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The Queen!

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September 9, 2022 9:56 pm

The Queen!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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September 9, 2022 9:56 pm

The Queen!

Steve talks about Queen Elizabeth II and how her death is affecting the world. Why is she such a great impact?

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Everyone is time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics.

Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God and on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred call Steve Bell 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble down. That's the phrase about the prime minister. First, the new Prime Minister London Bridge is down, meaning when Elizabeth had died, and a pretty remarkable life obviously were inundated with this here in America and around the world. It's all over the place. You can't run or hide from the story. Let's turn everything off and you can but like Fox News like 24 seven Queen Elizabeth Queen Elizabeth II's April 12, 1926 to September 2022, 96 years of age which is amazing in and of itself, a 70 year reign as the Queen of England longest monarch in British history and now you have the King Ave., King obviously and so that started today I watched his address a prerecorded address probably filled earlier today to Great Britain and the Commonwealth in you know it's a complicated story, Great Britain, and the colonies on and so forth. Setting all that aside, setting British history aside.

Queen Elizabeth to me what you make of that act as an American you think it's much ado about nothing.

You don't really understand what's the big deal or do you have a high regard for the Queen and then you know Jim Dennison is a great Christian writer at a Texas.

The life death in Christian faith. The Queen Elizabeth Carl Truman is an incredible philosopher at the says Christian is been on the show before I did the show with him about his book the rising triumph of the modern self, which is the philosophical history of how we got to the point where a man can just say hey I think I'm a woman trapped inside a man's body in there's a lot of people that are just say okay whatever.

So Carl Truman's been on the show before and he's British. The quiet faith of Queen Elizabeth and then all kinds of other things out there about the faith of the Queen who would occasionally mention Jesus Christ and some quotes from her which I want to work through that in a gospel way. I cannot say definitively whether Queen Elizabeth II was a born again Christian theirs because there's a lot of people out there that can talk the talk right and we talked for you. It's out there. If you're struggling with the prodigal child I would encourage you go to the podcast the Steve Noble show podcast from the last two theology Thursdays with Dr. Stuart Scott and we are talking about prodigal children and used to phrase it sometimes hard to hear the Christian pagan seed grow up in a Christian family, Christians are parents you go to church you go to youth group. You do the lingo on the kind of stuff and for all practical purposes from the outside looking in, and you seem to be a Christian.

You have all the right answers. He basically can explain the gospel, but that's conversion and that justification actually hasn't happened in that person's life yet, and so people can hold Christ in high esteem, yet not be a Christian is not interesting, but Jesus himself did say that we many many that say Lord Lord. Then we do the prophesy in your name and always incredible things in Jesus looked him square in the eye and say department for me. I never knew you. So there's that angle on the Queen's own explore that through a couple articles today but was curious.

I actually think there's great value in" the monarchy in its current form, not ruling the nation. She did not do that. You have any real political power but did have any important role in so I would like to explore that a little bit today because it would be very interesting to kind of translate that into the American context is having a conversation with our one of her daughters earlier today. Millions in Manhattan and just talking about what that look like in the American context, own, explore that a little bit. But if you want to call in and share specially if perhaps you're listening today and you've actually spent time in Great Britain. Maybe your were born there or you spent some time there, you've worked there.

Whatever the case may be. If you have some personal experience with Great Britain, and their relationship.

Queen Elizabeth, I love to hear from you that would be a great honor to get your perspective in our phone number is always is 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH. I think the easier way to remember 866 34 truth or just your general reactions to everything going on. I mean, this is going to be 10 days starting yesterday of all kinds of events in fanfare and grieving, and lamenting in specials and all kinds of pomp and circumstance. The Brits obviously do that very very well and so this can be around for a week and 1/2.

But what your reaction to it is like I don't get it. This is ridiculous. If one person at the idol worship.

Maybe the me that you and if you hear or read any article.

Like I've gotten front of me referring to the Queen Elizabeth as a Christian maybe go that's a load and you want to share that we could investigate that claim a little bit. If you'd like. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH or if you have experience of being in Great Britain. One of share that that would be great. Or maybe you think you you think the queens are a remarkable woman and a great example.

