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Making a Difference!

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April 11, 2022 10:35 am

Making a Difference!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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April 11, 2022 10:35 am

Making a Difference!

Steve talks to Pastor Neal Jackson, who is running for congress, about his candidacy. David Fischer joins for the weekly Money Monday! 

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show were biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of why your home, at work, even in politics. Steve was an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve now 634 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble had a great week and hope you had a great Sunday Resurrection Sunday coming up this week and so on Good Friday all-male make a decision in the next few hours. A good chance I'll take this Friday off, possibly best of show, but I've got some shows in the past that we did on the theology of Easter. So if I do that all I'll set that up for Friday night and were to be talking in the next five weeks a lot about politics.

We got the primary coming up here in May in North Carolina and that is a big deal.

Primary voting is pathetic, usually about 5 to 8 to 10% of the electorate shows up in votes and so be in May May 17 the Tuesday.

As always, and so that's a big deal and in their primaries in some races and not in others, but we can have a lot of different people coming through the show in the next four weeks because I believe we have a biblical mandate to be involved with politics because politics here in the American context affects our neighbor and if you say you love your neighbor then you should be engaged in politics because we know it affects our neighbors, and especially as we've learned even more so in the last 12 months.

It affects our children in terms of education, so that is becoming a bigger and bigger deal as it should be and so one of the things that we need more of, not just in Washington DC but down here in North Carolina or whatever state you might live in is more godly men and women in office to be able to juggle that into both things, especially at their pastors.

I'm not that every pastor would be a great politician but every pastor is going to have a great impact there.

Following the word of God and so that's why I would love to see more and more of them stepping up to the plate and a friend of mine is been a friend for several years is one of those pastors that is doing just that pastor Neil Jackson was at Beulah Baptist Church in Bennett North Carolina stepping up to the plate Neil Jackson for is his website Neil in the AL Jackson for the number four and NC House, a 78 Neil, thanks for calling buddy how are you. God bless you and I'm doing great appreciate Noble. All that you do a lot of bad information out there on the title of news good Christian perspective on the news.

I appreciate you and what you're doing thank you my brother and thank you for being part of that calling and in Neil is very supportive and helps with the radio ministry and so we think God for that. And then we labor together put our shoulders to the same plow, but this was this a surprise to anyone.

Neil when you decided you were to run for office. I'm sure a lot of people. You remember we went to Israel ago and our Bible teacher at Philip had on a challenge that when Jesus said those words on this rock I will build my church. The gates of hell will not prevail against any challenge to go back to America and invade this dark space that should have abandoned and just get involved in the political arena and so I did that I came back and I encourage people in my church to run and I don't know it probably for five years ago, I sat down with our state representative today. If there is ever when it comes time for you to down let me know because I would like to pray about running in your place, or at least getting another Christian conservative to run your play.

And so in December. He called it a Neil announced that I'm not run for reelection which is an expecting nobody was a rally with so when I did I called called my wife Tracy Allen McNeil are good friend to run for reelection and I thought she would try to talk me out of it.

In her words were so when you file.

We prayed about this. You think you want an opportunity to minister to people and to serve people that would never walk in the doors of our church.

This is your opportunity and so took it to the deacon and deacons blasted and in our churches.

Just been amazingly great there viewing this as a ministry of her all yeah and are totally supporting and so do we shock a lot of people absolutely, and I would be the first one that was shocked but for me it was a calling of God for Allen McNeil ever called me but died before I was up at the co-and in studying about Timothy and God clearly said Timothy. He would serve and he would go wherever Paul Senate and that night, about 2 o'clock in the morning. Got Jackson will you go wherever I send you my cat.

I love my church. I want to leave my church will you go wherever offending got you know I will. And in the next day, I got the news about this the soap to see if the calling so whatever happens if I get beat up or whatever. I know I'm called of God, and that's what I would encourage everybody to run from office don't make it about your ego make it about the calling of God upon your life because when it gets to you going to need the calling of God, that's exactly right. One of the things that I love about pastor like you. Neil run for office or talking pastor Neil Jackson is running in North Carolina house Neil Jackson for that's the number four Neil Jackson for Is this really isn't a difficult leap when you if you know the word of God as well as you do you preach it you have a podcast out there on the radio you been preaching and teaching for years.

