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Get out and Vote!

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May 11, 2022 1:41 pm

Get out and Vote!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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May 11, 2022 1:41 pm

Get out and Vote!

Steve talks to Mathew Winslow and E. C. Sykes about getting out and voting. If you can, you should get out and vote!

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where biblical reality meets the everyday issues of life at work even in politics. Steve was an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on his shoulders, grace, and lots of true no sacred call Steve Bell 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble are we do.

I have solicitors on their South Carolina and Virginia but mostly were to focus on North Carolina comes to politics before you do that I wanted to share this today. I just taught my last US history class for the year that the two semester class for high school age homeschoolers and were also going to try to expand that to adults because most of us don't really know how US history very well as well as high school students stuck in the public school systems are to go after everybody but had a great conversation this week with my three classes of high school US history students answer one of the things I asked him is like give me a word or two to describe American history because it because literally hundred percent of about 60 students 100% of them said that they view our history differently now than they did 12 months ago and then you have to unpack that which is fascinating but some of the things they said the good the bad the ugly. It's a roller coaster dramatic Newton's cradle, which is a physics term for just about natural back-and-forth highs and lows. Sharp turns extremes of a bumpy road and complicated. That was one class another class freedom, radical back-and-forth seesaw different greed, good and bad, individuality simple cycle roller coaster. Little by little pleasure, and monumental. Here's another one. This is my last class today where they were all over the map, which was great. So there's about division powerful, disappointing, political, groundbreaking, materialistic, domineering, repeating influential complicated accuracy because I think the worldview innovative Manas invalids had its moments unique, heartbreaking, imperfect, a seesaw, a revolutionary and always changing so I'm telling you, if you've given up on the youth today don't do it.

What it requires is just us pouring time in understanding and wisdom and knowledge into them and you'll be shocked at how well that can go which is why we have to be engaging them not just complaining about them, which I think often times we write off the younger generation, but that would be foolish. God's never done that as we should do that to them. So got North Carolina politics super important a lot going on. We got a primary next must vote in that. Get yourself educated.

I'll share my personal pics again on Facebook going to do that, or you can email me is my personal picks has nothing to do it any radio station any of that stuff. That's a Steve Noble citizen so that's out there and then.

November the election gets even more important. There's a lot on the line. As you know, but we need to stay engaged our good friend Matthew Winslow serving diligently.

North Carolina House District 7 as well as of course Winslow homes and is a businessman and a brother in Christ and a father and a gray confidant and somebody that is down there in the midst of it all, that can help us understand Matthew how you doing friend, good afternoon. Great to hear your voice. Thank you for your time today so a lot to talk about but just give us a little bit update that what what's going on these days in the North, and House of Representatives, and then we'll talk about election stuff because there's a lot of issues that we need to address right and no primary will later book primary short work on the budget and so you will walk all local bicameral budget.good book and also send a short search in order to review the board old Boardman cross, but we do make real numbers and we undershot our target well yes so it's outstanding because why low taxes work a lot warmer in your pocket you spend more money why we are having more of what our work or more clock is actually the way we all try to live our personalizing renter households don't leave me taking more money and spend less. That sounds vaguely familiar. That's the leaders of the business as well were not will help them build a rubric, mostly budget bill not not certain, but let's go home in a workbook committee and the committee on his or her capital structure and one of many workbooks known as inflation calls out standing on it. Amazing looking place you had your year and your ability to invest in water and sewer in buildings and all things that won't and so we had consultants that are working on it for us to come in presentations and good job work or combining projects that were not everybody you come back and legislature folks told her not yet in oversight is something that we need more of, not less, and especially in that particular instance something like you that runs a custom home building company you know all about the cost of goods, and what that does to your bottom line and end, and that's the challenge in this inflationary environment which is very very challenging not just for us as individuals, but for the whole state and for various counties. Whatever level you want to look at this inflation that were dealing with is a massive problem in a massive challenge and we see that happening all over the country. But as we as we turn the corner talk about the election Matthew for those of you that don't know Matthew Winslow.

