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Pull the kids out?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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May 31, 2022 9:14 pm

Pull the kids out?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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May 31, 2022 9:14 pm

Pull the kids out?

Steve talks about pulling kids out of the public school system. Why or why should you not pull them out? Political agenda...

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network one noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve Bell 86 34 through 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble closely at our son and his fiance soon to be fianc came in from San Francisco and our daughter came down from Manhattan are the two are here locally so we had just an awesome time and it really does either parents in your children start moving away you know what it's like and that the bummer is that mere excited former excited foreman are doing great and their careers are flourishing, but I when your kids leave. That's a bummer. So when they come home and we have all of him and find my iPhone. I can just find one particular spot.

That's great. So thoughts calls. I hope you had a great Memorial day. Hope you took some time yesterday to remember those that have fallen in service to this nation brave men and women over the years, going all the way back to the start of the country. Although we didn't start Memorial day till sometime after that.

After World War I, actually.

And so, let's make sure it's just not a weekend of fun and games and barbecuing time by the pool or whatever. We have to remember that we enjoy a nice weekend. We have this fine we have this holiday because other people don't or didn't. And so, let's make sure we remember that so if you've lost someone close to a family member or friend as it is an act of sacrifice for this nation in military service. God bless you and God bless them in, and thank you and them for their service. Let's make sure we never miss an opportunity to think those in uniform that serve all of us in various ways, including fire and police and first responders, but specially on these holidays. Let's remember members of the military speaking of the military I did go see Top Gun. Just the other day.

All of us went and it was I was I was wondering is it.

Is it possible to live up to the hype. Of course it was delayed. What at least a year and 1/2 or something with the pandemic and COBIT and Tom Cruise deftly wanted to wait until they could get a regular opening weekend and a regular opening weekend is not what they got. They got an unbelievable opening weekend biggest opening weekend for a film at the bar at the box office Memorial day release weekend biggest whenever his biggest ever burst out of the gate release for Tom Cruise and it absolutely lived up to the hype. I do want to say some of the things about it.

It was 1986 on the first one came out I was a sophomore. Just finished my sophomore year in high sky in college and so that that movie resonated with me for a couple of different reasons back that's all talk about that before we get to the end of the show today, but also wanted to really focus on the heels of the tragedy in Texas and we're learning more about that. Let's reserve final judgment, but it's an sure looking like. According to this article in the Federalist on this is if you been paying attention to the news that happened about a week ago, a picture, here's the title from the article, a picture is emerging of extreme cowardice and incompetence among local police on me not going in and to the room for 75 minutes. I mean, there's so much to the 78 minutes to be exact. As many as 19 police officers were reportedly in the hallway outside the classroom for 78 minutes who's in charge and who's willing to sacrifice themselves and then of course even last week we were talking about how there was a school of police officer that exchanged gunfire with the suspect. The now dead murder outside the school. It turns out that wasn't true. There was a door propped open. There's all kinds of problems here and so we can get need to continue to pray for those people there in Texas and the fallout of all of that especially for them and the families and the kids. I mean, what child can want to go back to that school actually appreciated which is rare, something that Biden said the other day. Maybe we need to provide federal funds that that school raised to build a new because were we were looking at it from our mature perspective but not from a child's perspective we can't, and most of them are probably scared to death to go back there. Can you put Facebook up on the screen in here please Josh were sore afraid to death to go back there and who can blame him, so maybe that's a good idea but broadening out the topic of school here and in Raleigh, North Carolina wake County school system and we are going to between now and November. I'm going to get wake County school board potential of people that are running for the school board candidates on here as often as I can't because this is a huge issue. So my question for you today.

