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19 Dead Children!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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May 25, 2022 7:56 pm

19 Dead Children!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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May 25, 2022 7:56 pm

19 Dead Children!

Steve is back on the show and talks about the school shooting in Texas. 19 children were shot at the elementary school.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network one time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God and on a show, there's plenty of grace and truth. No sacred cows call Steve now 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online noble now is your host noble well it's good to be back and well it is the what we have to talk about today, but it is good to be back in the studio. I was in last Thursday for theology Thursday which is a great episode.

I talking about being able to effectively communicate with unbelievers that my wife and I took off for 3 1/2 days four days and came back a day early existence is been raining cats and dogs so that, but was plain to be back in here today will be back out tomorrow theology Thursday with her friends at the Bob Jones University in the seminary will be tomorrow with my buddy Stu Epperson thanks too for filling in for me on Monday, Tuesday, and then might have pastor Chris Conlon here on Friday. Not sure I'll be off on Monday again but back on Tuesday.

Just a bunch going on so just ask you for your patience. But that sounds arrogant like wow my days can go on. Unless Steve is on the shelf so I know that's ridiculous in and of itself.

But anyway, it's good to be back. This was heartbreaking to watch unfold yesterday and of course it's been it's going every which direction as it always does, it gets politicized and gun control in prayer and mocking a prayer in this that and the other thing and I but I don't care what unbelievers say about our calling people to prayer and a pastor Greg Laurie wrote a great response in the Christian Post that all read in the last segment of the show just from a pastoral perspective on things like this happen. But before we get started, let's just again I don't care what unbelievers think about us when we say we need to pray. So let's do that together right now for the people down there in Texas got a guy we come before you with broken hearts is once again we have just this horrific bloodied example of the depravity of mankind and mental illness and hatred and loneliness and violence and just the worst of everything that we are and can be Lord has fallen human beings and we just want to intercede on behalf of all the people who are just absolutely devastated. For those of us that her parents, this is our worst nightmare, especially at such a young age in a place where you think your child would be safe and secure Lord. So we just come before you and lift up these families. These friends, teachers, people at the school. The law enforcement that had to walk and all of that and paramedics and everybody Lord, but especially these families that are just reeling and and I know there's some people that understand the pain that goes with losing a child. I don't think I do hope I never do.

But Lord, these people are in the midst of it so we just ask that you would minister to them in a powerful way surround them with your body with men, men and women of Christ that will love them and care for them and listen to them and provide for them and walk through them and carries much of the burden as they can and we just just pray Lord which slipped it all up to you. In Christ name, amen. So yes I'm not to say this guy's name by the way, that's part of the problem is that they get so much press and they become famous.

Well not here and in and I think an increasing number of platforms are beginning to choose not to say these names. He is a loner who would quit his job just weeks before unleashing his attack. The legally this and this is something I want to ask about today on the show when we get through the first segment. 866-34-TRUTH 878840 married up things that we should be done here. Is there anything that can be done. Is this just a gun control issue like he legally purchased two AR platform rifles on May 17 to May 20 about 375 rounds of ammunition on May 18 he just turned 18. Well personally I have a problem with that, an 18-year-old p.m. of the purchased two AR platform rifles in that much ammo without any waiting. Apparently no oversight whatsoever.

Just because he is 18. I mean personally, I would think, an 18-year-old.

If I'm in a be the governor of a state or control statement. They listen 18 okay we can draft you and send you off to war to die. Although we don't really do that anymore, but we still sign them up for the draft you can have appearance of your 21. Should you be will to purchase something as powerful as an AR rifle when you're 18. Well, I mean I'm thinking I want to get you yearly step to get me two or three references from people that say you're saying you're stable your part. A good person and you can be trusted and that you're going to get some training at that age right or or my just my just a liberal whack job. Steve gone to the dark side right in 375 rounds of ammo on May 18 us all right after his birthday coming to me that seems off see the second minute. I know what Second Amendment the Second Amendment doesn't make us immune from wisdom.

Does it on Tuesday he was involved in a domestic disturbance with his grandmother's grandparents house which very glibly shot the woman in the face seriously injured or before fleeing.

According to authorities that's on him. He took off scratch his vehicle near Rob elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, authorities said. Local police received a call about a crashed vehicle in an individual, armed with a rifle making his way into the school.

