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July 19, 2022 11:56 am

The Babylon Bee!

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July 19, 2022 11:56 am

The Babylon Bee!

Kyle Mann calls in for the show today to discuss The Babylon Bee and how it is run and produced for the whole hour of the show.

Our goal is to apply Biblical Truth to the big issues of the day and to spread the Good News of the Gospel to as many people as possible through the airwaves as well as digitally. This mission, like others, requires funding.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network is the noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics.

Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and truth. Sacred call Steve now 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble back after a little emergent trip up to New York, who had a really terrible action and to root canal yesterday soon actually in the ER Sunday morning. It was so bad and I started a week ago and God was kind and gracious and I was able to get up there and be with her and then just got to great endodontist yesterday and she doing much better. So if you think about that. Pray for our daughter Amelia full recovery and just grateful and thankful that I could get up there and be with her. If you're a parent you know what that's like anyway lets a good be back in back in the chair here today and will be back on dwelling tomorrow and then Thursday I should be live down in Greenville South Carolina with our friends at BJ you seminary doing the show down there with Brent Rathbun and then Friday back in the house and in just as riproaring in the got a lot going on and this Friday in an incredible book that my wife that somebody had given it to her. Imagine heaven by John Burke is a pastor in Texas and he did just an extensive study of all these near-death experiences around the world. Believers and nonbelievers different faiths. Fascinating encouraging. I think you'll find it challenging in encouraging all same times as Friday, but let's start with a few headlines showing me saw this one retiring Dr. Felty to be honored with a 21 booster shot salute how apropos congregation braces themselves for a rough seven minutes after worship leader says next song is original. MPR clarifies disinformation teams job. I appreciate this one will be to spread more this information that's excellence. This was good for those of you with a big heart out there. 10 ways to help the struggling people of Ukraine with minimal effort. Another good one and see another 10 you call the police criticize Indiana Mall arm citizen for not waiting around outside for an hour.

These are shocking headlines, are they not in there is a point behind them, and for those of us that are a little bit older. You're still wondering whenever I post anything receive something from the Babylon BU ticket 100% seriously and not quite sure what's going on there and it's a Christian website. Nevertheless, and so what's the deal with the Babylon B would love the Babylon BM a big fan and I was in Nashville recently and heard that the two head honcho's over there, the Bab by lobby and wanted to get him on the show and and ran in the car home.

Even his bride walking through the monstrous hotel there and I was kind enough to engage me.

We had good conversation and he was kind enough to agree to be on the show today Kyle, me and editor-in-chief of the Babylon B.

How are you brother very welcome. Thanks for your time. I know it's limited and probably stretched, but really appreciate you being on today and it's been funny. Kyle and I want to get into the background in the history of the PEN in your history there, talk about all the different things that God has done here. It's very interesting.

What do we call it a ministry. I don't know will get into all of that, but it's really been funny over the last couple years to watch people on 56 my age in a particularly struggle not knowing how to take you guys when they see these satirical headlines out there. I'm sure you guys see a lot of that yourself, you will you know we have a fun job of making up fake news by reading the real line in a real struggle trying to work out with something more absurd than doing it already happened. So yes, our everyday man. Yes, we are living in absurdity so to go beyond that really takes some unique gift and some talent so let's jump in the in the in the outcome of the way back machine and then working end up by the end of the show. By the way, everybody. This will make sense to you when we get to the new book that Kyle's involvement that just came out, the postmodern, Pilgrim's progress, which will be hilarious will all make sense as we flow through this, but let let's jump in the in the way back machine here, Kyle, and just help us understand where the Babylon B come from in the first place will order was writing a Deuteronomy performed comic so very very near theological audience for this web comic would make some serious point, on everyday life and politics as well as theology and you read the headline from the onion and talking until you know agree with you guys, but I really appreciate good humor that they viewed to make this point that I wish there was something I was some kind of outlet you know could communicate a biblical worldview or the lease was written from our perspective, but doesn't hate Christian but has a good we want Babylon B back in March 2015, and overnight viral that you know because I think he had a good defensive. There was a real void for that kind of thing inside the church. I don't think we laugh nearly enough inside the church.

