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Convention of States

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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June 1, 2022 9:34 pm

Convention of States

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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June 1, 2022 9:34 pm

Convention of States

Steve talks to Joy Ruhmann and Simon Percival from Convention of States. They talk about the constitution and amendments.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of why your home, at work, even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on his show. There's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred call Steve now 634 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble everybody even though my class stopped a couple going to praise the Lord for that. No offense to my student but one of the classes that IDs of the Constitution and Civics are guaranteed to never 10 years and you running all kinds of things that that with a bunch of teenagers you expect them to be somewhat ignorant of what's in the Constitution and our Civics system is supposed to work out was designed to work how it's working today how it isn't working today and where does the power lie and sometimes the well and some were democracy will actually know we aren't and that you don't want to live under a pure democracy.

That's not a good thing you don't want to be there, especially if you're in the minority in one way or another. And then of course only talk about amendments, people usually can even tell you how many there are 27 in the last amendment.

The last one passed during the Clinton Administration, the 27th of was actually suggested. Not long after the Constitution was written itself isn't that funny and the reason that what took so long to pass because it was all about pay raises for Congress. The deal was when you guys give yourselves a pay raise.

It doesn't go into effect until after the next election. Wow, that's a pretty good idea. So if you idiots out there. Give yourself a 35% pay raise. As the economy tanks like it is today didn't work and you're going to know what we think about that in the next election before you can touch that money that was proposed. Way back in the late 1700s and past until the 1990s and so constitutional amendments that is possible to amend the U.S. Constitution, although not easily because the people are fickle and you don't want to throw it around. Well, kinda like we've done with the impeachment process that's now political process and you can bet your bottom dollar.

There's a decent chance. Once Congress changes in November that next year you might see in impeachment of Joe Biden because it's become a political process. Okay the same thing just about happen with the Supreme Court when you get a leaker and then also you can pressure the Supreme Court now. It's another part of the political world and you can bring public pressure to bear. And so that's a little problem that can occur. One of the things it's beautiful about the Constitution is that it does provide us for ways to deal with fixed the country when Congress and our elected officials refused to do so in one of the great little caveats in the Constitution is something called the convention of states.

That's where we the people via our elected officials at the state level can actually go around Congress in order to amend the U.S. Constitution. A. Why would you want to limit in the U.S. Constitution deleted 28 the 29th, perhaps even 1/30 a memo to the U.S. Constitution. I would say yes, and many other people would as well convention of is the website website. If you never heard of it before. Make sure you're paying attention convention of convention the states action here in North Carolina. Big freedom rally, which all have the privilege of being the MC next Wednesday, June 8 downtown to talk about that as well from 11 AM to 2 PM Joy room and is here. She's the state director for North Carolina and Simon Percival who is definitely not from North Carolina. I welcome the studios to treat to see our area could see you great wondering who goes first when I ask an open-ended question For your righteous whoever feels like only personnel but for people I don't understand anything about the organization convention states, and Simon. What sure what your role in the connections. So within the organization in North Carolina. Joy is the state director and I am one of the regional directors regional grace regional captains is more accurate to import and we have nine regions in the state now so that is not of me around the cup around the state and I serve the capital area region. Yeah, you're right here in the triangle I have and enjoy how to what your role in the let's talk about convention states and convention states action well on the state director so the buck stops here with me.

I just can't coordinate things that need to be coordinated to accomplish trying to accomplish and try to find more volunteers. Simon and his that the people he works with in the regional level to a lot of you but we just I worked really closely with a regional directors partner staff and we just are doing everything we can to get resolution passed to the North Carolina Senate now to call for convention and this is not just a North Carolina intervention. It's not just an airline effort.

This is a nationwide effort. So tell us about convention states just the organization. Okay I will give a little bit of information will assignment it is very unique position because he actually works in the nationalist golden like me to it. It's it's a fabulous national organization. We will talk about this. I'm sure more. We passed the resolution in 19 states, and we've got grassroots in every state. I think we have state director in every state and have volunteer teams all across the country. I think I saw the other day. There's been 143 active volunteers with the organs that we 3000 active volunteers for the organization and we're working to save our Republic used to save our Constitution using our Constitution so winded when did this conviction estates organization come into being because I know Mark Meckler's involved Mark Meckler. I met several years ago.

