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July 25, 2022 8:34 pm

I Like This Liberal!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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July 25, 2022 8:34 pm

I Like This Liberal!

Steve talks about Fauci’s speech on masks and reacts to Bill Maher’s talk about people from the LGBTQ+ community.

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Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God is on his shoulders.

Great true no sacred cows call Steve Bell 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble announced algae. Okay, let's let's do it because you know schools right around the corner so I gotta make sure I love you and all of eternity. Well all of humanity.

Sorry all of eternity. Orchard on the other side of this.

You don't worry about COBIT or anything else for that matter, or for pathology, but the Pope algae just trying to help us out.

Please Lord let him retire for the end of the year. I let's just play this. This is him just in the last day couple of days okay talk about what's going on the spot go. Example, the CDC has on their website. A map of the country with different colored codes, green, yellow, orange and red.

And when you are in a zone or or or or county, state or city that is a very high level of dynamic of viral circulation. The CDC would recommend strongly that you wear a mask and a congregant indoor setting, and that would include schools, places of work, anything that brings people together in a closed environment S that is good public health practice right yeah okay that's good health practice by going about 1/3 of the countries in the oranges, red is wrong there guy went to the CDC website is not for colors. It's three and about 1/3 of the countries in the orange red meeting hi transmission regional because the quote Joe Biden and he probably had a ready yourself and you look at the average age is a people out there that have died from COBIT that doesn't really work well with the narrative either when he goes to actually see that stuff looking at a chart right here about that code 19 average age of death by month, starting only back in January 2020 enemy just read to you the average age of death by Cove.

Okay, not with COBIT's gonna go on a limb here and think this is an honest chart to start with January 2020 average age of death from Cove 80 7483.3 82.4 79.80.9 8283 8280.47 7.5. It didn't dip down to in July 2020, 21, 69.1, then start to climb back up and in 2022 it's 80.1 8181.4 83.96.3 and 84.6, and here's Pope algae saying that is good science and good medical advice to if you're to be in a heavily whatever fancy phrase he used heavily congregated area anywhere is more than one person within 6 feet finish llama mask on. Even though we know now, not just from American information, but from remember information all around the world that dramatic pause asks. So what's up with that because the people at the top are's so prideful are so arrogant, so given over to their power that no matter what gets presented. The King has no clothes on. They are going to go to their grave. Saying he's fully dressed, and he's triple faxed and quadruple boosted and wearing five masks because the more the merrier. According to about so there's that the leadership at the top in Washington DC, which takes me over this one will come back.

By the way, this is Steve Noble the Steve Noble and you can be right here in the studio with me on Facebook Liber YouTube live or you can catch the podcast whenever, wherever, on all the major podcast platforms, Harris urges lawmakers to codify real have you been here in that right. Gotta codify Roe to do a story here met with a codifying gay marriage. That just means they pass a law versus the Supreme Court passing a dictate. Maybe they they say, like in 2014 with Bob Gfeller.

However, he said the last name is about 20 different pronunciations of that. They say that I'll send out what actually you can't deny a same-sex couple marriage that it is constitutionally protected right.

So even though there's no law on the books. Allison gay marriage law. The lit and so if Congress passes a law that's how the clinical codify gay marriage will get to this is about abortion because they're losing their minds. Although isn't it amazing how quickly the overturning of Roe versus Wade think you Lord Jesus has fallen off the front page. Did you hear this one, Harris urges lawmakers to codify real fast because weight for dramatic pause women are getting pregnant now, not just pregnant every day but snarky Friday and Monday women are getting pregnant every day somebody like, Harris is totally given over to the progressive liberal agenda. That's a problem. Now I wonder if she realizes here. What a hateful statement that says because she obviously is denying the fact that men can get pregnant to which takes us into the realm of the transgender madness don't get to with Bill Marr the title of the show today.

I like this liberal the liberal I'm referring to is Bill Marr will get to him after the break. So there's vice president, Harris lamented that women are getting pregnant every day in America.

