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All Hail Emperor Biden!

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September 2, 2022 1:00 am

All Hail Emperor Biden!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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September 2, 2022 1:00 am

All Hail Emperor Biden!

Steve talks about Biden's speech from last night. Is he saying that he is the new emperor? How will they cover this up?

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The Steve Noble Show
Steve Noble
The Steve Noble Show
Steve Noble
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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network Everyone is time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God and on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cow call Steve Bell 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble. All hail number five all he'll ever bite and that's going to look to feel what beach last night a nonpolitical speech by the way everybody just in case you didn't get the memo that was not a political speech what it was. Everything was political shift that was definitely the worst presidential speech ever heard the most bizarre presidential speech I've ever heard. Possibly the most divisive presidential speech I've ever heard coming from the present. The man that said his presidency was talking to be about uniting the country which most of them say that but my goodness unbelievable so I got reactions to that Kevin McCarthy trump himself and then today bite and taking on a slightly different tone because I'm like how you not, how are you this stupid hurry. This tone deaf are you this ignorant running that place that we know it's not Joe who's running a place but by witnesses Steve Noble walked back up doing well. Looking forward to a 3D three day labor day weekend I will be in on Monday just can be chilling out with my family and so I hope you do the same so three-day weekends can be nice after this holistic speech from last night which was really just remarkable so I'll get through this little article here from the daily while get to this, the soul of Joe Biden's America is dark as hell and inviting walking it back just the day after his angry speech. Bill O'Reilly had a good little short on column on that and then this was great in the Federalist by Jordan Boyd, a sharp young gal there to say that gal that I just trigger you really care binds to my coming I do, but I don't I don't really binds democracy lecture reminded Americans how relentlessly Democrats undermine it being democracy. Apparently it's all you mag Republican Jew mega mega Republicans out there want you to listen carefully, and because he was talking to you for a good chunk of the speech last night and if you didn't see it. While the odds are pretty good that you wouldn't see it only CNN and MSNBC carried live because you know when bail steps up to the plate. The bill worshipers are going to be there that you know he's their guy, so CNN and MSNBC carried live. You wouldn't see it on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, PBS, nobody aired it and then and then the whole thing was supposed to be Jean-Pierre the White House press secretary said yesterday in previewing the speech as a nonpolitical speech wow really well let me just tee up the first excerpt okay this is just the first part of the speech I want to play for you and will see how it sits with you are ready go ahead. Which one do you think the Lord and you will know you, upon which we will bring in all that was good, wrong speech that was general hugs from the force with kids, but the same basic of fact, when you listen to and you listen to Joe Biden which led listings. I don't know if time because like two minutes to 1/2 minutes right this first.

Click okay to save it for you. Want to come back out your adherence to hearing from general hocks would be commander of the first order is going to how it Biden came across last night and if you haven't seen the movie. The force weakens general hocks. It's like it's very Nazi ask you speaking to all the difference of the assembled troops right are all there and there's flags all over the place and is black and it's white and it's red so last night at Constitution Hall in Philadelphia and how did they not get this optic the whole area behind bite is they set this up in front a constitutional which is a pretty wide building but the whole area behind him. His blood red if you're on Facebook or YouTube. Look at my studio. That's why we did this my studios blood red. Right now because I'm echoing what the present night states did last night. So that's blood red and to see any blue you have to go out to them the wings of the building and you don't see that for the most part what is given the speech so that's just optics who doesn't figure that out when you're sitting there slamming essentially about 70 million Americans calling him Margo Republican Jew Magda Republicans and that you're a threat to democracy and the whole backdrop is read and not only that, but you've got to Marines back there at attention right and dressed in their dress uniform, standing back there fishermen storm troopers that would've been just as subtle, but there standing back there and in the car. Some people are complaining even the guy in CNN's complaining going all the military, you can really she's not supposed be used for political purposes that the politicization of the military. You can't do that. What are you kidding what military you talking about. If you talk about the US military in the last 25 years.

It's remarkably politicized.

