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Teens & Money!

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August 16, 2022 6:21 pm

Teens & Money!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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August 16, 2022 6:21 pm

Teens & Money!

Steve talks to Charla McKinley to discuss financial classes for teenagers. Her classes can help teens to save money.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network one noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics.

Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary got it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve now 634 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out now is your house noble funny little thing that happens every year in my class. Whether it's a US taken or perhaps civics it shows up there pretty easily, and even a Christian ethics. For some reason every year and I think because I can remember back to my own time as a youngster that I didn't know what I was doing when it came to my own money or anybody else's money money. In general, and so I learned some very hard lessons are. I learned some very hard lessons back in the day and that continued in all. Another personal story about that as we go on and so I have it with our own for kids and so at some point in these classes all say hey when you turn 18 oh what happens.

Okay now your government contraptions in the upper were to die, you can treat a beer yet, but if you have any of you want to get out on your own and always hands go up. And so then I asked them to. Okay, that's it. You don't go to college you just move out 18 years old you wake up happy birthday your parents are all your stuff out of the driveway and I got a gun fend for yourself how much is going to cost you just to live just to survive here in the Raleigh area to get an apartment C have a roommate or two, and now what else one of the bills to pay for and I hope you know this already but I will be due for your parent. They are well pretty much clueless. They don't they don't know come up with a couple things will forget about a car. The forget about gasoline and forget about groceries will think about rental think about entertainment though.

Think about a wireless Internet and then all of a sudden when you add in the rest of reality then you show them okay you actually need to make this much money a year just to survive. Which I guess can work 40 hours a week, 50 hours a week you reverse engineer everything then of course they think you're talking about gross money and that money is all the same and I like no no no no no not this is what you need out of your net money to survive, which means your gross money needs to be higher than this.

So, with its readjust your income and their shocked and flabbergasted and and not the least bit depressed because they don't really know what is out there waiting for them in terms of their financial future. So I teach at heart down it shepherds church down in Cary, North Carolina. I teach at my home as well. This is your number 11 for me and so at one of our open houses earlier in this year.

This lady named Charlie McKinley's in there and she's got a program that you put together starting in her own house, and with their own background, retired CPA and a degree in finance beyond personal-finance teaching's teenagers generally how to handle their money in a real-life scenario you all you will. We have Dave Ramsey no Dave Ramsey is good for you but is not good for a 15-year-old.

For the most part so Charlie is in here today to help us all understand what an incredible resource she's put together and as soon as I heard it on Mike okay I need to get her on the show.

So here you are, Charlie good, thanks for coming out.

Thanks, means that my wondering at what point you shut up because what you're saying is just exactly right, and I in addition to teaching that personal-finance I do speaking and I do the same. Reverse engineering where you call out and I'll say you know what you think rent as an date always lowball yeah they got these big dreams that big price tag associated with those dreams and it's just an eye-opener for them and it was true of my son, CPA. He's really good at member and he when it came time to try to convince him to spend his own allowance. Wisely I could get them to do that, let alone what happened to him when he got that bright big boy right. I was terrified. So I set out just like you said, with Dave Ramsey and I learned quickly running Dave Ramsey. He's got a lot of good to journey my kid was looking at the Dave Ramsey program and he was just like for me to be rich look mom to be an engineer and they make at least $60,000 a year. So meanwhile I need a $5000 car right. Let me show you yeah show you why you dream killer as you said, that's right, that's, that's right, I am a dream killer just simply because they need to know the truth and you can make so many mistakes in your early 20s cost only now have her in and I didn't want that for my son at all you know and and that that's what happened. I grew up in a great home. Very practical might have with member the greatest generation is in Germany during the occupation.

I worked like a dog all during college I made equivalent to today. I made about $30,000 years college did okay in today's money, so I had a ton of money didn't pay for school. I paper books and I paid for cable side money to burn years later because that set me down the path of a lot of financial mismanagement and just living right up to my income in terms of my lifestyle. If I can paper completely knowledge put on a credit card paper later and so conversation with my dad. Years later, when we used to live on the mountains after they retired is like that. You did such a great job raising you. But the one thing you never taught me was anything about money or personal-finance why not because your ear maybe you figured out but we we spent years digging ourselves out of these bad decisions. I'm just wondering why it wasn't a big deal to my dad in a very loving kind way said well Steve you you work so hard and I was so proud of you.