When you know the word of God as well as you doing as well as I do not. That translates over pretty easily into the issues of the day. So when like what running your website for whatever talk about being pro-life or profamily, even pro-gun because of the value of the value and sanctity of human life. So were talking about defense in self-defense, pro-freedom and jobs in law enforcement and education. All those things are in our wheelhouse as biblical Christians. That's not that complicated is you look at America. Pastor were leading the way and number one issue I'm asked now why would a pastor is involved in politics and my answer is, why not just attorneys can get involved in left his house, why can't a conservative Bible believing Christian.

Get involved into and up what's right. My background before ministry with financial planning. So I think we gotta have good government and one thing about being a Republican is it less government and less taxes, but the think some of the greatest issues of our time or quite possibly going to come down the pike with whatever the Supreme Court on the issue and we need people who will be uncompromisingly stand strongly for life and liberty of the trying to take away our liberties every day. Yeah, that's the reality of it. So again, I would say for us as Christians. If you follow Jesus Christ. Let go of what areas should a Christian not be involved with obvious areas of sin, but when it comes to serving your neighbor to the government. That's a no-brainer for us.

That's why I'm so excited that he is running you want to put you on hold or talking pastor Neil Jackson is running for North Carolina house of the 78 district lot going on there.

Let's talk about big issues with Neil Jackson assisting Noble will be right back back is noble to Steve Noble show off to a riproaring start to be talking about politics a lot that the public arena that your neighbor making this case on the break and to bring back a pastor, Neil Jackson here just a second Neil Jackson for I got the link up for everybody. You can check it out for yourself on the Facebook live page that'll be on my regular page as well. The Steve Noble show on Facebook so I've got links there you go check it out yourself but it's Neil any AL Jackson for the number four in Neil Jackson for in the commercial break I just reminding people in the story the good Samaritan that's stopping to help the beaten and bruised and bloodied traveler is not really a matter of conscience is not an option you appointed Jesus tell that story is that all these people are your neighbors well when it comes to politics. Everybody in America is my neighbor and national level. Everybody North Carolina is my neighbor ended at a state level rebutting white counties my neighbor as a weak county level and everybody in this Senate district or that Houston they're all your neighbors and so how can you turn a blind eye to a political system that affects all your neighbors, and I think you can make a good case that we a lot of hurting people that are abused and left out in the cold and we have a lot of immorality at the at the hands of the government and so how do you not at least try and that's what you do every two years. When you go vote, you're at least trying to bring the word of God to bear in order to help your neighbors so I don't think that's a matter of conscience. I think that's a matter of obedience and some pastors are called to go right into that realm and certainly that's the case with pastor Neil Jackson, Neil. Again, thanks so much for being with us today. I appreciate it. I totally agree with you and a good neighbor, you look. The Gentile world and accepted the very first don't enter feel mad King of Kings don't introduce them at the Lord of Lord Jesus for the first time as he went about doing good and we as Christians should lead the way and just doing what's right and serving our neighbor and so I implore all of your listeners of any thousands and thousands out there listening to you. We have to get back in this public arena and we have to do is go there to stir not to be served. That's right.

What a great point to serve and not to be served by such a great opportunity Neil Jackson for so as you do the people down there in this particular district in the north, house district and you your dear churches and Bennett what you find some of the biggest issues that are facing the folks down there because the challenges they think often times, Neil. You know this because we get inundated with national issues. Sometimes we forget that we live in a state called North Carolina. So what are some of the big issues that you're running into with the folks down there that you are asking them to vote for you and probably a little bit by happily. The greatest district in the state of North Carolina.

One of the most conservative districts in North Carolina and one of the most conservative in the whole country we have a long narrow district runs about 70 miles from almost Greensboro all the way down to Pinehurst so a lot of diversity in the district. You have a huge agricultural dimension but yet you go down to Pinehurst. We have asked her where the zoo is, but you have a totally different culture and time her just seven lakes thing you do in erratic and you do in RAM store so it's just a great district and one of the testimonies that I have used about our district or county. There is a group that has risen up all called mom's of Moore County and they have just gotten frustrated with some of the decisions of our school board and base and have committed were going to take back our schools and they are leading the way and they're putting up candidates to run for school board and they are saying in no were tired of ungodly people making ungodly decisions that are detrimental to our children so we're going to get involved in this process and we're going to put Christian people and godly people on our school board and this year there there running a homeschool mom to sit on the school board in Moore County. So that I think that should be the model that Christians come back and take politics and Christians get involved. But ready for the mom would challenge the dancewear of the dads of our county stand up and say it no know we will be the spiritual leaders and we will get involved in this public arena, but will take anything that we can get the last calibrate our mom's of Moore County. Yeah I would love to see not just there in Moore County but all of the state of North Carolina become front in terms of a mom's getting involved in all parents getting involved, let's turn it on. The one big Loudoun County, Virginia, where they find out what's really what's going on in Moore County.

