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Faith and Freedom Leaders

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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June 17, 2022 7:33 pm

Faith and Freedom Leaders

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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June 17, 2022 7:33 pm

Faith and Freedom Leaders

Steve, who is in Nashville at the Gay Lord Convention Center, talks to Freedom Coalition to talk about Trump’s speech and the event.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where Christianity meets the everyday issues of life at work and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cow call Steve now 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your house everybody great to be back with you live from that well at the Lord convinced center-right by Opryland here for the faith and freedom.

Coalition a road to majority and just Donald Trump president from just finished up his speech.

He was a little delayed and starting and then I was beginning to wonder if ever going to finish and then I had to leave because I got a live radio show to do so I left. I walked out of there about 20 minutes ago and he just finished a couple minutes ago.

I think they're right near the end and they hold everybody because there's so much security and all I can to stop going on so just classic Donald Trump and you know is reading his speech from the Teleprompter but then he goes off the Teleprompter which is normal and all over the map and and talking about a lot of different things and there's the stump speech and you know definitely. At one point it was kind of funny. Towards the end of its when I was in there he was like I don't know what to get you guys want me to run for president again and the place course reps right really funny but right before a couple people before Trump was our of our our lieutenant governor Mark Robinson who just lit the place up. It was crazy. The reaction Mark Robinson is getting bigger and stronger all the time and is getting better, more contained in this because he spoke for about 12 minutes and he did a great job and people were just flipping out. There's a lot of North Carolinians. Here is where right next door to Tennessee from Faith and Freedom coalition so but and then Trump of course mentioned Mark in his speech, and it was just kind of funny to watch a buddy losing their minds and and he's like a black Trump. I mean that's the best way I can describe it. Mark Robinsons of the Blessed is he still going. I jump jump on it, but I come to bring in my buddy Bob touching his with human coalition also happens to be on my board which microphone you going to that one. So Trump is actually you don't need us. Trump is actually still going. That's my understanding. When did he start you verbally started to get Eddie started about 12 it was running late. Three hours in right now things going three hours. I minutes to hours. I'm pretty while what you think of Mark Mark Robinson speak.

I thought Mark Robinson was outstanding as always. I mean he's clearly gifted speaker and is passionate about our issues, particularly passionate about life and nobody gives a better speech, that's for sure.

Oh my goodness yeah I mean he just was only about 12 minutes and of all the people today. He wound the audience up the most except for president Trump but it was it was pretty amazing and people just respondent because I think: I'm a black Trump is pretty effective. He's very bold is very out. The reason is very bold with his fate.

Lindsay Graham came in. Of course test for the first time on the ground up a little bit for Lindsay Graham. Why do so many Republicans hate. I thought his speech was refreshing because I appreciate his anger and his disgust are real.

Another heart felt as though there's something about Lindsay Graham politically that I don't like but mostly I do it became a bit of a hero for me when he defended Cavanaugh the way you took some courage and he did it in an unfiltered genuine South Carolina, where you that I think resonated with people you and I cannot wait for the day when he running the Judiciary Committee there will be giving some heads rolling yes liquor will be yeah and then of course Tim Scott Sen. Tim Scott from South Carolina. He was great, thought he was fantastic.

He's always good. He's very self-controlled is good with Scripture to drop Scripture in an effective way, but he just is a great impassioned speech and end up self-controlled. I thought Crenshaw I represent Dan Crenshaw from Texas you guys all know him because he wears the iPad.

I thought he was flat is very erudite.

Yeah, I was just like okay I would think you have a different gear but he did contents good, but there just wasn't a fire there. I was surprised by this.

What Robinson I remember, this is a story from back my political days, 1984 Sen. Helms walking into an event in one of the field guys asked him what he was going to talk about these little boys. I think I'm also little Hayward total hay on the ground were to go to and that's what Mark Robinson understands yeah he's going to throw little red meat out there were just can pack of wolves undergo known. Oh my goodness it is definitely at rockstar status at this point is was the first one today was the first speaker today. Tim Scott Marsha Blackburn went before she was really good.

She sharp yeah so is Marsha Blackburn than Tim Scott and then Michael Walt's is a representative from Florida and then Lindsay Graham went in and Sen. Rick Scott, who used to be the governor of Florida yet anyway. Looks like Trump finally finished.