Are we what you want to talk about school safety, i.e., gun safety, but school safety in general what's going on in schools, the LGBT Q transgender mess that's there. The VI pornographic materials that are being discovered there in terms of reading materials. What he will you want to talk about that critical race theory being taught and pigeonholing these kids before they even have the vocabulary to understand or talk about. It is a time to start yanking her kids out of the school system with the school system just too far gone in this story showed up on Fox News LGBT Q flash card showing a pregnant man to be seen that, by the way, I think one of the new little mode. Geez, you can get. I think on Facebook are probably your Apple phone that shows a pregnant man. What I know for those of you that are saying and rational and not completely given over to this woke idealism in Romans one type human depravity and reprobate mind understand that there's no such thing as a pregnant man but as soon as you throw gender and sex off up in the air and off the table and you no longer live in the world of reality. Live in the world of ideology you can think about a woman who decides to call yourself a man who then is pregnant as a woman, because only a woman can be pregnant, but decides to call yourself a man forcing other people in one way or another to refer to her as a man. Then you can say in your mind and in your delusion. You have a pregnant man and so they came up with a little emoji orbit Moji about it and there's a schoolteacher, a preschool teacher North Carolina teacher was recently exposed for using LGBT Q themed flashcards in a preschool classroom as a way to teach young children.

Their color so they use the transgender flag, which is an expansion of the rainbow flag in one of the flashcards for the color white is a woman standing behind a somebody that appears to be a man who has a what most of us would consider to be a beer belly but the messages that's a pregnant man with his whatever is we can't define what a woman is standing behind her somebody that appears to be female and so they were using those flashcards with young children north going House Speaker Tim Moore shared photos of the cards on Friday this past Friday saying that the images were recently emailed to Representative Aaron Pereira per Ray, who's been on the show before talk about homeschooling in the education system in North Carolina in the sky.

This story goes on. I want to share more with you.

Thank goodness the wake County teacher re-sign after results being found out how some other parents are responding.

This may shock you not will talk about something going on outside of the market where I used to live up in Chicago where we have to start incorporating skin color grading is a time to just pull our kids out of public school to Steve Noble will be right back Steve Noble to Steve Noble show to change the I got this.

What I do in the summer. One of the things I do in my summer when I'm not teaching is that change on my bum music, so I have to get rid of us on this as it might seem crazy when I'm about to say because the things that we share the air and things that I post it.

Nothing's really crazy anymore. That's the problem with our culture is nothing really, you know it seems crazy true truth seems crazy.

Rationality seems crazy critical thinking seems crazy not being woke seems crazy and so we go back to Isaiah, one of those who call good evil and evil good everything's flipped upside down yeah Jim. I like that. I did get some Motown sold will love will switch out the bum music here in the next couple weeks, but this can think of thinking these stories are crazy anymore, they just aren't. Unfortunately, the norm, which is why were talking about public education today and by the way, is a time to just get out and especially if you have students that are in the public school system and in the last year and 1/2 because of covert or other reasons. Did you yank them out.

Did you make that decision before out if you if you been in the pool system.

The public school system and yank your kids out because of what's going on in the public school system. I'd love you to share that story as a way to challenge and encourage other parents who are facing a very difficult decision that's I think it's getting harder for people that are awake, that are paying attention to leave your kids in the public school system. I hope if you have kids in the public school system that's difficult for you. I hope you're struggling with that at some level, given all the revelation that's been coming out, especially in the last year and 1/2 but but this does been going on for a long time you go all the way back the progressive era at the beginning of the 1900s and the Frankfurt school you that US public education system was taken over by progressives and liberals over hundred years ago and they've done an excellent job as I know now is not indoctrination. Yes, it is its indoctrination via Marion nation there marinating children in a progressive worldview, not 100% every class, every every lesson but it not enough of them, and that's leadership on down. That's that people think the federal government's having a huge impact your nuts they they they can implement federal educational policy and worldview via money. They just make you jump through all the hoops to get title I nine money this that no thing so so be at the purse and all the strings that come attached federal money. That's how you implement what they their vision for education at the local level from the federal level on down and then curriculum and Bill Gates is in there.

There's all kinds of crazy people in there that understand that the best way to turn the culture and shape the future the countries to shape children, we tend to fight from the top down date. They are really good fighting from the bottom up, which is like the stories like right here in wake County, North Carolina, one of the biggest school systems in America right here and that you can you can call the Bible bill all you want. I think the Bible Belt slid south while ago but we can still say that.

