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August 23, 2022 11:16 pm

Moms for Liberty + Just Thinking Podcast

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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August 23, 2022 11:16 pm

Moms for Liberty + Just Thinking Podcast

Steve talks to Julie Page from Moms for Liberty then Pastor Grant Castleberry about the Just Thinking Podcast.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network one is time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now there's your host Steve Noble bring it under one umbrella and a couple of different ways. As we look at something here locally get local got things going on here for Raleigh started starting tomorrow actually won some is tomorrow night. The other one is this weekend and but these are issues that we talked about before, and these are things that we continue to talk about. For example, tomorrow night here in Raleigh wake County school board candidate forum being hosted by moms for liberty. We have one of the national women on right after I got back from the convention in Nashville couple months ago talking about moms for liberty. So now they're going to be doing this we County school board candidate form, which is tomorrow night okay it's coming up Wednesday, August 24 7:54 PM at the wake County shrine club if you live in North Raleigh.

You know that as you may not remember, but that's on lead mine Road, so that's important and that were combining with all the people that we had on the show in the last couple of months running for the wake County school board just like last week we had winging who was on and so were to continue to talk about the school board races and a lot of things, coming together here so were excited on the phone. The front of moms for liberty here locally. Julie pages. The chapter chair here locally in wake County. Julie, thanks for: great to have you on how are you for having me everywhere I come. So tell us real quick because it's been probably six weeks since I did the moms for liberty show and talked about it and unpacked it for good amount of time. Just give us kind of the 411 on moms for liberty. And this is a great organization everybody that weather here in Lake County or some other part of the nation monster liberties growing all over the place you can find chapter and join it easily enough. Just go to moms for to tell us about the organization, Julie, then let's talk real quick about tomorrow night on her liberty, and nonpartisan nonprofit and were mom, dad, grandparents and uncle earn anyone in the community that want to stand up for parental rights at all levels of government, which of course this got started down in Florida and all of us. I think unfortunately became a whole lot more aware of what's going on in the public school system.

And of course the issue of parental rights is a big deal in and Julie every potential school board member.

I've had on the last two months we end up talking about parental rights and this is something that I think a lot of people took for granted or didn't know they needed to exercise that why is it such a big a big deal for moms for liberty, and specifically, let's talk about tomorrow night they'll parental right. A lot of are quite like Dr. Eric, a very quick attention to what is going on in the school and Carol got out happened and that our eyes were opened and leave and left out of the picture are for a long time that we could really notice that the last couple of years, which is why I started the chapter here in Lake County night tomorrow night.

We do have our very first wake County for candidate forum will have many of the candidate running to come and speak and meet and greet with the public such an important issue because it's it's easy for candidate to hide.

We see this all over the place. We have a president right now that was able to hide as opposed to coming out and engaging people. I mean I think if somebody's going to come in and say they want to care for our children.

They want to run and in our case it right here in wake County.

They got be willing to face the people you have to be willing to talk to them be in their personal space have a conversation and asked tough questions. So what's what's the format that's going to happen tomorrow night. Julie Arkwright. They were looking for. At that gray) parental rights that are enjoyed. That will be.

Parent and have accountability and get an academic focus curriculum. We want education on indoctrination in our public school tomorrow for candidate will each get three minute to make a statement and then I will be asked one question at our chapter has come up with.

