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May 17, 2022 9:48 pm


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May 17, 2022 9:48 pm


Steve talks to Fred Von Canon, E. C. Sykes, Courtney Geels, and Chad Slotta about their campaigns. David joins to about money.

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Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on his shoulders and walked through no sacred cows call Steve now 634 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble right now. Today, yet here North Carolina five other states big primary day.

Have you been out yet. You can get out the polls close at 7:30 PM Eastern time. All across North Carolina this evening.

7:30 PM Eastern time.

As long as you're in line by 730 than they have to let you vote.

So remember that if you're in line and they say sorry everybody 730 polls close. You politely stick your hand up in the air and say that's a violation of our own states law.

Okay, if you're in line by 730 this evening.

You are able allowed to protected your right to vote. Okay, so make sure you know that 7:30 PM this evening. Many of you baby. Hopefully you have gotten out today been a fielding, private messages and text messages and phone calls and stopping people all day as I do every two years. Steve it was a list I need to list where Jiles I'm happy to provide my list got my list just go to my Facebook page you can find it there or if you want to email me. I'll reply to you right since it shows over of especially pure white force, but other statewide races.

I'll be happy to tell you exactly who I think you should vote for.

And one of the people that is on my list somebody that's a good friend of ours where he was just here with us on Friday was Steve days and it's always good to hear from our good friend Fred Voncannon, Fred, how are you I'm doing great how are you good man thinks, how's it going out there and not in and in the voting land friends up there running for NC house 35 vote How's it going today going great we encourages the slow and steady turn out, but that really good for a primary and so just and steady all day at several hundred people on at my Precinct 1907, which is where departing Wake Forest and it just been steady all day, but slow enough that there's no way that I don't get to talk to people like Delta time and it's been all some people are very excited about coming out I think.

Anecdotally, I would say 75% are Republican. So I'm encouraged by that. Obviously that's not the ballot I'm on and I have had several of my neighbors combined watch one drive up right now this is just fun to see a lot of like-minded folks coming out to get excited about primary yeah and I wish more more people would vote in the primaries every two years. This is such an important opportunity for us to field the best team we possibly can.

Because these elections are super important in November and we talked about this many times, Steve days was talking about it. Just the other day. The importance of of your particular see their North Carolina house 35 Fred Weiss at such a big deal. Why do we need to win.

Well, this is divided one of the not the top priority flip we need to flip three healthy and to send it to get the vetoproof super majority in the Gen. assembly and effectively render our governor neutered which is what needs to happen and this is probably target number one be a very hard-fought expense of grace looks to be maybe the most expensive rate in the state of North Carolina.

So we got a big battle in front of us get to a primary today we feel good about that. This is this is important to think that we can clip and you know we gotta get the super majority that's really what this election is about a think the Democrats know that they're going to throw a lot of money at it, but you know I think I would hate to be running as a Democrat right now I'm not even sure how you what what what you would do something that is going right so the other day we were early voting in somebody Democrat lady at the booth say, well, you know, at least we would pay down the debt 300,000 $300 billion.

I'm thinking that's just delusional what she means is in the first year covert. We had a $3.1 trillion deficit because of all the things we did and we can debate that most of them wrong.

And then in the first year of buying. We had a $2.8 trillion thinking that they're thinking we pay down the debt 300 billion we just added 300 billion left in the door to the wind and pay down anything we added trillions of dollars to the debt. Anyway, it's it is a beautiful day encouraged her to get out the vote. The early voting numbers across the state have been up early voting, especially for Republicans in and just again. Anecdotally, I think today can be a good day for Republic to to get up.

That's awesome. We were talking about this on Friday at your event a prime barbecue and I want the things I really appreciate about not only you but your bride and your your kids. You guys are pro-life to the core. You talk about your active and that you supported financially and with your blood sweat and tears with Roe versus Wade on the cusp of falling that's going to be an issue. That's a big deal here North Carolina what's what's your vision Fred is a is a pro-life champion. If your once you're in North going house 35. What would you like to see happen in North Carolina and the issue of life honestly would love might have to be incrementally adjusted to make it happen. But that born alive.