I don't think a lot of Christians probably struggle with satire as they do a circuit is not sarcasm trying to figure out is there something wrong with me. If I'm laughing at salacious headline. That's actually satirical in end but but I think there's a great need out there, you guys have seen this obviously with the immense success that you had that people just need you know I often say that a lot of us Christians, especially conservative evangelicals people that went to places I don't like the Masters college. Sometimes we can have fast face right were so uptight were so disappointed in the world that we forget. It's okay to laugh every once in a while.

How dear you fine people. How dear you over.

I canceled one of the joke is often the person can't laugh at a joke, I think we think we Christians have figured that out, and that's why people may have me all about her. I got a humor in good to be able to lock yourself. And it's really Christians and people on the right kind of seated the humor straight to the left to the secular left for so long. Humor is a gift from God. And it's great to be able to log not so seriously.

It takes away. It really hit that our pride in it, humbled you a little bit to be able to look at your own culture.

You know, a small church culture or whatever it is and be able to laugh so that's kind of the mission that were trying to accomplish.

What do you think because there there's really nobody gets out alive at the Babylon B it's not like you're just making fun of a ridiculous headlines in the world of politics and theology in the church and the culture in general and in a really there's no escape for us as Christians and sometimes like you said Kyle we take ourselves way too seriously. Real quick up against the first break, put on hold.

I look forward to unfolding this hour with you. We got a lot of ground to cover what Kyle man.

He's the editor-in-chief of the Babylon B and if you find yourself getting upset and offended and you're just shocked at some of the things that we might talk about and being humorous. Well Babylon B would say take it up with God will be right back. I went by way of Facebook Liber YouTube live yada yada yada. You can join me right here in the studio and I also legal stop and we also conversation during the break. If you're on Facebook or YouTube during the show or the podcast so you want to have it your way. Whenever where you get podcast were on all the big ones were on Apple world spot a five were on iHeartRadio above about all those different places so you can catch it whenever you want today. I hope you brought a healthy dose of humor with you because were talking the Kyle man, the editor-in-chief of the Babylon B and hears these and and and then Kyle, I want to throw one out you on the just a curveball. This just happened like an hour ago but here some months I like this one unduly transition woman probably runs over first curb now Kyle that I mean there's a lot of women out there that are probably offended by that, don't you think the woman anyway. The real you would go there.

Of course, one biologist, I'm just a talk radio show guy that teaches homeschoolers as well so let me ask you this, and I want to die back into what's going on at the Babylon be, by the way everybody if you're not supporting the Babylon be in one way or another. I am up to subscribe the battle and be as well as not to be and that's kind of that the serious side of it and were also going to talk about the postmodern Pilgrim's progress. A new book that Kyle's involved with by the end of the show but go to those out and support them. It whether it's on Facebook or twitter where you can't always read their stuff anyway. But Babylon and support these guys there. There doing a great thing here in the nation and around the world and using humor to make a point which we all need to be wise as serpents and gentle as Dobson and sometimes you can be a little edgy with that. So like an hour ago. Kyle AOC and a bunch other members of the squad were arrested outside the Supreme Court because they were blocking the street you're not supposed to do that you can protest but can't block the street and so they've got AOC on camera summary film, but of course because everybody's a cameraman out and she's walking away and you just see her from the front and she's got her hands behind her back class together like she's cuff but when she walks by the camera is actually not coughed, and then she puts her power. It's kind of a funny moment, but how long will it take you guys with something that's a breaking news story like that. How long will it take you for some like that to show up to be will recurrently workshop for now though in the next hour. I like my writer here. These structures will include Hannibal lector gurney and rolled her away invisibly handcuffed and taken away invisible quick car to invisible Jill you were worried look.

