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A New School Year!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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August 18, 2022 9:07 pm

A New School Year!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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August 18, 2022 9:07 pm

A New School Year!

Steve joins Steve Pettit, President of BJU, at BJU to discuss the new school year! How are students progressing and why?

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network of Jesus one time as the noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of why your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve now 86 34 through 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble okay in Bell South Carolina on the campus of Bob Jones University in BJ. You seminary and were here today because, well, pretty much, I invited myself again just come down school starting up next week and decided we do a theology Thursday here on campus and I had the pleasure last year of having the president BJ you depended on the shell. And here he is again but here we are across the table from one another. I don't know if this helps you or hurt you better.

Well will find a way to find out it was great to be back is great to see you right so how are things looking brand-new school you're starting what next week well and yeah the classes will begin next week. All of our student leadership. More are lasses in body day. Our athletes are in getting ready for practice in our freshman come in on Saturday and upperclassman have to be here on Sunday yet so it's can be a pretty wild few days. It's going to be while fun for all you got attention by Bobby. That's why you're here. So all summer long is pretty dead and suddenly it's like a resurrection, and all kinds of things are happening and how how's the attendance this year enrollment all of that's enrollment is what we call solid and consistent civil status quo. Right now, but given the economy that were Lydia given just the way things are worth thankful to be where we are and coming out of a Coke open experience. Oh yeah I was. It was amazing to me a Coke. It really didn't practically until February or March. We are coming in last year this time there is the Delta very still, those things by five by February March if I said I'm done with my life yeah just burial. It was funny.

I found a clip, and I'm not good. This road is much I might like to have on the clip earlier today by Dr. Prouty.

This is probably 25 years ago and somebody was on a new show and they're asking him about getting the flu vaccine, but the host of the show. Wife had the flu and she said well if she's got the flu the last thing she needs is the vaccine could most effective thing to fight the flu is to get the flu get over it and you have anybody but all wasn't that interesting world is full of interest. It certainly is and so working to talk today about several things going on, want to talk about really one of the epicenters of religious life here in Christian life and development at BJ use discipleship and Anna is here on campus all day. We are in the lunch room and all the youth of the leaders are there some talk, talk about discipleship. I want to talk about chapel and then there's a couple other theological subjects were to touch on but talk about discipleship and how that works. Your BJ you because I know a lot of people including friends that have gone to school here and graduated. It's really at the epicenter that kind of spiritual development really is a lot of you know we've always believed in your so lucky you like this is something right right right, started 2000 years, but my experience I I I became a believer in a secular college I went to a discipleship program. One of things I learned. I actually have been putting in the practice to have all of my ministry.

So today when I came. Here's the president. It was already here. Definitely here but we just really made it a centrality of what were doing and the discipleship is basically peer on peer relationships that the greatest influence in the life of a college student, is college yeah and so we we are wanting to train our young people to give them life skills so that when they leave here. They carry with them the skills when they go to local church or ministry or wherever God leads them that they're always thinking about fulfilling the great commission of making disciples. Yeah, I think it's it's the assume thing when you come to college like Bob Jim's university, or if you go to BJ's seminary is the discipleship in the teaching and the training to be all from your professors to become the top down thing and then all the students are amongst themselves, but they're not really discipling one another is not really a role there, but that that it's good and it's necessary got me whenever you have a program everything has a little bit of a force this to a church that means just what is what it is but we also say, but this is our mission. Our mission is to is to educate biblical leaders and we want to put you and you know if you go to West Point you'd expect ridership right to become a Bible to Bob Jones where were expecting discipleship and then of course there involved in local churches. How does that work so it's not a perfect system but it is one that actually the Lord is usually a great way to tell you how how how does the discipleship like functionally. How does that happen on campus during the semester.