Bill is you know if I would put that up first day just to make a point that that we need to protect like after it's more net crazy didn't didn't didn't pass, but really, you know, there's a model legislation across the country with the heartbeat bills.

I would be very comfortable with that. You know that there needs to be, you know that the Democrats want to make this like we we want you know that 11-year-old is right to you know have make sure she has a baby kind of thing. And it's not got it all.

I think if you read hearing that that the left throws out here on abortion are the rape and incest and you know an ectopic pregnancy or something like that that that can't work and you have to medically abort that if you take out all those exceptions you're still wailing well under 10%. Let's just give them 10% and say okay can I have the other 90 that are elected. Let deal with that and because there's so much you know that there's birth control available to anybody. There's you plenty of you shouldn't be using abortion as as bright control being sent to be interesting to see once it ends up coming to the states, God willing, and I have to figure out where they actually stand. It's one thing to talk about it is nothing to legislate it and so and I'm looking forward to that day, and I'm sure there's going to be a lot of tough conversations because not all Republicans agree on where the line should be, but I know it when you're in there you're gonna stand for life and that's what we appreciate about you. So today up until 730 again.

Everybody, if you're in line and again just tell everybody where your district that were north on house 35 3514 precincts in the north central part of the wake County and effectively as Rolesville and wakeboard. If you're in the palm start with a nice so that's awesome. Great God bless you Fred. Thanks man. We'll talk again soon I found your welcome will be right back talking to more candidates working to talk to easy sites.

Courtney feels just Lotta in the will do little money Monday update at the end of the self. This is no and so was just chatting with them and my friends on Facebook and just at this incredible slate of great but the Christians out there that are small business six.

Practical people are conservative people. People that are champions for life and people that see our economic situation or social situation for what it is and but people that know the Lord and have the Holy Spirit and was like hey listen I would prefer to have Christians in office. But if it's a Christian that's not very wise. God bless you. But this is the place for you if there at their experience of their wise there full of the Holy Spirit. Okay cool so we have a bunch of those out there which is we've been talking a bunch of them on the show over the last several months and over the last two days. We just heard from Fred Voncannon another person up, running in his neck of the woods north Carolina Senate 18's are good for an easy sites was just in the studio the other day EC.

Thanks for calling me another going out there you will yet so what what what mood you run into out there at the polls on a primary day what you normally will primary or little more interested in getting Berger, figure out the right to spend more time researching split shades of gray and the PMO smarter than your general people ride in in November and they that there they can go down and they can vote us late thing I vote all Republican about Democrat. Whatever the case may be, but in the primaries wings picking through bunch of people that are in the same party in some of these primary races.

As you know ECM you have got some friends and races were there, six, seven and eight candidates.

That's really difficult when you start having a split through shades of gray, but of up remind people where North Carolina Senate District 18 is very clean waiting for roles will going over to the girl all the gravel Railroad Berm Carillon Durrant Rd., Virginia, and this is the big deal we were just talking to Fred as you know in in his race for North going house 35's a big deal, and for you in the Senate as we need to pick up two seats in the Senate so that we can get to a vetoproof majority in an basically neuter. Gov. Cooper but as is your seats. One of the big ones in the state on the road when they look at it right about a lot of things change so we had 20 Republicans already been in the faint district to redraw so that they'll but we got some butter go right through them some butter right from the easier it is a competitor, the one we have to yet to get a vetoproof majority number 30 to run up a number 30 so we are serving on the bubble yet which makes it all the more important not just for people to understand. Generally in EC's been on before but will just generally to differentiate yourself. What are some of the biggest issues for you. EC is a small business experience political experience of all or Christ. What are some of the main issues for you running for NC Senate 18 sure with fun, interesting, so I'm up I'm a Christian man I was saved at the age of 700 and berm where all of the policeman. We grew up there more closely with able to have some very good first appearance in small companies loved leader of the public companies as well as build a 500 experience. We will bring young through our Northpark on the legislature experience of our economic issues that we have right now with the social issues like life like you that we have right now like women or sutures.

We bring to the people of business without thought or have a very conservative people yell it's so important in you.

