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School Board Takeover!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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June 8, 2022 10:42 am

School Board Takeover!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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June 8, 2022 10:42 am

School Board Takeover!

Steve talks to Michele Morrow, website, about the school system and what needs to happen to change it.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and truth.

No sacred cows call Steve now 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now there's your host Steve Noble and Mark Meckler was up and I present the convention states upstart tea party patriots. All I could stop and he asked at one point some in-state decimal point. How many of you in the last year have attempted to run for office or are running for office and out of a crowd of about four and 50 there were probably six or seven or eight hands like okay that's good and I know and they were all by the way first time people that have done and that was encouraging, but also disappointing at same time because we basically look at that guy I want to go down that road and the only people that show up for a rally. My question is always what you do besides rally and then why do we even care what you even engage. For those of you that have been a part of the show for a while. You've heard my story. If we go back to Obama's election, I think it was 2008 Michelle Morris here with me if you go back to the other member Joe the plumber. Yes, like I saw Joe the plumber got into a little verbal altercation with Barack Obama at some at some event in the Joe the pump plumber got his 15 minutes of fame and in he became a known quantity. For a while I was I was very much the same way as to Steve the house painter, minding my own business homeschool.

Self-employed, I hate the government and so it's good to stay out of the system.

I know the end of the book I was and abandonment theology guy in the book we win so I'll just sit here safely in the sidelines and watch it all swirled on the toilet and the safety of my little Christian bubble and then one day because of Mark Harris Texas pastor ran for office. Couple times here in North Carolina. I was deeply convicted by his message at a revival in our churches back in 2004 about my very selfish's us.

Steve centric myopic life because I was neglecting my 330+ million neighbors. I really didn't give to roots about them at all.

That was before called action those before activism that was before teaching those before radios, before everything and so II was just deeply convicted by the Lord that I needed to do something I didn't know what it was going to be so that Sunday's going only back to March 2004. I put a little response card on the altar at our churches Bailey Baptist Church in North Raleigh, North Carolina just said to be more outspoken for God's truth in the public arena right. Laughter is the correct response. I had no clue at the time about three weeks later went into the Raleigh city Council chambers with about three or 50 people. I was kind of the head of the line of that deal and the rest is is just this crazy bizarre ride that I've been on Michelle is on a similar ride and sorta talked today about her adventure with the Lord and getting into activism, and specifically the wake County school board race which she is running for Michelle for wake she's been on recently and then working it should I Casey what's up with all the schoolwork people won't get used to it because I want to give you all of you. You and several others were five others a lot of room on the show in particular between now and November because this is super important wise. What were to talk about, but I wanted to start Michelle would basically just your story and how you ended up because I've been kinda watching from the sidelines watching it happen. You and I know each other from homeschooling and I've taught your son was in class and so that was kind it then also like rights.

This lady up to something. Your studies show up at things and getting involved in not doing stuff on Facebook and are running for office.

Anyway, thanks for coming in today. It's great to share. Thanks so much for having me as long long-winded introduction by now you know I am very I'm just as surprised to be here because this is never my intention.

My goal was always to be out on mother and a nurse and I got to do both of those things, which is a blessing. My husband and I were missionaries in Mexico for five years. Three of our our kids were born there.

Three of our five kids are born there and when I came back to the United States.

I realize I just had different perspective on what was happening and really I started getting very interested when we are actually living in Colorado we are and an amazing 360 acre camp on the Continental divide. Living literally in a log cabin like it was my dream. I always love little hot on the prayer I get to limit a lot And someone else taking care. There's electricity, running water, and so does Thomas hear the horses and sell. It is amazing, but it was during Barack Obama's second election. And I remembered it during his first lecture we are living in Austin Texas and I remembered this sinking feeling when I was listening to him give his interviews and I thought I don't trust this man.

There's something about and that just does not feel right and is getting all the right answers and everything just seemed. I thought the sky where to buy 2012. We all knew that he was not to conserved and pretended to be that he was, not to be promoting Christianity that he didn't really believe in marriage between a man and woman that he had no intentions of protecting, you know, the unborn, and really didn't even like our country as a matter fact hell out for the first time in my life. I'm proud to be an American.