People are filtering out and then some other folks and into Crenshaw was up there and Betsy divorce which I thought that was mediocre actually want to go back for second to Sen. Rick Scott. He used to be the governor of Florida. His delivery was really lame but the second half of its content and got a plan. I don't know what planet he was talking on the Republican Republican national Senatorial committee look at. I think that's his job so his job is to get Republican Senate candidates I think he that's everybody's trying to replicate the contract from Eric write the contract with America whatever was called so I think that is probably what you trying to do yet so that you can coalesce around something and then of course Trump that the funniest moment you brought this up earlier with Trump because he's in a room this is that this is the faith and freedom coalition.

I mean, this is like rocksolid red evangelical conservative Republican voters.

And you can see popular or not your Facebook life today but your laughing I was laughing when it happened. What'd he say what you remember something like I think a lot of people in this room, like like God I would like he was going to quote from two Corinthians right and a lot of people is really really like God might well yeah yeah I'd never really thought and I bet that kind of puts do I do I like God hate you know I like 75 weather.

I liked Whistler like going to be like going to the beach. I like going to the mountains. I'd like. I like getting upgraded on Delta Air Lines and I'd like God. I still don't try to calm myself down exactly what he was out of these bumper sticker for you folks, like God. Yeah, like I yeah set but this classic trumpet mean he's just not at that level. When it comes to things of the faith. We are hoping to talk to a couple of guys leadership from faith and freedom. Coalition activity had the executive director of the national organization adjacent waves are back everybody. This is the noble life in Nashville getting accosted by two of my sisters and I almost missed my queue and totally messed up. You want to take a picture. Now I come on, just live radio cares, it doesn't really matter That's everybody run around. I'm just doing radio stalling while I'm taking a picture hello every hello I my sisters from another mother is great seeing you. Thanks for saying hi. These upper room people.

You can never run away from you can't get away from so yeah Steve Noble this is live from Nashville so that Bishop wouldn't my slightly older brother from another mother bishop would is in his son and son-in-law, Jonathan, John, and Chugh will who's been on the show before and is now conscious using him in an awesome way doing stuff for Charlie Kirk and turning point in because you just don't have that many wrong African-American pro-life conservative leaders out there and so God's really lifting them up, which were excited about and that's super cool so that's going on, but again today.

People are finally filtering out them out here in the main hallway on radio row and people coming out from Trump. He probably went to I'm I'm I'm I'm guessing Trump probably went coming hour and 40 minutes or something like that and nothing new there. He notes classic trumpet EE you know what you can get but it was kind of funny.

Towards the end right before I left and I left I got out of there about 30 minutes ago. He just left mean they just let people out maybe seven it's go, but when he talked about the next election over the next Republican president is people are certainly happening as though you think you think I think you think it should be me and in the place. Of course you rub so that's a very interesting situation that he won't announce before the November election. I would think. But right on the heels of that, if you can run is going to have to announcement because then he's going to have to scare away as many Republican potential challengers as he can and once it comes out of me and I think back to the 2015 2016 primary and who wants to go up against that right. I mean literally who would want to go up against Donald Trump and another primary former president got tons of money on the talk about his own personal welcoming them talk about us political action committee and all his other things are raising money right left so it's just a juggernaut. And so then the question becomes who runs against them is what's going to be deal with Biden. What's good to be the deal, harassment by needing to be capable of running at that time It's just crazy him and all bets are off its most unusual situation coming up in a presidential campaign that I've seen in my in my adult life. So that's been kind of bizarre and will just keep watching it will just see what happens. What's up bro. Paul you jump in on why right now you want to jump on you, me, the headphones just talk to me. Don't worry about were talking up all Paul Brantley. Who's with faith and freedom coalition in North Carolina. Good to see you bro you this is my official attempt at trying to not be such a jerk for not returning your phone call Otis okay from your busy man. I understand were all busy bro that's not an excuse for anybody anywhere in your voicemail or email. I just got me was even came right up to me today or last night.

Your name man what's up.

Thanks for returning my call.

That's what I mean right. Okay, I'll keep your account a call. Call Mrs. Noble and ask her okay and she'll tell you she return your call that that's it yeah. I returned her call you returners you have to return mine anyway, it's great to see SLC using your background a little bit and how you ended up being with faith and freedom. So I'm a pastor and one day Jason Williams and I were chatting about things happening in this great country and I had written a book and after I'd read that book I tell Jason about it. Jason Williams, who is the CEO and the founder of the North Carolina faith and freedom. Coalition like all we need to check so we met at Longhorn to talk about both of our visions of what we want to do and I never knew a whole lot about faith and freedom. Coalition all I knew was that I was a big Christian guy and relieving conservative values in our community needed to know it is so Jason was like list partner together and you express that to the community.

