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Wake County School Board!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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August 24, 2022 11:12 pm

Wake County School Board!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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August 24, 2022 11:12 pm

Wake County School Board!

Steve talks to Cheryl Caulfield who is running for the Wake County School Board. They talk about the school system.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show meets the everyday issues of life have more politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God on his show. There's plenty of grace and lots of three no sacred calls 634 through 866-34-TRUTH or checking out now is your house again and organize it or listen to another person. Talk about running for the week related to this again.

Yes, I'm going to do this again and then I want to do it again to do it again and go back through bunch these folks as we get into October and November and you just wait if you want to do something really fun week before the election first Tuesday after the first Monday in November. People calling in at various levels, not just wake County school board which is here my backyard, but statewide races, all kinds of stuff and then the day before and the day even. I'll probably have people up to the people: running for office that they'll have their like last two minutes in the spotlight here on the show. Just take him out Volvo for me. I'm in this area and then it's up to you but the problem here and I'm dimension is whether were talking to candidates or whatever we happen to be discussing is I try to bring you knowledge and understanding of what's going on out there, but with knowledge comes responsibility.

Then the question is on you. What you do at that. Now, in this case you might've seen the story just broken the last day or two down to Florida. They completely flipped over liberal school board and completely flipped it into the conservative category. Now this is happening. We talked about this time and time again starting a couple years ago at Loudoun County. If you don't know at Loudoun County. As you should Loudoun County, Virginia, where, when covert heads and all these everybody goes online and all the sudden parents are getting a behind-the-scenes look at what's happening in the schools and with the education for their children, whether pre-kindergarten second grade 3rd grade 4th grade middle school high school. Whatever the case may be in for a lot of us that was eye-opening and to start questioning what are they teaching how are they teaching and not necessary great view all the time because most teachers are ready to go flip the switch. I can a day and go online, but now you're getting exposed to curriculum than an Loudoun County parent start showing up at school board meetings and of course we know how the by demonstration responded to that and you guys of the enemy as opposed to being the bosses and the next thing you know we have people all over the country and also here right in the Raleigh area coming out, normal life and saying I have to do something and so we've had a bunch of them come into the showing of the studio and and were doing that once again today.

Cheryl Caulfield is here in the studio she's running for district one here in wake County, North Carolina, which is how would you describe that because our districts really massive school system. For those of you not in the area. We one of the biggest school systems in the nation. You would think that's not the deal because Raleigh just another 40 market but we have a massive school system so when you say district one night as I get the neighborhood so well things are going to get happier thinks you're welcome so so as district one cover for those of us in the area that no so we are the 15th largest in the nation. While we have the size New Hampshire say have the option of a catchphrase.

We have nine districts and this is very unique. Like he said this is one year.

They are going to have all nine seats available, which is not can happen again and it is just happenstance.

How it how it did happen, but all nine are up right now Wake Forest is at the district one is Wake Forest Roseville Zebulon Knightdale when down for a it's what I am a little easier. Yeah I area during part of wake yesterday for ID split on the northern part of Knightdale is with district for right and district wine. I'm sorry Wake Forest is also splits a little bit with district really did just redistrict everybody in the spring so it's a little wonky long I stayed for a while now and it comes to redistricting that go all the way down the school board level in this year as you mention. All seats are up that won't happen again because seats are now going on a different term so I will be four years. Some of us will be on a four-year term and some of us will be on a two-year term that two year expiration.

The nail flip to forgot subtlety staggered from here on out, but an incredible opportunity because our school board is very liberal sum up, some of them don't identify as such. But in terms of how they run the system obviously very liberal. I'm pretty sure when you are a 15-year-old girl you weren't dreaming about being a school board member. One day, definitely.

Vincent tells about, where you grew up because I'm there's a hinge in your voice that you're not from the South South where did you grow up. I grew up on Long Island all the way out East Stickley out by the Hampton's okay.

It should be the closest point. Everybody could refer to.