That's exactly right. And so silly to 12. I was we are living in the middle of nowhere. We didn't even have Internet.

We didn't have cable television so I was just listening to Rush when I cut in I remembered up to the 2012 election.

Out of many people realize this but in the first four or five months. Like leading up to that election.

It seemed like there was a shooting somewhere every week, and I remembered sitting there in our log cabin thinking what is going on. This is just crazy like and so I was shocked when he won in 2012. I mean it's not like there was a really strong candidate going against official public and at the same time, I thought I could see the first time, like because especially the Christian vote.

It's like because he was saying you want to change any kind of the home to change and I thought in 2012.

I just thought we are the questions like where the people that believe the Bible. So when we moved back we actually left in 2014 he came here we live, and I had gone to school in Chapel Hill for my nursing degree and my parents live in Cary, and so we moved back to be close to them and I remember moving back here and actually my son got into your your class. I think the first fall back here maybe in the spring and we were so we are studying cynics in the Constitution and during the 2015 you know election, I mean I know it's 2060, but in 2015. I really got motivated about the border issue because people did not understand that this open border was destroying the country south of us. All of these young men are leaving their wives and their children and their coming up to the United States. We saw firsthand with three other families just in our churches and their paying coyotes at that time, five and $6000 a person to find the spot that they could get through, you know, easily border wall and for about a year or two years.

Those dads and husbands would send back toys and gifts and money and it's all great and after to you disappear you later into the United States, never to be for we know what happens in our country because our jails are full of people that have experience fatherlessness. That's right. And so by having a lack border policies were not only destroying our own country but were helping the countries as well. Talk to Michelle Morrow this is Steve Noble be rep `Steve Noble to see Noble show great to be with you today hearing a story not terribly similar from my own in terms of minding her own business. I was back in 2004 Michelle Morrow was minding her own business and actually living in a log cabin in Colorado also spent time in Mexico on living on the mission field, and then it was the 2008 elections in 2012 where it was amazing were people we are talking about this during the break Michelle, thanks for being here that is amazing how many people really aren't that well educated, or in tune with what's going on. I think it's more today than it was 10 years ago because of digital media and the Internet, such but it's amazing how most people to start paying attention and that's what you're experiencing right and and I like telling you during the break on I realized when we got engaged in church here. So few people in my Sunday school class or even where teaching classes and I was meeting other moms in Bible studies and you know and sporting events.

They really didn't understand kind of what was happening or what the intention of the enemy is and I think God's kind of given me a discernment to say. I mean, from the very beginning I been saying this is all based on the fact that Satan hates human being just like he hoped he wants to destroy all of us because we are made in God's image and because Jesus came to save us.

He didn't come to save the earth it income save dolphins as they are right to say that he runs and he defeated the enemy in the process and I think when we do come to step back and when we allowed for government as we are talk about before to take over the care of the widow and the poor, and the orphan and the immigrants you know and that and the veteran with the government to just do your Jesus and your little thing and we will build care of all this, but they took the hope out of it. They took purpose. We all have a purpose and and I think this is just kind of morphed from okay Christians like we know the truth. We have the hope that the world desperately needs, and we need to be sharing that in every avenue. It's not enough to just sit at. Behind the pulpit and go whatever you want if you want to be in this or that and they just never mention government, you know, as though that's the bad thing you know that's the naughty don't don't bring all that I like really surprised when people that don't fear God. Don't believe the Bible is true and don't understand right and wrong are making our lives judging our laws writing our curriculums surprised that were in the situation. Why are you shocked one in Texas. Would you assume was a red state is having, not just dry cleaning store tower but now are taking kids to basically see a drag queen strip show and that was through the school system down there and then just an apex, this just came out just the other day and apex evident pride. I don't know if that's this weekend. The ride we can in fact North Carolina you think this the Bible Belt, the Bible Belt has slid self okay you need understand. So an apex or Evans pride weekend. Whatever pride celebration and then the mirror just canceled the, the, the story after story. Our drag queen story hour and then of course, the LGBT Q crowd is like no we told him from the get go that that was part of it.