One thing that I didn't hear at first that there was a police officer there was a school police officer on site who engaged him outside the school.

Shots were fired.

The cop went down. He lived the cop went down. That's what how the kid got in. Now what about the doors. What about the security. Should you walk into a school in America. Given the situation that were in and how much worse it's getting sugar schools be locked down. I why's it so easy to enter school. I doesn't make any sense to me 30 minutes prior before the events unfold, the wrote a series of Facebook messages first one I'm going to shoot my grandmother second one I've shot my grandmother third one I'm going to shoot an elementary school now. Now that's that's out there that's in social media is a loner who is paying attention. I don't know where his parents are as this looks like he lived with his grandparents where the adults in his life. He then entered the school and barricaded himself because he stay shot the cop the school police officers shot him shot at him okay exchange gunfire is able to get it. Then he barricaded them and himself in the classroom.

The first classroom he could get into and that's where all the killing took place.

I mean II can't even get my mind around that level of evil. He gets into the room what shuts the door and just opens fire with his AR and his handgun. I mean 5 feet away 10 feet away and is just shooting kids I mean is I like nine and 10-year-olds enter the school barricaded himself inside a fourth-grade classroom reopen fire and students and staff, local police try to relate breach the classroom doors, at which time they were shot at injured team at the border patrol tactical unit were then able to enter the classroom and one of the agents is able to fatally shoot the gunman sources set think God. That officer was shot by the way survived, but he was able to kill the gunman. Unbelievable. What we do about it. Is there anything we can do about back to see Noble to Steve Noble show, but live back in the studio set May 25, in case you're wondering, we haven't been able to identify any friends or girlfriend, no gang affiliation, no criminal history.

So a lot of unanswered questions is one of the police chiefs there and all over bad that I am not sure how to pronounce it tiny 16,000 people.

It's a tiny little town looks like it's about an hour and 1/2 west of San Antonio and Texas tiny little towns.

It shouldn't be locked down. Should all the doors in a school like in a tiny little town you lock down the school get a security towards press a button and your hard lock the whole thing down, I I guess now so what what's what's going on is that a gun law issue should an 18-year-old be able to go by unaccompanied be able to go by a hype high-capacity weapon like an AR.

I don't think so, let's get me three references you get approved to me that you can handle this and then Scott Williams on Facebook.

Thank you. He strained his son to respect and handle weapons so they are rich and powerful weapon yet and Scott points out, yes, there are hunting calibers that are much larger and more powerful and we draft him send the war but we haven't done that since about 1970s.

That's kind of an old argument but do we need more gun laws doing to get background checks 18-year-old beam. The buyer high-capacity weapon like that in 368 rounds of ammo just a walk-in in violation there should be no back how you background check that and what about the school or what about just human depravity. What about that how do you how do you unpack this review still hey Steve, it's a sin problem. I know that absolutely, I know that of course course at the sin problem, but sin is the base of the problem but then I got some of the things going on there because not every sinners out buying a high hike caliber weapon like this and by three and 60+ rounds. I am alone trying to get inside a school after the shooter grandmother in the face of this mental health health issues. There demonic issues, societal issues, immorality, the degradation of American culture, and culture around the world, but particularly strangely in America where we you don't get anything we want the videogame culture violent movies yeah yeah it all together. I'm surprised this doesn't happen more. Quite frankly, but how do you unpack this. Is there a solution we harden every school in the country. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 come let us reason one to another am not interested in getting in an argument with you. I just or debate. I just curious how you unpack this look can we come come up with some ideas of our own when I can to get me from Joe Biden were not getting from the left will give you some of the less response to terrific 866-34-TRUTH 87884. How do you unpack this one. Is there anything that can be done 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH is good.

Our friend Trey in North Carolina.

Trey, thanks for calling and go right ahead.

You all you going working just right. There why I but it is in the interest of the children like the vectors of the security goals of every soul will have the money on it all. I don't write all his followers know you little bit so you you you know drama pastor downstairs but I will not even fully all spiritual and spiritual hostility parts. People going back on the call. Although only the most ever is nonsense.