They have fouled a novel and there's so well at school board meetings and they are emailing and thank you note these are our children. We know what's best for our children, not some government bureaucrat in Washington or in Raleigh so I celebrate what the yes it's not something you mentioned the life position earlier Neil and everybody needs to know coming up.

Probably in June. Working to get a ruling of the Supreme Court on directly affect Roe versus Wade. IIII don't think they can overturn it.

But I do think they're going to restricted this is pushing back to the state level. So should we just blow off the life issue and just leave it to DC or does that matter here in the state of North Carolina as well in terms of governance, North Carolina band abortion at 20 weeks. If you look there are three other states that have really taken from leadership involve a ban abortion at 12 weeks and then the Texas heartbeat will band for approximately six weeks, but Oklahoma the most conservative pro-life state in our country has just done a total ban of abortion in Oklahoma. So my word, and what I wouldn't Encourage all of our colleagues in Raleigh is we have to go bold and last listing and unashamedly for life and and let's get everything that we can and for abolishing abortion if we can abolish it, then let's do the six week. If we can't do six week let's do 12, but for as much as we possibly can get. And we cannot go week need to face well company may do this and this company may may not come to North Carolina.

I believe the favor of Almighty God and the hand of God's protection is more important to North Carolina than what any company may do I want to encourage all of my colleagues let's go bold for righteousness and godliness and let God protect us. That's right, it is just all we need to do is be still, and God will fight for us as we read in the book of Exodus and I love that that's such a great way of looking at it jealously. We all should. How can we help you we got about a minute about a little over minute left.

How can we help you. How can we support you in what you're doing trying to run from the house, prayer, and not a clich.

If I had choose between prayer and people knocking doors for me to preach people making phone calls for me. People write checks for me. We need all of the above but by far, this is this is spiritual warfare and there are forces in their enemies that are not excited about a Christian conservative bold Christian I'm not a bomb thrower.

I'm not trying to get headlines. I don't want to run for president. I want to serve my community, but there is spiritual opposition. So I would just ask your listeners pray for Neil Jackson if you're in every list are listening today with with just give me 32nd God bless deals accents take this call. What what yes that would say to me yeah financially that's right. Whatever would be a great help. Yeah, we got a pray prayers. Don't ever discount the power prayer.

That's most powerful weapon we have prayed volunteer and give you all of that it Neil Jackson for NC.or Neil God bless you brother will have you on again before the primary back is noble. Coming soon to a school near you. This is happening in New Jersey. This step in on this September. This September in New Jersey to require second graders learn about gender identity New Jersey public schools that graders will be getting lessons related to gender identity. This fall under state sex education guidelines that will take effect in September. The standards listed performance expectations. The range of ways people express their gender and gender role stereotypes may limit behavior once will district in the state distributed sample lesson plans indicating first-graders could be taught.

They have boy parts but feel like a girl.

One lesson plan, purple, pink and blue instructs teachers to talk to their first-graders about gender identity and its first objective is to have the students be able to define gender, gender identity and gender role stereotypes okay this is so Setanta and so evil. This is child abuse. This is why God bless Florida the legislature down there and Gov. Rhonda Santos passing the bill to Satan. No kindergarten students first and second grade I was 1/3 and fourth grade maybe in fifth grade. They don't need to be indoctrinated in this garbage.

This crazy stuff this deviant worldview. This is the progressive left. This is the Democrat party okay so I'll leave that on your side of the table. If you're a follower of Christ and in you support the Democrat party got have to deal with this stuff more more okay because they are all over this. So let's listen to this is a teacher from New Jersey she's on Twitter sharing some environments inside information that play to other things for you to get you sufficiently disturbed and angry and sick OKC understand the truth what's happening out there and I've got some shows coming up on the flat I asked the question I've asked before she how can we keep sending our kids the public school system.

