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North Carolina Good & Bad!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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August 22, 2022 11:21 pm

North Carolina Good & Bad!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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August 22, 2022 11:21 pm

North Carolina Good & Bad!

Steve talks to Tami Fitzgerald today about NC Values. David Fischer joins for Money Monday in the last segment.

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The Steve Noble Show
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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network job. Everyone is time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and truth. No sacred cow call Steve Bell 86 34 through 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble back everybody had a great and and off a new week a lot going on and focus a lot today on North Carolina issues based on work on a values and before I introduce my guest today is a good friend and a good friend of the program to talk about several things that sound like there North Carolina centric.

So if you're not in the state. If you like. Steve had a leather listen anyway because the things that go on here are going on around the country and these are things that we all need to be aware of and educated about and ready to engage. Whether it's happening here, North Carolina, or perhaps there in South Carolina or Virginia or Utah or wherever you happen to be listening or watching the show so these are valuable lessons we talk about things that sometimes are local cortical local to North Carolina but there always issues that I know matter around the country so pay attention whether you live here or not personal up a point of personal business. I would like to just ask all of you and don't do this very often to pray for the noble family tomorrow. Pray for me specifically because my classes start back up tomorrow is the biggest teaching year of ever had we've ever like almost 30% bigger than last year.

So I've got hundred 55 students in eight classes in person two classes online.

That's a lot to juggle and walk in here every day, ready to do radio.

I'm not whining I'm incredibly blessed and highly favored that way and that is incredible soil on which to plant seeds of the gospel and the truth, the subjects, but it's a lot, and I can feel the weight of that and as a teacher and somebody that incorporates God's word into what I teach. The stakes go up on you trips or makes it perfectly clear. So if you could not just be in prayer and if you want to check out things for yourself are actually now allowing and offering people to audit the class so I got some adult auditing. These classes now. I've got students that are younger than high school auditing which just means you want to take advantage of watching the 32 classes that all teach over the next two semesters. No homework so you can take it easy, but if you want to access that as a refresher, perhaps in US history or civics, then go to the website Noble use that's recombined all that information noble you We also have another situation tomorrow in our family that we been waiting for for a while. That's significant. That's ongoing to tell you, so please just pray for justice and a good outcome that would be very appreciated Jimmy Fitzgerald's the Executive Director and founder North on a values coalition in C a great friend, a sister in Christ in somebody that engages in the legal system. Specifically, the legislature here in North Carolina but also plays around with legal issues that get all the way up to the Supreme Court's and amicus briefs and things like that.

We've got some very serious things going on in North Carolina.

Tammy good to see you. How are you get to see Steve. It's always going to be on your shadow.

We appreciate your time and your efforts is always well I sent you I texted you the other day. This is a whale of a of a headline in red on August 19 is couple days ago North Carolina Supreme Court and ask a full-scale judicial coup and I was like what in the world is this. This is from the article and what can only be described as a full-scale judicial coup, but Democrat-controlled body has ruled, get this, that the North Carolina Jim Gen. assembly is illegitimate and cannot enact an amendment to the state's constitution. Their reasoning that the state legislature is gerrymandering which is a term for a re-drawing districts to your parties advantage to another coming in and literally saying that the North going to jumble generalists only can't do anything to deal with the state's constitution because they see its illegitimate which is kind of funny. This is, wild stories, is this actually happened already. Yes, it did happen on Friday. North Carolina Supreme Court released an opinion about two amendments to the state constitution that passed in 2018 and one Wednesday The state income tax and the other one was to enact a better ID requirement in the state constitution course, this is the third time we've enacted better ID in North Carolina and left-wing grapes, hats, drank it down now three times and said this time we passed a constitutional amendment thinking that this would certainly be safe. But the court struck it down because in 2018. This case went all the way up to the Supreme Court. I believe finding that congressional and legislative districts in North Carolina were racially gerrymandered, which the court said was illegal and so because the districts were racially gerrymandered. The state Supreme Court reasoned in this case that they didn't have authority to pass these bills that put these constitutional amendments on the ballot course. There were six amendments on the ballot in 2018, but only two were challenged in only two were declared invalid because of racial gerrymandering by the state Supreme Court and the opinion was written by Justice Anita earls who is a radical left-wing activists that a best way to describe her and unfortunately she said on the court and said she's been able to enact case, a number of really radical opinions that are best described as judicial activism as politically motivated and driven and driven by the result that she wants to happen, not by the law.