You know the mentality yet all is not you control happen you know there what you got. Yeah, I really spend the money all over the place and they say they care okay well maybe don't need to find hold back another $10 billion and let's harden all the schools in the country, which is that complicated were talking about locking mechanisms and control mechanisms. It's not that difficult to do that will spend $40 billion to Ukraine to help them with their country, but we won't do it to help our own citizens. It's ridiculous. It's a great height man, thanks for calling publishing to think so much 866-34-TRUTH 87884's the number. How do you unpack this is thing that can be done and we harden schools retains a Colossian, an 18-year-old people to go by without any kind of waiting. No references. Nothing you go by coupling AARs and 360 rounds of ammo and nobody bats an eye. It's good to be all these little clues all over the place a loner and in the last couple years with COBIT, what's the deal with the shutdowns he was in high school was he gets home and then he's not limited apparently doesn't limit his parents. He lives with his grandparents so you got so many issues here and, of course. Or you could just show up at Gov. Abbott Texas Gov. habits news conference at labetalol work that is running against him by the way this fall. So Really a political stunt. Now 24 hours later you pull a political stunt find you want to engage the governor find there's a time to do it but it ain't 24 hours after 19 children were basically gunned down in a fish tank called the classroom there's going to be all kinds of trails here all kinds evidence, but mostly I mostly I think one of the big things as we still care about each other so people fall through the cracks. You don't pay any attention. I was in an email exchange just over the last 48 hours guy I guess The show I don't know any email me and he's been trying to find a church and he's been trying to find some Christian friendship in these REIT and on. I just replied I just felt like the Lord wanted me to reply so I replied and he was freaked out that I replied because I reached out the like 10 other Christians and pastors and sup nobody even bothered to reply that's going on a lot still care about each other, not really just don't hey Jason, I want to get to you on the other side of the break them only got about 30 seconds left, so I don't want to cut you short to get Jason on line winding another color line to and I'd love to hear from you. How do you unpack this.

How do you how you believe you blame is it just sin. Just that she hates Stephenson problem.

It's a gun-control problem. It's a videogame problem.

It's a mental health problem. It's our schools aren't harden problem that I see it's a little bit of each, but am curious to see what you say 866-34-TRUTH 87884. Is there a solution 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH nine team children, some of which you can see their pictures right behind me here in the studio on Facebook today will be right back to normal show good to be back and I'll be out again tomorrow in Friday and most likely Monday, Memorial Day, but back on Tuesday don't have any other major travel plans this summer so I'll get back in the swing of things here soon, but even wacko Christian wackos like myself need a little time off and so that's where we were in a couple more days of that back in a regular schedule coming up talking about the horrific shooting, not to mention the guys name.

He was 18 he is dead, shot by one of the special forces guys that was with the border patrol actually fascinating.

I didn't know about that.

Those people but will find out more about them, but also just talking generally about what we see is the problem here.

What's behind this is review can be done about it not to have a debate just to give you a chance to share and let's let's help one another. Work through this.

Come let us reason one to another. This is what rational human beings do we have conversation we search for solutions. We don't play politics plan. Just throwing stuff.

The stuff from the right. The stuff from the left know we have conversation and work through it to gain wisdom and learn from one another.

Maybe there's some answers out there for more conversation not less what they want to do in certain social media platforms. That's good. Jason is calling in from North Carolina. Jason, thanks for holding go right ahead will will I am thanks you know the heart you. A lot of people love her. What can we do what can be done differently. Ultimately, there is evil in this world and that equals good arrearage. From time to stricter gun laws won't do anything, even though it purchased them legally you're going to have some fall through the cracks in if we can get back back to our Constitution is our country that would definitely fill, but ultimately it comes back to Jesus and the way I like to say it is you as a Christian I called to preach the gospel to the highways and byways everywhere I go cash that made it. That is the gospel. Once you catch up with were let God get a hold of let him clean them up and make them that's what's going astride this whole nation to get back to God and to be a safer place to live.