He is the ardently pro-life has been for years, puts his money where his mouth as he is engaging talks about it as a legislator, but as a follower of Christ. He's deeply that movement. What was your reaction. Matthew a little over a week ago, when all of a sudden it would appear from that leaked majority opinion, which is not a final draft that Roe versus Wade is going to get overturned hotheaded that hits you like real real question everything came out. What you told me and don't think that the way you know the story Karl Popper look real and so we can you know if we can swing the country back in the office directions and start moving people into understanding that you know what works is the will of the cases for us in North Carolina to talk to Matthew about that because if it does get overturned gets pushed back to the states where we have a lot of people in the legislature that are ready, willing and able, but we don't. In the governor's mansion asking me this method holds talking Matthew Winslow and see how seven with you and important, but as we get nearer to next Tuesday, May 17 we got a primary coming up to talk to easy psychs is been on the show before a dear friend and brother EC for is is websites to talk to Tim about his run for Senate District 18 Matthew Winslow currently serving in North Carolina. House District 7.

I love these guys. They love the Lord and of their families.

They love the country they love the nation and the state and so they're willing to set aside time they're both very very busy people not to serve. And that's the deal. Like Jesus said himself. I didn't come to be served but to serve, and gave his life as a ransom, and so we should be following that example and doing whatever we can in this nation where you've got 340 million neighbors and everything for the most part, that our government does affects your neighbors.

How can you sit there and not be involved first at the first acceptable minimum was to be praying for those in authority over us and I would add, pray for these elections, but to not be voting to me is just flat out sinful because you know that things that happen at the local level, state-level national level affect your neighbors including the unborn and you do nothing about that. So you just walked right by the guy on the road you just like the Pharisees and the Sadducees. Unlike the Samaritan who stopped and helped. So you have to be engaged, you have to do something about it. You can't just sit there and say no. My vote doesn't count if it's just you and the Lord. Good luck with that checks try to run that one of the play. I don't really care what's happening.

My neighbors Lord I'm fine in my vote doesn't matter. No you can't do that sort of talk about that now with back with Matthew Winslow.

Matthew again, thanks for your time today. My friend about "remind everybody that we are forging the voting day and no reason we can't make time to go zero excuses and then on May 17 course next Tuesday so and will be back in November and will be talking Matthew between now and then as he's dealing with elections as well.

But this is a big deal. What's going on with this election and, especially, November, Matthew here in North Carolina. We were talking about Roe versus Wade and the eventual God willing overthrow that in the near future.

Watching the left go apoplectic. It's like watching the prophets bail throwing themselves down all over the place and cutting themselves. That's kind of what we're watching. That's the spiritual reality what's happening. But what you mean here in North Carolina for all of you that don't understand this if and when. And I believe it will Roe versus Wade is overturned, it pushes the issue back to all 50 states. So here in North Carolina.

Then we get to decide what to do on the issue of abortion.

So what's going to happen down there at the North Carolina legislature. Nothing we do not have overturned not go along with any builder try to run with all abortion life and one of the election of the midterm. So important that you get out there. Your vote no other candidates are pro life, because without having majority. We have to have three more people in the house and through more and more corn than that right now. Order three majority in the Supreme Court matter what legal and what people want to record makeup wall is a good all that we had our law and how they wanted and so conservative conservative court no way we can to the house to go over and do all that court was like being her head against the brick wall over and over again and that's why we be beating that message into the ground between now and November because again, I'm so glad you answered that question that way.

Matthew and I hope that was deeply disturbing to everybody when I have to say I hate don't the Republicans control the House and the Senate in North Carolina yes, then how can the answer to do about the life issue be nothing because the political reality is you've got Cooper sitting there who vetoed infant born alive back is not to sign anything that restricts abortion. I'm sure he'd be fine with it all the way up until the moment of delivery and then and then even if you get past and like you said Matthew all anybody has to do is sue and as soon as it gets in the state Supreme Court, which is warped and leftist, then you lose again. I mean that's just the reality of elections they have consequences will shock you with me. You have a very good solid conservative legislators know how very, very polite, and they would train tomorrow if they knew they can make it happen. We do not have a stripper in order to make it happen together.

We still have it for free, Supreme Court why braver important that we support years will be ignored the court and all behind ground and last election we go to court, but right now we have to try and that's a big deal with one change you get that done. You go from 43 level to 43 conservative and all of a sudden we can do the right thing in the state. What do you have an inkling Matthew of how far do you think the Republicans in North Carolina would be willing to go on the issue of abortion. Do you think they would be agreeable to one outright dandy think this can be pressure there for the court in court except exemptions rape, incest life of the mother. What do you have a read on that no moment where you are very strong for life is like that. I have a look at it all show. The reason I'm virtually pro-life one of believe in the Bible you were near the also about 70 years old and be pressured to have an abortion high school and Bill had made it very difficult. Myself and help others in the same situation all alone a lot more talk about.

