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More Disney Queer!

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April 8, 2022 7:08 pm

More Disney Queer!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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April 8, 2022 7:08 pm

More Disney Queer!

Steve talks about Disney and how they are accepting the LGBTQ+ community and making/changing the face of their Company.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network one time Noblesville were biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of three no sacred cows call Steve now 634 true 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble back on my show to help come up if you ever had a desire to work at Disney, to help you with your terminology through a glossary of terms him to play a couple of inspiring videos for you so I can help you get woke so that if you're trying to communicate effectively in the modern world and step out of your Neanderthal medieval like thinking and communication style. Steve Noble is your guy okay Solomon help you out today, but first working to talk about Elon musk just launch some guys in the space, not that long ago. Just earlier today so back up to the international space station taking up for astronauts there today. Elon musk and then they he just said to the grand opening I think last night down in Texas of a new facility where he's going to be building their crazy looking spaceship looking truck there there Tesla truck the space truck or whatever you call that it's really funky and then Elon.

We talked a lot this last week buying up about a 9% stake in twitter 9.2% which cost him about $3 billion and that happened and then about a being, but a boom and I think this is pretty smart. Hunt twitters part they ask him to join the board. So now Elon musk, who's been critical of twitter and twitter's policies and their procedures buys up becomes the single biggest shareholder sure owner gets on the board. So the question in the article written by my buddy Brooke Medina at the World Bank magazine as well as the John Locke foundation here North Carolina. Can Elon musk save social media. What a great question. What a great article, I shared earlier this week I broke some throw to your out there in beautiful sunny California. First of all, what you doing in California. Thanks for calling. It's great to hear from you and will talk about Elon having been doing on my hotel room window right now.

Playing in the wind, but they well bring them in law Angela had a chief marketing officer, and though I have been working with other like-minded communication professionals across the world what I'm talking about ways in which we can advance liberty and on. You know, we theorize we are being arise.

What I would call it liberalism, and what I mean by that is, countries and government that are not getting liver key to their on their status stands and their clamping down.

The world is actually trending last free that while even five years ago. This is a problematic stuff working with other think tank leaders and Jakarta each lead in under arrest. All across United they working together and collaborating in her sweet time.

Yeah, that's awesome and that's encouraging but that's encouraging to you Brooke. I know when we have the world you that we have.

Whether were talking as followers of Jesus Christ are as people that are patriotic Americans but with our eyes wide open. We we don't gloss over that the nasty little dirty things about the history of this nation or any of its imperfections today, but we do love liberty and freedom and that's encouraging to hear that were not alone and that this people not only across the country, but across the world that does see things similarly and then just want to have a free society where we have a free exchange of ideas that's that's super encouraging to me. I hope that's encouraging to you in the hotel lobby with Canadians and Australian the other day talking you know, shooting the breeze. In some ways the late John Holland and oil and energy security for your you know on the faith of Russian aggression and I what Ukrainian culture by alarm. Now there's a lot there's a lot at you right now they're only that, especially right now is that it hombre time is not a time to give up hope and I second that notion.

Of course saw a great article in world magazine. I just posted it again on Facebook and Elon musk save social media seeking a healthy competitive landscape instead of heavy-handed government intervention. Great article Brooke and thank you for writing it so your take of us are taken will talk about on the other side a break to just I personally first heard that Elon complaining about twitter while being on twitter and then he buys a 9.2% stake and then after you wrote your article, he ends up on the board. So what what your first take on this and will talk about because there's a lot of layers are to unpack here for my birthday came here for that.

I think a lot Florida. The public reaction.

Of course not, where the public reaction has been largely favorable, particularly among those that are center-right. I'm but all younger audience that is on twitter on my follow a lot as I became more innovative thinking that event, it might interest the centerleft younger folks on twitter, but they really were back you online and on. So I think anyone is not only financially acquit that I would say to strategically in a position where they can wield influence and how to go toe to toe with some of putting quality of the day. I think I think you might be a good fit for you. Certainly a flawed individual like like the rest of that. I don't know much about his larger, broader worldviews that he's an innovator.

He's an entrepreneur you got money, but he also is willing to take absurdities had on his IQ gone after the SEC the securities exchange commission multiple times on generator and a kind font that then legal water, no, no one stranger to the government moving in and attacking his own child.

Granted that had to do with insider trading claims and things like that but nonetheless I he's kind of any unique patient so I'm curious to you with that but that newfound power.

Yeah such an interesting case study because they know you got a lot of use and this is why build space X on the reasons he built space axis because he is a firm believer that our environmental future is is bleak at best. And so we gotta find another planet to live on is hopeful it's Mars and so you know he's he's out there on the left and some of his areas, but in some other areas like with twitter, and free speech and even governance his challenge to the UN is like a all pony up billions of dollars if I can track what you do with every single dollar of it. Then, on the other sites got them so sometimes the right is cheering on Elon musk. Sometimes the left, which makes them agree. If you really the perfect person to play this game to step up and challenge not only was going on with twitter, but social media in general. Talking to Brooke Medina from the John Locke foundation, which is here in North Carolina but also writing for world magazine about California right now bro, put on hold or pick it up there when we come back a lot to talk about can Elon musk.