Listen limiting pregnant every day in America, and this is the real issue we need to act with a sense of haste about what is at play meeting killing babies. What's at stake and codifying row will be an important moment in terms of putting back in place protections for the folks who are at high risk now just stop for a second. Just you some critical biblical worldview, thinking there just for second doesn't take long. What's at stake and codifying row will be an important moment in terms of putting back in place protections for the folks who are at risk right now because of what the court did in Dobbs just weeks ago. What is missing one of these things is not like the other. What's missing in her thinking you know that she is aware of. She could be that much of a reprobate Romans one mind given over.

Of course who's at most at risk class when it comes to an abortion. Could it be the baby ripped from its mother's womb orphans in the second trimester, literally pulled limb from limb brought out reassemble so they make sure vice president announced Monday that she's traveling to Indiana to meet with abortion supporters were fighting on the front lines to protect reproductive rights as they march across the bodies of dead children right. That's just a reality. I know that when I speak like this. It sounds harsh and unloving, but it's the truth and I can't always speak the truth with respect to the people that deny it or are offended by otherwise you never to speak the truth and by the way, if you study the Scriptures, you'll find Jesus Christ, while always compassionate and kind and generous patient never compromise the truth as a matter fact, that's one of the reasons they killed him. She can't always soften the blow reality Steve Noble will be right walking back and Steve Noble, the Steve Noble show the Steve Noble is the website or you can join us here on Facebook or on YouTube live Steve Noble show page on either place and you can be here in the studio by the way we I continue to talk and say different things during the break and sometimes interact with my friends on Facebook and we have come a sidebar conversation. I do that would just like last Friday, for example with John Burke, Pastor John Burke at Austin Texas who wrote the amazing book called imagine heaven about near-death experiences and stuff 30 year study starting a skeptic. It's amazing book and I spoke I we spent about an hour and 10 minutes together, but on the radio. If all you do is ever listen to the radio, the podcast, you get about 40 minutes which is the normal segments so there was an extra almost 30 minutes 25 minutes with John talking about near-death experiences and things in the book heaven. It was fascinating so you can only get that if you watch on Facebook or YouTube, so there's a whole another level there are for those of you that use those platforms and want to jump in here so I hope you do otherwise. Radio praise the Lord I would be everywhere for radio Stan radio as long as the Lord allows us to in the podcast where your podcasts were on all those as well. Okay. Republicans this is a quiz I asked last week. You know what happened last week over week and we can go tomorrow Tuesday last week. Last Tuesday, 47, house members, Republicans walked away from the party's principles and platforms to cast a vote for in the affirmative, and for four same-sex marriage.

The list included a surprising number of our movements friends is Tony Perkins from the family research Council writing this.

Men and women we never mistook as anything but conservative now Senate majority Chuck Schumer smelling blood in the water is eager to drive even deeper wedge insisting to move forward with his own boat.

If you can find 10 Republicans foolish enough to endorse it so you get past your past cloture which is the 60 votes that they have to have in the Senate in order to even vote for something so leaving 60 senators to go. Yeah, let's vote on which some protections for the minority, and then naturally take a normal storm 24 hours later, at least four Republicans have taken the bait in the Senate walking into a political trap that could very well eat in the margins of GOP needs. November to no one's surprise liberal Republican Sen. Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski are on board, as well as outgoing Sen. Rob Portman from Ohio, but the real bombshell started dropping last Wednesday when more conservatives seem to be testing the waters on a radical issue seven years ago they vehemently opposed names like Roy Blunt from Missouri.

Joni first from Ernst from Iowa and Tom Tillis here in North Carolina started popping up new stories as possible. Yeses to codify so-called gay marriage just is astounding. Only nine Republicans have jumped to marriages defense Sen. Bill Cassidy John Cornyn Ted Cruz Lindsay Graham Josh Holly Jim Inhofe James Langford Marco Rubio and Roger Wicker whopping 37. Many of them profamily stalwarts are either undecided or unresponsive going on there. What's changed. Tony Perkins right certainly not the significance of marriage or the Constitution, not the party's platform of the role of states rights. If anything changes. The ferocious war being waged against our children's innocence religious freedom parents in human biology has a point there is that the gay marriage movement, and eventually Agra fell open the door to all a lot of other things K, like a Trojan horse, which is what we were saying about 10 or 12 years ago anybody said no, no, it's ridiculous.

No, we were right.