He was one of the people that was involved at the start of the tea party and tea party patriots, but the convention estates. Simon winded actually start the organization rights of Mark Michael got together with Michael first as cofounders of convention states as part of an organization called citizens for self-governance so's COS action convention states action is a project of the citizen would not it's it's a great organization that since so it started off of the two of them I think they had five employees within the first six months and then 15 people at sign the petition by the end of the year 2013. So nine years later when you have 5 million+ supporters and and and to as Joy said tons and tons of volunteers and what was the goal from the get-go the Gulf. The get-go is to get 34 states to sign sign a resolution applying to Congress for a convention of states using the same language.

There have been 400 applications for convention estates since the founding of our great country but none of the none of those 400 or no. 34.

Of those 400 had matching text that's the key yeah and so if you can pull off.

Actually pulling together constitutionally convention of state of states than what would be the goal that all about new amendments to the U.S. Constitution, it is and but I like to think of it better as more of a national conversation. What a convention is is 50 states sending delegation allegations of people however many you get one vote per state on anything that's coming out of convention and having that come conversation which you know is going to be wall-to-wall carpet on every Caesar and channel elsewhere which is unique because there there is a there is precedent for a convention involving multiple states. We had 39 of them before in no recorded history. Some of them, including my favorite one was the Washington convention of 1861 got wind of it civil but so we know how to do this but I think that I can't imagine anything more galvanizing for divided that 50 state delegation together and say hey how we fix yes actually have a conversation that is the we the people rather than those beliefs up and watch and see or hear convention estates and Steve Noble will be right back, back, and Steve Noble to Steve Noble show today talking into a room and is the state director for convention estates or North Carolina. Simon Percival also one of the regional directors regional captain as well as working on the national level for convention states the website convention of

We also have upper freedom rally coming up next Wednesday a week from today here in Raleigh downtown, 300 N. Southbury St. is a Halifax mall is it thanks Alex all right by now that I slept okay so that's next Wednesday, June 8 from 11 AM to 2 PM were to be talking about the freedom rally you and all of you to be there and why are we doing that. What's going on here in the state of North Carolina were partially there but have across the finish line. That's an interesting political question why in the world with our state legislature not want to take part in the convention estates will talk about that and then is injected is generally whatever you do, and in Simon you are talking about having a national conversation to get the states involved in and just have a conversation about others in ways that mean you might want to amend the U.S. Constitution and go around why we want to go around Washington DC. I know the answer to this for myself but for you guys. Why do we want to go.

Why do we need to go around Washington DC and will amend the Constitution. They can't because it's so divided there. Nothing can happen. There's no way they could get it done Congress George George Mason put a perfectly two days before the end of the convention in 1787, got up and he said gentlemen will think we made a mistake given the sleeve. Given the Congress the power (will change Constitution was given numb to the people and the remarkable part about that because you remember in a three-month convention in the swamps of what is now DC will still swap at a meeting with actual was that they they argue that everything you right there was no agreement on just about every topic that was basically a vote in the majority one so this came up. Not only was there no arguments it actually was recorded by medicine as being being presented known this meaning no discussion, no and unanimously approved today's fully the convention.

That's why it's here because they recognize as we will recognize now that if we don't give all the power we can to the people that the federal government will become tyrannical yeah and that's where the whole notion of federalism, which was baked in the cake early on. They knew they were creating what had the potential to be Frankenstein if you can enable Frankenstein to be strong and have a ravenous appetite. You better have a way of kind of dealing with Frankenstein reason to turn around and eat you.

Which is exactly what's been happening with that government is in the death of federalism which I would say began pretty much with the Civil War and the World War I and then the of the Great Depression and the war were to all these things with the federal government consuming more and more power and authority over us is not resources medicine didn't help either.