We can sleep at night with our doors are locked, waking morning and that calling as a Christian. I mention this earlier. Jason is you, not trying to teach our kids. This too is always be on the lookout for the outsider. Jesus had a soft spot in his heart for the out for the outsider for the neglected for the leper for the poor for the broken for the lame and in high school special in those these teen years where we see this all too often these people are loners, there outside. Nobody's talking to Dave, broken homes, which is unfortunately pretty normal anymore and so for us as Christians mean we gotta look out for the outsiders. I think it's so comfortable for us to stay in our little holy huddles I get it I'm guilty of it myself, but as a society we need to look out for the outsider because some of them and thank God it's not more. I'm kinda shocked that it isn't more but blowing the lookout for people like this guy in, and I don't say that in terms of oh there's a bad guy. I mean, is anybody in this person's life.

Is anybody sharing Christ with this person is shown the love of Christ anybody anymore. I mean that's on us and has them as the culture gets more course I mean that we have a growing mission field all around us. We just have to be willing to walk into it. That's why Jesus told us to pray for workers right now. The important word. I don't work at Lord, I am provided for you on your guy could ever express. But I don't sit on you on Sunday and go out next day Ethan every day and don't don't go to Sunday church on Sunday just to sit there and get a get out there in the law every Sunday when you whenever you make if you just bring everybody into the truth grade point. Jason, thanks, Mr. Cullen and Sharon YouTube think so much money. Also, from north Carolina Monier, Steve, thanks for calling. Go right ahead. Peace be unto you amen seem to you.

I thought today I will American I have to turn myself back to 63 million dead babies. This is not that we've gotten so myopic and ties to children blog. We now easily accept and to spend the taking of life. Life is now more of a commodity to be expended better do something to be uplifted I had to go to the wake County veterans placed overall for what we Forest Road and I had to go through security doors with a security cop at no there there taking care of their safety, but the safety of the children is going out completely on taking care of and it seems as though after all those other children killed during Massachusetts. Something would've happened. I believe what's going to happen going to catch a whole bunch of outraged buddy Colby jumping up and down and by this time next week.

This will be just another children so until Jesus comes back was going to have to live with the evil and God judging this country. If you read the Old Testament and understand that you understand judgment, but you can't do that 63 million children do not expect from retribution and I appreciate you letting me give my word.

Today, many things I can't thank you for your service. God bless you my brother, God bless you to search.

Thank you and listen. Ultimately, as a society when you kill 62, 63 million of your own children intentionally for your almost almost exclusively 97, 90% for your convenience.

Too much money not the right time.

I'm beyond this can real my career. Yada yada. Illicit.

What's another 19 on the pile. I know that sounds horrible but isn't that the reality of where were at his nation. So when I read something like this blank your prayers. That word starts with an F.

They haven't worked for the last 20 mass shootings. How about passing laws that will stop these killings representative Ruben Caligula, Democrat from Arizona tweeted at Representative Darrell.

I said I was a Republican from California illegal.

Also tweet tweeted that Sen. Ted Cruz, just to be clear blank you Ted Cruz you blinking baby killer. This is coming from a member of the Democrat party who protects baby killing as an institution Alexandria Casio protests to allow scholars point there's no such thing as being pro-life while supporting laws that let children be shot at their schools, elders and grocery stores worshipers in their houses of faith survivors by abusers. Everyone in a crowded place. Listen, this is on twitter. It is an idolatry of violence and it must in really an idolatry of violence. You know like ripping children apart with forceps or suction machine that sounds like the idolatry of violence, Alexandria, Casio Cortez Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot get that mean this is just dripping with sad, disgusting and raging irony quote as a nation. This is what it means to be given over okay this is what a reprobate mind does incapable of seeing reality. Quote as a nation we simply cannot allow this to continue. The mayor of Chicago.

Every single day children and young people are losing their lives to people who do not value the sanctity of life. She actually said that do not value the sanctity of life and take advantage of the unabated presence of firearms in our communities or suction cup in a woman's uterus suction device.

Lori or forceps in the little device that they use because if it's the second trimester abortion which will be pull it completely legal and states like Illinois once row falls in California and New York going there.

The second trimester with these iron jawed four step type device. Second, what it's called and literally rip them limb from limb and that Lori Lightfoot, a Democrat, is all about protecting the institution. The idolatry of violence. To quote AOC uses the phrase the sanctity of life are you kidding me at okay this is where the prophet in me just wants to lay into all of these people the hypocrisy coming from those that protect the institution of child sacrifice using things like phrases like the idolatry of violence AOC or Chicago Mayor Lori Lori Lightfoot, daring to use the phrase sanctity of life. Wow wow I literally had no words for that guy does in and like are just fine gentleman there called in a little while ago God's wrath is being stored up in one day it will be poured out into think that our nation is not being judged for being judged right and left. I think God only needs to do. I think this is largely what is done except for his people is he just okay fine I just remove my blessings.

