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July 1, 2022 3:49 pm


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July 1, 2022 3:49 pm


Steve takes callers and asks them, “Are you proud to be an American?” Is being proud making America an idol?

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show you why you work. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God on his shoulders and walked through no sacred cows call Steve Bell 86 34 through 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble proud that I know I'm all that good but that is a topic that I love to talk about. Are you proud to be an American. Are you proud of America and hasn't changed it all for you over the last several years. Maybe it went up under trump, but now under Biden you're like no I think the country is in terrible shape. Not too excited about state of the nation and so that does that affect whether you're proud to be an American or not. In an is not even the right way of looking at proud to be an American versus perhaps grateful to be an American. As we come up on the July 4 weekend and come up on Monday, which is a big deal and if you understand the Declaration of Independence and you come a study that by the way, on Monday I will be here live next week while I'm playing a show that I did a few years ago, around July 4, which was all about the Declaration of Independence and a full story behind it is a lot to enter a 50 page research paper on that become of the confluence and the intersection of a Christian worldview, a biblical worldview and the declaration so looking at a bunch of different things and the preaching of the time leading up to that era. In 1776 and a Thomas Jefferson one influence time is a fascinating subject, and something that you know is America a Christian nation. While that's a big question that the complicated question and is not like yes or no is the appropriate answer because it isn't that doesn't do it justice in order to properly understand it and even asking the question, are you proud to be an American. Good Little League Greenville.

I want everything to Greenwood takes you there right we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and The Pursuit of Happyness. That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.

That's called the social contract that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, they try to take away your God-given rights. It's the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundations on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.

And then when you jump over to the U.S. Constitution you go to the preamble the U.S. Constitution. We the people United States in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, the people coming behind us, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

I would point you specifically to that first line where it says in order to form a more perfect union, not a perfect union, but a more perfect union, essentially in the Constitution. That's a statement of the desire to see national sanctification to see the country improve has it improved over time, and a whole Lotta ways. Yes, in a few ways. No. But how do you wrestle that. So here's two poles that just came out in them and open up the phones here today to ask you and let's work through this and there's no right or wrong answer here just want to can work through this together. Are you proud to be an American.

Are you proud of the country so this is an Fox News. I share this before. Pride in US down significantly. The percentage of people who are proud of their country is down 12 points from 2017 and down 30 points in 2011. Are you proud of the country today.

That's a question that was asked June 2020, 22, 39% said yes, 56, 56% said no. I'm not proud of the country today and so then you break that down and go little bit further, Democrats, Republicans and independents. Are you proud of the country today. Democrats, 46% said yes 48% said no Republicans 36% said yes you proud of the country today more Democrats than Republicans that yes is that because were tying it strictly to the fact that Joe Biden the Democrats in office 36% Republican said yes. I'm proud 60% said no independents 29% said yes 64% said no, no, that looks good for Biden. By the way and break it down further.

Men, women, black voters and Hispanic voters. Yes, I'm proud of the countrymen only 41% women, 36% black voters 45% in Hispanic voters 35% notes look back a little so if you go back to June 2017. Same question, yes, are you are you proud of the country and your answer is yes and 20 1758% of men said yes versus 41% today, 44% of women said yes versus 36% today. Only 34% of black voters said yes and 2017 that's gone up to 45% today which is interesting because Joe Biden is bad for all of it, but Donald Trump was good for just about all of especially for a lot of numbers and economy numbers economic numbers rafting Americans and Hispanic voters in June 20, 1757 percent of Hispanic owner said yes.

I'm proud of the country. That's a little bit into Trump's first year right and then June 20 22, 35% down to 35% yes proud of the country. What about you. Are you proud of the country and is that a different question than proud to be in Americans.

Let's jump over this one and I want you to call in today and unless you talk through this how you feel about America you proud of America. Are you concerned are you as proud of her today as you were 20 years ago under Ronald Reagan under Donald Trump. Does that change for you, your feelings about America dependent on his in the White House 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number at work through this together.

Today I proud to be an American. Are you proud of the country where she's at today. Do you have some concerns. Were you out on that scale from 1 to 10, 10 man crank it all eight cylinders were kicking a baby 10. I'm all about intent to mutant or one this place is a train wreck going down fast. The Titanic is sinking you look at it that way. If you'd like. 866-34-TRUTH 878847. Just thinking about hotdogs and hamburgers and barbecues and pools and beaches and in family and all that good stuff that we generally do around July 4. Let's think a little more deeply today while we have this time together. How do you feel about the state of the nation you proud to be American. Are you less proud today than you were 10 years ago.

