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Prodigal Children Pt2

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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September 8, 2022 9:44 pm

Prodigal Children Pt2

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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September 8, 2022 9:44 pm

Prodigal Children Pt2

Steve talks to Dr. Stuart Scott from BJU Seminary to talk about prodigal children. This is a two-part series.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where biblical reality meets the everyday life in your home, at work, even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on his show. There's plenty of grace and lots of true but no sacred cows call Steve Bell 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Noble back everybody I clear the air for I'm well aware the fact that Queen Elizabeth passed today, April 21, 1926 to September 8, 2022 96 years and a pretty amazing life seven years as the Queen of England so I'm well aware that an extra minute talk about that tomorrow. On Friday show because it's interesting to get reactions from us Americans as we look back to kind of, that the soil of our past a lot about about our nation comes out of British soil. For obvious reasons. Hopefully not. You understand that tomorrow we'll talk about that because I want to just going to tap into you and see what your thoughts are on this. Some people have great reverence for the Queen. Other people like us. I don't get it. What's the point, and there are some things about the Queen's life that I want to touch on tomorrow that I think should be a challenge for all of us to consider. So deftly do that again not blowing it off, but you know that it's Thursday and Thursday means of theology Thursday here in the Steve Noble show their friends at BJ's seminary and working a dive back into this difficult pond that we started last week when it comes to prodigal children with Dr. Stuart Scott is at BJ's seminary.

Just incredible force for biblical counseling across the nation and BJ's excited to have him there were excited to have you back, Stuart, how are you I'm doing well thank you Steve.

It's great to see you. Thanks again for your time and for helping us work through what for a lot of us is his personal in a very difficult subject. Indeed, when you lead assesses generally do not want to revisit some of the things we talked about last week when you are talking to a church or individuals or to parents and in the whole issue of a prodigal child, son or daughter comes up, do you have to cut. Do you have just maybe even the way you speak the way you approach parents because this is such a difficult subject for so many people. How do you kinda prep yourself and get yourself in the right headspace and spiritual space. We are to talk to parents about something that's very difficult yes very much so I have to bend and personally I understand because we have you know an unsaved child, yet we we understand the anguish that the apostle Paul mentions, and not Romans nine I mentioned this last lot in the last euro words just an unceasing anguish and sorrow of heart.

So I look at the area of when someone brings up the fact that one of their children, usually an adult child later teens early 20s maybe older has rejected the faith of Christ, that the parents yearned and fought hard, presenting trigger their child and it's been rejected it's it's an anguish of soul that doesn't stop, but the joy is in Christ, but the sorrows there and so I I am immediately homages personally hours brought us through that I we get it we understand it it's it's very painful, but how to encourage the parents how to think about this. So yes I do position myself is there are good things the Lord brings our way. There are hard things that the Lord brings our way and then there are things that are just sinful in our life insurance lives of others how to act appropriately with each of those suffering and centers sending and suffering.

Yeah it's been over the years since I kinda got engaged in ministry and doing different things starting I would say go back to about 2000 force 18 years ago. It's always been encouraging. I think that's the right word encouraging when I would encounter people that I would consider more mature than myself more committed to their faith in myself more active in the kingdom than myself, and yet you find when the they're willing to share that they have some of the same challenges that I made that challenges with their own children. Prodigal's of one sort or another and and I think that something that it's helpful. It's a good service to the body for us to be. I don't I don't know that you need to run around and parade and tell everybody but when the opportunity presents itself. I think it's much better for all of us were dishonest about these things in the pretense that hey, I've got it all under control. We did Proverbs 22 six. We taught them in and everything's fine and outcome of that charade, but it's so nice when we share these things. And isn't that kinda sector the chapter 1 when we use the comfort God has given us comfort on the right guy and usually we we keep those very difficult things it retroactive the side so you see a dog.

Sometimes all it picked up from the airport the summer so I are you married have children oh yeah you know I have for her kids and no talk of 30 give you the answer that it if you ever had have dealt with prodigal children you really yet we have five kids are all walking with the Lord and edited it like you're either lying to me or just confirmation that your really good Christian.

I'm a really bad Christian. But as we unpack this work and spend a little more time talking about prodigal children and a reminder that there's basically two kinds hear any any recount brought this back to the older brother the younger brother but help us understand what were dealing with prodigal children there really just come into types that were talking about right. You're dealing with hearts of stone.

The unsaved one either. Just rebels and hates the light wants to get away from it is John three Lord teaches us.