My common grace from your land, just remove it and you just do whatever you want.

Take a look in Texas yesterday. That's what at least your effect Steve Noble show should all be born, and weep with those who weep as we try to recover from what's going on in Texas with this mass shooting yesterday.

Not to mention the shooter's name. That's what some of them want to do to get famous they want to be known at this. This person will remain unknown, at least here on the show were knocking to give him any glory or any attention for his horrific murder spree yesterday with 19 fourth-graders and two teachers in the class that he barricaded himself and and just unbelievable. This is some great points here that I want to read an article that Pastor Greg Lori wrote about the situation, but Catherine on Facebook live. This is such a great point. Explain to me how our government can put up a wall after protesters show up to the White House and Congress course on January 6 but we cannot figure out how to protect their kids at school point.

I'm pretty sure we just went through checking each kit for COBIT before entering school, but we let kids with guns walking.

What's up with that just fabulous critical thinking there, Catherine. Great job and that your check in for COBIT man, you can lock down the school for COBIT and they'll complain about guns and everything else but what why are schools more lockdown just in general we just deal with the reality that you live in a pretty violent screwed up country and these things happen and so why would we not lock it down that one-button press the button, all the doors on the exterior doors the building hard lock you got cameras nobody's come in in you. Show up today my son or daughters in here. Yeah, that's nice. Mr. Noble given appointment. Can you prove you are can I see your driver's license otherwise can't just walk in the building daughter's high school is makes me think of this sheep was within freshman year than she was in the last two years but she's going back for senior year and I think about that you can walk right in there. I said I think the door yet to press a button they can see you but what a great point. We can we can surround the capital building in the White House with razor wire on the heels of January, six to keep themselves safe. Oh I wanted that's part at least allegedly safe. That was political theater and then you we can check every kid in America for COBIT before let them in the but you can't keep a kid out carrying weapons and just shot your school police officer. How can he walk in the building that that's and $40 billion over another 40 billion over Ukraine to help them secure their country, but will do anything about securing our own protecting our own children, and just assuming that hey, there's 300+ million weapons out there already crazy people can get weapons criminals already have weapons or can get weapons doesn't matter how many laws you pastor knocking to change that. But 18-year-old be able to buy two AARs and 360+ rounds of ammo right after his birthday.

I have a problem.

I do that's just seems ridiculous to me, this Pastor Greg Lori wrote this in a Christian post. Why did this happen. We've all been devastated by the Internet, unimaginable news that 19 innocent children to I would say that we haven't. We've all been devastated by that and like one of our caller said 24 hours a week we will be talking about these kids in two weeks max. We've all been devastated by the unimaginable news that 19 innocent children to teachers been shot and killed on the campus of Rob elementary school and you fall Texas heart of America was ripped out the set date again as we rip children out every day I'm adding that this is every parent's worst nightmare, that's for sure.

In our hearts are all breaking, but none are feeling the pain.

None are feeling the pain that those families who lost the precious loved ones are experiencing right now this is a moment when we should all weep with those who weep at a time like this. We all collectively ask why did God allow this to happen. Simple answer is I don't know. But here's what I do know there are evil people who do incomprehensibly evil things every day because we live in a fallen, sinful world moments like these are a reflection on the evil of many, not the goodness of God. I know that it that it is not really a satisfactory answer. In many ways, but it is the fact the Bible says the human heart is the most deceitful of all things, and desperately wicked who really knows how bad it is.

Jeremiah 17 nine when I find myself not knowing why bad things happen.

I fall back on what I do know that's because in a moment like this. The most important question is not why, but who who can we run to for help in the midst of this broken world. This Pastor Greg Lori, I know that God loves every one of these little children and the teachers who died. I know that God loves the parents and families that lost these little ones. I know that these children are safely in the arms of Jesus Christ right now in heaven. Jesus said, let the children come to me. Don't stop them for the kingdom of heaven belongs to those who are like little children Matthew 19 yes, when we do not know the answer to the why question, it's best to pivot the who question instead and then to the what. By that I mean what we do at a time like this.