Like why do you think the military doing training on diversity, equity and inclusion because it's completely politicized. Now that's the problem with US military just like the department of justice, the FBI or any other acronym you want to use out of Washington DC completely politicized. All of it.

Some people say I just can't believe you did that to me what it really you're surprised by that CNN wanted one of the two network security live last night seen in MSNBC so again II think it was the worst presidential speech I've ever seen. This is the worst president in my lifetime the worst policies. The worst results in an because they don't want to talk about that everything once again talk about trumped arrangement syndrome on full display last night. It's all you mag Republicans out there at the at the licking the boot of Donald Trump. You're a threat to democracy your the threat to American not progressive Democrat liberals there not a threat. He he he. Wink wink. It's you. Mag are Republicans out there. You're the real threat you don't care about the Constitution you don't care about your fellow man. You don't care about the rule of law because you know 800,000 of you did basically an adult penny raid on the capital building on January 6, really. I'm not excusing that call it an insurrection is ridiculous.

There we come back okay.

All hail Emperor Biden all Hill Emperor Biden Steve Noble to Steve Noble show great to be with you talking about the worst presidential speech in my lifetime of the worst president in my lifetime. Most of us a presidential speech of my lifetime. Probably the most one of the most divisive political speeches I've heard in a long time and how much of it was him versus other people versus him on Adderall or that to get mine late in the evening to have enough energy to go through it and shake his fists and do all the things that he did well.

The building behind him. The Constitution always bathed in blood red light. The middle part of the main part in the little blue you go out to the wings of the building to see that little white yet a go all the way up to the top. You know where Nicolas Cage was up there trying to steal the Declaration of Independence again and so that's that's what it look like just terrible optics then you add to the optics.

Well let you listen to yourself but we're ready to go with the Emperor Biden and their okay this is just a little over two minute clip right this is pretty meaty and this is in essence the whole feel of the whole speech which was about 26 to 20 minutes. I first must be honest with each other and with ourselves too much of what's happening in our country today is not normal Donald Trump about my Republicans represented extremism that threatens the very foundations of our Republic want to be very clear clear up front, not even the majority mag Republicans not Republican braces or extreme ideology. I know is I've been able to work with these mainstream Republicans. But there's no question that the Republican Party, today's dominated driven and intimidated by Donald Trump on the mag Republicans and that is a threat to this country. These are hard things, but I'm an American president not a president of red America move America of all America and I believe it's my duty my duty to love what you tell the truth no matter how difficult, no matter how painful and here, in my view, is what is true.

My Republicans do not respect the Constitution did not believe in the rule of law, they do not recognize the will of the people refused to accept the results of reelection working right now as I speak in state after state power to decide elections in America to Parsons and cronies in foreign election deniers undermine democracy itself. Mag forces are determined to take this country backwards backwards June America where there is no right to choose. No right to privacy. No right to contraception the right to marry who you love and promote authoritarian leaders and they fan the flames of political violence or threat to our personal rights to the pursuit of justice to the rule of law very soul of this country while tell us what you really think I don't hold back there. Joe from Scranton right you know how to fight. So, so that does that make you feel if your Trump voter are you parsing his words. There is mag of forces mag of Republicans. Now today they're trying to walk it all back.

Jean-Pierre whatever her name was gotta be this going to sound really unchristian of me. The dumbest White House press secretary I've ever seen clean litter. Unlike how does this woman get that job.

That makes no sense to me because she just is just not her driveway doesn't make it all away the street okay and try to be nice. Not the sharpest knife in the drawer not the brightest lamp on the street. All that kind of stuff. And today she's like no no no no no you wasn't a political speech. It was talking about all those people usually talking about macro Republicans that are already in office in Congress. That's all he was talking about.

Really, that's not what he said.

Jean-Pierre he said mag of forces mag are Republicans.

No clarification whatsoever.

Nine so there backing it up. Today they're trying to walk it back, but that that bad boys out of its cage and going back in Biden who delivered the strident 24 minute speech in front of Philadelphia's and it's always with glowing red backlighting in US Marines at his side, told reporters Friday.