Remember it's not just a pro-life hoarseness.

Also remember that we take care of the mothers and the children and we provide the services ORGANIZATION.

People get involved in that not only her life. All played here and we'll talk about this more. Once Roe gets dumped is is can you begin to if we if we can accomplish these goals in the election in November. Imagine this that that we have control the legislature we have a super majority, we can overturn anything any detail that Cooper throws at us what we could. Could you imagine. Matthew would it even be possible that we can actually get some state taxpayer money going to support legacy resource centers in order to help these moms and dads.

Obviously, in order to to keep their children and to help him because a lot of them are in a troubled situation is that something that we can actually go for your work, but $3 million went through pro-life organizations to the very same thing just so that again this is a weave wanted this for years. We fought for it for years.

We prayed for three years. All of a sudden, if God throws a ball you be ready to run like that.

We know that the Matthew will continue to talk about that Matthew Winslow Northville and house them, and God bless you brother. Thanks for your time today. We'll talk again soon. I felt talk later will be right back with easy thanks run for North Carolina Senate District 18 talk about. You have a lot of people run proper sunlight. Yes, I know what you do that, because I love my neighbor as myself. That's what I just explained that the last seven I continue to explain it year after year. Special in the election cycle because we happen to live in a country where what happens at the local level where it whether it's like Uruguay County where I live in Raleigh wake County commissioners, the Raleigh mirror.

Whatever you go to statewide positions in the North, Carolyn State Sen. Eric on the statehouse or whatever whatever position at the state level, and of course you go national. And in this country. Politics affects pretty much all of us are to have no interest in politics and no involvement in politics to me is you're just walking down that road you know that there's some people on the side of the road that are lying bloodied and bruised and are in trouble and need help and so you do nothing that's essentially what you're saying when you choose not to be involved with politics at the very least like I said before praying the concert laden up up next to that I would add getting out voting which requires that you can be informed and do that or you can do the Chicago way and just do what I tell you to do so could I put my personal list out every two years. That's my ode to my Chicago background EC Sykes is in the house today running for Senate.

18 and I joke about that. Every two years easy.

It's great to see you. By the way, and say this is my ode to my Chicago roots Muscat roosting in Chicago you vote as many times as you can get away with. So what I do with my lesson I run into people at the polls every two years that use my left elbow and I'm like a lot of work to resource again. And yes, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it doesn't just depends on what you're talking about, but it's great to see you.

Thanks for coming in. North Carolina Senate seat in the 18th District. This is your first rodeo. So let's back up a little bit because people might be thinking why do I know this name EC Sykes great name and so you ran before the talk about that and why he decided to run again and you're right, Miranda 2020 for Secretary of State.

I was a radical move for us as a calling, then this is calling for us as well.

The state race gives an opportunity to really begin to understand the campaign process also state you learn to masses pretty fast.

Secretary of State is a statewide race. You have to talk to everybody and you know we chose that race because of my business background gives air that we could easiest explain the value we brought to the people of North Carolina but as our values are compelled us to run. We saw what was happening to our country and our state to understand and make a stand for that is a calling for us were glad we did it. It was a tough race with no Miranda yes it was difficult youngest incumbent there, but we did okay right at the end of it. What were sadly lost reflected back toaccrue the better, but we didn't were okay with it was excellent as well.

Ran campaign. Yeah, we were kids we left going to know when that disappointed right sadly we lost them out for like that. We did something that we should've done you had Burnham Stutzman on the show was here with you, which you toured and when she lost a Supreme Court case or have to put out a statement and he said look, our job was to stand God's decision job was determined that this is right exactly this, feeling, rent ran faithful right that's our job is faithfulness. He deals with fruitfulness stay on your side of the equation. That's the way I've always looked at. So in this case we finished, surprising us never considered running for legislative position on the Senate caucus that called this week we write this is what's at stake and you talk about part was estate now with Matthew. So we Supreme Court had Roe versus Wade decision for not likely to get pushed to the state.

We know that we gotta have a vetoproof majority.

If we don't get anything done in North Carolina the district that they called me about his of the 30 seats that we Senate seats reptile two more 3023.

