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Take Over the School Board!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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June 28, 2022 11:44 am

Take Over the School Board!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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June 28, 2022 11:44 am

Take Over the School Board!

Jacob Arthur decided…enough is enough! He’s running for the Wake County School Board (District. 7) and joins me to talk about why we need to take over our school boards!

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network one noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics.

Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve now 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble.

I will out there that say you love your country you care about stage local situation for all you people that are politically active, which at some level should be all of you are not politically active at all because you think Christians should be involved in politics well well you're wrong and you just need to repent of that because what that is a violation of neighbor love which is a violation of God love when you don't get involved with politics. If you don't pray for those that are already in authority over us and if you don't care about his running, especially today, as we talk to Jacob Arthur running to the wake County school board here in the Raleigh area and you say don't care about that stuff in politics. Yada yada yada. What you're really saying to the Lord, not forget me what you're saying to the Lord as I don't really care about my neighbors.

I know that there's all kinds of kids tons of kids in the hundred and 4050 schools over many schools we have in Lake County, here in the wake County school board. I do care was going on to their head and into their spirit. I don't care what's happening in terms of the curriculum that I really care about any of that stuff which is vital to know who's on the school board and about to get involved in school board elections because this is not my problem and that you have kids in the school, but I am school system. Once again, one time after another, you are violating the notion of loving your neighbor as yourself, does not matter if you have kids in the school system. It doesn't matter how old your kids are doesn't matter if you have kids if you call yourself a follower of Jesus Christ, you are called to love your neighbor as yourself.

And if you're paying any attention. We know that we got major problems in the school system around the country, not just here in wake County, Raleigh, North Carolina wake County school board but it's a problem all over the place, which is why just think the Lord for people like Jacob Arthur who has other things to do.

His father for his an attorney Navy veteran and busy anyway but we have people that get engage in caring and step up to the plate.

So working out talk to Jacob today and will talk to other school board people.

If you're running for the school board especially here in wake County. But even if you're not wake County or some other part of the state or you're in Virginia or Utah or Virginia or if you happen to be listening then and you want and you want to get some airtime to talk about the school board race as long as you and I are relatively aligned because I don't give a lot of time to people that aren't aligned. I just this is my show that the Lord has given me the steward and I don't spend a lot of time playing bloodsport and going back and forth with people I really don't want to share their air with them to be quite frank so but if you're involved in your trying to make a difference in the name of the Lord and trying to help your neighbor than feel free to get a hold me to Jacob. Welcome to show our thanks am doing great. Really wondering when I was actually going to talk to you, absolutely not. Sooner or later I got Yum sitting here, you get to me.

Then I get to you eventually. So I Jacob and I met just that, a couple of different types of campaign advance and you were kind enough with your wife and your kids to come to our fundraiser. Recently we keep running into each other.

Prime barbecue which is in a bad thing, though not that's really what that prime barbecue so if you haven't been there near the triangle area. I don't really care where you live, you need to get up prime barbecue anyway and so finding out and in meeting more more people running for the school board and so what will tackle that one first. In order to back up because I want everybody to get to know you better but but what brought you to the point your father for married attorney give other things to do.

Yes, so why throw this on top of the pile.

Well, I think the I'm with a lot of parents over the last two years.

Specifically, especially with kids being at home during co-video. I think I and I let myself in with all the other parents out there who I think spent a lot of time thinking that our responsibility as parents with our kids education meant getting them to carpool in the morning and picking them up in the afternoon and I fully admit that with a bunch of other parents that that's where my head was, and seeing my kids at home over the course of coded was an eye-opener to have us on this in middle school, two girls in elementary school within a three-year-old and some of things I saw were concerning and the masking and the school closures are one issue, but I think those are just symptoms. Those are not the problem.

Getting things go much deeper and and quite honestly and looking at what's going on. I think were probably 10 to 15 years behind where we need to be as a movement, and so I just decided at the also urging of my wife, because if you're going to talk about it not as well do something of lesser and just decided Hamel to go and step up here and I think I've got something to offer and and I'll take a run at this and see what happens, whether of the site and so appreciate separating out the COBIT thing the shutdown the mass. Hopefully that's that's a season we will revisit.