Well it there's a combination of key things which is really centered around years ago we used to have a discipleship group: power groups, which means prayer, openness, word. Let's see, Lisette is evangelism responsibility, but one is is opportunity to confront, tell okay but at the very center is the word the word Hebrews 1 says this. All things are held together by the word, so the world would fall apart if that wasn't the word of Christ controlling the world so we say the Bible in a Christian college, everything will fall apart if the word is not central so are our discipleship groups are in alignment with our chapel services in the preaching and teaching of one particular chapel service is what spills over into discipleship groups yet so it's really kind of a somatic adding your meditating. You hear this over and over again is ubiquitous to use a marketing term yes exactly so we have we have discipleship groups on Sunday and Monday night in the dormitories and Thursday 11 o'clock because we do have town students were not his involved in the dormitories, but there involved in the discipleship groups. The groups we call you and there's usually no. 23 400 groups at any time while and generally led by juniors and seniors there leading the discussion. We provide a book for them that we've written and then the sermons the messages and then they work through that and the conversation to be different when it's kind of led by peers or people that are couple years older than you are sure, if you walk in the room, or I walk in the room that changes everything changes the dynamic yeah but mostly on peer group. Yeah, and you know conversations will vary over the course of a year, but where there should be a live arm of the email is encouraged. Well, there you so I have I have a delay of about that works well in radio exactly.

So yeah it's it it is is a core part of the life yeah that's awesome and then prevented a break but you mentioned chapels on talk about that when we come back talking to see Pat at the president Bob Jones University. What about Christian schools and chapel services for something to get across the talk thought itself about what's actually happening there back semester team and we come back to see the direct back and Steve Noble to Noblesville or live from bottom BJ's seminary today for theology Thursday and Mr. see Pat at the president about Jones University is with me here on the campus, but were in the seminary building which is looks a little different than the last time I was here. There is a lot going on a lot of remodeling yes is beautiful and it is just because there is an ongoing process.

Bob Jones is an ongoing process because most people don't know. I don't think most people understand how old this institution is yeah where that were in our 96 year in our 76th year here on the campus and from 1946 9047. They built 13 buildings, 13 months and every one of those buildings, with one exception are still standing here is not amazing. Yes, we have to remodel what you look pretty good for all that time. I think it's pretty good now. I mean you alive LOL I'm not 76 yeah I think it's great to be here the great campus and everybody's always so kind and wonderful and so I enjoy coming down here were working our way through discipleship of Bob Jones University but you mentioned the chapel services want to dig into that a little bit because that's one of the things I think when you hear about a Christian college you all of this can be chapel services will yeah of course visits Christian colleges, like church. So what what is the purpose of the chapel service because I think I mentioned this earlier because I'm such a skeptic. Oftentimes I'd I hear about and I'll go while it's obligatory for shaft at the chapel service but it's actually deep, deeply meaningful and serves a specific purpose is just we do this because were expected to write well when you consider Christian education at the very core Christian education has to be worship otherwise your education is just mental and worship is much more than that. So, actually, these are worship services, where where the where the student body come together to actually practice biblical worship, not like a church service, but worship with prayer and preaching of the word and stinging yeah and how many are, and they're all there there all their yeah chapel usually runs in the neighborhood of about 3000 people, so people are wondering where you can house 3000 college students at some time you have a big house Michigan has their big house. We have a backup because it's a full blown production theater. It's just I tend to feel you have a beer in the chap we have Rhoda Haber auditorium, which was the original chapel that that was that they outgrew and then they went to what is called the amphora Taurean and that's the 65 4000 main floor twist is and how often do they do chapel I we do chapel Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday or discipleship groups in the Friday we have either combination will call societies which are relational organizations or they have student body chapels that students leave and is chapel mandatory.

It is mandatory for people kind of further thorough their brows on that one not not really.

I mean, primarily you know when it when the student comes here to Bob Jones is like they know what they're coming here again so that just is just a part of life here and you've got serious young people that are serious about their faith and in his knowledge of and we talked about this before. The thing that people at understand about a Bob Jones University's yes it's Christ exalting Christ focus, Christ centered, but teaching them real-world skills is like nursing school. The drama school business school. It's really amazingly well well-crafted program yet. It's all saturated yeah sort of guy it's really good if you look at is very holistic. Yeah, you have a biblical worldview, not only in your classroom, but in all that you do so even even in the way that we run chapel.