20 years ago 866-34-TRUTH 87884's are number 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH, here's another one in Gallup polling just came out record low 38% are extremely proud to be American, 30% of US adults who say they are extremely proud to be an American is the lowest in Gallup's trend which began in 2001. Still, together with 27% who are very proud 65% of US adults express pride in the nation. Another truck 22% say they are moderately proud 19% are only a little bit 4% not at all slightly different look here in the Fox News poll and it sure seems like patriotism and pride of nation to slipping slipping for you to 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH, welcome back, and will show hope you have a great July holiday weekend. Let me ask you that question. Are you proud of the country today. Are you proud of the country today. That's the question.

The Fox News was asking in their Poland and they had a whole lot of people saying no, not really. They had 39% said yes.

56% said no yes proud of. Yes, I'm proud of the countrymen only 41% women. Only 36% black voters 45% Hispanic voters 35% and those numbers are significantly lower than they were just five years ago in June 2017. That's when Trump was present. Now Biden's president were totally different story and overhear what the Gallup poll, 30% of it knows the different kind of polkas are asking, are you extremely proud, very proud, moderately proud. Only a little or not at all. So there giving you a bunch of choices of some level of proud in them only for personal only one choice of not at all, only a little. So what they're finding is this number slipping.

So whether you look at the Fox News poll of the Gallup poll are both saying pride in the country and in patriotism.

If you put that in the same pot are slipping in. My question for you is, is that happening to you, are you less proud of America today than you were five years ago or 10 years ago. 20 years ago.

And then, consequently, does that mean you're less proud to be American 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is our number 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH.

How do you feel about America today.

How does that change for you and can you love it and be concerned about it.

Can you be a patriot and still be humble about it because I sent proud to be American. At this point my walk as a Christian and like to get a little nervous about throwing the P word around. After all, adjusted finished pride month which, thank God it's July really tired of rainbows and all the other mess anyway. What about you.

Are you proud of the country today 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH. The score for and and and thanks for calling and I'm glad to hear you and I what you think. I went out you will quickly I love America. I think it's the best country in the world and that were going to a rough patch. There's no doubt about it, really have my my ancestor which I proud of them came over interstate and hopped and came over the Mayflower and that Richard and incredible heritage that I you know I never thought I would live to see the day where people are our and and people in the cockpit and makeup and all that jazz you know just fighting for the right to kill babies is just the enemy is having fewer bayonets than that of the famed.

I also think I didn't waste.

I feel like he had to show us life with Biden and and this country. He had it can make it clear what what what they were going to be doing now and that's becoming more and more apparent that I people are waking up and where and you know, waking up to pray and that's what encourages me because we deserve hell plus million babies but still I love America and I had an Air Force brat my family you know my brother, one brother Marine.

The other brother of planetary medical bed. But anyway so yeah. God bless America and God help America same time.

That's a great way to put in thanks Don, hope you have a great Fourth of July all you Tuesday.

Thank you so much love you showed. Thank you. Talk to you later couples by there you go. So how do you feel about penal for most of this. I hope it's a mixed bag for you. I hope you're not all Pollyanna-ish and you just read, light blue, and I believe bleed red light blue and and this is the most credible country in history the world because I can make that case but it falls far short doesn't mean 62 million dead babies should be enough to stop you in your tracks if you're going to go up to an American flag and hug it like our former president did. Are you willing to accept everything that goes along with that, not the least of which is 62 million dead babies 866-34-TRUTH 87884 and while I say that I still love the country so it's complicated 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH at school. Her friend Trey Trey thanks work on and go right ahead.

Good man, how are you doing. I'm going to you. Are you going all that we have different bodies from our forefathers tortured all all biblical works by God. All formal call the government $2500 a night. Now you do not forget about your chrome to about play ball and a different place barn.

You know that all you know I think that America's corruption is point product like America down click is all I do not like the life you want violet up like it was stolen all of your results in all articles were all 100% you you know you so America are under you know the law are to come in after all and all you find all of America from all yes yes yes are you all you Walmart you know you you you like America wake up in America you and Dr. Knight going all you will have to get out you really will be glad you know what is the Great Plains family and we only do the one the number one thing that I've needed myself in the last five or six years is discernment. Discernment both inside the church and inside the church building, but also on the culture and politics in the Republican Party and the Democratic Party and the whole system you need a lot of discernment because the spirit of the age is clouding everything with darkness and and Satan is having a field day right now and a lot of people live very small kind of myopic wives young think about going to the grocery store when I doing on Monday for 4 July and I'm just trying to make some money and pay my bills. Later we get so wrapped up in our little lives that were not really paying attention to the elephants coming over the walls and that's a great point trade you make is always great to hear from your brother.