So basically 15 to 20 minutes. I'm not sure South Shore by the beach Yahweh out there and way out tonight and uncle lived in the same exact house in Syosset for 42 is not far from that. So I'm familiar with that so why do you go from long island long island. However, people say it all way down to Raleigh so I came down to Raleigh on 16 years ago to start a family down here because where I grew up. It was exactly like it is in Wake Forest right now, although we are building quite a bit and wait for it.

That's exactly what it was like I have friends that had moved down here and family and as he came down to visit. We realize that everybody from the city just kept coming out and it was not the same thing anymore.

I didn't want to raise my kids like that so I came out here for limited space will be peace client and a lot of greenery yeah and that's but that still is Wake Forest to a certain extent.

Yes it is but obviously heritage high school level heritage area all can I came out of nowhere and it's not the little bedroom community but still counterclaim is still downtown.

Wake Forest is very charming yes and and your kids have been in the public school system they have for the past 11 years that they are both in high school. I have this sophomore and junior okay so you so you're in this world and in so you two Thursday will be speaking from your own expenses and know you volunteered stuff have you been like, like his politics new to you, you cannot pay attention to it before something really yeah I would vote but I didn't really pay much attention what's going to your political side of you so I am guilty of only coming round every four years. Just checking out okay who making about four area in the last two months prior to and just checking out his actually they are pretty normal.

Pretty yes so pretty and guilty of that until you know all the apartments and everything started going up in Wake Forest I started trying to pay attention to like to speak to and reach out to and at that point is when I started getting into how important local politics, where, and how much it really mattered as far as getting into school board that is not something that I ever would've thought I would have been until I mean I heavily volunteered. Ever since my kids were in preschool. I was always working in the classroom is much as I could.

Why did you do that I just lift love being around kids you know they really just say it's very inspiring. Hearing you know their little world yeah and how they view the world.

It just kinda keeps everything a better place and I love the teachers I mean they really have a such an important role in our community. They really do their frontline forests and I mean it's just it's amazing to listen to all the things that the kids do in the classroom and everything. I love helping teachers out there and I think that that person was raised and that's something I've reminded people a few times on when we had people running for school board is it's easy to look at old system and assume every teacher actually is your enemy and every teacher is actually out there to turn here get into some kind of her liberal whatever that is not always the case and you have to be careful not to throw the baby out with the bathwater back and see no noble show here today with Cheryl Caulfield one in the wake County school board race here in the Raleigh area. We can enormous one of the biggest school systems in the country help where we rank Shirley 15 number 15 in the country were number 40 market. By the way, the triangle area.

Raleigh number 40 in terms of market size but number 15 in terms of school board size. What is a massive massive school system.

We had massive growth.

We still are so that there's all kinds of logistical challenges with that. But then when you get in the curriculum and budget everything else. And as we know there's a lot of things going on in the public school system that for a lot of us are quite troubling to say the least, and so were trying to have as many different school board candidates come in and sharing other vision in one why they got involved. The one thing that they all have in common is none of them were looking forward to do.

This wasn't like on the radar screen. They were thinking about this 10 years ago they did in some lifelong desire to be on the school board but things that evolved especially the last couple years led to it in order to get to that part of Cheryl story Cheryl for wake is her website. CHERYL number four Cheryl four week, or she's got more of her background and our position on various issues which were to talk about, but just in terms of getting into the system. We were talking up here during the break. And if you like you were all yes appear on radio you want to know or talk about during the break, then you have to go to Facebook Liber YouTube live in Kutch that but we're talking about, you know you volunteering and helping a lot. Just being around that environment.

Specially kids are younger really fun and energetic and really almost kind of altruistic know they're so small and so cute as a get on and so on. They lose that as we all do as we get older and I asked. It is was there kind of a mama bear thing there could you like okay what's actually happening. I don't think most people are thinking that kindergarten to first grade to grade their grade more people than not thinking it today then you just talked about the challenges that teachers have, which I appreciated and I brought up my knees clear.

She works in the school system, inner-city Philadelphia and my daughter the other day share with our family group text chat, and it was on page the help clear whether him with her classroom via Amazon and like oh no we talk about just like basic supplies and what's colored pencils, regular pencils and caddies to hold stuff just basic school supplies that she doesn't have my have to go out and get you have to go on but I am on her on her own and she doesn't make a ton of money as a teacher and saw again this is just a cautionary tale that I have serious problems with the school system, especially Department of education and as we come down in the North Carolina leadership. Once you down to the teacher level.

