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Lessons from Venezuela!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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August 2, 2022 9:43 pm

Lessons from Venezuela!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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August 2, 2022 9:43 pm

Lessons from Venezuela!

My guest today grew up there and then escaped to America and he's got a few things to say to Americans. Communism?

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics.

Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve now 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out now is your host Steve Noble not have some kind. So when I had introduced Jonathan was gotta keep at the commission estates rally back with Jim Jonathan when what I believe it was June and I'm looking at the guys name on the program couple weeks out of Mike Yemen at that so many of us will use the C8 UI so you go to get out but then actually on your card because Jonathan's actually doing a speaking tour on North Carolina right now exposing the crimes of socialism and even speaking to the subject because he was originally from Venezuela, so that we have a lot of lessons to learn today via Jonathan's life, but on his card it says who's got the key that was a rather considerate of you and kind and grateful that you could help all of us non-South American people who see that word and go lose cut a GUI or whatever we do it so I appreciate the fact that you did that Jonathan is got a key here in the house exposing the crimes of socialism. We got a lot to talk about the Jonathan good to see you.

Thanks for coming today how you doing thank you so much good to think your problem here.

You're very welcome. So it is you got. There's a lot to unpack your right so we have an hour to do it so will do the best that we can but just so people can understand your paradigm and your perspective. Talk about just a quick timeline of I was born here. Then I came to America, then I went back and I settled in America just so people can understand where you're at timeline wise, nor to go back to growing up in Venezuelan Venezuelan history okay will now my name is Jonathan was Kathy. If you have a problem pronouncing Austin a who's got the keys right that's pretty good. I am an American citizen by choice of businesswomen by birth, I came to this great nation a little over 20 years ago a black in the very first time I was 18 when when you used to go back and for them to finally couldn't go back because Chavez when he got empower he got a little he thought he was gonna be one person, but he had to be somebody else. I believe you something they feel cost or use one. Thank you, whether any coupons or were in North America remain in the United States will come to Cuba, he will not allow them to leave Q right and you say the same thing to businesswomen's those are. They leave United States or Europe if they decide to come back at the mall so I feel welcome less than for me to going back that way and it went back and is an interesting difference between a country where you force people to stay versus a country where people will basically risk their lives to get there, etc. yet so fascinating. So what was life like for you growing up in Venezuela just paint a picture of us so we can understand the context because Venezuela and I want you to share Venezuelan history because it started really on the heels of the American Republic and then was just what you called earlier what used to be called what is up Burrell South Pearl of South America and now we get Hugo Chavez and then we get we can rule Venezuela is today so you want to see what happens with socialism and communism basically looked to Venezuela but it wasn't always that way will bring us well and a lot of people don't know it was one of the richest countries in South America it was ranking one point number four is one of the richest countries in the world. A lot of people don't know that we were the first country to bring electricity to Latin America.

We have more oil than Saudi Arabia is so you know some of these things are a lot of minutes when I'm back in those days when we were like that the parole we used to pull minutes when we saw houses all over Europe United States in premature like a second home for a lot of yeah and now Bennis was one of the poorest countries in the world you know what inflation I believe the last I checked it was over 20,000 crazy even relate to. You cannot even comprehend how the house even do things have been us with any yeah right, but I think it have to do with with knowing your history knowing exactly things and in your country to understand how things happen and it keep happening.

A lot of people don't know the business when I was a constitutional republic. We actually lead declare independence. 35 years after the United States. These two have three branches of government.

One point we have to major political parties, also 1.1 was call axial Democratic party represented the socialist liberals and businesswomen and the other one was co-pay.

The represented the conservative Christian shyness is also where I write so the parlor lows are pretty similar.

I tell people all the time I watch this movie before the Spanish and I'm watching English now, so I know exactly how the move is going to and if we don't do something about it. So what was life like for you as a young boy growing up in Venezuela well I think this is when were you born 70 well 7272 okay so through the 1970s and early 1980s. What was life like will actually 73 I'm sorry I'm really bad when the night is mercury I got whatever you want on.

I'm not really believe me I'm not really with that.

My wife always remind me my birthday always here for you. I don't even care about you.

I don't care I do she's always every every every November. Should birth it really so growing up in Minnesota was was great me.

My father was always since.