We need to pick up three in the house. We need to pick up Sue and the Senate are three and 321321 right 33 house two Senate 1 Supreme Ct. So when I look at him in a rank on from the easiest to number 30, the one that you got it yet. In order to make it up I could hold on work my butt just got right number 30 while I get the privilege of holding the ball the last minute.

Inside the we go to get this yeah so I'm going to look like Steve that we've prayed for abortion we marched we fasted we've done everything we could do about this issue now this is right is at our table. This is a time to we get a chance to make a decision where life is misdirected and different, and in the women involved in her honor and taken care of as a go through some really tough times absolutely. Which is why I brought that up with Matthew and in like human coalition down in Texas. It's amazing how much money Texas and you were from Texas yourself and that's where you work with Ted Cruz and that's I can sting way in getting into politics more directly, but they they pump all kinds of money into pregnancy resource centers down there in human coalition. In order to help women that are caught up in a not by accident, by the way most cases caught up in a situation where there like I don't know how to do this right in the will go to the state for assistance with all kinds of other stuff the state it's okay because the way the country works that we provide assistance to moms that are in a tough position knowing that North Carolina maybe it'll be illegal to get an abortion. So what you do and we need to be there to deal with that as well. Statistically, 75% of women difficult to produce a difficult situation and saying what I can't take care of myself, to take care of some of you 75% of the time if they could see a solution. I'll choose life and things like organizations like human coalition to give you a path to being able to see how I can get a selection look, here's opportunity as Christians, we have a chance to not to condemn but to put arms around him to help him get through a really difficult time in her life and so here's a chance for us to testify.

This is the way you handle hard situations like this. Yeah, I'm in. And again, like you said earlier we been asking about it, praying about it marching about it and then all of a sudden God gives you lateral throws the ball. You better be ready to do something about this is really funny.

A friend of mine Facebook line Emily EC Sykes is in my district.

He sends email every day pig :-) go so make sure Emily get out of the present PC and get other friends to do it as well. So that's obviously a huge issue. What are some of the things that concern you.

In terms of what's going on here North Carolina and if you're in the north, the state Senate. What are some priorities for you so we got a number of social issues in my faith filters through all of those putting those aside look more, is also being blessed with a lot of jobs, Gerstein, which means some challenges on our culture but also means that we do have perhaps an economic swings as the urban areas are doing well. The rural areas are not so for the first time in our state. We've balanced over half of our population elves moved to urban areas away from the world and so we got a job mismatch. As a result of that so we need to think about economically how to bring prosperity more equal across our stamp concentrated into certain backgrounds in the business area.

We look forward to able to help as well and we've learned from the last administration is that when the lower income brackets of people move up in their earning power. The slayer their viewpoints become more conservative along that path.

So as we bring prosperity, they naturally understand what that means is all look forward to bringing some regular prosperity, some to some of the rulers and isn't that interesting that that the more prosperity they experience the more conservative they become because you have to a beer to make your personal life financially work you have to live a conservative life.

Otherwise you go broke and only the government can just when he goes broke just continues to print money. None of the rest of us can start sooner or later you will feel get a crown for the US government exactly where is district.

18. By the way from North, so this is particular important people understand its Wake Forest, Roseville, nor the wake County going over to the door months are basically 41 Mitchell Rd.

Over to wake County Durrant Road to Virginia line while so it's all gravel County Walden wake County and here's the reason that so important. It's that district just the people that decide whether we get number 30 from ascendancy is that district actually makes a statewide decision for us. So if you're in wake County and you will make a difference and you don't think you can move legal where you are meant we need phone callers.

We need more doctors.

We did all that help this seat will matter. Yet, and there is no dispute from either party was at stake. Everybody agrees with that state's supermajority pencil which how you view what the answers you guys really is for all the marbles and this is when I talk to not being in the Sweet 16.

This is actually the game and this is that it is about life and that's why we keep you know and and I think whoever the leaker isn't going to be a liberal, they're gonna work for a liberal Supreme Court justice in their thinking, let's get abortion to the front of the table because that's that.

Nothing else is going well for the Democrats on the national stage and in many ways on the state stage as I had to have something.

And so this was their kind of a Hail Mary pass which of course they hate Catholics now because we Catholics bring court justices, but do people in district 18 understand what that state that they know their kind at the epicenter of this battle with learning jobs get that message out to people's help for us to get that message out keep talking about them talking about EC Sykes.

