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Roe v. Wade Falls?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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May 3, 2022 10:14 pm

Roe v. Wade Falls?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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May 3, 2022 10:14 pm

Roe v. Wade Falls?

Steve brings Tami Fitzgerald on the show to discuss abortion and abolishing it. He also talks to Troy Newman in the last segment.

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One noble show you why your home work even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God on his shoulders and walked through no sacred cows call Steve now 634 through 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble broke, but I was grading papers for my US history class.

One of my three US history classes and then I thought, and then it's one of the things that you have to see to believe. And I'm like what what what what is this I'm looking at a copy of it right now. I've read it earlier today 64 pages.

The first draft to the Chief Justice and the other justices from Justice of the Alito circulated on February 10, 2022, the Supreme Court of United States. Dealing with Thomas E. Dobbs state health officer of Mississippi Department of Health at all pensioners versus Jackson women's health organization.

This is the one that we been paying attention to and waiting for the decision to come down sometime next month certainly work we weren't expecting it. On May 2. So when all this hit last night.

I was literally in shock and I must admit that I owe Steve a little faith.

I thought that they would restrict abortion. I didn't think that they would overturn it. And if this is to be believed. And of course John Roberts came out earlier today Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and came out and verified.

Yes, in fact, this is a quote. Although the document describing yesterday's reports is authentic. It does not represent a decision by the court or the final position of any member on the issues of the court. He goes on, and he's disgusted by all this, as he should, called it a betrayal of the competences of the court, which was intended to undermine the integrity of our operations. It will not succeed. So I was hopeful and grateful that he came out and had a pretty strong backbone on that one. But it's pretty amazing to consider this and then to go through it and read it.

It's a no holds barred repudiation of Roe versus Wade right down to the bone marrow, which is somewhat remarkable document and God willing it'll be the final say in shockingly enough, not Roe versus Wade will drop.

Now I was talking about it to my students this morning. Most of them were assuming, of Roe versus Wade is overturned, that all of a sudden abortion is illegal in America that is not the case, it does something based on the federalism thinking like in the 10th amendment it's in a push it out to the states and have states two different things with abortion and will see what happens there actually think it should be re-elevated to a federal level. At some point, but right now it would get pushed back to the states. This is a shocking development. The fact that it leaks what that means for the Supreme Court's what's up Congress going to do the profits of bail as I've been calling them are writhing in pain and agony starting last night they gathered outside the court building, Schumer and Pelosi losing their minds talking about passing a law to codify Roe versus Wade because to be quite frank and bring it into the spiritual realm which is the most real of all of them.

This is about their little G God, which is the big it's the epicenter of their rejection of all things biblical. That's what abortionists it is an absolute golden calf to the left and has been since it was past. It codifies their autonomy. It codifies their hatred of biblical morality codifies it really their hatred of God are my French. The big blank you to biblical truth and so that's why they're going nuts because Roe versus Wade. The little God by forward talking to Tammy Fitzgerald today. Of course, our good friend, Executive Director North Carolina values coalition and see Tammy how are you hasty. Thank you for having me on today. You're welcome. So what was your first reaction when you saw all this stuff coming down last night to praise God, I mean this is the moment we pray for 50 years in life commitment to have the opportunity to overturn radical and we're on the cusp of any my second reaction was as a lawyer boy who ever leaked. It is going to get in big trouble and I think this is the equivalent of the suicide bomber they sent it is not beyond the pro-abortion groups to send a a worm into the Supreme Court clerk for this very moment you had to do this very thing and settle.

I think this clerk who ever it is has gone in there willingly knowing that he or she may sacrifice their legal career and go to prison because there are federal statutes to them that would prohibit leaking a document like this that belongs to the Supreme Court was going to ask you about that. I'm so glad and and for those of you that have not known Tammy as long as I have. She's very judicious and picks her words wisely and carefully. Unlike me, and so last night I was thinking this is just like a liberal jihadist that's willing to sacrifice themselves strap a bomb to themselves ruin their life for lack of a better way of describing it be disbarred, but I was going ask you legally are they in trouble. Certainly they should be fired. They should be disbarred. They should never practice law for the rest of their lives. But you said, there's what, to statutes well yeah I saw this earlier on 181 of the conservative news outlets it cited to federal statutes that make it illegal for anyone to appropriate papers of the Supreme Court. There's a long list of things that it's basically stealing property at the Supreme Court and giving it to someone else and I just heard on the radio I heard Sen. Mike Lee talk about. He was of course a clerk for Justice Alito when he talked about the protocol in the court among the clerks that when they're through with a brief first call they don't print out right. They didn't have to print it out. They put it in a shredding bag and they shred it both ways, like one way other way and then they burn and said it's quite a an obligation of secrecy. If you're Supreme Court law clerk in yet we have someone his leak this that I don't believe it's anyone on the pro-life side I don't think I have anything to gain from leaking pinion. Obviously it's a ploy that the last to intimidate the conservative justices who presumably have already voted to overturn red eyed to get them to back down or it's an intimidation for Chief Justice Roberts. It was presumably not voted, and it would attempt to keep him in his corner because he above all else wants to protect the integrity and read the institution of the Supreme Court that the strong statement that he issued earlier today gave me reason to hope it very much looks like he is protecting his institution branch of government, and he said that I will not affect the work of the spring court ordered the Marshall court to find that he did.