I just didn't want to jump in there and give you a hard time about all this money you are making because I was really proud of the fact that you are making that much money and I just thought you'd figure it out and I says well that there's some lessons you don't let your kid learn by sticking a finger in the socket. That's right. And you know you got to get to the point where you figure out that you've wasted money. And that's the real thing is a lot of a lot of my side, very smart.

He is in college now he's in defiance of us worried that he would be homeless or living out of his car in a van down by the river, but it was that he would get out and think he was richer than he was right. You know he's getting a boat and he's making all these decisions and outspending his money out realizing that you really have to suck away. Why in the beginning so that you can live off that letter when things get more lean and you cut carrots and all the things so pleasant once I began to understand that I got out a yellow legal pad just started writing what now becomes beyond personal-finance to get them to just barely see we go from age 22 to 42 and they simulate real numbers, simulation, real-life yeah and it's not pretend it has one of the things he's teenagers with these teenagers is anything that looks to be anything that feels like evening game they just disregard you yeah it's not serious videogame play in this report as you don't burn the subject and we have an entire nation for people to prove it from the federal level down to the personal level federal debt obviously 30 trillion personal debt. About 15 trillion, and we don't know what to do it or money that starts with work at the floor talking to Charlie McKinley PPF you learn about them is even over the normal show. Here's a funny question is your teen or your grandson or granddaughter wasting money includes about expensive life is in all God's people said amen yes of course the vast majority of our and so are here today with Charlie McKinley who designed beyond finance BPF Beyond personal-finance PPF The main point here, by the way, is not for you to hire Charlie to come teach your kids or grandchildren. It's free to do it your enabling people. That's Johnny Appleseed with the tools that they need to not be like the rest of the country.

That's right. When I started teaching it. That's that was, first go around his teaching assignment. His friends and that with everybody schedules and just got kinda crazy and all these parents were asking how I really want to take this contrast and I was like okay here's my availability and so finally we just got to the point. Now let's just get this thing professionally video. Let them do it self-paced so that's what we are now is you know you can just start the class on your around you and that is all online. It is all online is also teenagers can do it themselves. Yeah, they're all certainly old enough and they come back and what the parents to do now instead of lecturing to them about how expensive life is whenever they get to just out what cards you buy would you decide to do conversational earning out your talk about it for now, you find you something or other and rather that's really what made you change you figured that's that's in my experience you have teenagers to just listen anymore.

You know when. Okay gotta see it for themselves and I don't other antiestablishment that's anti-big machine correct and so you give them a that's why when I mentioned this class and you do this as well when on a whiteboard in the middle of the class out of nowhere when I take them through budget. Just go live on their own with her 18 because now you got backs and they see it and they see reality is no longer just mom or dad saying all you don't know the fine you make the decisions you make the call.

You decide and then let's go see what you can do here at the money you think you're going to have and it's eye-opening.

So what I was going to ask the confluence of the fact that you got a degree in finance in your CPA retired CPA but then working with your son held was the he was not in seventh grade just so pretty yeah yeah so hot. How would that work. The confluence of your training and professionalism and knowledge what you're dealing with the seventh grade. That's right because that's the trick that's the trick is exactly right is to try to figure out what we know you know we've all stuck our hand on the stove and got burned financially. We all have and our kids haven't and we don't want it for them that we don't have to teach it short of sticking their hand in the stove so it's hard, and the Dave Ramsey stuff was not designed for them pleasant and gave me that's great stuff that's great. It's absolutely no if you follow Dave's path.

You will get out of trouble that our kids are trouble and so yeah so they're not yet in trouble and telling them hey store this the way you get in trouble is just not work and you know like we were talking before the show, you know me teach our kids to drive by letting them drive is that's how they learn in the same thing to me. Got a letter kids have money to practice as if all they did was go to classroom right and then we gave him a license.