Although I think it's entirely possible that we will setting that aside share some examples of some things that you saw because all of a sudden your you're happy you're getting exposure to what they're being taught and I think a lot of us and we were never in the public schools. Very little with our our youngest is bent spend like a semester semester and half in their kind of the assumption that most teachers that we met seem like nice people, and there is nothing nefarious that super obvious when the kids are going and coming back but but once you get behind the veil well and I think most teachers are nice people. You will get into this later, but but their hands are somewhat tied, especially with curriculum and and what they can use to teach and what will get into that. But, like for example my elementary school daughter at one point had an assignment where they were learning about trusted news sources. This is an elementary elementary school. Yeah. And of course a trusted news source.

When you're looking at the Internet would be anything that ends yet that's trusted course not so trusted may be or a.something you're not familiar with my son.

I didn't notice so much of the stuff in an elementary school boat but going into middle school I think is where the curriculum deftly changes in ramps up as force a social agenda you know seeing seeing studies on the Tamir Rice situation as a supplement to a Frederick Douglass study yet what you mentioned earlier Michael. It is all kinds of things that we should study and understand by Frederick Douglass, an incredible person in American history African-American but that's a real positive story true bothersome there some ugly things that you need to deal with about his personal story and things that he had to endure. But then what is that that's that's their idea of balancing out. Now you show you that America wasn't quite as good as Frederick Douglass thought it was yeah the. The assignment was really a they had an NPR article that was a factual based yes of course subject matter trusted source trusted source and then they were comparing a factual factual source to a fictional source in the book that they were using was called ghost boys, which is a fictional account of Tamir Rice is ghost and him discussing what happened to him and meeting other mortars along the way and he so again I don't know how that works. Douglass not that there aren't things that you can study about Tamir Rice when you get to that unfortunate story of that shows up as part of US history class was. This was in his English class okay is only going to get worse so don't go anywhere really talk and I were to pull the veil back which is why Jacobs running for wake County school board district 7 Jacob Arthur week will be right back. So today talking about a really important object is on your school boards, even those on in the Raleigh area.

We County school board which is where I exist. That's where we live in that we been involved we County school system, even though our kids are the ever step foot in it as a Christian I need to care about other people's kids, not just my own so we can engage one called action started on the way back in 04 and 2005 are here Jacob Arthur is running for the wake County school board district 7 Jacob Arthur week is his website and even back in 2005 Jacob we we had parents coming to us because also and we were these crazy Christian people that were willing to engage all these cultural issues, and in 2005 etiquette was we had a mom that came to us. That was at an elementary school and was just shocked by some of the reading materials that her kid was being given. And so when we started to find out about it were like holy cow actually went on a locus was M6 80 here locally. When it was before Rush Limbaugh went over to FM 106.1 he was on and succeed yes and Bill LeMay was there and Kimberly Jerry agar was there and I was on there for three hours talking about this subject. They would not let me read from the book that was in the elementary school system we County school board because it would've been an FCC violation. So at some point, his producer goes okay so here's the deal. This one passage in every suggestive word early obvious word you have to replace it.

Just use the word farm FA RN 30 seconds only because can be so obvious. The FCC's knock and let you get what I'm like okay and he goes and if you keep going to cut your Michael I get it.

So then we go into it and actually when we into a wake County school board meeting.

I think the mom is expecting me to read it but actually we were actually she was kind and she read. I just trembling, shaking, embarrassed. That's 2005, 2006. So like you said earlier this been going on for long time. Yeah it it has been my I graduated from Sanderson high school here in town with my wife in 1997 miles Tony during the break in art.

I grew up in wake County school just I think I got a pretty good education have done okay and this not the same school system is just not the same school just me talk about the books been in the school board meetings where we had parents reading from the books there in the libraries right now their mics are cut off, but you can see the board members at times eyes get big yeah they're extremely uncomfortable because they know it's then they know what's wrong. I spoke at a school board meeting a couple months ago regarding this issue and for me the issue I have on me. I'm not nave enough to think kids with smart phones in schools today don't have access to pornography or whatever Rice however is a school system when you're going to say that some of these books have to be in the school to quote unquote affirm some of your students is a is a Christian that bothers me because what you're telling a student the young person is that their identity is built around their sexuality built around their gender, where for me. I look at someone and say their identity is that they're created in the image of God. There are children. I don't need to worry about that other stuff, but as a school system that's what they're telling kids right now, especially down and in the 12 notes first great and great third grade. As we saw a recently and in kindergarten.