I spoke last night at an induction ceremony here in town for some homeschoolers that were being inducted into the national honor Society and I started with that with Queen Queen Elizabeth and who I think in the laundry list of attributes that are honorable and noble and worthy of respect and even mimicking and so is a somebody that gives them give them gives themselves entirely over to a mission to a job to I believe what she would probably eventually referred to as a calling and her duty. That's a big word only for letters but that's a big word duty and we don't really see that here in America because in America were not about the crown right were not about that were about ourselves. I mean, individualism is a individualism via liberty is a big part of the American life. A big part of the American experiment. You're not the under the crown enormous sovereign the lesser sovereign is God, maybe whatever religion you happen to be so don't really think like that. We would like were independent people men that's why we fought a war because we will do things our way is why people came over here for religious freedom not to be a part of a system. A lot of Americans understand our need. The Constitution were in the government but were individuals over there and and has there ever been anybody in American history that you can think of, short of George Washington that had the kind of national love and respect and honor for Queen Elizabeth the did dots I think. Currently her approval ratings like 75% plus that even happen in this country today.

Not if you talk about politics or hot button issues. You have to stay away from that is, is that even possible, but she did which is remarkable, especially given the political environment Wednesday the Steve Noble and Steve Noble show talking about Queen Elizabeth 866-34-TRUTH. Looking back at Steve Noble to Steve Noble show, Queen Elizabeth II obviously passed away yesterday 96 years of age after seven year reign longest in British history and your opinion on that. What you think about the Queen.

There's so much about her that I think is honorable and worthy of respect in and emulating exit. In many ways incredible person stiff upper lip. Very British. That way in her role which is really interesting to consider her role there.

What what what's her role. I mean, the monarchy doesn't really have any political power. There they spend hundred hundred 50 million pounds a year on it and it's obvious. A big part of British life.

A lot of people are just I wouldn't summer distraught, but most are sad. It's been amazing to watch that. It's hard to understand that as an American citizen because we don't really have anybody like that in this country is really not I can you think of anybody Billy Graham I to a certain extent. I think but there's a lot of people nonreligious people, not anti-Christian people that Billy Graham is that whatever I'm care and there's a lot of people under 40 that don't even know Billy Graham is, but virtually, I think, like I read a stat by close to 80% of the of the citizens of Great Britain the Commonwealth are that's. This is the only Queen of Evernote is really fascinating subject. Curious how you feel about Queen Elizabeth and her passing her role in her importance or not and then most people think that Queen Elizabeth was a Christian. She talked about Jesus occasionally in some of her broadcasting Christmas broadcast things like that to get into that as well. But you want to call in and share your thoughts and Queen Elizabeth in her passing in and her role on what you think of her that whole situation that will monarchy.

Either way you come down. I'd love to hear from 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH, let's jump over to Ohio.

Thanks for calling so much Karen had I got you your good go ahead off from Dayton, Ohio hey how are you good to me again you are you and we must remember that we dilute what you like all I what we all understand salvation in John chapter wanted, not our Troy will God talk and when we move over to Matt. One working separate through all groups of people.

The one that did this in your name. I did that and he said away from me. I never amend the other group they were when and the Lord says when you my brother and two there. What we must remember about the deer waited. I walked the fact that you good night 90 year long monarchy. All of monarchy is that anyone can proclaim anything about any work differentiate.

I believe the are we doing the three way call ministry for one or more benefit or was it or right about it here talking about proclamation and again there are some people that are very quiet Christians that don't run around and say much at all about their faith who love Jesus and are born again. John 644 mentioning another way around that you went when you first started sharing as nobody comes to the sun unless the father draws in God is the initiate faith in themselves, but stick staying there today. If you can listen to them to go through a bunch of these quotes from her and them to make some points there from a gospel perspective and say okay all here somebody talks about Jesus Jesus Jesus Christ Christ Jesus Christ, Prince of peace.

Does that mean you're Christian and I want to make sure not for Queen Elizabeth or her destiny is sealed already and I sure hope I get to see her in heaven. One day, but people for the people out there that might might not be. Sure enough that that than there still alive and that's a more important story right now than Queen Elizabeth soul so I'm in a major background that go through Galatians 5 well aware of the root of why is exactly the point. I hear from you again, thanks for calling it. Have a great day you too man. God bless you bye-bye 866-34-TRUTH eight, 784 if you'd like to chime in on any aspect of this conversation about Queen Elizabeth II 866-34-TRUTH is go to Mary's Conan from North Carolina hi Mary, thanks for calling. Go ahead well thank you how are you good for either interact here about you run the entire world all the time behind their betting think that I also forget that in order to cope very hoping right now.

