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Russians for Freedom!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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May 10, 2022 1:41 pm

Russians for Freedom!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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May 10, 2022 1:41 pm

Russians for Freedom!

Steve has Irina Comer, a Russian running for commission, on the show to talk about wake county and how people can help improve it.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network one time for this noble show where Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God and on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred call Steve Bell 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble back show and we had a grill equal opportunity last six weeks. We talked to two people from Ukraine and a former you don't know the Sirena colors in the studio with me today. She's running for wake County commission Irena for is a website that's IRIN a Irena for Apple are Irena for and in you don't know this but just like two weeks ago Irena I had a gentleman on his still lives in Russia.

He runs a seminary in Moscow and he used to work for the KGB as a spy, so he was spying on Christian missionaries in Russia, which is how he ended up becoming a Christian himself and he left the KGB so it's fascinating to hear his testimony and hear his story. So Irena was introduced to me by another friend, Natalia and all, I just run into these Russians all over the place, apparently. And so you have something Irena I mentioned this and thank you for coming in to do the show today. It's great to see you. I really have something that the overwhelming majority of us here in America don't have which is a perspective because she grew up and was raised in Russia underneath that the Soviet Union and that of course when things change and it became Russia. And then she moved here when was it was a 2010 Irena thousand 10 2010, so Irena has a perspective on life in America as well as life in other parts of the world and on communism, socialism, our form of government as an American citizen that most of us don't have.and also to have that perspective to be able to take that into the halls of governance in this case, the wake County commissioners is super important.

So a lot of great opportunities here for all of us to learn from Irena's life and what she's experienced in the wisdom that she's gained over the years and so in the will talk about the wake County commission, we are talking about this before Irena most people don't have a clue right about wake County commission is when you tell them what you're running for what usually run into what usually the response wells are still thinking that much for having me here that's true. When I speak with people and I tell them that I'm writing for wake County commission at first that responses we have commissioners right really know what the deal is now and so how do you explain to them what what wake County. When we County Commissioner would do or what the wake County commission is involved. Well when I tell them that this is the government body that sets they published attacks I needed to get attention. I'm sure you do yet, but there's more to it than that.

And then and then we can get into specifics. So we County commission is a body that manages operations away County. Starting from things like parks, zoning in unincorporated areas, libraries, and the major things like wake County Public school system. Sheriff's office wake back goes out old things commission is involved in as well as they have a lot of other initiatives related to invite a man to that of seeking the inclusion public transportation and set it's it's it's an enormous scope of responsibility of the wake County commission has, and there's one word you use there. That is a hot button issue has been for the last year and 1/2 starting at Loudoun County, Virginia, which is the school and most people really think about the wake County commission they think about the school board we County school board but you guys have a time to the wake County school work is away County commission deals with money, crap. More than half of our county budget goes to the school system and so we should have an interest in our money is being spent with absolute you should have interest and I'm not sure that our current commissioners dive enough to understand how money is spent will ask enough questions or demand accountability. And yes most money come from the state and we County commission probably provides about 25% of the school budget around that number, but it's still enough to start asking question. Oh yeah, well, that's a significant number and all you need to know what that is, if you pull 25% of the wake County school school budget they would collapse, they would not that they couldn't do anything 25% hit and that's where you have accountability of the power the purse string but you be willing to pull on. That's where you get to that were to talk about all these things because there's a lot of aspects that we need to pay attention to.

We get enamored by presidential elections in an off year election right now paying attention to primaries were paying attention to Congress and trying to take back control of Congress for the Republicans and then on the state level, not as much interest but when you get in the state Senate and the statehouse. Those are things are that are very important especially if you want to get a vetoproof majority against Cooper but then down to the local level where I think the Democrat parties been especially effective for years and really filtering up from the bottom and controlling our lives from the bottom up and we tend to get kind of infatuated by Washington DC and we miss stuff that's going on in our own backyards really talk about that as well but but let's talk about Russia for a while because we don't have that perspective.

So what was it is you look back on growing up in Russia working at a commercial breaker pretty quick.

But what are some of the things that you remember that that are really fresh in your mind about life in Russia. So when I was born I was born and when I went to school, my elementary school at happen didn't Soviet Union times and I am in the propaganda. I still remember a lot from what my parents and grandparents told me every morning you wake up you think you are my newspaper problem and that newspaper tells you what to know what to think and how to feel you were not allowed to question fat didn't matter on the inactive dead. If it sounds familiar to us slightly that social media in the digital world in America today controlled by," the state. I would say the state in league with big tech, but that was just did you know any different or is that just life that you just did you have anything to compare it now. It was very close in society.