Instruct them, educate them on what we do and get the Christians out the vote. So that's my role with the freedom coalition is to get the Christian to vote their values. Now when you when you think about the community you think about the church you think about evangelicals across North Carolina for you as an African-American. Do you do you come to look at the state and go okay conservative values pro-life values. I think most African-Americans live conservative life. They do all of them do it.

They don't vote conservatively is oversold is that like a natural position for somebody like you.

That okay I want to go talk to my demographic because obviously there voting 90 to 93% right Democrat as well as talking to the greater population but is that like a burden that you carry like Bishop wouldn't run.

I'm sure you know we talked about that for years and he really feels compelled to challenge within its own context.

But what what that like for you. So for me it is both so not only is it the African-American community that concerns me that gives me a burden but just Christians in general. You that don't vote for values. I mean, I know some very strong Christian white people that don't. Both are bad all man and so does hurt me and it is a burden for me. I took it upon myself, like Nehemiah that had a burden to build the wall and operating over it.

I fast over it. I'm constantly talking to people about it to get bit educated on why people don't vote their value but yeah differently is a burden. What what have you what what you learn. Just now your your travel on the state you guys do a lot of things with faith and freedom. What are you discovering about the people in North Carolina where the people in North Carolina or generally conservative. We have a large metropolitan areas like the Charlotte Morales. The Triangle area that Lee Moore did Democratic and liberal but all the rule areas where I am mostly very conservative people, but they just for some reason still don't vote their values, so I see the landscape but I see it changing were at a point now where the momentum is change you.

Some people call in a red wave color red tsunami is just a conservative ally. Hey, I gotta talk to my neighbor about this.

You see if there they want about their value and I think there's more more people even in the middle and on the left. Yeah, that especially because inflation affects everybody to have had a readier black, white, red, rich, poor, whatever, but the special people in the middle yeah and moderate incomes, inflation, and I think the madness that were seeing in our schools out with in terms of the doc indoctrination and sexualization of children drag queen story hour or not. I kind of stuff. There's a whole lot of people that the Democrat party is leaving them by my and tenant" normal conservative middle-of-the-road Americans who like we said most Americans live conservatively because we can't print money right and we have decent value is they don't even necessarily have to flow out of a biblical worldview like fried but the you and me.

I think most people are just a normal and they see these extremes in the Democrat party.

Just leave them behind in that point.

What choice of right, they don't have much choice at all there in that is something is happening, we can pay their woke but there is something wakening and drinking at the gas pump. In looking at these drag queens and always think it is really bothering them and I like even though almost Democrat or a liberal. I'm not going to go for that right. That's not something that I am for you and we they want to see the economy change they want to see better housing, environment.

So yes, everybody's waking up and we need to be willing to talk to all of them engage all of them is Paul great seen a man, thanks for being here this is Steve Noble the Steve Noble show live from Nashville. I'll be right back.

I read by Opryland in here, of course, with faith and freedom. Coalition wrote the majority that majority would be a Republican majority coming up this November and then off to the races come January selections a little reminder for everybody great.

It's great to win and we will win. But in January, don't go back to your myopic little life you have to stay engaged and you have to pay attention you have to speak truth to power.

Doesn't matter whether the powers got RRT next to it yet to speak truth to power. And then he got a hold people accountable so when all these campaign promises are made and everything that they're telling you that you want to hear come mid January February March April May every day that they're in office, you bring that like a mirror and you hold it over them, and you hold them accountable and that's better for them and it's better for us. But activism is a big part of what faith and freedom. Coalition is all about.

And so Jason Williams is here with us now is Executive Director give me prepaid and freedom coalition in North Carolina and then back to the show is representative Jake Johnson, North, House of Representatives Jake you are in the show we are talking about the church being shut down and all that mess with with Cooper, but will get that will get you in just a second Jake. But tell us little bit just give us a little one-on-one on faith and freedom coalition and how people can get involved whopper should this leave like you want to come take something you just said when you talked about road majority and you talked about being a Republican majority well I mean I guess it's yes or no calls. The sad thing is, when it comes to issues like life and limb of religious liberty and and and being a pros family party. Yeah, and in looking for those issues.