I was wondering, he had had a lot of power in contact with all the powers that be will and I wanted you about her vanity and also the first right of the bat when you're sharing that Mary is that gossip is like a DT morsel like a DT morsel. So we we tend to. I think in our fallen depravity as human beings, in our sin nature whenever we hear kind of a conspiracy kind of thing or some intrigue you know that that I mean even for myself. Unlike wool what if that's true, isn't that interesting or something about that and entered in our flesh that were drawn to. So I know that's a bit of a concern that have a yellow flag up never hear things like this, but whenever I hear stories like this. I've heard that one before. I'm always going like the lady from the old Wendy's commercial like show me the beef United great charge. Okay it's it's salacious. It's fascinating. I certainly she is one of the well most well-placed well-known people in the world. I don't know how much power she actually had because this is one of the things about the Queen that absolutely amazes me in a 70 year reign that from a political perspective, very few people know where she fell down on the political spectrum from right to left from an American perspective because that was never her job. She was subservient to the system. She was subservient to the prime minister and parliament.

She's not making any laws. She's not signing any bills. She's not changing anything in the structure of the government of Great Britain said to me, she's more of a figurehead. She's not a governing person so hurt her power was in her example I don't think she had any raw power, and from from the outside looking in. From my perspective that we can to disqualify her from that situation, not that not that somebody that's rotten to the core being used by the devil can't talk about Jesus because sure they can. That's like a test the spirits right. The Bible tells us we have to test the spirits.

Both stories like that, Mary Miami and then I'm a skeptic. That's why I'm on one of the reasons some of the radio is like, okay, show me the beef so is going to have to make a case and if you can't make a case. I'm not saying you generally I'm talking about.

Whoever might share that with you. If they can make a case. I just miss it and I move on because I want to deal with facts, not just innuendo that make sense.

You know that's right I'm up against the break right now. Mary said I gotta let you go but that's a great question. I appreciate your calling Sharon all say some more about it. On the other side of the briefing so much. This is Steve Noble of Europe that back and see Noble the Steve Noble show London Bridge has fallen. The London Bridge is down right you can think of that little song we used to sing when your little kids. But that was actually the code phrase on the Queen actually died yesterday to pass the news. First the prime minister, she actually died two hours before they made a public one interesting thing that I'd forgotten about the Queen and did you see the crown that was a fascinating series of pivoting the crown and I noticed filming another season and they just shut down filming because of the Queen's passing, but that's it.

I think it's in a come back. It was really fascinating in this things about the Queen that were my wife and I watched it in there like men were like there's one scene I don't know what season it was where finally she's crying.

Finally, she's showing some genuine deep emotion in your like does the lady have a heart issue like the Grinch and that she was born with a heart 10 times too small and she just deftly had the stiff upper lip. But there is there is an aspect to her that I gleaned from watching the crown, which obviously isn't going to be 100% accurate but to just this this commitment to duty that you have a really serious job in the context of being born into the British monarchy and at 25 years of age and you're supposed to be, to a certain extent. The titular head of your nation but you don't have any real raw political power. So what's the Queen's deal. So this is where I it's interesting to me to consider this in the American context if we had some American man or woman or for couple and their only job and how we picked them or how they got there set that aside for a minute, but their only job was really to be first kind of a patriot in on but but forget the magna hat or whatever not that kind of a kind of a really zealous patriot mixed with political position. That was the thing about the Queen as most people had no idea how she voted right because her job is not to be political. Her job is basically to represent the monarchy, which is all about seeking the welfare of Great Britain what's best for the country what's best for the people and so a patriot without being political and for us in America. That's like oil and water. How can you be a nonpolitical patriot but just imagine you sure imagination for second and you've got a couple or man or woman. Maybe it's that maybe it was the descendents of the Washington family. Whatever. And think about them. Their job is to promote the principles of America that are general enough that you still have massive buy-in.

We believe in fairness, we need to be fair to one another. We need to be fair and and we need to be dignified.