Today he did not mean to impugn all Trump supporters as insurrectionist are you Trump supporters feeling impugned or not quote when people voted for Donald Trump in support of now voting for attacking the capital, Biden said they were voting for overruling the election were going for a philosophy.

He put forward that he doesn't consider just any Trump supported to be a threat to the country and said his speech is only directed a Trump supporters to support violence or deny that he won the 2020 election fairly, but your White House press secretary Sir Jean-Pierre said it was only directed it mag Republicans, who are elected officials in Congress. So which is it. Of these three options that were at right now. I do think he said anyone who calls for the use of violence fails to condemn violence when its use refuses to acknowledge an election that is been one insists upon changing the way in which the rules and and we count of votes that is a threat to democracy. That's kind of funny. There's no question that the Republican Party today is this is a direct quote from what he said is dominated, driven, intimidated by Donald Trump in the mag of Republicans and that is a threat to this country, Steve Ducey and Fox news that if you believe that all Trump voters are threat to the country. No, no, I don't believe there are threats of the country really Sir. Well let me read to you what you said last night on the Teleprompter in the speech, and you said it multiple times. Quote there's no question that the Republican Party, today's dominated driven intimidated by Donald Trump in the mag Republicans and that is a threat to this country. You said that there are threat to this country.

Mag Republicans, which, how would you even define a mega Republican to me.

A mega Republican is a Republican. That's it's a really supportive of Donald Trump. Any but if you if you own a mega hat mag assured mag a flag mag anything you're a mega Republican I don't consider myself a mega Republican. I voted for Trump twice. I think he accomplished some amazing things of this presidency. It was great for the country and then there's all the other stuff so want, but I'm not I'm not. I've never owned a mega hat I would wear a mega hat, and I cannot bow down and feet and this is me this is my consciences.

Steve Noble talking to not talk about you. For me not to do that. Especially when a hat or shirt or that mega thing is really tied to the man and I'm not comfortable and I can worship any man like that's how it feels to me. I'm not. I can't judge your heart, your mind, your motivation, I can just tell you, for me, I'm not to put on a redneck. Let Mike know I'm I'm going to stay above the fray.

That's partially why I do what I do is how I teach what I teach. I'm coming in, not as a Republican or Democrat. I'm coming in as a Christian with a certain standard of truth, determined by the word of God, which I tried to live out and often fail and then I try to apply it on this show and in social media and when I'm teaching. That's the deal. That's my allegiance. So for me to wear a mega hat.

What's also why I change my voter record. About eight years ago to independent pretty much to remind myself that I really only have one key I relay my KK kingdom supersedes my little taking a Christian farm in America. Okay that's the deal that Steve actually does point really listen to somebody else that's that's my deal Christian farm in America but I am a patriot. I love this country and I've been engaged in fighting the culture war and for the soul of the nation since 2004, but I can worship more on this link back all Hill for a bike that's an FLSA.

That's why my studio.

Facebook Liber YouTube live Steve Noble show page on either use it while Steve puts the books of all the red studio well just I got a picture the president behind his clenched fist with a wall of red behind if they were thinking at all, especially given the nature and the tone of the speech you would put red white and blue all over the wall behind not read people are like, hey, there were some balloons and wait there to write blue on the wings which you can hardly see and then wait up on the bell tower on the Constitution Hall where Nick Cage was out there trying to find Benjamin Franklin's glasses. Other than that he sits on the optics are terrible and he's like trying to be tough. So just comes across as a mean old guy in the knees going after you know arguably tens of millions of Americans you mag of Republicans who supported trumpet still likes right.