No, no, not at all would go to the Supreme Court, and again you're centralizing more and more power for the feds and taking away from us. What has to happen. Just give people a lesson of what has to happen in order to call a convention states we need 34 states to pass our resolution and that would be the state legislatures that is correct is it has to be signed by the donor note know some important notes out of this process involves a state governor nor Congress of the why are we so excited about that fact or any governor or any gun.

I don't think any governor should have the right to put down.

If you have a state that wants to be a part of convention is still single individual sitting in an executive branch should be able to look all those people in the face, say sorry you can't have what you want is X-Acto so Cooper's in North Carolina has nothing to do with this process. Nothing whatsoever so you get just like church 34 states. Once you get 34 state states so they say okay were to do this then they actually literally have a convention that will actually what happens is that Congress through the archivist which we recently learned, they don't actually have one. Let's monitoring this take Congress and it says and Constitution.

The only role of Congress is once they recognize they have received applications from two thirds of the states, they shall call convention. Name the time and place right that's it that's it bye-bye so, and then so then you have a convention and then what would happen. That's the beauty each each state in turn will have a its own process for determining who will be sent as delegates we call them commissioners, but they really delegates that are sent with the commission. The commission will reflect this is what you're doing representing your state and state and and these are our guidance applications that are being signed around the country and soon hopefully North Carolina cover three subject areas when his term limits.

One is fiscal restraint and then the thin and federal overreach. In general, all three things that Congress would never do a lab which is the point is absolutely Congress were talking about the federal bureaucracy yeah yeah and the judiciary.

Nobody was ever intended under the terms of the founding of this country to go spend a lifetime working for the government. Nobody because you because it was never intended that these would be people that would become professional politicians make a big sacrifice.

Leave your life, your income, leave all the stuff behind to go serve for a minimum amount of time Washington's Birthday example and then get out of there and get back to your life. But I'll do my duty not dissimilar from being a member of the military to serve and do my duty and then on to go back home like that could not be more now you make 160 grand a year and get all the other perks. The other part perks session parcel 417,000 like somebody you that would be the highest-paid federal employee out there which would be Dr. Polk County as I call Prof. his eyes but paid federal employee makes more than the president that didn't make it through up in your mouth a little bit than something wrong.

So what are some of I know there's been some concerns people some people that are anti-convention of the states where there is their problem with the idea.

All we hear a lot of different things. What things we hear is you can't trust delegates 11 legislatures legislature or who is been hard know from the beginning that it against the center line with Ron, who voted against in 2000. By the way, I've no problem with you naming names on here if you want that. That's up to you.

That would be Sen. Bill Ray okay thank Anderson District 8 Wilmington Pender Camp Brunswick Pender lately third or fourth counties. He he has said several things he he just doesn't trust anybody you convention not anyway. I don't really the way this country supposed to work it out. You don't trust the people, but think how crazy that is. We send Congressman to DC to do this yet all day every day every year, but I can't send a separate group. People who are like-minded to do what you have regular folks that are concerned. I don't think that that they can control them. Okay, it's like they don't understand the idea of commissioning someone to do what you are expecting them to you right and that's the whole definition of commissioning somebody you outline what it is you expect them to do in our resolution is very clear. It has the three items that you talk about.

This is all about. If there's any else the spell for that convention is not germane to the conversation. It should be.*Yes those of the guardrails that are on an empty first of many write a letter member that's part of the process and then once you if you actually agreed.

Let's say we have a term limit minute that were put in place. What we do with what happens next. It it it has to past majority of states convention when you present all 50 and 26 votes from the states at the convention. Every state gets one time and it comes back to state legislatures and has to pass 38 our current state legislator certain states, three fourths of the same as ratified and that's when it becomes will and at that point, I think one of the important things to remember your Simon is that it has the force of public opinion, one of the chapters that I teach in my civics class is all about public opinion and public policy and how public opinion more often than not, can drive public policy that the government will pay attention if enough people and if the subject that's germane to enough people there going to pay attention and that's I reminds me of Ronald Reagan, you make them see the light you make him feel the is one of the other dimension to states, but actually both were talking to Joy Vrooman and Simon Percival from convention estates. Steve Elba will be a Mac and Steve Noble to Steve Noble show were you a big fan of former president from desire to drain the swamp you do you look at Congress and if he is old based look at it as a swamp. Even though I literally that's what used to be and then again arose out of the swamp now sounds like a monster movie doesn't and so today Washington DC is completely out of control.

