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Your Government Stinks!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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August 19, 2022 12:18 pm

Your Government Stinks!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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August 19, 2022 12:18 pm

Your Government Stinks!

Steve talks about the United States government and how it stinks. He takes callers to ask them about their opinions.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show you why your work. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God is on his shoulders wants a troop, no sacred cows call Steve now 8643 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble okay let me if I can't upset you.

Yes I'm doing this on purpose. Now perhaps you might throw up a little in your mouth.

I don't know we'll see what happens but I'm just going to throw some terms out here. These are acronyms to CF, you will start to get a little agitated. Maybe a little sick to your stomach a little range will start stirring up inside of you. Perhaps righteous indignation, perhaps just indignation to throw somebody that you're okay a G AG.

How about CIA CDC who that's that's trigger one CDC or perhaps DOJ deal E would be well I'll explain in the second.

DO address that one FBI how that how that resonate for you.

F VI HHS may venture unsafe word your trigger phrase HHS perhaps FDA this on my get a few of you I are S about the IRS or trust given the last two and half years NIH, NIH, or perhaps if you're a traveler TSA or if you or a loved one that served in the military VA house that doesn't make you feel AG Atty. Gen. CIA you know that CDC you know that DOJ Department of Justice, DOE apartment of education or energy, US Department of State FBI, HHS, Health and Human Services, FDA, IRS, NIH, the National Institutes of Health, with with the algae.

The TSA and the VA veterans administration and the size of our federal government which stinks the State Department now clocking in at 69,000 employees. The Treasury Department get this this is funny the Treasury Department 86,000 employees.

However, tingling meeting being did that did something go off in your head writer when I see the Department of treasury, which includes IRS 86,000 employees what what just happened last Sunday. Oh, that's right, working to double that number and add at least 80,000 more specific IRS agents. No worries there, Department of Defense, 2.9 million Department of Justice hundred 13,000 employees, HHS 79,000 employees about this. Are you looking for new job like science. You want to make some good money. The CDC they have 11,000 employees relatively small for the big bloated fat federal government CDC 11,000 employees. However, their average yearly salary is 110,000 hundred 10 grand per year is the average 400 for 11,000 employees and that of the NIH you've got 20,000 employees daily average $82,500 a year, except for one of them who happens to be the highest paid employee in all of the federal government federal government pushing past 3 1/2 million employees in your at the top of the heap. How's that feel you make more than every other federal employee enters 3 1/2 million of that would mean that you're the president of United States right wrong. That would mean that your none other than Dr. Pope felt she he makes the most the highest paid federal employee in the entire 3.5 million person machine is. Dr. felt she clocking in at about 432 grand, but that's nothing.

That's a pittance compared all of his copyright type stuff. He's got he's cute guys making money hand over fist. Okay so there's that Congress approval ratings what what were talking about it because the title of today's show is your government stinks so as I say all this stuff to you. My question for you. Simply today I would love you to call in and if you like the inventor to share where you're at on this how you feel about your government, and I'm talking at the federal level okay how you feel about your government 866-34-TRUTH 87884. I would imagine a few of you are going to have an opinion on this, which is what I'm hoping I'm just curious to see how you are generally feeling about it. Most of us in this audience are, you know, north of 40 S. of 80 premature group largely conservative and not exclusively, largely Christian, but not exclusively. How do you feel about your federal government. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH if you want to relate that specifically to the Trump raid Mara Lago raid and all the other stuff with trump that's fine. I just curious to see how your generally feeling right now about your federal government. Our federal government of the people by the people for the people right.

Like Lincoln said 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH so you got approval ratings Congress clocking in. While this well is awesome 17% approval rating. This is recent 2022. Congress is a 17% approval rating is 79% disapproval rating. How about the president about bite well right now he's got a 38% approval rating. Overall, this is from Reuters and a 57% disapproval rating. Now you break that down a little bit. This is fascinating amongst white people. 62% disapprove. 35% approve amongst nonwhite people. This is very important for elections 48% disapprove.

45% approve.

So amongst nonwhites that's plummeting for him.