You really have to be careful not to paint with such a broad brush is 20 teachers in there that really love kids and are trying to do the right thing just don't have a lot of control over curriculum which were talking about. But what kind of over the last few years, drove you from volunteer and caring to care about your community to think of my run for school board so just a brief thing with that with disclosure applies that we had actually spoken to the department instruction and they said that they asked that the teachers actually get a certain amount of funds toward school supplies.

It's $300 for each teacher, but it goes to the principal focus that school and depending on how the school did he sit up on the teachers. Some of the teachers I've spoken didn't even know that even exist. They didn't even know date that that they got that so you can go to a supply room, yet they would have making a paper construction paper and pencils and certain things like that they may need on, but certainly not enough that they need in the classroom. There's either there's a program that started in Dallas years ago. This pastor down there named Tony Evans is called adopt a school in Dallas. They went down there is the church and started going to the local schools that were really just in shambles, special inner-city showed up and say hey were big local church. How can we help you guys. That's nice for not here to it. If you come to our church you come to our property talked about Jesus, but we realize only come to your property that we have to play by different set of rules will we honor that but but how can we help you and that's what started adopt the school and that one point it's probably about 10 years ago should we County Crossroads Fellowship got involved Bailey Baptist Church. The other churches and would adopt a school basically just go talk to the principal and teachers in the end, or talk about just basic things that help with a little tutoring here and there they go in and in and make him lunch before the school year started going and paint going to do landscaping and it was a regular occurrence that teachers would be reduced to tears because people came in and just helped him and that teachers want they want to help and at that point the way counties because the school board. This 10 or 12 years ago said okay you guys have enough churches to adopt all hundred 58 schools what it was at the time because for them as a way to can outsource that stop.

My point is, there are massive problems in there that we have to be involved, not just curriculum and parents are free resource yeah exactly know they go in. I set out in the hallway and she would give me like one student unit for this hour. Another student for another hour we would sit there work on either their multiplication or their reading and phonics and just kinda going over whatever it is that they need and him and me to this day I still see people in the in the grocery store something and then I can see is just really nice for you really connected with those kids, you know, but they do need that the help they need to supplies they need the resources there was a time that I was actually couple times, actually, that I was in making copies for the teachers and I reached my limit yeah and I went back to the class and like I got this weird latent and I like okay class, we can share dittos today. So we spent in millions of dollars right textbooks and these kids down there sharing dittos they can even take it home to mom and dad and say hey look I did email Michael.

I got a great grade art. I figured it out or I had a really bad day at school today mom I can't figure it out because they'll come back in the next day they won't know it had a go on to the next lesson right struggle.

So these kids just kinda turtle up a little bit you now and it just makes it really frustrating and hard very teachers to sure because now they are like trying to backtrack and teach you know so it's over here to get it. Are these five kids didn't get it and then today we have to move on to the next lesson there in a time constraint with what they have to teach you and they can't do that. Not that actually gets much worse in the higher level you will gets much more difficult and parents don't get involved.

No, because it is or not volunteer will warn you I don't know nothing about biology seared and will talk about the budget because that's one of the main issues that you run and talk about that's on your website but in terms of actually getting into the race will come to gotcha there so this is something like what we talk about like not have the resources and supplies in them wearing too many hats tonight to see the difficulty with trying to keep control in the classroom with discipline and does all the things that were happening and you weren't really getting support and I was just in there for hours and is in there, volunteering, and then, yes, Kelly did actually unveil it, but it's been going on for a while sure and if you look at our grades of the past 10 years. It is definitely declined and here we are.