It is, is extremely intentional and so out of that intentionality is that it spills over to other parts of their life and who preaches that chapel service where we have it it very. It varies how we do it, but typically I speak on Mondays because that's what we do or discipleship theme Tuesdays.

We usually have a guest that comes in Wednesdays either.

We have a guest, or if were doing a doctoral series. It's typically one of our own professors, either seminary or undergrad. Yes, he mentioned a couple things there.

You mention Canada semester theme and then the doctrinal theme so semester theme that's specific to chapel services and then discipleship. Exactly. Exactly what is it this coming semester.

This semester is actually one that that I I've done this my third time doing it.

I do it every four years because I think it's probably the most important in a series. I do and that's walking in the spirit what it me means to be a spear control believer out of the book of Galatians. So that's on Mondays and that we have a book that's been written and that's what this use they use in their D groups for conversation and somewhat for a young Christian college-age Christian.

I mean, I think older Christians struggle with the whole concept of walking in the spirit in the outcome of American contacts concerning the evangelical circles you start seeing the spirit. God help you if you say the Holy Ghost but I think for a lot of people at such a mysterious thing for young people. I would imagine it is as well. Well, it is not mysterious if they study the Bible is very clear because the spirit of God is, is the one who brings about the entire spiritual life of a person from regeneration all the way through sanctification all the way to the resurrection of his body so understanding my relationship to the Holy Spirit and how he works is foundational for the whole Christian life together.

So I'm reading from summer materials together using this so good. What we find addressed in the book of Galatians are two extremes that can actually be found in churches today. Legalism and license right license, we see that problem from the inside out with the neoliberal theologians, liberal theology, liberal churches, which I would put air quotes on the were churches there and then legalism which I think a lot of people on the outside the church assume were guilty of all the time right and unpack those two. We got a couple minutes for the break yeah yeah we should call it right.

It's left it so you got you got it you got the right ditch which could could be the legal side which would be Galatians addresses that end in the license side taking Christian liberty to to a a a mentality that is not spiritual, that's a freedom that I have this really not a freedom that I have so Christian liberty is understanding what happens when I get say when I'm justified him from the laws of means of salvation. I don't work my way to heaven, but sanctification of the transformation life of the believer means I'm free from the law as a means of sanctification. Not that I don't understand the law and the law becomes my understanding of the nature of sin, but is the empowerment to live that when and so we read in the Old Testament that God said, I'll put my laws in my in their heart and my spirit and basically God puts within us the desire to please him, or how do I live that out yes was all about Dennis Jones and I think it's really fair young people I've seen this in our own for children where they grew up in a very conservative active politically active, theologically active in the local church and and I know early on as young parents when we were all in the ditch of legalism and and so they kinda come out of that and then license looks almost like an oasis to them because he had a bunch of rules and I can't play video games.

Whatever the case may be.

They go on to the world they start sampling the world through these to the iPhone that I'm holding up license looks pretty good because all times.

I'm free to do all these different things I think is a big challenge today for young people. Yeah it's it's either way self is the is the primary orientation either way. Yeah, whereas, whereas Christian liberty is actually a dying to yourself to allow God to live his life through me, so there is a surrender in the yielding of your life you will put it also says I can't do this, the Christian life is not hard to it's impossible right so it's really understanding how this maintains a balance and what is it look like because you have the fruit of the Spirit in the works of the flesh. I tried so you is not rocket science to figure out what is exactly right were talking to Steve Pettit. Welcome back the noble theology Thursday when their friends at Bob Jones University as well as BJ you seminary actually appear on Facebook or YouTube really where are you one there. I'm on campus on the seminary building right now. I was Steve Pettit is the president of Bob Jones University and were walking through a couple of different elements of the spiritual life here on campus talking about discipleship, the discipleship groups. And that's really at the epicenter spiritual formation for all of us.