That's danger community urban 46% disapprove 40% approve that goofy you don't really understand what the Democratic Party's all about, number suburban suburban moms people like that 59% disapproval, 37% approve rural folks.

You foot you folks out there small of mind right. That's what they think you're not too happy with him either an admin 58% disapprove. 40% approve. Women 56% disapprove. 37% approve. Okay, yeah that and then I've got some other articles and stories that I want to share with you about our federal government was limited by get one call in your real quickly go to Jennifer: for Marco and Jennifer real quick thanks for calling how you feel about our federal government. Number one, we are so that she while we write well rest assured, rest assured, Jennifer and I think you for calling up against the break, but rest assured they have the other 80,000 IRS agents. I'm sure you'll get taken care of right but all the time depends on how they take care thanks Jennifer I got a go will vary back and look back at Steve Noble to Steve Noble. Show your government stinks our government stinks, CIA, CDC, Department of Education, apartment, State Department justice, DOJ, FBI, HHS, the FDA, the IRS, the NIH PSA VA tonight. Did I not say love, not the CDC stuff like that in the CDC 11,000 employees average hundred 10 grand per year for those folks and I've got all kinds of other things Bible Bible binds approval ratings in the tank Congress's approval rating is always in the tank. Believe it or not. 17% approval rating right now across the nation. 79% disapprove of what Congress is doing, but they don't care right. They only care if you can actually vote them out. So today the question for you, and I got a couple articles on to finish with in the last segment of the show. I just to give just a make it even worse. Understanding just how broken our government is I'll get to that the 470 but would love to hear from you are government stinks how you feel about how you feel about the state of the federal government right now if you want to relate that's what's been going on the Trump or anything else. Specifically, that's fine. Or if you want to be general about it just was cortical to swap whatever you want to call it is a completely out-of-control do you have any hope for the federal government or are you hasty memo about state, local, now the federal government.

So given over.

It's just forget right. Nothing's going to change.

There's going to get worse me were you at with your understanding of our federal government. How you feel about our government. Your government 866-34-TRUTH 8784 would love to give you an opportunity to share your thoughts and feelings on that today 866-34-TRUTH 7884 866-34-TRUTH Don Don, thanks for holding things for calling the redhead. Thank you. I don't have an answer for this whole thing will result what we need to obviously nobody happy horse people. But the thing is that someone knows what to do and actually I have a solution. I know the answer and if you get me into a soundproof juvenile.

That's all I can tell you right now is spiritual.

Answer Don or something material earthbound. Only a little bit of both actually I think that and I appreciate you calling and sharing that it's at a titillating thought right because it is both primarily because everything is spiritual. You have to remember that okay everything is for everything you see your meeting going on their spiritual underpinnings.

There's there's principalities and powers geographic based on different parts of the economy different parts of the world. The culture of the government finance. I think there's a satanic forces demonic forces involved in all of that because the Scripture points us in that direction quite clearly.

Then there's think that you can actually do like voting or who's on who's running a should you run school board races you know we had winging the other days running for school board here in wake County, North Carolina.

There's there's and it's both there you you cannot neglect the spiritual while trying to fix the material.

You can't because what's underneath and around and on top of all the material. What you see is spiritual realities. You have to engage both. But how do you feel. I mean, it's a big train wreck.

Obviously, I don't think is going to get better at the federal level. I think you have a better shot. Steve basically was on several months ago. Talk about red states you get red or blue states need to get bluer and you just pick which America you want to live in an adult he doesn't think I agree with them that a lead to a national divorce but that is what it is. So Florida really is leading the charge there, which is why they picked up over 1/4 million conservative voters down there in the last two years and I think you'll continue to see that happen in the just hate this is the deal so you pick which, like you want you want to be in a state that freely kills babies all the way up to the moment of delivery. Then he moved to blue state. If you're against that you moved to red state will be some that moderate in between.

But mostly it's got to be a red or blue country. You see that in the voting now, but it's getting more intense.

That way again. I don't think it will lead to a national divorce could, I don't think it will, but generally how do you feel about your federal government. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH with Erica. Erica, thanks for calling. Start heavy on hold for so long, go right ahead.

Please Erica with terra-cotta very good.