As a result, you know, the cultivated the parents of course were trying to step in and see what they can do to help, and there on the computer. We don't have textbooks we don't have any way of helping our children and teachers not there. They can't raise their hand. Yes, they can click the button on the computer that I have sat there on the computer with my kid while he was melting down to get figured out I and here I am talking to the teacher and you know you have to hit a button to raise your hand and wait for a cut so is very difficult and I just wasn't in Philly we get the support that we needed and the more I asked questions and why I felt like I was being shunned on that at this like I was one of those who I have a very light help you kid outside perhaps a domestic terrorist but yeah we scores of 79% not proficient in math, one which is high school math and 30% on-site 50% not proficient in reading. So by time he gets 1/3 grader reading it starts to really get progress report not how you can continue your your educational career. They may call it yet on the renovation rate still is pretty high percent. They pat themselves on the back that that with a 79% not proficient rainfall get you out your cycle leave exactly that's a problem that's why we have to get involved. Dr. Cheryl Caulfield district one she's running for Cheryl for week, or to dive in the some of the specific issues will talk about curriculum you mention textbooks like that sounds old-fashioned but there's a great angle and that I want to talk about supporting our teachers all kinds of stuff and we come back and will show great to be with you. By the way if you missed the show ever wear on all the podcast platforms agrees whether you want to go to Google play spot a fire that I heard a radio you Apple whatever organs were on all those plus you can catch the show in a little bit more obviously than the regular radio sure the podcast on Facebook Liber YouTube live just go to the Steve Noble show page. There and if you just like to school board if you're here in wake County school board you go to my website the Steve Noble just go to the search box and hit school board or to find every interview I've done with the various candidates that have come into the studio and I'll continue to bring more more candidates and as we get up to November in the actual election say Cheryl Caulfield is here in the house. She's running for district one in the wake County school board that's East Raleigh Northeast Raleigh Knightdale when Del Zebulun, that whole opportunity squadron to sit and wait for such a massive area. She has two teen boys in the public school system in high school herself so she's been volunteering and been involved for a long time, but there comes a time to go to go from that to actually running over there couple big things and want to get into the individual issues you have in your website but a couple of big things that you like okay I have to accept run for office. I was getting very frustrated that we weren't getting anywhere and I had to go out on I got some family help and we went to Matt magnesium program on because we just weren't you weren't. We barely even making the 60 which is the high standard that they have for passing helpful patient will pass you with a 60 capacity with his 60 and if you don't make it, they'll probably give you a little push little extra something to get you there. Well, that only say no to the graduation numbers know that is to say if this system and it's frustrating for the teachers to because by the time to get to the next level. They're not prepared pregnant teachers to try to teach in the next level.

Make kids are just not getting out. So it's frustrating to teachers as well. So is that cut it because you know that yourself. You talked about this earlier and everybody that's come in his talk about same thing.

Oh yeah, the school that we County school board has these open meetings are you going to share, but they might as will be sitting there playing Tetris on their phones because are not there is no interaction. You can ask them questions. They just pretend to listen and off you go. You're being bullied, you know we were being taken advantage of and we were being called names like domestic terrorists. I can't believe that anybody will call you a domestic terrorist which is really pretty harsh at sure about what that really groans wicked because you're trying to take care of you children. This is all about the children, but are you talking about, you know, the support for the teachers aware that the financial responsibility or whatever it is it's all about. The goal is that is is stated should be that our children and that so once they started pushing little too far that you had absolutely no control of you children when they say that it's not. You're not trying to control your child that you're trying to help with their education so that they can go out into the world and be a productive citizen. They could reach their dreams. I was told my kids reach for the stars never know what you can find you can't do that if you squish them in a little box and you telling them what they can and cannot do what they can and cannot think and I just really was getting super frustrated so I joked about it. My husband several why don't you run like that they would never let me on the board and here I am. Why would you say when the relay on the board.

I just think because I speak the truth and kinda call out for holidays and Cheryl golly golly County.

Okay, let's let's work our way through you got the six main issues on your website.

