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Wins and Losses

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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June 21, 2022 8:18 pm

Wins and Losses

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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June 21, 2022 8:18 pm

Wins and Losses

Steve talks about school, government, and go woke go broke. David joins in the last segment to discuss Money Monday.

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The Steve Noble Show
Steve Noble

The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network one time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on his show. There's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve now 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble RM actually back and live here in the studio. It is back in the saddle again out yesterday and a prerecorded show and actually I'll be out tomorrow another prerecorded show, so I these are to be some interviews that I just did when I was in Nashville for the Faith and Freedom coalition conference.

The road to majority 2022. Hopefully that will be the case come November and then seating. Various people in January so that's the deal.

But I got a lot of goofy things going on in the week of July 4 will basically be gone the whole week got several things going on.

Then when it was after I get back.

After that, like July, 11 things settle down and then I got school looming on the horizon.

So that's coming up in the third week of August. I'll get back into the classroom. I think I have eight classes plus some online students.

So that's continuing to grow students classes. We talk about Steve will just go to noble you noble you. That's the U noble you and check all that out. Those are my in person classes here in the Raleigh area that I've been teaching for 10 years now this will be 11 my 11th year this fall and so that's the two semesters of civics and Constitution or and or a two semester US history class and or a one semester Christian ethics class and then this fall were adding the US history in the civics class to online so you don't have to live here it onto a be on the same schedule.

Your to be seeing the teaching that I do every week that week because I incorporate the news the day all the time, which is why I can't record it now and sell it next year because it's dated it's currently doing a live radio show and trying to replay this thing. The next year. You can't do that and I can do that with my teaching either so noble you I'm also gonna start making that available to audit for adults as well as kids that are unfortunately stuck in the public school system. I've been there to be running out of teachers and got that story to get to start a bunch of different stories to get to and then not because I had to bail yesterday.

I will do a Monday Monday update with David Fisher at the end of the show today, so a couple wins depending on your perspective, you know, my perspective so this is a huge win could be back.

US Supreme Court strikes down main ban on public funds to religious school tuition which I get the quote from Cox Justice Sonja Soto Mayor I so here's the deal. The US Supreme Court has struck down a Maine law that bars the use of public dollars for tuition at religious schools. A decision that could create new openings for school choice programs in other states. Amen hallelujah I mention this couple weeks ago when we were talking about the cases that Supreme Court had yet to rule on especially the one where they're going to overturn Roe versus Wade. Maine has long allowed students and towns with no public high schools to put taxpayer money toward the cost of an outside school, public or private, which makes sense, does it not, since you're paying money into it. But the law has barred them since 1981 since 81, from using those funds at religious schools who can't do that, don't you know about the separation of church and state. The two main families suing the state in the case Carson versus Macon were eligible for the program but unable to spend tuition money on the religious school of their choice. Chief Justice John Roberts wrote in the majority. That's nice to see that the program violates the Constitution's guarantee. The free exercise of religion. Imagine that quote means nonsectarian requirement for its otherwise generally available tuition assistance payments violates the free exercise clause of the First Amendment regardless how the benefit and restrictions are described. The program operates to identify and exclude otherwise eligible schools on the basis of their religious exercise. Roberts wrote okay that's taking the constitutional position.

Good job John the boat in Tuesday's decision was 6 to 3 with the court's three liberal justices dissenting. What a shock quote. Listen to this. This is Justice Sonja Soto Mayor and here's one of the main problems with America quote this court continues to dismantle the wall of separation between church and state that the framers fought to build. First of all, ma'am, your job, I would like to think you know is the enforcement of the Constitution. With respect to laws that have been passed in this country so it's the Constitution that defines the limits of the game am not your personal opinion really sets weight supposed to be so that phrase that you like to throw around the wall of separation between church and state does not exist in the U.S. Constitution and we don't make law in this nation based on a letter, the Thomas Jefferson wrote to the Danbury Baptist Association, the Danbury Baptist Association being a little bit nervous that the federal interaction with religion was going to come coming to their state and Satan. Actually, your state can't have a designated denomination so they're worried about federal overreach into the religious square meaning that state telling the church what to do and the phrase separation of church and state is nowhere in the U.S. Constitution.