So House Speaker Tim Moore shared photos of the cards. These are flashcards for little kids in kindergarten, trying to teach them colors but there using the LGBT QI a plus plus plus flag plus with some of the wood with one of the flashcards for the cook for the white which is the absence of color what appears to be a woman in front of her.

What appears to be a man but he's got a beer belly, but he sees cortical pregnant thoughts of their use. The flashcards which were used at listen up if you're here in the in the Raleigh area, Valentine elementary school in Fuquay Marina.

Do you have any kids you know anybody down there in Fuquay area that might have kids in elementary school Ballantyne elementary school led to concerns because one of them shows an image of what appears to be a pregnant man, according to a press release representative to Ray immediately reached out to the school's principal who verified with the teacher that the cards had been used in the classroom.

The principal advised that the flashcards were not part of the approved curriculum and said she was unaware of their use. Take note of that friends take note of that. This teacher, the principal was not aware of what was happening in the classroom yes and the teacher did resign or get WRI on news reports that school just released a statement saying quote an initial review determined that flashcards were not tied to districts pre-k curriculum pre-k did not complement, enrich or extend the curriculum and reuse without the principles review knowledge and/or approval, let alone let's add some parents in their representative prays that she is grateful that concerns were raised over the issue. Amen.

She added school should only be using age-appropriate materials in these flashcards could not meet that standard for a preschool classroom. Pre-school classroom. Let's mess with these little kids heads and trying to indoctrinate them into thinking that a man can be pregnant. That's what's going on here so the teacher resigned, the district did not release the name of the teacher but said it had removed the materials from the school. May 27 news release from Earth going House Speaker tomorrow talked about that are ready, the district is concerned to learn the inappropriate instructional resource found in a preschool classroom wake County Public school system spokesperson Lisa Lewton wrote in an email to Debbie Ariel news Lucent Lewton also confirmed that extra securities at school today after backlash against the use of the flashcards quoted initial review determine the flashcards were not tied to the district pre-k curriculum did not complement and richer extend the curriculum right, we read that are ready W RAL news found the cards called get this progress pride flag rainbow families found them online. The description reads quote these gorgeous custom-designed illustrations celebrate celebrate LGBT-esque queue LGBT to the number two, S, Q plus families of diverse races, ages, sexualities, genders, and ability. Great. So a teacher in preschool and kindergarten uses that the teacher's resignation comes as North Carolina Senate lawmakers continue to hold hearings on the parents Bill of Rights GOP back bill that some say are calling the state's version of the Florida law think you North Carolina House Bill 755 would be in any mention of sexual orientation or gender identity from the curriculum and kindergarten to third grade I would go higher than that at the very least, why do you need to be talking to kindergarten through third graders about gender identity, gender, dysphoria, madness, worldview perspective, you don't they did, then all of the mines for that they can comprehend what you're talking about what you're hearing it and it's coming from an authority figure and if it's coming from my nice teacher in my kindergarten class. Ballantyne elementary school and now Fuquay Marina, then it must be true right, at least to a kindergarten or first graders in greater third grade probably fourth or fifth grade want to get in the six grade middle school to get a little nutty.

Okay they're maturing now we can start having some some more mature conversations but give me a break kindergarten. That's it can hear the hiss of the snake under the bill schools at up to notify parents of the student has to use a different name or different pronouns to describe themselves, especially that young yes you can't hide that. It also not to let parents know if a student is seeing an school counselor or there's any change in a student's mental, physical, emotional well-being, you know, because we want parents to be involved with a shocker. Now listen to this. Here's the other side of the coin W RAL news spoke with Jackie Marrazzo, who has a three-year-old son in the special education preschool class of the teacher who resigned Malabo said the children are ages 3 to 4 in the class so mad she said the district initially reached out to parents on May 27 quote, especially with the class. This is used in many of these kids do not yet have the verbal capabilities to tell us something inappropriate was really happening in the classroom we are forced to rely on our trust with the school and the teacher. She said she said she started to search Google if there any mention of what happened. She such came across a news article with pictures.