Look for something along those lines coming soon that's that's going to be beautiful. So how would you tell them to buy like a coward he working at the Babylon B.

How do you explain the mission like what's the mission of the B. All we are speaking through using humor and you know that there's a wide kind of range of applications of an different ways that humor communicate truth on the one level you know what we're talking about before the break, humor, communicate something about the nature of God.

People want to communicate talking about her place in the universe.

I think there's a real humility that comes out of humor help people cope with difficult times it can they can get us through. It can make us look at the news and not get stripped out, but instead be able to laugh at how silly a lot of the things that we do our there's a sense in which you know humor is like defying the darkness. You look at look at the evil that looming on the horizon and you laughed about it so I think there's something really powerful, divinely powerful about humor and also to her on the way of communicating a message that the way that you can't really get with straight talk. GK Chesterton once wrote, humor can get in under the door wall seriousness is still fumbling up to handle and so that's kind of how we look at it is that you can write so many blog posts you can have so many different radio host, you know, some good some not so good and you know all speaking just the truth in a straight way to be able to reach so many people were humor can can can get to know in a way where your guard down. You haven't thought about it like for something like me. That never pictured myself being in radio doing this kind of stuff years ago, but I started listening to Rush Limbaugh when I was probably 20 to 30, and the guy understood the power of humor used it all the time. Lots of satire even did songs and had songs created. He deftly understood the power of humor as well as just being entertaining.

And if all you do is talk about doom and gloom all the time for us as Christians. Kyle, I've struggled with this for years. I became an activist in 2004 radio started in 2007 and I just spent so much time in the doom and gloom in the brokenness of the world that I sell my joy down the river for a bowl of stew as if this is all there is, and that God is in still ruling the universe with his feet up and I think that's been a really a huge blessing for the Babylon be to people like me and a lot of others, obviously, is that it just causes you to pause laugh a little bit and you. When you look at the ridiculousness of the world, but we remain brokenhearted, your gospel guy am a gospel guide. Babylon B is made up of gospel people.

We understand that there's brokenness out there, but man, it can certainly drag you down if you not willing to smile and even laugh a only consume the news but I think there is some truth to it, and that while you're scrawling your newsfeed because doom scrolling where you put them through and getting more more depressed and all of a sudden you feel Babylon B. Headline, you know, our hope is that we did a double take and go. Oh you know what the joke of relief that comes with that you know you can laugh at you can laugh at her current event news headline rather than be freaked out by running up a good thing you guys help each other. Walking through all this because I mean, I do live radio five days a week and have for years and I really have to check myself there's all kinds of things in my flesh I want to say, but in the spirit will hold me back how you guys deal with that because humor specially can be dangerous away the way a lot of different considerations when you're putting a joke out there.

You, is it worth it. You may have a really clever joke and you know what it the wrong idea to hold it, you know that the joke isn't really funny enough when you weighed against the risk of how some people are to get offended by it.

The look and all of those considerations, you know, like we want a list of things that are lovely and good.

An excellent, and praiseworthy in all that like we don't dearly want ye. You will have the perfect joke really goes for the jugular and you're like it's not helpful to hold back on the constant editorial consideration of every chemical joke yet. I think more of us could probably use that kind of approach when it comes to our social media lives in general. Whether it involves humor or not. How did you find your way there we can hit the break in about a minute, but let's start that.

How did you end up at the butt at the battle and become yet I did. I started sending and headline on everything in one Holy Spirit, unable to move through congregation's fog machine breaks and I fired the data Babylon be launched and I was quickly hired a writer working normal construction sales job and eventually got hired full time of the other and she quit my job made the leap into the wide, exciting world and fast-growing world of Christian news satire yes and you guys are titanic of that at least three iceberg talk about some icebergs out there trying to think you guys a talk about cancel culture when we come back, put you on hold while talking talking to Kyle Mann, editor-in-chief of the Babylon fee. Make sure you follow them, twitter, Facebook, other YouTube channel. The websites the Babylon talk about Elon musk is back in Steve Noble to Steve Noble show spent in the hour today talking while man is of the Babylon B.