Maybe senators think that linking arms of the left makes them seem more compassionate or contemporary, but really just don't vote out of fear of political calculus that will take their cues from the courts or public opinion they do what's right, no matter what cost that's what voters respect and that's what voters who have stood by this parties values dessert. So what what's going on there and I was 47 Republicans in the house voted to codify agree with gay marriage here in America and if I were in the house I would've voted my not only my Christian conscience, but my constitutional conscience because I don't think you can find a constitutional right to that, but Mike Christian conscience overrides my political conscience and I have a right to vote. If I win 51 election and got into the US House of Representatives. I would have a right to vote to whatever however I felt like it.

Although I should be sensitive obviously to the people that elected me and if somebody like me were to get elected, the House of Representatives, you know darn well that the people that voted me in and everybody else would know. Oh, he's one of those crazy Christian wackos. Therefore, when I stood up and voted no on codifying quote unquote so-called gay marriage.

That would be perfectly consistent, and I would be allowed to do so as a member of American society. So what's up with these 47 units on down the road, not the many key people got married. It was never really about that. This way the cultures going and so I know Col. and I don't want to die on that hill.

That's politics. That's not principal shaman. Okay, Bill, Mark working to start some of the Glomar HBO right liberal but man, in the last year or so there certain subjects, and specifically the trans subject or he's just in the woke thing where he sees it, destroying the Democrat party which also get to a great article in the an American greatness called, how did Democrats become so out of touch with the American people and he does a great job, Bill Marr, this fabulous it's pretty long when I can get to it all started.

Okay Josh were to start this in the will stop for him to break the will completed for Bill Marr and and then Donna Brazil as they are right big time for liberal Democrats operative. She's sitting there on his HBO show, he goes down the road of dealing with this trans madness with kids. Listen to this. This is fabulous. Go and finally of something about the human race is changing at a previously unprecedented rate. We have to at least discussion broken down over time, the LGBT population of America seems to be roughly doubling every generation.

According to a recent Gallup poll, less than 1% of Americans born before 1946 that's Joe Biden generation identified that way.

2.6% of boomers do 4.2% of Gen X 10.5% of millennial's and 20.8% of Genji which range of we follow this trajectory we will all be gay in 20 for critical thinking okay number. I'm just saying that when things change this much this vast people are allowed to ask, what's up with that all the babies are in the wrong bodies like Cap'n Crunch's boots old berries when adults asked the kid what you want to be when you grow up they meant what profession in the wake of America about right. The ACLU recently tweeted a list of those who would be disproportionately harmed by this you think women might top that list no warning on the list second on the list was LGBT really abortion-rights effects gay and trans people more than you know breeders I'm happy for LGBT folks that we now live in an age where they can live their authentic lives openly.

We should always be mindful of respecting and protecting what someone needs to say it. Not everything is about you will learn HBO is an uber liberal himself with an overly broad audience.

But on this subject in the woke thing he's being brutally honest in employing critical thinking, which is where is my loud laugh at this and he keeps it going. It's amazing. He does a great job. It's just critical thinking I would add a biblical worldview that affected his critical thinking on the left is awesome will pick it up there we come back to Steve Noble to Steve Noble show where Bill Marr is quickly becoming my favorite liberal because Bill Marr in his HBO show occasionally and it seems like increasingly is willing to upset the apple cart of his own audience because he's intellectually honest. He sees something, it's true, it doesn't matter all the pressure and all the weight coming from the woke left so the woke agenda in the last two years ago Mars really speaking out about this got a pretty big audience and HBO is very well known and very well liked, especially on the left and he just in that's not he doesn't bend the knee. There okay in this case he's bending his need to know actual honesty to the obvious problems involved in the madness of this transgender movement and again when I talk about this in no uncertain terms. Believe me, I because I counsel people are, but he won't hire all kinds of things. I have a compassionate heart and a Christlike heart when it comes to the issue and the people that are struggling with it.

In reality, what happens to them. I have a soft heart about that.

