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Congress, Fauci, and Trans Treatments

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April 22, 2022 3:27 pm

Congress, Fauci, and Trans Treatments

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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April 22, 2022 3:27 pm

Congress, Fauci, and Trans Treatments

Steve talks to Michele Woodhouse,, about congress. He then talks about Fauci and trans treatments.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show you why your whole work politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on his shoulders and walked through no sacred cows call Steve Bell 86 34 through 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble actually going to encourage you.

Believe it or not. I know that's a rare error.

But before we talk to my friend Michelle Woodhouse.

I thought this was hilarious is another one of my buddies in the political realm. Fred Voncannon is running for the state legislature. This was hilarious. He put this up yesterday hi my name is CNN plus in my pronouns are was in were put out, that was absolutely hilarious.

Is CNN trying to start a streaming service.

They poured 300 mom mom mom million dollars into it and just pulled the plug. They could get more than 10,000 people to sign up so I got that was kind of funny hi my name is CNN plus my pronouns. I wasn't where I said the other day on Facebook that I finally figured out. Michelle Woodhouse is with us Michelle Woodhouse for North Carolina congressional district 11 Woodhouse for

I finally figured out Michelle what my Whole pronoun thing the other day, so I blasted it out to the whole world and started on Facebook and I determined that my pronoun is his is in GIS is not that the Lords so that's my pronoun I'm sticking with it. I'm his.

Anyway, welcome back straight. See, how are you it's great to see something that was a picture of Kim Kardashian with one of her husband and said this even lasted longer than CNN yeah pretty amazing day that we live in. So it seems like certainly it's a different world from the last time we had John in lesson we talk like every week the stakes go up, not just for our life in North Carolina and in western North Carolinians, which is the district that you're seeking to represent North Carolina. 11 but the whole country. I mean it's just every week that seems to get more maddening. Although we are starting to see like I will you know what I want North Carolina to be a lot like Florida so it's it's an world that were in your in a tough a primary got a bunch of different candidates. But how's it going it's going great annually so I have a great great grassroots efforts out here is growing and growing. So we felt really good about where we are incredible prayer team to like this this Sam race is just truly blessed and we felt great about where we are, yet I wish we were more like Florida. I sat down and interview earlier today. Nice it would be great if we had a general assembly that would step up you what they didn't tortoise so quickly you Disney when Disney decided that they were going to go the bloke grooming way, and on that general assembly just jumped in quickly and drop the hammer.

It's truly an example of what should be happening across this country and what people are demanding to have happened across the country. That's right, you have or you have right of right minded majority in the legislature. There you have a right minded governor. That's where things go south here in North Carolina to talk about this in the second half of the show to Romans chapter 1 verse 28, which talks about and even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a debased mind or in other places abandon them to their foolish thinking in another place, a reprobate mind. This is basically a mine that literally cannot function correctly, which is what we see in this whole woke is him and in what we see in the in the school system and even at the highest levels of government. I want to talk about this after the break or after the half hour is is the by administration going fully woke on turning children into lab rats with the whole crazy transgender stuff but it's it's hard to keep a hold of. So what what has as you print out campaigning in and been up there talking to people in and engage with the news that is you have been in politics for years. Michelle what's gonna write what's what, rising to the top in terms of the most important issues for you and your mama bear midterm movement that it's really kitchen table conversations around inflation and the fact that Joe Bynes failed economy is costing families $5200 more in fuel and food and a paper for people are struggling under the economic failures of this economy. The border continues to be top priority in energy because people understand those are all connected. We shut down the border we can get back from the Mexican drug cartels to give our country the structure that it needs. We make title 42 law instead of what the blind administration wants to do. We get back to the Trump energy independence and energy dominance policies because everything oil affects everything that's right, plastic packaging, transportation, all of it and and Zach and those two things you close the border you go back to energy dominance inflation will go back to the levels that we saw under Pres. Tromp that and this administration is doing the exact opposite of what any economic advisor would put forth.

I saw Ella Charles Payne is on FOXBusiness today talking about interest rates at 12 your highs and I look at you I know will talk about what were doing to our younger children like what we see with SEL and CRT, and transgender conversations with five and six-year-olds that the woke left want to do.