He said they never told us that he's lying. But that was right there in the beautiful little bedroom community outside of Raleigh of apex that they're going to do drag queen story right there for all the little kiddos and but but this is been going on a while.

This just happened people are aware, that's right. And I think we have we really mean on 51 I have never had to sacrifice for my freedom right and I think that's true of our entire generation.

We don't know what it means to sacrifice so we are used to our comfort were used to the materialism that we enjoy.

We are used to not. We don't want conflict. We don't want you know and that's kind of that mentality of the church as a whole. Not all churches, not the church I go to now thanks be to the Lord, but it's like just don't you know, just don't ruffle feathers. We just want to be loving and I've been saying it is not loving to not tell people the truth. Right oh I mean that that's it's decidedly unloving that's right even pendant teller who are both if you use the taller one. This is a great video just maybe five or six years ago were some guy came up to him after their biggest show and gave him a New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs and I think you kept saying the guy was normal because normally was nice whose respectful and and then Pam gets the point where he says you know how much.

See if you really believe that the Bible is true really believe that people have that faith in Jesus Christ in order to avoid hell go to heaven.

How much you actually have to hate somebody to not told Michael okay you got the great pleasure to not engage is not just apathy. It's worse than you know what's happening. So let's fast-forward a little bit so it's one thing to pay attention. Start getting educated but then you start speaking out and getting involved what what kind of made that transition well I think my kids were tired of me talking about it at home to go on YouTube and I like what I do on YouTube so in 2015. They said you need to make YouTube videos and tell everybody like what you know talking about stuff down in Mexico talking about just from the medical you know point of view, talking about pro-life and and so I just started doing these videos of historical things that people needed to know, especially of voting contingency needed to understand and so I started doing that and I I went and spoke. I didn't know I was gonna speak. I went to Michael's friend was doing a rally to get people to come out and to vote on in the presidential election and the guy was kind of stumbling over his words and so I would just interject something I got you think the micro and so I just start talking to people and at the end. Some he said you should come to clearing the precinct meeting which I'd no idea right that Eliza likes what is that there likely have to sign up here. Baba and I went to that and I met Sue Butcher who is with liberty first grassroots and she said were going to DC next week because we want to we want them to vote for Gore, such for you know for our Supreme Court justice, and so she and she is like well have kids and I homeschooled you like and it's you know freedom works is important to buy you lunch in a like so yeah so that's kind of where it all started in. I just recognized like these are just people like you and I that our elected officials, but they need to hear from just like say because they just here from the paid lobbyists day in and day out, and they don't have the time to be looking at alternative news sources and things you know and so they need for us to be telling him that and they were telling us that so that's kind of what got me started and then here in Raleigh. I started fighting really for election integrity and medical freedom and for educational reform because I see that I believe that the public schools right now are the largest socialist army and his only of the world and in and have been for a while.

Yes, that's a word you seem like I'll go back to.

It was either 2005 or 2006 were we had a mom who reached out to us a call to actions before radio and she's like my kids are getting some pretty crazy books like in sixth grade. Roy according me crazy.

And then of course once we saw it was shocking this the stuff that like Loudoun County and what's now is coming out, but don't think friends at this is just started happening in the last couple years it's been going on for a long time back in 2006 I went there was a big conservative talk radio show that was on before they got supplanted by Rush Limbaugh locally and I was on there literally for all three hours. We are talking about this issue of what's going on and they would not let me read anything any of these sections of the pornographic.

It was a been an FCC violation. So at some point other producer goes okay here here's the deal, because I understand we have to get this out there somehow. So, I'll give you 30 seconds read from the section of the book but every suggestive word in every obvious word to get a change and just pick a word. Let's just pick the word farm affair. Okay fine but as soon as you hear in context. You know exactly what farm means every time. That's right. It was shocking and then we went in front of the wake County school board. I think God I asked the mom to read and she read just shaking in her boots. But it was amazing to watch the base of the wake County school board of the time because they had to face the music of what they actually had oversight up to allowing this pornographic material library it's open public education were go there next double show couple different goals of us today number 1.just to disrupt your a pattern of life. If you've never been involved. If you okay I love the Lord. I'm trying to disciple and be disciple to go to church I go to Bible study of all seven reader nine years BS up well and I know things are wonderful.