There's 10 and will each be will each get one of them to answer in minutes and after that they can meet and greet with the public yet, which is an excellent opportunity and I've been reminding everybody for the last couple months Julie that whether you have children in the weekly public school system. Listen we have three kids that are on that are out there done, but we homeschool them. Our youngest is good to be a senior and get to be in the public school system just for senior year whether my kids are in there or not for me as a Christian I have to engage that because it doesn't matter whose kids. They are there. There and if you love your neighbor as yourself. We should all be involved, especially given the of the weight of this and what it's going to do the future the nation we've Artie seen that the downside of that. So the best way I guess for people to get that information. Do you have a Facebook page because I know you can easily go to. I got it right in front of me everybody to go to moms for and then right at the top of the page you see chapters you click on that and then to see a map of the US you click on North Carolina and then boom to see. Wake County. Nice and easy, and all the details are there but is there Facebook page 1 of the best ways for people to get connected with this and do they need to register monitoring the public is welcome you and look at at mom for liberty. Wake County and I and you can appreciate an email at mom number for liberty weight and again that's tomorrow night right in North Raleigh really easy location so even if you live in carrier Apex wherever you're at it super easy to get there. 7:54 PM at the wake County shrine club which is at 66015 Lead Mine Rd. but again just going to the Facebook page or going to the moms for I'm putting a direct link up to the information for the candidate form tomorrow night on a put that up on Facebook live here just in the second and then people can get involved is here locally right.

Julie setting aside the candidate form tomorrow night. You want people to join in and when they do what what happens what's what's the engagement mechanism yeah we do want people to join in, or enjoying our and allot an application and make an account and then I will send an email to get we hold monthly meeting and you know we we are definitely looking and our membership in education, being a big part of this just getting people up to speed on what's actually going on and obviously the election coming up, which is why the candidate form tomorrow night is so important than just banding together with other like-minded people. Julie, you know this now is that is the chapter chair is super important and it gives you boldness. It gives you support and it makes it easier to engage.

So it's an awesome opportunity for everybody.

We say we care about what you doing about it. That's what I'm always going to ask Julie think so much for calling. I will make sure we do a full show on this in the future. Before we get to the November elections. I can't think enough for being the local chair for months for liberty in all your work. Thanks so much Julie, thank you for your time.

You're welcome okay will talk again soon.

This is Steve Noble Noble showed great to be with you today. So remember that candidate from super important. Tomorrow night up at the links up on my Facebook live feed right now in the Facebook page but if you can just go to moms for and then look at chapters go to North Carolina got away County and you'll find it's pretty easy to get there like 10 seconds, but that's tomorrow night. Super super important candidate form with a like-minded people running for the wake County school board, so that's a great opportunity. Wake County. You need to get to know these people so that you can vote correctly but it will give you little secret to tell you exactly who to vote for. That has nothing to do with the show specifically or any radio show.

I'm on that Steve Noble personally, but I always put out my boating pics every two years and you can take him or you can leave what they're going to be there, including my picks for wake County school board okay so if you trust me that my make it easier for you, but minutes a great exercise actually meet candidates talk to them face-to-face. And that's how oftentimes you can get the measure of a man or woman right, not just what they send you in the mailbox with a postcard or what have you, because it's important that your thinking and engaging. Speaking of thinking. There's a great podcast out there that's one of the most popular Christian podcasts in America.

It's just thinking if the just thinking podcast. What a couple of great men of God Darrell Harrison is the Dean of social media, grace to you.

That's John MacArthur's ministry and Virgil Walker is the executive director of operations for G3 ministries but it's a great podcast.

It's very thought-provoking and here in Raleigh they're going to be in town coming up this weekend, August 27 are going to be at capital community church and were to talk to Pastor Grant Castleberry here just second from 10 AM to 4 PM with some hot button issues, to say the least. So if I say social justice. You get all triggered by that you like it all wigged out. All this is one of those things because the cultures talking about of the media's talking about it. Are you capable of talking about it. Well, as a Christian. So there to be talking about social justice as well as the Christian's relationship to government that's this Saturday okay here in town in Raleigh with the Darrell Harrison and Virgil Walker of the just thinking podcast there, Dick town because of my friend and guess who's gonna write out a Pastor Grant Castleberry from capital community church pastor how you doing buddy good to hear from you during great bank robber merely show you're very welcome and will level get you back in the studio again. It's been way too long since we've done that but will deftly circle back around on that. How did this come to get on your radar screen to have a couple of really successful broadcasters come out to a local church. How this could start will probably order you are God. Three years ago just recalled the social issues that were going on a builder pot got incredibly helpful and I started listening to it at the Longhorn podcast report three hours Ensure your losers know that but I would like you guys are all and I don't look their entire podcast and then the opportunity came about capital and I just jumped at that chair like that.