Remember the phrase Iron Curtain will not allowed to leave activity for people who were allowed to leave to get these at the country were going to was not enough. You have to obtain city not Soviet Union Communist Party allowed you to leave the country so they are slowly coming back that I think about that. That was my child and then we went through the whole collapse of Soviet Union and then into thousand 14 came and then into thousand 10 I decided to yet. So a series of events there and I want to talk to you about that because I want understand what that was like for you.

You guys started to get a little glimpse with Gorbachev in there and he's like okay with it. I need to start changing some things here.

Maybe you need to look a little more Western. At what point in Irena's life that America got a get on the radar screen. What you think of us before you came here what you think of us. Now you been here since 2010 talking to Irena: she's running for wake County commission Irena for What a powerful perspective. We have a lot to learn. So make sure you stay tuned and pay attention because were all in class today myself. This is Steve Noble and Noble shall be right back. Noble show today here in the studio with Irena comber. She's running for wake County commission Irena or is the website I are I in a okay Irena for FO are wake is away County Arena for and working to talk more about the way County commission. It's got a very very important role. We can have a lot of influence from a conservative perspective in the city and which is a big fight because most of the cities. Irena and I were just talking about it off the off the air are everywhere you look in the big cities around the country are blue and so you got the way County commission.

Like a lot of things in Raleigh in this area better than a lot of influence from the left and you have to engage that you can just run away and give up on you have to engage sorta talk about that as well. But Irena also was born and raised USSR in the collapse of the Soviet Union than you get to Russia.

But when that happened, Irena and again thank you so much for driving appeared to be a part of it when that happened. What what was that like to go through. Also in the Soviet Union is collapsing, Gorbachev, Ronald Reagan, all that stuff you mentioned Iron Curtain.

Of course the Berlin wall falls at some point it had all been kind of an earthshaking experience to go through in my childhood. When I asked what America was in America. What sound mean the answer was it a capitalist country feeding three evil where you man. Press the rest of the country and that was the main message. So when Soviet Union collapsed and suddenly the world became more open and more information was allowed in whole environment the whole piece of information. Wool started collapsing and people started getting more information and they start understanding that Jason reached people can live in a way they see fit that people are responsible for themselves and for their families. And it's a land of free and everyone can itching whatever they want and that is a medical question for you. That was the was that pretty much just a completely foreign concept somewhere I can do whatever I want with my life I can.

I can go for it or I cannot.

I can take a shot. I can build a business. Whatever or not, but it's only a few. It was completely open to the foundations of Soviet Union where you always meant to be one of many, and you have to be ethical as others except some more equal than what is. The funny thing about communism and socialism is why I smirked when you said there over there talking about all these evil Americans in its capitalist society and in just a few powerful people impress everybody else like what he thinks happening in the USSR. Let's affect what happens under communism as well that it was so so but that you stay there obviously were you are still pretty young when that happened at what point did you start to consider leaving at that.

Now it became Russia but at what point did you start to save yourself a matter successful cardiac I want for international public, what if an accounting firm for many years but at some point, I just realized that even though I was well set, if you will terms of cardiac and financially.

I just couldn't take it anymore from the regime in terms of its hypo Chrissy and bureaucracy and corruption and I decided I had enough and I started looking at the map of the world trying to figure out which country I want to call my home and I look at the United States and I realized that those fundamental values sit with me. So right that this is where I want to live.

This is where I would have family I want to place kids and that's how I decided to move so when you say fundamental values.

What values did you perceive America had I'm talking about individual freedoms, accountability, medical Chrissy.

When people take sensibility for their lives for their own decisions and they can achieve whatever they want to meritocracy.

For those of you that have been in the class is based on merit. So that's the Juergen to get ahead in the world. This is what we try to teach our kids write most of us that you will succeed based on merit. You work hard you do okay you will succeed if you don't work hard if you cheat you well and so based on your your leader merit it or you won't. You'll merit success or you will not that's a meritocracy, which is fine with. We we soiled that notion here in America pretty good so once you got over here Irena wind. I'm trying to look at, there's the America that you perceived and that you hope for.