You mentioned several times a business experience person, which is important because we can't get a people that are just thinking politically we have to live in practical land and if you run a business or let a business you know what it is to make payroll and the fact that most of us actually have to live conservative lives.

Unlike the government will forever evolve go on to understand what like to run the right thing for me. I met with some leaders become apical teach me. Help me understand the role interest look through the world you have your welcome how certain experiences after certain skills, but to run for office. Are you looking people out there that have the right to accomplish.

Not a whole lot just a quick route to talk about what I got a chance to talk with help for some voter 18-year-old just turn about two months ago and so excited about it right thought it was going to make his choices and personally met in a different pole.

We went to college at Allstate, we drove back to my home church and berm every Sunday and schoolteacher that we had there was a student over seminary missionary, but will you marry, and we call him just as he was walking out of a bowl of the long journey but that's it for calling in blessings for obedience of stepping up to the plate and trying to run to be a part of what God would like to see done here in the state in this nation which should be obvious to those of us that follow him easy sites EC for and will be together.

Of course, will be talking more after the primary today as you race towards the other big election in November.

But God bless you my brother, thanks for calling and we look forward to you winning today and winning again in November were to be with you all the way I felt thankful.

Talk to you later. Let's jump over to Durham County where people just write stuff off right.

We should never do that we should always be willing to get in the game. Courtney keels is doing just that house district for this is a congressional district. Courtney deals for Courtney how are you it's good to hear from you as well. Thank you so much for being available to: how are things going out there at the polls and why in the world what a God-fearing conservative woman run for office in the Durham area right now and I've been really yeah and so as you been down this process were to hit the break in about a minute Courtney, but I want to hold you through the break and give you some more time on the other side of that. Hopefully that's okay for you but what learning just was spending time with voters for the last several months. What you learning about your district what you learned about North Carolina Gen. early on, looking things that I think generally we all agree on my background that I went and got back from affordable housing, and I actually a project where your ranking actually want actually were getting a cool dialog got there at all on how we can we can bring many backend lower income people Friday and get that such a great example that you have to start with the conversation to be willing to listen because I see this all the time.

Courtney and John hold on with this all the time. This is the overwhelming majority of Americans. We have to live conservative lives.

Forget politics for second, you have to live conservatively because we can't print money like the federal government have those conversations I Courtney will be amazed what happens will be right back with her back is noble, so today is the day it's primary day here North Carolina polls close at 7:30 PM. By the way, if you're in line at 730. They have to let you vote okay so remember that this evening if you're at work. You just can't get there till this evening.

As long as your line by 730, then they should allow you to vote. That's part of North Carolina voter law. So they shut the doors and say sorry everybody and you're in line at 730.

Pay attention to the time that you put your hand up in the air, you demand your rights okay.

Do not put up with that if you're in line at 730. They have to let you vote.

Remember that and make sure you speak up, and I'm telling you, if there's other people online and you speak up other people will start speaking up to say hey you have no right to do that you can't shut the doors North Carolina. We have a lot of fun in line. You should allow me to vote to make sure you get out there and if you're in the Durham area. That's why were talking to Courtney deals is running for Congress in the Republican primary Congress congressional district for Courtney so up.

How would you kind of encapsulate. Thanks for calling in today. How would you encapsulate kind of the main aspects of of why you're running in and some of the main issues you want to tackle when you get to DC right. I cannot for the federal government over each and now I really like when I when I get the Congress be working on making anywhere where each based on our lot, but that freedom lack of liability and a lot of people. And if we don't eat we don't really have a free country and in requiring that Locke's Bay Company and their 11. Libel after everything and I think that that will ultimately prevent a lot of Because we need we need to be a look at it talk on the Liability on promoting. I really think me to run out.

I think you know what her medical care and bipartisan after I got the medical freedom rally Republican people don't like being told that I don't like being told there to be fired if they don't do that on and ultimately again we go back to that lack of. The rhetoric that you don't care about other people. If you don't and actually get ultimately not feel it infuriates me that people have paid one another and can't find that are based on a lie you because you have an extensive background in nursing and politically. I'm finally back that I am getting an opportunity treatment you imagine that. So Courtney again. The people want to find out more.