It's actually sad that there is only one party this trying to go after those both so so it's not that your trying to be an arm of the Republican Party, not by any means. What I believe we should do as conservatives. Certainly not as Christians and as the church. However, you've only got one party that's right. That's the least bit interested in and in trying to promote our values. I would love to get to a day were were talking about issues like maybe some tax policy healthcare national debt immigration specifically and we didn't have to talk about religious liberty all the time retro life and all that foundational issues would not be an issue absolutely but unfortunately were in a position where only one party has seem to show an interest in talking about those issues and promoting and advancing as you so anyway I digress all nuts, but but that's that's the majority and truthfully road majority or conservatives never been more appropriate. Certainly for us in North Carolina as a theme, then it is this year because we know if the Supreme Court is what we think they're going to do really nothing to change in North Carolina as soon as that happens, nothing really change right and what we gotta have is a vetoproof majority of pro-life legislative I think many of you would be like me. If they if they happen to be Democrat legislators, so be it would be thrilled to have it we would have pro-life legislators who will support life. Specifically, the unborn lives that have been under assault for little 50 years so knowing that we've got to get majority of pro-life legislators in North Carolina so with that you won't conservative policies. If you won't to protect life, you have to elect people that share that view in and I think that's well-rounded have somebody here like ribs and Jake Johnson who has been to a number of these conferences I write in DC and one in Atlanta, Orlando Chevy missed the conference I got.

I don't think I have and I don't claim on any cards you to get in here I said about Formosa and I did just what I was registering you know I like to think about Robbie's common sense I will know who we are, and I'm okay well that's it. If you send it and it's a vetoproof majority because for the next two years we can. You can have this great majority pro-life people like Jake in the house and in the Senate right but you got this guy name Cooper is in the way any of this other thing called the North, the state Supreme Court. We actually need to flip three seats in the house right to seats in the Senate in one of the Supreme Court in order to get to the point where Cooper is neutered and you can't stop where we can so they they turn over Roe versus Wade. God willing, and in the North Carolina legislature can jump in and we can become one of the most pro-life state pro-life states in America except Cooper is he'll veto. We know that he won't even sign a bill to protect the child that survives an abortion and I've had several of those kids that are grown up that have been on the shelf.

You won't sign a bill to protect them is not something that so we have to neutered literally and that's why this is so important.

November well I Steve the mechanic to her ongoing own is we don't have to guess anymore with the Cooper agenda it right you know when he first came an officer was almost as guessing game, said he was can be more moderate on these things, you know, it was always the guessing game. We don't have to guess we have years now this governor us putting common sense for him. Something as simple as if a child is born alive that we keep it alive.

Bella doctors the same responsibilities that they would for any other person in on that operating table and he vetoed that so we don't have to guess anymore.

That's right.

Now that now we have to start thinking a little literally going forward and and what makes sense to get that supermajority back. I'm in a situation we had it with her primary were passed that now do I kick my feet back up and so you know we want our race were good to go. Absolutely not working to be out knocking doors will yell raising money were built talking to our neighbors working with great groups are promoting the same biblical values we have and get that 72 votes. We need as though the last thing I will after my three years been at the general similars County commission for that after three years of being in Raleigh. I do not want to go back to my constituents in 2023 believe like I do and say you know what you know we need we need. We need this many writers I can't do anything when he does me more votes. Only way we can fix that is going out working hard to get people and you know just as far as approaching your legislator always think it's, you know, I love these issues I'm passionate about these issues just like people in my district. I want you to talk to me about these things I want to talk to people about these so many people call me a nice oh my gosh, you answer the phone euros I really want to do it.

Email me as I so yes I do I truly want to hear from you and I so we don't want to bother you people so that we don't bother you, and we know you hear this.

I want to hear it again because every time I hear that back in the district.

It gives me that much more fight to get back to Richmond and let listen Raleigh media. A lot of the groups that are out there like a natural knack for running these pro-life bills and support the things we support someone somebody back in the district calls is Jake were with you will find plenty praying for you.