They hate the likely want to get away from it. That's you have the prodigal he's on the run and then you have the other child who says I think I am part of the Lightner self righteous and that's like the Pharisee and so you can have that nothing is set in the parable about anything of a fault with the father, but he had two children never unsaved one runs one stage there and yes there fine yeah I think they're fine and that's a dent in it.

I think it's a hard term for us to hear, but it's an accurate term for us to hear a phrase which is a pagan Christian. You know the language grew up around it, you got the lingo you say yeah I understand the gospel course Jesus died for me, but if that was never a heart transformation. They made a profession of faith, but it wasn't actually justification then that's an issue, but then we also touched a little bit last week on you know the absent. Yet some people including us that your saved you know the Lord in the need to struggle in your kinda carnal in your off in the wilderness for a while.

When salvation isn't the issue of obedience is the issue in walking with the Lord is the issue, but I want to I want to coordinate, come back and talk about this because one of the big statistics of just talking about this. One of my classes today with my high school students is what percentage of kids that grow up in in houses like yours in houses like mine walk away walk away from the faith, why do they do that were to talk about that when we come back with Dr. Stuart Scott in the morning I got a reverse engineer the to go back to when our kids were younger and at six or seven or eight and they went Florida and they made a profession of faith. They even got baptized made a profession of faith, what you do from there.

Zero. You can guarantee that they never go prodigal you don't use that word keep talking to Dr. Scott will direct you back in Steve Noble to see a noble show theology Thursday with our friends at BJ's seminary today with Dr. Scott is just an incredible force and we thank God for that in the world of biblical counseling and so last week we started talking about prodigal children were continuing that conversation now and were to look at kids walking away from the faith. This is a huge problem, 50, 60, 70% by most surveys, barn and places like that.

Looking at kids that grew up in, well, houses like stewards in houses like mine and then they walk away from the faith and usually when they go to college so we'll talk about that was that happening.

What can you do about that during a back up a little bit will reverse engineer and talk about what what about when our kids make a profession of faith do we do something wrong in the morning and up working to drag this conversation into the church because we look at Titus want to go.

Okay, if you're a leader in the church puts it especially pure pastor and you don't have control your family and your kids and your kids are walk with the Lord then maybe you need to quit or we need a fiery soul and the talk about that but still you said something. Thanks for being there.

You said something during the break I wrote down that I want to remember to give you credit for for about 12 months and then I will, but it split Christian parents often times we quote unquote paint by numbers so we go to church to get our kids involved in the youth group. We pray at home.

We do some devotionals we talk about life with our kids from a Christian perspective.

We try to parent biblically and then if were really crazy. We homeschool so we don't even know you and send them to Babylon for schooling. We keep him in Jerusalem and in homeschool in there and we paint and we paint by numbers and I think that's you brought up before even starting today. Proverbs 22, six, and you train up a child the way they should go when they are old they will not apart from it, and often times we like to think that the promise it's not its principal. So how do we look at this because I think this is some that's super frustrating. Whether it's our kids in their faith or sometimes our kids in their politics we paint by numbers and it doesn't come out the way we wanted to come up right and I think every parent you when you start out you want to do it right you what you wanted make all the mistakes that your your parents made you don't want to make rice on a new working to get it all, right here.

Yeah, and often I would say most often children in homes with Christian parents make early professions of faith in the vacation Bible school or Sunday school. There may or home so it's common very, but as you watch the days go on. Then they check it off in okay evangelism is out now.

It's all discipleship and then they go what's wrong with our children. They don't seem to be interested. Yeah, many of them in the things of the Lord they got bored. There's no desire to know Christ or Walker follow him drug problem. Weekly Dragon will turn sweet Dragon to the youth group we Dragon the Sunday school. We drag on the via the sun. The summer thing and that just doesn't you pour as much gas in the fires. You can but it just doesn't ignite kind of an age now where everyone wants to be authentic, more so than in the past several years where that was not the case and so they blend in and they just are Christianized and then they grow up in their adults and is still not interested in the things of award.