Kevin McCarthy came out and said he gave a speech about two hours earlier preemptive thing from Biden's. He went to Scranton Pennsylvania whereby live for. I don't know. Couple years accuse the president awaiting his own assault on democracy is what McCarthy said Joe Biden a big tech colluded to silence your freedom of speech and shutdown your voice on the largest communication platforms in the world. That's true, that is an assault on democracy, McCarthy said right. Let's just go back to twitter didn't Alex Berenson and then Facebook that came out on Joe Rogan with Mark Zuckerberg just about a week ago was upwards like yeah we were contacted by the FBI and they said there's a bunch of bad Russian and preaching coming our way over now. We don't believe it. And that was the when the Hunter Biden laptop stuff came out and so they dial it all down. Then Zuckerberg tried to claim the high ground and he subliminally twitter wouldn't just like shut it down. We just decreased people can still see it, they could still share in only four or five people out of 50 million thoughts of junk that's effective with students. McCarthy's right there. He goes on Joe Biden's Department of Justice labeled concern parent to speak at school board meetings as domestic terrorist.

That's correct. That's an assault on democracy Joe Biden has unilaterally rewritten the immigration laws of the United States define Congress in the Constitution that binds us all that is an assault on democracy also true.

Joe binds government has shielded his family in his administration from accountability of abuses of power and foreign dealings of his son for personal gain. That's an assault on democracy, McCarthy continued Joe Biden in the politicized department of justice launched a raid on the home of his top political rival Donald Trump. That's an assault on democracy well said Kevin. What else was said let's see Trump Trump blast Biden mega speech quote put this up on true social quote someone should explain to Joe Biden slowly but passionately that mega means as powerfully as mere words can get make America great again.

If he doesn't want to make America great again which through words, actions, and thought he doesn't but he certainly should not be representing the United States of America. Trump wrote in a true social post today if you look at the words and meaning of the awkward and angry Biden speech tonight.

He threatened America, including with the possible use of military force. You must be insane or suffering from late stage dementia. Trump wrote a separate post classic from noise going to come out swinging this whole notion of whose really a threat to democracy.

That's funny. I mean really that's cracking me up. I like this one. This was in the Federalist, Jordan Boyd, sharp young lady binds democracy" lecture.

Remind Americans how relentlessly Democrats undermine she looks at a few different areas we take you through this. This is a nation that respects free and fair elections. That's what he said last night mere months after Biden said the 2022 midterms could easily be a legitimate claim on Thursday. We honor the will of the people we do not deny it right. So which is answer tell that to the other Democrats, including Biden's current press secretary, Karine shown here who explicitly rejected the will of nearly 63 million people in 2016 when they realize that the people's will is for Trump to run the White House. You remember all that this trip this Trump is an illegitimate president because all election was thrown by Russia Russia Cluj Russia Russia Russia right that was that was the Democrat party position. But if you question election your threat to democracy. This is like progressives and Democrats do all the time this happens is normal in the world of communication. You always accuse the other side of exactly what you're doing, which is in the new gaslight if you can't see this your stupid your crazy, really. You don't see the that's gaslight blue politicians in Congress not only tried to block the certification of Trump selection in every GOP election this century, something they lambaste Republicans were doing in 2020, but they campaigned on and continue the campaign on the delusion that Trump stole the election was an illegitimate president right but Biden said this is a nation that respects free and fair elections. We are the will of the people we do not that's funny more Democrats denied the Trump on the 2016 election than people who claim Biden wasn't legitimately elected in 2021 and three House Democrats boycotted Trump's inauguration celebrations in 2017. Why Russia Russia Russia, which was all completely bogus, but truth doesn't matter only the narrative matters. Truth doesn't doesn't doesn't. That's why you sit there today and say no Joe Biden wasn't attacking you 3040 50 60 million Americans. He was only tacking the mega Republicans in Congress even though he never said that you never said only talking about elected representatives. He was talking about you and you know he knows it. They know it is no one you can't love your country only when you win. He said that last night till that's all the Democrats who abandon celebrating 4 July this year of the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe or the left is to abandon far before that because according to them and their mouthpieces in the corporate media celebrating America's founding is racist and obsolete.

Also, who said Republicans don't love their country.

Americans who vote with the GRP are far more likely to express pre-futurism patriotism for an loyalty to the United States and any other political party that's just statistically true.