Good luck good luck with that now. I think our daughter when she finished her license. She 17 to be Tina December to be a senior but I think she had have 60 hours before they would give her her actual life so you actually have to get in and do it for real so I want to go through the process of the classes we what's the process. How do you kinda build them and then get them into this like you said before it's going to. If the game of life in Dave Ramsey's program had a baby, that's what you get beyond personal-finance. That's right. If so, take us through the program because I want people to really get an understanding here because, again, the point here is a few to sign up and and send your kids to come sit in the classroom of Charlie. The point is for you to get this for yourself and then is it then the kids the students go through them. Something's all right okay I so take us to kind of the nuts and bolts yesterday stop a shot at their future age 22 and on. At that point, you know, I tell them on prerecorded video that they had either graduated college or they been in the workforce for 34 years and then the very first choice. I get tonight because again, the more I'm putting on the teenagers to choose the more they'll embrace at night and not having to end the game of life has been choose from a deck of careers.

I'm not into that either's interest assessment.

They can yeah they find a job that suits them. What job comes with a paycheck and it's all from the Department of Labor.

These are not made up your hard that's right.

These are numbers I want them to trust me set a start. And now they've got this paycheck and then after that that's less than one lesson two through 20. They progress in age. They turn 2324 25 and every lesson. Something else gets happened happens to them so they start budgeting their 22-year-old money then at 23, it's time to buy a car and you know I say okay, look at how much you have left over at 22 and now 23. Take what you have left over by car and then I say no you know you didn't have enough to buy car. Oh, you have a loan which means you have to pay more for her because she didn't have enough money and let them get a car loan. I let them get a student loan.

I because other people to the that's bad, but it's out there and it's happening can be a tool but let them make the decision. That's right in the safety of the program, exactly.

So I show them that's as tracking along doing their own budget. I show them my sample budget and I came from a single parent home, neither of my parents went to college was the first one, and my parents sent me off to college with $400 a month total good like you know that it will that like so student loans and so when I show them my budget what it would look like today with that level of student loans there watching every lesson I got okay do yours now here and there. See there are things I cannot afford because I had that student loan right and so I do I like cause and effect. You Artie and so I let student loan land have a car loan so that they can see oh well this is what they mean when they say that is that it's the choice I made at age 22 is keeping me from a choice at age 30 and until they see it for the sound of a 72 month loan sounds okay in month one, when you get the shiny thing off the lot.

That's right was ego 72 months to realize that six year 60 or 22. Now you'll pay it off in your 28 and you just never have those thoughts when you're young that's right you think I just got the car I went.

So we go through teach them like in a lesson about cars I teach them about depreciation teach them new versus used and leasing versus buying all the fundamentals just the same as other personal-finance programs do in order to really get head knowledge into the heart. They do a budget based on the card that they could choose recalculate the budget and then they end up next year were onto apartment. Let them totally blow themselves out of the wind had blown out a lot because that's how you learn. I wish I had learned it that way as well as the learning and the real game of life which didn't go so well. Talking to Charlie McKinley beyond personal-finance BPF for student ages like it at middle school and middle school and high school. That's a lot of them will be right back. Back at the noble show bullet proof.

That's certainly not a phrase that we would use well the national debt right the finances of the king of the country, but the countries made up of three and 30 million people in. Unfortunately, our government lives pretty much exactly the same way that most Americans do most Americans don't have enough cash to pay for an emergency car bill. They just don't have enough cash money savings and that's because none of us really learned in terms of personal-finance when we are young so were set on a crash course in to get out there and you when you figure it out on your own, spiritually speaking, we know that were bent towards excess and taking good care of ourselves and not being responsible, we don't like delayed gratification.

We like say no to ourselves, to give your gut drive. So take up your cross and follow me know that is not the American way.

Especially when it comes to finance that's what happened. So many of us, but you ran up same. And if you're with me have really tough difficult stories and maybe it's still dogging you because you never got good at handling your personal finances so beyond personal-finance is what were talking about today with Charlie McKinley she's a mom, a CPA, a degree in finance and taught her own starting with her son was in seventh grade and then turn this into a formal program BPF Beyond personal-finance BPF which you can purchase and then years middle school and high school goes through it themselves. They own it and they go through the game of life is your same starting 2242 make real decisions about real life based on real numbers in real income and go through the whole simulation so you can do it this way and mess up before you go out there and Akash, that's right. Instead, the gameboard, they use Google sheets so they are using a spreadsheet so that they don't feel like there can they feel now like hey this is important. This is what adults do. This is how we structure our money so yeah it's it's it's a lot of fun. It's very eye-opening. We were talking about Sunday's stories that had from kids. I sold hundreds and hundreds of these stuff across the country and yet when Kitty couldn't decide between being a composer or an engineer and my program allows you to do multiple bachelors good with numbers Loves music.