I would love to get these guys into the Carolinas just expose them to more people. Just because what they're saying is so important what you said you were hot button issues. These are cultural issues are the two biggest issues I think the Christian faith in the public arena in the past three years are the issues of social justice and then the relationship to government and everything with all the COBIT restrictions and all those things these guys are just really gifted in this area.

These guys are are biblically minded and then they speak to a lot of different issues not just these two issues so I want to give them credit got there to be speaking on these issues like this Saturday at capital community church beam of the conference is a city set on a hill being a Christian in a dark world and part of this are to be doing some plenary talk over also open it up for Q&A. And so anybody that registers can ask any question that they would like to ask any subject theological, cultural, political, think about any subject to be a great event this Saturday inviting everybody that's listed on the Truth Network to come on in and enjoy the things that I please about these guys and when I see Darrell Harrison and Virgil Walker you guys unless you're familiar with the just thinking podcast don't have a clue. These people are one thing that I think is important, especially because you talk about social justice, as well as the fact that they can. You can ask them anything.

These both these men of God are both highly trained, very smart men of God very biblical great theology, but they happen to be African-American so they're going to have a context and a perspective for a lot of us that you can't have and I think it's such a great opportunity to be able to get in there and listen and then engage because we just don't have those conversations very often and I think for a lot of us Grant, one of the things I appreciate about the just thinking podcast is that that's what it does, it forces you. These are men of God. So when you disagree or to have a different take on something that a fellow Christian who is well-versed in the Scriptures, has you should stop and think, because we all see through the glass dimly, don't we don't. We have to be challenged pretty much at every level. Our law with regard to bring the Bible to prayer. Chapter verse that they are going to know their Bible and they are approaching these issues biblically want to think like to give an example. One of the things that book the language that was being used in 2008 2017. A lot of it was racial reconciliation in one of the big things that that Darrell and Virgil talked about what when you study the Bible there's actually not multiple human races, one human race. So even using the language of racial reconciliation is actually using more of our Darwinian approach to understanding ethnicity to the biblical approach which teaches one right straight down the line biblical something and I just started back my classes today eight in person classes to online classes.

I will hundred and 56 students and one of the one of the classes that I teach is civics locate civics and Constitution and I challenged him and told him day and when I have my first day with the rest of my students the rest of the week grant like listen, we are not going to come at this and I do this with US history were not coming at this as Americans primarily were not come and that this is men or women pregnant. Primarily were not coming at it as a Republican or Democrat, a liberal or pert or conservative, primarily were coming at it as Christians in the word of God is going to be our compass. That's going to be our standard and then working to apply it unequivocally to all these different areas and that's what these guys do. So even though there conservative theologically. Here are some of that in their political conversation and because there African-American.

None of that stuff trumps the word of God. For these guys.

None of it right out how to get on your radar.

I heard about their basically around the torch or the card. You told me you got it. Go check out the thinking guys. So how you heard about. First of all let me acknowledge that it's very uncommon for a guest asked the host a question, but I love the fact that you're asking me a question because most people just not there and we are yes so wait. We are gifted in the noble family, our oldest son, Hayden. I probably told you about it before, he's on the lives out in San Francisco. He's the most voracious consumer of Christian theological high and thinking of anybody I know whether he's reading like you just bought a collection of 70 books.

Whether he's reading or listening to podcasts. He's always consuming, so I want to talk about that. Can I hold you through the break grant. Can you keep talking on the onset of right item to put you on hold them to finish answering your question and then there's a lesson and, therefore, for all of us that I will give full credit to my sign Hayden because he was raised in a house where he was trained to be a critical thinker. Imagine that. He just doesn't swallow what you're serving you, bring that around. No make sense will be right back. Don't talk about several things going on now are talking about the just thinking podcast, which is one of the most popular Christian podcasts out there, hosted by Darrell Harrison and Virgil Walker. These guys are rocksolid. Theologically, they go down all kinds of roads, and even though their African-Americans talk about social justice talk about BLM.