I remember the small business owner. My mother's was to stay home mom in we very comfortable life was was great was I had everything I where everything was fine even when things were supposed to leave that it was always good to me.

I never saw myself in the situation that I have to do things that a lot of businesswomen have to do now but you know I believe got to do with politicians in Venezuela. They didn't know how to handle our economy. When you put people in empower and they really don't understand how the business world work yet. I believe this the biggest mistake you can see, I look at it there if you look deep into the Renaissance economy. We used to do really well. Politicians tend to depend only on oil and Bennis or Lucas. We were yeah and one point I was the cash, yet it was a cash right. Whether they do the bidding and best and that anything else should I look at it right now. Finishing it should be dabbled down South America yeah type I S. better diversified exactly like having this would have all the factories you have a type I yeah, that's the situationally thing that America was talking to Jonathan's got a key was Venezuelan by birth American by choice is doing a tour around North Carolina exposing the crimes of socialism.

We have a lot to learn to listen carefully back in Steve Noble to Steve Noble so one of the things I often say to my students and I'm starting to teach again in August 22. So if you want high school student or a venture eighth-grader to learn Civics only that already are actually an accurate read on US history. Now they don't need or Christian ethics know they deftly don't need. Then you can still check things out what I've been going on teaching wise Noble use is the website Noble you like University Noble you school., one of the things I tell my students all the time, and Jonathan Scott, a key is here with me was born Venezuela's American by choice. I tell him all the time is you guys have no perspective because you just grow up in America, which to a lot of places in the world is more like Disneyland. And until you leave this country especially go to 1/3 or fourth world country. You really don't have any perspective on what the rest of the world is like what world history is like you certainly don't know what life is like in Venezuela today versus what like life was like in Venezuela and Jonathan you are a boy, I tell and get out of here as quick as you can go to some really bad parts of the world and go get your compass adjusted because you do not know just how blessed you are living in this country but for your perspective you see is going down the road we were talking on the break 1012 years ago when your warning people you're seeing me sign in America and they're like oh Jonathan, this isn't Venezuela.

Yes, a lot of people used to. I started noticing I tell you one thing 12 years ago, completely terminate my cable service because I started seeing that the news hello TV shows were no longer actually entertaining me anymore which is a propaganda machine that I know a site like my wife and I when we watch movies.

I'm always room in the movies because a mold going on, you know that's propaganda yes I was born things up as an agenda.

This is a longer, you know, just trying to entertain you. The also trying to programming us to, you know, to think in a way and get called to win complacent do not understand and see exactly what's with going home. By the time these people come in with the final soul.

Everything is going to be normalized. You're in a fairly well I guess it's inevitable. You know it's is just the way it is just the way it is in the north are the scenes things like play like I fit for for so long and 12 years that I just say that I say you know I gotta do something and I started talking people push back and then I can when leave my life for a while as it was on to the elections all Donald Trump that I soul something different so you know I think these guys going to be able to folding way people want you and he did honestly hating loving right that's right he did. It is a game changer. He was the president needed for the time I was pleased to see. Finally, Americans wanted to get a bowl and to politics and then you mentioned earlier when the proms in Venezuela's they didn't diversify outside of oil and they just got sat on it and eat it because you didn't have business minded people and you see what happens when you get a minded person.

Washington DC.

How old are you, Jonathan. The first time he came to America in 1819. I can't remember what was that like for you it was good to me was not good in the way like crime. I just don't know how businesswomen's are doing to stay back thing crime was back was bad.

It was extended back. Back then it was that you knows a conflict when you started to seeing we have a lot of things happen when a child attend the first clue that it was not successful.

The first the first time I was I so what a real insurrection.

Yes, national why an actual one when you so that it was a tank going through that but actually meet a flutist by our White House in you. So Presidential guards fighting Chavez Revels and you know I was pretty scary know you know planes flying bombs, throwing it was it was pretty scary. You did, you do know what was gonna really happen the next day.

So the first time you come to America what your reaction is in America, you heard about yes it's on the TV or whatever is needed.

Then there's the See the choice I could go to Spain because our family in Spain will come here and that I decide to come errors in the moment. I say well I can pry learn different language so that will be an advantage to have different languages in his pain always been a learn as it accident to speak like a Spain air base year would be well.

I would learn different languages and we will was so great things about America on TV like America was the place to be no slight hottest thing steal it.

