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A Post-Roe v. Wade America?

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April 18, 2022 10:49 pm

A Post-Roe v. Wade America?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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April 18, 2022 10:49 pm

A Post-Roe v. Wade America?

Steve has Chelsey Youman, from Human Coalition Action, on the show to discuss abortion. David Fischer joins for Money Monday. 

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show you why your whole work. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God on his shoulders. Grace and lots through no sacred cows call Steve Bell 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble had a wonderful that have ever prayed in the past and the part of the show for a while know that I've been very active in the pro-life community for a while from a kind about platform perspective from being out on the street and praying and leading people to pray in front of abortion clinics in promoting films and being involved a lot of different pro-life ministries over the years, have you ever prayed for and in the Roe versus Wade because it just kinda seem like that was the right thing to do, but you actually never really thought it would happen. Cards on the table.

I definitely wondered if that was even to be possible, as this country has continued to darken in its pursuit of all things, and moral immorality in America. On the death of shame. It's not exactly exciting. The condition of our nation when it comes to moral issues and certainly on the issue of abortion as were passed 60 million now since Roe versus Wade and actually last week and this week in my US history class is talking through the 1960s and 1970s, which gave birth plan intended to Roe versus Wade. But we might see a situation in the next 60 days where Roe versus Wade. If not overturned, could be seriously limited and that will send shockwaves across the country and in fact around the world. This is been a sacred cow that seemed like he is ever to be able to touch it but now for the first time in my adult life as a Christian I became a believer 1994.

I actually think we might see something out of Supreme Court that's just going to be a shocker to a lot of people. So, assuming that that happens to 1 or another will talk to Chelsie Yeoman about it is the national legislative advisor with human coalition action. What would we do if Roe starts to get curtailed and then one day, God willing.

It's overturned then what happens. What happens in the states what what do we do, how do we react to that. How do we actually live Roe versus Wade America and what would be our responsibility said we approach that such LCs with human coalition action. I got dealt with human coalition for years now and I actually when my board members is been involved with human coalition. I know a lot of folks around the country and so we're excited to have Chelsea on the show today shall actually be here this Friday in Raleigh.

This will be North Carolina and a post-Roe America. I'll talk about that's more put some links up on Facebook you want to invite you out to Chelsie. Thanks for being here.

How are you happy Easter he is risen.

Good to see you here while you're welcome. Thanks for being here. I know how busy you are and tell us a little bit about what led up to us even having this conversation. In terms of what's come before the Supreme Court and what we might see happen here in the next 30 or 60 days credit time in a moment in history really where all I like.

You can't currently on your phone without reading about her life or portion you we truly are common in history where the first 28 years, the court could overrule Roe versus Wade on 30 years continuing to do so Mississippi may finally get 15 week abortion which we really like to call it pain capable because we believe children in the room and based on neurological development can feel pain at 15 weeks particularly brutal and harmful for them to go through an abortion at a stop at like 15 week challenge at the Supreme Court.

No state had done in 30 years Supreme Court overturned Roe out right and as you probably know makeup of the Supreme Court is really great now perhaps ready to do just that younger you are you surprised I mean I listen to a good chunk of the arguments that day and it was it was fascinating. It was encouraging. How did you react to that Chelsea in DC outside the courthouse at the time and it was electric and hopeful yellow for everyone on the pro-life side. Thousands of people on the pro-life side hundred on the other abortion we really hopeful because I many arguments thinking that I've heard that these were conservatives just heard they're going to consider it. But it wasn't until they actually ask the questions they asked where they sat.

What's the difference between Princeton's justice. With the difference between importing someone at 20 weeks, and just asking them to carry that child to term and you are asking the right asking and I left feeling even more excited hopeful for the future of the unborn in our nation yet. So here we are, for the first time and certainly in my adult life trying to consider what does this look like if number one if it gets overturned a number two if there's any kind of a serious restriction restriction to it or cook or curtailing of that do you think the country ready for this Chelsea, I mean I I can't really I don't have the imagination. At this point to kinda consider what the pro-choice communities going to do with the Supreme Court starts to pull this back right where I need to stop killing unborn children.

I mean not only the right time to stop ending lives and hearts there.