So they essentially decided that they have power over the duly elected legislature, North Carolina. That's correct and this is really a separation of powers is she telling the Supreme Court shouldn't have the ability to come and declare legislative acts of a duly elected legislature invalid and that's essentially what they've done.

Of course they been selective in declaring these acts unconstitutional. As I pointed out there were four other amendments right were declared unconstitutional and then of the bills passed that year by the legislature have been declared unconstitutional and so it is really extremism added at its height to say it's completely cherry picking because by their reasoning. If the North Carolina state legislature is in fact illegitimate and everything they've done in the last four years has been illegitimate. Everything including the budget I passed that pays the justices salary right so that should be thrown out, but they don't care what would they don't care about logic personally don't care about the rule of rule of law because that's why they're just applying it needed a reason to push back on these things and so they just made one up essentially, yes they did, and I think the red state state article got it right. It was judicial to you and we should we should call it that, and hopefully were going to take care that said that it won't happen. You all November vendor when we elect a new conservative just well, for they are completely out of the closet across the board was nothing we won't know action they want to keep talking to welcome back to Steve Noble to sleep. Noble show. By the way you want to see what's going on here in the video you want to join us during the radio.

All you need to do is jump over to Facebook or YouTube. Just go to the Steve Noble show page on either of those and you can catch kind of a sidebar conversation little more in depth.

Sometimes we never rob Peter to pay Paul, though. Just so you know if your radio listener. I know that's the largest portion, single portion of the audience and so I will. I want to keep most of the meat from the stakes can come hour to eat that during the regular radio breaks but we throw in a side of mashed potatoes and some asparagus and a few other things during a commercial break to get a little bit more of a meal if you join us. That way, and of course the podcast where you get your podcast that's available and you watch any show from the past we been doing the Facebook live in and also on YouTube live for years now so you can always go watch that check that out for yourself today. Our good friend Tammy Fitzgerald who is the executive director of NC values in C If you live here North Carolina you should already be on their email list. You should be a part of that organization. If you are not now you have knowledge, which comes brings with it responsibility to make sure you go there and sign up and be a part of the email list and then there also going up and encourage you engage you and educate you and turn in terms of what's going on in our state from a Christian perspective with the legislature and the laws are being passed which Laura talking about today and what you can do about it is not just haters what's happening, there's actually engagement were to talk about the elections coming up, but this is a huge one.

Tammy and one thing you mentioned on the break before you move on the north gone Supreme Court and ask a full-scale judicial coup.

They basically said pooh-poohed a couple of things that the conservatives were trying to get into the state constitution saying well because we believe there is gerrymandering, especially across racial lines. We think you're actually ill, illegitimate, and you don't have a right to do anything with respect to these two constitutional limits, but they can say that about any of the other amendments that pass on them and said that about any other law that's passed by that reasoning, you would have to throw everything the North Carolina legislature is done in almost the last four years but that's not what they're doing and you said this on the break. To me they have an absolute disregard from the for the law and that's at the highest court level in North Carolina, which is certainly disgusting and concerning to say the least. Well certainly I mean the amendments that were turned out by the court are about better identification that requiring a picture ID in order to that which most states in the country already require. This is the third time we had thrown out by left-wing activist groups in North Carolina.

The other amendment was to The income tax that I think it was 7% saying that the state can never pass an income tax. About 7%, which if the people want to vent. To do that yes you have the right event to do that the way does does initiatives get on the ballot as constitutional amendments under North Carolina's Constitution is there has to be a bill passed by the legislature. We don't have dictation and initiatives that you can't get a lot of signatures and put something on the ballot. That way it has to get through the legislature. So essentially, the Supreme Court just to your voice away get something voted on at the ballot level. When you use the two words that affect the progressives and liberals the same way that holy water affects a vampire you said the people at so when you talk about the will of the people you know they shrieked back because that's the power that takes them out now something that's moving in the right direction here. North gone. This is happened last Wednesday on the 17th judge reinstates North Carolina's 20 week abortion ban so explain that. But I want to say just from the get go. Neither you nor myself are satisfied with the 20 week band you're still killing babies but anyway this is a step in the right direction. So what happened last Wednesday. Well this is actually pretty convoluted Steve that I'll try to get through it and make it easy five years before Roe versus Wade came out of the Supreme Court in 1967 Gen. assembly in our state legalized abortion up to 20 weeks after that point abortion was illegal and a crime.