Make sure you follow the be wherever you can, Facebook, YouTube video content will talk about that, twitter when they're not band and speaking of that, Kyle.

Again, thanks so much for your time today. I can't imagine how busy you guys are, but we really appreciate your time as well as you in and of itself something so much you aren't so cancel culture.

Let's talk about that because you guys been through the ringer on that.

So take us back, when that first happened, and what that was like for everybody at the Babylon beat all of a sudden be ground zero for cancel culture on the Babylon B pretty much did it want you to meet with media, news network, New York Times, CNN note book twitter Instagram you know, you name it and we we had run-ins with with with them when it comes to censorship of comedy, which is just funny. You know what happened but I was saying is back checking satire ridiculous in and of itself. It's ridiculous. So back in 2018 2017. We have an article that was seen in purchases industrial washing machine to spin the new and you know, kind of a stupid joke, but it got checked in and Facebook told us that we were going to have our reach reduced end of your "on the demonic or sharing speak news because we could see you and in the news in a washing machine that I was the first time that her eyes were kind of opened how ridiculous the spectators are when they come after comedy but yet the more recently we've we've been down for twitter.

We still haven't gone back on their because he refused to bend the knee to their definition of man and one woman. Though it's been a great firm for an organization like the Babylon B Kyle. These are serious issues because you mentioned the platforming and end in Facebook turning down the reach, because that has that has an effect on monetizing the platform in general right of me that's a serious deal.

It's not just an annoyance or thought, please.

This is, this actually affects the bottom line of the business community element laugh, but also like we don't have a twitter account. We can ask the sorrow we can reach our 1.5 million followers on twitter. All of a sudden one joke that would like and that's the scary thing when you have these big corporations that can just kind of flipped the switch based on their own ideology and all of a sudden were unable to reach people so it's been a real problem in a real challenge for us to overcome the critical jokes.

These guys actually been willing to have a substantive conversation about this to the rest of us.

Your average person after intellectually honest in all this and they would go all the okay this is satire. This is comedy.

So the same rules don't apply. It's not like regular cortical journalism. Yet we get you they won't really know will you will be may want really get back to you. We have a post deleted from Facebook and we reached out and the appeal process and are like no you know where to do manual review and yet here you really are calling for violent which is ridiculous. It was just a silly Monty Python joke of your telling you know there's kind of an algorithm component for the AI will flag something is problematic. But then humans will come along and review it and that's correct, you know you're you're flying from information it's really just talking in circles. When you try to appeal these things to the big tech company still has the there. There attempts at canceling the Babylon B has that ultimately turnaround is this kind of a Joseph situation and what Satan intended for evil God is used for good, because obviously it enrages the base and it makes us want to support you even more. And it gets the word out there, even more so is that, come full circle at this point you will strike down the Babylon B will become more powerful right close to my heart Kyle when you drop something Star Trek reference you well turn to me to trigger you yeah you right it does help us on one level, but in the long term like what every network server decided we couldn't do it on their on their servers and whatever email provider decided we can email our payment processor decided that we can't make money from our subscribers. The point at which that's no longer true that doesn't help us at all, but in the short term is obviously some benefits because people see how ridiculous it is on yeah but it's not slowing you guys down because you're expanding a lot doing a lot more video content which I want to get to, but I wanted after a quick I what what was it like to spend that time with you en masse. That was a fascinating interview. The time we we've had one day to prepare for that is randomly sure you can view me and we flew on did it seem like such a genuine guy genuine guy in such a real real thinker you know you have a question about rocket science and he talked about it for 10 minutes.

You could have a question about philosophy or weakness or whatever he could go on for 10 or 15 minutes on so with his shooting thing to pick one of the great minds of our generation.