As a matter fact I'll give you $5000 cold hard cash. All drive or fly to your house in hand, you $5000 in cash. If you can find the phrase wall of separation tree church and state anywhere in the U.S. Constitution's not there so we have an ignoramus with respect to the Constitution, sitting on the court is not great but anyway it's a big lit mate. Now listen to this Maine Atty. Gen. Aaron Fry said Tuesday the synthesis so remarkable quote he is disappointed and disheartened by the decision. Of course you are.

Your progressive but he's got quote while parents have the right to send their children to such schools listen carefully. Everybody it is disturbing that the Supreme Court found that parents also have the right to force the public to pay for an education that is fundamentally at odds with the values we hold dear.

I intend to explore the governor Mills administration and members of the legislature statutory amendments to address the court's decision to ensure that public money is not used to promote discrimination, intolerance and bigotry.

It's so obvious is that it should be about strong biblical worldview. The should be really obvious that they hate God and so we can't use public money to fund anything to help religion, especially that religion in any way shape or form. As a matter fact we have to get rid of it, that the cancer society to another school article here in a second. But here's another when go woke go broke. Did you go see the new Lightyear movie this weekend. Buzz light year origin story, Disney's Pixar Studios right Buzz light year light years is the name of the show.

That's the origin story of Buzz light year what year did you go see it. No well sounds like you're right in line with a bunch other people because it massively underperformed at the box office is gonna funny to see what the woke mainstream media says about it will look their next we come back to Steve Noble to Steve Noble show so you didn't see the new Lightyear movie this week and on the Pixar movie with LVL becoming the infinite lesbian kiss same-sex kiss well whole lot less people went to see it. Then they thought because I wonder why so here you go. This is kind of in the stream of go will go broke Disney's woke Lightyear tanks at the US box office, but mainstream media can't seem to figure out why Disney's woke Toy Story spinoff prequel Lightyear. This is the origin story of Buzz light year, arrived in theaters. Friday came, trailing player woke controversy in its wake. The company made a big deal about reinserting a holy extraneous scene featuring a lesbian kiss in the film is a rejoinder to Florida GOP Gov. Rhonda Sansone's parental rights in education bill.

You know what progressives call the don't say Gabriel.

Although has nothing to do with that 14 foreign markets had already banned the picture, you know, because unlike that stuff and it seems unlikely the largest foreign market for US films. China will allow it to be released there without edits will suit as he does with that.

Will they kowtow like the MBA Chinese money actor Chris Evans member. I mentioned that recently thinks you're an idiot or a dinosaur. Both now voicing main character Buzz light year because you can't have Tim Allen do it because he's conservative has called parents who objected to having someone else's sexual morality shoved in their child's face idiots and dinosaurs. That's the new Capt. America. Capt. woke America I guess.

Producer Galen Sussman compared the scene to showing failed relationships on screen implying parents who got upset over one and not the other were automatically bigoted. According to the daily wire Lightyear brought in 51 million in its first week, and at the US box office. Now that that's a lot of money right one that was enough for second spot. It was nowhere near what analysts had predicted. According to CNBC. The movie was expected to take in 70 to 85 million domestically and it took in 51 million, so at least a 30% drop in what a shock that is because that's about their stock is dropping 2030 closer to 40% this year. While imagine that. So what did the mainstream media say was responsible for the movie's poor performance.

Literally anything but the controversy surrounding the lesbian kiss so this particular author, the writer of the story, see Douglas Golden went and read some other mainstream media sources to see how they explained kind of a postmortem for the opening we can all that coverage. He writes a lesbian kiss and the attendant controversy was only mentioned once again up at five or six articles and that wasn't passing to explain why the film is been banned in over a dozen foreign markets, not as an explanation for its US box office failure or CNN at CNN's explanation quote. For starters, it may be difficult for audiences to know what exactly the film was about quite a Toy Story movie since Lightyear was marketed as a film about the man behind the toy rather than the toy itself. Ultimately families might have been confused about the film and I could've steered the boy right all that's confusing you think little kids care whether it makes sense or not Sizzler the school and Buzz light year for a long time now has been cool. So in origin story by Buzz light year.