At this point. I mean, this is not an isolated incident. This is happening and more more places. It's all over the place were just finding out about it slowly, but you're okay, here's a teacher New Jersey go teacher New Jersey here I have a lot of people reaching out to me about the changes that were made in New Jersey for the new health curriculum to be implemented in September and I'm just going to share some things that have been sent to me. I do have children of my own, one being a second-grader. So here's an example of next year, when a first grade lesson might look like. It's called pink, blue, purple, and you can see it's slated for first grade to take about 30 minutes and the range of ways people express their gender. So the objective is to define gender and gender identity and gender role stereotypes and you can pause and try to read the Scriptures and the teacher there to hold up to greeting cards for newborn baby and me then diagram showing the stereotypes of boys and girls and then talk to them about how you could feel like you're a girl.

Even if you have what's called the boy parts were girl parts and you can feel like a girl even if you have boy parts and it has them break into smaller groups with a Venn diagram and make lists of things girls play with versus what boys play with things they could both play with and then talk about the stereotyping. Great design and it's okay for anyone to play with anything that they want on regardless of what type of toy. This was sent to me from a post through Holly HFC to put it out there in the dropbox links link so you can search her on Facebook and get the dropbox link to see Sharon going to be pushed out actually other one that is concerning a lot of parents is me if you go to YouTube and type in on me to give you all of the video clips that are designed for teachers to be able to show in class, so determining him around and chasing of the titles. There were some concerns that one of the videos talks about porn and how it's okay and it's free. Okay.) Will separate their that's what I did when I watched us over the weekend so you go to YouTube and then you go to amaze, and you find out how you look at the company online. look at yourself immediately what I want to do is on the go look at their schools partnering with amaze okay and he sealed his international group and you keep coming down and I like I don't know what this is all I know at this is International Planned Parenthood Federation, I know what that is. International Planned Parenthood Federation and set in the southeast Asia region.

Okay international plan.

Here's another one queer lexicon, there's no and if I if you coming down here is the love matters member of the love matters, global network that's an LGBT Q organization on and on and on a goatskin that's amaze and particular cartoon she's talking about. This is for little kids fourth grade.

Okay at the oldest, but they're pushing this down to these teachers that are teaching first and second grades of this could show up there this once this this one's about porn is porn okay this is a cartoon animated cartoon for little kids in school. Okay, pushed out by amaze, okay you ready I play this can be disturbing anybody watching poor that's a little person for watching me know. Watching porn didn't make you a bad person means you're curious, it's normal to want to know about Jackson naked body. I mean look at this guy just realized that her second okay this is I'm running to get in trouble right because I just played that on Facebook and YouTube and on the air, just stop and then then the stuff that they're showing in this cartoon you can't see it on air, but you can see on Facebook. I mean it's graphic and disgusting and this is for. If you go to the amaze website and go to their YouTube page there to say this is for like fourth graders, but they're pushing this material out to teachers of Canada going first and second grade and so when you have some teachers that are as whacked out assemblies creep teachers are do you think they're not going to use that. Believe me, I threw those of you on Facebook live and YouTube live, you just saw where that was going okay. That's a cartoon for little kids showing things like extreme versions.

It's not. It's so Setanta it's so dark it's so evil. This is grooming grooming to a worldview it's grooming. It's child abuse is what it is.

Okay, let's play the this the trans teacher who talks to their kindergarten class kindergarten.

This is in Boston played out. I am a man when I was a baby.

The doctors told my parents I was a girl. And so my parents gave me a name that girls typically have and bought me close. The girls typically where and until I was 18 years old.

Everyone thought I was a girl and this was super, super uncomfortable for me because I knew that wasn't right. The way I like to describe is like wearing a super itchy sweater. The longer you wear it each year it gets in the only way to make the itching stop is to have everyone see and know the person that you really are. So when I was 18.

I told my family and my friends that I'm really a boy.

It was like this huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders and I had the freedom to be who I truly am.

And even though this experience is super challenging. Sometimes I am. It may be a person I am and I'm super proud to be transgender. I may see this video you'll sit there go all this looks like a guy in his mid-20s. This is a girl who's obviously starting at 18 started undergoing all the procedures that are this so dark and so crazy and so disturbing is getting all jacked up with testosterone so that she can grow facial hair. She probably had a double mastectomy. Who knows what happened below the belt dresses like a boy he combs her hair like a boy.

He claims to be a boy. And that's a kindergarten teacher that was on a zoom call with the class.

I'm so proud to be transgendered and then my and my parents and the doctors got it wrong because when I was born they saw.