They can vote today vote till 730 and then we want to help you as we move into the summer push towards November, what's the website. How can people get involved. Courtney yelled for and fell. I think about all the help I can get. That's also night stay in touch. Courtney will be ready willing and able to help you as often as we can Bless you think so much. You're welcome you as well. Five. Let's jump over to my buddy Chad Slava: and also out there in the campaign trail today house district 13 southern wake in a couple other counties had to remind everybody where your district is great to be with you the good you can update me on your walk 13 is that all other wake County Johnston County Western Wayne County and parts of northern Eastern hornet County.

It's amazing how big these districts are in a lot of different types of people there, but what you running into out there today all I was talking to our mutual friend TC Sykes and Fred Voncannon were talking about the people to come out. The primary vote. I really, really focus.

They understand the value of getting out the primary because were trying to select the best team we can to run in November. What are you experiencing out there today. Chad poked a really resonating with our message and what I mean by that is not.

I really believe in sharing with people that were in the battle for the soul of our country right now you know we have an entire generation of leaders in Washington DC from politics to become their religion, government not God is their Savior. And when they ask what's wrong with the world. There's no personal accountability know no idea and repented forgiveness.

You know right now people are blaming society to blaming their surroundings there blaming them in a course and you blame the system you're morally justified right they they believed to tear down the system and morally obligated to do whatever it takes. Use whatever means necessary to tear down and I really believe beginning with an assault on on the nuclear family on the home and on life. No, that's the worst thing and did I share that with folks that we want to realign America with Judeo-Christian value the constitutional conservative principles that made America great. I just just saying thank you, thank you for attending up for the Lord in an alley. Yeah, that's for a lot of people out there for Christians as well. You know there's a lot of people that will pay lip service to say yeah yeah a Christian bubble bubble that well 6869% of the country self identifies as Christian doesn't mean they are. The garage doesn't make you a car and I think you have what I think we all have to, especially as the days get darker. Chad we need to be more bold. Yes, grace and compassion and patience, but we need to be more bold with our faith and not be afraid even though the cultures, after one epidemic of fear in the country. Stephen that's why wanted a shoot them focusing on estate guarding our speech. This idea that we can believe within our heart. They went on our mind get together with our friends and worship as we see fit, without the fear of reprisal without fear of having to hide or cower behind you know behind anything just to worship as we see fit you to the freedom of the freedom of speech and freedom of religion that are fundamental and things that rock you're fighting for every day what's up and lie because there's been a lot of mudslinging is gotten pretty aggressive between two of your competitors down there for house district 13 with Kelly Daughtry and Bo Hines and in the you know that's going back and forth like firing each other. How do you kinda deal at that in the primary. When you eat obviously you have a different message in your different person than they are and abut but that's a reality that's kind of the part of the mass of the primary system how you can manage that. Well me some like to differentiate themselves by tearing others down.

I'm sure I'm choosing to differentiate myself and my competitors by sharing my vision for the country and by by just answering the questions the voters that night. I've been endorsed is the only unconditional conservative by a high voter guide which is used by American family Association.

The family research Council did you guys coalition. I've earned all their endorsement to John Jerry Boykin FRC candy for children and youth values former speaker put and former apex Mayor Lance all of all have have watched as we as a campaign would be taking a stand and that such an honor just to have people just come back and say you really encourage me really inspired me because it's not going to be one politician out of a million North Carolinian can all of a sudden raise up as the hero of all of what with this is going to take as a million North Caroline William believers here in the state standing up and pushing back right where we live and work such an important point for all of us and I appreciate the way that you were talking about that what that with the primary situation is that there's no,*next to your name as it is a Christian as a conservative as a patriot of father, a small business owner and her husband is no*there.

I don't worry about where you stand on social issues versus fiscal issues I want to worry about whether you can buy your way into the house or not, because there's too much of that going on.

You are exactly as you say you are. By the way everybody have known Chad for a few years.