Thank you so much for correcting me back and that that nobody happy but I'm not coming in and I'm happy, I'm happy to be in this country and I'm happy to say anything because all it is the truth being reveal nothing new under this sign. Or in this country should start not affect different people. I look forward to it because maybe it will bring a perspective how many in this country have felt for a long time and started for me, but do you expect that one's nation that got so many people from one extreme to the next is no way to satisfy everybody that we can't feel discomfort with where our government is probably going to cater which case nation. I want to live in even if it's uncomfortable for me. I don't agree with a lot of things that are going on but one thing I will do is respect the fact that this country is ever evolving clip that is ugly and we all get it on the phone or the radio station and went five pains without worrying about our head Which on back crinkling terra-cotta, and in I think it's so easy for us as Americans because we had it so good for so long to go, on the on the overboard when it comes to criticizing the country relative to other places around the world, not everyplace but a lot of places around the world. This is still the best place you could possibly choose to live even with all its words and its problems and its sin.

It's still solid and semi-proud to be an American. I wrestle at that one. I'm definitely grateful to be an American and I like what you are in America where the definition of what an American and come to better work with used to be Ali who for a family member that would say was a lot better now than 1100 years ago. I think it you know what kind American. Are you proud of myself as an American part of my back multiculturalism that out, and don't let anybody to find what America is the American I'm an American anybody to come to craft something beautiful in America through me. You can find out the fake liquid about the entity at the efficacious thing that you know is not America. We are so ill that I appreciate you for giving me a kind of voice that absolutely knows a great points Derek and I really appreciate you calling and sharing all of that and that's it.

That's the one thing about America right and that's a beautiful thing in the thing that we need to be concerned concerned with and careful about is where a nation of 330 million individuals in liberty and freedom allows you like Erica to live out and individualistic life. For the most part, but then you have to have the confluence of everybody. The 330 million people do have to share the country right we have to share a community we have to share school yet. Share workplace you have to share the roads. Whatever. So that's where the founding principles of this nation which used to be pretty universal in terms of understanding.

Oftentimes, all related to the Tower of Babel. We early on earlier on in the nation. The principles the nation liberty, freedom, justice, which all were imperfect.

That's our Constitution says in order to form a more perfect union.

Erica spoke about that for a lot of people. You want America in 2022 or you want to America in 1922 or 1822. Well, that's a pretty easy one to answer. Okay so there's been improvement in progress, but we used to have a general understanding of the principles that we would generally grant but like equality, liberty, now those definitions are gone. So we don't have a common civic language. Number two, we don't have a common core" religious language.not all the founding fathers were born-again Christians. Okay not all the Americans in their early days, 1600 7000 1800s were Christian but there was largely a Christian understanding the Christian language if you will. And that's God, which is now it's like tower about America. Looking back at Steve Noble's noble show, talking about our good friends who all have acronyms, CIA, CDC, DOJ, FBI DA IRS NIH, the IRS really thing right now part of the Treasury Department with where they only have 86,000 employees.

Brother Natalie's 80,000 more in the vast majority of those before what the by demonstration with inflation reduction. I called enforcement right and so there's a story out of the epic times Florida small businesses fear targeting by an expanded IRS state CFO proposes for pillar protection plan to fight back. So run the sentence under his leadership in Florida they're actually going to prepare small business owners and people that get attacked by the IRS to defend themselves and so DeSantis came right out a press event on August 17 expressing frustration what they done 87,000 new IRS agents in the going up for you.

He said to be unleashed on American taxpayers quote they are going to go after independent contractors over drivers, handymen and others identified as independent contractors and are all contenders for audits, DeSantis said, quote they're going to crush a lot of people by doing that and why do they do that because the federal government financial situation is getting so bad. That's why David Fisher at Limerick capital, a Limerick always drops in the conscious and the bail instance of the bailout federal government going to bail out GM or whatever. In this case is the bill, and so they go in and get and can't gain access to all of our assets that are held electronically. This is happened in 12 other countries.