But in 1967 we became the second state in the country to legalize abortion up to 20 weeks for any reason and that statute was in effect for over 50 years now about five years ago we passed a bill that would strengthen the reason she could have an abortion after 20 weeks, one to tighten that up so wasn't it easy to have a post-20 weeks abortion said we passed a law that said that instead of allowing abortion for the health of the mother which drew time and experience. We we saw that exception really open the gates wide open and allowed abortion for any reason, so we took health out and replaced it with medical emergency, which is defined to mean that the life of the mother is in danger. Like she's in danger of dying literally, or one of her bodily major bodily functions is going to be impacted in such a way that it would greatly impact her life, and so the abortion lobby the abortion industry didn't like that so they they sued over this restriction on abortion and they convinced well they convinced a Federal Ct. in Greensboro to strike down the 20 week law which had never been examined by a court before had never been challenged in court until we tighten the restriction on the post-20 week abortions. The court struck down the entire 20 week law saying you cannot restrict abortion before viability under Roe and Casey that to the two cases that have been looked taper you now 45 years, almost 50 years as the basis for abortion and so the court issued an injunction against the 20 week band and that's been in place until last Thursday and so after the Dodds case where this spring court overturned Roe versus Wade and Casey had legislative leaders Sen. Berger and are more ask the Atty. Gen. to file a motion in court in this case, asking the judge to lift his injunction against our 20 week law and the Atty. Gen. Josh Stein refused to do his duty and said that he was pro-abortion and course we know he's 100% pro-abortion and he would not file the motion said the legislative leaders filed a friend of the court brief in amicus brief in the case and the judge issued an order last Thursday, lifting his injunction and reinstating the 20 week ban and he did it sua sponte which means on his own because there wasn't a party to the case that would ask him to reinstate the 20 week law that have been passed by the duly elected representatives at the people so prior to the reinstatement of this 20 week law what we had was abortion up to the date of delivery because the judge had said it, it was available up to viability and that the abortionists got to determine when viability of what you said that's like asking the box to watch the hand out and down so now we at least have a 20 week limitation on abortion now. The unfortunate thing stated is that that's just not that's not an know you know obviously 20 weeks to allow abortion up to 20 weeks is just unthinkable and were going to be working. We are ready have been working very hard to change this and to save as many unborn babies and their mothers as we can will hold a thought replicas of great because there's a lot going on there is a lot to follow up on that and we come back I'll remind everybody there is a significant difference. I'm against all abortion at any level, but there is a significant difference between a first trimester second trimester person that I will remind you what you want to hear it or not, will be right back and will show talking to Gerald Executive Director values in C is the website in C I want you to go there soon as possible get on their email list showing up as a supporter in the morning to talk about some before you finish the segment coming up on September 12 that you have to be very aware of this can be available in C This can be very helpful for you as we move towards the November elections were talking about the judge last week reinstating orthodontist 20 week abortion ban, which neither one of us is satisfied with in North Carolina explain this. It's got incrementalism right now you take the winds where you can because between Josh Steiner Atty. Gen. who has no interest in doing his job is all all about his ideology as well as Gov. Cooper, who can still veto anything that comes out of legislature in the North gone a state legislature does not have a vetoproof majority to have a majority, but not vetoproof so they can't override his veto so they could pass the strongest abortion ban in American history and is going to veto it. That's the end of the story okay so we have to play a little bit of incrementalism in the meantime but there's things afoot, which Tammy is going to help us understand, but there is going understand the difference in a first trimester.

Basically dilation and in curettage. They go in and suction the child rips the baby to pieces okay but much, much smaller than the second trimester were talking about dissection literally right. This is so gruesome and so it's it's beyond un-American.