Then there's the America that you got when you came here and then you been here for like 12 years now. And then there is a slightly different America today than there was when you got her thoughts a lot to throw at you but I just really want to come to get your perspective on what your perception was in than what you find what you when I'm up from some of Satan you work while I was watching politics. I was always interested. I was watching politics for years and I saw that shift to the left, year, year over year and at some point it was so troubling that my fear became that at one point I will wake up in the Soviet Union. Again, without ever leaving my new home and that is why I decided to get involved in politics eventually achieved happening year over year.

Little by little, and when it happens little by little people don't notice that people don't understand when you freedoms you rights begin to impeachment piece, but if you compare the state of affairs 10 years ago now is a huge difference and that what scares me because you've already bent you were born and raised in the destination of all that exactly like this. The smells familiar looks familiar sounds familiar. I've been here before and and for that also insert show up and kinda creep in. Whereas for us were thinking in terms of well you know the country got started, kind of in 1776 and those constitutions written 1789, ratified, ratified in 1791. Yada yada yada. And because were still used all the freedoms and everything that we do have. We don't notice so much the things that were losing, but you're already bent down the end of the road you've Artie seen of the story's were are Americans receptive to your warnings depends cool a little bit older and a member Cold War and dating them back begin a lot every day about Soviet Union VR continuation.

It's hard to generalize because people like the French or by a lot of them are not, and they believe that socialism didn't work and so eating because it was built wrong and now they will do it right. Those are bad people doing socialism and communism over there exactly and the fact that in every single country in which they try to build socialism. They didn't succeed somehow is not an indication the danger here is what this people try to deal with. They tried to destroy all the fundamental institution and our institutions in our society. But when you destroy something and you just want to build something you what happens you destroyed. You don't do anything and that what happens in Soviet Union after that evolution of what they built was an evil empire.

Yeah, it's really it's really amazing to consider in special young people.

When you ask him where is socialism being done well, though generally talk about another month's which has a lot of socialist programs, but it's not socialism that you go to Denmark, the Netherlands, that that is not a socialist economy. That's capitalism. They just choose to spend a lot of their tax money on social programs.

So what they really want without knowing it is just kind of liberalism in the put in the political sense. They want the government to be the nanny state provide for everybody makes an ugly fall to the cracks.

Some of those things are noble goals. They just don't understand because they haven't been taught. Now they also use the headlines you explain why it's good they never delve into detail how those consciously what taxes the people happier not to think about the last patient that came from those countries.

Yeah it doesn't don't innovate from here from America by free-market capitalism it works. Imagine that in by the way what arena was just talking of sounds a lot like propaganda to me will be right for and by the way back were talking to Irene Macomber that so we can all be educated.

The civics class if I'm involved is never okay were always good to talk about this were all being educated. We all a lot to learn to talk with the wake County commission and some of the challenges with that but Irena comber was a born and raised in the Soviet Union. The course went through the collapse of the USSR than to get Russia and Putin and all that mess and then eventually being able to move over here we can talk about her perspective on America and the propaganda that's out there and how it's changed.

Even at 12 years are you are you surprised at this point arena how much this country is changed in 12 years how much we push towards what you left behind. I am surprised because that that's not a fast what was content to be sent there will centrist politics 10 years ago. Yeah that is safe so much laughed and Polly says something people on the right state, approximately where they wore people on the left move so much land that is no more left left right & I moved with them and that that's unfortunate, yeah is now common sense boluses are considered to be filed.

Try like your family and in an old-fashioned and heartless. In the patriarchy. It's man centered. So you just sit there and be quiet Irena, you know you should have the say anything and it is so you get all that garbage and again there there not being taught how to think critically for themselves. They just gulp down this propaganda right and left. Do you so let's talk about you right now you gotta get them both politics. So what kind of drill that you mention it earlier, but I want to dive in that and start talking with. We can my when I watch that shaft at some point I decided that I have to put my actions. When my mouth was. I was talking about it so much that at some point I had a hat to get involved and do something about it or stop talking and I decided to get involved. Why wake County. I spent many years over 20 years in finance industry which feeds into what commission does very well spent many years in public audit. Financial analysis Murchison acquisitions I am I got my MBA from NYU and so if I know something I know numbers and that's what they do they have to balance budget. They have to decide how to spend money they have to decide how much your money and dangling at take and distribute, and I think they got way too excited our budget for this year was one point half billion dollars was the first time we passed a building away County was no. I think it was still over over billion at-bats when Nancy had a proposed $1.7 billion and it said the way moving more and more and more to arts California type of mentality when your type of mentality and I don't think it's right for us and I don't think it's right for this particular place and went on to serve the uniqueness of this place and I think commission is that government body and I have seven commissioners, all of them. The Democrats, I cannot think about less patient and despite there is no diversity of thought whatsoever.