By the way, because things get so bad yeah and they leave and I'll you and your electron electronic account saying we took $10,000 out of your IRA. You'll get tobacco but things are so bad when you do that in order to salvage the country and at that point were you going to do storm the capital right so Tulsa Gabbard Washington elite pose the greatest threat to democracy, former representative Kelsey Gabbard is a Democrat. By the way from Hawaii is great.

I really appreciate some of her intellectual honesty here says that the greatest threat to democracy isn't trump voters or parents protesting at school board meetings, but quote the permanent Washington elite which has weapon eyes the government and teamed up with corporate media to intimidate and silence those who dare to disagree with them and I'll get to that story here in a second 866-34-TRUTH 87884 if you want to share how you feel about our federal government, 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH Escoto Clay Clay thanks for gone and buddy go right ahead. Her brother Robert were what will work here.

Oh, 100, 110 correct for a moment, you know, I don't know you heard about was the last week and you know, I know your talk about our yard. You know what I who are working 40 service for the program and under part of the federal government, you know your talk about weight go you talk about all these insurance or at the state level.

They don't report to the feds and you know, brother.

I'm on the one broken. I was reading Scripture result was brother's servant of the Lord merely people and I got one look at this medallion directors from the all Arnold Murray and start their and there where you talk to these people all not all will. But you see they're doing more with the brokenness took hold of the people manager always go and I'm thankful for you that you're doing this because you know I'm sure I'm not a political person to know about it.

But you know what would you have people that are in the courtly run for Congress really want to see what her always on the radio show the running for the position of the running brother will broken. There is brokenness going to fix God the father will tell something jumping Clay because I got jumped to another column fire outside but that that's something that's trying to say earlier and I presented you always bring it back to that is that you can fight in the material world. You can fight in the in the temporal world that you see the political realm that you see which were called at the very least, pray for these people, but without the spiritual side you're just spinning your wheels is no answer there. Ultimately, from an earthly perspective, it's always going to be a spiritual answer which comes from.

Which is why if I can get solid people that are believers. Just because someone is a believer, doesn't mean there to be a good public servant. Just think just because you put a fish on your car doesn't mean you're on a good business but if I can find them and get to know them and then I'm going to put them on and because of the type of people that not only that we have what they're able to do in the flesh, but we have the power the Holy Spirit that's operating in them, which is always the great point that you bring up. I appreciate you calling and buddy got bless you and let's jump over to Scott. Trey will deftly have something to say Trey in North Carolina thinks the company, go right ahead pretty good.

How are you all the problem worse, from there you know what you you you American core definition you all are people government, all the corruption going all the numbers started morning mornings when all in Christians.

The word user ignorance and that's a big deal and education, which is like being on my classes start up next week and do whatever I can to reach the younger generation.

Those are in high school and and and so that they're not ignorant. They have to understand how these things are supposed to work in order to understand or not you you you you you you all have an talk about this is the benefit of your neighbor and as I say this in God's way works every time it's tried and if we can get actual Christians were smart and effective, and get them in the office even when people in the public all I don't agree with that because if they're trying to implement something that God is said it's good it will work overnight, but it will work and so you get in there because you have in our context 330 million Americans and the opportunity to try to impact their lives for the better.

And that's just me loving my neighbor as myself, which I'm commanded to do trade things were gone and great. It's always great to hear from you. Appreciate you, let's jump over to Jamaal Cullinan as well. Jamaal, thanks for calling Karen ahead so thank you uncle want you like people or they want oligarchy like a really good people to supporting equipment going over, you know what they're doing, what have you ever country government toward the Russian court can trust anybody. Best beauties of the Constitution. We need cost low law enforcement so we wouldn't strike yet incredibly wise words. Jamaal you are a wise individual and I think she's Cullinan and Sharon that my flagrant education goes into big parts of this issue. In this zoning I preached on Steve Noble will be right back a little fun music going to the we can look back at Steve Noble in the Steve Noble show as we talk about our feeling federal government and the frustration there and all the while, you know you recruit the power you call that out. Which is why the federal of the founding fathers in the Constitution enabled us like with things like First Amendment freedom of speech to push back for a redress of grievances. You can gather to two, three, 10 million people and have a protest that's all protected under the United States Constitution. Why because they knew they knew history. They knew their own experiences with the King.