Go check out Cheryl's website Cheryl for week but CH ERY L Cheryl for the number for Cheryl for week curriculum is the big deal bring out what direction if you can come at it from a nuts and bolts curriculum is actually every your point Ari actually raising these children up so that they have the basic nuts and bolts education they need to go out in the world. We talk about worldview stuff we can talk about socialization. We can talk about CRT or an in terms of sexualization and gender theory all kinds of stuff but when you talk about curriculum can unpack that for us. I think that we really need to pay attention to the grades and not so much like the scores I think it is a reflection like the energies were never meant to measure the student or the teacher for that matter is, is meant to measure that program and to see the curriculum was working for the kids and it's not immune from the scores that we have 79% not proficient for math one map you and your about to send them off in just few short years into society. And here is saying that you have a 90% graduation rate. How can you have a 90% graduation rate when you have 79% of them are not proficient in a low policing right so it's such a small amount of what they actually have your it's just it's really frustrating to to to see them stand out there week after week and board every other week and you know I mean they're talking about things suck it for hours school board meeting and you know it's lovely that you know the talking about certain things are happening individual schools, but we really need to get with her so much that we need to cover and I think that we are not paying attention to the fundamentals that building blocks all these kids what they need and you can see that as a child was from one grade measured. If you're deficient in fourth grade is going to worsen for Thorson six is a curative effect.

By the time they get to high school. They are yeah there's like so far gone and frustrated all very wonder why their depressed timing wouldn't we be if we were constantly being set up to fail was right next to curriculum on your website were talking to Cheryl Caulfield Cheryl for week see of curriculum that he a parent involvement and transparency. I think that's one of the things that really came out of of coalbed Loudoun County and then all over the country's low purchase didn't know what was going on these articles.

They assume reading writing arithmetic right is a lot more going on and I also feel helpless because they can help the child.

His suffering and they are sending lots of the classroom and there are very hopeful that the teacher can teach them everything that they ensure know that now. Right now are teachers aware and so many had so many jobs there playing nurse there, you know, filling out surveys if the kids don't fill out surveys that so much like administrative stuff that they're throwing at them and new programs are flip-flopping back and forth a big problem and in discipline mean that is well-liked school, Reese resource officers yes like everybody gets. We have a you Baldy and everybody we we go ballistic about school safety and then from the bite demonstration you go okay will spend $87 billion and higher 80,000 more IRS agents like you take $87 billion in Lake shore up the security of pretty much every school in America you could so I say weak or concerned.

But don't really do anything about it, but like school resource officers. Yes, I'm sorry we live in a messed up fallen world. We did why when you have some security school and not ferret for that we did couple of safety at school safety meetings. Yet forms and on it was actually really good. We had great input from that from the community to and even some suggestions ready. You brought up for with their parents coming into the schools. There is an organization that the dads actually come in and they stand in the hallways and they just kind of will monitor. They have free time. They volunteer that made it like to Fox news and a bunch other place I think. Thereafter, American dad's kind of an inner city that all kinds of issues in the dentures gone there with stupid dead jokes just are presently stand and everything changed yet and it does it really does.

And I mean we know in high school.

There are certain bathrooms that you can in a database and start batteries you could do that. We can't expect our teachers to do all of that. We want them to be able to teach.

They know how to teach. We got to let them do their job is what any of the sport in their discipline safety. Yeah that's on the table. They are I mean my kids come home with certain hump like my gosh you know he's board teaches there like throwing things across all asset you have somebody picked up the teacher's cell phone and started you know trying get in to her login and play music and it's just it's awful judges not be in the something may have one of our kids and spend some time in the public school system. We homeschooled pretty much all the time but it was amazing and to hear the stories of just kind of this out-of-control environment and not every classroom but a lot of classroom now that the high school level and happen one day or a couple days and it just through that lesson. Often, thinking what's the problem with these teachers, but that that's what you're facing.