It's in human that we would do this to one another, especially to the most vulnerable were literally there taking these iron grip for steps injected go into the womb and that you gotta pull this baby out piece by piece republic hug hard enough. I listened abortionists explain this that finally came out of that demonic profession and talk hard enough to rip the leg grip the other leg get the arm get the other on the torso that had to get across that had to get this is beyond barbaric, and that allowed here in the great state of North Carolina which you guys a lot of people think will is it that the Bible Belt well. The Bible Belt may have might've slipped so far south it goes down the Mississippi now.

I don't know, but it's brutal disgusting and in its only by God's grace. It isn't just flatten our country because of this kind of stuff, but it really is shocks the sensibilities to me when you have to talk about the realities at play here and does it definitely does so in terms of what's going barbaric, barbaric and going to and again I just want to say this because I know we have plenty of women and men.

By the way, listening that you are this is in your background okay this is part of your story. It's in your past remind you that is difficult and as disturbing as is the reality of shedding children's blood in the act of abortion. The blood of Jesus Christ is infinitely more powerful than that.

Okay so if you've come to him are ready in repentance and faith in you been a put all your faith in Jesus and you been born again. You're truly a biblical Christian, all that stuff is under the blood it separated as far as the east is from the west and you have been forgiven fully of that never to be brought up again know you might need to still find some healing from that. But in terms of forgiveness that is in your past and you need to deal with that and remember that and accept that that's how much God loves you, so I don't want to leave you thinking that it's hopeless, because with Jesus Christ. It never is. But with what the 20 week ban Odyssey were not satisfied with that's what's going on right now because were trying to move towards North going to not being an abortion destination. Right now it's like to go to North Carolina for the Outer Banks and getting abortion me word abortion destination state. Well we are. And this is what a lot of people don't even realize that a lot of the states most of the states around North Carolina are slowly becoming pro-life and not in Tennessee. They passed a complete ban on abortion went into effect in Georgia. They have a heartbeat bills that is seen as a heartbeat is detectable in the unborn child. They can't be aborted. South Carolina has a heartbeat law still held up in court, but expected to go into effect soon.

All the states south and east of us have complete abortion bands we have the the 16th state was Idaho to have a complete ban on abortion. We expect to have 26 in total I the only state more liberal than North Carolina on abortion right now it's near as is Virginia and they allow abortion at the end of the second trimester, so we are we are the closest place for most women in the South right now to have an abortion if they are driving there going to drive to Charlotte to the biggest abortion clinic in the southeast and Planned Parenthood has already verified that they had it a rapid increase in the number of abortions in our state from out-of-state women coming across state lines and so we cannot do anything about this unless we pass a law to make North Carolina pro-life again and we cannot pass a law to do that. That will be signed into law because Gov. Cooper will veto any pro-life bill we passed. We've already seen that he's Easy to two bills we passed the born alive abortion survivor's act, which protects unborn babies who are accidentally born as a result of an abortion and says you have to give them life-saving medical treatment like you would any other premature infant. He vetoed that bill and last year he vetoed the humanlike nondiscrimination act which protected babies who were being aborted because they got a prenatal diagnosis of genetic syndrome or because of their race.

Any beachhead that bill so he's not going to sign into law a pro-life bill now that Roe has been never turn and the only hope that we had to keep North Carolina from becoming a destination for abortion is to win this election in November.

We have got to elect vetoproof majorities to that north Carolina House and Senate. Now this means we have to not only elect all the people that are currently in office and when the districts we currently hold that we need three more districts in the house and two more in the Senate.

In addition, we need to win at least one seat on the state Supreme Court that we can get rid of this radical court that wants to justify politics and come out with a judicial activist, opinions, and said we need 3213 in the house to in the Senate, one on the Supreme Court then only Dan can we pass a law in North Carolina that makes sense. Pro-life again yet so we have to get out after getting gave you have to be educated and you need to reset the sink back the day that always bugged me because I'm a firm believer, the depravity of mankind. They vote your values like no, don't vote your values, your values at some level are screwed up vote God's values don't go your values. Vote God's values, which means you have to be a good student of the word of God in order to be able to vote his values and that's what we have to do what lives on the line literally and were talking about the devastation not just with the child but the mom as well as the dad and that's why this election coming up in November such a big deal. Elections have consequences Y which is why we have somebody like Sen. Tillotson office who is if they get the chance. They did this in the house where they voted to" codify same-sex marriage in the house in about 46 or 47 Republicans voted for that in the Senate. Tillis if you get a vote for that. He's got a vote for same-sex marriages. The things that happened Tillis has said he will vote for anything sort of rude about the way he said it comes to see if you will start to get a little agitated. Maybe a little sick to your stomach a little reads will start stirring up inside of you.