Nothing any of them are not. But in the culture that we live in the times that we live and there is definitely little bit more on us than just growing our faith in and of ourselves and our relationship with Jesus. There's these little things called neighbors, of which we have in about 600,000 of them in Raleigh about 11 million of them in North Carolina in about three or 30 million of them in in America and so what are you doing to impact their lives well in our country. What whether you like it or not. Politics is chiefly the way that the culture gets impacted no politics downstream from cultures on the big fan of like my son who works for EA games.

One of the three biggest gaming companies on the planet.

In San Francisco, of all places, and I'm like, that's where I want my kids. I want them out there representing Christ doing excellent work in bringing a biblical worldview and the gospel.

A presence into that darkness in and go.

A change agent and that's what we all need to be and that's why politics is so important in particular, back when we started engaging the wake County Public school system are here with Michelle Morrow is running for wake County public school board Michelle, that's one L Michelle for the number four week is her website Michelle for week shall be on many many times during our November as well as some of the other awesome candidates for wake County school board. Whether you live in Lake County are not.

I want you to find out what's going on with your own school board because it's really bad and getting worse were to talk about that, but ultimately just in terms of engaging where can you engage where it where does it matter and so when we started engaging the school board and the press Michelle back in the day when I first started 040506. They knew where homeschooling family so it always asked me the same question Mr. Noble why are you getting involved with wake County Public schools where your kids go to school and I'm liking or Mike okay we homeschool our so why are you getting involved and I would just saved you on my constitutional answer. My biblical answer all given both my constitutional answer is I pay taxes on part of my taxes go to the we Cummings public schools, and so I've something to say about that as a taxpayer number two is a Christian it doesn't matter whether mice kids are homeschooled or not doesn't matter whether it kids are not what matters is that I've been committed to an action want to love my neighbor as myself. So whether it's my kids and their somebody else's kids and their I need to engage because there my neighbors and so I engage next question and didn't know where to go at that.

But for you Michelle. Why, of all the things that you learned and talked about and tried impact why the wake of the school, you know, because I really believe that that is where our country is being destroyed because our children are being taught to not trust God, their parents, even their own selves, and in who they were created to be and definitely not their country and they are they are systematically being divided against each other and it is creating so much chaos that you know a lot of people that are even fellow homeschoolers will be likable. I am school so what's the big deal I think you need to understand.

I tell people this in 10 years. Every second grader will be a voting adult like they are going to be the future.

You know workers and business owners and military personnel, and elected officials and they are going to be determining by their worldview. The trajectory of your life.

That's right. And so why I my husband and I have sacrificed to raise our children with the worldview that we think is right. So now I'm willing to sacrifice for other people's kids from all of the parents who can't or who won't.

You don't do what they need to do to get their kids into a place that's truly going to prepare them for what God has been to be.

I believe that every child is created in God's image. Every person we are given gifts and talents and passions we are given things that God wants us to use to serve our fellow man and instead we're just talking about how we feel about everything and that's just not the way it said what is the Bible say foolishness is bound up where in the heart of her child right.

We cannot trust our emotions to be the things that guide us through every step of our lives and I think that staggering when I think about when you think about the founding fathers, most of them went to school in a one room schoolhouse, or they were schooled at home with only the Bible to read right reading what you have more open right but most of them only had five or six years of formal schooling that it was only about six months out of the year because if you lived on a farm you work the floor when you work the spring right in the summer and when we look at what they were able to accomplish in the way they were able to think and their critical thinking skills and problem solving abilities and now we have our children from the time. Many are six weeks old until they're 18, five days a week eight hours a day and what are we getting it right that we are not we are not solving any big world problems were actually creating more and so I just thought you know there is a solution. There was a time in American history when our educational system was the best in the world. We need to go back to what we were doing at that point, we have the money you we have the know-how we have the manpower to do this. It's just the will and will we were out of school board meeting. What last night was really depressing, but I got there was a look on your face Michelle that I'm not used to see your pretty upbeat, positive I'm in engage school my father, forgive everybody charge held a bucket of water right there with you and the look on your face that that was just kind of sat forlorn.