Thanks for calling it you to think so much 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH where are you at your opinion of the United States of America today. Are you worried citizenry proud of you wrapping yourself in the flag or maybe not so tightly anymore 866-34-TRUTH this novel will be right so you have a great July holiday coming up on Monday to show that I recorded several years ago about that more of a full understanding of how the Declaration of Independence came to be and how do you deal at the confluence of the Christian worldview and the declaration of independence.

Thomas Jefferson claimed to be a Christian but wasn't.

He denied the deity of Christ. He denied his miracles. He denied the resurrection.

Okay, so if you do not.

If you deny those things. You're not a believer, I don't care if you call yourself a Christian, BUT I don't care if he had a Christian symbol on the back of his horse drawn carriage. If you don't believe the things not a Christian but he did have an incredibly high regard for much of Scripture and especially Jesus as a moral teacher leave in God believe that God governing the affairs of men. He wasn't a total Deist is complicated but that intersection of a Christian worldview and the declaration of independence. That's what you'll hear on the show Monday. If you've got nothing better to do on 4 July and then my good friend that Stu Epperson will be back in the founder and president of the truth radio network which many of you are listening to Hill Bien on Tuesday the fifth and then Wednesday. My buddy Matthew Winslow and his wife. Matthew serves in the North Carolina legislature as well as Matthew Winslow custom homes is an incredible huntsman nor man of God is coming in with his wife talk about counseling and marriage something that a lot of us don't like to talk about Thursday theology Thursday.

I just recorded yesterday with Dr. Ellen Benson of Bob Jones University, a great conversation about the kind of where we go. How do we look at the situation America now that were post-Roe versus Wade. From a theological standpoint and what's most important.

It was judicial when it's moral when things like that but where we had spiritually with that. So that'll be on Thursday next Thursday and then on Friday my buddy Pastor Chris, whose hilarious always as great guests will be in next Friday so and then I'll be back on ruling on Monday the 11th so this were at what's going on right in US down significantly. The percentage of people who are proud of their country is down 12 points from 2017 and down 30 points from 2011. That's the Fox News poll which simply asked are you proud of the country today in Gallup pulling right on the same time a day earlier. Record low 30% of Americans are extremely proud to be an American.

So what about you where you fall on this continuum. How do you feel about being an American about America in general. 866-34-TRUTH 87884.

As always, is our number 866-34-TRUTH 8784 would love to hear your opinion on this. We can all grow from one another's input or 866-34-TRUTH, is go to Ted Colin and Ted, I appreciate: go right ahead.

Thank you are doing with your program. Thank you sir are founding father something wonderful when they found current regulations something unique in history and you are low at that time began based on Scripture based on Christian Judeo-Christian values and what concerns me now is that people in leadership positions in this country are trying to change that trying to rewrite the way that our country operate and you know as far as being proud of the country. There are a lot of things I'm not and actually embarrassed about not had a chance to travel and meant many countries around the world and one of the things that I noticed was that a lot of our TV programs especially a lot about your moral program first shown oversee all remember when I was in chronic*that were showing Dallas. There, it was translated into either the Russian or public languages but it made me wonder what kind of impression people getting about the same thing that Israel a lot of our programs I noticed were being shown in Israel and in Austria and of course our enemies people that don't like and I consider a moral country and you know, at the same time were sending missionaries out through the world for Christ at the same time our country exporting trash to other countries and you know these two things work against each other and I'm not proud of that.

I'm embarrassed about that one was on the bus will actually own the Boston and Austria.

I noticed that the Americans were the ones that were talking louder than everybody else and being on the train. In Britain there was an American that one of the great have to ask you to be quiet while they don't necessarily see you in a positive light and it varies from country to country. A lot of the people that have immigrated here from the former union really had distorted idea either positive or negative country and the ones that had a positive argue about it.realized that if they didn't see the full picture.