But then when this authentic I want to be authentic. Now you find teenagers saying I'm just not a Christian. That's what my daughters are just not a Christian at age 15 and I didn't think she was and I I've been the same way made early professions you but I wasn't converted until I was 18 I understood it, but it's a you know your your thankful that they say I'm not one in ice of all your friends who are church while they love coming to church with her friends were there. Sure, and there there very much the same, not all a run saved on right mean that a large percentage that they they know the language at your tribe operating their getting along with her parents, kind of, you know those laws they yeah and it's just sort of a club and then they go well when high school is over and now they're going off to college were loose in a mall. No, I think they're just expressing where they're at and have been at the no in armed force to bid on the toe the line anymore. That's right, and the parents were thinking what I Proverbs 22 six. II did all the right things and all the homeschooling your Christian school or whatever it is, and now we are. How did we fail and what a guilt trip. We all fail every parent church sentence, but it it it's not is not our responsibility to save our children, it's too to plant and water. That's all we can do in parents just need to be reminded encouraged to be faithful at that and leave the results up to the Lord. That's a hard thing to it's easy to say it's just harder to accept. It's hard to accept, and in real desire for our children to be saved in the walk with the Lord, you know it, we read that I think it's his first time it didn't. Parents desire nothing and to see their children walking with the Lord really yeah that's what that's all you want of course we want that but but that's a humbling reality to remember that we can plant and we can water. But God gives the increase in that's between God and that particular creation of his name, whatever that your son or your daughter and that's ultimately between them and their maker, and which which will take us back to and will just kick this off and hit the break.

So when our kids do make that what what we learn from all this. What kind of wisdom Stuart to use their sixth or seventh or eighth or ninth make a profession of faith. It seems genuine. They get baptized, the whole nine and then we start discipling, but it sounds like that's incomplete yet. I remember hearing Dr. MacArthur was asked a question like that on shepherd's conference you what you do when your child says there are a believer in each. Eight they go to The next year they come back and say I don't think I was. I don't think I am a believer. What you do what you tell them you don't assure them of their salvation only spirit does not right and he said tell him to repent belief and do it again next year. Tell him to repent belief that I appreciated that. It's were not the Holy Spirit.

We don't assure people of their salvation. There may be a reason. Maybe explore what's going on in their life but that Proverbs that that's generally that's a general truism is not ironclad promise, and it the way that's interpreted.

There are various ways to interpret that right passage in it. The best I've seen. It's not a promise of wonder kids are young, it's referring more to a young person and royalty and is talking about an inauguration I getting on a ready it's more about Solomon.

It is not about a child that that were raised go up to age 30 and all of the language of train is only used five times and it's all about inauguration process. It's really interesting. It's more about getting them ready for the court surveying not some ironclad promise, right do this.

And yet, that is, will take will take Proverbs 22 six will use it as a gallon and adorn ourselves of our kids are walking with the Lord and then somebody else doesn't have it, you turn it into a bat them over the head and judgments. They will obviously they didn't raise him up in the way they should go or you turn the bad on yourself.

You say, I thought I was raising them up in the way they should go, but I received I must've done a lousy job somewhere and so you beat yourself over the head with it like Martin Luther laying in front of a all you really should have done this well and I should've that date yet more without her daughter in almost kind of thing that all those kind of things. And if you're solely responsible for them that what happened with God. The guard will be looking back it seems noble to Steve Noble shows greatly with you Thursday, which means every week it's off theology Thursday with our friends at BJ's seminary.

Dr. Stuart Scott is here what that's biblical counseling which is been the epicenter of his calling from the Lord for years and we are due in part to the prodigal children. So if you like wow this is I really need to hear this because you want to you and all the answers you want to know.

Give me the top five things that I need to do to solve this problem. I wish it were that simple, but it is independent in some ways it is because a lot of it isn't on you and so if you want to catch the first part of our conversation it was last week and grabbed the podcast pretty much anywhere all the meter podcast platforms whether it's Apple or Google or spot of fire iHeartRadio were on those we can catch it on Facebook.

Life where there's a little extra content because while you're on the radio and God bless radio and that's how this all started, and still is, the majority of the audience you hear commercials, but on Facebook. Life were still having a conversation. I try not to rob Peter to pay Paul. I try to say okay you get in a banana split.

If you're just on the radio but everybody that's on Facebook lives getting a banana split in a brownie so you're still doing okay. If the radio but if you're on Facebook live in them will be back in YouTube next week you get a little more.

Okay so that's the point of being there but talking about prodigal children and in again Stuart thanks for being here we are talking about with the scope we went back in time a little bit severe six-year-old seven-year-old eight-year-old they make an enthusiastic profession of faith. It's at home it's it's church it's at homeschool whatever even get baptized but it sounds like it's pretty dangerous for us to assume that they were actually converted and so how do we proceed from there little to say. Well, I'm not.