They are very detached from our regular lives down here at the local level, whether you're here in Raleigh or Charlotte or Asheville or's Greenville psycho however you're listening from their very very detached. They go up there and spent a lot of time in DC have been in Senate offices up in the place is intoxicating and I can completely understand how it's gonna work and twist most of the people that go up there and our founding fathers understood that and eventually at Simon Percival was talking about earlier said he what about a way for the people to go around Congress in order to enact a change to the U.S. Constitution.

That's what the convention states is all about. As a way for us to build a do that so that we get enough people from enough states that they were to do this on our own and it impels the country to do it.

Have to go in for sentence.

I'm sure we were talking to Joy room and by the waves and state director. I want everybody to think about how providential George Mason statement was. He stood up just two days before they finished that convention and said we made a mistake and I think that's another God was yelling Prince Oliver. That is all over the founding of our country. But while that because they had done it. We would all be stuck right right you have no power there right when it comes to amending the US can now we have power and everything would have to start DC which DC loves what our founding fathers understood and praise the Lord for that beforehand. The last groups were talking about empowering the people we want a limited federal government but an expansive independent state system. That's the way it was. You have to have, you can take this checks and balances thing all the way through the system. What about the amendment process and that's what convention estates talk about. So what what are some states where it's going swimmingly and why is it North Carolina 107 start that yes it North Carolina is an interesting history. We we've been at this now for eight years. I guess yeah pretty much since the get-go and we had we had a pretty pliable Senate that were the apostate fairly easily into separate sessions. We went apostate again with them in the third stage. Each time we didn't go through the house and that you have to repeat the process and register the cycle to both houses parts warehouse never passed it.

Finally, the Senate said I don't come back here to get the house deposit so in 2021 we introduced it on the house floor in my we went through 2018 19 house even looking at it we can make the cross you mentioned one of Sen. yes which was what's his name. His name is Sen. Bill right out on the East Coast is on what what's with our rep elected representatives here North Carolina. Some in the Senate, some in the house that they have a problem with empowering the people what's up what's your beef with. They don't think they control the process reasons. Another one that I find really fascinating.

We've heard from a couple three new people is asking to be a completely state next 10 years we deal with when you want to be part of if you don't believe in those political that political part process. What you doing stop that right is very over that White House Simon organization now just going to run at that point, say maybe if they were little more diligent about election integrity. They would have to worry about 10 years but yet know.

So as far as i went we we bullet in 2019 didn't get anything done and in the course coveted 2020, but we still managed to get introduced into the 2021 session, i might add that every single state in the union has at that in every legislative cycle introduced a resolution is legislation. the exit for connecticut. go figure. even away. yeah yeah so in 2021 we got it on the floor. the house in march and we got apostate in may and that was the last time we had a rally at their by the way open will get that signed up like a gas leak and course also said the senate is pasta twice before and we thought we did what you asked, here is right and i've been sitting on it now since may 2021, and so why are they sitting we just will progress told us very clearly. i love to share the story he told two people at a fundraiser that are cos supporters that that is caucus of the other republican senators don't.

there's four or five of them the tell us that number we know it's for five that the eight that will pass it on heat, he said they don't want to come to the floor because i don't know because they that know you will know they don't support it right and you will primary, the record went well and and it throws me to pieces.

they know that we now have the grassroots to push back seven times in 2019. when we couldn't do anything that we did do something. yeah, we built the grassroots are pressure our petition centers are about to double since i got involved in and and and and that's for gail to get 2018 to 20, 22, 22, 20 double yeah and we've got a leadership team with 1415 people can remember him always hit that day we got 500 active volunteers.