Some of them really were disappointed when they got here. You know we we as we become as art start date falls deeper into immorality yet look at battle not in this this this really bothers it bothers me all the stuff going all and not know the individual is not a law, not a whole lot about it other than the vote that and pray course. I think that's that's the thing and making wonderful boys, Ted, and that's one of the things I tell a lot of the students that I teach high school students and like you to get out of this country soon as possible and go get your compass adjusted because you think life in America is normal and like this is the norm. It isn't, you'll know that if you never leave and so that such an an invaluable aspect of traveling around the world is to kinda get a different perspective on America because we don't have one. If you never leave, but that's why I struggled with this question say Steve you proud to be an American. I can't give you a binary answer. I'm not to say yes or no, it's up to its question yeah and then the people to is America a Christian nation. That's a complicated question as well. I'm not going to give you a yes or no because it's somewhere in between.

But yet these are all things that that at this point Ted in your life when that when you see the flag when you're the Star-Spangled Banner, whatever.

It's a router system.

Bob July 4 got a moment. Do you have it just kind of a little bit of a check or a lament in your spirit as you like. I can't get totally on board with that total patriot board with her contrary to know struggle with all the export that is not right and you and your right wing when you go to another country or can't you get a different perspective of this country, and overall, my perspective is better understand more about what and the freedoms that we have in the good things about this country visited family and that was a real eye you anybody that wants to complain about law enforcement and other crops, giving example and collect on if you want to be a police officer you don't apply for the job you are chosen were picked by somebody who was already in law enforcement and you can imagine what kind of problems with that create we have yet we have people that have a calling one law enforcement in the and you know you don't care what kind of organization you have, you're going to have all percentage of people in that organization is the nature of mankind. You can change yet.

By and large are law enforcement authorities or good people and I have worked for law enforcement. Jan but when you go to these other countries you see the corruption you hear the stories about the corruption of the population first and you come back here and your perception of this country is while we really got something good here yet. We anybody destroy that's right. And the thing that I appreciate about your approach Ted and and and I'm right there with you is it's balanced and it's and it's it's your checking based on reality. You're being a critical thinker in your weighing both sides go together.

Some things about America absolutely had praise the Lord I mean I think God that he allowed me to be born here and raised here in the opportunities and the freedom I have just what I'm doing right now is remarkable to me but there's other things that grieve me deeply as they should, because a Christian.

The measuring stick is not the American way. It's God's way that's measuring stick and when you bring that into any subject whether it's my personal behavior, how I am is a father or husband how I do on the radio show or the nation. Well everybody's in troubled is none righteous, no not one with a talk about a person or an entire group of people or nation. And so that's why think we we all need to be. I think a little more humble little more introspective when we talk about America because we can't act like they're in serious problems. To your point coming up. I was on a mission trip to northern Iraq. Several years ago with our oldest son and somebody there said oh yeah we were one of our friends is having an American birthday party. Mike what's American birthday party. Like all of you could play all that like really fun dance music in the be a lot of alcohol. I'm like oh well, you're welcome. There you go. That's an American birthday party to somebody in northern Iraq is that level yeah the exportation of our immorality because of our access and are walking away from God is certainly not a blessing to anybody, and I appreciate you making the point that thanks so much for calling and I really appreciate your perspective. They got bless you. You're welcome.

Thanks so much.

Have a great Fourth of July if you want to chime in with stuff a little time six 634-8784 866-34-TRUTH balance. The Mets truth. That's the deal. Even here in America will be right back. So you're allowed to do that. By the way YouTube on radio stuff. You can place on for about 30 seconds. Trouble 20 feet amount they never go for 30 seconds but on YouTube. They're like oh copyright actually know not by law doesn't matter what the law is for people YouTube or Facebook or whatever they are. The law anyway back to our subject today on coming up on 4 July on Monday is that you proud to be an American. That's a very binary question. I cannot giving you a yes or no for me it's a little more nuanced than that and I wanted to share this and to get to this article by Jim Garrity at the national review. Our oldest son, Hayden.

By the way I looked up the word pride, so I googled pride a feeling of deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one's own achievements.

Achievements of those with whom one is closely associated or from qualities or possessions are widely admired and then out to the right of that of course is a whole column of LGBT pride with the little heart in the rainbow colors. That's going up and down bigger and smaller and has some little sparkly things coming off courtesy of Google. So just trying to bury into your mind, especially the younger you are the frights all about what well-liked LGBT Q is what it says. LGBT pride is the promotion of the self affirmation can you hear the hiss of the snake, dignity, equality, and increase visibility of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people as a social group pride as opposed to shame and social stigma is the predominant outlook that bolsters most LGBT rights movements pride as opposed to shame. You'll hear me say this on the show pretty often that shame in America mostly is dead. Shame in the Western civilization that that's why we can you know kill about a million kids a year. Still sick to do million total since Roe versus Wade.