I had girl body parts is essentially what he's doing and they were wrong and there's another lesson where the like, yeah, the DTD base. Here's what happens. Your your born. He said that your born, and then the doctors guess your gender to guess your gender, what is that an Audi or in any okay Audi boy. Any girl and like one and 1/2 to 2% of children or babies are intersects and most of those never manifested in any way that significant. So don't that's no big deal. Okay, don't even think about that that's that's a red herring okay to distraction. But there exited the doctors then guess and then later on, you figured out you forgot what your gender and then if you stay. If you have an Audi staple your cyst gender goes on to explain all this kind of stuff and that's that's kindergarten okay that's kindergarten so amaze takes the awkward out of sex and real info and fun animated videos that give you all the answers you actually want to know about sex your body and relationships. This is for parents and for educators. Okay, you go to the website you'll see educators and parents and go down here and you can start looking at their stop educator toolkits you can look at their videos and this is what's out there in this letter, pushing down to second graders and under in New Jersey because there tell you go. Use amaze.

Here's one of the tools for you go use that there is no great sexuality in tech toolkit that's you it's crazy.

Go look for yourself up at the amaze link on hearing go look for yourself. You'll get educated and then what we all need to do. If you have kids in the public school system. You need to assume this is in their and then go try to prove that it isn't.

Don't assume that it's not in there because I think what were finding out is that it's all over the place. Assume that it is in the go try to prove that it isn't start asking questions.

It's child abuse will be right back and will show I hope paid attention when I when I do shows like the last segment I just did talk about what's going on in New Jersey and playing a video and that if you could see the video on radio, I would've got in trouble and that the video that they're pushing out to elementary school students right on the country amazes big organization, the pushing it down to the local school levels and that's the kind of garbage that's going on with all these little kids out there and you.

Like I said before the break and will get to David. You have to assume the stuff is in your public school and then go try to prove that it isn't guilty until proven innocent. Sorry and flipping it because we've seen enough now all over this country several years ago.

Writer wake County. We had some parents approach us a call to action before radio and there like any of my my first grader.

My second greater my fourth grader and I couldn't read that stuff on the air.

Audi got fined by the FCC, but they can poured into your kids brains or your grandkids brains. This is child abuse, institutional child abuse from the Oval Office on down. Okay, that's what it is.

Don't try to back.

Don't try to smooth that over.

It is as bad as I'm saying it okay. Pay attention get involved and ultimately it's a get your kids out of public school system has its it's only getting worse and I sitting on the side us got our good friend David Fisher for Monday Monday update David how are you buddy I'm doing good. Before the breakdown blown away when I'm hearing before the program and other news sources and you taught it altogether.

Thank you for about hell man you're welcome. I wish I didn't have to talk about the stuff that's we live in. And so, when, where and when I'm struggling. As I started the morning in Scripture it's good to come back to Scripture, and it so power, especially here in a passion week, as were in between Palm Sunday and resurrection Sunday, but let's start there. So we get our compass straight before we talk about what's going on in the news remark in verse 3738. The backdrop of on the cross and it shows in verse 37 and uttered a loud cry and breathed his last, and the veil of the temple was torn in two from top to bottom show one people browse over the Scripture is so important. Video is a piece of cloth that shoe just like 30 feet high and it's 5 inches thick and it's made out of linen can't be torn. It used to be cut to and it was there for two separate God from man Miller was the high priest of the time was the only person that was allowed to go behind this veil once a year to offer offerings for God would bring for forgiveness and Jesus. Obviously was the Lamb of God and shed his blood veil was torn from top to bottom is literally impossible representative that God is sending a message loud and clear all want body to come to know me and have a relationship, you'll have to go through but your rituals Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.

I don't preach and require but also are saved in a walk with the Lord.

Let nothing stand between you and the presence of God because the doors wide open.

Now there's no more veil so we see light. This is the great promise of the Lord has given us in the Scriptures, the list is a great week to celebrate his resurrection and what it does for us yet.

No more middleman. I don't need to go to the previous pastor I can get right to the CEO. I have direct access to the creator of the universe and that was the beauty of that feeling torn from the top of the bottom so that nobody could question what just happened there but it gave us direct access to Jesus Christ, amen to that such a great message as we approach Easter this Sunday so a lot going on in the news, the big R word keeps coming up session recession recession we've been talking about it for several weeks, so give us an update please David Meltzer show Deutsche Bank the Lord break in the world are economists and also the head of the research team will said that the recession is coming within the next two years there. So the slowdown will happen in the United States in a recession MS going to spill over to much of the rest of the world. Others have, amount should very similar things you should previously Deutsche Bank should benefit and result looks to be recessionary and they said this on to Tuesday called the US economy is expected to take a major from the extra Fed tightening by late next year and early 2024." The only ones William Cooperman right after the 30 minutes you the billionaire. We talked about him before recorded saying go get some gold this time called the market has a lots of room for downside." Others have come out J.P. Morgan Powerball from a bowl marked club and Nick over to spin advocate always buy stocks when it in the low one you know takes a downturn Meltzer time the body will use change in his tomb and J.P. Morgan's prime brokerage section which is the one that's responsible for overseeing hedge funds your clients are telling all their hedge fund clients so every single time you see your belly and act like a retail investor office of the retail investors are typically selling in the Raleigh going on there.