They social media goodness gracious with mapping times will be right back.

So yes indeed Friday 5 PM via podcast via Facebook. Live your YouTube live happy to be your bristly. I'm happy to be in this fight every day of the week or freedom. Yes for liberty. Yes, ultimately, for the sake of the gospel to engage all these issues with a biblical worldview and with an eye on the prize, which is to try to maintain a decent ambassadorship as a follower of Jesus Christ so that we can bring the truth to bear with grace and then the be a moral voice in the world. This can consistently beginning trying to eliminating the notion of morality. By the way, like I was down at shepherd's church here in the North Carolina area in Cary, North Carolina Stephen Davey incredible pastor I speaking to Solomon's porch last night was the men's ministry they have. But every once a while twice a year, though, will open it up to the wives and everybody else. And so they did that for me being there last night and I was reminding them of truth and grace and that ultimately the Gospels a moral solution to a moral problem moral problem being the violation of God's moral law. So the gospel which satisfies justice which is morality is the deal. It's a moral law. It's a moral law in a moral sense of satisfaction moral solution.

So in them that sits America and around the world to get Brooke Medina Ray Becker as we down the road of just eliminating any notion of immoralities. So if you tell somebody your average woke type person post-Christian in America that they need a Savior they need saving because they don't really see a whole Lotta immorality anymore, especially not in themselves, then there like why do I need a Savior. So it's one of the roles that we have in loving our neighbors is to be a beacon of truth spoken with grace and that's what I do.

That's why the bristly notion is on there and I would say that the Brooke Medina is also one of those Brooke bristly type folks out there trying to speak the truth in this dark crazy world began. Brooke, thanks for calling and thanks for your time and I've never been referred to critically think I got your back okay so Eli must what can happen here because I know we had this discussion before. When you been in the studio, and I neither one of us is for really heavy-handed government tactics. A lot of times in this conversation were talking about section 230, which is a 25-year-old law that kinda shields Facebook and Twitter are they a publisher can we yell free speech of these guys if you're in trying to counsel Elon musk as he sitting in a board meeting at twitter Brooke, how would you handle that where you were.

You hope he goes with this great first and foremost, I would have five years already well with pre-lit with private property right. They are, they are both what they right now in conversation. The one hapless conversation, especially those in our world on derivative kind of thing is on our our our desire to protect the right and ensure that people voice is especially reasonable voices that are thinking that we could easily five years ago and people on the left that I know it, you know, without anyone batting an eye on these are important to preserve. On the other hand, we also have another issue that we have to contend with nuts private property rights and businesses to what degree to businesses get to decide how people behave in their physical property or their digital properties that we have if we look at wet night platform does digital home or digital conference room even say over those things in this kind of like the messiness your elegant and I would say on the government front, which is why I make the argument that I I would advise you, not to government action. It's interesting now because Facebook or AK meta-nowadays. Twitter, former CEO Jack Dorsey as well as Google CEO. All seem very comfortable with government thing in and starting to create these different on these different regulations and give them guidance which is interesting because they are willing to give up some of their liberties, the CEO in exchange for government getting guidance.

Why is that why don't know why that have a good guess just knowing how oftentimes these actors work because it day you are successful in getting the government to increase regulations around social media, government service, didn't dare probably going to be able to etch out editors competitors cannot afford to hire staff keep up with all of these regulation will happen with the PPP money back with COBIT and COBIT. Also as part of this conversation. When you're labeling things, misinformation, disinformation when you know that in order to have freedom, or even have science then you have to be willing and able to kinda challenge everything is you will. Here's my hypothesis okay what here's my hypothesis and that we test them against each other. They did mean that but it's such an it's such an important point because when I'm teaching students every week. Brooke would really bring this up and people. Yeah, free speech, free speech on my cool okay on second you want to store it.

You guys are probably too young to remember the signs that said, no shoes, no shirt, no service. Are you tell me a start is never right to run itself.

The way it wants to do you really think that you can demand free speech when you're at twitter they don't have to give it you.

You don't have to be there. You can go somewhere else, but we know that it's so influential at this point.

So is there is there any room in this conversation; common sense Brooke to go of these things are so twitter's so influential it's so important it's a big part of the social media culture that actually we should be able to enforce what we would generally think of as public free-speech rights even though it's basically cortical private health business where and I recommend that we we need more competitive social media platforms that are viable, actuated to provide such a thing, whether it twitter or an entirely new social media platform where it what I would recommend is that the market continue to allow innovations on the Sprint which means that people are actually going to need to be vigilant again and that as an googles of the world ending lobbyist trying to lobby for more Internet regulation on and so what I would say is we need more social media platforms become the market and those ones are still going to have to have their own terms of service that will happen if anyone is actually going out on because we don't want like gratuitous silent, readily visible horrible like violent pornography, like those are things that most people do not want media. Speaking those out there have to be some terms of service. Even truth. Social trump media service has terms of service and actually really long. I read them on and so it is just common for half that. But we don't need ones that are no far to the left and even say a man is the man and woman is a woman right yeah because that'll get you in twitter jail these days to tie up the point about the PPP dollars. Most of that winter. Larger businesses because in order to comply and understand all the rules and regulations.