Thinking with each other before the price. Conservatives just don't have a seat at the table and I want to provide. I want to make sure that every lady is discussed from every single income that conservative values are accounted for, that conservative ideas and somebody advocating for them and I want to be that I want to make sure that government does what it's supposed to do that when not becoming nanny state on many counts and that we are spending money on what we supposed to spend to make sure our County is running but plan not just taking more money from people who have big houses and just given it out for programs that effectively need to understand if programs were investing in provide sufficient benefits for all and then they are not which condom and a place that was something that.that's patient me feel that finite and we should be concentrating not on how to get the most amount of framing from people was just that fancy way to say increased taxes right but how to control the growth of expenses to separate wants and needs to make sure that we chemistry financial discipline and my family if I want something and I don't have money for it will wait going up a link to that. For that we should.

You should renounce your American citizenship. We don't wait for anything in this country we just to go alone to get a credit card but you know I'm sitting here just listening. All this going. You can call that you Irene is running as a Republican I was okay why she sound like a Republican, will she sound like a conservative.

I did you just sound like you have your head on straight.

I think you sound logical. A critical thinker and because most people in America have to live their lives exactly the way that you're talking about because we can't print money sooner or later, you can't get another credit card, and sooner or later you have to adjust your budget based on reality because we just can't get away with it. Otherwise you go belly up so most people in America. End up living conservative lives because you have to. That's reality what you're talking about is reality. So I look at that I'm listening to that, Irene. I'm going I first and foremost, you're just speaking wisdom and reality which virtually this point. America only exists on one particular side of the aisle special it comes to money and finances, and that the Republican Party the other side.

No, not at all. They live like teenagers who are on mom and dad's money right and I belong to the Reagan school of thought that is nothing quite so frightening and quite government trying to help us and should be involved only in those things which its best qualified, and let's be on many thank you that's not that will fit right here in my little yellow pad studio which was the founding fathers. I don't know how much you studied the founding fathers, but federalism was the deal so they knew were going to create were basically giving birth to Frankenstein. You know the story of Frankenstein. So Dr. Frank's Isaac agreed this monster right in the challenge with the monster is how powerful is this monster to be and we have any way to restrain if we create a monster.

We can't restrain it. Guess what the monster is going to do. It's going to consume us. Were all gonna die it will live and so the founding fathers of flavor. We have three branches of government.

That's why we have checks and balances. Our founding fathers understood the human depravity of mankind that we have a sin nature that power corrupts and so we got a check against all that stuff in the federal government working to try to keep it as small as we can to do only with absolutely necessary from a federal perspective. Other than that push it all out to the states.

Let the states figured out because that's closer to you and it's closer to me and that's the way the government was designed to run for many years.

That's way it did run but not anymore. Now it's all upside down in even the county level the government. The county commissioners pushing around so much money and it's all about them.

It is not so much about us on our local level what they tried to do now they try to grow the government they try to grow this monster because now they have the defining they own roles as full-time, part-time, want to make it your choice right because when they start talking about retirement benefits are generally reserved for courtiers right if you view yourself as a County commission as a Cody something wrong. It's not supposed to be that way. And every time they do something. It cost us money, they have tried to spend as little time as possible, doing things as efficient as possible. But that's not what they want to do traits of a perfect example of Parkinson's law by it's not great for wake County residents and now they are growing. This local monstrosity and then the morning and being a part of county budget will go just to maintain and that is fundamentally wrong yet because the reality is, and that I'm so glad you brought that up if you wake County commissioners or County commissioners at any level anywhere else talking about retirement. No not know that's not why you're there, a servant, Jen.

I don't when I hear the word servant Irene.

I generally don't think of somebody that's going to have a retirement plan to make good money, assert know if your public service you're not in there to make money, you're in there to save money you're in there to be a good steward of money but there make money and and also to get in and get out you serve out of obligation, which is why you got it either.

Either I have to stop complaining or have to do something about it right.

I mean that I think that because otherwise you're just hypocrite Weiner. That's all. You are what you make it really quite good.

Americans Weiner and I believe you should get answer why not to terms and get out. Yeah, that's the nature but that's how it was established definition me crazier what I want to talk about this on the other side of the break because one of the big challenges about running for County commission in our county. Most places you run countywide.