I will, and it was.

I was very discouraged because the entire conversation was about the fact that the many there were angry it's pride month.

They were angry at the board for not mentioning it was pride month and and celebrating that the board spent the first hour and 1/2. You know, talking about people that needed to be praised or whatever and then they let people stand up to speak and the majority the people that stood up were very angry that the teacher and Ballantine had resigned. They said that she had been bullied. They said that if you basically Jim Martin. He was on the school board basically gave this scathing you know statement to everybody there saying basically you parents just want to control your children and I was like you so you've caught on like we want control over what is going into their mind. By the way, if you don't know what Michelle's document I talked about it on the air the other day there was a kindergarten, special needs teacher that was Georgie McCullers's preschool preschool-year-old.

She's teaching Pres of preschoolers about colors and she got this color swatches from this radical LGBT Q Pl. and on the one for white. It had a pregnant man which obviously is an oxymoron end and that got out and then the pressure was there and then she was gone yet which she should be in the other people are like this.

A great teacher. I'm like okay she might be a great teacher. In many ways, but in that way she's just indoctrinating she's force-feeding these kids who don't like know any better her own twisted world on her own lifestyle, whatever that is and what we need to understand what every parent needs to recognize is that each child naturally believes anything that end adult tells them right and we talk incessantly about social emotional issues about all the psychological issues when were looking for safety the safety goals for 2022, 20, 23, $73 million of wake County's money is going to psychologists and to psychoanalysts in our school system and your thinking. We are creating the psychological psychoses because these children are not mentally, emotionally and spiritually mature, and I don't handle these nuance adults read our Asian drugs with the tilted to converse about this in an educated way and it's like we've taken out the joy of just learning. We just let our children find simple exacta building blocks of education.

That's right, math, reading, social studies, without a political agenda, but there has been an agenda and their long time.

I mentioned to you Pete head is ahead stuff you guy from Fox news former National Guard And stuff pretty sharp guy's got a book coming out next week called battle for the American mind, which is 100 year study of the history what's been going on the education system which I ordered a copy on to read it and try to get on the show but that there's some really good teachers out there.

Michelle absolutely, there are but the system itself yes is shot through and given over to a reprobate mind and what we've been finding out me through Ed first alliance and no left turn in doing these deep dives into who is even the one that is choosing the trainings who is choosing the curriculums.

It's not people from here in North Carolina. Most of them are not even here in the United States. They don't have that the best interest of our country at heart. And so we need to understand like what is the purpose. I sat there last night. I thought there is now such a dichotomy for what we want is an end goal for graduation. Why are kids there right and we need to come together as and decide as a community. I believe what is the fundamental end goal graduation in my opinion everything that they do should be preparing them to they should be ready to enter the workforce at 18 they should be, you know, financially wise, they should be critically thinking they should be able to solve problems, handle stressors, because our life is full of you if you want to go on to a second level education in college.

Great, but we and 13 years of formal training. They should be ready to be independent and are not and are not the right of the activists. That's right from a leftist progressive perspective there ready to just decry everything you do nothing about it.

They're not ready to be good citizens are ready to be good followers, which is exactly the point in the following what following a progressive view of reality that's been around for a couple hundred years. The spirit of the age of course is alloy back to the Garden City now it's alive and well. The American school system really talking us tomorrow Michelle Marrone to come back Michelle for wake Roscoe talk about an event is this Friday night, whose children are they, what a great question that the documentary will be right back and will show here today with my friend. Michelle Morrow is running for the wake County school board Michelle, that's one L shell for wake I want all of you special beer and we County with me. I want to introduce you to and get you well acquainted with some incredible people that are running for the week of the school board Michelle being one of them because if we we all outraged about what's going on in the schools what's happening to our children. Whether you have children in their or not or have grandchildren or not you call yourself a Christian, you need to approach the children in our public schools as if there your own. Okay that's the deal.