I have thanked heart and feather them and send them up so that you actually throw the book at the moment to talk about the implications of this for the court will talk about the politics of it. This is Steve Noble talking to Jimmy Fitzgerald, Executive Director of the values coalition and see will be right back toward glad in it. A special given the reality that rover might in fact be overturned. That's the that's the bugaboo that came out last night with night leaked to talk about the leaker and the motivation behind this. What are they up to Justice Alito. This was circulated February 10 of this year, literally overturning Roe versus Wade 64 pages of the argument and then another 30 or so pages of all the supporting materials.

It's over 90 pages and I read the 64 pages of it earlier today and it was just such an unbelievable and I say that a good way just treatise on how ridiculous and poorly done the original Roe versus Wade decision was that had no basis in fact it had no basis in the Constitution had no basis in common law or American law going back in the 1500s. There's absolutely nothing to rest this thing on it was built on sand all time was right to fall was just a matter of time and so it's just an unbelievable treatise to read it and hopefully it will be the final decision. Just as the Chief Justice Roberts made sure everybody understood.

Hey, this isn't that upset the final final. We have to wait and see but were talking to Tammy Fitzgerald today Executive Director of North Carolina values coalition in see, an attorney herself is created many amicus briefs that have gone up to the Supreme Court, so she knows what she's talking about and then I mentioned this before we got on there today to me that this earlier today, Ben Shapiro, one of his tweets said I'm sorry the Constitution is happening to you, and that's really what a beautiful thing and that's really what Alito did is going okay for you to do this we get a look at the Constitution is just brilliant. But there's one particular paragraph and here I wanted you to read so that people can really see the strength of the language that Alito uses are yeah it's on page 5 pinion and he says we hold that Roe and Casey must be overruled.

The Constitution makes no reference to abortion, and no such right implicitly protected by any constitutional provision, including the one on which the defenders of Roe and Casey now chiefly relied the due process clause of the 14th amendment.

That provision has been held to guarantee some rights that are not mentioned in the Constitution that any such right must be deeply rooted in this nation's history and tradition, and implicit in the concept of ordered liberty, and he cites to the case. Washington versus Glassberg, 1997, which is a case we've all studied in law school.

Yeah yeah yeah so the due process just real quickly than I get to the motivation of this leaker and what what we think the left is up to here and I would add the devil himself but but the due process thing because that's where the kind of that's where they found this right to privacy right because if you go hey I have a right you can't just search my house.

You need a warrant. You can't force me to incriminate myself. I've a right to keep my thoughts private a couple other things. So that's where then they take that because the right to privacy is an explicitly mentioned in the U.S. Constitution. It's not there, like the separation of church and state. I tell my students every year.

Tammy if you can find the words. The separation of church and state U.S. Constitution. I'll give you $5000 in cash because I know I'm safe but but talk talk us a little about this whole due process clause because this is always what that the people on the left constitutionally goat.

Well, it's sort of an innocuous phrase Steve. It was a course. The 14th amendment was passed after the Civil War to guarantee that slaves had equal rights, and so it it's one of the tools that was used to during the Jim Crow era to overcome discrimination against black people. After the Civil War, and yet starting with the I'm I'm sorry I'm a little rusty on jurisprudence that there is a case in early case where they found the right to privacy that was related to contraception is in Connecticut. Yeah, and the court said that in at the state, the state couldn't prohibit contraception and that was a Connecticut case and sound. They began to carveout this right to privacy and of course that the 14th amendment is exactly what the same-sex marriage to Judge and Berger fell is based upon that same clause of the 14th amendment and the right to privacy and that is why the left is going sound nuts because this statement in the Alito draft says there are some right in the Constitution and earth, and that have been on his head. He said that they characterize the abortion right is similar to the rights recognized in past decisions involving matters such as intimate sexual relations, contraception and marriage.

But abortion is fundamentally different set. He attempts to make a distinction that really once you decide that the 14th amendment doesn't have a right to privacy and it.