So what was it like when you guys got towards the end of the conversation turned towards the gospel to nothing was raised around an Anglican church or something so we have some basic knowledge speak out altar call at the end of all of our interviews were making fun of bad Christian movies that we did that and he got laughed about it didn't kind of dig deeply into the things that he thinks about God and talk about his experience with Anglican church so it was kind of interesting to see him mind like his Russell was the gospel and wrestle with the claims the gospel to interpret ortho.

I was really thinking. I appreciated that he engaged no way.

I mean you're going to meet with you guys.

The Babylon B. You know they're all believers and committed believers to think that that wouldn't come up would be like having lunch with Elon musk and thinking you wouldn't talk about space travel. Yeah, absolutely. I mean really nice looking really great. Even you don't give us the time of day, much less to our interview yeah it was great of him to be able to actually engage the question in a serious way? You make somebody laugh with an awkward yell on the spot altar call and actually say what you want. Here are my thoughts on God.

So it was interesting to actually talk about the gospel and the things of God with one of the wealthiest men in the world, yet really it was it was really incredible to see that happen.

We should all be willing to get ourselves into those awkward moments with anybody rich or poor. I talked about some of the new things that the bees do and you guys are getting into a lot of video content now which is been great but it's on the horizon. What you doing now. A lot of the one area that were greatly longer for video content and are secure cool videos on earth are you too can we just did a video rehab Satan respond to give the postgame press conference to Roe V Wade being overturned and that was you know those videos go so far you commenting on a current event in a way that make people think you're doing it in a way to make them laugh with kind of the trademark Babylon B Drive voice order to continue to grow that you continue to push the boundaries in different formats, a lot of fun, exciting stuff coming up here pretty so I got a big kick out of that one. That's a 1.2 million views. I just put the links up for the Babylon B YouTube channel a seat responds Roe versus Wade overturned, I was your classic postgame kind of environment who played Satan because I mean obviously had the spray painted his whole body was hilarious. Jared, who is one of our actors and what kind of cohost a podcast sometime to help with writing is a professional actor been a lot of different stuff and he did such a great job.

You know, I wrote the script for that and I'm sitting right off camera telling him like super dry deliver it completely straight character voices and act but he was able to deliver such a great driveway that we just love the video and all that stuff is great for us as a kid.

Kyle mostly looking, but I know Maya my family would say that I was always the one that was firing off a witty comment or some sarcastic comments to they definitely look for that bit of a satirist treated me like I was particularly funny, but I think the audience lasted. What's your favorite thing about working at the be these days. I mean, it's been a wild ride and when we come back on a talk about the postmodern Pilgrim's progress book but a day in the life of Kyle man what what your life like at the Babylon B. Yet, we are likely to create a surreal things that we get to do just this week, and we got to go to Vegas and freedom to interview Sen. Rand Paul and interview John call you in on a meeting so many people are just like I don't even know how I got here. We just don't feel worthy of connection telling jokes. You don't do it is the crazy thing well and I think it's it's showing us the value of what you doing again I mentioned that earlier.

I think we all really need to kind of assertively get ourselves into a situation where we can lighten up a little and laugh because like I said before, I think we can easily sell our joy down the river just based on the breaking news of the day in our faith should be a lot stronger than that were talking to Kyle man, the editor-in-chief of the Babylon B.

Talk about the postmodern Pilgrim's progress which will be hilarious.

That's the new book link up with that as well with Kyle man, editor-in-chief, the Babylon B this is Steve Noble Misty Noble show will be right back. Noble show reading directly from the Babylon website hopefully been checked by Snopes. The Babylon B is the world's best satire site remains me belt best coffee in the world. He walks in congratulations and I totally inherent in all truth claims we write satire about Christian stuff political stop in everyday life. The Babylon beat was created. Exner Hilo. Nothing on the eighth day of creation week exactly 6000 years ago. We have been the premier news source through every major world event from the Tower of Babel in the Exodus to the Reformation and the war of 1812 And what your class I we focus on just the facts, leaving spin and bias to other sites like CNN and even Fox News that trigger you if you like to complain about something on our site.