It's not like County wake County's the big County is likely little districts here and there. You actually have to work the whole county right yes it out County is larger than eight states she's the County is large at Dan anything they'll yes Congress district. It's 857 miles 1.2 million people over 800,000 pages that though there's a which makes it extremely hard and expensive race that will that's a bigger group then your average congressional district congressional district for 600,000 people summerlike. We count is bigger than yes 1.2 million people overall and over 800,000 voters. That's a big deal. Which is why were having this conversation today, we will again. By the way with this is just an introduction to meet Irene on talk about what's going on.

Wake County closer background work. If you talk about them.

Talk about specific things that she wants to do things she would like to change. Being a voice at the table. Did you realize that all seven wake County commissioners are all Democrats. You don't have a single dissenting voice group. They've already agreed like Irena said before they even talk about an issue that is a problem, it would be a problem on the right rear IPA will book you can grab these links. One of them is for Irena's webpage for her candidacy take back wake Irene Macomber for wake County Commissioner that's Irena for IRIN a F OR Irena for I put that link up there. I put the link up there from an epic Times article about all these crazy Russians that are in the North Carolina area particular here in the wake County area, there getting together who see things clearly. Unlike most of us Americans because I like Irena.

You were born and raised over there, especially in the USSR. You can smell a rat, and they see it on the horizon they know it when they see it.

They know what's happening here in this country and so they serve an invaluable as an invaluable blessing to the rest of us. And then this one and the North a journal letter to the editor serving a County commission should not be a full-time job and that and you wrote that just on on on May 5 we County commissioners are considering giving themselves a 132% raise this year get this from $28,580 year to more than $66,000 hundred and 32% raise our are we like just bleeding money in this country right now like real money, not printed money. This is an incredibly imprudent as a fiscal matter. She wrote also remarkably tone deaf at a time when real wages. All of the state are declining in the face of the worst inflation for years. We don't speak that language.

That means like wages in America are up like 5%, but inflation is over 8 1/2% now so you're actually you think while I got a 5% rate. Yeah, but you're paying 8% more for everything. So all of a sudden that's why you're to spend $5000 more this year and the same stuff that you spent last year, and that's what this is just offensive to me that in light of all this, the way County commissioners could actually step up to the plate. Irena with apparently no conscience whatsoever and say give us 100, 32% raise, what, what's wrong with these people.

I think they are very certain that they will be reelected because not what was happening over the last years and I don't want and they pave themselves and way to become full-time government employees were elected officials and they want to take care of themselves and that is fundamentally wrong because that's not how that's role was in pendant and I disagree with. With this increase and be with a defining naturalist pulled that's that's not what they supposed to do and I'm I listen today here meetings I which they meetings were never hurt our economy of scale cutting expenses, thinking how to do things efficiently never heard those words what I've heard is how much more money will want to spend every year they sound like teenagers to me.

You know your kids are younger, but believe me there probably already showing signs of this. But that you know that because they just don't are our kids on their teenagers and their young and you mentioned. This was kind of funny though wife asking her husband for Lamborghini. What was that one wife asking husband for Lamborghini to know how much does it cost to that's a different question you're talking about two different things here and that's like our kids they want to do this. They want to do that they want to buy this. They want to buy that we should go here. Let's go to Disney unlike you realize if you want to get out to Disney World with the family of six. For example in here to stay on the park you want to go for a week, but that's a $10-$15,000 back into your wallet. John people just don't understand that. They say, oh, let's do this is to the exit. Feels good, but the reality is you can't afford it and that's part of the problem that we have a way County. How do you how do you win because this is a very difficult thing to do because we County is not like broken down into individual districts. You gotta run the whole thing right. Yes, it's a County white rice, which means that as long as somebody lives in wake County. I'll be on day about which makes it very expensive price. We need name recognition. We it's a local so don't be. A lot of people don't see that's a glamorous right right we don't get a lot of media coverage. We don't get a lot of opportunities to present ourselves and our ideas and that's hard how we can win even to print out and off punk are enough signs cost thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars so five $10 looks like not a lot but it makes a big difference for the campaign so if it's residents who want to see difference who wants to should change once they see just that are sick of thought just a little accountability just cost of 2 cups of coffee you would help out campaign.