There is a way County public school teacher with the color chart and one of them set of political pregnant man she got that whole flipchart to try to teach little kids in Canada.

Special needs children colors and she got her flipchart for colors to do that from some LGBT QI a plus plus plus organization and that stuff is weaved in and out of the system, not just the sexualization stop the gender stuff but just generally. You've got critical race theory. You've got a racial agenda. They're not even talk about racism, but there's a way to do that with critical thinking. That's not what they're doing. That's that's literally indoctrination people say that that that's all that's a little strong know. I think if you think indoctrination is due to stronger headstones. If you're starting in on the same board meeting I mentioned, if you're starting at a point where you're telling one student and another student to have a relationship that they have to start from a point of looking at the other student is either an oppressor right or or oppressed, and that's where were going to build the relationship from that doesn't work yet. If you think America's bad now you just watch the fruit of that on down the road it'll get worse yet, if we don't stop it now it's it's that's my fears 30 to 50 years down the road from now where we are as a society yeah yeah and and again this is you can have people Jacob you went through the school system. Your wife went to the school system here in the way County public school system. You grew up in a church home critical thinker selling every single kid that goes to the Play-Doh machines can come out the same but it does have a general effect across the scope of all of them and you have II think that you came out of it okay your wife came out of it okay. I did up in Chicago but to kids in 2022. Like you said this is not the same as it was 20 years ago. It's gotten much more overt much more aggressive. Just like in DC there there's no holdback whatsoever. Now their fullbore yeah and I think you know I don't think a lot of people want to address this on or shortly school board one addresses the really the underlying we can do everything we want to do on a school board if we take over the majority school board which you have to do. The problem is underlying it all is that we have a problem in the home, and if parents are involved. If we don't have intact families. It doesn't matter what we do because the school system will be the parent right that's right and that's what's happening right now and there's and there's plenty of two-parent homes out there, or one parent home with engagement that cares for their child loves them, but they're ignorant and I don't say that I don't use that word to be ugly. It's just a reality they just don't know. That's the beauty that's one of the silver linings.

One of the few of the whole covert shutdown things that parents like you started to find out what's going on in there, because unfortunately I think we were all just too trusting as you turned out okay.

People are saying that some people might not aggression. I think I did talk to Jacob Arthur. He's running for the way County school board district 7 Dick Jacob Arthur week is his website.

Let's back up a little bit, people that can understand where you're coming from me, even though your Raleigh native but you ended up in the Navy so just tell us about your upbringing with talk about your faith because I want people to understand who's who it is that were asking them to consider.

Yes, like a say grew up here. I don't know another home other than Raleigh, North Carolina other than the four years I spent the Navy most of that time was spent in San Diego California so there's worse places to live weatherwise but yeah did a year at NC State. After I graduated from high school and then did four years in the Navy for service. Thanks. When I got out I came back to finish my undergraduate degree through the adult degree program in North Carolina.

Wesley and and then was in the charter class at the Elon University school of Law.