The flashcards immediately. I felt relief like this is that what were making a big deal about will also said it's devastating.

Teacher resigned as one of the most remarkable teachers I've ever met.

She said parents were crying and hugging each other. Upon hearing about the nation one. I'm sure the teacher was one quote nice using those things and still sick so yet like with each passing week as we get more educated about what's going on in our education cortical air quotes education system in America that the yeah you need a Bruce Lee with you your kid needs a bristly with you in school and you're like you need somebody with you at young ages kindergarten which is a story we were just talking about trying to teach them colors by using LGBT Q IA plus plus plus plus etc. etc. ideology that's sick and abusive.

Okay, it's got no place.

I'm glad that teacher resigned the special ed class there's no room for kindergarten, first, second, third, I would add fourth grade, fifth and sixth grade okay but age-appropriate where we can start talking the things going on the world around them, but to promote it. Which is exactly what this teacher was doing and he looked a little kid the little cart here for the color white, which actually isn't a color but is all that's a girl and a man who's pregnant no good for them. Look at the wonderful family because that's a transgender woman who's about is now a man.

And so she's pregnant. He's pregnant and ended. That's indoctrination. That's what that a teacher I'm glad the teacher resigned the teacher didn't resign, should be fired. Okay there's all kinds.there is another story out or Mary Catherine Hamm and others have something to say about New York Times report on children's learning loss during the pandemic. I'm just trying to paint an accurate understanding of how bad the public school system.

You might have a good teacher here and there that's exception to the rule you might have a good school here and there that's exception to the rule you might have a good school board here and there that's exception to the rule. The overwhelming majority of leadership in school system from the national to local is liberal and progressive. The overwhelming majority of teachers liberal and progressive. That's what's so when you marinate in that what you get liberal progressivism as a world okay not every single teacher sitting strewn college. Not every single teacher in college is trying to turn your Christian kit son or daughter into a hard-core atheist but enough of them are that it's it's a challenge and enough of them have an anti-Christian worldview or perspective and that bleeds into the classroom. Now in college. Your kid should have the critical thinking skills. I hope they handle that. But in kindergarten first grade 2nd grade 3rd grade elementary school, middle school know they do not solicit this article. This is just more the trouble out there.

Ask my question for you is this is this enough now that that that a responsible, self-sacrificing Christian parent is getting to the point painted into the corner where you're like there's there's I just can't do it anymore. We have to get our kids out of we have to get them out. It's it's becoming is a getting to the point were just irresponsible and unloving to leave them in is that the deal so we have to wrestle with this.

I know it's a tough thing for people. I know it's a big decision, but our kids worth it. I certainly hope you're not so ignorant, uninformed as to think anything spine of the public school system because it is the full extent of the damage from this article that's been done to an entire generation may not be known for many years, but in the immediate aftermath of closures and shutdowns extensively to keep kids safe.

It's now becoming clear even though she didn't predict what would happen so this was in the New York Times. I tweeted this out children's learning loss in the pandemic is unjust in reading and math. It's also in social and emotional skills in New York. New York Times survey of 362 school counselors across the US. They said students are behind in abilities to learn, cope and relate. It's bad to learn, cope and relate students or less bought into school less excited about life after high school.

When teachers so much harm and suicide ideation, a guidance counselor said it's terrible out there.


And so for us to leave our kids in the public school system unless the really strong Christians they been really well trained their mature okay all right, cool, awesome. I'm down with that. But six grade and under seventh grade may be prudent in some cases eighth-graders forget know in a survey of three and 62, school counselors, nationwide license educators to teach those skills describe many students it's frozen socially and emotionally.

At the age they were when the pandemic started all.

It's great something that we continuously come back to is that our ninth graders were sixth-graders. The last time they had a normative uninterrupted school year. Developmentally, our students have skipped over crucial years of social and emotional development. Nearly all counselors, 94% said their students were showing more signs of anxiety and depression than before. The pandemic 88% said students were having more trouble regulating their emotions animal's recorder said they were having more difficulty solving conflicts with friends because you locked them up at home when they had no statistical threat whatsoever of harm from cope and mom and the teachers not the best measure.