The first time I saw that trailer I was like wow that's cool, only to see that I didn't want Lightyear. This is also on CNBC Lightyear had a great deal of potential. On paper, but a number of factors resulted in this very rare box office misfire for Pixar to the film opening a market too crowded with male driven films all shame on you Tom Cruise. Robbins asked was marketing and effective at pitching the idea of this movie to both generations of Toy Story fans as Disney's strategy of siphoning Pixar movie straight to streaming over the past years backfire.

Best two years backfired hurt the brand's value pop, pop culture site complex around a whole lot of answers, except for the explanation. The quote perhaps audiences of grown accustomed to getting their Pixar fix in the comfort of their own homes unquote so that's like I don't sit on the big screen. I'll just wait until it's on Disney plus right except the people are going back to the movies now guys, sorry we move on to the Hollywood trade outlet deadline, which asked in regards to light your box office.

What the heck happened here. I wonder despite the lowest ratings Rotten Tomatoes that is given for Toy Story franchise at 77% certify fresh it's clear no one in a great quantity is going to see the origin story Buzz light year understand the Pixar movie and a drastic movie had played in close proximity to each other in the calendar before and they both walked out with an embarrassment of riches. This could be a case of going to the Toy Story well too soon to fast. The publication reported anything but the lesbian kiss right into the mother of all trade publications variety.

We finally have a mention of the kids but had nothing do with the movies flop here domestically and internationally. They write Lightyear and 34.6 million from 43 markets taking its global totaled 85.6 million movie was banned in similar but smaller and smaller foreign markets, including Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates because it depicts a same-sex kiss, variety reported. Instead, the endless variety talk to blame spinoffs Toy Story defy gravity at the box office during his 27 year run each episode, topping the last. The last two clearing $1 billion worldwide, but like it spinoffs the Lightyear story is narrowing.

Now all you so there's no way that the true others is a whole lot of normal families left in America that are like when I say normal and just like traditional cultural mores and same-sex kiss when you take your six-year-old to go see the origin story Buzz light year is just not acceptable to them.

Believe it or not, so I don't go, keep trying with Disney keep taking your stock keep throwing money down the toilet because America is not where you're at and you will continue to pay the price. Okay, we mention schools before which take me back to this book battle for the American mind, I mentioned that I think last week uprooting a century of miseducation by Pete hag Seth you know him from Fox news with David Goodwin, David Goodwin's a guy that said left as big a career and started to deal with homeschooling specially classical Christian education and so they wrote this book together, basically look at the history of public education in America starting in the late 1800s when the progressives literally took it over, pushed out any semblance of a biblical worldview and brought in a progressive worldview including wrapping it up in things like the US flag and the Pledge of Allegiance is fascinating.

I talk about that stuff is being somewhat a slippery slope into idolatry. But it's a fascinating read him halfway through it and then I'm talking to Pete hag sets headsets publicist were to have him on and probably be co-author David Goodwin in July so hoping to get them for the full hour, maybe on zooms we can have some extra time in the commercial breaks to talk but this is a great book you should read it for yourself battle for the American mind by Pete hag. Seth and David Goodwin and really shows you in a will. It's a behind-the-scenes look at how America ended up the way it is right now how do we get here.

What started about 140 years ago in the late 1800s in the education system change the kids and as they grow older they become voters and they become employers and employees, and you work from the bottom up you go to the top of the Mississippi River and you poison it, and that what you poison everything that comes after all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico, which is the US culture today. So here's the story. This is kind of scary, especially if you're out there in the public school world have kids in the high school level VIIIth grade through high school, go to noble you start talking to you soon about giving your kids the red pill sister getting the blue pill from the public school system comes to civics as well as US districts. I teach those noble you schools out for summer and many teachers are calling it quits. Educators say they are worn down by the Cova 19 pandemic under staff schools and political battles. Districts warn of worsening shortage so go will go broke is now going into the school system some bliss Wall Street Journal yesterday some 3000 public school teachers and other staff left the field between February 2020 and May 2022, nearly 3% drop in that workforce. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, worn down by the challenges of teaching for the past few years, more educators say they are considering doing the same .55% of teachers said they would leave education sooner than planned, up from 37% last August a lot more on the story a few other things that you need to hear will be right back back and see noble to see noble shows are going through this article.