There are a lot of other cases that could fall yet same-sex marriage being one of them and they're looking at all. That's why Biden was going ballistic saying oh they're there to come after everything there to get rid of same-sex marriage and over to go back to Lawrence B Texas and all of a sudden homosexuality is going to be illegal around the country. Other customs all scare tactics. But what what you think is that the player what obviously you and I agree. I think somebody got in there on purpose. They knew this was coming and were gonna leak it but leak it to do what, what, what's the motivation going on here by the left. Well I think this is as a clerk and wanted that liberal dresses on the sprinkler in their only three said that narrows the search but it was it was a strategy to force some of the conservative justices to Wentz you know to basically backoff their decision once they saw the backlash and yeah and in fear of their last.

But then there's also just as Robert has apparently not voted yet and I think they were hoping that by attacking the institution of the court with this leak that Roberts would care more about the attack on the institution and that he might vote with the minority. So I think he was a two-pronged strategy and I think honestly it's failed because the Chief Justice, but at that really strongly worded saying that unit they will catch the interloper voted already in the conservative justices that would vote to overturn Roe. If anything, that that person whoever the leaker is just added 5 tons of concrete to their position. They are knocking to be deterred, it doesn't matter what happens in the streets on that notion, though, what about the midterm elections because this is not going to turn into 2020 the summer of love BLM and all that stuff because they're going to go absolutely ballistic between now and November. They have nothing else to run on. So let's run on this. Yeah I mean I think it's going to motivate the left. But I also think it's going to motivate the right people on the right need to understand what's at stake here. They need to understand that this is our opportunity to really legislate in each state on the issue of abortion and in North Carolina we have abortion up to 24 weeks.

Right now it's not by statute but by court order. We had a statute that limited abortion at 20 weeks, but a federal court overturned it and said you could not limit abortion before viability, going back to the Rose standard so if if this decision stands.

You know if the draft opinion becomes the official opinion of the court. I believe that in North Carolina we can at least take back our statute that limits abortion at 20 weeks, but that we still have abortion legal research was however after 20 weeks yet wooden by the way everybody the United States of America is only one of seven countries in the world that allows abortions after 20 weeks and you know who's company we keep in that one places like China and North Korea, Tammy Fitzgerald, thinking my sister hold onto sex Noble to Steve Noble show good pastor friend of Harvey across assembly. You probably listen to him on troop radio. You should if you haven't, you said you know they say as Pentecostals we see up demon under every bush edema behind every bush Not true that's not accurate.

I see to so today is when I was in a going business are there because were talking about the fall of Roe versus Wade. Potentially there edema behind the radio bush. I don't know, someone to try to swimmer time and see if we can get to Troy Newman. Troy Newman can you hear me your hey it's Steve Noble here. Hey buddy on your you're welcome what we going to have a lousy connection board in a go of the new area. Just dump your thoughts and what you thought last night when you saw this leak come out of the Supreme Court.

What this means what he thinks going on Troy Newman. By the way everybody the president of Operation Rescue, Operation Rescue's been around 1986. I've known Troy since 2005 and a what he says you can trust and be encouraged by so just go take away our Walmart where don't think about the ball every single polling you can't start the approval rating control for Ukraine word motivate their interestingly enough, you will abortion rally last night. Washington DC raising money off this very so the plan motivate the radical left, hold with complete got the phone yesterday with holding company doing a lot of work around the country and the denigration of the Democratic base of every single graphic women, people of color, Hispanics, rich white hold people left and right, and the only thing they can do is turn to their little faithful crowd. The baby killers opinion of the whole thing. I think just writing this for the past year going all night working on anything close to the Republic to be amazing and I'm sort about your work and that's what I read the whole thing earlier today too and I was like this is an unbelievable takedown of what was really bad law in the first place. A terrible decision not based in fact not based in stare decisis not based on precedent, but certainly not based in the U.S. Constitution and he just dismantles it piece by piece by piece.

It was really a remarkable takedown and of course, of course, I think this I agree with you hundred percent Troy. They are so desperate that the only thing they can do is go back to their golden calf. The thing that they lay down in front of because for the left, I said the sun online last night I said earlier today. This is there. This is the that the image the abortion world Roe versus Wade is their golden It represents the rejection of God, his morality.