Thanks for saying that but I doubt that your Christian actually Billy because once again, you just made that we cannot handle that it operationally. This is no question that all the Christian parents. We do radio with our little children. There's not a lot in Scripture about small young children coming to faith in Christ.

There's just not that I'm not against it.

We we know shirt and God saves you and he can save her young a lot of testimonies about that, but this is not a lot in the Scripture about that.

So what we do as parents we have to make sure they they are hearing the whole gospel not just I feel bad about some I did wrong and I don't want to go to hell. Christ is a part of the gospel is not the full gospel. The gospel is adult white content that solicits a childlike response so good you don't want to.

You don't want to dilute the gospel and make it just not want to go to hell.

Then raise your hand Hope they just made a decision for Jesus and you're going will will will will will it wait a minute here, we've got a righteous life of substitutionary atonement. I don't mean we keep learning more as we grow our a want to be careful and a lot of children I've seen in baptisms. They don't say a word right so it is like the pastor saying at all. I'm going I like to hear that child actually tell me what the gospel is when this response is yeah and that's a great point and I've heard that a lot where they get the water and then there's the pastor loves him enough like okay do you yes have you. Yes, will you yes will you go where we want you to go do whatever you want to yes and so saying in this would be this and scare a lot of younger people way. This will scare a lot of adults away. You know what baptism is its open mic night and so coming to the water in them, hate hey Stuart, great to see you privileged to be in the water with you.

I just have one question, why are you here hear the Mike we have to say for yourself still, and then off you go and I think that would be a good stopgap measure to say why. Why do you want to be baptized a member having that conversation with our kids.

But as parents were so excited for that to be true, absolutely that we jump on the bandwagon and ride that puppy all the way across what we think is the finish line. Maybe it was maybe the finish line is 10 years down the road or 30 so you get this false sense of security and that's dangerous right it really is dangerous to know, and parents need to remember all that God the father is given to the sun will come to help John chapter 6 don't don't panic like you're gonna lose something up to get him say before three or something to get everything done. It just you just talking about the truth of the gospel should read it through with your children when you sit down when you rise up. Just be faithful in evangelism. I think parents are evangelist for sure disciple worse maybe an I think we just need.

Be careful when children make decisions.

Professions of faith in Christ. You don't ever want to check off evangelism and if you're always talking about the gospel you keep it on the front burner so you start you have evangelism always on that front burner. Yeah, and then discipleship 101. You try to start it is your teaching is not the biblical way and and it's like I'm in a thrill a certain kind of chum in the water in a certain kind of fish is going to react right and so debate determines the catch, which by the way parents with daughters my want to remember that debate determines the catch of it was that that's the context that somebody originally told me that Stu Stewart they were like hey you know it the way your daughter presents herself of the way she dresses. What are just some of the debate determines the catch and so you like hey were praying for you to find a really godly guy or really godly girl but are you to be the godly person at the godly other person wants to me that's a good question, but that that such an important point that always keep the gospel in there because you don't know yet just pacing a profession of faith for their actually in the kingdom so you can teach them the Bible and like you said, see currently responding to this right and then the older they get. That's when they're no longer under their parents. Every decision right and now you're going to see which way they're facing.

As they're getting in the teen years to employ more independents are making choices more on their own is not all about pleasing mom and dad.

I now were going to see which way are you actually not snapshots, but actually facing living for your own advantage. Are you seeking to live for the advantage of Christ. We usually see that in the teen years sure and early 20s which way are you going like what what are you trying to achieve what to eat with you long after what's just the general direction of your life. Are you going towards God. Are you going away from God and for going away from God, then you need to not go to bed every night. Assuming your kids a Christian just because they made a profession of faith and that sounds harsh, but I'd rather be right than wrong on this issue because it's the only thing we deal with their kids. It's actually eternal reading else's temporal temporary with with my own students, and this comes up pretty often. I say this at the beginning of the school year. Stuart say this and how many of you are growing up and what what I think the culture would generally say is you're in a church home or you're in a conservative Christian home evangelical, whatever. How many of you. It's almost all of them almost all that's okay cards on the table 30 of you and your 20 of you and your whatever the case maybe I am not going to assume for one second that all of your actually biblical Christians and just I don't have a clue where you're at in your spiritual journey. I don't know, but just because you come in here and he Mr. Noble. This is I'm not can assume anything so I'm in a weave the gospel in and out of this course material. Sometimes it'll be really obvious. Sometimes it will be but I have no idea sons can keep throwing some of that gospel chum in the water, and I'm responsible to do that right. I'm not responsible or the eater, but I am responsible for doing so.