Then there's the issue and how it manifests in the culture and I'm just going to come right at it because, like Bill Martin going to say we turn children essentially my words on it in the lab rats for what for woke ideology sake. That's when your ideology takes you so far were obviously willing to sacrifice children to mow lack why would we be willing to sacrifice their genitals. The mold luck as well and we do the culture. God help us. So this is Bill Marr talking about the whole transgender things specifically with children okay I got it and filing ago, when adults asked the kid what you want to be right as we carport in the wake of America in the wake of America about to lose abortion-rights. The ACLU recently tweeted a list of those who would be disproportionately harmed by this you think women might top that list no warning on the list second on the list was LGBT really abortion-rights effects gay and trans people more than you know breeders uses humor writing for LGBT folks that we now live in an age where they can live their authentic lives openly. We should always be mindful of respecting and protecting what someone needs to say it.

Not everything is about you and it's okay to ask about something that's very new and involved children, the answer can always be anyone from a marginalized community is automatically right trump card might drop into discussion because were literally experimenting on children. Maybe that's why Sweden and Finland have stopped giving puberty blockers to kids because we just don't know much about the long-term effects. Although common sense should tell you that when you reverse the course of raging hormones.

There's going to be problems. We do know it hinders the development of bone density, which is kind of important. If you like having a skeleton fertility and the ability to have an orgasm seem also to be affected. This is just a lifestyle decision. Its medical weighing trade-offs is not bigotry. Yet my book questioning the sudden uptick in transitioning children was released, a trans lawyer with the ACLU named Chase strange ego tweeted stopping the circulation of this book and these ideas is 100% until I will die on how very several liberties of him chased by the way, has just been named one of the grand marshals of this year's New York City pride March along with three other trans people in a lesbian. What's missing here all right again man that's where we are now men are not for the gay pride parade compared to trends Gaius practically says since his practically Mormon. You identify the fact that this is a phenomenon we need to take into account when we look at this issue. Yes, part of the rise in LGBT numbers is from people feeling free enough to tell it to a pollster and that's all to the good, but some of it is it's trendy penis equals man okay Boomer is right.

Okay then you go there every team is anything to shock and challenge the squares who brought you up. That's why nobody gets a nose ring at 56 and if you haven't noticed that kids doing something for the likes is more important in their own genitals. You haven't been paying attention. Dr. Eric Anderson is a problem is a 71-year-old clinical psychologist who was herself transgender who now says I think it's gone too far.

The Los Angeles Times summarizes she's come to believe that some children identifying trends are falling under the influence of their peers and social media. If you attend a small dinner party of typically very liberal upper income Angelenos.

It is not uncommon to hear parents who each have a trans kid having a conversation about that.

What are the odds of that happening in Youngstown, Ohio. If this spike and trans children is all natural. Why is it regional either Ohio or shaming them or California is creating the right stop there absolutely right.

Why is it regional its normal regional that it's all bogus.

Okay and you get all these parents is what you seen at Disney with those leaked videos that came out because the lead lady that was speaking at Disney about.

We want 50% of our characters in the Disney movies and TV shows to be LGBT QI a plus plus plus then that one of my kids trans and when my kids pansexual and they hang out with other people of like-minded and then they think in their little group that that's representative of the rest of the nation. It isn't that they don't care about the rest of the nation's care about their own view in the view of their friends and so they're caught in this little echo chamber of madness and are willing to in that reprobate state turn children literally in the lab rats and kids out there being messed up by social media digital media and all that mess. It's a social contagion being gay is for many is a social contagion and it's like a virtue signal now. That's why the percentages of people when you come down. The age range. The percentages of those that identify with LGBT QI A+ goes up because now it's a way of kind of virtue signaling I'm a freethinker I'm free minded.

I'll do what I want.

Thank you very much. There's a bit of a shock jock mentality. There, which is always been there for young kids, especially teenagers.

So you go with that and then all of a sudden you inject them with puberty blockers, testosterone or estrogen, or you do a double mastectomy's at 13 and that's just how broken and twisted and yes evil.

This cultures become.

That is the spirit of the age. Without a doubt, all over the place and it's brutal in its heartbreak and you have to step into that with truth and grace, Josh Cameron, American greatness, wrote this. How do Democrats become so out of touch with the American people right because they are look at look at Biden were all clamoring about the big issues that they not him, which is why new Quinnipiac University survey a paltry 31% of Americans approve the way Joe is handling his job independence that numbers up 23% with independent at 23% approval rating versus 67 disapproval. Overall, nearly 3/4 of Americans hope that by does not seek a second term.