Wall Street Journal yesterday schools out for the summer and many teachers are calling it. Some 300,000 public school teachers and other staff left field between February 2020 and May 2022, nearly 3% drop in that workforce. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics. He got a lot of 55% of teachers said they would leave education sooner than planned, which was up 37% from last August so a lot of teachers just leaving the field. Could it be part of that. I mean, and what we did to them. Weaving the American culture.

American government pathology on down with the shutdowns in the Masten and Allison switch to online learning is random through the ringer so there's only so much anybody can take and then now that you've got cortical woke parents in that group getting bigger and bigger as to what's going on in the in the schools school houses around the country then there's that pressure and there's a lot of teachers out there, just want to teach kids and try to try to help in their caught in the middle of all that stuff not even aware of the deep progressive ideology that they been teaching there. Not Mimi. I think a lot of meaning to turn kids in the crazy little progressives that's been going on for a while so they're just starting to leave such pressures are straining teachers as the Wall Street Journal article, so could it be another like go will go broke thing straining teachers Artie stretched thin by staff shortfalls, especially in science, math, special education in early childhood education. According to US education Department among public schools, 44% reported full or part-time teaching big vacancies at the start of the year, according to data released by the National Center for education statistics is the real problem. School administrators say those shortages will get worse, and many more educators if many more educators resigned, and some say they have had to curtail summer school programs in Wisconsin. The medicine that college and school districts that it would be able to provide summer school for 600 students who enrolled citing staffing challenge that in many ways I think could like when the government shuts down. That's good public schools shutting down summer school from an ideological perspective worldview perspective that's probably good teacher resignations in public and private schools have been a boon to hiring managers of your teacher think about leaving.

This is for you and other industries. Desperate for capable talent in a tight labor market. Classroom instructors are leaning sales roles and jobs as instructional coaches, software engineers and behavioral health technicians. According to LinkedIn data Stephanie Gomez, a career coach who works with teachers trying to break into new occupations said that more recently tech companies have been coming to her for help. Appealing to to departing teachers quote some companies are flat out making landing pages that say hey former teachers, this is a good fit. She said these are highly qualified people with masters degrees. You can train them on sales so that's interesting. Don't give up if you're a teacher in terms of finding another career because we are in a tight labor market, so that's good.

Look for that but the public education system needs to suffer because of what it's done to our culture and our country to last hundred years, again, I just go them in the middle of reading a battle for the American mind looks at the hundred year takeover of progressivism with how that's shaped the country today Pete hag Seth from Fox news and David Goodwin. I am going to have on the show next month to finish the book you have to believe you have to watch that listen to that but I would suggest you just read the book will be a great show will boil it down, but this is a book if you care about your neighbor, so should be of kids in the system, or grandchildren going in the public school system. You need to understand what were sending them into this is concerning. We been talking about this for a while this summer. A night of rage on abortion. The shadowy group genes revenge issues a call to riot against the Supreme Court if it overturns Roe versus Wade. This Wall Street Journal, this is the editorial board speaking out okay yesterday as the nine justices prepared to issue their final opinions of the current term. Barricades are going up around the Supreme Court building. It's a sad but necessary security measure because violence can't be ruled out. In response to the rulings, the threat is explicit on abortion is the arrest of an armed man outside just as Brett Cavanaugh's home attests. Demonstrators continue to protest outside the home some justices. By the way, go look at the pictures I put up on Facebook yesterday of these protesters out there these women wearing overalls and stuff and they have read paint splattered on their midsection. Of course, representing probably back out. Ellie abortion there putting dolls down the street meets sick and demonic demonstrates continue to protest outside the homes of some justices, which by the way, is a violation of federal law, not that the bite administration cares and now comes about because the real the real spirit of the ages in charge there abortion this is this is really their golden calf and now comes about from the shadowy group that calls itself genes revenge as an Roe versus Wade to commit what sounds like what Democrats would call insurrection if it were aimed at another part of government from last week sent a photo of a flyer popping up around Washington quote DC call to action night of rage, declares the night Scotus overturns Roe versus Wade hit the streets. You said you'd riot it continues to our oppressors. If abortions aren't safe. You're not either genes revenge.