If you're going up, throw the moniker "yourself a Christian, you gotta take the call to love your neighbor as yourself. Seriously. And if you don't love your neighbor.

That's a violation of God love and near distance and that's all that is. So we have to be engaged in praise the Lord for people like Michelle and so were to be talking to her more and these other people more, you'll get to know them. Over the course of the later the summer in the fall, but whether you're in wake County or not.

If you're in Asheville. If you're down in Charlotte. If you're over in Winston-Salem or if you're down in Greenville South Carolina where you're at you to get your nose in the book and and and I'm not talking of the Bible in this case I'm talking about who is on your school board who's in charge what's happening in your schools because I guarantee the crazy stuff that's going on here or in Loudoun County, Virginia, or everywhere else on in the country it's happening everywhere there's no place that say from this because this is a progressive agenda that's been around for 100 years and this Friday night. Your initial documentary got an event you're doing this Friday at 7 PM. Michelle tells about that in the nominal play video trailer for whose children are they going back to here comment from the school board meeting just last night right yeah absolutely is an excellent documentary that's done from educational experts, teachers, parents and students across the country just expressing what they are responses than what their reality has been in in being in the public schools in the United States, and it basically talks about where this all started, and it's a real eye-opener. It is it is on. It is hard to mean and I know a lot you know a lot of what's going on even in watching it in full time, you can walk away and go while Ken is there anything we can do whatever on your page. If you just go to Michelle's website Michelle for wake and to go up click on the little banner for this, whose children are they in the public education only down to kindergarten. Preschool okay and there's little note on here. Movie content is inappropriate for minors. It is, but were talking about the education of minors. This is either going to tell you what they're telling kids in the schools they're going to read directly from these books and talk about what is in their curriculum and quite frankly I was so glad that I didn't bring my 17 and 21-year-old yeah that solution yes trailer. The trailer for whose children are they Michelle's hosting a viewing this Friday here in Raleigh at 7 PM will get the details, but this is the trailer for whose children are they exposing the hidden agenda American schools education has gone off the rails. Now it's about power and money in politics, and somehow to cancel get lost your critical race theory is the finding children in a that are unacceptable cannot use racism to eradicate teachers are fully parents are shut out one of America's children are proficient in any they're teaching these kids X-rated. We look at this radical agenda in the way our children are being exploited and we parents are getting shut out one fundamental question whose children are children are the handsomeness of Nino's whose children are but stop at their and and that's the question and like you heard in the wake County Public schools board meeting last night like you parishes want to control these goods they think that there there's school system. The public school system from the leadership perspective that's right from the worldview and the operational system the. The like you got Windows or Mac writers and operational system inside driving the public school system and it assumes ownership of everybody's kids. That's the reality of it and I think what we need to remember it like you are saying before, there are fabulous teachers.

There are people that go into this profession.

Knowing that they're not gonna get wealthy doing it, but having had a wonderful teacher that maybe transform their lives and wanting to really invest in the lives of the young person is an amazing thing like I remember when I great friends in Austin taught first grade and she's to keep some of the kids works at the beat work at the beginning of the year, and she went.

Then have what they were able to do at the end of the year and they went. She would show them that sells what they were able to accomplish in just that nine-month. Amicus we chose just to think about to because our kids are so wanting to learn and wanting to please write and and I just think this is not an issue of the reason why this is all over the country. Is this is the United States Department of Education. This is been forcing their will on to the states just like they've done with everything else Steve and I see that every County school board. It's our job as a school board to stop that ovary and we need to serve the constituents in our county and what is best for our students and what is best for our teachers and say keep your money right that they would have on it. That's all the Institute their vision for America and for our children at a local level is through cash. That's right. And all the block grants and all the pilgrims and all the title IX, money, and all the other stuff because now you got assist and the vast majority of the United States. About 90% of the states. They're the second biggest source of revenues federal money, property taxes, income taxes, federal money so you take the federal money away well know, or toast.