So you get all these things going on the southern border four dollars a gallon and above gas yada yada yada. No, not those guys that's not what they're talking about. They're talking about electric cars in his transgendered court" admiral in the health services Department talking about.

We need to make a transgender conversion therapy and everything available to children. Those are big issues not 9% inflation.

The recession that were in. That's gonna be official this week know that stuff, not the southern border in the train right down there on all kinds of levels know know that the hell they want to die on his electric cars thinking people to judge and" admiral Levine messed up individual's transgender man who wants the government to enforce the availability of of trip across hormone therapy and even transitioning surgery to children what what what's up with that. Why are they doing the right Democrats really appreciate that America is truly blessed to sit atop such an abundant wellspring hydrocarbon sets on the issue of power as the contentious subissue of abortion returns of the states following the landmark Dobbs decision congressional Democrats rest to statutorily codify national abortion access right up to birth. What. So be on reality so twisted the priorities of the modern Democrat party are comically out of touch with those the American people who simply want safe community, stable prices, secure borders and be left alone by the covert era biomedical security state Democrats don't talk about it at best. They all right impede those prerogatives. At worst, the dog bit is Democrat parties manipulated by a multifaceted tail that is a grotesque fusion of criminal adulation. Gail worship, Malthusian radicalism, eugenicists, lust, and a gender ideology downstream of the worst excesses of American academia. Maybe that will play well for certain upper West side of West Hollywood voting precinct this November but it won't play very well in real America, which is why you and me better be praying about the selection pray for those in authority over us in November. You better get out and vote for Sam Steve nope and that looking back at Noble show a lot going coming at us this week was just talking to my Facebook and YouTube live friends on the break financially. There's a lot going on this week and we got to GDP stuff going on, which could point to an official definition of a recession. You've got a bunch of earnings coming out and then Thursday, the Fed began to raise rates is to be .75 is beautiful one percentage one point raise. I mean, this can be of a wild week and so were glad to have our good friend David Fisher from landmark capital back in the help guide us landmark and there's a lot of wild things on the tap this week David. But before we go down that road. We should probably gird ourselves up in the word of God so will start their great to hear from you. Thanks for calling. I will make sure you have a lot of oil lamps. Right now, Matthew chapter 25, one through five, but it all fits right in. There's actually more versus truly encountered a historical story but one shows up with time the kingdom of heaven will be like 10 virgins who took their lamps and went out to meet the bridegroom.

Five of them were foolish and Barbara watch once truthful lamps but did not take any oil with them. The wise ones took oil in drawers along with their lamps.

Bridegroom was a long time in coming and they all became drowsy and fell asleep while initially you know the Oreo talks about our commitment or obedience or love or passion for Christ serving him and making sure that we have. We walk in the spirit of the fruits of the spirit and we don't want out this long ways that were not of this world, but will passing through to make sure all exposures were plugged indoor sorcery to make sure you have the will, so that when we meet the bridegroom Jesus face-to-face, you'll say well done good service. So that's the spiritual side you know I hate to apply it this way, but this might be a good reference to moving into uncertain times and certain, and the time when you want to be engaged want to oil when you want to be engaged not just mutually although that is the most important thing want to be engaged in your money and this is where you want to make sure you have your looking at your 401(k) or IRA other things and making sure you're in prayer and in word and also getting consultation from those leaving can give group financial ideas, not just me, but others so that you can prepare for this next phase. Whatever may happen in the marketplace because the foolish virgins really think about how long it might take to the bridegroom so and they were put there and that's that.

That happens to an alarmingly and shockingly, and sadly high percentage of Americans who don't prepare great great were David and a great application. Thank you so much for that. So I mention this week up a bunch of important is going on. So what should we be aware so you might be the most important week of the summer traders are bracing themselves for busy week with corporate earnings over, coming out, they came out last week with the start of it all, but much of this focus this week is based on two other things Wednesday the Federal Reserve more than likely going raise rates .75 basis points recorder to point open to a recorder and big news GDP report will come out the second quarter and that looks like it's not going to be necessarily a good one is probably going to be negative which means we will officially be in a recession yet so this is kind of like a perfect storm earnings are gonna thing with Wall Street is even when they surpass their earnings stated earnings goals.