The teachers didn't either. It's bad out there, and there is another story.

This is in the epic times US schools facing a mass exodus of teachers who will return this fall like the people dropping out as teachers, as is up about 50% in this article from a few years ago she got that going on. So my question for you is, is it now getting to the point where were to use strong terms. It's dereliction of duty to leave your Christian kids in the public school system as my question for you on a bill to take some calls today. Okay 866-348-7884. Maybe you've got kids in the public school system and you're just like this is really hard. I don't know what to do and you just want to share that that be great. Maybe you already pulled your kids out of the public school system for one of these types of reasons that I've been discussing and you want to share, I'd love to hear from you. We need to encourage one another. We need to help one another. This is a huge challenge for a lot of people I'm not minimizing that. But at some point do you hit your like yet to take a leap of faith like I don't know exactly how to pull this off. We don't how to do. If we lose my income or my spouse's income I don't how we do this but this is getting really bad. The time now beginning the point where it's becoming increasingly irresponsible for a Christian parent or parents to leave their kids in the public school system.

866-34-TRUTH 87884 that is a question that's not me making a declarative statement. I'm a lot closer to that statement than I've ever been and I weep in a homeschooling family. Our oldest daughters can do senior year at a local public high school, but she's pretty mature in her faith in her eyes are wide open and were asking questions.

Walking through that with her. So there is an exception, but you don't you don't you don't manage anything by the exception of the rule 866-348-7884 or 866-34-TRUTH, especially if you pulled a son or daughter out of the public school system. Hey Steve, we didn't. We did last year. He did the year before dinner four years ago.

Here's why, as a way to encourage, not condemn other Christians who are struggling there in a situation because so many of us have gotten ourselves into a financial pinch where we literally can't afford to lose one of our two incomes because how do you pay the bills. So how do you deal with that. We better be really really engaged. There are ways to deal yet to be really really engaged knowing that the school system.

This type of stuff that I've been sharing with you today I am and get gotten to this article, race-based grading systems. In one part of this article are talking about. They lowered the score for an F to 19% 19%. Your like what what how do you do that and they want to adjust the grades. This is up and wake cook news. This is outside of Chicago transformative education, professional development, and grading so they want to start changing all the grades curb the grades will count for skin color or ethnicity. And so we know our students can no longer be docked for missing class misbehaving in school are failing to turn in their assignments according to the plan to get a lot of these kids tell them that they're actually doing better than they actually are and youth and their cadets can condition them to expect that all of life's going to treat them that way and it's not. It's really shocking very disappointed to Jamar's going to from North Carolina. Jamar, thanks for calling a redhead from all I'm sorry will greet you. Would you work where you probably bring our loud alarm Mark court record. Being the culprit. Like little school retreat and collect directory people are another alternative current large group earlier being will actually be impeded.

Pressure pushing on people who were in school are also people would have stroke home schooling. Your your your concern with chart great. You know, pull out your numeric picture you pork barbecue exactly right. And I completely agree to the one thing on the salt light issue. Jamaal is you know people talk about what our kids need to be salt and light like okay what your kindergarten through fourth grade, fifth grade kid most likely isn't going to be too effective at being salt and light.

Certainly teachers and administrators, school board, people, let's get in there.

If you train your child up well in their mature and they're ready. Maybe we train them at home for a while Jamaal and send them into middle school, or send them into high school, but they have to be ready. But the really young.