That's an incitement to more than peaceful protests against the court.

The threat of violence has to be taken seriously because genes revenge is Artie taken credit for acts of destruction against pregnancy crisis centers around the country are Nicole Ault nearby reports on this ominous trend against pro-life groups that counsel pregnant women considering abortion. Media reports say the Federal Bureau of investigation investigating the attacks and we hope so. Atty. Gen. Mary Garland made a show of establishing a domestic terror unit at the Justice Department and equal justice means it can't be aimed merely at right wing groups itself. That's true genes.

Revenge threats have received little attention in the rest of the press, but we hope the Washington DC and Capitol police are much better prepared than they were for the riots of 2020 and 2021. The justices in the court as a democratic institution have to be protected will see what happened. So why this group genes revenge isn't already being arrested and dealt with for inciting. This is actual incitement of violence actual incitement actual and violence okay against members of the Supreme Court, which is all federal law.

Problems okay and they're not doing anything yet. These people should already be perp walked mission of art they can go find these people is not that difficult, the FBI, the NSA, all those guys that go find him and bring them in for questioning why are they not done that because because ultimately, unfortunately, I don't think they want to stop. They want to see it happen. Not to say that publicly no way but they want to see it happen because are so given over to a reprobate mind. Romans one that they want to see this happen because abortion there the day that is there little G God represents everything of the progressive movement to them of total autonomy all kill my child. It might be like it but it doesn't fit the timing on the money only good thing to do to me Ivan of kids are ready.

Whatever. And I'm simple I'm oversimplifying it for a lot of people can understand that I'm not trying to be heartless here but this that the abortion issue is totally representative of the anti-God movement. The spirit of the age to tell God take a flying leap to do whatever I want to including having my own child killed in my womb and calling it autonomy in a woman's right to choose in healthcare. That's what it is further going apoplectic about it. Just like the prophets of bail. It's the exact same thing. The exact same thing to save this story for later in the week. Thanks for this one.

Build the Hoover institution releases report providing solutions for homelessness in California know what the real solutions are common sense, common sense I'll get to them to do that one on Friday okay again I will be here tomorrow to record the show for tomorrow and with some of the interviews I just did in Nashville where I got to see a present from speaking spoke for almost 2 and half hours I had to leave the room side radio show. I was on Friday interviewed him last Monday on the show. If you haven't heard that. Go check it out your Facebook live or get the podcast run all the major podcast platforms last Monday and return for little bit so this is an interesting story. This doesn't surprise me. This is in the daily wire majority of Americans want a fresh face, not by neutral polls show a new poll revealed that the majority of American public wants a fresh face in the Oval Office and not a recycling of Pres. Biden or former president from Biden will be two weeks shy of 82 years old by the time of November 2024 elections. Trump will be 78 June 10 yet Yahoo yet you guv poll found a whopping 64% of respondents felt Biden should not run for reelection. Only 21% thought he should run again while 15% could not decide which site to take figures all groups wound up with roughly the same percentage of respondents agreeing Biden should not run 66% of women 62% men 65% of those ages 18 to 29 and 30 to 44, 65% of those age 45 and older symbols from like nope and get this.

This is telling a massive 76% of independents did not want Biden to run again whiles results were not much better for Trump 55% of respondents felt Trump should not run for reelection in 2024 ~64% for Biden and 55% don't think Trump should run all groups wound up with roughly the same percentage of respondents agreeing Trump should not run 58% of women 52% of men 58% of those ages 18 to 29 so on and so forth. 50% of whites at 50% of Hispanics also felt Trump should not run 57% of independents thought Trump should not run with substantial 29% of Republicans. Concurring with independence on the questions that's interesting Ryan on Facebook live put in the comments section to Santos. Yes, I saw another polar DeSantis was significantly ahead of Trump. The second happen but yet in a potential 2024 head-to-head matchup, Trump clung to a three point lead over Biden 4239%.