So all these all the school systems are beholden to federal money and will do whatever they have to do in order to get the cash in order to survive because there are decent people and the like, and we need to teach the kids right but even the teachers aren't getting this money. Teachers don't have that the ability most of them have to work two and three jobs while we have administrators we had people in the department of equity and inclusion making six figures. You've got a thousand members of the Department of Public instruction making huge money and you've got our our teachers that are able to support a family on that income and that's just wrong, and so we say will we just need more money which need more money know you don't, you need to use the money properly which is one of the reasons I'm running and I said it's about safety. It's about scholastics and it's about spending because all of those things are all intertwined with one another. If a child doesn't feel safe. They're not gonna be able to learn if the child doesn't have a book in front of them that if they missed you know where doing all the sunscreens now yeah it disappears at 5 o'clock in the after his intend to deal with learning loss when they can't go back and see what happened two months ago and the weakness of the school system was just scholastically was really exposed during covert well and it was a joke it right now. Steve only 21% of eighth graders in North Carolina are proficient and she's 21% and tell me something.

By the time you get to be in eighth grade.

If you don't know math you're not good at reading. Are you going to go and ask for help. Nope your so embarrasses so much shame. That's right, and then will just push you through like cattle, the righteous room because they're all bragging about this incredible graduation rate because what happens when your graduation rate goes up, you get more money right right, all systems broke. It is so what's happening Friday night so I children today where is it what's going it is going to be at the Herbert C. Young community center in the heart of Carrie at 7 PM and come it's five dollars for a ticket. We just needed to pay for the rental of the room and have popcorn and drinks and working to have a bit of a discussion afterwards and I really like to give people a practical thing that they can do. Whenever we do anything that's no conversational. It's not just about educating it's about empowering people to recognize that we will not remain free. If we don't do something more than vote couple of times a year is just an impossibility.

And so at this point.

We need everybody to be engaged and we need to show them that the majority of people want our children to be trained up to be productive members of society. By the time they graduate. And this is not to say that we don't want to deal with the hard things that kids are are struggling with, but as a nurse, Steve.

It's time for us to take the expecting the teachers to be doctors to be psychologists to be counselors to be social workers as well as having children of varied completely varied extreme abilities and every one of their classrooms and they have 30 of them, and there's no recourse is coming there taking away gifted and talented classes there telling children basically don't do your best. Right because you might make someone else feel that right right there's no healthy competition. There's no discipline should somebody if you don't turn in your work. If you fail a test will be as you're about to make you feel pumped, so will just push you onto the next things he can be somebody else's problem, but whose problem is it gonna be when they graduate writing all of society at all of our problems. That's what we have to engage so between now and November. What's the make up of the wake County school work as this can be true for just about every school board in all the places room on the radio but but what's the makeup right now. Right now every single one of the people in the school board has voted for radical agendas. There are two people who went there claiming to be conservatives and they have done nothing as a matter of fact, one of them. Roxy cash basically was touting how she looked into this this group that is wanted to do CRT trainings at Millbrook high school and it's great. It's great so they ended up finding that and so but we have an amazing opportunity.

Steve, we are the 14th largest school board how many school board members, other 99 and functionally.

They're all liberal and so you need to go in there and we need to take five. We need to take online which would be even better. Yes, it would be and people need to remember the school board is going to a four year term. Right now it's a two year to make some serious changes.

That's what I think I so and and we want to do that for the betterment of everybody just we want to push an agenda. What are supposed to be the best and only North Carolina but in the country exactly because I North Carolina's engine that is driving the rest of the country where swing your friend and we need to drive this away from that cliff don't get enamored by DC is important, but there's a lot more going on underneath her nose while talking to Michelle Michelle Morrow thinks about the inner this is Steve Noble and the Steve Noble show, God willing also to you guys again real soon. Always used to say for another program powered by the Truth Network

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