Every life is worthy of protection in our mother's 1973, 90 has come a long way, is a giant infrastructure in place ready to go concerning care for these moms were pregnant and not the pregnancy resource mandates human coalition those groups that provide holistic care for women outnumber abortion clinics portal where there were ready to go in our services really start when Roe is overturned within a year where hoping to serve and so we already had society but I will say one thing you just know it's not over when what decision is rendered, and 26 eight Roe statutes that will just be reengaged where you abortion outlawed or significantly regulated, but the rest of the state will still carry on will still have abortion. Many of them up until birth.

Third trimester and so we have to be aware that our movement really is. For the first time going to need to engage in new ways yeah because that that that it will go back to and I usually like in a back to what we were seeing what the whole fight over gay marriage back in the day, which of course got changed nationwide in 2014 but back then you had 31 states that decided to codify the definition of marriage as one man one woman in the other state constitutions, and then you have the remainder the state, some of which had remained silent, and others. That said, no, no, we don't agree with that, from a states rights perspective. You could hear a lot of people say, okay, that's the way it should be bone it comes to abortion. I want to talk to about that I would make a constitutional case for the deprivation of life, it is different than marriage. But how do we engage what we do what's human coalition to do. We'll talk some more about the event coming up this Friday here in North Carolina North Carolina in a post-Roe America. Please, Lord P so this is Steve Noble ignoble shelf director Rebecca Steve Noble to Steve Noble so great to be with you discussing something that I've been looking forward to discussing for years.

Actually I got on the radio 2007 I became a Christian activist all the way back 2004, and although we going all the way back.

There was something that for me.

The pro-life issue is most I would say most evangelicals, most Christians are conventionally pro-life but often times that you show me your pro-life faith by what you saying versus showing our pro-life faith by what we do and so as I started to get involved with different Christian causes from a political perspective in a cultural perspective than the pro-life side went from a theoretical or something that I knew I should believe in and I understood why I was pro-life but didn't really do anything about it. Hardly ever prayed about it didn't really engage and I started to meet people that were spending up or not their lives in this cause, which is of course worthy, to say the least.

After 60 million deaths here in America it's about 40 million worldwide right now. Every year, so it's just an humble little unbelievable nightmare and oftentimes we just gonna try to limited and as we've seen the last 10 years. A lot of great pro-life legislation around the country, but quite honestly didn't think we ever get to the point that were discussing today what Chelsea Yeoman is the national legislative advisor for human coalition action, which is actually considering life in a post-Roe versus Wade America. Specifically, this Friday here in Raleigh North Carolina and a post-Roe America.

This is open to the public. Okay, it's a free event is from 9 to 430. I got the links up at a local church here in town and our friends are human coalition past Chad Harvey is going to be there is a great panel discussion.

Chelsea is coming in for him to be there myself and so very very important that we position ourselves and get ready because this day is coming. Believe it or not. And so what what's can happen the next 30 or 60 days, when the Supreme Court decides kinda what what should we prepare ourselves for what we really have gonna three options here. I guess Chelsea they do nothing which I dig is highly unlikely they start to curtail Roe versus Wade and access to abortion, they flip the whole thing upside down. So how should we prepare ourselves for this for most of us were just gonna lay people were pro-life, but we don't really know what to expect and what to do if all of a sudden these things start to change nationwide right there several things you can do first, regardless of what happens with Roe. We know that almost a million women a year are speaking out abortion and I think we ask Christian community and society have to say why are almost a million women a year, ending the lives of their unborn coalition. We serve these women day in and day out. We have the resources and we know that 75% of them say my circumstances were different I would urge naturally, we come in and we say how can we as a church look around. This is in our pews is happening 25 and when you have abortion are going to church actively and how do we support these women and get them how to keep with our legislatures and to provide alternate abortion programs really help ERC's more government funding, they can serve the quantity of women that we are not to have to start the first thing is continuing to stay. Women have needs any help. You don't really want abortion.

What can we do to alleviate those issues. Yeah, not shared. This will be news to you, but I've shared on the air a few times. Not super in-depth of about 17 months ago, our pro-life chickens came home to roost in our son who is now 21 told us he and his girlfriend that they were pregnant. They chose life. Praise the Lord.