That should be true of all of us that any age.

We only discipleship whether your Timothy or whether you also talk my discipleship, but also at the chapel services which also flow into discipleship because you have a theme this year. Walking in the spirit so there's that consistent message so that changes every semester, every year changes every semester that we do a series per semester and then and then what kinda comes walking in the spirit we are talking about legalism versus license in again. Do you make the decision in terms of themes for a semester in the student body. Today incoming freshman whatever our probably markedly different than they were 10 years ago are changing rapidly their perspective changing rapidly sign you kinda pay attention to where they're at. This is where you can go the wrong direction and you start just trying to play to the crowd because the word of God holds fast and it's true all the time to matter what's happening in the news as matter what the trends are students, but how you can manage that, because they change over time. I think I think first of all you need to have themes that would be really really good for college-age to that organ to be consistent one of which we which I believe we have it, I think, to need allow certain semesters. Like for example were talking about. Maybe next semester doing on Monday. It's is a biblical worldview semester, you will cover what I would call topics or issues that would be very relevant to them. So it gives us a little flexibility in our messaging so expository preaching, you're pretty confined so it varies from semesters and so you've got that you got the semester theme which really can a Christian life and then you've got the doctrinal theme correct credit of witches. More on the theology side the underpinning side yeah so years ago I had a pastor friend of mine.

He and I went out that he would buy me some books so I went to the bookstore drawn North Carolina really old books, I found the four volume series of the former president of Yale who was if I'm not mistaken was the son-in-law to Jonathan Edwards while things Timothy Dwight out they had a faith that you have a revival of the campus and they said the revival came through the preaching of these doctrines. So, I got I bought all four volume start looking through them and that was sort of my inspiration to say I want us to do each semester a doctrinal thing so that our students are solid in these doctrinal truths. Their basic doctrines whether the kind of things that a lot of Christians are not really that solid yeah and and in this particular on the doctrinal theme is God's word light for life, which is one that that one is the gift that keeps on giving right and I think often times, and I've seen this in my own students and then my own life as a Christian. Most Christians today in America are kind of theology light exact. They haven't done a lot of training on the doctrine and theology, and I think we see the results of that pretty obvious yeah I think the world were living in particular with technology that is all-consuming of people's thinking they they don't really invest the time and in learning and studying.

So working to build on the inspiration of the Bible and out out of that flows the authority of the Bible.

The inerrancy of the Scripture, the sufficiency of the Scripture. The, the idea that the Scripture is good for all of life.

So those are foundational because it's that which spins out into every single issue right of life. You know the first 11 chapters of Genesis establishes all the major social issues that we face today, and their answers are all there. Yeah, that's the amazing thing about it is this an Christianity were in a comprehensive world than it what how helpful it is it right what is exactly is just it's like a piece of Swiss cheese but but it really comes to any one of things that I can do a lease with the high school age homeschoolers that I am just asking one question mess them up, which is why he believed the Bible and even across simple question like that and really throw a lot of people exactly and they need to know that you know in and you have to learn that the greatest form of learning is asking questions and get in and because that that's what appeals to your curiosity a Google for figure that one out to give you questions underneath that's going to keep coming back at you so I want to make sure and just take advantage of the fact that we have year because you know it's kind inside baseball for people like us when we start talking about the authority of the Bible the inspirational Bible. The air inerrancy preservation clarity illumination.

You words use words like that. I think for a lot of people goes over their head and the people that have been in church for long time. If you're in a good Bible believing church. But I want to unpack a few of these because you have to understand when you call yourself a Christian like the like. The children song goes, you know we got a stand on the word of God right exactly the word yet where you start with somebody in terms of its authority or its place in your life. Understanding what it actually is.

What sort of God. But that's kind of just nomenclature. I think for a lot of Christians pledge our God will yeah yell yeah II. I think you have the Bible. The Bible self authenticates itself so it it it it it either is or it ain't so.