Wow so was fortunate to be in that charter class and lived in Greensboro for three years while my wife lived here in Raleigh may have started law school about seven months after we got married and drove off every Sunday evening Greensboro and stuff. Yeah it was but we we survived and got four kids three or in public school here way County and am a local attorney have a even though I have been accused of being a wealthy elitist attorney. Turns out I have a very small solar practice it off work out of my own home. My office desk in the corner of my bedroom. The other doubles as my law practice and my podcast studio and type a lot you practice, most small business owners do some estate planning and occasional litigation. I have a paralegal background in litigation, mostly transactional, because I honestly probably spend more time shuttling my kids around fractional you how long you been an attorney now graduated law school in 09 got okay so then at that for a while, I would ask you a couple questions about your time in the Navy and the will talk to her talk about other issues. These should be pretty obvious, but specifics that Jacob wants to engage when he gets on the way County school board Jacob Arthur week is the website talking to Jacob Arthur Way, County school board district 7 will be right back to Mac and Steve Noble to Steve Noble show good to be with you today. Thanks for your time is always out that often enough, but the fact that anybody listen ever is humbling and and quite eye-opening. So I appreciate your time and hope that it is a blessing to you and a challenge to you by the way up. If I if you ever walk away from being a regular listener watching the show at podcast or whatever and you're never uncomfortable than I think I'm not doing my job right II love people enough to tell you the truth, and I think I've never been a big darling of the hard-core right political machine because I've never been one to just toe the line and apply biblical perspective and and that's my that's my gavel that's the lens that I use and so we call balls and strikes on every subject, every person, every topic from a biblical perspective. And it doesn't matter to me who's at the plate, so that's not always in a play well. Some of the people that hated me the most in the last five years were actually hard-core trump supporters when I would go negative on trump they would accuse me of all kinds of things, not the least of which being a stupid liberal on my computer and really listen to this radio show for more than five or seven minutes because I am definitely anything but that. But it's good to have you all here. Thanks for being here and will continue to have these conversations as we consider that the school board weather at your school board or my school board here in Way County Area Way, County school board which is an enormous school system were here at the Jacob Arthur is running for the school board district 7 Jacob Arthur week is his website only schools are in the way County school system. Last time I knew the numbers work out every 47 were you are correct that the student population is dwindling, but it is upwards of 100. Why is it fondling. Well let's see how long is the show that was a pseudo-joke you lead and will get back to that because were to talk to Jacob about some of the main issues for him, but I wanted to circle back around you wanted to save anyone in the Navy.

So why the Navy and look at him and impacted being in the Navy for 4 Years Ave. yes so in full disclosure went NC state for year and found out that they don't let you stay if you don't go to all your classes all yeah yeah through that to the University of Illinois yeah they're happy to take your money. All you that year, but then they they advise you that you probably don't need to be there anymore, so I was just immature kid not ready to be there and had to make a decision on what I was going to do next and so that was May June 1998 and decision I made was join the Navy and I was in boot camp on July 20 fast yeah I had. I got out of there as fast as I can the military and their families. Yet my my father was in the Marines.

My grandfather on my mother side was in the Navy in World War II and probably goes back some some from there as well. So what what did that due to Jacob Arthur who are you and you win pretty normal around a normal that they like that you didn't didn't.

I would maybe I would've said it was Christian but I wasn't you, when one person became out of different.

I deftly came out more mature. The one thing I'll say about military service is the amount of responsibility that are is put on young men and young young women at at an age that most kids can even comprehend.

Will definitely make you grow up fast because if you don't you you get washed out yet so it definitely matured me taught me some responsibility and I think made me a man in a society where that's not valued that much at that age up and so when I got out II had a purpose and went back to school to finish my undergrad true North, Wesley, and managed to graduate from there in less than three years graduated with honors school was not a problem adapting turnaround.

Yeah, big turnaround you will you need a wake-up call. The same thing happened to me they bounced me in the University of Illinois came back and begged to give me a chance come back the next semester I was there for three or four days and I'm like you know what I'm think I've learned I did the same for signs of summer school and then I went.

I drove home and shut up in my parents house like what you doing here school start tomorrow. I'm like I came home for a semester and that summer that I went back and was fine after that and then becoming attorney why law I've always like to to argue my case I think and you can do so much with the law think. I think it's a side you can have an impact and really can impact and help people. The last six months the end of 20, 21, we in 2022, 22 to the end of 20, 21, when all the vaccine mandate started coming down. I really devoted my practice to helping people get religious exemptions for help mandated that outings at the companies I probably helped upwards of two dozen folks with that just had people start coming to me asking me about a big deal of jobs on the line yes siding on the line you yeah and I saw it as an injustice.

I'm not taken a position on whether or not you want to get a vaccine that's up to you but I deftly don't think you should lose your job over and so I started helping people with dad and you know with my with my faith felt that combining the legal aspect and in my religion with that my fate that I could help people in China would vent people as best I could, on their religious faith and then help them with exemptions and an am happy to say we had none that were not six early while you that's awesome you well. Most people just were afraid to come to go up against the machine so to speak right but that's why it's important.

Just like the apostle Paul got to know the law because most the time the laws on your side. But if you don't know it.

You can't use it. What are some of the biggest issues for you running for way County school board district 7. Where is district 7 by Lisa people can figure out what the district 7 is a little bit of Northwest Raleigh extends westward to the county line kinda comes down to the airport remorseful area and then south into a little bit of Western carry Northwestern care it's it's a pretty long diverse district down the western edge it is who's in the is currently in the seat Chris Hegarty. How would you describe Chris Haggerty.