Wall Street can still spanking today than passive enough. Then again, GDP comes out negative, then by definition were in a recession and the when they raise the rates. Do I mean this is like a perfect storm this week is unfortunately by ministration on your cultural stones or presidents for ministration, but when there's far-off like we gotta be the balancing word environment, financially speaking. In this case the binder ministration has preempted this report to GDP last last quarter GDP came in negative at 1.6%, and now this thing is going to fall by 2.1%. The Fed is anticipating that but the White House economic Council is saying or saying something that been established for three decades that both Republicans and Democrats and Independents have all agreed upon how you know. Every session is to negative court that it really is amazing. I was referencing that early when I heard that before. I don't know if his earlier today or over the weekend, David. I'm like they're actually trying to redefine the word recession go online and look at Isaiah complicated. Now when you have two quarters of negative growth in GDP. That is a recession, by definition, but of course this is the same party that wants to find what it means to be a woman and a man in every other thing. You're right so you know, economically, and the voice of reason is the people who are in the trenches. Steve topsy knows here's the article top CEOs recession is coming in.

In this article it says watch what the people who own small businesses close 73, 67% of the revenue to the government comes from small businesses in the last 25 years, according to reports from job growth and that was done. Most recently, shows that small business owners, 48% of them believe were already in a recession and another 30 to say it when we hear percent of small business orders. Things were either here or listen to the voice of reason, the ones that are in the trenches prices rising inflation, disengaged denying there is inflation and there is no recession coming, it's really remarkable.

Recessions tend to last a means to be two quarters and this is this is that this is a different game while Gander was fabricating saying if we recession it will store play recessions or 19 months, which puts us into your 2024. About six months into it so don't try to always say this time it will be different with happen too many times. It wasn't much different environment. The time to be battening down the hatches of always said that since December of last year and some accurate and I think it's still not out of the woods. The Fed will deftly raise rates this week. I think anybody's in a disagreement about that is this just kind of slowly but surely applying more more pressure to the brakes and in this happened. What's got to be the effect is trying to tighten the money take money out of the system and the problem with that is, take out, not enough to really make a difference in raising rates is not to make a significant amount of difference because perfecting is the demand side of things. So we have, yes, we have inflation but I said three months ago raising rates of up to 70% was for naught is really not to do much older than it is because higher prices and abandoning the idea of raising getting rates to normalization.

Normalization is 5.3% normal if it is going to pay that before we get them back the other direction. Another, more people are saying the feathers coming on and pivoting rich chocolate you save it for when they do, you're going to see a huge movement up in gold just just amazing to say just the house on fire to try anything they can to see their political skin on this one. You mentioned gold so what's the news on the market for gold and silver.

It's been a really interesting year. So, more more people as we been talking the last month and 1/2 are coming out and saying I think there's about nine analysts and newsletter writers that are very well but will that do not own global companies do not sell gold but are saying when the Fed pivots your ministry a big run in gold. We have another one that saying it and I just mentioned his name rich trucking is also another guy name of Frank Holmes uses the same thing and he said he said the feds could pivot around Thanksgiving. Richard saying some work before the end of the year and when this happens, global reach within the next 12 months $2400 with schools in line with Bank of America $2000 of the year. Wells Fargo 2250. The crop is still holding his position in the next 5 to 10 years $300 over $5000 gold, but not all gold markets are the same. While the markets have paper market has gone down 5.5% should be delicate percent because the dollars going up over 11%, physical markets markets are the same markets have gone up 12.8% in the physical markets going up 9% and the same thing and silver silver paper market is down 20% nickel silver market is up 7% or greater. So no time to be learning that there is this disconnect between the paper market, market, company, and learn about how to get protected.

Education is the key here and what aspect of investment were talking about so people like okay I want to get educated on seeing what's happening is you're buying or doing things that get educated for lack of wisdom with the Vatican impacted 575 again the number is 575 or landmark awesome God bless you buddy. Thanks for all the help. As always, will talk to you next week. I will talk you have a great week. This is Steve Noble and his normal self. God willing I talked again real soon. Like my dad always used to say never for another program powered by the Truth Network

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