there they and and we actually in terms of getting to the senate this year i'm i just received today prepare for our national organization, a list of everything we did to help in the current primary and that information is going to be written up a nice little email and sent to so they know we are a force to be reckoned with. the people across north carolina in whatever stage are they people listening in virginia and south carolina and utah.

couple of the states how to get involved. convention states want to start that first how to sign up how to get on that in them email stream whatever they volunteer how to get involved you sign our petition. If you'd like to get involved with love for you to take action there's an tab for taking action on the homepage. You can sign up to be a district captain, one of our most important roles because you're the person who coordinates activities like level or the person who in that role builds the relationship, the legislator, and so forth. Both the house member in the Senate but we do it the house district we have social media warriors we have people who write write articles we've got any role that you can think of. We probably have that rolling convention states DLL Atlanta outlined on that when you have an easily accessible area were people can see what states Abbasid already. We do do have progress in okay so the progress map. How do I find you not find on the website look I usually go to the search thing just puts progress map and the result was it under resources, but I just search for it. Okay, yeah, okay, got it right so I'll I'll put links up to that. So you can all see what states have and what states haven't you. And then if you're in a state that hasn't like North Carolina. What can they do, we do to help, call their Sen. right now.

The houses past it. That's right, we need the Senate, we need to send And call your Sen. and ask him what just tell them that you support the convention states and you demand that they pasta. We asked very specific say we want you to pass HJR 233 before you return for the summer. HJR 233. Steve, are you aware of what their what the North Carolina Senate's primary objectives are for the short session 20 and like me, the Medicaid expansion medical marijuana and online sports gambling, while those like top the list of what I was thinking about for the status of what is such a special interest driven is that what's going on there. That's a little odd to this very interesting that at least two of those are pet projects of certain Senate Bill Rabe who happens to be the chair of the rules committee, where all legislation he doesn't like goes to die. Yet that's the problem when the committees are controlled by the wrong person stuff goes there into that eyes because they don't want to doubt something happens. I had one of our senators.

Tell me a fundraiser recently that he does not think that the rules committee should be should be chaired by one individual should be a comedian. I agree that a good idea.

I felt senators that are that need to be on the hot seat. So we talked about Bill Rabe and Kathy Harrington in the Gastonia area is a hard no. The Raven Kathy Harrington ravens a Republican. There are laser all things we don't have any yes Kathy Harrington Kathy Harrington. She is House Majority Leader and she's a hard no. She better known. 2017 and time again is Anson County cameras Senate District number but he's a hard no, we just recently spoke summer volunteers and said again, even though they all met. He said John might get points. I'm just not so weak we can get a Y out of him we have for others I can't think of three all the time. One is that the and these people are not partners.

You will not commit in their favorite phrase to any of their supporter is letting I will vote yes if it goes to the floor right yeah course by funds entered. We've been told that they are saying in there caucus something you know what we've been told that they have said, please do not think because we don't want to have to that.

Yes I will on the break will figure out these other names because I want everybody to know what place I can go in and here's the challenge for all of you and me and everybody else that the part of the show is do you even know who represents can start that.

So we consider and pointer fingers that at the state legislature at senators as members of the house, but if you don't even know you can even find out who represents you your part of the problem, just Google North Carolina find your legislator yet that's all you need to do who are my legislators in North Carolina several websites and pointed to it and you can get that put on your phone. Keep it on your phone so you know who you need to deal with when things like this, but you talking about commission of the states specifically here North Carolina rally next they will be right back Steve Noble to Steve Noble show talking about convention the states today and what you can do to be involved, especially for those of you that are here North Carolina like I am as well as a joy room and is with us today.

She's the state director for crunching the state since I'm in principle, whose estate captain as well as a works on the national level and coming up next Wednesday. The freedom rally downtown on Halifax Mall. That's the big grassy area, not the grassy knoll the grassy area behind the legislative building would where I've been many many times for lots of different rallies and the freedom rally next Wednesday, June 8 from 11 AM to 2 PM convention states action is setting that up, talk, tell me about the rally joy what's going on there. Why is it important always critical because we mean we want to thousand people there thousand people. If we get a thousand people there that could get her rest because that tells members. In this case of the of the Senate, the state Senate that there is momentum here, people paying attention when 300 people show up at our April 21 21st round last year, which was the largest.