I would describe him as I'm sure he's a nice guy had some interaction with him. I can't say I have anything personally against Chris are the problem I have is that the decisions he makes on the school board or impacting kids in this district and I believe they're impacting them negatively and so that's why I think he's got good would you describe the way County school board as somewhat liberal very liberal or exceptionally liberal I would if we didn't have to Republicans on the board that are Republicans by name. I would say exceptionally liberal but I would go with Barry at this point in the liberals own it, they can do whatever they want because they have a majority. They have a majority, and if you look at what they vote on right now.

Almost every vote is 90909 or so in a in a district that screams about diversity and equity and inclusion. There is no diversity on that board. Yet we have the same problem in the way County commissioners and we got a DS here before and that is the same problem.

You know, diversity of thought which is never a good thing that's always a problem. So some of the big issues that that you want to tackle school yet so I'm really I really come to the conclusion of putting out three planks of my platform and it's it's empowering parents it's investing in students and its supporting teachers. I think those three issues are kind of an umbrella that everything else falls under you. Talk about empowering parents. I think parents feel like they've been locked out of got absolute I want more curriculum transparency unit before the show started, I was discussing this grading system that's at my son's school. This competency-based grading that is a pilot program at my son's school that is as somewhat educated person. I can even understand how my son's doing in school. Yeah I've had teachers that can explain it to me, that teach at the school and even yesterday at the school board's committee meeting on the topic. They were very hesitant to recommend putting it out to anymore middle schools. At this point so curriculum transparency is huge for me grading transparency. I would love to see a more uniform system across across the district across the school board. So if a parent wants to know exactly is being taught in that class should not be an easy thing. You would think so, I'm out it with technology right you should be able to pull up on the computer what the curriculum is got my child is going to be learning on accident and the assignment antiassignment in the reading and that anon let me know if there's an online Google doc or whatever I could just go in there and start some search terms.

So find out what interestingly my son this in middle school. If I want to have access to what he sees on the computer as a parent I have to have a notarized document turned into the school to give me access to what he has access to as far as his power score empower program in his school where he sees all of his work and grades and less he's willing to show me a home with my son does, but if I wanted my hat access.

I have to have a notarized letter just let's make the hoops smaller and further away so it's harder to get thrown to give you access to then want to stab access yet with what we saw in you VoLTE Texas what what what about the security issue because that I think you know, most were all on the same page with a lot of these, especially from a conservative Christian worldview, but security issue obviously is gotten pushed to the front yes and I don't think that hard to harden our schools know and I actually held a healthy school safety Roundtable a few weeks ago partnered with Steve Burke from his running in district 8 we had Donnie Harrison come speak to this point and yeah I I think you know the Lieut. Gov. couple weeks ago joked that if it wasn't really a joke, but if you saw what the capital with the they did to the capital after January 6 out. He said it look like the beaches of Normandy before D-Day right if they want to secure places they can secure place all day. Congress can secure itself right now in wake County and mind you in 2020. Chris Hegarty and other members of the board were actively discussing getting rid of school resource officers seriously after the George Ford incident yes because that's too intimidating and it smells too much like bad white cops yes essential. Essentially they would never say it that way but also in a form that's exactly what they're thinking so political it's not going to get friends in just about every school system. It isn't about the kids I look at what some liberal tells you it's never about the kids, will sacrifice some of the abortion clinic. The sacrifice of the school.

This is Steve Noble with the signal show of your might look back and Steve Noble to Steve Noble show talking to Jacob Arthur today is running for the wake County school board here in the Raleigh area District 7 is the CT is after Jacob Arthur Jacob Arthur Weick Jacob Arthur ART. If you are weak. is the website. Jacob will be back again so this is like the only shot you're going to get getting to know in what he standing for, but we were talking I write for the break in this final segment will keep talking about the main issues, but securing our schools would you put right at the top of your page at the website Jacob Arthur week, on the issue secure our schools with you been talking about is no excuse money is not really the issue. They got of how big the budget. 2.1+ billion dollars and .1+ billion dollars year when they talk about it a few years ago during the break you said to put a school resource officer basically is a security person at every Elementary School Way, County was $7 million year to $2 billion budget, which, like losing 1/4 in the back your pants pocket change right, nothing. And so if we can't secure our schools. The rest of it becomes moot because you VoLTE or wherever else we had these I'm sure the curriculum and all the other garbage that's in there become secondary. If you could get skill and this is this number one we have to secure our schools and I hopefully this can be an issue well and I meet. It's a horrible thing to think about all of course this is the world we live. That's right. And if you have to play the hand been dealt a picture and the fact is that our schools are vulnerable.