The survey continues by asking the respondents what their chief issue is when thinking about next year's election with 37% of respondents selecting inflation because that's a pocketbook issue 10% selecting crime in healthcare respectively 9% selecting immigration 39% respondents that the Republican Party would handle inflation better. Only 26% of respondents preferred Democrats Buzz light year didn't show up. Toby didn't show up about.

You didn't show up. It's always money. That's the deal. Speaking money will be back in the fourth segment will do little catch up with her good friend David Fisher so much happening on the economic front, we have to stay informed Lyrica back to Steve Noble to Steve Noble show so I this was an interesting article by Brandon at them to get David Fisher upon to setting this up and he's like things are really bad stuff on the horizon financially going. So here's his things this moment only a matter time for the force of the deflation and inflation met in the middle to create stagflation. So here are some things he centered and half get David in here the Fed will hike interest rates more than expected. Yup, not enough to stop inflation that's exactly right. Markets will crash and unemployment will abruptly spike up price controls Joe Biden and the Democrats will seek to enforce price controls rights try to make themselves look better. Rationing what be ready only gets worse from here. Might sound like. In predicting the success of the great reset program but actually believe the globalists will fail and in food riots in different parts of the world while the return of political unrest in the US as leftist factions encouraged by globalist foundations demand more government to intervention and property.

What this serious stuff going on, which is why we have to continue to talk about it and continue to get help from people that is there their career and their calling that not the least of which is a good friend, David Fisher from La Marque, M.

Our is always David how are you will rationing going on maneuverability. Talk about oil rationing in Europe so the brand uncertain times that we have.

Economically speaking, yes sweet and very uncertain times and that's why we are grateful that you come on here once a week and help us try to understand these things that they actually do affect all of us, whether we have a little or very little or medium amount or lot. This these types of issues affect all of us. But we'll get to that in a second. Let's start in the great book of Proverbs Jamacha going through right now in my daily dose devotionals but Proverbs 23.

Let's start David and will dive into the news the day your father who gave you life and do not bite your mother when she is old so in honor of Father's Day whole wanted to bring up the scripture about fathers know my bed is passed away back in 2001 Lou Gehrig's but usually incredible man in the believer is community served on the church board whole bunch of things was an incredible businessman, but men and women were still challenged every day with issues of the heart and if my father was here to talk to. Although she would say the right thing.

You know you have integrity told the truth. Things like I am so incredibly thankful for not just my earthly father, but my heavenly father and we can allow both to employers or not influential. So I say all your mother and your goal on owner. Your heavenly father let him influence your life is such a great point, and for those of us that had good fathers. That's a huge blessing and if you didn't.

That makes it all the more critical that you really know your father in heaven is perfect. Father perfect fatherhood is awaiting all of us in heaven, so that will be awesome so make sure you understand that hope and hold on that hopeful markets were close yesterday because the Juneteenth and then there up today but that certainly wasn't the story last week was a big mass. So how about an update on that market amounts for last Wednesday. The biggest announcement in 20 years reading rates. The largest we've ever done them out.

The time stocks took a hit with the fourth-largest show program happening in history headphones sold the most amount starts with the fastest pace on record, even surpassing Lehman Brothers in 2008 inch speaking about hedge funds on top of selling. They have the largest short positions ever legally that the market was going to go down. The board ever had a semester crumbled for Naprosyn S&P down tree and how to present the Dell broke below 30,000 points at 2.5% down specialists that day been down all year to date, 17, 18% for the Dell 23% for the S&P, NASDAQ 31%, the J J.P. Morgan trader is now saying that S&P could drop a worst-case scenario to 3000 points were a lot higher know of the mountain so buckle your seatbelts remember your bumper right when you look at today and ego while he looked at the market was up over 600 points today you have to always look at these things in context. So if you look at the year to date. Just remember at the beginning of the year. The market was at 36,003 and 38 now it's town just above 30,000, and it was down below that just last week. So when you see a little one day rally don't think it's all over, because it certainly isn't, especially when the feds doing what it's doing so.