Yeah, right. So when I came here, and therefore God left their airport in was beautiful, huge American flag and to this day that that's one of the most shocking days of my life that I still remember and I really wasn't that what did that that say to you I knew right away. Some believe that I was in a very special place. It was immediately you have the sensation you are in a very special place was safe. It was clean. You know you my God quite a wind down a little bit you and then remember going to the grocery stores you all Pro for so little, and what I harness every where you you know it was just the land of milk and honey.

Really my lordosis plenty. It was just unbelievable. Part of the country were you when and how long were you here will I came first. Then I went to Florida and then I went to Alanna and then I started traveling much in a lot of places I went to a lot of places to see what she wants you to be the one.

That I was in a state and then I went to Florida got married there in my first wife brought me to North Carolina and you know I stay alike.

North Carolina is great state. Great said that's a little bit of everything you loop of snow in the winter we get a little taste of all sassy for the Lucas goals to go to where I'm now in Wilmington and be able to enjoy the beach and so it was pretty. So what if we look at Venezuela today is the total train wreck. How do you explain what happened, what will happen. See when United States right gather independent George Washington to become the king to refuse that idea he became our first president with the terms businesswomen went differently, we allow the generals to become the leaders of Venice, whether into the earlier 16. We finally got rid of her last general dictator and his name was Michael spending minutes in. We started implementing the constitutional Republic.

They are found in father's cables but I believe the problem there is the we do something that I see this being done here. Conservatives what is a Conservatives always do make life for themselves take care of their family worship God. Open business and stay away from Paul yeah. Conservatives by nature are to take care me myself and I expect my family, my business because I don't want this big government encroachment in my life. I just want leave me alone.

I think we are indeed beautiful. Think yes and they're not see in I believe that was the biggest mistake they would know in the right right so we allow their deliverables. The other side to to go over everything because they do they are collectible thinkers to get in there like there the whole purpose in life. The with our fees before water is to control that's exactly right. Yet hold a factor coming up on Frank talking to Jonathan Scott or Keith who was born Venezuela American by choice and important perspective for all of us to listen to.

Especially as we move down this road for Jonathan to share what he sees happening in America today is very similar to what happened in Venezuela yesterday. No, no doubt want America to look the same and so easy to remember.

Jonathan's wife hope Jonathan's last name is Scotty which is Venezuelan so he was born. Venezuela needs American by choice. The last names from Czechoslovakian Czechoslovakia are yeah you explain this to me at the convention status explain again because now totally confused. Will my family originally from Spain and they immigrated to this well in this work will we got six European listening so Czechoslovakia to Spain to Williston Spain you know from the heiresses pains. There's a swale to allow people to know the thing is, in a Spanish like Latino South America less nice now I really don't like to get into a well on us, Americans are pretty know I just do not myopic to me.

If you'd asked me to go through the history of the last now, but if you never asked me.

I never read it when you say that sounds very Latino Spanish America.

When I say it just sounds wrong. So anyway great great to have you here and I Jonathan's speaking around the state and do you need to get deal website yet. You need to get a website up and running. Yes it is and all that stuff you had hope is what all of us guys do we link you are better you have a very any strongman always have to have a great behind that's right. Otherwise you feel handicapped Xact I so really understand J you number four

J you as an Jonathan Scott is four NC deck on the right. I'll pull it up and shared on Facebook so you guys get that as well. So now traveling around the state and talking about exposing the crimes of socialism. We are talking about the first time he came to America and it was just kind of mind-boggling because there's so much opportunity about Saper. He felt more relaxed. Yes, things are more settled and so you are and say whatever coroner stuff everywhere. The air was cleaner. Everything was beautiful sly, you know, you knew I knew right away that I was in very very special place. You know I got to learn in a safe Olsons country to know who Jesus Christ was. When I came to the United States and you know this is been nothing by places I open many successful business who kinda dropped the Jesus bomb and you did you grow The garage brought down and then I grew up M Venezuela is this good looking right there. It is its GU four NC.and smiling right at you know she you for the number four will share this well and if you want to get Jonathan to come share the story in your town or your club or your church or your Republican club.

Whatever it is, go to the website right making contact. You were going to churches felt so the Jesus thing who dropped that bomb will know. I remember him a Jesus freak.