He's here in the studio today. EC for FO is a website EC for and I told Josh that that's an easy one EC for feedback on this is the noble man going around in the free to let everybody all the same EC mail that one goal letter that's Johnny Cash when the man comes to town that day is coming right away. And in that letter he comes to town or you go meet him okay one way the other were all going to face judgment and if you're in Christ, not to worry about that accounting and then you can get your rewards which will be worthless to you at that point you throw back Jesus's feet, but outside of that when the man comes to town and he will when he comes back.

At that point it's all over.

So you better make sure that your in his family through faith in Jesus Christ. That's an adoptive situation. Otherwise there are no second chances. Okay, there's not a purgatory mechanism option to try to talk your way out of it when the man comes around that's just done deal. So make sure you deal with that before you breathe your last breath and and ultimately that's more important than anything we talk about the issue of politics or even the abortion issue and the reason we talk about abortion and the reason for Christians who say there even some that say no when asked about the cc some that say that there actually have a problem with abortion being overturned because you are just mentioning on the break about some young people.

I did this recently in an environment with other Christians who didn't quite agree with everything I say anywhere talk about the value of the gospel why we share the gospel because we love people we care about them we care about their lives, like it did.

Did you guys know you're making a pro-life argument that you were talking about the gospel but the reason the gospel matters is because people matter and if you're saying people matters until they matter when they're in the will and yes they do. Let me care about people. That's why we want to share the gospel and everybody in the good news. God is a desire that anybody should perish. In some folks didn't like that I made that leap. I didn't think was a leap I thought was a logical thing, but some folks didn't like it I don't I don't speak the truth based on whether people like that's just our job you mentioned this earlier easy just being faithful. Your job is to be faithful. Leave the results up to the Lord talking EC Sykes is running for North Carolina Senate district, 18 which is number one battle in the state because we have to get a super majority.

We need to pick up three seats, conservatives in the house two seats in the Senate, and once even the Supreme Court and then we have a super majority. We can ignore Gov. Cooper for the next two years which would be a huge blessing so thanks ravenous ear you did you say you had a Johnny Cash story well for off topic that you so scatterbrained.

I do that all EC for MC.

What a great rate round itself critical EC stand for an objective assessment comes as a Stanford excellent candidate, but actually my parents gave me three things I was blessed to me. They were quickly came from humble background. He's a policeman in Raleigh and Durham, but he gave me a great character traits right hard work, honesty, integrity, your personal responsibility just built to me on to who I became as a person, they gave the introduction to Jesus Christ the praise of a Christian home made it easy for me to find the Savior that was great and the third thing is I gave you my name and so I'm a junior.

My father goes, but as light which is what he stands for Leslie ESL EE ESL IEL I like Leslie without the audio exceed useful camellias like the Roman sold house committees and so but I am so grateful that he called me Junior then call me little to get any of those he got as we get EC so my apps picking domain she goes like Leslie like less like a boy name so right or go back to write about it know was running for office.

Nobody my family is ever worked with Tim generational ever ran for public office EC for insights were to be a blessing. That's a by the way, that's EC that's actually the initial EC for FO are in is the website I will talk some ornamented about how everybody can be a part of that.

Not the least of which by the way friends what this is this the deal you people listen to the show for a while or watched, you know what I'm you not to be surprised that what I'm about to say, but as soon as you know something I have responsibility for, and then the question is what I do with what I know. That's where James is talking about outpatient your faith that we say Ashley my faith by what I do same thing when it comes the pro-life issue, which we been talking about, but you mentioned you are in a business conversation recently, but the but the subject of young people came up in terms of what they believe when it comes to the abortion issue that I want people to hear this because I think that they need to know what's out there and I think this is going to ring true. A lot of people going to be like oh yeah I keep running a big believer in the consequences.

So I'm in this conversation I believe it's important conversation. It was a business conversation you run for office. So just ask how you doing, was it like going on, and so we shared is going well. We were hopeful will get the primary thing for good for us. At present, but right now abortion is the topic of the day. So the conversation turned to abortion. This is what I got to daughters in college in Boston and got one to get really going to lay and they're getting inundated from the social media side on their rights as apportionment was going to happen with the inability now to choose and they've moved social medias moves them from being conservative thinking to being liberal thinking because of knowing them. That is, and smoother for L yeah is a message as Ms. Wolf first year I will have a conversation with them become like.