Every day there's so many moving parts, and that broken families lack of fathers all that stuff and all shows up in your classroom. I can imagine there be a lot of teachers to be like this man. I'm just trying to get through the day. They are trained and you can't just run out of energy fighting and fighting. We talked about materials and stuff you brought this up earlier but what about the budget is like we lack fund. We do not lack funding. We have $2.1 billion and they have asked for another few million more like five, 6 million more that we have a lot of money in the air and if you look at the actual financials and you go through it. We have like over administrators making over hundred thousand. Our superintendent is one of the highest paid in the nation and it's not that she shouldn't be getting paid. Officers evaluate 325,000 now, but 100 people in administration or 80 people in the debate only routed around and that's not including all the people that sit right at the 90 9X is right. You know, we like I straight as I can tell you to teachers not at the top of that very bottom, but the janitors and the bus drivers though Whitney dealing with all of that giving them all this responsibility and then having that hard time each day, day in and day out on speaking to teachers that either three years five years eight years and 13 I'm sorry 18 years in the field in the field and they laughed and they said it's nothing to do with the children, the parents or the schools.

Even they love working with all of the other teachers that they work with. It's the administration not getting help all the stuff they're dealing with.

And they just can't do and where the teacher shortage in Lake County that shown up all over the country right now.

We definitely have a lot of people a lot of positions open that we need to sell and that can affect our class. All corsets, and it would make matters worse, which is why you need new leadership is an opportunity awaits you to literally take it over to get back from people that are running it into the ground. How do you not get involved. What that good luck answering the Lord on that one because your kids around the neighborhood.

Your neighbors as well go back and see the noble show, talking about the well here stuff going on in our own backyard.

Live in the wake County area here in Raleigh, North Carolina. But that's Raleigh Wake Forest.

Apex of an ideal Windows I billing to bring area and are school board reflects that this is Gerald Caulfield is here with me in the studio today. She's running for district 100 NE. Raleigh Wake Forest Knightdale when Del Zebulun. That whole area.

15th the biggest week the school system in the nation. The size of what New Hampshire New Hampshire is an enormous school system and when you drive around to drive around the area you like. While there's lots schools coming up is only schools we have right now so I got a 992 I think we just did two more so when I get forgot it just continues to go up and up and up and so we were talking on the break and Cheryl mentioned how many people in the bureaucracy administrators make six figures, which is what like 9080 90. There is over eight yeah 80 and then you have people making just below that shows a lot of money at the top. This whole things topsy-turvy. That's all top-heavy bureaucracy leadership administration, you run the Lee County school system that's a cool three and 50 grand a year to get down to the school, so the teachers of it. Most of us know how much teacher makes well they so part of it does actually come from the funding and any other part comes from the county and and what so it's like supplemental paint so that you can have a teacher that is depending on their hours and what they're doing as low as 23 but most of them around 40 range.

The end there is very, very few that are above the 70 range. Very few if there even at that yet. Usually around the 4050 range yet so this you're not in it to make a bunch of money and they go in there and most teachers a good education. I mean I found in my life goes up because I got 157 students right now right and I have a bunch students every year, but these were dinners all I school age homeschoolers and the ones that say ongoing education. Usually I'm like that doesn't surprise me diligently come across to me as kind of kindhearted limited. If there are altruistic they want to make a difference. They love children of Mike that's awesome.

But to get in there and in now your unless you have a dual income you're really gonna that's not an easy life of 45 and not only that, you have to take into consideration their time as they are also doing training on their own time.

There also doing lesson planning and yes they do have like teacher workdays but that is not everything you do owe everything's fine now. The last three things in your website and the terms of issue special education follow-up which you mention elk outcome based results and then support our teachers, which that's going to bed and I would say that's the thread that's going to prematurely go through every Recording or Teachers with Special Education Winging Was on Recently. One of His Daughters a Special Needs Daughter Speak to That Because Most of Us Can Relate to It Because Most of Us Don't Live so in Order for You to Get Special Education. We Had Esser Funds and to Certain Funds That Are Specifically Meant for Children with Special Needs and That Could Be Anything from a Learning Disability ADHD Unit When Wings Case, I Think, down Syndrome.

I Did All Different Spectrums of Help That You Might Need and Their Spouse to Be Able to Give You Program Based on What Your Child Needs during Coping. The Children Did Not Receive What They Needed Said They Are Actually Floundering Even More Than Yes so There They Are Not Only Are They Not up to the Speedway. They Need to Be. They Were Not Getting the Tools and Everything That They Need to Because Everything Was Remote Everything Was Online. There Is No Teachers There. There Was No Nobody for Them to Sit down and Try and Help Them with This so It's It's Usually You Get a IEP or 504 Plan on to Help Your Child in the Classroom and It Kinda Guides What the Child Needs Specifically for Them to Thrive and I Can Tell You It's Pretty Hard to Get Yeah It's It's Not Easy.