The answer is we must turn to God.

That is what I did when I heard the devastating news that our son Christopher age 33 died in anonymous automobile accident 14 years ago. It was like time stood still for me and all the air was sucked out of the room and I felt like I literally could die. I fell to my knees and I asked God for help. He helped by the way, I mean this was back then when that happened carefully. That was 14 years ago I was working with harvest and those guys back then was doing stuff with them and in I you like his son was driving to work at the church on the highway there in LA and ran smack dab in the back of a highway repair vehicle and died instantly.


Child and one on the way I fell to my knees and ask God to help me Greg. Lori writes he did. 14 years later I still deeply grieve over this loss, but I can tell you that God was there for me and is still with me walking through this valley. I know God will be there for these families because he was there for me.

David wrote in Psalm 23. Yay though I walk to the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for you are with me. We lost our son. The thing I realized there was no one who could fix this for me. There is no Dr. police officer or anyone else who could bring my son back.

I felt helpless when I turned to God. I remember that he knows all about suffering and he knew what I was going through because he too lost a son, rather I should say he too gave a son, Jesus said for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son. Whoever believes in him should not perish but have everlasting life. This is a time to mourn Pastor Lori writes when I speak with parents of lost children. I tell them the cries, much as they want.

The depth of their sorrow is an indication of the depth of their love.

Jesus said blessed are they that mourn for they shall be comforted. Matthew 53. The key is to cry out to God himself. He will hear your prayer if you're one of the parents who lost one of those children and is reading this right now.

Let me say this to you. I'm sorry for your loss. If you put your faith in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. You will see your child again. They're not just a part of your past. There also part of your future and my prayer is that God be with you now remember this for the Christian death is not the end of life, but the continuation of it in another place heaven.

Jesus said I am the resurrection and the life.

Anyone who believes in me will live, even after dying everyone who believe lives in me and believes in me will never ever die.

John 1125 to 26 is Pastor Greg Lori. He put that out publicly yesterday in the Christian Post is really great. It responding to things like this and that's Pastor Greg Lori been a pastor fly, no. 45 years or something so you know what you do what I do want to make sure we weep and we mourn appropriately and pray for these people. Although most of us don't know any of them. You might know somebody that knows him on another world can be a strange small place.

But let's make sure just pray for lift him up.

Pray that God would minister them in a special way. I always pray that God's people will show up will be good listeners don't show up in quote Romans 828 beats for good listener this time and a place for that and pray for them. Pray for our nation.

Pray for awakening in the streets. Pray for revival. Pray that the Christians would have a new calling on their lives, just an old one to look out for the outsider who in your circle in and specially if you have children or grandchildren encourage them challenge. Who do you know it's cool in your youth group or the outsiders.

Do you think Jesus cared about the outsiders. Of course the one the woman who had the problem. The blood touches heaven he said would judge me. I felt power go out for me here. He knew she needed to speak out publicly as we did and the lepers and the lame and the blind and the poor and the Samaritan woman talk to those people. Yes, you do. Maybe at work. Maybe in your neighborhood. Maybe in your Sunday school group. Your small group there's people that they're just on the margins there on the fringes will pay attention. Maybe there little odd. Maybe this strange. Maybe they're gay men are dealing with third gender dysphoria trends is like a hand. I don't mess with these people to hang out my small group my church, where everybody loves the Lord and it's safe. Well, Betty, Chris, that they think the whole of Christianity friends. Jesus came to seek out and see that which was lost. He left the 99 to pursue the one that needs to be the call and all of us were the outsiders in your life. You see out there on the French, especially younger people, especially social media video games two years of covert garbage. Lockdowns got a lot of messed up kids out there. Are we paying attention at all. Are we praying at all. I know I need to do better on that front is a pretty good tomorrow. Theology Thursday of my good buddy Stu Epperson Junior we back in talking to some folks from his alma mater there at about seminary J you and then Friday. Maybe pass Chris Connell will be off on Monday again but I'll be back in next continue to pray looking up helpful realize we live in a dark place. This is Steve Noble and Steve Noble showed God willing I'll talk you can real soon. My dad always used to say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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