King George. That power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. And so organist split the power up three branches of government so on and so forth have a Constitution, the rule of law's opposing rule of men. And that's how it was originally designed. That's why Lincoln set up the government of the people by the people and for the people our last caller. Jamaal use the word oligarchy and oligarchy is a government comprised of a very small, very powerful group of people. That's about where Brett now okay the president speaker the house majority leader in the Senate and the Supreme Court can pretty much turn the country in any direction they want. Once they're in power and that's an oligarchy. Just remember that and we keep talking about ignorance as a problem. Education is a solution which is why next week. Please pray for me. I got eight in-person classes to online classes I teach a two semester civics class.

I now teach a two semester US history class I teach a one semester Christian ethics class next week at eight in person classes Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and a couple online classes total of hundred 53 students and that'll push me up to about 750 students in the last of the severe number 11 and now online. So whether you live in the area are not so relevant you can take the class online. These are for really eight through 12th graders and you get that information. See Pierce excel and stop socking stuff.

Yes I am.

I'm hocking and selling education and the eradication of ignorance in our young people.

That's what I'm selling and if you think that's bad of all and you think all them to submit a manager hundred 53 students every week just to make money how Lee that's ridiculous. No, I'm doing it because it needs to be done. So if you have eight the 12th graders if they're in public school audit the class. We just added that option. You can audit the class for under 29 bucks it's two semesters@32 classes of Yours truly teaching, and we do have a textbook.

We got a curriculum that we used to PT you press it's all really good, but it's got a have dynamic teaching that folds in what's happening today. What's going on in Congress today. What's going on in the news today what's going on around the world today.

Then you take an increasing knowledge of civics and/or US history and you can start to make sense of people you put in an operating system with discernment and wisdom in these 1415 1617-year-olds can start to understand what's going on around. Other than that it's tick-tock and twitter and the stupid public education system. Noble use and by the way a lot of Christian schools don't do this well either Noble use that she was in university right noble use and you can get to it in person classes. I still have a few spots here in the Raleigh area and carry the night online which is unlimited and now for you audit you want to audit the class a seat. I wish I could sit in your classes, you can is an audit option hundred 29 bucks get you the whole two semesters shooting match all 32 classes which I put them up. The week that I teach them and I can't I can't use this skirt I can't use these classes this fall. Next fall, want to know why because the news the world changes things happen and I incorporate the news of the day is want to keep on the radio while I teach is not the easiest thing juggling to do but it works its symbiotic. It's a viewing audit hasty, but let's take your civics class of refresher for most of you hundred 29 bucks and you'll get access private access to the online videos of the class I taught that week, civics and US history that's available noble use noble use or if you have high school students public school students, especially the blue pill. Let me give him the red pill then want to do the homework out of the class they just watch the lectures given the textbook to be smart but we can do right here you go talking of the federal government. A deeper dive into the CDC reversal great article by Jeffrey Tucker at the brownstone Institute because they sit came out just few days go severe.

We need to restructure really, it was good but bizarre day when the CDC finally reversed itself fundamentally on its messaging for two and half years it would've been fascinating be a fly on the wall in the brainstorming sessions that led to this little treatise. The wording was chosen very carefully not to say anything false out right, much less admit any errors of the past but to imply that it was only possible to say these things now in English. Everyone can pretty much go back to normal.

That's what they're telling us about 90 focus on illness that is medically significant.

Stop worrying about positive cases because nothing is going to stop them. Everybody's going to get it. Think about the bigger picture of overall social health and the compulsion thank you. It's only been to nap your sleep. What about mass testing is what they say, quote all persons should seek testing for active infection when they are symptomatic or if they have a known or suspected exposure to someone culminating's not everybody needs to get tested.

Oh what about the magic of track and trace is what they're saying now.

CDC now recommends case investigation and contact Tracy only in healthcare settings.

All you oh you mean like retirement places that we missed in the first place. Tommy's healthcare settings in certain high risk congregate settings know okay older people, sick people owe thanks.