Jeremy Grantham, billionaire, you should on Bloomberg recently stocks are in the Super Bowl. Super bubbles can really wipe you out like 1929 show this in an interview on Bloomberg news usually expect the S&P to drop 50% and probably as much as 70%. I say all that to say this, I'm not telling you to get everything out of the box. Just be careful. There are some markets emerging market, so they're saying is good there is to be and I'm not going to put all your money in gold. I'm telling you to be doing fine that the key in this environment.

That's what a great point and so as we talked to David Fisher for Myanmar capital Lynn is as always for website so speaking leaders last week, the Fed Gov. one of Brainerd gave gave some insight into the Fed so what did she say and what can we take from that little Brainerd and she should quote. Currently, inflation is much too high, or what a difference when we heard from all over your students entering winter cold quote and is subject to upside risk.

She said the Federal open market committee is prepared to take stronger action indications were inflation or inflation expectation expectations indicate that such action is warranted. Some awful words but what she basically said his pay.

It's all worse than what we thought were going to have to do several things.

She went on to say the unwind. The balance sheet faster affect all FOMC members are now finally in agreement that the Federal Reserve will have to move much faster pace in showing the dead of the treasures that the bobbin 9.3 trillion as the bell lost 200 points, the date it was last Tuesday. NASDAQ was down 2% of the couple percent today. All the markets were down at the end of the week it was a losing weight for Wall Street is starting off a losing week. Just be careful in this environment because again we broke all the support levels. The 200 day moving average and the S&P and another support level and the NASDAQ. The 50 day moving average. So there it looks like there's more downside serious trouble on the horizon.

We can talk about a little oil in Russia a lot in the rest in the longer accepting dollars for oil.

So what's happening there choices make this really simple Steve, if you fill up your car with gas and you can go to one side of your town and fill it up for $12 a gallon or move or drive to the other side of town and fill it up for $6.50 which one you're going to fill up your gas tank at six dollars. Maybe so, let's put some zeros behind it.

If you're buying oil globally is a country from Saudi Arabia that's currently run hundred $20 a barrel. If you're buying oil from Russia you can find dollars anymore euros you can pay in rubles gold or Yen or converge to the Moscow change your dollars or euros for those three things, and by oil as the day is long, but pay $65 discount. This is why the world is moving away from the dollars they have this financial incentive. I never thought it would be this clear.

But that's where we are right now and that's where were going out. Unfortunately, some dollar problem in keeping the world status of the world is called the goal is a big boomerang that comes back to affect all of us.

What about gold and silver.

What are they doing because this is obviously we we I often bring out the teeter totter what someone in versus the other hand her a sailboat where the regular market can equities are your big sales up above the what's beneath the boat. Do you have a keel under there anything ballasted that balances you out what's gold and silver to Robert Shockey group of big selling all routes transported to coming recession recession is coming in the US and the dollar is going to implode uses recessions and crashes coming also says you will prepare them diversified into gold, silver, Goldman Sachs came out and said $2500 an ounce room chiding a perfect storm by the end of the year.

One of her head generals Mark Miley said last week before the House armed services are about gold would be just said this whole thing with Russia is not measured in days, weeks or months, rather years, so this environment is not going to change in the nearest time soon. I think he knows, and have a lot more insight than you and I are significantly show clear scapegoats for the long bull markets and models and probably some retractions in stock knelt down to call my company and diversified information 4604257560425754 I my brother thank you so much God bless you. Thanks for your insight and your wisdom. We always appreciate you and happy Easter amen you too my friend he is risen, risen indeed, such an awesome message. I love you and will talk you later.

Thanks so much, that was David Fisher, Lynn is always noble the Steve Noble shelf back tomorrow. Tina stopped the somebody to grew up in a communist country Romanian came here from the great story will be back tomorrow. God willing, I'll see you like my dad always said another program powered by the Truth Network

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