One of the projections next to me and they were up you know .75 three quarters of a of a percentage last week rise in the basis which affects everything else. Credit card debt, home loans, car loans yada yada what's what's next for the Fred, what are they going to do next marketing factory to raise another three quarters of a point. Enjoy the announcement they were going to do half a point in June and help appoint intellectual market is saying more than what the Fed is giving in their lease this last Wednesday was given in July with the market is saying the market is also saying half a percent increase in September which the Fed wasn't anticipating that and at the end of the year. The market is saying.

Lending rate should be 3.75% in the Fed was not wanting to go about half of marketers been doing numbers of the people of funeral saying higher things like the Wellington newsletter newsletters been around for 46 years. In 1979 when it look feds were raising rates were only 12% 13% level, keeping the research should domain should going to 20% they did. They called him an idiot when he was saying this is saying the same thing again. I don't get their workers were 1 1/4 right now is a 3 1/2 37 I think of higher rates. We should be above 9% to get the inflation under control because the CPI members at 8.3% and the only way historically speaking, the inflation under control interest rate of the above the CPI number that says 9% or higher, so we'll see what happens.

All kinds of challenges for federal government in managing heart that the interest repayment would just be like would be what I 03 4 trillion should be just insane. Interest-only payments will go to watch what's up as a reason to say some courses rates go up on our debt and then it that's just one thing after another.

Looking at the 30 year fixed rate.

The average rate in America for 30 year fixed home loan as of June 17. Basically 6.5%. I mean the house and into in October, two years ago we wouldn't be in that house today if the rates were six Naprosyn so this is that this is a serious effect on people's actual real daily lives, goes along with straight completion would work all lot of new new reports are coming out and removing the inflation environment and that is totally confirming that that's one area of many were the cost of living is going much faster than the income so you run into a probably more robust stagflation environment that's another example of great example stagflation means that there still people out there, including the president that is acting like the economy is healthy as you can find a couple good numbers here and there. What what what is behind me. That's that that's beyond ignorance that that's that's choosing. I think basically just a lie.

A technical recession happen yet we haven't had two quarters of negative GDP, so we had one and I think we can have two coming up your but going on to say will rhetorically not in recession people on unemployment is still low right, citing good things was causing this train wreck is getting ready to happen will really, really do have massive inflation.

I'm in the money supply is slowing down of the Fed is not supporting the environment. Wells Fargo just amounts open market about new loans were having terms of layoffs this year enters from 5 to 25% across-the-board and tech companies produce major companies carve on a coin base compass redfin Netflix from you name it lost you already are having layoffs see them anymore and right now there's 20 million households struggling to pay their energy bills and is probably going to get worse so you know how Sherman said the job growth was slowing, but were still quite a role both levels.

We see the economy slowing a bit, but were still at healthy levels of growth.

There's no sign of a broader slowdown. I think he's disengaged and finally financial news call amount should use not telling the truth is not engaged is gone worse when you should inflation was transitory was permanent when he said there is no inflation thing I've been saying he was denying and I think it's going to get worse. I think you can come to the place where you you will admit it or ignored but it's going to get worse. Unfortunately for the time being and eventually will get better yet just amazing what about gold and silver shoulders.

Lots of forecasts out there for wholeness over a new one came out here that say you have it in your portfolio David Einhorn.

He's saying if you have some goal right now saying central banks are selling dollars in gold is only much higher on the bandwagon you just the intention what's going on. Negative environment like this is when things like a deal that we can still people want to get educated which is what you're all about David. What they do they call it excellent as always, thanks for your flexibility this week, but even for to talking to you next Monday.

Have a great week reported you, my brother got bless you. We'll talk later. This is Steve Noble and Steve Noble showed God willing I talked again real soon and like my dad always used to say forward another program powered by the Truth Network

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