But the thing that we learned about that. His name is Paxton. He'll be one on May 28, and is just blessing beyond beliefs on the one hand you have the obvious situation leading up to it, which was sinful in their case, and then you have the child and the other hand, which is a huge blessing from the moment of conception in God's mind before the foundation of the earth, but the one thing that they had Chelsea that makes all the difference is two families that they knew that work in support their families that were to support them and not condemn them.

They knew that the families between the two of us had the financial resources enough room in the house that that there really weren't any barriers to it other than just the freaking out is to young people and having a child, but that really is our role is to be that a cushion when you have an unplanned pregnancy that is you said most women 75%, 80%, a couple years ago. The pole that the men had decided to keep the baby. 80% opposed abortive women said yeah I would've delivered so we need to be the question we need to be there, just like human coalition is to say, hey listen, this is something that you run away from. Certainly something you choose to abort you engage and we have the support I think we have to really step up to the plate because like you said, there's a million women every year going down this road where they can ago this gets turned over your exactly right into look around and volunteer where you can't donate your local PRC like human causation into say we can help with childcare and volunteer. We had time to work basic needs like safe housing that you can you engage in your local support and no matter what were ready for it.

I think it's time for us as a church and a body to use this opportunity to be there for you and your children yet one of the things I love about human coalition and you can check out human coalition This is probably one of the most forward thinking pro-life organizations I've ever been around in the last 20 years legislatively, which is a lot of what you're doing Chelsea but just like with call centers very kind of next-generation engagement here what what do you love and appreciate until they were a client of yours before but what you love and appreciate about human coalition they're only thinking about how to reach the next woman abortion and how do we care for her well at her and said they started a virtual clinic model which is essentially when will mean Google searches for abortion if she finds out she's pregnant. You are absent. We try to compete with Planned Parenthood there so that we are there with her and she immediately put on the phone with someone who is cares not her as a licensed professional and starts what we call care coordination for her to get what her needs are winners and yet with long-term and we gradually work with her as long as it takes for and find that here. Sometimes it's a matter of a couple weeks back. Really these are women that we understand and we use all of that information we know about why we are seeking abortion to build out policy before we developed actual legislation which is where I come in geared toward helping these lame in alleviating any children yet so awesome what what are you going to be talking about this Friday again this Friday here in Raleigh, North Carolina unopposed Roe America, you do need a ticket, but it is free of get the links up on Facebook live right now for the Eventbrite page but would you be talk about this Friday.

Chelsea talking about here what opposed the world looks like were doing and she also talking the future we have so much to be hopeful and excited about a lot of work, especially for the return work really began to look specifically to you guys know in North Carolina what bills you have in place and are you ready to save lives come June and were really ready to see you guys take some really incredible measures towards protecting the unborn. Talking about all of that and more. That's awesome and I'm sure you're pretty encouraged by more and more states are stepping up to the plate and getting more and more aggressive in trying to save lives.

We all know that it sent you an important matter and you know I can get some really the only life and death issue on your ballot and when you really think about the tens of thousands in your state are dying every single year. There's nothing more serious or threatening to our future generation abortion we are serious about it.

Was glad to see other people across the country responding and serious about it and we can do both the concert and left their moms and we can children and not exactly what our specific strategy is on the legislative that's awesome over looking forward to hosting you here on Friday. Chelsea yeoman national legislative advisor with human coalition action. God bless you sister thank you for your work and I look forward to seeing a few days off the look I think so much I want to come back everybody to change gears here for a little bit some wild stories Twitter to get the keeps on giving. Speaking of giving Biden and Harris don't talk about that too will be right back with you and hope you had a wonderful great weekend. Spent time contemplatively. I know we have a family and we have church we have all those good things. But contemplating a working your way through it would be helpful. And so that says something you can do what you would want to just like this is just like once a year, Easter week of an echo situation going our deal with some Facebook live YouTube live stuff house over there to get an echo okay will keep working on the screen in there because that's going to drive everybody nuts. It's not a problem on radio, but you got it sloping back somehow.

So you probably got something on zoom on the board is a fixed okay that's out right so let's jump in here a couple of things I want to talk about.