That means world us going forward and having groups to come out have events like this just inspires us to go back to Raleigh and say okay there are people out there that think just like we do believe just like we do have our backs and we both that way so that so it sounds like Jason that Jake is telling us that encouragement matters to our elected officials. The ones that are already in the ones that we like that we need to calm and encourage an email on because encouragement the very word itself is to lend current. It's not easy to play that game and they need that for us, but give me the give me that, pull the curtain back a little bit. Let's go find the Wizard of Oz and when it comes opposition what works I can. I can email you really nasty stuff I can call you and say really nasty stuff I can mail you. I can hand write a letter. What actually works like what gets legislators attention when when working to oppose what were you when we jolly little postman.

So when out when I'm when I'm when I'm opposing someone to this question.

When I'm opposing someone I like sit down with them and same. Let's start with the things we agree on okay and let's what's back it out until we find that we don't agree you what, let's start with the things we do grill to West was to say was to say were talking about the abortion debate. We agree that me and you sitting here were a baby get pushed out here in a stroller has a right to live a very good do we agree that and you know I find it 90% of the vast majority of bosons gal agree with that. There is a radical left but will not agree with that, the vast majority agree with that. Okay. Do we agree ones, and this is always what I say. This is my three agree you tell someone's passed away. How do you tell someone's someone's daughter not checked her pulse and how are we not using that same standard on the front skillet blackout. How are you saying the lead on the front and doesn't apply, but do measure their death on the back and by not having a heart via end and it kinda makes him sit back and think for a second so we can use, call out the double standard. That's the one thing answer question call out the double standards are there but you start by finding those double standards. What we agree on what's back in to what we don't agree you generally find out what their worldview is and how they are thinking through things is what you're doing and you're walking down the road and if you extrapolate out then it falls apart and then get on this. You asked that question when somebody when somebody says their dad noted that while you check for dollars, no pulse. Okay, so no calls means there that I write okay so if they have a pulse. By the way I like what I minutes later Jason's dad is terrible.

What a bad day, but five minutes later.

Also Jason is a pulse that a miracle yeah like what what would you say about Jason he's alive. Okay so you have a pulse. Your life but if you don't oppose your debt that we are saying that yeah okay one of you can also make the case that if you feel pain right center from preparing a meal in North Carolina just a couple years ago. The fetal pain pill you would think if if there's ever a bill that you can hand. Yes is one to where you can say you are inflicting harm on this unborn child can't protect itself against what's about to happen to think and feel the pain logical that thought right there and talk right up to more everything on my radio and I got And Were Actually in a Segment and You Don't Know It Because I Didn't Give You Headphones so You Just Say Whatever and You Walk in and What Time Are We Done That Sounds Great.

When Can I Get Out Of Here and Your Stupid Show over so That I Can Leave Thing Out Of President from Now Making out with You Doing My Time, so You Only Have 11 Minutes and Then You Go Back to Real You the Mic When You Yells like I Was in Prison, Jason Williams before He Was Big and Famous Now, Back When It Was How Howard Is a Little Bit Later in the Dollars That I Was Friendly Because Acquaintance Because It Would Take All Jake like I Can Talk for 12 Minutes without You. I'm Pretty Sure at Your Organization That Put This Together Paying for. I'm about to Do That.

Jake Will Muster You Know That's Excellent Okay Jason Is Back up If You Actually Give Me a Good Answer. I'll Let You Leave the Faith and Freedom. Coalition 101 Introduction for All My Friends across North Carolina and South Carolina and Virginia in Utah That Don't Know What It Will Introduce Faith in Freedom Coalition Well so the Faith and Freedom. Coalition Is an Organization That Specializes in Voter Education, Equipping, and Educating Inspiring Those with Faith across the Country to Be More Involved in Our Culture, Specifically in Our Political Arena and Is Different Ways to Do That in and What Ralph Reed Founded the Organization Back in 2009. What He Knew, Even Going Back to the Days of the Christian Coalition Is It's Not Just a National Plan Is Not a National Way to Do That Right North Carolina Looks Very Different Than Oregon. South Carolina Looks Very Different Than Massachusetts. Pennsylvania Looks Different Than Virginia and so He Is Big Old Making Sure That State Organizations Are Formed Their Well-Funded and in the World Are Making a Difference and Are States Specifically and As We Talk about with Ribs and Johnson in State Legislatures Goes One of Things That We Know We See the National Political Climate in a Certain Way but Truthfully, State Legislatures across the Countries That's the Last Line of Defense against Any Federal Tyranny That We Write so We Gotta Make Sure That We Hold the Line, and so One of the Ways That We Do That and I Can Speak Specifically for North Carolina.