You Can't Just Walk in and Say Hey Can I Have 504 and I Repeat, I Have To Prove You and Tell You Whether You Can Have One or Not Doctors Wing Talked about like the Interview Process and Things like That That He Thought Was Really Unfair and and One of the Things about This and I Want to Talk about Follow-Up Is and We Might Just Spend the Rest of the Last Six Minutes of the Show Some Small Talk about This When You Start Unfolding All This Stuff. My Reaction Is This Is Such a Colossal Mess. There Are so Many Problem It's like Peeling All the Layers off the Onion to My Gut. Is This Even Fixable. So How Do You Approach It, Let's Say the People like Yourself and Some Others That Are Conservative Minded Take over the Wake County School System. What Becomes Your Priorities Because It Is like so Many Things but How Do You Decide What to Work on First Love, First, I Think We Need to Start Working from the Bottom up. We Need to Start Listening to the Teachers and the Kids, Obviously, but We Need to Ask the Teachers Different Liner in the Classroom with the Kids.

They Know How to Teach There Just Their Hands Are Tied to Can't Do It the Way They Want to on the Curriculum Keeps Changing on Them They Are Being Told What to Teach and How to Teach It. So If We Can Give Them the Support by Finding out First.

What Is Veiny What You Think Is Going to Be Most Successful in the Classroom. What Works for Us in the past like 15 Years Ago We Were in the Top the Nation on That List Now or at the Bottom. So over the Last Decade. We Clearly Plummeted. So This Is a Change of Curriculum We Had Our Common Court Were Also MVP.

It's the Same Thing Is Just Wrapped in a Different Name on and Now You Know They Can Open up Resources Is the Funder of All of This. This Is Where This Is All Coming from the Same Thing with Our Reading Our Email Program. It's Also from Open up Resources so We Need to Open up Resources Is What It's the Program That the People Who Write the Program and Actually Can Sell It to You on the Kissy Sell Out Tea but That's They Tell You. Look, We Can Use This Program You and Right Now I Think It's Either Utah or Ohio. I Think It's Utah and Us. We the Only Two People That Are Using It. Everything Else Gave up on so and It Shows in Our Grades It Shows in Our Great How Bad It so There's Some Pretty You and I Were Were Talking about the Use of the Word Evil in Terms of the Players and Curriculum of the Top People He Bill Gates Yes Is All up inside the Education System and Then Then I Think That the Lesson for Me As a Christian with a Christian Worldview. I Know There's People to Do Evil Things That Don't Quite Know That They're Being Used by Forces, Spiritual Darkness, They Don't Get It. They Think, and Sometimes They Hit They Think They're Helping, but Their Minds Can Be so Messed up That That They Think They're Doing a Good Thing but It's Actually Horrible Thing I Can't Judge a Person's Intent, but I Sure Can Judge What They're Doing and People like Bill Gates and That, System That's out There. I Am Comfortable Using the Word Evil Because the Effect It Has on Children.

It's Definitely Affecting Our Children.

I Mean Went When We See Results like That and You Have Parents.

I Mean Just How Many People Came to the School Board Beforehand and How Many People Are Coming Now in a Limit to How Many People and so When You See Those 20 People Are 18 People There Standing up, It's Because They They Won the Lotto Quality Going to Speak to You for Three Minutes While They're Sitting There for Three Hours Talking and You Know about All Whatever the Subject Is That Week and You Get Three Minutes It to Beg and Plead with Them about What It Is That You Need Regular Days, but Generally Making Your Case Because in a Court of Law You Actually Hear Evidence. Now You Have a Back-And-Forth and Then You Come to a Conclusion.