Let's start with let's start a charity, so I mentioned that before. Did you see the story that just came out the other day and since today is officially tax day as opposed April 15 they switched it to April 18 this year of tax day is today, so do you itemize do you have itemized deductions on your taxes and if you do, perhaps you deduct charitable giving. Well let's look to the people that like to claim the mantle of being charitable and kind and where here for poor people were here for the disadvantaged and we have the pig hearts where the Democrat party. We care more than those rascally Republicans. The Republicans only care about rich people are enriching themselves. Little forget there's a lot of rich people are liberals and so let's let's go to the old to show me your faith by what you say versus showing your paper what you do after that Joey, here's the story from April 15 president Biden VP Harris each gave less to charity than the average taxpayer for their level of earnings with Harrison second gentleman Doug Imhoff donating far below what most of their high income bracket contribute to this is according to the 2021 tax returns. Okay, this was released on Friday. The poorest Americans were far more generous than either couple oh mentioned that hey Steve you're being awfully partisan. Yes, I know I can play this game on the right to, but it's particularly bad. You know what the most generous state in the nation. It is not.

California is not New York, it's deftly not blue it's red and it's poor in its Mississippi okay so there's something about conservative people, probably because there in a much much higher percentage committed Christians than people in the left not everybody on the left not not every Democrat. But I'm talking about the norms here.

Okay them.

The majority okay so you tend to see this all the time where Democrats are less generous, less charitable than Republicans. Again, that's not 100% of the time, but it is most of the time and you can prove it with the Pres. and VP Biden and First Lady Joe Biden reported federal just adjusted gross income of 610 grand in 20 2183 grant of federal and state income taxes and gave $17,394 to charity about 2.8% which is below average for their income. Harris and her husband's 2021 federal income tax return showed a federal adjusted gross income of 1.6 million. Not a bad year, the couple paid 523 grant of federal income tax. Ouch. But they only contributed $22,100 to charity in 2021, which at 1.3% is less than half the average donation for such high earners, cheap uncharitable. I don't care what you say I don't care what you run what you actually do $17,394 given to charity marks a decrease in 2020. This the Bidens when Biden was running for president. During that year old vegan that is running for president. So he pumped it up to 5% of their income. Once you get in back down. That's not as bad as gets worse in USA Today reported in 2008 that Biden gave an average of $369 a year to charity over the decade before becoming vice president for 10 years there average giving every year was 369 Fox the cost of a cheap iPhone in 2007. Then Sen. Biden gaped $995 to charity which was roughly .3% of the income he and his wife had earned so don't quit telling me that Republicans don't care about poor people and Democrats do, Mr. Pres., Ms. VP, most Democrats you talk a big game, but you give away $369 a year on average is pathetic, such as, as he calls himself a Catholic and a Christian, once again proving that they don't really care. This was wild ex-CEO Doug Dorsey okay back Dorsey criticized the company's board so you must is out there right asked him to join the board.

He said no because I would Much Stock He Could Buy and Then Jack Dorsey, the Former CEO Came out Swinging over the Weekend on Twitter Responding to Another Twitter User Describing the Plots and Clues That Played out Early on the History of Twitter's Board. Dorsey Replied It's Consistently Been the Dysfunction Open. Ouch. Earlier, He Responded to Another Tweet in the Same Threaded Quoted Venture Capitalist Free Destin Citing What He Called the Silicon Valley Proverb Good Boards Don't Create Good Companies, but a Bad Board Will Kill a Company Every Time Dorsey Responded Big Facts.

Dorsey Still Sits on Twitter's Board of Plans to Leave Once His Term Expires at the 20 2020 2022 Meeting of Shareholders with the Schedule for Next Month to Get Mosque in There Offered 43 Billion Right about 52 Bucks a Share in the Dorsey All Of A Sudden Is Take a Swing at His Former the Board That He Still a Member of and Must What Brought It on Saturday with Dorsey Leaving the Board of the Twitter Board Collectively Owns Almost No Shares of Its Own Stock.