That's right I have to do some about yet is not complicated, it it really shouldn't be. This is like trying to reverse 100 years progressive curriculum is a lot easier than that. So then empowering parents which talked about was the big deal, giving parents access to everything that's going on. The school yes, literally, and not having to get something notarized in order to do that which is what you had to do yet overwhelming were paying the taxes on the school's ranch and then it and this is why talk about. Even if you're not a parent you mentioned this earlier.

Even if you don't have skids kids in the school system.

We ask voters were more knocking on doors that tell us what you know my kids are in wake County Public schools. I don't have kids will do you pay taxes in wake County will yes I do will do you know where you taxes are going the funding wake County Public schools. So it's an issue and in I would also's so you don't care about anybody else gets right but I'm a little bit obnoxious like that.

I still empowering parents and investing in students so you have this right here with panic. We can the public school system, the 15th largest in the country with the current annual budget of 2.1 billion. How are we doing are we actually investing that money wisely. Well I guess that would depend on who you asked. I like to look at the results of what were getting so you know we got a $2.1 billion budget. The school system. Number of years ago set out a strategic plan and their goal was reaching a certain graduation percentage rate okay 90% and they say they've reach that goal. The problem is if you look back over the last decade reading proficiency and proficiency in mathematics has declined every year while graduation rates have gone up. Now I'm just an attorney. I'm not a mathematician, but that does not a biologist well and that but that doesn't make sense house.

I will so I look at while what were funding how are funding it.

I won't results.

I think there needs to be a very detailed line by line audit of the budget every year to to assure the voters and the parents that every penny spent from teachers, principals, administrators, down to the janitor is ensuring academic success, and if it's not, it's gotta go get it. You as a parent, you've probably received the school supply list at the beginning of every year well with three kids in public school, I spent hundreds of dollars on school supplies. You know what percentage they spend on materials and supplies from the school's budget budget 2% I don't. I just saw that on your on your website Jacob Arthur week Lily to speak that for second week school budget spends nearly 90 funds in salary and benefits while roughly 2% went to materials and supplies, so there's Anish and initiative that Pastor Tony Evans started out in Dallas years ago called adopt the school and that took off here a few years ago, probably 1012 years ago in the wake County school board as these churches would come and adopt a school they going to talk to the teachers. They will quickly do to help you do need lunch. Do you need landscaping leaning well and in the biggest thing over and over again was like basic supplies that they're spending money out of their own pocket to go buy things for their classroom and I was always like what what what you mean they're spending their own money or a parent like you has to spend hundreds of dollars and 2%. Now obviously you a lot of salary benefits. A lot of people on the system but the teacher has to go spend their own money for school supplies.

It's just disgusting. But these teachers in a church, were coming in and help him with that stuff and they would be teachers would be reduced to tears who they were getting any help from their own employer is disgusting. Yeah it's it's in again. As a parent and you buy the supplies and they go into a pot for the entire classroom is not what you bind them just for your kid and again I have no problem buying supplies. Yeah, for a child that may not be able to get supplies sure is a school system with a $2.1 billion budget.

Are we really saying that the teachers need to buy things out of their own pocket. We can't find anywhere to cut like the office of equity affairs, explicit, and it has never $9 million since its inception. A number of years ago so that that's well by a few backpacks and pencils and race a little by backpacks it about pencils and provide school security, there's there's money there. It's just how we want to spend it. Not to mention the fact that the school board's own budgetary people use the term quote unquote there heading for a fiscal cliff. That's that's what they told their their own budget director said to the school's they don't even address the issue they were having with inflation rate fuel costs are rising food cost arising no one seems worried about that. They just say they'll go to the county or the state and continue to ask for money, and they're so used to to be able to get more money in the federal government through all of its funding mechanisms. Title IX, everything else implements its own agenda on the state and local level by controlling all that money is not school system or statement come right maybe one or two that can exist without federal money so they get hooked and then they get led around by the nose weekly mention teachers a bunch of times on a make sure we talk about this third point were talking to Jacob Arthur's running for District 7. Wake County school board, and Jacob will be back but supporting teachers themselves will talk about that.