They're knocking to come at those things as their base of the truth is not the skin color. It's the word of God and so they're coming to town this Saturday at capital community church there to be there this Saturday from 10 AM to 4 PM and then also a preaching again on Sunday but us. A city set on a hill is the name of it being a Christian in a dark world tingling meaning being that is the call for all of us. That's why I'm on the radio. That's why I teach.

How do we live as Christians in a dark world to them to be cut caught come in and talk about social justice and the Christian's relationship, the government and Q&A wide open.

Ask him anything you want, which I love which is why talking to pastor Grant Castleberry from capital community church again buddy thanks for being here. Okay, let me know this. Trying to answer your questions like how to get on my radar screen. So as part of two or three years ago that are highly intellectual oldest son said I want to hit this will help to pay. I was a single podcasts and they have a perspective here that either. I'm struggling with them working through I thought would be helpful for you, which is in a flat out challenge coming from your oldest son that that that maybe my noggin isn't as big as his noggin so any's and we also have a very much at this point, a iron sharpening iron perspective. So he sends it to me and I don't know. It was probably social justice BLM kind of thing and I was like okay well here we go. And of course I prejudge because I pulled it up on the website and I'm like okay couple after American brothers who I can be brothers with Christ.

Obviously, but I wonder what they're gonna lean with here. I wonder if were talking about from a purely skin perspective, which is valid but never overrides a biblical perspective. And so when I listen on my like wow, these guys are rocksolid grant and then they were not afraid to take a biblical perspective where it went.

Counter to like a BLM kind of message because their allegiances firm and and that's that's what started the type of well over your well I have to give credit where credit is due occasionally know your your kids are little younger, but as they get older and smarter, they will actually in many ways surpass you and that's a difficult thing as a dad, when all of a sudden I'm getting schooled by my 27-year-old in my 24-year-old daughter. My 21-year-old son whatever my 17-year-old daughter and their right yet but but I see how God can use that in my own life to be iron on iron and so I every once in a while. I actually have enough tapping into the Holy Spirit enough to humble myself and go okay. I really needed to hear that and that's something that I do on the air. I try not to take a right or left position. I try to take a biblical position and that's why it's so important. These guys are coming to town and not what now obviously you and I agree there are biblical there always gonna fall down there but what about their approach. Do you like that we can take into our own lives as Christians because I think we've largely D intellectual lies the faith were not good at giving an answer for the hope that we have, or for any other position that we take you think they're very important right in their approach or not. But 03 in the morning to grab a coffee mug.

I don't care work. I really don't care what people think about me or will argument out like that. I really like Dr. Wright, the local look work where we believe that the Bible all and were not going to apologize for that very very compelling in this day and age when people are trying to equivocate and play posed by just just for people to know you might not agree with every day, but that you know where the all and that you're trying to fall. The Bible calls that she was very were rushing so I went and heard them reach Darrell preaching and Virgil was was doing and Q&A stuff, but probably no Bible Church held a conference last year. The gospel and he just at work and address to get the best guys in the world be gone and so we call these guys so I flew down the dollars. The culprit just blown away by the content that was part of this behind me saying okay bring these guys into into our do you and give the people here, an opportunity to cure them and also meet them. I think her to be starting books and things like God and be more than willing to talk to the people that come out this Saturday and again this is a great opportunity to be challenged and to make sure that you're ready to give an answer. I think that's one of the problems with all my students always high school students grant of a lesson I guy can mess you guys up awfully fast. I mean, one of the things I'll just ask is, why do you believe the Bible.