He actually cards on the table sits on my board. There's a reason he sits on my board and there's a reason why I support you and running for Congress because you're the right person and a and we need to million of us in North Carolina. The choir can make a difference if the choir shows up right and I think think you read, you read Scripture and can you just be what what is biblical hope right difficult with this idea that we can pray God that every situation of life we can move into every day with courage and with boldness and confident with joy and I when we approached the world that way.

As believers we have a chance to make an impact if you listen that I've gone back to list Pres. Reagan's 1976, 1980 campaign announcements features in the way that he talked about America. Reminds me of the way that that God talks about us as we hope and faith and trust in liberty and freedom and trust people trust the Holy Spirit to work on people's hearts the trust people to make decisions for themselves here in the country on.

It's amazing what what what we've been able to do as American.

That's for us as concern is that that's what we want to hate governments got a limited role limited and the trust the people to take care of their own problems to help each other to be the solutions to national problems, far more than the federal government. That's the way that Reagan was that's the way were called to be as conservatives and you're doing a great job of communicating that appreciate your call and and my friend. I love you and in appreciate you and God bless you, is for them, pushing it forward as we come out of this day my friend me on your welcome. Will talk soon. Thanks so much.

I was Chad slotted down in house district congressional house district 13 slot off for is a website feeling sick that I will be right back with David Fisher show our good friend David Fisher from Wimmer capital was kind enough to switch today and talk and one candidate after another in this primary season, which is today just a reminder today is primary day okay if you don't vote today are not lined by 730. You don't get the votes is very important this is. Think back to when you're a kid and in your picking kickball teams or whatever you want to be able to pick who you want to be on your team. Go to.

That's the point of a primary election, which is why it's so important pulls closer North Carolina at 7:30 PM as long as you're in line by 730 you get to vote. So make sure you stand up for your rights if you run into that. This evening, but make sure you get out there and do your civic duty and I would also add I think it's a Christian duty as well. Think of your vote like a talent and if you don't invest your talent wisely. If you just bury it.

That didn't go so well, let's talk. Our good friend David Fisher were going to talk about some Scripture today and ends and Psalm 126 David and that's going to lead into a little personal testimony even if we have time will talk about financial stuff. Howard I'm doing really good to talk to you last week to rejoice yet. Amen on your program. Welcome is always okay Psalm 126 and start their oh Scripture dear to my heart. So in tears shall reap in joy all we all face challenges in life sometimes financial or physical, emotional, or other challenge with our children or grandchildren or spouses business life house part of life life. He stood a huge challenge. I was surprised how challenge in December 2018 and after 12 days in the hospital. Five doctors gave me my orders to go get my financial affairs in order. They all said I had less than a year to live and I have a 5% 5% chance of beating the odds March the thing called infraction which cleared up the time.

There was no cure for it but couldn't answer more closely. God help with the incredible cardiologist got me a few operations implanted the voice in my right shows the Woosley clinical trial. It was one of 500 people. So my infraction before all that when I go to the hospital was at that meeting sure means your heart is not pumping in the fraction is the expansion and contraction of your heart and soul. Mine was only attend what is a normal man 50 to 60 that's normal so that the point you to options user will die for you, heart transplant and I was not on the heart of spineless years waiting thing so all this leave the there's a lot of other things that will time to go over your mother, turn my heart off and I say goodbye my wife. I flatlined all kinds of challenges in the air of my life. So I went through several surgeries, heart started feeling of self. Most importantly, you became a very few we've always been friends for last six years but became a very close friend and so many people on your program.

I can't give again it will choke up thank you so much for poser hearing my voice, and you prayed your prayers have been answered, and even the gym because I have this annual checkup to see how much my infraction if it would change. I was up five or 10 Scripture to me.

Then a year later was up 15 motor Lutherans kept going up the following all the dogs years ago I was up 42. My doctors shook my hand. So congratulations you will live a long life UBP office with about 50 or 60 or so when I found out that point, Steve, anything 35.anytime soon.