Objectively, Their Economic Interests Are Simply Not Allowing the Shareholders That's with You Must Set up a Week Pretty Funny. Who Knows, Maybe Dorsey Will Join Him on Mosque and Trying to Purchase the Rest of Twitter. I Would Let a Minute but It Pretty Is. It's Pretty Interesting That Is Being Dishonest Is It to Keep an Eye on That the Plot Thickens and by the Way, Will Talk to David Fisher in the Fourth Segment of Little Money Monday Update but I'm I Did This on Facebook the Other Day on Friday and Thursday Night We Went to See My Father-In-Law. My Wife and Our Youngest Daughter and My Self Went to See Father Stu Cadets Mark Wahlberg Based on True Story. Father Stu Was a an Amateur Boxer, Semi Professional Boxer Very Rough Dude Comes from Pretty Much an Unbelieving Household Very Rough Guy Hard Charger Bad Language Live in a Bad Life and so He Decides on All That Falls Apart That He Moved to LA and Become an Active Right so You Go for a Kinda Guy so I Was Hopeful Because Mark Wahlberg If You Been Paying Any Attention of the Last Six or Seven or Eight Years of His Career Is Is and and Speaking out in Public Is Deftly Getting More Outspoken about His Faith Is a Very Committed Very Serious Catholic. He Was a Mess before and Some People If You Look It up. Some People Got Spoken to His Life and He Said You Know I Got I Got to Get Serious about My Faith Again to Get Serious about the Work so I Was Hopeful When I Went to See This Movie but I Was Blown Away by What I Experienced so Yes, There's A Lot Of Swearing It's It's an R Rating for Some People That's Us a Note That's in You Just Won't Go There Right I Would Encourage You to Suspend That Believe for a Second Because Testimonies Exist Because There's a before and There's an after and If You Don't See the Grittiness and the Lostness in the Darkness of the before It's A Lot Especially with an Unbelieving Crowd of People That Don't Really Understand the Gospel.

You Need to Draw a Contrast and This Is Just Who the Guy Was Okay. So That's Why It's Got an R Rating. A Lot Of Bad Language A Lot and Understand If You like.

I'm Not to Go to. That's Garbage Well It Is the Truth Though, That's up to the Guy Was so There's That. Yes, It's a Very Catholic Movie Because the Guy Became a Catholic in Wahlberg Is a Committed Catholic but Even Even Those Two Things Take a Backseat to the Main Part of the Story.

In This Movie. What Shocked Me, Father Stu Had Some of the Simplest, yet Most Profound Gospel Explanations I've Seen in the Film Crushed Christian or Otherwise, in a and I Know a Bunch of Christian Filmmakers As Much Good Christian Movies out There, but Sometimes They Know Their Little Glare. It Can Be Pretty Subtle with It. There Is Nothing Subtle about Certain Aspects of the Messaging in This Movie, Father Stu about Redemption about Forgiveness, about Sin, about Arson Having to Be Placed on Jesus's Back and Realizing That What That Does to You. The Kindness of God Leads People to Repentance. The Other Thing That Was Unbelievably Powerful and This Is the Redemptive Power. The Spirit When It Comes to Suffering in God's Will and Providence.

Nobody Likes to Go There. That's the Problem of Evil of God's All Loving and All-Powerful Wiser so Much Garbage and Suffering and Nastiness of the World. Father Stu Gets in a Terrible Car Accident Survives That Gets Hit Terrible and Then He Gets a Disease Basically like ALS That's Gonna Kill Them in about Five Years and He's Suffered Terribly Losing His Physical Abilities. Yet in the Midst of All That the Lord Drawing Him Closer and Glorifying Himself through Father Stu's Trials and Tribulations. It Was Unbelievable. Listen, I Watch Every Movie through a Well-Developed of Well-Developed Biblical World. Every Single One of and I Process Them Accordingly and Father Stu Touched Me Deeply in My Spirit in My Head and My Worldview Brought Me to Tears in Several Times and Left Me Almost Speechless so I Can Go to Something like That.

Set Aside Some of the Things That Mike and I Can Glorify God to That Experience. I Think That's What Wahlberg Has Done. I Think That's What He Was Trying to Do so. If It Matters to You. I Would Recommend That You Go See Set Aside the Swearing Set Aside If You Got Beef with Catholicism Understand That Just Listen for the Gospel and Watch God Work in That Story Doubly Back and Steve Noble to Steve Noble Show Great to Be with You and It Is Monday, April 18 the Wall.

Spend the Last Segment of the Show Today Talking Good Friend David Fisher from Landmark Capital Landmark Is Always for Information and Education. That's Why We Appreciate David.

He Helps Us to Understand These Crazy Things Are Going on out There, but As We Do with Every Monday, Monday Update. We Always Start with Passage of Scripture First David How Are You How Was Your Easter Great Picture of Me on Your Program.