That's yet and so we can decide between the two, so I know it's suggested that he looked both of those wages up on the department of labor's database so he finds out those how much that is. And then does to budgets and rents in the simulation the hallways and he quickly finds out two or three lessons in he just can't afford an apartment. It is now he cannot afford a car and you know he he he saving nothing as a composer. Here's the trick you know this is a mom I know it is the dad she came to the conclusion that wasn't Miss Charla telling me, killing my dreams. He ran the numbers and then he had to deal with the fact that okay got. I can't make this work as a composer I can deftly make it work as an engineer, that's good to at that point they will got got that composing thing inside of you as well.

So don't abandon. Maybe that's a side gig. Maybe that's something to maybe one day that can work for you. Don't let it go, but in terms of providing for you and if you want a family to be an engineer.

That's just reality. That's right. And that's what I told him I said you have sorry our world is a value yeah composing enough to make a livable wage good news. You know you you get off work five or 6 o'clock every night and you got the weekend sure and you can still compose back and tell you that heart is way down debt and financial stress is not to create the kind of music right you know can you imagine if you are writing songs to pay bills versus writing songs out of a space of peace and freedom just so what I would suggest Hammond to everybody is I'm not trying to kill their dreams, but I wanted to have a foundation and said that they can eat and live out to dinner, live inside right with all that stuff like I thought you there's the statistic that these young adults 30% of them are living at home and that's not good for one is not how we were designed and so I really want to change that and the only way I can't just happen starting to me.

Any decisions they have to make at such a young age. You choose your career you choose, you know to college life comes out awfully fast. That's right.

And so I want to show them in advance. In this class they get to choose a spouse or children they get a house. They furnish the house insurance investing will not the holy nations closer real life, real life, and they stay spin a wheel just like they would on game of life that instead of it being something like literally the game of life has, you've won a beautiful four head contest collect $20,000 and if this is right ridiculous dress, talk to our kids about cutting coupons if they think that out there just to get 20,000 will now it's like something to happen.

Those couple months ago got a notice from the IRS because they messed up all their covert stuff so innocent on COBIT payments or whatever and it's all goofy.

Even though you TurboTax whatever unit IRS all your your your taxes are up by seven and $43 because the covert checks that were sent up a Inuit and get a free check from anybody and I went for it contest full of abundance of human life is funny and it's like a really bad shadow. It's got some concepts of life is not real, that's right.

It's not real and then they have this thumb holding my iPhone so they see their honest grandmother and snap chapter on Twitter they see all these things it says this is a traitor to tip your finger. This is how your life should look to you go pay for it. You think you can you can is way worse for them than it ever was for it and just telling them that you know my son did not believe me, loves me and he thinks I'm great but he just felt like she struggled with money. I know I'm not going to try to help them see money for this easy something to this thing with all that realization. Charla is a great point talking to Charlie McKinley beyond personal-finance BPF is the website BPF

I put the links up on Facebook live in, so I'll share my writing the Facebook page as well. But again, middle school school.

I was in college is not too late for this. Some days you have the overarching theme of the whole class is the quality of your life depends on the quality of your choices and so often once they were in high school you know they party perhaps chosen a college that has led to some student loan debt they might have chosen you have for me. I got the University of Texas and I figured out pretty early on.

I didn't like finance, but because of the way that it was I could not change my major and asked STOCK and so if there in a bad nature. You know that they just kinda keep going through, which leads to a career that they're under Hayden. So I really love to get them early, while they still have these choices ahead of them and they can still see when kid who really wanted to go to a private school because she had a babysitter who was in the dance program at that school, and she thought was right. I wanted to just like Becky Wright and you know when I showed her so in in the class that came a student loves because I had her go home and ask her parents how much they were to pay if this private school, so this girl wanted to be a writer. She took a writer salary and had a big student loan and figured out on her own pretty quick. She could not go so it turns out, the University of North Carolina here in this area has an amazing writing program and its in-state so when she went back and plugged it in her and realized just go to this in-state school is private school and look how much now writers don't get paid a lot right, but she wasn't debt and so her dad came in and sat cash my wife paid for this program. I don't how much it was. But you just saved me all tens of thousand right when he student young people to going off to college to pursue something that's not logical, not based in reality, it's emotional looks good shiny bling you whatever, and sometimes not even that, but they never know.

