually whomever turnaround did have the most significant turnaround last week after hitting an all-time high. In the beginning it was shipped September, just two days later it was with the lowest level in September so that cause stocks to spur financial assets about don't get carried away were halfway through, not quite halfway through the month of September and typically US major stock indexes history is shown. In September, October, or Rocky Mountains stocks in the financial markets in others who pick me up equation or saying socialite Jonathan Kinski is a market technicians freeze looking at this technically does work. We see downside risk still ahead because this is so seasonally weak second part of September and you saying the market is going to pull back and add some difficult times with. These are the only one. Scott minor billionaire hedge fund manager. He said on CNBC last week. The markets in the form of a 20% torture banks with 25% starting to sink in. Michael Berry, the guy who made a ton of money millions of dollars betting against the market in the financial collapse of 2007 in mortgages to the movie after him called short, he is also Goldman Sachs or in the same side of the trade there saying quote we have not yet hit the bottom, so don't get carried away with pulling all your money cash and going of the market would double fish right know I would not ministry due to so the pause button.

Everybody, this is far from being over. Yeah those are pretty shocking numbers down 20 down 25% and yeah that that the movie the big sword. I mean it's it's amazing what they were able to figure out because they were able to read what was going on another night, no, no, no, and these guys made hundreds of millions of dollars. With all this stuff because they sought, and we need to listen to people like that because they're smart, and anything else can a major going on this week that we need to pay attention to than on ask about the Federal Reserve tomorrow index number last time before the more than likely will raise rates. September 21 meeting and that it is the pooch going to come in little Lord, which is good. That means inflation is coming down as we want. Just summer between 7.83.2 percent last month where the children most people are saying is going to be summer on 8%. The market in the Fed or both, concluding that their data dependence over to be looking at the photos and this will determine I think even if we have a percent or lower.

I think the Fed still raise rates of three quarters of a point.

There's other people coming out economist Steve Hankey saying get ready for a whopper recession. Pewter poker borrowed from court and before he says there's no way around to avoid a recession and all kinds of things from shortages coming up, down 20% Catalan organ 41% down in New Mexico, 43% in the Longhorn St., Texas down 50%. The ability for meat to come to market is down that much, so expect higher prices is not under control.

That means inflation and in particular, is this really a tax on poorer people because of what he has to have staples and but he has to eat in the higher your income the less of a percentage that takes but if your lower income people. Me and those are huge hits to your just your regular budget and try to keep your head above water. Said so important to remember that now you see text me earlier today about the Federal Reserve.

One factor you wanted to share. So what's up with that said, your 1915, we might lose money this year, the article my attention that will help them out because you will, the ideology initially beautiful. The Fed prints money summarily sold the money to give it out on an interest rate how we lose money we don't have an asset to print money enough treasuries so they been flying all these assets and they they get paid in interest rate on the outfit, but they also have to pay interest rates out to banks that they lend money to others. This like a business or not the government, independent of the government.

They're not federal but not reserved but anyway we have operating cost in 2021, the central bank reported that income after paying all expenses hundred and $7 billion and they gave $107 billion from the treasury.

That's the agreement, but when you raise rates cost more money when they're holding the asset and are selling their balance sheet. It reduces the interest income to so this means more than likely operating at a loss next year and that's what the report should expect for the first time since 1915, the reserve actually could lose money, which means the government doesn't get that hundred billion dollars in revenue which means we have a bigger budget deficit snowballing effectual about that was interesting and it also tells us for getting this thing called inflation under control market help and just pronto yes I can be done by Christmas Eve think a little longer range than that, and anything that happens once in 100 years. You should be paying attention. That's not normal. Obviously, I pay attention that what about gold and silver. That's kind of the epicenter of what you you do a landmark capital.

So what's gold and silver doing as a response to all this will just like you talk to parts of the scale gold and silver on one side and the dollar on the other side when the dollar goes down gold sure goes up and that's what happened last week. Silver is up 5% last week and almost up just shy of 5%. Right now almost 10% movement in about a week. Gold is still undervalued and short silver bison analyst Hugh Roberts is his name. No time to be looking in the gold and silver.

He says the silvers 10% undervalued is gold and silver's almost 30% of the show is making some movement will call Michael to learn about yeah get educated understand and remember the word diversified, especially in a complex environment like rent out what's the best way for people to begin that education process. David give us a call 874-487-7448 640 landmark I think you my friend is always such great helpful information. Appreciate you. Love you my brother talked again next week. Likewise, my friend all the time of the greatest man in you I love you love you to talk soon.

This is Steve Noble and the Steve Noble showed God willing I talked again real soon. Like my dad always ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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