I think it's a great reminder for all of us and then and then we drag this into the church life, which would just set this up and then we'll talk about it and finish that often the four segment but then Emily, then it seems like it. These stakes go up if you want to Titus one. So what what happens in the church as the church Well it it directly goes after the leaders that the pastors Titus one you you brought that up. Titus one is the qualifications of an elder or pastor and in several translations. It reads I have the ES to be in excess of anyone's above reproach, the husband of one wife, and then says, and his children are believers who will owe you know that as a footnote or down the bottom it says or are faithful or well-managed, but that quote preferred interpretation and then the ESV also it's you find it in the King James. The new American Standard that's problematic. So that leaders have to say children believers and that just opens up all kinds, like all of it. What age, what are some doubt. What if you have some that are believers, some R&R your time pastor what you what you do with this requirement. That's not character its inability to have your actually save your kids, somehow. So this is a phenomenal weight that leaders bear when they read that one church are reading it and looking at the pastors kids and I got I don't think Johnny over their belief right yeah and so maybe we need to give them their walking papers yet. There's a lot there to keep working through that.

Talking to Dr. Stuart Scott from BG seminary biblical counseling prodigal children as well as prodigal children in the church and their parents, especially the death for the past how to be built that will be right back. It's even over the seasonal sociology Thursday as it is every week with our friends at BG seminary today backed up with the Dr. Stuart Scott biblical counseling at BG seminary talking about prodigal children okay since you got a professor on here in the high school type teacher on her pop quiz everybody pop was if you are in a garage go home today. You stand in your garage. Does that make you a car okay to answer that obviously is not just because you're standing in the garage doesn't mean your car okay, here's one that can be offensive. If you go to Dunkin' Donuts and you go inside you and you but I don't needed. Does that mean you're a police officer know it doesn't we let crack jokes like I am right now it's in Germany agree for that tell you police officers like donuts. Whatever.

So just is he the police officer just as you please. Just get the doughnut doesn't mean your police officer just to stand in a garage doesn't mean that your car and just because you go to church doesn't mean that your Christian just because you say you believe in God's mean your Christian justice just to say you believe it got that Jesus is God's son that he died on the cross he went in a grave and three days later he came out as you have yet to differentiate yourself from the average demon being all that to my point being, you have to be really careful with the assumption that your young child made a profession of faith the same so hopefully that's true.

Time will tell.

You need see fruit so keep preaching the gospel. That's kinda how I wanted and that but now we go into where we started.

At the end of the last segment, Stuart, which is what we bring this in the church we look at Titus one were looking at pastors.

Some people will extend that the elders and men they got. I have things buttoned down so that their kids are a little wacky little rebellious or if they're not believers, then we need to fire the only I would hope not. I don't think any of us would really hold up that kind of scrutiny but you know there's a couple of things when you're dealing with this particular passage is the only one that some of the translations.

As I mentioned the new American Standard. The ESV I know I'm sorry the new King James version says having faithful children.

The Broadman and Holman having faithful children. The legacy standard version. Having faithful children, well-managed children, some of the other versions like ESV new King I'm in the King James, the American Standard puts a uses one is one phrase and they say it means to be always believing the children have to always be believers believing and I'm going they don't come out that way right.

That is a that goes beyond character for a pastor now their ability to lead their children. As one commentator says yes to. If you can't lead your children to Christ, you shouldn't be in the church while trying to lead I'm going while I can't save anyone in my home. I can't save anyone in the church that same person who writes that if that were true the picture in first Timothy three is how you manage your home will be how you manage the church, which means there should be any unbelievers in the church either.

You can do that in her home for you should be able do that in the church that you're like an Avengers on a call to my but you know just doesn't hold up exegetical he doesn't hold up theologically to hold that Titus 16 says they have to be believers. The way it's constructed.

It's that their faith folder there well-managed is this when you have another passage in the Bible. I don't want to get too technical when you have another parallel passage written a couple years earlier by the same human author, the spirit moving him to write these two passages on qualifications of an elder. The first Timothy three, which is much more clear interprets the last clear passivation Titus is the simpler one to interpret the yes just one just says he must manage his own household well with all dignity, his dignity keeping his children submissive. That just means they're not out of control in the picture in the Bible would be don't have an Eli whose whose kids are just I wacky with all kinds of world young is not dealing with spring graffiti on the fact all of the sanctuary.