And there's a lot of people hate shelter abortion. I'm proud of it because I did what I wanted to with my body.

The opposite of pride, shame well doesn't seem to be a lot of shame so he talked to me asking the question, is to be proud to be an American say well yes and no selling my father. Well yes and no. Yes no some ways I am someways I am not so you and here's her son he's 26. We just read some of these from Facebook. Jennifer said I pride in the America that should be the founders envisioned.

I've nothing but distaste and even anger for the so-called leadership currently in power, and what they are doing to our country on the patriot or what, but I am against this regime.

Carla good from Carlisle pro-life warrior as a naturalized citizen of this great nation.

I love it.

It's not perfect, and we can certainly make it better, but it's home so many opportunities and privileges that many of us take for granted payment that's for sure. Jeanette said I feel blessed to be a citizen of this country but wish it would stop the woke agenda. I have a problem with the word pride because I was brought up not to feel pride about anything associated with my own self. Go Terry said nope will get our nation back sooner than later watching the governor's rhetoric just now showed their weakness. He said I still have great confidence in America but just some but just not some of the Americans in it. If I take any hope in the madness around us is that I know for a fact liberal plans don't work. In fact, they backfire far more often than not, I believe enough people will see that to write the course of the ship, perhaps I think so.

I think there should be some course corrections here and there for the overall trajectory we know from a scriptural perspective is down but there can be some peaks here and there made in her 26-year-old who just got engaged were super excited for him and Macy awesome couple. She's incredible girl. Hayden said the state about San Francisco.

He works for big gaming company increasingly coming to terms is a really good it's really bright, increasingly coming to terms with the brokenness here and glad for the opportunity to be somewhere with so many freedoms and opportunities. See them expected Simultaneously. I'm Growing in My Sense of Responsibility for the Good of the Country. Now He's 26 That's Highly Abnormal for 26 Royal Dutch Think Simultaneously and Growing in My Sense of Responsibility for the Good of the Country While Identifying with It Less and Less As I Try to Purify My Identity As a Christian While While That's Really Strong. It's a Weird Thing to Be so Detached and yet so Invested, but I Really Feel like It's Giving Me a Better Foundation to Seek the Common Good of the Other Night I Got to Tell You I Really Couldn't Put It Much Better Myself. He's More Intelligent Than His Dad's Great Writer. Obviously, but He's He's He's Dealing with the Tension of Being a Citizen of Two Kingdoms.

The Two Cities, As It Were. And so, Yes, Your Europe You're a Citizen of This Nation to a Certain Extent. You Should Be a Patriot Love the Country Pray for Your Country. Seek the Benefit of Your Country.

We Learn That in the Bible in the Old Testament While at the Same Time Your Greater Citizenship Is in Heaven.

It's in the Kingdom of God.

It's in the Family of God's Not Here so the Flag of the United States Of America. It's in the Blood of Jesus Christ. That Should Supersede All of It. So That's Why for Me Personally When I Stand up to Do the Pledge Of Allegiance. I Belittled It Makes Me a Little Uncomfortable like Wow I Might My More Sentimental about My Allegiance to the Country That on My My Allegiance to Christ. I Don't Know If You Ever Struggle with That Question but I Think We Probably All Should. Are We Humble about Our Country Re-Honest. Can We Handle a Nuanced Answer. This Is a Good Article Jim Garrity at the National Review Why America Still Roxie's Responding to the Gallup Poll, 30% Extreme Me Proud to Be an American, but the Numbers Are Slipping. So You Talk about That Merrick's Patriotism Is Starting to Wane, Which Raises the Question of Just What It Means to Say You Love Your Country and How to Think about the Country's Problems and Flaws. That's What Our Son Was Getting after Hated Six Years Ago and Coming Her Neck Refused to Stand during the National Anthem. He Explained I'm Not Going to Stand up to Show Pride in a Flag for a Country That Oppresses Black People and People of Color, The Multimillionaire, the Overwhelming Majority of Americans at All Kinds of Events Stand for the National Anthem Game after Game, Year after Year. It Is Likely That Some of Those Standing Believe That America No Longer Oppresses Black People and People of Color, Others Likely Believe There Are Still Some Lingering Oppression That the Country Is Getting Closer and Closer to Equality Personally and Legally. Some Probably Believe There Is Equality on Paper but Not in Practice, There Are Probably Some People See the Country in the Same Way And It Does but Stand Anyway Because That's the Flag of Their Country to the Point Is, Few If Any of Those Standing Would Say That Their Choice to Stand and Sing the National Anthem Means They Think the Country Is Perfect or without Serious Loss.