I still think the largest rally COS is that we are doing everything in our power you other grassroots work and to get people there.

We were here talking to you to get people there.

We need people to show up and we've got an amazing event happening. We have Mark Meckler, our founders can be one of our speakers.

Jonathan is khaki think I'm saying his last. He is American by choice, but is run by Bertie so he can kick off while our discussion talking about what it was like to be in Venezuela when they fell to the Communists and then will have Mark Meckler. We got Rick Green, who runs an organization, patriot Academy, we only got two or 3000 people in with John have gone through one of his classes with people who teach here and are key key note or had main headliner is Lieut. Col. Allen West so we got that we've got videos, will be sharing we've got your radio audience. Except this has recorded a message for us specifically for this rally box right yeah cat box and Rick Santorum who is a retired Sen. is a senior advisor to COS and he would've come to our rally but Harry had a commitment. That's how we get in Allen West think so.

It's gonna be a spectacular day. We got the 16th.

The LED wall coming in. I don't think there's ever been anything like this and how that small were doing but again it's the importance of it is just about have a showing there is a showing that members in this case of the North Carolina state Senate realize that there's some momentum here.

The grassroots is activated, were paying attention were engaged. If you know why people show up and they just brush you off have done it enough times. I know God get people there and we had 3000 people down there in 2005 for management rally and they just were whistling Dixie and finishing her lunch. It made no difference to them. But that's because it was controlled by the Democrats. Now it's controlled by the Republicans.

And these are the very people I frighten you like to think they would be responsive to their people you would like which the whole point of commission states the first place, be responsive to the people.

So I wanted ask if we are talking about this off the air on the break. Do we assume Simon that just because the state is blue, that though I've no interest in convention states not. We don't end there is momentum in some of the strangest places of Massachusetts recently.

For example, one of the legislative committees actually cost the resolution at a committee so that's that's 11 and 11 to 11 to 3 think it would hold Democrats voting yet because his other states where it's kinda up in the air right now where it's passed one chamber like North Carolina got Virginia, Iowa, South Dakota, New Mexico and then New Hampshire so that's kinda in play and in other states where there's actually legislation has passed. Yet, Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, New York, Maine, Vermont, tucked up in their and then New Jersey is also in there in Maryland as well. So there's a lot of activity here. Every state that has more deposited except for Connecticut yeah and then of the states that like California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, are you guys actively pursuing that as well. Absolutely for sure if you want everybody to be a part of the conversation absolutely from my brother-in-law suddenly called me the other day and went to district meeting, never been involved in.

He's California yes only says to me can you order me some of those punk courts, and I suggest you there. They were so what you say to the average person that they like. I didn't know about this, but I certainly think we need to have some more power out here in the states. I certainly believe that we need to be dealing with fiscal restraint were the three pill platforms again fiscal restraint term limits Skype and Skype scope and responsibility. What an easy way to remember that sure take away the money. Take away the power send them home. Oh, that's charming, warmed my heart like I have a Chris Matthews kind of the buzzed feelings going up my back but but but again, just about everybody in Congress has some of the lowest approval ratings of anybody of any institution. Most Americans don't have much faith in Congress at all.

Greg and this is a way around and here's the thing so amazing to me is that legislators in North Carolina.

In particular, they don't believe that we can have a civil conversation you this time to have a simple, that's like Washington DC to me like we don't allow too many regular folks to get involved with conversational customer not smart enough we have at this country was started by people that believed in regular folks because they were coming out from a monarchy.

That's right, they were done with the elite way of life until he had farmers and merchants in regular folks and now you got leadership consultants and consultants and everybody that just we love our country. You so so we have a few senators north of the state senators that are on the hot seat makes recent earnings again.

So Bill is it Raven.

Raven so Bill Raven Kathy Harrington and Tom McGinnis. They're all a hard no. So you need to find out who represents you in the north, state Senate Bill Raven Kathy Harrington or Tom McGinnis to give him a call at some of what you tell please change your mind and support a charity 33 because because our country is in trouble and we need to take action.