I question whether they can be salt or like a great calm and I am and address your points when I come back from the break will be right back and buddy look back at speeds over the Steve Noble show him to get to Chris and Chase who are on hold right click that's real quick. You guys so please stand by him to get right to you, but a couple more follows on Jamaal's point, the salt and light thing. Most of our kids are to be salt and light in the public school system, especially when it comes to disgrace her crazy gender ideology, sexual ideology, and even when it comes to evangelism, things like that. Most little first and second and third graders, not a felt board. Sunday school are not ready to go into the school to be effective. Salt and light. They can be nice, Christian kids, but are they really propelling the gospel are they defending the biblical world. I doubt it. Now make it six grade 7th grade. Okay, maybe you have an advanced a fourth-grader. Okay, awesome. But that's the exception to the rule. That's not the norm but salt and light via teachers Christians that going to the educational system, public education system at all levels including college absolutely many more of them missionaries man get in there administrators get in there.

School board members with written have a bunch of them on the show here locally over the course of the summer. Get in there and we can get some Christians up in DC in the department of education which it exists. Anyway, get in there that's consult my demo for where we grow our kids up and we train them and on for a while and then by the time during middle school may be a element of maybe 67 eighth grade.

Certainly high school. Maybe if there ready and they want and send them in there like missionaries man you got a huge mission field right there behind your house that's awesome in them for some people to Jamaal's point yeah it's very difficult got two incomes. All this kind of stuff. You likely kids that we can afford private school.

And if we homeschool one of us is going to have to stop working and that's gonna put us into a tizzy financially and a lot of us got ourselves there right because we built up a lifestyle that requires two incomes. Not that it's an inexpensive anymore. Thank you, Joe Biden, but I know those are real challenges but are we willing to continue to maintain a financial lifestyle. While our kids while we kind of in a way sacrifice our kids on the altar public education.

That's the point of the question were getting to the point where you just get, that's an untenable position. It's just a responsible, it's unloving. The Bible tells us fathers don't frustrate your children don't provoke them to anger, will you send them, then the school for $16,000 kindergarten to 12th grade and then they come home and you're like no no no in the new back and forth, back and forth, put the worldly progressive worldview the biblical worldview back and forth and back and forth as I can to provoke a few kids around might, that's a problem biblically right to Chris Connor from Hillsboro Chris, sorry to keep you on hold for so long, go right ahead problem. Great question on Christians are doing that by the problem in Washington about really good, America Christian and American work with country and in Orange County we been fighting the school system tremendously. There are wicked evil in this county and we just we just got through school board election week we got half of it accomplished.

But we still we still have an uphill battle but but to the point. I mean the strongest families pulling away from the school doesn't solve the problem.

50% of your taxes are still going there, so they still have a spot on to do whatever they want with it. I don't have any voices like them any longer strongest people are going now we're fighting and we we we want to try and get school board member. They listen North County. Everyone was running for school board is left of me. But there are common sense spoke on that side that have had enough they understand the extreme Activision that has controlled their part in its Democrat is new, though it penned a book about it.

Shoot the Democrats were attacking each other because they got when they were GOP that were supporting so many candidates that were more common sense and they didn't like that you want to give up control equity is a political lie is divisive. It's been killing our community from the end and when Corbett came on on on the scene. It opened the door to the activism that was going on. It started in eighth grade with my youngest son became man like daddy we had to survey the surveys coming through daddy how I answer these questions in this section I look at it.

How is your feeling about school, one of 12 questions about right like what I call a principal. How can this be all they bypassed me. I mean it couldn't say so, back to back your questions so I am renting spine we been fighting this for what God bless you hello. God bless you. I understand it, but we have to stand up and fight and thank God for this bill is going out to Congress right now and see 755. It is not perfect, and believe me it's not just the county for VPI in the state board that's another issue altogether that we have to fight and unfortunately bearing the bill and there were giving keys to the inmate so to speak.

If you know what I mean. So there's supposed to be the watchdog of our trustees, which are the school board right of our children the institutions of learning of current institutional entities all through strong Christian parent read to keep on fighting. Respectfully, so keep on fighting day and the fight Chris Gray call me a great point. Thank you so much for staying involvement takes the call appreciate thank you. I tell you're welcome in and that's a great point right and you and Chris would say hey if you if you can stand and see the fight and God bless you for it and you got kids in there with you, your kids, you make sure you're all over it nice to say it this way if you if you're at somebody's force to hire a convicted pedophile to be a babysitter, you better be all over that right now that's an extreme example. I understand okay but you know what's out there. You should know you should. Your head should not be in the sand anymore should not be ignorant of the fact that there's all kind of wicked garbage.