That's Not What Right so I Did Start Speaking from the Board Now Because I Want the Public to Hear That This Is What's Going on This and I Think Everybody's Just Busy Soccer Football Drill. That's the One Thing Is That A Lot Of Kids A Lot Of Peer Evil Stated so Glad My Kids Are Out Of School System. I'm like Okay so If We Look at It As If Your Kids Are Either Out Of the School System Because They're Older Now, and They've Moved on, or You Don't Have Kids in the School System, yet All of These Kids That Are in the School System Now and in the Future They Can Be Your Community Right There Trying to Be Your Bankers Your Lawyers Dignity and Lawmakers They Are Going Alone Determine Directly How You Are Going to Live in Your Community.

So We All Have a Personal Sure and Vessel You Get a Big Statement Selling out in the My Question for People like That Is on the Say on Ask Him Flat out Your Christian and If They Say Yes I Will and I Don't Even Know What Death Threat When You Say That 60% of Americans Will Ask the Question Also Okay Do You Know Anything with the Golden Rule Doing Others As You Would Have Been Doing to You. What about the Whole Notion of Your Neighbor This What I've Always Said Because When I Use to Tangle with the Wake County Public School System, Which I Did A Lot 04050607. We Brought All the Crazy Stuff That Was in the Reading Reading Materials That I Could Not Read on the Show Right Now Because I Get Spanked by the FCC and Get 1/4 Million Dollar Fine If I Read Some of the Books That Are Sitting in Wake County Public Schools at the Middle School Level. We Were Doing That Stuff in 05 and 06 Okay and in Event That the Media Would Invariably Come after Me and Come after Us Are Called Actual National Border Kids Go to School Because They Knew We Were Homeschoolers.

I Think My Kids Are Homeschooled What You Care so Well.

You Will My Constitutional Answer My Question Answer Will Give You Both My Constitutional Answers I Pay Local Taxes, and so Some of Those Taxes Could Spend the School Where My Money Goes. My Opinion Goes My Mop Involvement Goes There You Go There's My Constitutional Answer Is My Christian Answer. Love Your Neighbor As Yourself. It Does Not Matter Whether My Kids Are There or Whether I Have Kids at All, or the My Kids Are Grown Other People's Kids and I Should Love Them. It's a Community. Yes, That's a No-Brainer. So You Have To All Be Lifting Each Other up. So Listen to Teachers Real Quick What Would Be Another Priority That You Would Want to See Happen on the School Board so You Get in a Definite Different Structure. The Way That Will Doing It Were Working from the Top down. We Need to Work on Bottom-Up Right Now We Doing Surveys That They Cherry Pick. They Kind of Send to Different Groups of People and They Come Back with the Data Table Line. I Mean, I Sat in for about Meeting We Went through and They Asked All These Questions and Then the People Got to Ask Questions Which I Thought Was Great, but Then I Said How Can I Only See like Gives 20 People. One Group 16 Another and 16 and Another. They Said Well It's Broken down into You Community People, Parents and Teachers or Lord School Board Right As School Members and a Symbol When You Put All That Together so That You Actually Get a Full Picture on Every Side of Right. I Similarly Don't Really Have a Way of Breaking That down While You're Fixing the Poll Results As I Hey This Bull Says That 75% of People Want Joe Biden Running What You Think of Joe by Lori Who Did You Pull Well Mostly Democrat Okay That's Not Telling You Anything about the Whole Country Thing with Doing That Survey Is Your Login so It Doesn't Matter If Your Student or If Your Teacher and the Teachers Have Sent This to Me. They've Actually Had Administrators Come Back to the Cylinder That You're Unhappy. Well It's Time to Delegate Their Login Is Not Anonymous. They're Afraid to Say What They Need to Say Here and You Need to Hear and so You're Underpaid or Struggling to Get by. The Last Thing You Want to Do Is Lose Your Job.


Okay You Guys Can Warn You All You Guys and Gals You Get in There You Have an Opportunity to Turn This around.

I Would Always Be Nice You Need Accountability I Need Accountability. That's Right, Cheryl Think so Much for Coming in Today to Have You Welcome Cheryl for Wake District 1 Wake You Don't Know What's Your School This Is the Mill on the Show, God Willing, I'll Talk to Always Guide the Truth Network

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