Please have a conversation. What this can be like down the road and we are way too many of us as parents that are way too permissive in her lumbar parents were helicopter parents hey was just getting through lunch. Get college education than ever. These can be fined notice and a lot of those college grads served me a coffee when I walked through the shop and got all colleges are equal real careers or equipment, but to be having a conversation to look at the ramifications of what you think you want to do in real life. In eighth grade or ninth grade or 10th grade again that that saves huge money and colleges don't. Colleges don't want you to take this class because they just want to rob you of all your money dental care what kind of degree you could art history department to get the paint on the backside of the students for our history of man. Now it's just it's super painful and if our kids are managing their allowance properly that they will be fined in their 20s and go from getting $20 a week to 60,000 right job think you hit the lottery, you will spend like that and what students in my class is going. The government class and you have a job you go up in the homeschool group. I'm sure you see this in your class, somebody's invariably working at AAA right my do you ever notice that there's a difference between what you think you're being paid and what you put in the bank. Yeah, what's up with that.

Okay, let's talk about that and then when you factor that in the budget go a congratulation make 60 grand clouds $5000 how much you put in the bank 5000 now starts more like 3900. What, that's reality. Loving the wealth by teaching them now are talking to Charlie McKinley beyond personal-finance BPF class.Stephen will show such an important topic grade up parents and grandparents out there were talking to Charlie McKinley is the founder beyond personal finance BPF She designed this as somebody that got a degree in finance and retired CPA to go through with her own son when he was in seventh grade is kind of a combination of the game of life meets Dave Ramsey Dave Ramsey just to advanced into kind of cortical adult of four kids and it doesn't really give them a way to simulate real life. That's the whole point as you go through beyond personal-finance or just check this out this is the content summary to talk about the different classes in the cost so if I ask you guys to guess what caused you to be pie so that's crazy. But anyway will get colleges and careers as the unit one colleges and careers okay starting off early budgeting car purchase apartment rental organizer getting in the new and into real life unit to marriage and interest babies and payroll house purchase insurance single income and you look at that again then charitable giving investments.

Business basics layoffs and reconciliations. What happens if you lose your job you have three months or six months. Available income tax, divorce dangers and retirement ultimately and the new simulate to go through that basically from age 22 to 42.

And what an incredible opportunity of got the links up but if you just go to BPF Beyond personal-finance BPF you can find up yourself and Charlie again thinks for coming to today's great Avenue guests. Well, think so much.

I love this class. I see the impact it's having so so thrilled to be able to share it yeah and that's the whole point of you being here and sharing this on Facebook or ever getting it for yourself but let's talk about the actual product and so there's causes multiple ways that you mentioned self-paced the students seventh grade through 12th grade. Whatever can go through it themselves.

But there's also a couple other up to do it as a group you can host a group yourself.

Yes that's right so you know, one of the most powerful ways to do this class is with a friend or sibling or multiple of those because highs every journey she dreaded venture. When you know those books that I left my drinking to pick the direction is currently else out there going to pick their direction and they're going to have 20 budgets that will all lead in different directions.

I've got random things that happen to them like their HVAC breaks their baby poops on the cow like a little stuff in it random for each person and then they also it's random decide after they get married they spin a wheel and if they land on a baby and they have a baby but unlike the game of life are you just take an extra peg and if you have a baby then you've got to ride an additional $12,000 in expenses into your budget and what like yeah that's right and it's so funny because as I'm teaching is live a get to hear the questions and one girl raises her hand. She's like this is saving for college.

Oh sweetie know if this is saving for college. This is just this is just enough for them to just living baby go from 1 to 2. That's right and she's so not only do I have to do also had to say for the college. That's right. And then you know they all want Get anymore Mike and I like what's interesting because you all told me that your parents were to pay for your college and now you pay for your kids.

It's all of these decisions because they're making themselves get to see and hold themselves accountable and it's really get to see their own heart and the decisions at the right right it's reality that's that that's why it's effective. Could you put them in the driver seat get on the car a lot of drive around seven this case the tree they had snuck and be a real tree that's right but it's shaped like a real treat fashion like a realtor you and you see the damage that's because when you make bad decisions going to learn. This is just to see it and then you know what their allowance and you know the expenses it's pretty easy to spend right pretty easy to spend and save with 20 bucks a week sure you people it takes you sent me a link for a video what's his words and watch a little bit of it. But what's the video that you sent. So this is where I am teaching about lesson 17.