That's it that's all I need to ask your average 16-year-old that grew up in church and then a stammer and yada yada yada. What why why do you believe in this position versus this position, why are you Republican, why are you a Democrat. Why do you believe in social justice and is like a four-year-old right why why why why why and I think most of us. Most Christians struggle with this because we tend to live in an echo chamber where I don't really have to justify my positions because all I'm doing is sharing my positions with people that are you agree with me to do. You see the problem there. I think that's a huge problem for which the problem for the gospel to because were not able to get in and have conversations with anybody at any level. So of course when I can share the gospel early irregular appreciate about.

You will encourage her with her to go to the river don't waterpark out looking to a couple waterpark yesterday your birthday, Wendy, you prove that an issue they will prove that the other side or or the multiple three or four opinion on on on a particular issue and they're going to interact with direct quote from the proponents of those position you're giving your idea gate from multiple angles in order do their best to engage it fairly and critically so better just like a park out to help you think critically to help you think biblically about the issues and to know the different perspectives that are out there and why perspective they believe is most of you, and so again the format this Saturday is going to be there to be presenting and going through these things and then Q&A right and then is what I want to vomit and stand behind and in preaching on Sunday church format. Each of them on Saturday going to give one hour long coronary talk in on every morning I'm you do more personal Q&A autograph questions about impersonal regular customer OD to work with G3 great. You know, start thing and then in the afternoon we could do full throttle open mic Q&A after coronary talk in the afternoon so that Saturday and then on Sunday Virgil Walker is going to preach the morning at capital and then Sunday night he's going to do another Q&A.

Virgil was so everybody's invited you can find up on our and Thursday a form to sign up for the Saturday conference event include lunch free coffee. You know all about so I would love the feet as many people come out Saturday as we can be awesome. Again, this is about equipping it's dealing with. Maybe where were all what were some of us are off from a biblical perspective on certain issues, how to address these issues biblically and I think it's just good training on how to think critically, which we really are having a problem with that again because most of us just avoid coming up up up against people having conversations of people that vehemently disagree with us and so you never it's like hey grant he's been going to the gym for the last 20 years.

Wow, that's incredible.

You don't look huge like what's the deal. Well I work out with Twinkies and to pound locator not to get anywhere and I think a lot of us struggle with that. So Saturday, August 27 to Saturday 10 AM to 4 PM and then again on the 28th Sunday the 20 10:45 AM service were Virgil's in a preach and then he'll be there again at 6 PM capital community I just put the direct link up several times in the Facebook live feed capital community If you live anywhere near Raleigh it's near closer to downtown Raleigh. Pretty easy convenient location to get to and assist coming awesome event I'm working on my calendar so I get thereto as well. Will I be allowed to ask a question or you can hide me in the back where you will come out with the bank but I was thanks grant for for bringing these guys out of town and for facilitating thanks for all you do for the kingdom and their capital community.

God bless you brother.

I'll see you soon and will get you back on the show as well. I felt thanks have a great afternoon.

Will talk to you later. That was faster. Grant Castleberry, which by the way, if you're in Raleigh or closer to downtown you like me and we need to find a great church. He's a great pastor Daniel bunch of people there. It's a great church.

He is a great pastor great thinker served our nation so he's going to anything Texas I got all thing going on capital community I mentioned the other day Alex Berenson, who sued Twitter in 11 of the reasons he wanted his twitter was colluding with the pipe administration to kick him off of twitter and suppressed each i.e. First Amendment man going around in the food free to lay okay little Johnny Castoria and I saw this is going to look back at Steve Noble in the state. I thought I saw this recently. Earlier this year and then got a email earlier today so John and Andy Irwin.

The filmmakers at kingdom story company you been friends for years are like right now there they've wrapped up filming their editing and putting together the Jesus movement the Jesus revolution Jesus movement movie which is kind of wrapped around pastor Greg Laurie story because he got saved during that which Pastor Chuck Smith and everything they did a thing about oh what's is the guy that was a great movie actor died of cancer love to fly Paul Newman.