Perhaps righteous indignation, perhaps just indignation, but to me just throw some of these that you okay a G AG. How about CIA CDC who that's that's trigger one CDC or perhaps DOJ.

DO E, which would be well explained in the second. DO S, that one FP how that how that resonate for you. F. The HHS may venture unsafe word here trigger phrase HHS perhaps FDA this one might get a few of you I are S about the IRS or trust given the last two and half years in IH in IH or perhaps if you're traveler TSA or if you are a loved one that served in the military VA house that doesn't make you feel AG Atty. Gen. CIA you know that CBC you know that DOJ department of justice DOE apartment of education or energy to US Department of State FBI, HHS, Health and Human Services, FDA, IRS, NIH, the National Institutes of Health, with with the LG. The TSA and the VA veterans administration and the size of our federal government which stinks the State Department now clocking in at 69,000 employees. The Treasury Department get this this is funny, Treasury Department 86,000 employees.

However, tingling thing being good that something go off in your head right there when I say the Department of treasury, which includes our 6000 employees. What happened last. That's right. Double that number and add at least 80,000 Morse IRS there. Looking back, it will show for all of you on reading the forgive us in the last segment will disconnect there on the radio side and so we lost him either for little bit and she and I finished up on Facebook and YouTube at the sorry about that.

Those things happen every once in a while, and hopefully want to get so when you listen to the show. I mean, is if you feel prompted to disable or just prefer everything to go well but going to save you knows exactly what you're talking about. So sorry about that at that affected you on the radio but one thing I did want to mention with

They have an awesome motor guide coming out on September 12. It's the I voter guide which is a national organization not only send questionnaires to people running for office and those that are already in office incumbents, but if there incumbent.

They include rankings based on how they voted. So not that you don't make your decision based on the postcard or the ad because those always present the candidates in the best light. You will look at the facts.

Okay, what's the deal. How do they really vote don't I don't care what you say, it's what you do, which sounds a little bit like James Woodward open what today with a little money Monday update with our good friend David Fisher who is the blessing of the show and we all continually learn from him and he leads us into some wisdom and some education that we need to end up, but were also going to start with passage of Scripture will start with a little praise reported a testimony and then we'll see if Lord willing, was some time to talk about some other issues but it's great to hear from you David, thanks for calling it on your pond.

Praise God Lord of us. Yes he is is an amazing God, to say the least, and that can manifest itself in a number of ways and will get to how it's manifested itself in your life in the last few years, but will start with that. That Scripture let's start in James 216, 17, will start there and then. I'm excited to have you share your praise report yet another one because God is just been so good work Scripture. One of you to them going. Please keep warm and well but does nothing about what good is in the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, so a lot of people asked me, sure little more about my story and how really want even more than I imagined you in our talk last week you mentioned it was even more miracle than I could even comprehend what I learned more about the last week when I with my cardiologist for his report.

But a lot of people out to me how this all happened since all the odds were against you and Dr. should you give a dog you know you all the whole story in one repeated all but there is no cure for every three months to your loaf: multiple doctors look at your financial affairs in order to thing a good practical. I went great people that are my life. Like Steve Noble to pray for me and you and the other unit mounted on your radio station and people who never met me.

People never called my company or talk to me. I assume the winter, prayer and student to get up because of many of the people who never met me a lot of other radio stations heard the story to pray for. I think the thing this is not more significant than per Leslie, but I have to do what's possible. I have to put some works to the five to do my part which is going to the doctor and pray, but also believing and so were the good everyday Scripture shows as a man think of so use. I did not think much of myself. Those helping this problem.

I saw myself and believed and prayed that the mind is powerful because it was with my mind. I do believe in the Lord to be able to heal me to believe that healing is possible and so I believe that if Jesus wanted to use me and keep me here longer promote through knowing that he would cause the right people come in my life or you'll help you process or medical device, but I believe for pray for partnered with everyone else should also delete this and that led to a trial, a medical trial and a device in the thing that's amazing about this little lead to your report last week is is when they used the device and and and what they were expecting was, you know, minimal performance they didn't have high expectations about what could happen along the road.