I will get our kids age right in their 20s and because of the failed policies of this administration.

Not only are we can battle them with a deficit that is you're really our number one national security rest.

The other thing that were doing is worth stripping them of the American dream of owning a home because are saddled with student loan debt. They didn't should never been able to get were saddling them with a national deficit because both Republicans and Democrats spend like drunken sailors and we are now putting in place with that inflationary problems were probably head into a recession at the sounds unique, but it's true it's true in these 20 and 30 or to find himself in a place where they can buy a home rent prices are going up even faster than what were seeing with the with housing costs so work were saddling the these next generations with things that are really unbearable. That's why we gotta stand America first conservatives that are going to go to Washington DC go to Raleigh wherever whatever level the running at and will never take me on the principled all government policies of the Republican right and I'm so glad you talk about the next generation. Just this week in my classes and my US history classes here locally with high school-aged homeschoolers were going through the 70s and I'm and I could got does this sound familiar. Does this sound familiar to look familiar. Does this feel familiar there like whoa yeah this is a lot like the 70s and then to your point, of course were doing all these things to the next generation. But we been killing the next generation since 1973. Will killing aluminum will kill them financially should be no shock to anybody as to what were doing to our own posterity in the name of what localism and autonomous morality where who cares what God says him to do whatever I want my child are we here at the show will be right back to my intro songwriter radio program as well as live in YouTube live.

It's a good lighting crazy what I'm about because of what I just was talking to Michelle Woodhouse about before you at the break in Romans 128 which says that because of were here now. Okay, just in case your wondering if you want to study anything in the Bible. If you're frustrated with the state of the nation and the culture all you need to do is turn into one book that's Romans and even just one chapter that's Romans chapter 1 not start about verse 13 or 16 and you just read to the end and some very long and all of a sudden you owe okay I get is in Romans 128 God abandons them, gives them over to a debased mind, a reprobate mind which means they cannot think clearly. I think even reason. Clearly they can't even figure out even if you're going to sit on the US Supreme Court out what what is a woman that is a reprobate debased mind and so if you speak the truth, going to George Orwell on this one truth is treason and an empire of lies. Orwell wrote that truth is treason and an empire of light so to believe it or not, the majority of this country. Summary like me somebody like Michelle Woodhouse is running for Congress. We are crazy so that's why I picked the song it might seem great love and I'm about to say but that's because it's the truth.

Anyway, Michelle, thanks for being there. Welcome back sees him up here because I want to talk about Congress and I was saying.

One of my concerns in the primary, which by the way everybody don't don't block the primary, the overwhelming majority of voters blow off the primary you cannot do that. Michelle and I were to talk about this over the break for YouTube and Facebook that look. I think we can all safely assume that working out Lee's conservatives will least take over the House of Representatives. My question is when Allison you take over the helm of the ship, Michelle, isn't it important that we pick to grab the wheel.

That's why the primaries are so important. Who are we sending to decide after November, absolutely. And I think this to all the listeners. It's so critical that you start at the bottom of your valid young that every person, every just because they have and are next to their name doesn't mean they're conservative.

It doesn't mean that they walk with the Lord and we want to make sure that were sending people there that we know will be serving us at every level from the school board any talk about the realization that we had Gary held that what happens when use when you don't pay attention to those racist wineries critically important the best light that I have found the very very best plaintiff that go to the North Carolina State Board of elections and that's NCS PE put their name and you can see how many times they floated. You can see they pull a Democrat or Republican primary ballot.

Your ear able to get a little sense. There on and then you can go on to several raced onto the SEC full and see who are top donors are we beholden Judah somebody takes money from a lobbyist I was here clear voting for them. If you see people that take money from people who support Democrats and Republicans.

I would steer clear of them at if it's a local race. You can go to open secrets and you can see some of the donations that people are getting what I want to look at the record and you want to follow the money because out you much about that person in their beholden to. Then of course you can go see what everyone's doing on social they're up there and get a glimpse, and it does this verse said exemplify what I want representing me and my family my children my future grandchildren. Whatever the beat so critically important because all Republicans are created equal.