The other guy Steve McQueen.

They did the story of Steve McQueen's conversion with Greg Laurie so they're doing these, document antibiotics and their doing one Johnny Cash, the redemption of an American icon at the end of his rope. Johnny Cash stumbled into a cave and lay down in the dark, but that didn't come calling God Johnny Cash, the redemption of an American icon is the untold story of how the man in black saw the light, so he came back to faith. Okay, so you can't never before heard conversations with the man in black Johnny Cash. The documentary follows Cash's road to redemption and return to his fate as country music stars Marty Stewart Wynonna Judd Tim McGraw faith leaders Greg Laurie Franklin Graham and many others share their insights in the life and legacy of that art artist and so that's good to be awesome that's going out December 5, sixth and seventh. That'll probably be like maybe a limited limited showing they do those where you get your tickets in advance. Yada yada yada. And that's my friends John and Andy are one of the kingdom story company so Johnny Cash, the redemption of American icon get those guys on before you get to December talk about that.

So that'll be awesome. I mentioned this on Friday and didn't get to it. This is a really important story and here's the title.

This is from Wall Street Journal last week Alex Berenson was kicked off the site.

The site being twitter at the White House is urging. That's a violation.

The First Amendment, so this is an Wall Street Journal. August 17 Alex Berenson who is really effective at speaking against the government narrative on COBIT and masking and all the other stuff okay. And of course no no no no no big tech can allow for that can allow for conversation can allowed to touch to check the narrative with you know hashtag science and statistics and facts can't do that.

So they shot all those people down, Alex Berenson, one of biggest surveyors from the story in January, 20, 21, we Wall Street Journal, argued on these pages that tech companies should be treated as state actors under existing legal doctrines when they censor constitutionally protected speech. In response to governmental threats and inducements. The bite administration appears to have taken her warning calls as a how-to guide for effectuating political censorship through the private sector and it's worse than we fear facts that Mr. Berenson unearthed through the discovery process.

Confirm that the administration by has been secretly asking social media companies to shut down the accounts of specific prominent critics of administration policy.

Welcome to the Banana Republic on July 16, 20, 21, a reporter asked president by uncoated misinformation. What's your message to platforms like Facebook, Mr. Biden replied there killing people appraise present later said he meant users were killing people. Later that day, twitter locked Mr. Berenson account and on August 28 it banned him permanently.

Last Friday, Mr. Berenson published conversations from an actual internal twitter select channel that's an internal communication platform for business.

Okay, referring to an April 2021 meeting with White House officials one twitter employee noted that the meeting overall was cortical, pretty good, but out of that the White House quote had one really tough question about why Alex Berenson hasn't been kicked off from the platform another employee asked quote any high-level takeaways from the meeting.

Anything we should keep an eye out for unquote the first employee responded yes they really wanted to know about Alex Berenson, the employee wrote that Andy slab it then a senior White House COBIT advisor quote suggested they had seen data is that it showed he was the epicenter of dis-info that radiated outwards to the persuadable public okay biz probably stands for visualization and dis-info for disinformation so here's what the minor missed rations at the time is that Alex Berenson is effectively pushing back on our COBIT narrative which allows us to control well pretty much everything you do some about this guy back to the article, Mr. Berenson wasn't the only target at a July 15, 20, 21, White House press briefing with Surgeon General Vivica Murthy press secretary Jen Saki at the time said were flagging problematic post for Facebook that spread disinformation member disinformation is any information that is contrary to the government's narrative is about 12 people who are producing 65% of anti-vaccine misinformation and so meet social media platforms. So now McGovern's got a target your free speech that's a problem. Ms. Saki went on to say, of the 12 that quote all of them remain active on Facebook despite some even being banned in other platforms, including ones that Facebook owns at the same briefing Dr. Murthy called on social media companies to purge more COBIT posts were asking them to direct quote to consistently take action against misinformation, super spreaders on their platforms.