It was about a five year period that I could died maybe six years because we don't know what it actually really started sober last week I got the results for manual tests and the number is 55, which means I have. The recovery was able to send Steve you saw a book heart versus the crazy God. It was crazy sexy look on the left and you like yeah buddy working right. It's like that is like the car but hobbling down the street and coughing out smoking like stuff and one on the right is like the standard totally working normal 55 is the number which is where you're at now in debt, up from 10 when they told you get your your affairs in order. David and and I always appreciate the fact that that became a part of our time together on the air as well as our fair friendship that you would share that and people are praying for you and we walked through that that source was to do shoulder one another's burdens, even the weak none of us live in Arizona. We can pray for you and carry those burdens spiritually from North Carolina or wherever people are listening and that's exactly what happened and God is honored, all rights to work my voice through a Windows in your heart today.your physical heart. But what is going on in your life today is a mountain for you.

I want to testify and encourage you know the true low to live and no amount is too hard to climb this mountain.

There was no I could not climate it was impossible, but I have my points were I sold my tears of joy in the hospital and I should. God if you have me be here longer than I doctors are saying. I hope that the big homes. I am not afraid of dying. I want to reap in joy sure if you're facing a challenge to the mountain, the Lord is with you. He is near you. Besides you use in you and he wants to show his glory is you want to do the same type of miracle he did for me. He wants to do for you. I want to encourage you, be of good cheer that day is coming. Yes, it's a great reminder such a great testimony and it reminds me that as you talking about that is is you as you can unpack that testimony and it reminds me of Psalm 23. When David's talking about this and David had have written this later in life he did right.

There is a little kid and he's on vinyl line down in green pastures. He leads me but he renews my life.

He leads me mother's namesake. Then he switches because he starts talking but you are with me your rod and your staff they comfort me. And then it's like surely goodness and Favor level pursue me or follow me.

So God's always follow you right into the valley right to the top of the mound where you're going on God's right behind you and and we have to be bold and have faith and ask for whatever it is as crazy.

It might sound like a lot of us stay bitter herbs are hesitant in our prayer life because were afraid to be disappointed and we have to know that all of our healing looked up the rectification of every problem is coming.

It's just a matter of when. But it is coming and we have to pray and be bold and that's exactly what you did and you sold in tears in your reaping, enjoying, and that's possible for all of us another name and claim it for believer, but I learned something that you do something about the believer side being causing themselves to believe, not for the sake of belief in the unknown or the impossible, but the belief that God is in control. That's the key. I never ever sense that God was not knowing, not hearing, not concerning, not wanting, not loving, not caring, not wanting to do anything. I just have the belief that everything was all the offices of that but it was his love and his mercy as we partnered together. The small possible thing and he did the impossible, yet so true and that's that's where we just that we sell our little seeds of faith and I'm so glad you mentioned the just the providence of God, and that's why it's important to study the character of God, knowing to say that we have a good good father is the biggest understatement that you could come up with but you understand God's character makes his providence a little easier to deal with.

Could you know the exit is for you and he follows you and he goes with the and and we have to remember that no matter how dark the days truly shown me as a believer know the whole level of when challenges still will, you know were overcome are some challenges I faced Ellen today is on my warning about overcome her God is on the throne and miracle still helping you miracle still happened and that's something that we all need to lean into and trust the Lord in that and it's always so great when you get to share your testimony. We've only got about a minute and 1/2 left's work unit itself any financial things you want to throw out there. David is one of the testify. We can do whatever I'm I'm good you would like to pray no and ended on that note for just a quick prayer between me and you and everybody hearing her voice, and shall come before your throne of grace, just like you that you're the God that wallets in the event you're the God that rose your son from the bed and you raise a still life Lord, thank you for all the people that are hearing your voice.

I pray downtrodden are going through challenges and place them. Put your loving arms around them, showing them way towards your creation work in the life mercy is a blessing upon these people in Jesus name, amen. No better way to finish so I love you my brother, thank you so much that you soon. Thanks, pal. Thank you all the time baby got everything we can talk to you but I go don't lose heart is saying something downtrodden I don't hardly have been in the Valley myself and there's another one coming eventually Valley none whatsoever. Great, but only if you know Jesus Christ as Lord you know Steve Noble and Steve Noble.

So, God willing, I'll talk to my dad always ever for one another program powered by the Truth Network

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