I Could Say or They Would Know Nationally but I Want to Focus on All of Us in North Carolina This Year Knowing What's at Stake. In 2022 We Are Going to Embark on in the Largest Faith-Based Get out the Vote Effort in the History of North Carolina Loss What Were Going to Do Is We Have a Motor Database of 1.8 Million Identified Evangelical Voters across the State and What We Plan to Do Is Reach Those People through Myriad of Different Ways. What a Knock on Nearly 450,000 Doors. That's Not Voters That's Doors Which Means Many of Those Doors We Not Going to Want to Have Voters for. I Also Three or Whatever Woman and Physically Knock on for 50,000 Doors Were Going to Send Mail Our Voter Guides Are Nonpartisan Voter Guides Would Assume Those Voter Guides Is over 2 Million People. Since All Have That Want to Send out Text Messages When Early Voting Starts with a Link in There. Let Everybody Know Early Voting Is Started, Click Here to Know Where You Can Give a Young Lady. Gotta Make It Easy and It Will Send One a Week Later It Says Early Voting Is Still Going on. Click Here to See Our Voter God and Just Keep Touching Those People until We Get Them out the Vote Is a Vote Taken by the System to Have Our Voter Guides Are Voter Guides Again Are Nonpartisan. They Don't Say Who to Vote for. They Just Say These Are the Issues and These Are with Those Candidates Stand on This Issue and so They Want to Be This Year, and over 2200 Churches Excellent across North Carolina and so Any of Your Listeners.

If You're Interested in Dinner Voter Guides If They Don't Get a We Would Love to Ship Them Directly or Nurture Excellent and I Can Go to Our Website WW W.NC Faith and Easy to Find, Reach out to Us and Will Will Get Our Voter Guides so You As Soon As We Get Those Done so Send Him Mail Want to Do Digital When the Emails Going to Put Them in Churches, Text Messages, and They Wanted to Live Calls Me a Phone Bank. We Want to Touch Those People Anywhere between Seven and 12 Times to Make Sure If They Don't Vote. Yeah, It's Because Their Act Rightly Refuse Right Go to Exactly That.

At the Exact Right but You Are Missing One Part of the Plan Okay Is That Your Putting in Concrete Right Now Live on Live Radio That You're Going to Come to My Show At Least Once a Month. The Whole Show Was at a Part of the Plan We Just Said Slowly I Woke, I Will Commit to Helping You Will Have To Show so You Have All the Time.

I Honestly Honestly We Travel so Much You Could Probably like Tunis in a Blue Yonder so That We Can Do Just Called and Got All the Material You Will Take Any Vote for Granted and Understanding in the Best Evangelical Church in North Carolina. I Know I've Still Got a Bunch of People in There That Are Not Voting That Have a Bad Theology about Engaging Politics. I Also Know I Got 30 to 40% of the Women in the Room That Are Posterboard It Standard in a Church Doesn't Mean It's All Crystal-Clear and Everything Is Fine and so We Have To Lovingly but Firmly Challenge Our Own People Have To Hundred Percent and I and I Look Forward to Being on Your Show Regularly and I Appreciate Your Ministry and I Do Think It's a Ministry I Believe What It Is Due, Thinking the Way That You Engage with People Your Social Media. I Find It to Be Challenging A Lot Of Theological Questions. I Really Appreciate I'm in a Really Challenging Traditional Thinking of Those of Us That You Gotta Get in a Rut yet and It's It Is Forcing You to Talk about. Why Do We Believe the Thing and so As Long As You Commit to Me Your Last Meal or Stuff like I Get the Easy One. That Sounds so Boring. My Spiritual Gift Is Discomfort so and You're so Good Thinking. Well, We Ought to Be Kept on Her Toes and No Drier My Phone to See That No Sacred Cow Sacred Cow but No Better Model but We Also Have To Be Intellectually More Vigorous Than We Have Been in It.