Recent freedom of information act disclosures show that a week later Meg Nick Clegg, a former UK Deputy Prime Minister now Facebook parent met as president for global affairs. Email Dr. Murthy to thank him for meeting with Facebook and report on quote the steps we took just this past week to further address the dis-info doesn't we remove 17 additional pages groups and Instagram accounts tied to the dis-info dozen resulting in every member having had at least one such entity. Remove O you be kind to give yourself a pat on the back. He had of that Facebook was quote continuing to make for other pages and profiles which have not yet met their removal thresholds more difficult to find on their platform that suppressing the information so hey all of a sudden my Facebook pages and get as many likes are as many views that happened to me two years ago still hasn't gone back to its original position and power and in influence when I'm near the traffic that we used to because they can literally just turned down the dial because they don't want your information in the public that's what's going on here in response to these and other inducements and threats social media companies were already suppressing speech about COBIT that was well within the bounds of legitimate debate and sometimes prove accurate Facebook had been anyone from saying that COBIT might've originated lab in Wuhan.

It did that the code vaccines did prevention prevent infection.

They don't they're not vaccines.

When the government exploits these legislative inducements to target specific critics for censorship. It is cross the constitutional Rubicon targeting punishing and silencing dissenters is the paradigm it first amendment violation. The binder ministration using big tech as its private censorship, arm, and that violates with the Supreme Court in Norwood versus Harrison from 1973 called an axiomatic principle, the government may not induce us directly from the hearing may not induce, encourage or promote private persons to accomplish what it is constitutionally forbidden to accomplish meaning stripping US citizens of their right to free speech.

The administration's behind-the-scenes use of social media companies to evade the First Amendment seems to be a continued continuing unabated. In April this year, Ms. Saki, who is still the White House press secretary said, quote, we engage regularly with all social media platforms about steps that can be taken, and I'm sure that will continue. Democracy depends up in of this article on free and open debate you want free speech not answer the free speech problem or disinformation is more information, more concrete, more conversation, more engagement, not less.

If government officials continue deputize private companies to stifle dissenters. It's high time federal courts to deliver them a reminder, if it's state action and disguise the Constitution applies right nice little rhyme there at the glove doesn't fit, you must acquit. So right here thing of the Wall Street Journal article if this if it's state action and disguise the Constitution applies so the binder ministration i.e. the federal government worked with colluded with not Russia Russia Russia colluded with twitter to strip Alex Berenson's First Amendment rights to utilize his voice, his expertise, his research his opinion on twitter and they want Alex Berenson one. There is a settlement twitter reasons just reinstated last couple days reinstated his account and publicly said that what they did was wrong because you actually found a fair-minded judge was a Clinton implant appointee, but whose allegiance is to that old crusty document known as the Constitution now is listening earlier today to Alex Berenson on Clay Travis and Buck Sexton show they took over Rush Limbaugh show and he said I am suing the government next he is going to sue the federal government who is trying to strip him of his constitutionally protected First Amendment rights.

Praise the Lord First Amendment constitutionally protected freedom of speech rights matters to me as a Christian because eventually there can he throw hate speech stuff and there were limits.

Speech is not free speech for everything. We don't believe in free speech for hatred and of the gospel to some people isn't hateful.

I don't know what it your telling me Steve that I don't believe what you believe. I'm going to a place called hell forever like you think that's like eternal fire, weeping and gnashing of teeth torments you tell me I'm going their final believe what you believe that is so hateful you're freaking me out to your team to actually feel threatened by the gospel for the devil is the ultimate target of the stripping away everything so as the frog federal governments getting more bold all the time, Alex Berenson, 11. Sue the government sued twitter anyone is good for him. You don't fight for your rights. You don't have.

So don't be a wallflower friends. You have to stand up right understand your rights. You have to stand up for me this is the noblest email Michelle God willing I talked again real soon. My dad always is never for another program powered by the Truth Network

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