You really need to understand first of all what it says about itself how it speaks about itself and then, because you know thus saith the Lord is hundreds and hundreds of times, but our key verses speak about his inch inspiration. That is when it was given in its original form. It was actually the very words of God, and secondly how is that been preserved for us today, which is clearly what you know all you have to do is no history yeah, and understand that what we have today is authentic because it was what Paul wrote 2000 years ago and we know that if somebody's willing to listen right one and that's the thing about it when people try to poke holes just like Bible transmission. For example, that what they think with the most what most people think getting some people in the church is like the game of telephone, I tell you, you tell him he tells him something tells Neil. Neil tell somebody else and then 15 people down the road you don't recognize what was set in. People just don't understand difficult transmission. I was talking to Neil Cushman earlier today at the seminary about the Museum of the Bible up in DC, one of the floors there takes you through the history of Bible transmission and as you learn that an end with something like the Dead Sea Scrolls, but also on Skype yesterday I told you it's remarkable oh yeah, I mean beyond remarkable how well-preserved the word of God is over the last two, 3000 yeah yeah you go, you go to Dead Sea Scrolls this not a little brag, but my daughter-in-law works for the curator of the Dead Sea Scrolls and they live in Jerusalem and you go and you all can if you got Hebrew Bible Masoretic text and you look at it is fair something so the issue is not, do we have it right. The issue is, do you believe it. That really is the issue is not a matter you not to sit here and say was not really valid or it's messed up that's that's just bogus talk with you don't pay attention right it is there. God is spoken and we have his word having the challenge for a lot of people that want to be true exactly. That's why when you're Christian just like the Scripture says you're the aroma of death so they know soon as I let it out of the back. But I'm a Christian. Well, what do I represent. I represent an immovable standard in the Bible is where you find the standard none of us the modern world and probably the world.

Doesn't like a standard like a plumb line is that of a plumb line comes judgment, right and wrong yet its judgment or mercy.

One of the right track.

That's what you get in the Scriptures in we where we stand on when we say the inerrancy of the word of God. What we need. Inerrancy means without error.

Basically, so if God is spoken is communicated his word to us of what he is telling us is there's no error. There's no deceit there's no dishonesty in it and that what it is stating is true, it is the truth about inerrancy could be that we have the exact word right, but also means what it says is exactly true. So the and and of course if it comes from God that it has to be without error. Right. That's right. Is there room for mystery in the Bible MR perspective absolutely on me. I'm one of the greatest mysteries as I can actually pray a promise and it actually happened. I think the greatest mystery is God gives a promise whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. The ministry as you do that in your actually say it's too good to believe.

Yes too good to be true and is is is good and it's true. Do you find just what the thrust of incoming freshman that they pretty indicative of what's out there in the church. I mean a lot. Families that have been a part of Bob Jones University for a while are I would not call them average Christian family there very dedicated their intentional right, but I think we still probably have some problems just on this topic in terms of allegiance to the Bible.

Understanding the Bible and having it at something that's working and applicable in your life is is that a challenge that you generally will see a little, absolutely.

Because your you're dealing with your dealing with age, stage issue, yes. So years ago I read a book on own a basically learning in a Christian college in in one of the greatest moral decision-making tends like a young person is her first year out of high school culture because they're actually deciding what I believe about faith.

My future, my friendships by peers my morals my worldview. Do I believe it or do I not so every student to come here the comes of Bob Jones has at some point some element of of of faith sure crisis as some leisure.

No, I think that's to be expected. And that's why we're here right understanding of the cross exactly right.