It's a big middle finger to the Lord himself. I mean, this is like the whole thing for them that you sacrifice show men and the land was polluted with blood grain heart man that was there in the Hebrew in the desert sacrificing their children the heart of man today original but when I look back to front the wire and the board that they say war lies about convoluted enough to say things Roe versus Wade never to go through it on the brick know what you could hear me you had Roe versus Wade Casey and you had 08 absorbed Casey in 1992 Dover people before and several other cases along the way and they literally had convoluted wound up wet but not have to be undaunted bad law beginning in verse 19. Many work centers not lacking right and that's all we dump this garbage. Return this issue back to the people to be elected officials. The people the individual state right now. The court to overturn Roe versus Wade Gilbert Bolton and many more charming in as you rightly met at the time will versus Wade was judicially rammed down our throat 50 state had either laws preventing abortion, merely restricting them so the Supreme Court acted judge during execution or for 50 million union babies breaking 73.

I couldn't get better news than that horrible demonic wall split down ash. It's like watching that the depth he according quotes of impromptu mess outside the Supreme Court last night and I know there were some pro-life people there and some people that both you and I know but looking at them in the convulsing and then watching Schumer and Pelosi last night, come out with their statement in order to pass a law and codified them like you want to pass a federal law. That's the Supreme Court that's looking like they're going to say it's unconstitutional is what you guys doing but it's it was. It was amazing to me. I felt like I was watching the prophets of bail at Mount caramel with Elijah back to work. Applicable people ranting and screaming and pulling their hair out for the right to kill girl baby is horrific just to directly that yeah exactly that the visit the spiritual reality couldn't be more obvious at this point so working to get another kind the summer of love use this between now and November there to keep going down this road.

So what does the pro-life movement do, let's say, God willing. This sticks and Roe versus Wade is gone then how do we what what what does the pro-life. What's the new charge there since. Okay, now for Roe versus Wade is gone but now we have the state-by-state battles you meant by all the states I want to get rid of it. What we do because we have to be ready to keep going. Once Roe falls are not done so number one sure are pretty good. Like Oklahoma. Good luck good luck with erratic and creepy.

So the screen for three countries in every state report is completely outlawed and we eradicate the jail and then we move into more liberal state purple state or New Mexico or something like that and you start moving them out one by one unit with the fire department.

The far left and in particular the squishy middle Dragon for gosh not true that women will fall through hell fire and broken glass on the to kill their baby. In fact, it's a beautiful place the number abortion clinics were outnumbered by Christ, pregnancy counseling centers over 5 to 1. Like 331 abortion mill which is closed spiritually at 40 PPC the loving hands of Christ are going to go with mom families and bring them into the fold picture you picture your baby medical support or anything else and that's really the hand. The arms of Jesus. The church yeah such a great point and that's the challenge to all of us where we been praying for working against donating to get rid of it written rid of Roe versus Wade and God willing. That's gonna happen. Hopefully build the let that out sooner than later, but but at that point. Try to cheer point and this is what we have to be ready for okay it's time to put your money where your mouth is. It's time to actually step up and say okay now that it's not legal here in North Carolina or wherever, but were still here for you and working to help you. You want to go somewhere else working to help you were to walk through this with you. We have to step right into the void doing and there is rarely an opportunity to talk to a woman to keep her baby that she has not all go Jesus because this is that you didn't come to give life and John did not Jesus Dr. Jesus.

But I know the whole message of the gospel is restoration in life and new life.

That is why the pro-life movement is embedded and filled with with the Christian people because we understand where we were and were God's broadest and where he wants us to go and that messages life and not really that simple.

It's ingrained from Genesis to Revelation.

Your Christmas time to step up redouble our efforts pray little money but open your arms open your heart open, your houses open your mouth almost spoke about the Scriptures. Open your mouth for those who can't speak for themselves rescue those unjustly slaughtered. This is a beautiful time but it's not done yet, now's the time to get underneath is released to our knees and pray pray for nation pray for the justices under the limitation. Make no mistake about it, they release this so that they can turn one or two of those justices against the just like Robert Justice Robert majority opinion and the minority opinion on Obama care, he was terminated by Oklahoma changes boat and we have the ACA will correct to this day. Yeah such powerful point so many great points for us as believers try Newman. I got bless you my friend. I love you man appreciate you will talk again soon.

Luck on what you think you I tell you to talk later. That is, try Newman just always such a warrior and that's where listen to get around people like that which started to happen to me back in 2005 2006 just totally raise the bar for me as an individual believer.

The guys been fighting this fight for over three decades is been cleaned up is been arrested and he preaches the gospel and he saves babies any use to chain himself to the front doors of abortion clinics Jesus go to the cross for us. What will we do for those who have no voice, and we have to be the answer, not Roe versus Wade gone. Praise Jesus that that that happened within the church to step right into that void and say don't can't go to the abortion clinic in the state become to us will love you and care for you and your child will walk through this with you. We have to be the church and Steve Noble and Steve Noble show, God willing. I talked again soon and like my dad always used to say ever forward

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