And I say this all the time we get we will have a red way in in November.

There's no doubt about by you to determine how read it.

It's good rating. The slot does not mean changing out the water that is not what it means and these races from the bottom of the ballot are so critically important in recognizing clear voting for you. I people reach out to me every day through my website every day and asked me questions and I personally answered the second amendment have to where you stand for life. You think the election was stolen good you want to be speaker the house, I heard you speak on this like today.

I hope people will go to Woodhouse for Send me a message. Any question and know that I personally answered, and there's no staff were leaning machine.

How do you job primaries are brutal.

You're getting on your getting onto the field with people that are going to quote on the same team general elections easy. You have an identifiable enemy.

It's on the other side of the aisle. That's beefcake in terms of running election, but how you deal the primary when you have people that are according quote on the same team and remove people that you know people that you work with in this case with an incumbent who is well known. That's medicine Copthorne who to me is is very heartbreaking to see what's going on in his life and was going on his part, his personal life at his public life, how you run, how you do that effectively it's because I can imagine how difficult it really incredibly difficult in this race and I'll tell you why the lanes are really clearly identified for the eight of us. I score right of Madison and everything USA 411. I scorch the right of him and say this very conservative Lane. We have a state senator whose rally country club establishment is using Richard Byrd's consulting team. He voted to put brother to learning classroom so do you want to figure out that person but but you might've heard a Michelle mention that okay this SEL learning. People are like what is that when a lot of time for but evidence of social and emotional learning okay space the way to get woke is him even in the first and second and third and fourth grade math and science, and everything okay chocolate when she says as he else was its umbrella under which we have CRT really other things, and when presented, it sounds lovely but it's it is toxic and it is prayer children self what what what we found. The eight of us in this race and we can have some of his is a straightout Democrat, but she just has in our next to her name. The more forums the more debates and more that were out of the stop talking becomes very evident to voters and so my my whole goal is to make sure it's easy for voters for the constituents here to see the differences now if you want to moderate somewhat houses in your community that if you want someone who's going to be grounded in the Constitution.

The Bible Michelle Woodhouse is your candidate someone that you can be proud of and you know will not be making saucy headlines for things that bring embarrassment and shame to the position and then show Woodhouse is your candidate and so I think the more that voters get exposed to people in a primary, the better you and I love the fact that you're talking about debates and forums and in that kind of activity because if somebody can't take the heat of the debate that they can't take the heat of questioning if they can't take the heat from somebody else running against him and they hide that tells you everything you need to know about them. And when referencing what you were when I look at medicine Copthorne a lot of props forget in the Congress of the age of 25. In all my classes this week because this came up I was talking to them about the requirement to get into the house is just 25 years of age. The average age of my students seven is probably 16 Michelle my company. If you are comfortable with a 25-year-old going to the House of Representatives and not a single one was comfortable with my supply not this is just not old enough or not wise enough they have an experience enough stuff is just not enough maturity there and I'm like, that's right, I appreciate that a young person can get in but I would never put anybody in the house literally up. I probably move that up to about 25 age matters does well. I supported Madison and Chris wrote her name I have for two years and he had an incredible opportunity to the founding fathers were quite young, right incredible opportunity, and unfortunately he's just made some really bad decisions kind of layered and bad decisions is when we look at this race and she laughed to run in Charlotte asked Mitterrand presented Pres. Trump is the conservative the America first conservative in the race came back because the maps change and based on what we've seen with congressman Copthorne. We stayed in the race so well knowledge of her second but you don't get that info to the right of matter, or the right of children to be with you and trust me as get done here in a minute with Michelle and I moving to some other stories people have started think as I say it a lot.

Michelle and by Friday I'm like I'm like snarky Friday. I get so snarky at the end of week swim in the cesspool, not 100% sizable that a pretty significant cesspool of the culture these days. So by Friday. I'm usually ready to throw my hands up and I get rather snarky unit.

It's a little bit more of a challenge to maintain my Christian witness, I will. I wanted to ask you one more question and give you a chance to encourage and challenge everybody about May 17 in the primary and you said you know you mentioned this earlier, not every Republicans actually conservative.