Yeah, I think, and we thought we talked about this all fair but I think we got it hon of great qualified wonderful teachers in wake County. I want to bring more of them to wake County now wait County is one of the lower counties in the state for teacher pay. We do have to factor in benefits, which are the fastest rising cost in teacher pay right now. Overall, so there's going to have to be some give-and-take, but again I think it's an issue of looking at the budget and where we prioritize things so do I support teacher pay increases at a guy walk up to the window of my car the other day because I got a big logo on the side of your car, and knocked on the window and up with when it do you support increasing teacher pay us it will that depends how we do it.

So again that's gonna be looking at the budget.

I think the issue with teachers having to buy things out of their own pocket. Yet we had been given a raise right there yeah you actually have to buy their own stuff right. We had teachers who over the last two years had to act as defective medical professionals teach virtually things they were never trained to do, teach virtually and in person at the same time I think we've asked teachers to do a lot off-hours extracurricular activities may be a principal requires every teacher at the school to spend an additional 4 to 5 hours for certain SPECT special nights they have a school and then the teacher goes home and they're looking at trying to do all of their grading prepare their lessons for the next day there.

There's a lot of things we can do nothing to alleviate some of the stress on our teachers and and make the work environment a little better. How powerful is the teachers union and well is that an issue they've got some pretty radical people running the thing they've probably got control of the current school board so fairly powerful. How would you agree that the current person in district 7 Chris Swanson's last integrity Outlook integrated you give Chris are we using a oh yeah I forgot no don't use any Weird Way, County school system is like a copy of a country house is on the competency of AME.

Just give me a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being awesome I can't believe you're running in such an incredible person or one being, you need to get out the school board meeting. While I'm going to have to give them a one meet again. I said I don't know Chris personally have had some interactions with them a little bit here and there but the decisions he's making as a school board member negatively impact the school system. In my opinion, and so out of nine school board seats we have coming conservatives that think and talk and believe like we do have to take five you have to we have to. And most people don't know, but the school terms terms have changed for the seat so this year for the seats will shift to a four-year term. My seat included in district 7.

So if I do get elected this year.

I have four years on the board yet and so but but everybody needs to know this war fighting for.

This is not hate Jacobs got a win. We have to take district 7.

But we have to take five of these 95. That's only way to do it. You can get three that's nice.

Hey have pondered getting trounced. Jacob could not get yeah it'll be old man yelling at the clouds right kind of thing so we have to have a majority which is like you think we have to take over the school board yet it's it's I mentioned earlier were probably 10 to 15 years behind where we need to be as a movement and I don't think it's unfair to say that if we don't get a majority this year. It might not happen.

Do you think what happened in Loudoun County, Virginia, and everything we've seen going on for the past year and 1/2. Are you more hopeful about just citizen engagement. At this point. Yeah I am there was actually a new story out today with a pole and I don't have it in front of me but I think a total of 83% of those respondents, regardless of party Republican, Democrat, Democrat or unaffiliated said that they would deftly consider voting for somebody not in their party because of their stance on education issues. So I think there's a really big chance to get a lot of voters that we might not get you know I'm outnumbered in my district.

There's 30,000 registered Democrats only about 18,000 registered Republicans, but we got almost 39,000 unaffiliated others rush and does unaffiliated voters have kids in school to observe that's right. And all you want is an honest hearing and more more people are waking up to the reality that the Democratic Party has left the vast majority of your Democrat behind this super uber liberal it's over progressive. It's so far outside the mainstream and their sacrificing kids on that altar and they have been for a long time absolute and so yeah I we will all continue to appeal to people if your Democrat, your leg, I would never vote for Republican put thinking about parties think less about parties think more about results. Critical thinking logic, especially in reality think about what's best for our children because obviously people in charge now are not getting that done. Which is why we need to get to know people like Arthur Jacob, thanks for being there today has little thing again. Yes sir. Deftly make sure we have you back Jacob Arthur week it's his website Jacob Arthur week this is Steve Noble on the seasonable show, God willing, I'll talk to again real soon and like my dad always used to say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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