You know that no I mean like I say what growing up in Venezuela you know you you grew up in the Catholic Church yeah you know you you know Jesus was put. It was just different. When I came here somebody brought me to a church one time in our study, understand the more what was like to be safe, you know, and I thing that was one of the greatest things in and I think it's also one of the things that we probably were missing in Venice whether not to know Jesus and the level that this country show you. I believe that's one of the reasons this country is so blessed because Christ Christ our Lord and Savior.

Put this is great and blessed it is, you know country in the world. That's what everybody wants to come here because we replace is a privilege just to be born in this country you something like I grew up in, mostly Protestant churches. My wife is Italian grew up in Catholic churches. Neither one of us knew what actually the Bible taught about and goes to heaven in a dozen so we had religion and we knew of Jesus, but we didn't know chief somebody can say hey did you hear this Jonathan Gion speech yeah you can know about Jonathan but you don't know Jonathan and that's a different thing religion relationship in which is which is fine. Religion a lot around a lot of related America has been on the forefront of actually teaching the gospel in the number one missionary sending world and all that is just amazing stuff. So Venezuela so come take us down the process of how it's imploded and got to the point where it is now because there were to translate into that what you see happening here. Well I think it's like I say earlier in the beginning when we conservatives finally got rid of our last dictator we start implementing oldies rep. Probably this constitutional republic start having democratic elections.

We conservatives did what we did the early best to stay away from both the we allow the left take over everything. The first thing the left us his take over our education suggests writers a go here again in the same thing that I see doing their doing here education assistant in Minnesota started producing you think about Prof.'s lawyers, architect engineers, all these people has when they become lawyers in those professionals half position and leader. They start sharing the document so there are no longer know when you have a professor that he is the one teaching your future educators, all those things in the process going to pass when you have a lawyer, they become an Atty. Gen. district attorney Josh and followed politics immuno politician in every level there going to bring their agenda they're going to be put in a position of power in leadership they're going to be the ones mobilizing people to do things your belief that you said that for the break that the liberals are very good at groupthink. They are there and there there very much the collective and electable thing and and because they're not bowing the knee you are talking about from a Christian perspective government becomes God and you deftly want to control all that and then and there. Dilution actually think they're saving everybody except by implementing their view will tell you I tell you one thing, and I tell people all the time for this socialist right for this Marstons for this Marstons socialism is a religion. That's right exactly in Almighty God is the government so that's with the always always try to make sure that you believe in their ideas like we Christians believe in God, right because that's the answer exactly to then as the answer bigger government. They feel that this was going to protect we conservatives thing to small government grant freedoms so that in Minnesota that's where what we have we have you know the left completely ticket look I was in in a military school. I never forgot one time. Teacher came in he was a math teacher. He started talking about and I remember life suffer my pastor you got tried to block sure all the bad things and just focus on another person that I start that I kept myself whole into my past. I like to think about the pricing in the future you know push. If you focus your presence more like you're going to have a great future aim but never forgot things in the BAP.

There are some things that I tried to completely block, I never forgot these teacher came into the classroom in which he started talking about that for every Venice when I was born, we should be getting Emilio and believer believer that was the name of the cursor back there have been so in my in my time that I still remember I'm thinking about.

Where's my money. That's all I can think about you it was into.

I moved the United States that I have decided to finish an article while they were teaching this entitlement for Corbin shoe.

Take care us yeah and in and your old yes it is a lot of things I did the usual notice because the left is so powerful in South America like it when that when I start to understand them. Politics, in United States. I started understanding that's wet today.

I am bullet the politics because the left is not only strong in South America and Europe is also very strong and all knives either in America and you know better than most. Yes you know it smells nice.

I recognize these people ice when I see them smelling. I know exactly how even people this local and South conservative are liberals in this country and they are the worst ones because they're the ones to infiltrate our side with the wolf in sheep second ghost wolf in sheep quote what you said earlier, like when you mentioned education, government is downstream from all that stuff so the progressives in the liberals who started in the late 1800s just taking over the whole educational system, then all that stuff works its way into the rest of the exactly which eventually all those leaders then take yourself.

I need to get into politics and in I want to see America going the right direction. They're just so twisted in their worldview. But that's what they've done so. They have now infected. The whole system. Xact is a got a whole lot of young people that think like a progressive like a liberal and not really know how they got their parents don't know. Have a good education.