Well, a lot of things with with children and will talk about come back drop in a good Christian home generally not been a spouse or not you knocking to do in your small actuator go off to college now is talking to Steve Pettit, Pres. about diversity will be right back back at Steve. No silver live today from Bob Jones University DJ you seminary here in Greenville, South Carolina and Steve Pettit is the president of Bob Jones University we been working our way through a lot of things in an interval here at the University as well as seminary talk about discipleship and discipleship groups and the chapel services and the theme that goes around the chapel services, which then flows in the discipleship groups as well as the doctrinal theme, which this year is God's word and and talking about the value of that obviously which is the underpinning of our faith, and that you spent a lot of time in like Psalm 119 you doing that depends, because we have arrived. You speak yet we give them a theme and it depends on what they wear they go with it so I can do. Psalm 19. You think you so that it's kind of in the atmosphere. It's a part of the culture all day every right, which is the which is the point I wanted abroad, the conversation a little bit. Stephen just talk about.

I think one of the things that the challenge for our generation is I think a lot of parents and grandparents are losing hope in the younger generation 25 2018 high school. They see the secularization of the country. We know the stats barn and does all the stats I think Barna makes money but bad news, as you know, 65, 70, 75% of church kids go off the secular universities going off college and they abandon the faith week. I wanted to talk WebEx to talk about a little bit on the break that our students are growing up, I caught a gold star Christian family. So let me I'm I like numbers. I'll just throw this out between kindergarten and 12th grade public school private school. Whatever the case may be that $16,000 rear ends and the seats in the public school system that's almost exclusively godless, sometimes anti-Christian 16,000 popular media same period of time at least another $16,000. So 32,000 hours of that input, creating an operating system in your child that you're not even aware is happening gold star Christian family, correct me if I'm wrong go to the go to Sunday school again an hour they go to the church service in another hour Sunday night service again another hour.

Come back Wednesday night, youth group, whatever it is four hours a week, same period of time kindergarten to 12th grade. That's 2400 hrs. rights at 2400 hrs. in church $32,000 of mostly godless teaching why are we surprised when we send our kids to Rome right and they come back around to exactly you know I think I would add to the Goldstar family parents that are committed to the Lord, you and there's some there's Christian teaching in the family.

You whether you have devotions of prayer or whatever you do, and even all that but I think it really comes down to the core of a book of a Christian parent asking themselves how do I educate my children in the ways of the Lord and I realize that historically, and I've seen this. I've observed this, that your best Christians. Not all but many of your strongest Christians to become Christian leaders grew up in Christian homes. They may have gone to secular school, but they grew up in a family.

There was this impact spirituality and this is what they are.

This was their atmosphere and their parents were very restrictive about what they allow them to watch or listen to, or who their friends were yet which which of course always creates backlash always. I got legalism.I call that child raising the skull child right yeah and I think and in and I struggled this with my own parents. My dad was member the greatest generation. He was in Germany during the occupation. When we made the decision to homeschool both my parents were not thrilled about that.

My dad was like Stephen you can't hide them forever can't shelter them forever and I being me.

I like that before you went off to Germany during the occupation did you go to training or anything.

Well, yeah. Course I went to boot. Why do you go to boot camp.

They had to get us prepared to go into warfare and see action to be sold. I said okay what I'm doing is overdoing preparing our children were they sheltering you. Are they hiding you. What were they doing the same thing you're accusing me of well know leader. My exactly and and and he just didn't understand until I can put it in terms he could, but I think I think also I mean I mean this is kind of core but it but it really needs to be emphasized. We do need to be sure that our children have experienced a true regeneration. Yeah, of a new heart, new life because it's out of that new heart, new life come the appetites to live for the Lord those appetites have to be fed, but it but you can't you can't feed their people so right that new life has to be there and then how do we nurture them through. Do you think we struggle with that in youth group and because you made a profession of faith like people come back to mission field, and you know this is only as an evangelist say well you will get saved on your trip to Kenya, well 87 and not in me being me again I raise my hand ago how you know that right.

They made a profession of faith okay with that exact value know that they actually got saved when all you have is a 10 minute interaction yeah yeah you you know it's hard to know. Obviously Jesus spoke about varying soils of the scene sure sounded like that, which brings with fruit so if there's if there's route then there's fruit so your you're hoping to see the spiritual so we did have's professions of faith. Obviously, Jesus had some that followed and followed many more but we we we understand that expect that, but still we want to make sure that our children do know the Lord and that they have a spiritual mind you desire to follow him. Yeah, you see the fruits of that right. You can actually tell they're walking in some ways, you really won't know until they become married and yes that is where I am right now. Got five grandchildren.