What about the unvaccinated who were so demonized throughout the last year. Quote CDC's covert, 19 prevention recommendations no longer differentiate based on a person's vaccination status because breakthrough infections occur in people, by the way the mortar office. It would appear that the more often you get the shot in the jab booster more likely you are a kid it though. They are generally mild, and persons who have had covert, 19, but are not vaccinated listener.

This is the CDC have some degree of protection against severe illness from their previous infection.

No really. Remember when 40% of the members of the black community in New York City who refuse the jab were not allowed in the restaurants, bars, libraries, museums and theaters can use a Jim Crow by the way.

Now, no one wants talk about that. Also, universities, colleges, the military, and so on which to live. Mandates in place. Do you hear this everything you've done to hate on people dehumanize people segregate people humiliate others as unclean fire people and destroy lives not stand just distribute. By the way, if you are harmed at all by those mandates, you need to sue your employer, former employer, sue them to get at the attorney that'll just go after the fees get a percentage of the fees and sue because you were fired or dismissed unjustly.

Meanwhile, as of the writing of this article, the blasted US government still will not allow unvaccinated travelers across its borders unless you sneak in on the southern border. You might also wonder how the great reversal treats masking on the subject has no backing off.

That's control. After all, the vitamin is trace and still is an appealing process to reverse the court decision that the mass mandate with the legal along probably makes me sick.

The problem from the beginning was that there never was an exit strategy from the crazy lockdown mandate idea it was never the case that they would magically cause the bug to go away.

The excuse that we would lock down and wait for a vaccine never made any sense.

People surely knew early on and on the social, economic, and cultural devastation that would ensue just in care if they did not they should never of been anywhere near the control switch is the public health badges and bureaucracies do not terrify a virus destined to spread to the whole planet and not one person with even the most casual passing knowledge of Corona viruses sincerely believe that a vaccine would magically appear to achieve something never before achieved in the whole history of medicine and it's not a vaccine but just remember see Facebook fact checkers YouTube all you folks out there is not a vaccine because vaccine prevents you from getting the thing that you're vaccinating against and it doesn't.

So finally, nearly 2 years later the CDC has embraced the great Barrington declaration, rather than doing a quote quick and devastating takedown. As Francis Collins, and Anthony found she called for the day after its release know they had to try out their new theory on the rest of us did not work. Obviously for the authors of the great Barrington declaration. They knew from the time they penned the document that it was a matter of time before they were vindicated. They never doubted it because hashtag science right Pope never was an exit strategy from lockdown to mandates, but they eventually did find an exit. Nonetheless, it came in the form of a heavily footnoted and obliquely written reversal right that's were talk about Melissa's really important. All this gives rise to the great question what was the point. Maybe it was all a mistake and now it's gone forever, but that's unlikely the intellectuals who push this project on the world and i.e. insert demonic forces okay powers and principalities. You have to understand that the intellectuals and the devil who push this project on the world have a view of the world that is fundamentally ill, liberal meeting. No liberty. They differ among themselves on the details, but the general approach to technocratic central planning rooted in deep suspicion.

The basic tenets of freedom which get you to hello the great reset go look it up. The world economic forum. They have all websites are not afraid or out of the closet will tell you exactly what it is. Great reset. How many people on the planet have now been cultured to top-down control socialized to live in fear, except whatever comes down from above never to question an edict and expect to live in a world of rolling man-made disasters was that the point, after all, to cultivate low expectations for life on earth and relinquish the soul's desire for a full and free life. Answer yes that was the plan all along and to drive down the road to the great reset to completely remake the world, not in freedom and liberties perspective certainly not Western civilization, technocratic autocratic combination of big business ultra-wealthy and government in order to do what control you to institute their elitist progressive view of the world which is to suppress the truth and replace it with a lie. Romans chapter 1, once again work that I Romans chapter 1, and whether the players knew what was happening. Perspective are not doesn't matter, they were used for, and to a certain extent it works. So Satan probably thinking he's got a leg up again like Jesus was in the garden of Gethsemane. But hey spoiler alert. Greater is he that is in me you have your Christian he that is in the world play for now but eventually you Steve Noble will show God willing I'll talk you again real soon. Like my dad always used to say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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