Those glass ceilings have been shattered because miraculously God has in his sovereignty and his goodness just brought you beyond what you could ask thinker Matt only 500 people trial to qualify help, but if you pass it. Only one in three people or children through computer that actually gets the surgical device put in them and then usually the history showing a little bit last week, more than 1/3 of the people die within the first year and in the second year more in the third year more and after both before here. Nobody typically looms going on here. So going up on.

But here's what happens to an infraction which is how hard your heart pumps, not the speed of it like a balloon compressing and expanding event numbers: the fraction for man my age I'm six years old. A normal compression expansion cold in the fraction is numbers not percentages but between 50 and 66 550 between 50 and 60. That is a healthy, normal heart, 2018 mimosa 10 which means you get a heart transplant. So I have this device passed the test but he chose the computer chose me to put the device in life progressively over the years. Close washer prayer and belief. My number started going up. Here's what I found out last last three months ago which I mounted on your program. I met a 58 650 is perfect. When I hit 42. Should you reach something that nobody ever done on the last week only one person has beside me about 35. Really think the technician might made the researcher there might be one possible the 40s. Nobody in the 50 units in which the average. He said seven points will be like me from going to attend a 17 major issues. I'm the only one full recovery 500 Playboy. This is bill passed by the FDA. And so the I offered my services to them because I made a commitment to help anybody that needed encouragement.

The heart issue and they said to me last week. Ironically, we thank you for doing that will probably be calling you because were looking for somebody. Nobody has come close to this and we want to spend more time with you. Find out why you have such a one can really show the gospel but people were having shown the answer to prayer is not amazing and that's and when you and I talked on the phone just the other day I brought up second Corinthians chapter 1 which talks about that the grace he received in the comfort you received from the father when you go through a trial.

You turn around and use that as now, you become a steward of what you've learned and what the Lord is done and you turn around and you use that to be a blessing to other people that are going through what you went through and hear the here the secular doctors I sue most of them set that whole thing up and don't even know it. And that's just how the Lord is is going to use you and is going to continue to use you, and that in on the issue of of God's sovereignty and I completely understand and appreciate you unpacking that the way you did get the believe that God is able certainly is any up to believe that it's possible and then you just choose to believe.

I believe that you can get me through this because it reminded me of Shadrach me shack and Abednego and Nebuchadnezzar's firing up the furnace and is like, you know, seven times hotter and so you get even closer you die like a list. We know that God is able to save us. But even if he doesn't work to praise his name and they throw in there. Of course, instead of three. There's four, which is kind of an early visitation. A lot of theologians think of Jesus himself, and that's the way you go. I know God is able to save me. I know God is able to save you. I know God is able to repair your heart and using whatever means he wants to because those surgeons and the inventors only have that ability because God gave it in the knee doesn't were still going to worship. But in this case he did in his sovereignty, and we praise his name to remember for a better prayed when the doctors told me I looked from three most prolific of my financial courage in order the hospital on the 11th day and I have my moment for moment for David to cover your great physician is inside. My prayer was almost identical to what you just said Lord I'm not afraid of dying. I'm excited to serve you and that is really short in three months.

I will serve you every breath I take the next three months.

If you find a way that somehow miraculously you will heal me.

I will make a vow to you today. This is making November I fell that I will help anybody that comes along my way with a heart condition will be there for an overview encourager all pray for them and this will be an inroad for the gospel and who knew prayer was answered left such a remarkable thing and that the Lord uses us to do anything still remains one of the biggest miracles in my life besides my salvation and it's just been a joy to walk with you through this and so when you text me like that, you got a praise report, and it's always because you want to share with me in advance of the show because it's such good news that always just lights up my soul and my spirit and I just thank you for giving me the blessing of sharing those things with David and then shared them here on the air is always so wonderful.

We just praise the Lord with you and praise the Lord for you and look forward to how you're going to continue to serve and that's just wonderful.

All the great thing. I think the payment I will talk about the economy next week. I love you my brother, Dr. soon got bless you as a signal on this email will show God willing I'll talk to you real soon and like my dad always used to say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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