They were inculcated they were indoctrinated over the course of 1212 years kindergarten through 12th grade. When college makes exactly good well the thing is to me was like this right I never went I was just concerned.

You know a citizen that I was just leaving when I can hear my American dream I had of Burke's accessible business. I had no business doing what I'm doing right now you're fine. Just take care yourself yet. If the communism ever comes United States. I will be okay. I grew up in a four wall country.

I understand what it's like. But I all this nation. Some this mission took me I became an American citizen when I became an American citizen. I was telling you I took an oath to protect this nation for foreign and domestic in I will lay my life from skunk.

I cannot be a bystander in allow this Marstons communist take over run this country. People in this country need to understand were standing in the last moment of freedom in the world you were at a crossroads. You sit on the sidelines and watch the Titanic go down exactly getting gate so that that right there talking to Jonathan Scott again just telling us the truth telling us the truth and the seasonable show great to be with you. They gave you for in is the website only to check out his canned J you the J for the number four GU for is the website for Jonathan Scott Key who was born in Venezuela but he's American by choice and I wanted to ask you not to talk about the biggest thing that you're concerned about here in America that are so obvious to you coming out of the history of a country that went down the same road as America for a while like our founding fathers you had founding fathers. They did all the right things and the things gone completely South completely socialist and dead broke and I've got just mass carnage everywhere in Venezuela and in you see that obviously is the writing on the wall for us, but the debut became American citizens. What was that like for you like a sailor was the one the greatest things ever happened to me in my life. I feel special I filling surly. I was what you say night yet like night at your writing knighted by the king he drowned. Yes, they rest a sword in her shoulder. Now you can come to the room to see this is why people don't understand. You can go to China you can go to Venezuela you can go to q. week and go anywhere else in this country's and believe they are becoming American with citizen of the country that would never call you Kuvin been a swimming or anything, but this is the only country in the world.

When you become an American citizen. They call you American Eric I am an American so I am very proud to say so that's something that I believe we take for granted we did for granted that we leave one of the greatest countries in the world. In it we need to understand the freedoms freedoms are not free, we always have to fight for freedoms because the moment we lose freedoms, it will always be hard to get them back out and and a lot of times you can't yes will help you at the people all the time look weak. We need to understand were fighting who were fighting here with fighting United States going right now to it. Marshes cultural revolution.

They understand in the 21st century. There is no way they can take a country special United States by four so they have to do it through culture and education that kind of ID deeded to us. We we implemented a that all your you know cultural revolution with the rich man was getting rich and the poor man was getting poor by Chavez. That's how he came to rise to power the people in this country don't understand the wealthy. The professional that a lead in Venezuela were the ones which have us empower you. Dean is trying to bring socialism and communism to the United States.

Delete that delete the wealthy dose once it went to college one day to become your lawyers argue judges you Atty. Gen. to district attorney politicians. All levels of government. Those that went to school to study financial are right now sitting in over 100 Corporation, the portion marshes ideology for the very first time I heard Venezuela diversity, equity and inclusion very first time I heard about these things but by Chavez so I cannot out of my competence to understand how in the world but it was because in those colleges you have all these kids the one day became your executive and the CEO of his corporations and we were sleeping we were not paying attention was what happened right in front of us.

That's the reason.

What I decide I can no longer be a bystander and I have to get in the fight because if I don't get on the fly.

Clearly I watch this movie before I need and what I want. Chaining this and I know how the movie is going to win if I don't do something about what is the first thing they would Chavez as we come to power. He went into the Constitution. He govern the Constitution because he see our Constitution was full and it was racist always have the lab I heard that before you herded like the last couple of day is not a couple days happening for a while.

We just will pay attention because we think that can never happen like people used to smoke two 1012 years ago.

Yes, and the like. That's Venezuela okay.

That can't happen here. So when I did when I saw that I went to check what is next thing the will Chavez that he nationalized the police let me tell you something, we see a problem in this country school defined the police what you thing that is for the reason they're doing this and I want to invite everyone to your listeners and what County they live to see what's really going on with crime rising up in your local police are asking the federal government for help.

You will see compromise politicians coming in saying an older twin sister timber racing police brutality and dumb violence. We need to nationalize the police whether they will Chavez out after that he gave us gone control. You can have an armed citizenry exactly what he does right after that.