We need to show dignity to one another. We want to take care of our children. We want to provide them with the future we want to have good education pitch not to talk about how to do that.

No policy here.

We want we want a good education, good opportunities you want to take care of the disenfranchised amongst us, the people that are less fortunate dish history still very much kind a caste system so the people that are less fortunate. We need to be compassionate and take care of them just kind of these if you will glittering generalities that most Americans agree with most Americans agree they want freedom they want liberty they want.

They want safety they want opportunity.

They want equality is that you and we want equality and we want whether you're poor or rich. We come from this neighborhood of that neighborhood. We want you to have access to good education and we want you to have an opportunity to thrive to invest in your God-given talents and abilities, and so they stay away from all policy and talk about here. To accomplish those things you don't even get into the definition like equality. What is that even mean in 2022. What equality was a different thing. In 1776, or 1630. But you stay away from that. You just gotta keep promoting by speech and then by deed you're out serving like I think she was the I think they called the patron or something of I was listening to an interview with her earlier today like some 600 charities something like that's ridiculous for you can't be involved six centuries but she's out there leading by example. So she's supporting charities and showing up things, almost like a First Lady thing but a first lady is political by definition because her husband is the Pres. is a political person but could you imagine that in the American context and in and do you think that would be helpful. I for one think that would be helpful. Somebody that's outside the political fray that that loves the country not baptizing all the country sent for not ignoring this or that, but just we love America, we appreciate America spent an incredible story. And yes, there's been things have gotten wrong but a lot of things have gotten right and there. Still, these principles that most of us agree with and for her. She never really hit her association with the Christian faith. I am worried to a certain extent about King Charles King Charles III, because were she said she's the defender of the faith and the Church of England's Anglican church defender of the faith which is Christian.

She never she never shied away from that King Charles had said he's the defender of the faith plural which is a pluralistic perspective which I would expect from him. He's a world economic forum guy is probably a great reset guys big environmentalist guy, but he said in his speech today that he's going to have to tone that down is now his job isn't to represent his own personal interest in his own personal opinion. His job is to represent the crown the monarchy and in the British Commonwealth government country does not about him anymore and that's the thing about her that so remarkable was about her but to return this on the gospel directions. This minute, pull a few quotes here okay to" on faith. Queen Elizabeth, I have been and remain very grateful to you for your prayers and to God for his steadfast love Ivan Dietz and his faithfulness is that mean you're Christian. That statement does not okay that one doesn't.

It is true that the world has had to confront moments of darkness this year, but the gospel of John contains a very aversive great hope often read a Christmas Carol services. The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it.

Despite being displaced and persecuted throughout his short life, Christ, unchanging message was not one of revenge or violence, but simply that we should love one another. So you utter that in public and I sit there and say well that's deftly a Christian, I would say no, not necessarily near the stadium, but that doesn't mean you're in the field three for me. The life of Jesus Christ, the Prince of peace.

His birth we celebrate today is an inspiration and an anchor in my life okay night get a little closer the field.

I think, but I still don't know a role model of reconciliation and forgiveness reconciliations. An important word. That is the gospel. He stretched out his hands and love accepting and healing. That's true in terms of salvation. Christ example is taught me to seek the respect and value all people of whatever faith or none.

That's definitely true that the biblical writer should you love everybody. Everybody's made image of God.

They all of inestimable worth, and you should love and respect everyone. Christ died for everyone and that she transferred how you see everyone that was your Christmas message from 2014 is another one Christmas message. 2013 for Christians as for all people of faith, reflection, meditation and prayer. Help us to renew ourselves in God's love is we strive daily to become better people.

The Christmas message shows us that this love is for everyone.

There is no one beyond its reach. Beautiful generally true that mean she's Christian.

I mean if you want if you want to be a Christian if you're if you're leaning in that direction. I bought I think she has very go sleep with. Gotta be careful not to proof text things you okay that works at. That's my narrative that fits my conclusions on the make a mistake and booked careful at that in this on an especially am sharing this right now for those of you that would say your Christian but you don't know a lot about the Bible or what the Christian faith is really all about. You believe in God. Jesus, yeah, that's awesome. Jesus did that he dined across yeah came out of great three days later yeah if if you were to die. Unfortunately tonight in bed.