You Name It, Love It. That's the Whole Purpose and Reason Were Even Sit Here Talking so Praise the Lord for That Will Go Kind of I Love the Story This Is a Matthew 27 Fascinating Details Are Surrounding What We Just Celebrated Matthew 27 to Restrict Q. week Report Will Scripture When It Was Evening There Came a Man from Hermosillo Named Joseph, Who Is Also a Disciple of Jesus.

She Went to Pilate about the Body Then Pilate Ordered to Be Given to Him and Joseph Took the Body and Wrapped It in a Clean Linen Shroud and Laid It in His Own New Tomb Which Should Cut into the Rock, and He Rolled the Great Stone Entrance of the Truman and Went Away over a Book of the Bible Talks about Were Nicodemus Would Help Show so the Body of Jesus. So This Is the Body of Judah Is Being Taken Care Of Is Synonymous for Present Day World People Who Might Have Ability to Take Care Of the Body of Christ. I Am Afraid I Always Take This Role, but I'm Sure the Scripture before Him Really Say This for My Heart to You, Steve. We Love You Show Me People Call into My Company Will Talking about Going Short with the Sugar so That the Mention of How Your Station.

Your Program Has Changed in the Impact of Your Life and Just Because Joseph Overman.

The Body of Christ All on the Small Way to Cure You, so My Wife Today Are Given Some of Thousand Dollars Is What We Normally Support You) to Challenge Other Believers to the Ministry.

You're Not Asked Me to Do This, but We Never Talked about. I Know You like That, but I Am I Am Located. Not Because of All the People My Direction, but Because You Changed My Life on Iron Sharpens Iron and Thank You for Your Ministry Towards Us and the Other People That You Might Not Hear about That. I Rebel Well from Their Offices to Say I'll Just Say, Praise the Lord and Thank You That Is Humbling and a Huge Blessing. I Can Say I Will Say This to Your Point about Joseph of Arimathea It's so Fun to Me That Nicodemus Was a Part of This Very Wealthy Famous People in That Context. Nicodemus Worried about so I Saw Jesus at Night and in but These Guys Are on Push Came to Shove Her Willing to Step up and and Think about That Taking Care Of the Body of Christ, Which Is All of Our Jobs. Now, As Members of the Body of Christ and the Church Taking Care Of the Testimony of the Church, the Discipleship of the Church. The Gospel Outreach of the Church Were All Caretakers like Joseph and Nicodemus of Jesus in Our Own Lives and in Our Own Ways and That's What Will Be Held Accountable for Not Held Accountable David for Your Part of the Wall. You're Not Held Accountable for Mine Held the Bowl. I'm Held Accountable for What the Lord Allows Me to Have Access to My Faithful with Someone in That Way Were All Responsible to Take Care Jesus with Our Lives, Just like Joseph Did, Just like Nicodemus Did. So Thank You God Bless You Brother and I Love You Appreciate That Those Kind Words Are No so Thanks for Sharing That and of Course A Lot Of White Stuff Going on out There in the Market Consumer Price Index Numbers up Again Inflation up Again Oil in Russia.

There's so Much Going on. But Let's Start with the Consumer Price and Bat Index. The CPI up Again in an These Numbers Are Pretty Shocking. It Came in at 8.5.4. So Part of the Normal One Thing That It Measures As Energy and Food. Food Is Going up You Would Talk about Russia Supplying Fertilizer to 90% of the World Know Romeo US Problem Is Roosevelt Being Stopped on the Railway System by Union Pacific from the World Largest Fertilizer Supplier in the United States.

Field Industries Holding Those Gifts to Texas, Iowa, Illinois, Kim Nebraska in California through the Railway System and Union Pacific Is No Some Elemental Chewing. Sorry to Decrease Your Shipments by As Much As 20% Higher Supplier Price Index Rose 11.2% from a Year Ago Was the Biggest Game. Amazon Is Now Hitting Shoulders of a 5% Fuel and Inflation.

Companies Are Pleading Were Trying Am Rolling This off. I Know Companies Are Pleading Were Trying to Restrain His Close Don't Do the Program Again Breaking the Supply Chains When We Need Them the Most, Which Causes Inflation Also Is Not Just Print Money to Government Spending Is for Supply-Side Speaking of the Fred. Fred Was Supposed to Stop Quantitative Easing Market Realities of the Market Limit Announcements and Also There Is a Little Bit around Here about Five Weeks Ago Started Doing Some Research for You.