Thank you Chris for using that word inside the public school system at all levels.

So if you're going to keep your kid in there while you were young while you fight from the outside, which you should then you better be really careful like his eighth grader about what's going in their head and you better engage and be all over that stuff you better go to Chase from Ohio.

Chase thanks for waiting.

Sorry for the long hold Florida all know find offer appreciate thank you for everything you're saying I agree with you completely. I say that I think Tobit is the biggest dam that has brought has been brought to the American people and with and what they thought and especially our school systems dock their children should we just wait around and have what you all Republican like Rhonda a backbone to pass legislation to stop it or should we the people step up and do more about it or not be affected by that.

That's a great question, Jason know I am so listen I am so excited about Ron DeSantis and what he's done in Florida and the guy barely won the election to become the governor right so he was supposed to come in and be Mr. may be Pam because you didn't have is really strong mandate, but he didn't care about that. Once he's in the office he's fighting in their passing laws and doing a great job. We all need to be like that. But if you want to sit if anybody's going to sit around and try to wait for the right school board member for the right governor right president i.e. Donald Trump or anybody else, and that's gonna solve the problem. That's how we've gotten here we've relied on the top-down approach where we have to be fighting from the bottom up, which is where the progressives took over the school system. We assumed everything was fine and we were wrong. No I don't think anybody has an excuse to not be engaged and listen Chase. I mean we've homeschooled our kids for 17 years and once I became an activist in 2004 our organization got involved with the public school system all the time in the media used to say will Mr. Noble because they knew what the deal was where your kids go to school while we own school. Well, what are you doing talking about the public school system and as a well I've got a constitutional mandate because my monies going there and I got a biblical mandate because I'm sold to love my neighbor as myself and it doesn't matter whether my kids are in that school. Other kids are in that school, and I should care about them as if they're my own and so we as Christians should be engaged from the top of the bottom, especially the bottom up on this issue. I don't think there's any excuse to not being gay for the have school kids in the school system or not Chase. Not at all.

Very very good and I'm tired all the indoctrination crap. There kids that are walking with talk recently and it worked like horrible out, that's a great point chasing so much for calling.

I appreciate it. By the way it even if you're not on Twitter just killed. They got a website now. I think lives of tick-tock. I think they're doing some stuff on Facebook. All they do and make this person got out it all. All they do is they go on Twitter and tick-tock and they pull out all these self placed videos of teachers that are just insanely wicked, especially on sexual ideology and in their just boastful about what they're teaching what they're doing.

It's right there.

It's like you walked into the devil's boardroom is telling you exactly what is trying to do dollars in kids lives of tick-tock TI KT okay lives of tick-tock start watching that now again that's not every single teacher out there, but is enough of them out there that you should be very concerned and whether your kids are in school or not.

If you're Christian love your neighbor as yourself doesn't matter whether your kids are in their kids are in their and that's enough to engage for their the good of those children made in the image of God. Okay, so there's no reason assorted keep talking about this on the net. School board members here in North in the wake County area people running for school board. Good conservative. Most of them Christian just common sense.

Like Chris said about over there in the Orange County that the Chapel Hill area just common sense people know what I loved about Top Gun maverick.

It was promilitary fro America. It was even pro-male with it better than the original yes I thought so I was like dear Paul, I was so jacked up I was so jacked up by the first Top Gun in 1986 because I've gotten into the Air Force Academy and God just diverted my path. I wasn't a believer of the time I ended up not going and I always wanted to fly jet so 1986 when I saw Top Gun of my golf men by messed up really blew it.

Now I see.

In hindsight, what God was doing maverick Top Gun maverick.

It's so good. Go see and there's a couple little swearwords here and there but other than that it's family-friendly pro-American male. Wow it's awesome. Can't recommend it enough.

This is Steve nobleness even though Michelle gobbling up my dad always perform another program powered by the Truth Network

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