So if you can please go to my website and donate button. There, because just so so people understand like especially this time year and will see it again in the summer in the fall we start seeing yard signs all over the place in one of things about yard signs is some people would assume Irena that you don't pay any attention to yes you do, you just don't know, go back to the word used is it propaganda. Yes, it's a good kind of propaganda, it's just implanting and you it's it's a word I used to use when I had my house painting company ubiquitous, so I've got signs out there in front of the house my trailers have the name on my truck matches my trailers my shirts match my truck in my trailers and my signs my website matches all that stuff. The direct mail that we sent and we sent hundreds of thousands of pieces a year in the area so that everybody will everyone's all when I would meet people I re-know they'd be like oh what's in your business of the pink.

Oh, I see you guys all over the place. What that's not actually true but that's the perception which is like. So how much of the yahrzeit cost. For example, depends on how much you drink the more you want at the last days but several dollars plus why was the same people when they go to Paul's have no idea who the candidates are, especially when it comes to local races that are bottom on the ballot like I will be a vote. They look at names and the name that gives them a slight hint slide right in often becomes the candidate of choice, and that's what we tried to achieve here would try to let people know that they should vote for us and why I want I want ID precedents when they go to Paul's and see my name there to vote for me because they either saw my name on a heard me on a heard about me. What if I need air with what I stand for and what I offer. It's hard work you guys even was signed when it comes the size to cover the territory that no hundred 57 mi. mother's vigor takes thousands of signs as well as hundreds to thousands of punk are to door hangers to distribute. It is a partisan race, meaning they get to see your party affiliation next year. Yes, it is a partisan race Realty Irene Macomber and in parentheses are cracked and you'll be will you be the only Republican running for all of these County commission. Caesar will be more delete works to develop a primary someone I don't mind at it's a little bit which set up all commissioners have to come out of certain district because they want commissioners to come out from all over the county, rather than from one place, but every single district will be on every single ballot and presidents will see district 1 and then Republican running against Democrat district to Republicans finding against Democrat district. The district what is a habit Republican running so they will be the Republicans on the ballot. I'll be in at district.

The box that's why you should be looking for my name, but right now, everybody needs understand there is not a single conservative on the way County commission single one all Democrats you come back to that that such an important point, and will deftly have you back many times for November. Don't worry about that, but the fact diversity of thought and accountability. Again, I'll go back to this right now what you have, the County commission is basically like a bunch sixth-graders going to Washington DC for the weekend by themselves without a chaperone. What we all know that's just stupid gives the bad idea at stupid mate they might be really nice kids. They might even come from Christian homes fine, but there still sixth-graders will if all you have seven Democrats seven liberals on the County commission.

There's absently looked at love that phrase is no diversity of thought. There's deftly no accountability. And so they're going to do whatever they want to do and we all know that's wrong, that's just bad governance and I would be the case. It's immoral because you're not if you're not actually representing your constituency really representing part exactly all commissioners even though they come from different areas practically elected by Wally so they're not accountable to places where they live and to residents of those places lot supposed to sequence because of just the size right now district, it should display dented all seven district and folder right should vote by district and then it would be easy for them to hold this commissioners accountable.

Let's say voters of Kerry when they elect their Commissioner. I put the clothes they are they voices on they do that to nothing. Actually I think in 2014 commission there who would represent lost his own district and yet he was elected he was elected by Raleigh. That's a mess that is a hot mess. That's like asking me. Let's say let's fix it.

Let's take central North Carolina where were at.

Let's take the triad do I want all my representatives to be from Chapel Hill Chapel Hill just calling all the shots. If you don't know. I don't think that's a good idea because of course it isn't. But that's what's going on so you got always people in Raleigh and the city itself making these decisions for way County commissioners even though they represent the entire County and and guess what.

Not everybody and we County is in the city of Raleigh cracked and that's why we wish to change the system and we should allow commissioners to be elected by data spec districts. So going to happen this year. No, no, but if we can start getting people on there like you that we can start to see some changes. Otherwise, or to get the exact same thing over and over which Einstein said that was the definition of insanity to try the same thing over and over again and expect different results. No, that's not you actually have to get in there and change things. Which is why Irene is here with us today so we should people should consider donating to the campaign.

Any volunteers volunteered to be volunteers of people. We will go out put out the signs and knock on doors, all that kind of work that we do. If you're complaining about it, but you're not doing anything about it. I love you but shut up okay.

You're not allowed to give you whiner complaining me doing why Irene is running Irene a IRI and a four arena for Irene Macomber got bless you think you so much. You're very walkable to get by with worry about that. This is the nobleness T-Mobile shows God willing, we'll talk again real soon and I always used to say never for another program powered by the Truth Network

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