Here's What the Fred behind the Scenes Instead of Stopping QE Which Was about $30 Billion a Month They Were Purchasing in Government. They Purchased $55 Billion.

Physically a Month Ago and That's Why We Saw the Market Really Should Know That It Can Do This. Giving This Inflation under Control without Taking the Economy and This What They're Doing for the Back Door so the Own and QE Because Somebody Panic.

I Think When Forced to Purchase Them so Others Are Coming on the Market. Goldman Has Been Showing Goldman Sachs with Controlling Billions Stalking the Third Quarter and a Role in Last Week's Equity Funds of the Biggest Months in Last Four Months of People or or Something That Market Could Go Much Lower. David Saying That We Reach Peak Inflation That Seems Ridiculous to Me. How Can We Reach Peak Inflation.

My Question Is When the Final Emitted Was Inflation in February and Know Too Much.

Later, We Have Peace Inflation Inflation Took Five Years to Reach Peak Inflation Is Not Two Months. Yeah, It's like They're Just Going around Trying to Keep the House of Cards from Falling over in the Try Anything They Can Do so Politically Driven. It's Just so Hard to Trust Any of the Sources There. We Talked about in the past Oil. Russia Russians Have Enough You a Pretty Good Sale Right Now and Oil.

If the Payment Rubies or Euros or Gold Not Dollars, Though, so What's the Deal on That Right Now You're Trying to Strike a Deal with Rupees Rushers with Social Disclosure Came onto the Troubled Waters Are Agreeing to Pay in Rubles Armenia Cave Should We Board You Been Paying for Open Rubles Tribe Is Been Paying in the One Country and You Hungry Should Last Week That It Was Ready to Pay in Rubles the First Yukon Country and They Came out with a Written Statement to Get around This and Here's the Internal Logo I Found on the on My New Sources so There's Not a Conspiracy, but Here's the Note You Paid Cash Problem, Which Is Russia's Largest Oil Company in Contracted Currency Euros or Dollars Purchase Would Only Be Completed Once Gas Pump Bank Exchanges Internal Holes in a Deal with the Russian Central Bank and Deposit Those Rubles and This Is the Notice and Reference What I Saw Last Week of the Moscow Trains Will Know What They're Doing It so the Government Gets around Her Own Criteria to Make Sure That the Oil and Natural Goodness Is Not Shut off from All the European Union Countries. Yeah, We All Need to Be Good in the Parlance of the Stuff Is Just Crazy by Now Announced Top Federal Banking Regulator Anytime Vines Can Appoint Anything, Anything, I Get Nervous so Should We Be Nervous Once Again about This One. Remember, or More so You Made Me Nervous. Speaking of Russia.

Yes, She Will Change Your Bank Account on Your Bank Account That Was Another Piece of the Puzzle That Just Makes Me so Uncomfortable. Michael Borrower Is Been Nominated As the Top Regulator of the Fed Board of Governors Would Oversee the Country's Largest and Most Important Financial Institutions and Steve Is This Guy Well to Remember under Pres. Obama. The Dog Flank Witchcraft. Just Who Crafted the Biggest Piece of Legislation in the History of Michael's Accident That No I Just Nominated Him to Come Oversee All Things Be Aware of What This Country Will Hopefully Jill Manson Will Step up to the Plate Again and Put Us on That Soap so It Will Be Paying Attention That Name Michael Bar I'm Teaching through This Week in US History Teaching to the 1970s to 1 of the Thing That's Coming up Is Just Gold Going Crazy in the 1970s. What's Gold and Silver Doing Right Now Real Quick Time to Get into It but Call My Company Learn about How to Find It Properly. People Do That for 25755754 I Got Bless You Brother Thank You so Much. So Marianne Please Extend to Her My Most Humble Gratitude.

I Love You Guys Think so Much to My Brother I Will Talk Soon. Thanks A Lot.

Talk to You Next Week. That Was David Fisher.

As Always, Lynn and Their Generosity. Ceases to Amaze Me. This Is Steve Noble and Steve Noble Show, God Willing. I Talked Again Real Soon. Like My Dad Always Used To Say Ever for Another Program Powered by the Truth Network

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