And Because We Spend All Our Time. If All You Do Is Go to Faith and Freedom Coalition Conferences All the Time and You're Not Engaging People outside of Our Little Chamber You're Knocking to Be Effective in Communicating Your Knocking to Convince Anybody Because You Can't Have a Good Conversation to Actually Unpack Why You Believe What You Say You Believe. I Think One of the Most Interesting Things That Happened This Year Is When It Came out That Our Lt. Gov. and His Wife Admitted and Discussed Openly Discuss the Fact That Years Ago before They Were Married. They Had an Abortion and in Allowed Us As Christians to Show That Were Not Hypocritical, but Also Showed Us Her Allowed Us the Option to Show and Give a Clear Presentation of the Gospel Write Attractive People That Look.

The People Have Had Abortions You're Referring to. We Don't Hate Those People Will Think That That That They're Not Worthy of Forgiveness. But Let's Be Honest Were All Guilty of Those Things That's Right. And Nothing Franklin Graham Also Use It As an Opportunity to Witness Other People and I Think for People like Myself When They Came and Said All Use Another Hypocrite Look, We've All Made Mistakes and and and the Blood of Christ Is As Well As Redeems Us from That in the Fact That Our Lieut. Gov. Had That Conversation Publicly.

That's Right Hand and It Was Wrong for You.

It Was Wrong and It Was Real, and That's Where We That's a Great Opportunity for Us Because We Know What People in the Left and People outside the Faith We Know What They Assume to Be True about Us and Unfortunately I Would Say More Often Than Not, We Fit the Bill, Condescending Judgment on How to Love about Self.

So on That Vein I Talked about This on the Air about Two Years Ago the Noble Family Pro-Life Chickens Came Home to Roost, Because Our 20-year-old Son Told Us That He Was Pregnant with His Girlfriend. Right Now They're Not Together Now and Were Dealing with All That and so You Have in the Moment. Listen, I Mean I Thought That I Pro-Life Chickens Came Home to Roost and I've Been Very Involved in the Pro-Life Movement for Years and All Of A Sudden You Got Okay. There's One Side of This Is Clearly Simple. On the Other Side of This. Wow, I'm a Grandfather. While That's a Life Well and That's Paxton.

He Just Turned One on May 28 and Then When I When I Have Your Permission and I Shared It on the Air in and on Facebook. Both My Wife and I People Were so Appreciative That Were Willing to Be Honest and Wrong to Remind of Her Body.

Hello, I'm Not Going to Heaven Because I'm Better Than People. I'm Going to Heaven Because I'm Forgiven Good People Don't Go to Heaven Forgiven People Out Of Your Forgiven. You Should Be Good but People Just Don't Understand. And That Gives Us Not to Man Is Another Great Illustration As Well Because I Got Six Kids and None of None of These Things Are beneath Them and Don't Miss Me Semi-Talk about Your Kids. I'm Not above Any of Us Know It Can Happen Any of Us Read Bible Tells Us the Take Heed Lest We Fall. No Man and and so I Think There's One Thing That If We Do Fall, It's Role in You Call All My Kids Are Kids Absolutely Love It or Me or You Attract. But That That Doesn't Mean That the Lord Will Forgive Electric and so I Think Those Are Ministry Opportunities That Exist in the Political Arena That Maybe Don't Exist. Another Place I Try so As As Christians We've Always Got to Be Seeking Those out Jake. How Do We How Do We Encourage and Pray for Christian Representatives like You so Reaching out to Directly. We Always Appreciate That and and and Frankel. We Got Tough Bills Coming up.

I Mean You Can Talk to People up in Raleigh You Can You Can See That You Know What People Wrestle Things When You Can See When the Russell Things That You Never Know Which Point a Contact Is Gonna Is Going to Make That Difference, but I like People Reach out to Me and Explain How This Bill Would Would Would Affect You If They Got a Personal Story Go along with. I Enjoy Hearing Those Because Every Bill We Vote on out. I Don't Take It for Granted When I Had the Yes or No. But You Try to Think You Know How Is Somebody in Real Why God's Great Way to Reach out to Persons Yes Also Makes You Do Our Best to See If That Helps Is the Human Eye Really Well Said Represented Jake Johnson, Thanks for Jumping in Today Is Great to See Again. And of Course Jason Williams with North Carolina Faith and and See Faith and Thanks Pal Get Ready Get Ready I Am Ready to Get Put in the Steve Noble Oven At Least Once a Month to Find out What Makes a Guy Leveraging You Guys This Is Steve Noble on the Steve Noble Shell, God Willing, I'll Talk Again Real Soon and like My Dad Always Used To Say Ever for Another Program Powered by the Truth Network

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