There is no place for political violence in America. None ever really funny to me where was this belief two months ago when radical abortion activists violently attacked more than 80 churches and lifesaving pregnancy centers and threatened to harm Republican nominated justices following the Supreme Court, Dobbs versus Jackson decision. Stop right there.

This is the part that really torqued me off the most.

We talk about political violence and threats of violence and you can't stand that we can't we don't do that here in America were Americans he shaken.

Is this what the wall the blood red wall behind.

We don't do that we can't stand for that fight against that really tell that to a bunch of Supreme Court justices and all their neighbors. With all the cycle pro aborts out there day and night for weeks, not, not to mention a planned and almost executed assassination attempt on Cavanaugh going to want to talk about that that was on you, sir, that's on the federal government.

They were violating a federal law. You did nothing except to say I want to encourage the political process that was against the law.

Oh yeah that's right but that's the lobbies in the U.S. Constitution, neither of which matters to a real progress.

Neither to talk about. We can't stand for political violence. Yet, there was the threat of violence outside United States Supreme Court justices homes day and night for weeks.

Are you kidding me, but most Americans are clueless which is why he can get away with his bloviating garbage like most people just clueless. Unfortunately, where was this energy and climate writers let an insurrection at the department of the interior and in October, 20, 21, where was this plea for peace in 2021 riders, looters and vandals inflicted billions of dollars of damage on the nation's cities.

Oh yeah that's right. There is nothing political about that all the BLM March right. There is nothing there were no threats of violence or and in if you're white you obviously your recency don't get it took Biden months to condemn those attacks.

In the meantime is VP Pat, Harris raise money for a fund that paid the bail out those writers and eventually murder spellings walk the streets again. I was in Minneapolis. They raised $30 million and spent about 600 grand on bail and pocketed the rest of his BLM. That's why they could go on the pipe managed to write. Where was this exhortation when Democrats such as Hillary Clinton, Cory Booker and Maxine Waters repeatedly called for violence against Trump and his supporters get in their base member Maxine wanted you get NMA and I think I sure did that from the steps of the Supreme Court, please. This is exactly what they do what you're guilty of to misdirect misinformation Facebook Twitter misdirect you accuse the other side exactly what you're doing by way of Solomon ski rules for radicals so there you go is in the Donald Trump of the mega Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our Republic.

That's what he said right. That's what he said it's Democrats and their henchmen in the FBI and the DOJ who regularly advance extreme unpopular agendas and actions such as unlimited abortion. Many voter ID, including a big tech to censor Americans targeting generally six protesters and reading the former presidents on without giving a clear explanation but sure, blame the baby loving Pro election security, freedom of speech Republicans for the downfall of the nation and the last mega Republicans do not respect the Constitution, they do not believe in the rule of law, deep state actors and Democrats like to use. No one is above the law to justify their targeting of Trump and Republicans, but that stick is all a lie and a majority of Americans know it. Democrats and their bureaucrat buddies cared about the rule of law. Biden, his son Hunter and the rest of his family would be properly scrutinized for their financial ties to foreign oligarchs reach and hurt nearly and her staff would have, but had to pay for their 91 security violations for mishandling highly classified information. Illegal border border crossings would be punished for violating the law.

Election lawbreakers would do the same would do time for meddling. All of the Russian hoaxers would be fired, charged, and possibly in prison for lying about spine on Trump but they are because Democrats like Biden have deem those people above the law and unworthy a proper investigation and possible execution. This is not about the rule of law anymore. Ladies and gentlemen develop political will and they have a lot of bad bathed in red which is why if you're on Facebook or YouTube today looking at our studio you like. What's that all about Steve.

What I'm just I'm just falling in line with the presentation of the president last night the back wall there was bathed in red is as Biden gave this really kinda whacked out speech calling all of you mega Republicans the end of democracy basically that we have to deal with you guys wondering another thing he said the other day. You know the people. If you think you know your guns. William F 15th like what you talking about.