There's different shades of red you as you mentioned, and I think this might've been a surprise to a lot of people there assumption being that the incumbent like medicine Copthorne is that Mr. conservative, but you actually scored to the right of him and so I just don't want people to come to sit on the silence weather out there in your area of North Carolina congressional district 11 on Western North Carolina or anywhere else whether were talking about congressional seat, like for you which is a huge deal come November or a local school board meeting which I think as you said talk about mama bears has become a huge deal as well. But why, why should all make sure they don't miss me 70 across the state and then why should people in an 11 vote for you. Absolutely no one should miss the primary have to be. We are called to serve in this way, and you have to get in there and vote and vote educated know what you're doing for the bottom of the valley judicial races, congressional races, every one of them on our country and our and our state.

In particular, also hang on what we see is that while this congressional district in being House of Representatives I would represent the 11th congressional district.

We also know that the votes matter and affect all of us so we don't live in West Virginia but Joe mansions being the stop gap between America and Venezuela and America having state in America is critically important. So we have to make sure that were sending true America first conservative so I would said it's really important. Don't miss it and you don't want to wake up in November and realized that Nancy Pelosi is still holding the gavel and we have two more years of this because we can't take anything for granted. Not one electrician and not one race to be taken for granted.

Amanda express here in the 11th and you know where the true America first candidate we are with a strong focus on faith and freedom. Getting back to common sense in the way that we govern an incredibly fiscally responsible. Our top priorities are number one getting that Mexican drug cartels off of our border and taking that back starting to build the wall and get control of our border and making title 42 law number two would be. I'm going back to energy dominant policies as we talked about and and number three was gonna get rid of all of the mandates this they're making their way back in interestingly were starting to see the resurgence of those and we need to have people working to stand firm on this on someone just to be incredibly present doing great constituent services worker member of Congress has two jobs go to Washington DC vote in the conservative platform that you were sent there to vote on to protect the people of your congressional district and when at home you have constituent services that cover your entire congressional district to take care of the people at home who need help with Veterans Affairs or Social Security letter to go to West Point in their neighborhood. These are the real the ground level. The things that people need from their member of Congress is only 435 people in the whole world's urban House of Representatives is an incredible honor to even be in the race that will be an amazing honor to serve the people of North Carolina and and were the congressional candidate that will serve it with honor and there's a big distinction there and and was looking looking forward to getting to work much work to do a minimum. Michelle Woodhouse Woodhouse for is the number four Woodhouse for God bless you sister. Thanks for your time today.

Thank you. You're welcome. We'll talk again okay everybody lets this continuum that would them and pray for Michelle. Pray for your paper medicine got the paper. Everybody that's in positions of authority are trying to be in positions of authority. You cannot sit this out in your prayer life and you certainly can't sit it out in your life in terms of voting. Let's make sure we switch off a resume.

Do you know what you need from me over there but get moving forward. And then so we talked about this Michelle mentioned this in terms of the mandates okay so when we started this, we are a nation of laws, not of men, because all we back our founding fathers. That's the supremacy clause of the nine states Constitution. The Constitution shall be the supreme law of the land over everything else, even the Pope. Not that Pope I'm talking about Pope algae.

So here's the file to here we go again, this is she's please help me Lord Dr. Anthony Prouty suggested Thursday that the court did not have the authority to strike down the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's last mandate, US District Judge Catherine Kimball Mizelle said Monday in a ruling that the mandate exceeded the CDC statutory authority while statutory that's law. I was surprised and disappointed about you said of the court ruling because those types of things really are the purview of the CDC is the public health issue stop what he just said is the CDC and the public health issue then overrides the Constitution states that overrides the rule of law, so we are not a nation of laws were nation of men. In this case one Pope algae. If you look at the rationale for that. He goes on to say really is not particularly firm were concerned about that about courts law getting involved in things that are unequivocally a public health decision.