Yeah, the states need to speak over and above Congress. We need a voice and why would you deny a voice to the people that you see represent those right that it that's how it does have a countries created the first breakfast states created the federal government, not the other way rank you very much and so and that's coming from a guy that was is from Australia and who can figure it out better than most Americans. Okay then you have people that are kind of waffling so there's a few people I Vicki Sawyer, Brent Jackson, Jim Perry and Lisa Barnes why do you think we mean by the waffling or soft well they tell us that they will vote yes it gets sent to advocates of the floor, but then they say all pleas to their leadership. Please something, but we will fight for it.

If it gets their will, for there is a difference and I actually want to appall the people who were doing this in the house. We had voices that spoke up for us. We made mistakes grass grassroots and estate writer have to take responsibility for some of that the Senate told us in 2017. You get past Bassett will pass for you. We didn't pay attention to the Senate for the next three yes, that was a mistake on our 10/2020 camp can't undo that. But we got senators have stepped up now and set. I am to speak on your behalf. Bob Steinberg from the East Jim Bergen. We just help him. He recognizes we helped him Donnie Loftus is in Hearing since district is a house member that is all over us.

So the interweave again. We got a group of senators that are now willing to speak up in caucus because they haven't ever done. We hope that that's in change yeah and that's why we need to be involved grassroots and to encourage them, which is to lend courage.

You have to encourage people and let them know you're paying attention absolute every phone call and email is almost worthless these days.

That's correct, but a phone call is powerful in what's more important is to show up in person that's demonstrating but what's better than a phone call if you can show up in person write a letter handwritten write and read as I think we that's here's some folks take what story we had a group I district captain and are Piedmont region who brought together his first group of people ever to just write notes to representative John Faircloth organized I was regional Time, but I organized town hall in wake County at the McCammon center and representative with Mark McMahon, Mark Meckler came representative Faircloth showed up hard. No, he stood in line at the end of the line people waiting to meet Mark Meckler and walked up to him. March 20 we chose it because he reached into his pocket, scared Mark restrict 10 and said I got these from your supporters, firm yes yes from 10 Z letters. One letter writer represents a lot other people. That's exactly that's the act the way they look at is not quite so important. So you my number is right by numbers or you're not going to State Sen. is and then call them anyway just call and gentle encouragement hit and write him a note, but especially with Bill Raven Kathy Harrington or Tom McGinnis is a hard-nosed and the waffle soft side is Vicki Sawyer, Brent Jackson, Jim Perry and Lisa Barnes because you're at 21 yes is now see it for more than your tied 2525 and then the lieutenant governor breaks anti-NSE agreed to do that.

He has announced that he would Making our website. He is one of our fish now so I'd like to think of you to be an official adores endorser that you would hit a yes button if it came down to you, and yet break time and I love and appreciate Mark Robbins, but if he does I don't care who you are not the right thing you call them out there on your teeth so we get that point and he doesn't do the right oh yeah oh trust me yeah yeah and that so you can work on the soft people and ignore the hard-nosed if you get people like Vicki Sawyer, Brent Jackson and Jim. Lisa Barnes to do the right thing in fight for it and get it out there in order to enable the people so that the people can then deal with their out-of-control federal government is the saddest thing about that. Yet they wanting to meet with you. You sent three things earlier sign of what were the we want to accomplish. This convention states will once again result yet he taking away their money, taking away their parents and yet take away their money. Take away their power send them home when it's time to go home and don't stay forever.

Right. That's the whole point next Wednesday is the rally downtown convention states action of putting that on the freedom rally Wednesday, June 8. I'll keep talking about a between now and then I'll be down there myself by serving as the MC which is a great pleasure down at the Halifax wall behind the legislature.

That's 11 AM to 2 PM next Wednesday, June 8 joined Simon thinks he must be entered. You're very welcome. This is the nobleness T-Mobile cell, God willing, I'll talk to you again real soon.

Like my dad always used to say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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