They are deep into the class now and this is where I'm teaching them about taxes.

Oh boy yeah they've been paying taxes all along because of course every batch of yellow taxes and showing them how to calculate the taxes so that they could really get a feel I might try to make them CPAs but if you're mindful of how this thing works then you know you're really you are going to get overwhelmed yet to be in trouble. Journey to be generated by, so this is from beyond personal-finance expenses from our taxes.

The government that we will take a tax break and spend our money on the Zions Civic does not bear the burden of the old homeless people. Therefore they give you spray to encourage you to stay for your retirement. Also, the government knows the owners are more invested in their community than renters are, since they own a piece of the city. Therefore, you will get a tax break for interest you pay on your mortgage see another pair of the tax money so could I wonder, why do we have.

Why do you get a deduction because there's things that the government is trying to incentivize that they change the tax code when it came to marriage because marriage is good for society not not get done all the other roads there, but there's a reason behind all these decisions that the governments make an and you don't understand the taxes. But again, this is pretty this lesson 17 are pretty far down the real road here. They really are.

And then they been putting aside money for their taxes all along and now I'm trying to show them a little bit later on in the video I shut many go where that money going.

That's a great question. Charlie absolutely and it begs the question is just it helps them become better citizens because now they see a piece of their paycheck disappear. Every single lesson. Understand why it matters politically right yet matters you know in the valleys and the things that we talk about this thinking to understand inflation Y because it's like what things if your paycheck stays the same all those expensive Dry Creek really talk about that in the spring semester in my classes when gas prices are skyrocketing as number if you're noticing that and is it changing your lifestyle and summerlike yeah I can do the job I was doing because I have to drive so much I can't afford the gas will make another bullet not okay another in the real world point but what about the cost and actual classes.

So there's this couple different options here in terms of how you go through so general at the first student teacher comes with two portals because the teacher obviously is going to have a teacher/parent is going to have a little bit more information. Sure, for example, when they get married. I put them spouse's salary and spouse's expenses in the teacher portal because I don't want the students to cheat right so those two portals when you first find those it's $150 that's for one student and then if you are siblings or friends online. It's an additional $50 for kids is 250 bucks right and it's a semester so those that are homes very gracious of you out, you know. Chest want these folks to get this information with the US semester credit in personal-finance or consumer math or whatever. If you are homeschooling high school and you want it you want to do it for credit and you can certainly do that but just if not, it's just it's just a lot of fun.

I got families that parents will also do a budget, you know, and I'll play along his you know, one of the things there's another leader in personal-finance for teenagers David Prickett Larry Larry Burka and he suggested that you show your teenagers to get a feel for real adult dollars showing your own budget right this really want to do that at any comfortable with any Georgette GT shown in your so this is a way to for them to see adult dollars you see how it works.

Parents can can do the budget as well and try to make a photo hundred $50 you going $50 for every extra student to be up to three or four, five, you're still not taught you're not talking much money at all. You really This is life altering information wisdom correct so the return on this investment is astronomical. It is huge yes and the challenge here is we had about two minutes left. What's most first frustrating thing is just to get people to think like we need to use that we have to get a Thule abuse tool like what's the hard part here about becoming a buyer doesn't seem like there should be one I got all except parents think that they have raised their cans can CS be wise with money and most parents that come to buy my program now word-of-mouth is spreading. So it's it's a little bit easier.

It was always parents and the second kid and they said we blew it the first as we thought they knew they thought they understood. We talk to him about it. We show our lives. We were good steward and they just weren't good morning today come back for kid number two and easy to get them to buy the program you know you gotta do something, we see the wreckage all around us, and I would say to another American side of the unloving and decidedly bad stewardship of our parenting responsibilities as a no-brainer across the board beyond personal-finance VPF is the website middle school, high school, college, to do your student, your son or daughter their friends. Small group self-paced right hundred $50 to start dollars for each extra student amazing blessing.

Charlie McKinley you so much for coming to also share this information on Facebook in the podcast everything to help no one else always ever forward another program powered by the Truth Network

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