For some reason, which go to heaven if your answer is I hope so. I think so will now we have a challenge because the Bible actually says you can know so first things are written so that you may know you have eternal life or how you know that you have eternal life right that's a big question that's the question is no. This is the time year when we remember that God sent his only son to serve not to be served, he restored love and service to the center of our lives in the person of Jesus Christ is my prayer this Christmas Day that his example and teaching will continue to bring people together to give the best of themselves in the service of others.

Carol in the bleak midwinter ends by asking a question of all who know the Christmas story of how God gave himself to us in humble service. What can I give him poor as I am. If I were a shepherd, I would bring Alyssa. If I were a wise man I would do my part Carol gives the answer yet. What can I give them give my heart as your Christmas message in 2012 is that the gospel near the ballpark, but is that actually it is not enough. It's enough to see for somebody to get interested. Sounds nice, but was that mean to give them my heart and that person of the Holy Spirit's work in their lives. Perhaps are going to explore that as somebody go online, we don't know for sure there's another one Christmas message. 2011. Although we are capable of great acts of kindness history teaches us that we sometimes need saving from ourselves from our recklessness or agreed. God sent into the world a unique person. Neither a philosopher nor general important though they are but a Savior, the power to forgive is my prayer that on this Christmas Day.

We might all find room in our lives for the message of the Angels and for the love of God through Christ our Lord. Okay, that's pretty good. Is it enough is enough for you to think that's enough you check in the box. Hey Elizabeth, my sister see and have that whenever I get there see and have it or is it not this is an important question not questioning the Queen salvation is pretty good case to be made that she is a believer, but it's also a generational thing I want to touch on that to express your little head nod to Great Britain there at the beach is looking back at Steve Noble to Steve Noble should talk about Queen Elizabeth today 1926 to 2022 April 2026 to September 2022, 96 years of age 70 year reign longest reigning monarch in British history and by the way, she was homeschooled yes homeschoolers go homeschoolers rule the world.

She was homeschooled and which would make sense for part of the British monarchy, but just I throw that in there and talk about her faith a little bit and then I go along. Clipboards Johnson is the just left as Prime Minister's new prime minister now and she's been speaking out a lot. You'll see her a lot in the next 10 days, but he gave about an eight minute statement attribute that I want to play and there is no, explain to you I'm a player that's a long clip will finish with that, but I wanted to finish one more quote you're talking about is is is Queen Elizabeth in heaven right now. Will I see her in heaven when I die okay will you if you're in Christ Jesus want one of her other quotes too many of us, our beliefs are of fundamental importance for me. Queen speaking of yourself obviously for me the teachings of Christ and my own personal accountability before God provide a framework in which I try to leave my life.

I like so many of you have drawn great comfort in difficult times from Christ's words example and in this I know just how much I rely my own faith to guide me through the good times in the back each day is a new beginning. I know that the only way to live my life is try to do what is right to take the long view to give of my best in all that the day brings in the put my trust in God, like others of you draw inspiration from your own faith. I draw strength from the message of hope in the Christian gospel. Okay, so there's there's a lot of some beautiful things there and if you watch some of her Christmas messages over the years many beautiful I mean indefinitely in the ballpark location not on the parking lot just come in the gate she's in the football stadium.

It seems she's down pretty close to the field, the field being people that are born again so it's that's sounded pretty good, but does that mean she's a believer, I don't know Billy Graham seem to think so. Yet, I think 12 meetings with her personally, I'm fairly confident that Billy Graham would had enough conversations with her to really come to get to the crux of the matter.

But those are all private so is not exactly going to come out and say yeah I and I met Ida beating with then I said you died today. Elizabeth was going to heaven and I hope we did. But I don't know my point is not to talk about whether Queen Elizabeth is in heaven or not. The question is are you can be in heaven.

You can talk about God. You can talk about Jesus, you can talk about the Bible you can talk about him being an inspiration and that you try to pattern your life after him in many ways Thomas Jefferson did that the Thomas Jefferson denied Jesus was God's son that he was born of a virgin then he came out of the grave. Three days after you screws by Thomas Jefferson, denies that you cannot deny those things and be a Christian and Thomas Jefferson called himself a Christian matter what you call yourself.

What matters is what you actually believe and have you put 100% your faith in Jesus Christ is the only way all roads lead to God. That's true because every buddies in the face judgment but only one road leads to heaven, and that's through Jesus Christ and you can't buy God off.