But the real think it's important to me is there's a war out there. There is still a war out there socially is working really really hard to turn our young people's mind away from righteousness into another way of thinking we need to be aware this is not over yet so I'm in the political piece of it, but a more important part of it is a day that I lives of the people that are trying to work through what righteousness is yeah and and teaching them how to be critical thinkers, which is why I do what I do when I'm not in the studio and in teaching high school level homeschoolers is teaching them critical thinking because I'm telling you guys are being sold all the time you guys are being inundated with information all the time. It's about 32 GB a day that's assaulting them and they and when they're young they don't have any wisdom or discernment hardly any so they don't have a filter right then and there.

Literally we talk about meditating on Scripture there meditating on social media messages all the time. Not really even knowing it.

It's the frog in the pot that started and we see this now in the public school system, starting like in kindergarten you put that frog in the pot in kindergarten. Depending on the teacher, but certainly with the school system in the curriculum they're marinating in something for years and between kindergarten and 12th grade that 16,000 hours. That's a lot of marinating right use marinating anything for $16,000. Guess what, you're gonna smell. I can taste exactly exactly what your minute. So what often happens also happened in this case is that the message that we have gifts confused with lots of clutter. Yeah right in a way to clear about which assessment will place a quick refund is the baby alive and what you come to grasp with that and really get it. So these other things get to be much more clarify what you never address that particular issue right are you talking about human life here or not.

In our case is clearly nothing sounded so sure human life for that's one thing. I'll bring up everyone's on the topic with somebody that's outside of our opinion on it, not opinions. Fact so so your science and I know you, please sign speak the truth about COBIT and usually with that type of person you absolutely does sign speak the truth about global warming, but yes absolutely okay. We do realize that there's really not a biologist on the planet that would say that once you have conception that's not human life. So right, so you must be a science and sinusitis would say that's a human life right thing isn't what you have a philosophy major and what it did you get those problems all the time you get the same way with cream to Domino's yet in racism when you can't be a Darwinist and believe in but you're not a racist logic. So yeah the work and so what you guys conversation and we have to engage and I think for me in the part what's important here at first realize this is just a conversation about saving life.

There's a woman involved in this to and they need to be honored to be respected.

They need help they need to be love. When you come across those Christians is compassionate, loving people can help people to testify that will testify them with how we treat them with respect to love and honor there in a difficult spot don't need someone to tell them the that's right what they need someone to come alongside of them and hold them up during this difficult time. Here's opportunity and finally didn't get there by themselves, where the man that's right where the men right and so we need to treat this is not just a women's issue. This is a man's issue to write in these men need to be responsible for life today. There is a nationwide study couple years ago post-abortive women and about 80% of them said that the father of the baby had said let's keep the child. They look at the child got 80%. I mean, that's about 800,000 kids a year men would be men the way they were designed to be and step up to the plate, then we would solve this one :-) have to be engaged. How can people help her talk and easy. Sykes is running for North Carolina Senate District 18, which by the way I'm looking at the map. So this is, as you go up northeast out of the Raleigh area young spelling going to Franklin County code. We don't map that was all he and I share part of yellow overlap. Fred Voncannon, who I think you get on our district are almost totally almost totally overlap got in so I can get to be set aside to get to be the house and and this will be good people is one of the gravel County in the wake County that we have a chance to share looking to help do you need look messaging rate read to our our biggest issue is the uninformed voter.

How do you inform people the choice that they have. I'm a Christian businessman run for office is a radical choice to and people need to just understand the choices they have, particularly this can be the case in November choice Go through a couple comparisons of what they are, is it helpful to people just like share website they post on Facebook every single thing matters everything there but outsider is now somewhat I don't have is a network right I need you to help me with my greatest strength in grade Windows PC friends And you need volunteers. All you need.

All volunteers all them by the way friends and I said this numerous times over the years like you go show up in an abortion clinic and pray you be blessed by your obedience when you get involved in the political process. You know you're doing something rather than nothing. You're trying to impact the life or your neighbor, and that God will bless you for every time EC for website EC for Apple and go figure out a way that you can serve help easy grace anybody thinks that you're very welcome. I will be back tomorrow.

God willing friends with theology Thursday and like my father always used to say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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