The oldest of seven okay are we going out are we going to show we believe or not.

And now the digital age. I figure this one out to do some research. The average human.

In America we have about 32 gigs of information coming at us every day while you get so this is an iPhone 13.

I think I have 512 GB on here. So in less than two weeks you actually feel the phone that so much stuff is coming. Yes, and then our kids are growing up in a in a decent Christian environment, maybe a Bible believing church.

But there's an onslaught right and so were, coming after an onslaught with a rubber knife or my being hyperbolic, no, no, I think that's very true that I think I think I think parenting today to be successful has to be incredibly intentional because you have a monster litter way more but I told my dad is a debt. The life of a 16-year-old. Today is not as simple as it was 60 know it was not it was not know because you know you had. I grew up on a black and white TV which three channels projected to go up there, in turn, I don't know. My dad made me go is perfect yet exactly so. So back to the original question. Do you have hope for young people in America, particularly young Christians. And then what is what is your advice to us in terms of how to reach them. I deftly have hope. I mean when I would be doing I'm doing in and of course when I work with students I have hope all the time.

Because I see what they're like.

I see their hunger. I see the passion I see your vision there so many wonderful things about this generation.

They have a lot of weaknesses, but they have an incredible amount of strengths and so you want to maximize their strengths and strengthen their weaknesses. So yeah, I have tremendous hope. They want to seep serve God they want to go out and make a difference.

They want their life to count for something. If you're a believer you all you as you grow in the Lord, you realize you're living in a world of a bunch of stuff you race all the stuff mean it doesn't mean anything because the human heart still hungers and cries out for relationship with God and wants to be in a right relationship with him and others. And I think that's one thing that's indicative of this current generation and I see this with our own kids is they had been there much more in touch with wanting a life of meaning than I was.

Sure, as I think they've seen enough of what Instagram offers what Twitter offers with the digital world offers what Amazon offers.

You get to the end of that rainbow. There is no particle that you get there you can have all the knowledge you want honey. All you have to do is ask Russian right and you get the answers.

And yet there's something missing yes on missing what is there a quote unquote, typical Bob Jones University family so hard to say. I would say I what I would put them sorted and, between guardrails. Maybe. Typically, if they're coming from a Christian family, 80% of them were either Christian school homeschool. Yeah, they grew up in a family that was generally generally attending a Christian.attending church. We knew their education so they grew up in a family that had varying levels of strictness yeah but but comparatively to a lot of people. They have a knowledge of the Bible. They but they are also product of the of the age.

Like like the parenting style today is adjusted in the past. A lot of people came to Bob.

Just because it appears that you want about right now.

It's the vast percentage, it they've decided to come here so you have that element in their thinking processes where there's an independence in their thinking that they don't have necessarily the confidence that what that's why we emphasize your experiential learning. We want to give them experiences.

That's what's really missing have knowledge, but the experiences biggest yeah where the rubber hits the road at that stick your faith out to the street exactly in and get engage that way.

What's what's what's your favorite way to invite people to check out Bob Jones you go online. BJ Check out the website watch webcast that that to me is his first and foremost job very easy and of course you gotta come to Greenville yeah it's it's a beautiful campus. It is people we we talk about the chapel services earlier.

Can people watch chapel services online yet. BJ The webcasts and then you can it'll take) and how about on campus visits BUSINESS is open As you come in time and lots of events going on. We have events going on. So to find out all online in an earlier you mentioned in this was surprising to me when I first got about seven years ago so you can have a musical and then you let like a drama as well. This year we have all you have a full-blown of their amazing magical and I won't even get into the what I call a second-level concert like you have high level artist series. We call them so Shakespearean play drama always had a gallon, which is usually a another program powered by the Truth Network

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