No, we cannot have the law of the Constitution getting in the way of Pope algae's dictate said this during a CNN plus interview will be one of the last ones at CNN plus or perhaps this is a CDC issue should not have been in a court so were hoping that the inevitable increase in cases which we are seeing are not going to be associated with an increase in hospitalizations, all these dynamic things going on the same time probable. Blah. Let's wait a period of time until May 3 which is a very subtle public health decision's remarks were met with outrage by social media users.

Yes, including this kit can please just retire and and move to a country sir where it's ruled by men and not by law. That's what he wants because he sees himself as a little G God, he is so given over and warped by this two-year power trip is been on that. He just can't let it go is like a dog with a bone.

You can pull on the bone all you want there to somebody going to drag him over the room.

That's what propelled you got help. I love this guy, Ryan Walters, I heard a maniacally Travis Buck Sexton yesterday. He's the Secretary of Education Stig state of Oklahoma. Check this out. He sent a letter the other day to the Stillwater school board members that that's one of the school boards in Oklahoma.

Your incorrect interpretation of title IX and use of court cases with no jurisdiction over Oklahoma gives you no right to allow men to use girls restrooms in our schools.

Remember Romans chapter 1 verse 28, a reprobate mind can't even think straight. They're incapable of thinking logically. That's what he's addressing allow men to use girls restrooms in our schools. The US Department of educations rules that your school board claims ordered. This travesty simply allowed school district to choose choose their own path and Stillwater is chosen poorly. You have chosen radicals over your students ideology over biology and woke this over safety. That's exactly right.

Ryan Walters is thinking clearly. Unlike the reprobate minds on the school board and many other school boards in the country today. I am asking you to work with your fellow board members to make it so that your students only use the bathroom of their God-given natural sex sees a trader in the nation of lives right this guy. Biological males should not receive unrestricted access to women's restrooms, leaving your young girls uncomfortable and afraid to enter them during school. If your board fails to reverse from this present course I will do everything in my power to protect the children of Stillwater and restore safety and common sense hired you to take immediate action to hold your woke agenda rectify this injustice and put the true needs of our students first safety of children before your crazy ideology. Your reprobate mind ideology at least talk about the committee fires off another letter to the superintendent, the interim superintendent of Stillwater public schools named Kay Washington know that's not a misprint. It is come to my attention that the Stillwater public schools is like you been informed by the state Department of Education.

The public schools are required to permit biological males into women's restrooms based on their gender identity and vice versa not accurate.

No legal precedent currently requires Oklahoma schools to open women's restrooms and locker rooms to biological males or vice versa. Number one, the US Supreme Court's bus stock decision does not do so number two. The fourth circuit decision addressing these issues does not do so.

Number three. The bite administration statements, guideline letters and the like.

Do not do so.

Moreover, he goes to write the prior federal ministration took the opposite view. Just last year, the US Department of Education's General Counsel wrote that quote we believe the plain ordinary public meaning of the controlling statutory and regulatory text requires a title IX recipient providing a separate toilet locker room and shower facilities on the basis of sex to regulate access based on biological sex. Statutory text is not changed in the past year nor has the Constitution sorry Pope algae. So you say there is to go back to this you know what you know what title IX does regarding all we should do.

We should have a fear of children kids dealing with gender dysphoria, which is a mental illness that requires treatment and counseling and patience and love in time not testosterone hormone treatments, breast removal and all the like talk more about the lives of the break know, but we should have bathrooms up there struggling with this struggling with gender dysphoria. Let's love them well and provide a private bathroom for them to private locker room if that's possible let them do that. But you don't let a boy going all girls bathroom and vice versa.

This guy like Robert Rhonda citizen Florida has the backbone to stand up and speak the truth to those that have reprobate minds which is most Steve Noble will be right back so little time.

So much madness back at Steve Noble to Steve Noble show. Thank you Lord that you're on the throne.

God rules the universe with his feet up, Jesus is risen, amen, amen and amen and one day this will be a distant memory and we want to worry about stuff that great ain't that grand I love that.

Okay let me throw this one out or right quick. I heard this earlier today letting me know this is happening is that the human coalition of faith and freedom event today that we had some folks on before talking about a talking about life in North Carolina in a post-Roe world took a post-Roe versus Wade. Things can get overturned in June, but I think it's getting it restricted.