Take it up with God. Unlike other satire sites everything we posted 100% verified by Snopes, which gives me a great comfort and allows me to sleep tonight after this interview Kyle Kyle man, editor-in-chief, the Babylon B. Thanks so much again for being here is ever serious. No excellent well-meaning weekly with an angle, you can always get away with once in a while will do that on Good Friday we always publish an article that the report is finished, you know, and I think there is a power to be able to throw that in like once in a while but were still using our kind of Babylon B news reporting voice for that kind of yeah yeah which is really enjoyable. Okay, so that the book that just came out, the postmodern Pilgrim's progress in allegorical tale, and in part why did you pick the Pilgrim's progress and then how do you then take a postmodern take on the Pilgrim's progress is by you Kyle man and Joel Barry progress. The basic structure we have walking down the narrow road trying to get to the celestial and I love that I love the original progress. I love the setup of it is so great because you can just plug in all the different like contagion. The Christians face and your people from outside the space that are challenging you are try to call you off the road a lot of humor in the original Pilgrim's progress as well because you know you have the guys walk on the road and you will guide it comes up to my name is idiot. You know, follow me off the road you Christian, you know, does he always followed the guy off the road you doing you know but I think there's a real satire. There you can look at it and you go. Oh, this is this is how I live my life to Antarctica, Screwtape editor, Screwtape letters style satire to it. Probably not intentional on bunions part, yes, but I think you were there, and so we kind of took to just turn it up to 11 you know I had a lot of Babylon B style humor be plugged in characters from the modern church that our character encounters on his road to heaven.

So the idea. It's funny, moving, you know, it has the real meaning for people and it's a little allegory of the modern Christian life. And so when you're when you're coming up with something like that you wanted to be fine in attaining these the people that will understand the Pilgrim's progress in, and that incredible book that well has is a homeschooling family that's like you can't be homeschooling family unless you do something with Pilgrim's progress. They just really out of the club but but when you do that and like when you look at another book like the Babylon B's guide awoke this out, what's that what's the ultimate goal.

Pray over the postmodern Pilgrim's progress.

Kyle asked the Lord to do something with it what you are asking them to do yet we book the exact wording, but we dedicated the book to like the quiet, you know, the ones who are struggling forward, one step at a time in our Christian life. You know we've been small churches you know where there's like a pastor who's just been faithful for 30 years. Still only has 25 congregation members were all mad at him for the color of the carpet you know and that's the kind of do you the you know thing that we want to encourage his quiet ordinary faithfulness. So often we want the Christian faith communities dig exciting battles and big moments in a calm but most of the Christian faith is just trying to be critical to the gospel and trying to struggle your way to church on Sunday morning. Really what we want to encourage people with looking at the dedication page. This book is dedicated to the quiet faithful forgotten on earth but remembered and have an answer once a struggle to keep moving forward one obedient step at a time.

Solely Dale Gloria to God the glory alone in and that's and that's the reality for all of us. Whether your unknown entity or not.

I think in the in the city of God when it eventually comes down here and we see these amazing things in these amazing homes in the mansions offer that plays out in heaven. While who's is that Billy Graham as it was that and I think most of the times going to. You never heard of. At least not yet. And that's that clinic quiet struggle dealing with the paradoxes and the tension of the Christian life walking through and we all look at and compare ourselves at all. I don't do anything like Babylon, B, and so I am yada yada, but to God's not judging any of us based on one another is judging us people in the faith based on our faithfulness to whatever happens in our own lives. So how do you guys like whether it's with the book the postmodern Pilgrim's progress and got links up on Facebook life for everybody you can just go there. it's easy enough to get there. The postmodern Pilgrim's progress.

How you kind of look at your mission.