There Standing Because America Is Theirs to a Refusal to Stand and Associate Yourself with America Concedes the Flag, the Anthem and the Identity of American to the Other Guys You Probably Don't Think Your Parents, Siblings, Spouse or Children Are Perfect, but You Love Them Anyway. Or At Least I Hope You Do Your Rights and Hope They Feel the Same Way about You That 30% of US Adults Who Say They Are Extremely Proud to Be an American Is the Lowest in Gallup's Trend Which Began in 2001. Still, Together with the 27% Who Are Very Proud 65% of the US Adults Express Pride in the Nation Another 22% Say They Are Moderately Proud While 9%. Only a Little, and 4% Not at All like I Don't Know Michelle Obama for All That, Can You Be Proud of Your Country and Simultaneously Frustrated, Disappointed or Angry with the State of Your Country As Well. I See No Contradiction. He Writes We Have Strong Disagreements or Fights with Her Family Members to That Doesn't Mean We Don't Love Them. Oftentimes Our Love Is One of the Factors That Inadvertently Drives the Conflict Right.

I Want the Best Interest of You. I Don't See That Happening Are Self-Destructing. That Makes Me Angry Right I Get That Criticizing Your Country Can Be an Act of Love Because You Want Your Country to Get Better Than This Absolutely.

I Mean, I Beat up America Whenever It's Called for a Beat up Presidents Whenever It's Call for Republicans, Democrats Whenever It's Called for Using Biblical Worldview. The Word of God As the Benchmark and When You Bring That Your Sword Is Double Edged and Cuts in Both Directions, Which Is Exactly What Jesus Talked about It Will Divide down the Bone Marrow Right Broader Than Any Two-Edged Sword, and That's What the Word of God Does. So When You're Going to Incorporate a Biblical Worldview. Guess What Both Sides of the Aisle Are Getting It Cut. That's the Deal.

When Mike Hoover Conservative Students Last Night an Open House in One of the Homeschool Groups That I Work with Here in Town and Raleigh Done in Cary Park Which Is at Shepherd's Church. He Said He Was Some Other Students Were There and I Said Well Kevin, We You Think about Class, He Just Took My US History Class He Took US History Is Taken Civics and He Took My Christian Ethics Class and He Goes Well. The Thing about Mr. Noble Is, He Can Be Brutally Honest about Everything and and Even If You're Super Conservative like I Am. He's Going to Get under Your Skin. I Said Yeah I'm Sure I Offended You on Multiple Occasions Deny Gavin Goes All You but It Was Good Because I'm Trying to Point to Something Higher Than the United States You Bring That to Bear the Cross of Christ and His Word and Guess What. Nobody's Getting a Life That Was Wrong with America. This Guy Writes Jim Garrity National Review. This Could Take All Day. Bella Pops into My Mind. At First American Culture Can Seem Excessively Materialistic, That's for Sure Is Nothing Wrong with Enjoying the Performance of Celebrities, but We Certainly Put Them on a Pedestal Roast. No Kidding. I Wish Americans. Point Number Three Would Would Cut Each Other Some Slack More Often While Trying to Get through Life Facing Our Own Challenges Fighting Her Own Demons and Sometimes Keeping All Those Hardships Hidden Point Number Four.

I Wish Americans Would Realize That Social Media Is a Fun House Mirror. This Is Really Good Distorting and Exaggerating As Those Mysterious Algorithms Puts Them Push the Most Engaging Material to the Biggest Audience Is Often Another Way of Saying the Most Incendiary Controversial Average Provoking Material Taught. I Wish Americans Wassup Thinking That the American Dream Is to Be Delivered to Them to Prep Early in Life and Finally I Worry A Lot about What Would Happen to Someone Who Really Studied Our Cultural Anxiety Tried to Recognize Our Divisions against Night and What We Are Doing Pretty Good Job of Ourselves and My Proud to Be an American. Yes and No. A Lot Of Things about This Country That I Exalt and Celebrate. Thank God for This Other Things That Quite Frankly Break My Heart.

And We Should Repent and Is Not True in Her Personal Life. This Is Steve No One Know Michelle God Willing I Talked Again Real Soon.

Always Okay on That Note, Another Program Powered by the Truth Network

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