I think we you might see that. I think it makes you decision out of the Supreme Court that says you can have an abortion after 15 weeks. That's a great move for. That's great. Move forward, but in today that the one of the speakers was talking about the every mothers matters act. I love this, also known as Emma, every mother matters act so they don't miss this particular articles. Oklahoma from February this year the done in Tennessee, Texas and Alabama.

Okay every mother met every mother matters that the bill would make a woman seeking out an abortion get a pre-abortion resource access assistance offered. The woman would call a hotline seeking help with services like housing, childcare and job searches. Burns Sen. Burns there in the Oklahoma trying to push to sue the state legislature says the goal is to give women the support they need to choose life instead of abortion quote many women facing unexpected pregnancies turned to abortion because they feel like they have no choice.

We want to make sure they have an opportunity to connect with medical, financial and other resources that they may not know about sideburns. This legislation will do that as well as provide screening to identify those of been victims of crime, so that with the women's consent. A report can be made to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

This is awesome Emma every mother matters act.

You can reach across the aisle and say hey you guys are always talking about helping the downtrodden and the poor in the week and those that don't have opportunity and that's a big reason why a lot of women choose abortion that you want to help these women, or you just want to go the easy route out and say oh I'm all for just about every Democrat out there to even to the states in the state will sure I'd like to see abortion reduced okay so you want to see abortion reduced in you say that you care about the downtrodden that we should be helping them with government funds. You know what, in this case, I totally agree with you, so can we get this done. Can we get an every mother matters act we could decrease abortion and help these women struggling in an unplanned pregnancy who have very real challenges. I love that praise the Lord for that, and their friends and human coalition are leading the charge in many ways, every mother matters act. This is not Oklahoma but also doing in Tennessee, Texas and Alabama hello North Carolina hello guys, there get it done every mother matters act great bite administration unleashes total transformation of government okay with equity action plans okay so this was on April 14 and they caught this total transformation more than 90 federal agencies announced equity action plan that you have all kinds of alarms going off in your head. The Department of Energy explained in its equity action plan released last week that it is already started considering factors other than technical merit when filling out financial assistance be a pilot program through its office of energy efficiency and renewable energy starting back in March. The applicant seeking research and developing funding from that office have had to issue diversity, equity and inclusion statements. This is reprobate mind social engineering tied to government power and money.

It's brilliant. It's the tannic also. So that's what going on for me by administration. They cannot recently talking about how the most loving thing you can do as a parent with the child that's a transgender is a firm that sees me. This article Good for the whole thing on the read the whole thing for you next week.

The testosterone hangover written by Susie Weiss when Chloe woke up in an elective double mastectomy.

She texted her mother in the waiting room Cuba, she said this is a little over two years ago she was fifth teen at the time the typo was intentional. She told me recently. The author, I thought it was funny that a good thing your mom replied yes. Chloe texted back on nothing but answer aged well.

She said to me talk about Chloe. Chloe lives in California's Central Valley always hated her body. She spent a lot of time on tumbler and learned words like learned words like pansexual and by gender. She remembers when she was 12, sitting on her bed thinking maybe I meant to live as a boy by 2018 at age 14. Chloe was well on the path what you imagine was boy she's going by Leo.

She was taking puberty blockers and her mother was administering her weekly testosterone injections. Two years later, in early June 2020. She went under the knife.

Chloe was the beneficiary of what transgender activists called gender affirming care, which means all the adults in her life, doctors, nurses, social workers, teachers, parents, now the entire Democrat party in the present United States actively supported her decision to become the person she believes she was meant to be, even if that person required an elective mastectomy in high school or taking puberty blocking drugs or injecting cross sex hormones like testosterone in this Chloe is also the poster child for the bite administration's recently announced transgender policy and that's her story. In this article, and then there's another one. Helena growing up in Ohio meant Helena could only transition with the parents consent shoes 15 but she was 15. Her parents were deftly not on board. She wore boys close and in the breast binder and cut her hair short, the guidance counselor to public school agreed with Helena that she was a man she helped her make a budget for transition and referred her to the school psychologist was even more gung ho psychologist saying she said your mom is a trans Pope and telling me about suicide risks. They had three or four meetings before inviting Helena's mother to have a conversation with the both of them which didn't go well. So that's her, that's Helena. Then there's another story. In this article may get to read the whole thing for you next week. My life is to turn and started identifying a trait is transit age 12, Phoenix Huddleston when she came out is transit 12 Julie 27, who also transitioned and then treatment transitioned like is the policy of the practice of lobotomy. I have this intense rage in me over the harm that was done to me said Julie, who didn't want to be identified at a fear of backlash from activists pro trans people. The pro tem trans party, the Democrat party. And if you're Christian and your Democrat want to listen to me very closely, I'm speaking this out of love.