You can't you can't impress them with your resume of good works. You can't deal with the mess that is your sin record before a perfectly holy and just God.

You can't not by the law, not by works. Bible makes it abundantly clear. The only chance you have is to put all of your eggs in Jesus's basket.

I can do nothing he can do everything I put all my faith in all my trust acknowledging mice and acknowledging that I need forgiveness and I can't buy my way or work my way in. I want to be saved.

I want to be forgiven. Lord, please. I confess all my garbage help me turn from it. I put all my faith in you. And if you do that and that's genuine in your born-again they go okay.

Is that your deal that we believe words your life is a is a Christian," made up of wonderful statements and God is awesome and Jesus is awesome Jesus is God's son executive in heaven know Peter tells us that even the demons believe in shutter is the demons and put their faith in their not confessing Academy. They spit on Jesus, but they know is the son of God, they know you walked out of that grave. They know where he is right now they know he's the king that is making a Christian rumor that okay Leslie Borst on spam knocking will get through all of it but just listen to this, only to listen to will both play several minutes of this, listen to it kind of through current Christian lands and looking in a mirror at your own life and what anybody ever stand up at your funeral and talk about you like this this deeply convicting me to stand up in my funeral. Talk about me like this in my impact in my drive to serve and give of myself. It's inspirational. I think we should all be challenged by Colette and is lined with a possible confession a few months ago, the BBC came to see me talk about her Majesty the Queen we sucked on the conference started rolling and they requested about to in the pasta tennis. I'm afraid I should be checked out and I could go on really know you moved to tears, but I was so overcome with sadness that I have to awesome to go away. I know today there are countless people in this country and around the world who've experienced the same song access unexpected emotion.

I think millions of us are trying to understand why we are feeling this deep and personal and was since of loss since she's always been a change in this human reference point is British life person who will so they say appears most often in all dreams so one very post all regions that we have perhaps been mold into thinking that she might be in some way, but I think I'll showcase Quito today because we're coming to understand the magnitude of what she did. Russell and think what we almost that defined your woman is to be the person so trusted hurriedly which should be on every unit of our currency every postage stamp. The person in whose name justice is dispensed in this country every little cost to every minister of the crime, swears allegiance every member of our services is split if necessary.

They don their lives. Think what we all owe in that moment, not just to be the DNA of the history and continuity unity of this country to be the figurehead of our entire system. The Keystone in the Boston arch of the British state, a role she could fulfill because in the brilliant and durable bald Constitution will only she could be trusted to be involved in the commercial interest and incoming impossible very concept essence of the nation think what we also think what she gave she should whoa not just how to reign over people.

She sure won't have to give love and how to so on the back of that false service its sheer duration is almost impossible to take. She was lost in British public life who served in uniform and the second will. She was the first female member of the royal family in a thousand years. So full-time in the Armed Forces and that impulse to do her teaching carried right through the cave to the very moment in Balmoral is my writing repentance at any three days ago when she stole off of 14th Prime Minister and welcomed him.

I can tell you it's she was as regions as knowledgeable and was fascinated by politics. I can remember, and was wise in her advice as anyone I know was extremely span public service with a not for me, retentive and inquiring mind. I think many of the 50 would that she became the greatest statesmen, not and she knew instinctively how to cheer raw nation. I believe a celebration.

I remember innocent joy more than 10 years ago off of your sermon's when I told her the leader for printing Middle Eastern country seemed actually to believe that she had jumped on the rest equal pleasure being told just a few weeks ago she had been a smash hit in the performance reporting and packs more. She knew how to keep us going when times were okay, that's enough. They're coming up on them but I bet you can watch the whole thing apart and on my Facebook pages O'Casey go check it out. There really is amazing that you talk about that example her to give love to serve do her duty to cheer up a nation is an impact player and she wasn't political until we need more of that in America a great example Christian or not. I'm hopeful that she's a believer that I'll see her and have signs that just the example of her life. 70 year reign longest reigning monarch in British history and to make it pretty much never about her was always about the country and her countrymen to give to love and serve do her duty.

That's a pretty good example of the life of Jesus Christ. Life will so let's make sure were looking in the mirror between now and eight or nine days now and they finally lay her to rest another program powered by the Truth Network

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