I mean, I know what stage he's at dementia or whatever it is, but he's he's in there somewhere. The manager should not be president, and I'm not. I'm not making fun of you would say this about your mom your dad your grandfather your grandmother you be like all sad man that truly Cali and something like this is the present United States set that aside, just look at their willingness to give the speech he gave last night. Unbelievable items. The worst personal speech I've ever heard by the worst president I've seen in my lifetime attacking 2020, 30, 40 million Americans. Which do you consider yourself a mega Republican you love Trump's board, Trump got mega hat voted for him twice. I voted for him twice my mega Republican out of them shouldn't say I am.

I don't consider myself one.

But I'm sure that Thursday evening president Joe Biden. This is the steely wire article, the soul of Joe binds America is dark as hell. That's the title Thursday evening president Joe Biden delivered a supposedly nonpolitical speech which he demonized half the country's threats to represent a clear and present danger to our nation's a direct quote the entire speech was evident that the soul of Joe binds America is dark as hell Biden standing before Independence Hall in Philadelphia made it clear that he believes you can only be pro-democracy if you agree with his leftist agenda. The president illustrated in the starkest terms possible that he believes the Democratic Party represents enlightenment, truth and justice. Just push those 60 million baby bodies on the road and the other hand, he thinks that the mega wing of the GOP, which sparked approximate 74 million people based on the 2020 election results represents dark, ignorant creatures prattling about the country selling violence that's not hyperbolic. Here's what he said quote, and now America must choose to move forward or to move backward to build a future or obsess about the past to be nation of hope and unity and optimism were nation of fear, division and darkness.

What that's exactly the picture.

He is painting last night.

Fear, division and darkness with a blood red background, flanked by two Marines.

While I mean is like right out of an upper palpitating scene from Star Wars mega Republicans have made their choice.

He said they embrace anger.

They thrive on chaos. They live not in the light of truth within the shadow of lies but together. Together we can choose a different path. He claimed, in other words, follow him or be seen as an enemy to America. This is the daily wire article from Tim meets bite bite and also claim quote why the threat to American democracy is real. I want to see as clearly as we can. We are not powerless in the face of these threats where not bystanders in this ongoing attack on democracy. There are far more Americans who reject extreme mega ideology than those who accept it and focuses within our power it's within our hands to stop the assault on American democracy.

That's why Trump said it's me he's basically threatening violence is what it sounds like right. It sounds like that above reproach courses. One would hope the president was referring to the ballot box. Yet another Takeaway could be that the present is ready and willing to use force against mega Republicans if necessary to protect democracy. He is after all the commander-in-chief by repeatedly slamming mega Republicans. The speech was completely political even those shown here. Whatever name it yesterday before the speech that this is not a political speech is about democracy. Okay upper property.

Yet in the lead up to the president's greed of hate), the White House Chief of Staff Ron clean claim that the speech wasn't political quote they defend freedom and equality, democracy, clean set of leaked excerpts which revealed the president would attack mega they are as political as Ben Franklin Singh in 1787 that the framers had given us a republic, if you can keep right as columnist David Marcus explained earlier in the day, quote the White House and leftists actually believe this is a political they are so certain of their this is really sharp can listen. They are so certain of their moral superiority that political differences no longer existed only good people and bad people do. Yet exactly right. That's why if you take conservative positions, especially if you if you bathed them or backed them up at all with the biblical worldview, you're just a bad person. You're dangerous your psychotic your homophobic trans phobic all the phobics out there racist obviously bigoted obviously in a threat so they see.

So here I say others in one of those who go good evil and evil good.

My life set up for estate again I'm not baptizing the Republican Party.

You can't because the rebooking part Republican Party is made up of human beings just like the Democrat party, therefore, is sinful. At its core from from sin nature okay but the plank of the Republican Party. The platform of the Republican Party isn't nearly as offensive to the word of God is the Democrat party and then the affects and the efforts and the laws in the progressive ideology agenda of the Democrat party is radically offensive to a biblical worldview, whereas the Republican Party is not offensive here and there but holy moly you're comparing a mouse to an elephant.