Okay speaking I hate they are okay. Virtue signaling by offering up children to the butcher. Let's drug them. Let's engage a 12-year-old who's confused what you follow the advice of a 12-year-old who's gender confused and at 13 or 15 or getting a double mastectomy or to cut their breasts off you give him testosterone hormone blockers. Basically turn the whole thing into some terrible but I think this is an accurate comparisons like like Frankenstein and this is what the Democrat party is for this is what Disney is for this is what the present United States and the Democrat party up in Washington DC, is for children as lab rats.

In order to virtue signal, because Romans chapter 1, they been given over to a reprobate mind they can't even see clearly and that I think of Jesus on the cross. Think about these people that just beat him blood. He tore his flesh off his body hung him on a cross and he says father forgive them for they know not what they do. Romans chapter 1 because they have a reprobate mind.

These people are so lost are so given over. They can't even see what they're doing. They get a 15-year-old girl, a double mastectomy, but Biden wants the government, you and me to pay for it and he thinks that's makes him a champion that he loves this child that the parent loves the child supports the child gives them trans gender healthcare. This is the tannic to the core plus a reprobate mind. It's so disgusting. I'm really struggling to control myself right now and that in 2022 is whether you want to hear it or not, the Democrat party that just is. So my brothers and sisters of your voting Democrat your voting for thatI do believe that personally doesn't matter what you believe.

Personally, it matters what you the people you elect to in this with the present United States for double mastectomy on a 15-year-old girl and check them all up on hormone treatments and testosterone blockers. It's it's Sosa tannic it's so abusive how how the love of God. How do you support that you underwrite that how do you cast your vote like a talent for somebody like that. I don't know how you do it. I don't know how you do it when it comes to the abortion issue and now there's this don't vote at all.

That's what I would ask if you can't stomach voting for Republican at least. Don't give your talent don't invest your talent and somebody thinks it's okay to do this to her children finish with this Florida Department of Health but moved to Florida challenges White House on irreversible trans treatments for children, the Florida Department of Health issued guidance Wednesday taking a stand against him are irreversible transgender treatments for children warning that such procedures present an unacceptably high risk of doing harm gender reassignment surgery puberty blockers on hormone therapy should not be treatment options for either children or adolescents. According to the guidelines. Rather, the guidance notes children and adolescents should be provided social support by peers and family and seek counseling from a licensed provider not butchery but apartments guidance use the most up-to-date scientific data available, and it prioritizes overall health and well-being of Florida's children and adolescents which Biden and the Democrats do not. This has nothing to do with kids has everything to do with them thinking they cannot because the reprobate minds doing something good or beautiful.

I mean, it's so messed up the federal government's medical establishment releasing guidance feeling at the most basic level of academic rigor shows that this was never about healthcare state Surgeon General Gen. Joseph Kondo said in a statement. It was about and listen.

This is Florida. It was about injecting political ideology into the health of our children well set children experiencing gender dysphoria should be supported by family and seek counseling not pushed into an irreversible decision before they reach 18 amen amen amen and amen. So again I'm saying this with as much love and respect as I can. If you're planning on voting for a member of the Democrat party in May or November and you really know the Lord, you know God you know Jesus as your Savior. I'm not can ask you to vote for Republican members can ask about the boat is really think about this. Pray about this.

How do you empower a party that literally wants to do this to our children Steve Noble on the Steve Noble show, God willing. I talked again real soon. Like my dad always used to say her former another program powered by the Truth Network

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