Now you been at it for a while in and what you you personally. Kyle, what you really trying to affect in the world in terms of the kingdom perspective. A little simple thing like we want to put humor out there in the world and we think humor is a good end in and of itself too often I think Christians, especially Protestant, you know we we use our used books and humor. Each unit is to be super didactic and we we want to really make our point and so we put the message in front of the ark for you have Christian movies that are very good to have a gospel presentation at the end of the terrible movies nobody no option but to that's kind of that's going too long been the standard in the hole in the Christian you want humor. That's good. We want to be funny. First, you know, I think, but at the same time.

When you are funny and when you are coming from the true you know biblical worldview that aligned with the reality. You're also going to become truth on the world and affecting culture that's kind of a nice byproduct of what we do, but ultimately like we want to have fun. We want Christians to know that it's okay to laugh, especially ourselves and want to expose the ridiculousness of the secular worldview out there that's encroaching on our territory all the time all the time and the things that I appreciate about the battle and be in the headlines are coming out her new video on the YouTube channel is that so many of us in the in the evangelical world the Christian world at this point in history, and here in America. I think far too many of us are on her heels and were afraid to kind of engage in as if as if we don't have the truth as if her on defense, but we actually should be on offense and even the gates of hell can prevail against us. And I think that's one of the things I really appreciate about you guys that you lean into the moment the cultural moment you're not afraid of you lean into it and go after you mentioned movies they got to make one. I think I should do like you mentioned it earlier. Oh, I just lost six and 56 John Cleese and those guys Monty Python think I know I'm allowed to say that I Christian radio.

But you guys Monty Python ask movies British comedy troupe in the 1970s for all the homeschoolers was putting the program. Yet we would look like that we are making connections and working on right now and we would absolutely love to take our brand of video comedy and dry satire gets comedy and and put it in a longer form and you'll get a doctor to a wider audience be a lot of fun to do it with excellence that that's one of the things I appreciate you saying that I've been around a lot of Christian movies and Kristi move and make Christian moviemakers for the past 15 years and and you know we produced a lot of the movies. Sometimes that's being generous. But if you can call yourself a Christian and claim the model date you should work with excellence like I would be super excited to see you guys do that. What about reaching into the secular world have you guys everything Kyle some people that are outside the faith that get a little interested because you guys are thrown a curveball about Longview not only speaks to the Christian market. You know what the postmodern Pilgrim's progress is squarely in that market but because were trying to do things the glory of God and do things excellently and then and be funny and in really reflecting what we believe is true reality that God has a sense of humor and still death is accurate, humor enough to resonate with people far beyond just our Christian audience to constantly get people reaching out to up to our atheist or secular leftists and their dislike feature politics and everything you believe in. You know you get a pretty funny pretty cool. Can the serious, like report, it is finished. So the message get Dr. yeah that's right. And then they have to consider the fact that the Christians maybe are not exactly what they think we are in.

And anytime you can get a bus that preconceived notion I think that's great to ask questions. Kyle, how can we support everything. You and everybody at the be is doing and how can we pray for you guys. Yeah absolutely we let people support us financially enough to great way for us to break away from social media so you know we think we can support herself even if we start out as basically we proceed our paying subscribers precursors that we continue to retain a great sense of humor about things that God would continue to bless us with great ideas and fun ideas that bring glory to him and the people left yeah that's awesome and so well said Kyle again think so much for your time and thanks for all your efforts and everybody else there at the be. We really appreciate you. It's a huge blessing. You make me laugh all the time, which is great help somebody out, like me, God bless you my brother think so much for your time Opal will do it again. Take care. This is Steve Noble boy that was great Kyle just a wonderful guy, soft-spoken, humble and just amazing that what God has allowed to have happened with the battle and be in expanding their reach and their impact in this struggle, I struggle with and sometimes I like all share this when I want share another one that between you and the Holy Spirit, but I'm there out there engaging the world.

Whereas a lot of Christians are not working-or problem they are not there, leaning into an engaging world. Pray for them and support them battle and this is Steve Noble and Steve Noble shall, God willing. I talked to get real soon. Like my dad always used to say perform another program powered by the Truth Network

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