Well that's an interesting person, so give me a break, but they are there so certain of their moral superiority. And that's just elitist to the court finds demagoguery was undoubtedly one of the most vitriolic speeches ever given by Pres. the message is obvious agree with him or face the heavy hand of the US government under his watch and were certainly seeing that early FBI, DOJ don't go to hey you don't.

You don't need trouble with our government. Just don't go to school board meeting to be five is Bill O'Reilly's article.

It was strange old Joe Biden standing outside Independence Hall in Philadelphia. Warning Americans their freedom is in peril. Warm summer night. Labor Day weekend upon us. Few following the news cycle, but the president was on a mission internal Democrat polling now shows a looming disaster November midterm elections, even weak Republican candidates like Herschel Walker and George and Dr. Oz in Pennsylvania have a chance to win despite Pro Biden propaganda spewing from the corrupt media.

The house is likely to be painted red. The leftists running Joe notice in 19 in December 1944, Hitler was just about finished his troops decimated the German people demoralized, but the Fhrer was not going quietly UMass's Western troops and attack through Belgium pushing back allied forces the net the nothing land Vance was called the bulge as they push back in the middle of the American European lines.

Okay, that's impact comes in. So the Battle of the Bulge. The bulge in the middle just get that visual Gen. George Patton save the day is chronicled vividly in my book killing Patton Riley writing this the Philadelphia speech on Thursday is present. Biden's counterattack's administration is feeling miserably is policies disastrous for most Americans.

Obviously, so now a final offensive before the November vote only CNN and MSNBC ran the speech live because it was a partisan exercise not important enough to bump young Sheldon from his spot there present the present had little to say other than Donald Trump is a fascist and some of the mega Republicans who supported John Mr. Bynes offensive quickly ran out of gas. Just like the German panzers old Joe sees a giant threat to democracy. Many Americans believe the real threat is wild inflation and nonexistent problem-solving. It is clear the Democrats believe their only chance. In November, is to run against Trump again. Trump the democracy denier Trump the white supremacist. It's also predictable and foolish.

Bill O'Reilly writes those Americans who fear Donald Trump's return to power will of course side with old Joe but the vet vast majority of we the people simply want a vibrant economy and laws enforced. That's obviously way beyond Joe Biden's capability Democrat stand behind the president at their peril.

He's the problem in this country, not Trump. So that's Bill O'Reilly making great points as usual.

So you take from this. Just don't fall for it. I'm talking about today.

I will talk about it again.

I'm given though the whole show today to this incredibly offensive, ridiculous, psychotic speech from last night, but then I'm done and is back to the hard work between now and November of explaining and encouraging, explaining conservative perspectives on politics trying to have conversations with conservative candidates to help share the platform with them as much as I can do whatever I can to pray tween now and then and then to get out that first Tuesday after the first Monday in November. November 8 and vote vote for conservative people that still believe the Constitution is a guiding document that we can trust for the United states America for people that care about our kids enough to go give up their regular lives to go serve on the school board but a bunch of them in here from Lee County lately and I'll continue and in the country really is in peril. I agree with the president. The country is in peril, but it's not in peril because of conservatives who believe in the Constitution in the rule of law and want to see crime coming down by enforcing laws and upping soft on crime and a group of people that believe it's still wrong to murder children in the womb, and to offer a double mastectomy to a 13-year-old girl who is deeply confused, both by her own challenges in the culture and that's once in the other sides the exact opposite of all that, and that imperils the nation and so you have to be engaged have to be informed have to pray, you got a vote then remember no matter which way the cookie crumbles. God is still in charge and if you know him through his son Jesus. This is all just temporary inconvenience is important as it is. Dear Lord, or just pray for Joe Biden and all of the others in charge told us pray for those in authority over us. We lift them up to first for salvation. Second, for wisdom for all those that actually know you are born again, would you just give them a favor and influence in the halls of government in this nation.

Whatever asked that Jesus seen 50 praying for those in authority over us as commanded by Scripture.

So make sure were doing 31 Tim my friends over there capital commission. Pray one Tim signed up have a prayer list for yourself every day to secede. No wonder Steve Noble felt God willing I'll talk to give Nelson always ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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