Gone bye-bye programs after that what you think he does done confiscation so we lost the right to bear on a BB gun and a paintball is illegal in Venezuela, you know, got all the guns the criminals because the criminals never pull a permit to buy a gun. You can go to Cadillac is Venezuela right now.

You can find RPG an automatic weapon when guns are illegal in Venezuela. What you think is going to happen here with his gun controls and moldy thing that's exactly what they wish to affect law-abiding citizens rental I tell people all the time.

The reason you see the crime rising up a night when I started my speaking to work. It was in January.

I was telling people we had 19 states in the union. They already past.

Read the flock low. If you're not familiar with that us gone. Confiscation 101. Now that it's been push and I say to before you will have compromise politicians coming together with the other side and give us gone control. Why because they understand and ordain to bring tyranny in full control of her country is by disarming the nation. I got it.

I gotta tell you something we need to start ripping these labels that I see the marshes I've given to us. When you hear something that I learned when I came to this country the silent majority that was the lefty to give you that me it was not a conservative came to say we are the majority Keep us silent and let the minority group of people run over us. We need to start ripping these labels, we are the majority.

We need to become law. Majority things that I was here around here or you fill your way into socialism and you fight your way out. I don't think so. That's a scan the running into the American people.

When you fill your way into socialism.

The guns are not going to be there. That's right.

So how are you going to show your way out of.

So this is something that you know everywhere I go I start Calvin's conversation with people we need to wake up.

We need to understand that we cannot allow this to keep happening. Look at with what I so growing up in a serrated hearing every level of government from the local stay federal in old and major corporations are pushing the diversity of the equity evolution coach.

This is marshes ideologies, we the taxpayer are paying for things we are paying for us to be completely take over by them the soldiers by the communist but one thing it and I'm asking is I have a couple minutes left. What can the average person do work were both followers of Christ we must be praying for those not only those in authority over us. But for people to engage the system for the love of neighbor in the love God. What can the average person do because we see this now happening like in the local school board races that had several people come and I got a lot more people, and these are regular people I got to the point and thank God for Loudoun County, Virginia. People are said okay. I had no idea this was going on in my backyard and the stuff happening with our children to my neighbor's children. I can't do any I can't do nothing. Simon engaged but we have to do that all up and down the ballot. So what can the average person do John think is your swelling up to the pie. I tell you the what I'm doing to what you're doing activism is something that we have. They haven't the bolus. That's only for the liberals. No activism is very important to be able flock to save our community. We had to get in bowl. We can no longer be that subsided it would just take paint, you know, peaceful and just lay back and let our politicians to do everything know politicians don't have the answer. We the people have the answer. We the people have to start holding these politicians that we put in office accountable for what they're doing yet you have to be loud. You have to be pray exactly we have to have a pressing. We had to get in bowl into the community. The key in the answer sheer star in the local level they been praying watching this country for so long, that is an intern in the presidential elections there going to read answer all your questions. That's not the true let me tell you how to pick your country back.

Get in bowl and get local level realpolitik to begin their those policies that polythene the local level affect you in a daily basis. We start there. Local action local engagement. When you mentioned D8 so many times in the show today and George Soros knew that 30 years.

Why do you think is the one big event David Wyatt did everything about about starting in kindergarten will that's with that one ran the whole political system especially locally where it doesn't cost that exactly to get in but that's cool over senior election County. This CD can be in bowl until these things who is going to be in charge of education are your kids pick The school Board of Education missing chart of the low did the biggest person in charge of the love in your candidature. If this is how it's happening, but we just don't know because we need to get educated with things as the local Gorman. Let's take a local government and that we state that they stay in the feather will be easy to pick that's right as a feather that some have any power to say over us. We can always become a sanctuary city, country, state centric County is say no to the father going to but it they know politicians know they were not willing to Katie in this issues. We have a job here you have a job. I have a job to make sure that we going start waking these communities and make them feel in bowl.

Take our country back. That's why when they say you're the silent majority don't buy no more guys you cannot be silent that's how we got this position in the first place.

Jonathan got a come back again and again is this conversation down the website you need to bring them to your club, your church, whatever group you're in to help you get inspired to listen to somebody that a perspective that most of us don't change you for is the website J you for the number four in Jonathan will have you back on thanks so much.

God will issue a goblet grace to help us see note on the cell, God willing, I'll talk to another program powered by the Truth Network

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