Now all pastors, kids will do something.

They will all run down the Missouri sanctuary or the auditorium do something Christian talk show host run into that as well. How do they handle it is the issue. Do they manage that child in that situation just like they would a member in their church who will also do some yell yeah crazy things snapshots in their life and you're going to how they got to manage them in the church will be so the microcosm of the whole is helpful manage the church is not putting anything on that they're responsible for their children. Salvation yes so it's it's working to get concerned and start thinking about applying this is a church body. If the pastor's family and kids are just at the test all things got a train wreck like noise and charged three inmates are running the asylum. And this is in everybody's can be like oh my goodness this is Quincy great what's going on. But if the kids are struggling. The pastor's 16-year-old daughter gets pregnant okay and that's where I think we have to be very careful about our witness to a somewhat watching world is are we are we exhibiting judgment more than we exhibit grace and mercy.

I read somewhere that mercy triumphs over judgment.

But oftentimes relate no I'm in and grab your flattery and get your tassels and let's just go get blue punch Pharisees and then we go well we don't want to be an enabler. You want to be weak to speak the truth in love yeah but mercy triumphs over all that stuff. Love covers over a multitude of sins. So you know, get your hand off your gun, take it easy. Their buckaroo yeah and in the best thing the church can do with that leadership is just interview the family you know that we invited and invited a few other elders to come in and say interview me interview my wife separately yeah interviewer kids to see if there's something were not doing right right or we did something wrong tell us we want to know and when you find out that it's not the is not the parents.

It was just the child made us to put this session in that case, I was involved in a situation similar to that and she just got involved with a guy local guy one night stand babysitting, and she's pregnant and it wasn't the parents sure, but you know, and I appreciated that the church didn't blame the parents. They just wanted to know was there something going on here so investigative exercise grace and mercy. Yeah.

How can we come alongside of you and and and be a part of the utility story on the break Stuart about even likes some 70 students are like, well, maybe we won't have kids at all that's that's really that is a father that's heartbreaking to hear that so retail that that's I want people to understand when you get this wrong looking to damage it can do well when you're under that kind of a belief in a church where if you're a pastor that all your children how to be believers, that puts a tremendous onus on the man in ministry and so when our daughter, you know, said she wasn't a believer and I'm still teaching in a seminary allow seminary students and and II you know stepped away from that position because my boss believed that all children have to have to believing children so I I resigned but I could still teaching the seminary and the students.

These men were there to be pastor said we just heard what happened in and we want to know. Maybe it's better we don't have any children while or maybe we should not be in seminary until were in our 40s and 50s lonely after we see what happens with our children because we could be disqualified.

Dolly by a nonbelieving child and I go you know those are logical questions. If you take that you hate right so it so it has a that particular take on that passage that you have to believing children takes it to a whole another level that it should not be there again hold up theologically exegetical way.

It just doesn't hold up yeah yeah really, really dangerous where flat and then Eddie and you can actually thinking you're doing something holy you're actually grieving the Holy Spirit in making a decision this contradictory to God's will for your life because you think that the Bible is telling you that which is why proper blood Bible study and exegesis and having good theology is so important because everybody every Christian's appeal of a theologian by the way, if you're fearless in the show watching the show, you call yourself a Christian and an ego theology Thursday was not for me. Yes, it is your theologian, the only question is are you good on her bed on her somewhere between every Christian is a theologian, which is why it's so important, especially for young people to understand like you guys. We were figuring this out today and when my class and Stuart were like it's about 42,000 hours. I'm like screen time on your phone. How much time spinning an Amazon prime above above the blood. If you go to church four days a week, and the numbers are like massively off 2400 block 500 hours for Goldstar Christian family versus $42,000 of Lord of the post will largely godless Neil. You guys are being program you just don't know you. Make sure you know the word of God, and that's really what you're able to tell what kind of junk sitting up in your computer system. But if you don't know any better, you're in trouble, which is why theology is so important.

Dr. Stuart Scott Beatty seminary biblical counseling thank you so much for leading us down this road and helping us understand all the things in your offering the grace and mercy that God offers to all of us to parents who have shop challenge for product kids.

Everybody got don't don't take that teaching my Proverbs 22 six beat yourself up about it. Got a remember the mercy triumphs over judgment. We praise and thank you so much again for being so welcome. Thank you very welcome is another program powered by the Truth Network

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