You have to have staff to be able to handle that, so that's a great point and I appreciate you making that these big social media companies already have the people that go ahead.

Government provide all kinds of regulation because were the only ones I can afford to hire the people Artie have the people that can make sure we comply with that. Anybody else trying to enter the market. You can even afford to comply.

So you lock everybody out. So we are to be really careful. It all depends on whose ox is getting gored.

When it comes to government intervention can Elon musk.

They social media got the links up for world magazine. Brooke Medina is always excellent work. Thank you for being on system will look forward to talking again soon. I will talk soon, I was Brooke Medina, a John Locke foundation here in North Carolina and then also ready for world magazine great talent great woman of God in front of the program. We appreciate her wisdom when we come back and help you get more wiser woke up little feeling to chill out here yet another crazy week of make sure all continuing to pray, I will come back. By the late Steve Noble to Steve Noble show the Steve Noble were the podcast of it is where regular podcasts were all over the place there.

Plus you can do a Facebook Liber YouTube live and be right here in the studio with our really groovy rainbow flag Mickey Mouse ears behind us on the screen and the back wall bathed in pink.

As I turned the corner to discuss some more stuff about going on a Disney and people been saying in and as as the stock is posted online.

People are saying hey Disney pedophiles.

For years I've known this for years. God showed me 30 years ago the Disney totally given over bubble bubble any silly symbolisms in the movies and the characters and the characters all about this that nothing okay I'm not. I'm still not easily persuaded to go down some of these what I would call conspiracy like thinking okay no offense if that's you, but for me personally and we see what we want to see okay.

We all have confirmation bias. We all struggle with intellectual honesty okay because we just are so passionate about the way we see the world so that some of those things.

To some extent may be true in the past, but Disney is in a whole new level in the stop.

Christopher Rufo is doing great investigative journalism so somehow he's got some contacts inside Disney that there grab and the video of these inside the Disney imagining their future conversations like these giant massive zoo meetings are having, which is all LGBT QI a plus plus plus plus plus plus plus plus plus.

And now, this is become corporate policy, working to change characters were changing directions. The full embrace of this sexual deviant gender anarchy, which takes you right to the garden so you know, the architect of that is that's right from Satan himself, and they're just all embracing it all in the open and that's this that so I posted the video Chris Rufo got these on to take you through these roots, short okay so start with this one. Start with the by romantic, asexual, or some terms and phrases here. These are people that work in Disney high up. Here some phrases here that I will help you understand what you're listening to okay but here's the first one the by romantic asexual article I identifiers like by romantic asexual. I've had a lot of really good about myself this year kinda facilitated by how comfortable I felt on the proud family and with my media team at the VA and said system. I this creative dissonance between my personal experience where I feel so safe and so supportive at me like I was a light in the closet like I'm real out now. I like outside of my team outside of TVA. It's just it feels like the things that we believe that were trying to put into the shows are not overseeing in the real world and yet you where space still thinking I want to use my content to let go deeper like she wants to use her tongue concert to go deeper like more gay, more trends, more everything okay so she's like I'm not seeing it out there in the world world to talk about Disney TBA Garrity with the Disney TVA which is Walt Disney television animation.

Okay, what does a television animation so all their animated shows that's Disney TBA she saying that I'm a by romantic asexual. That means I'm like I can be in relationships of all kinds of people. People of my gender people of the other gender male female not necessarily romantic, sometimes romantic, sometimes not. So I'm a by romantic, asexual, and boy it's were doing a lot of stuff in here but I'm seed out there in the real world when I get them were sent to say about that.

Okay customers. This is a Disney employee who works with Disney television animation completely out there and talk about a man which to keep increasing. Basically all the content on Disney animation on television to make. I guess the real world look more like their deviant world and in messed up thinking and and deep psychological problems.

Okay so that's the first let's go to black queer trends.

This is another Disney employee. Okay this is from Matt reimagine tomorrow which is the name of this Disney series that are doing Christopher Rufo that investigative journalist Paul Alyssa. Okay, let's play this on black queer trends want emotional percent.

There's always a fear of crying in public but I just decided to accept that this is who I am. But in addition to that the fact of how painful this is been and as a black person and as a black queer person and as a black queer and trans person unit to do the work of holding the company accountable means unpacking my own pain for somebody else to learn and that is really hard to do without knowing that it's going to get better and so if I'm to continue to do this and continue to show up and play myself there for the benefit of my colleagues in our leadership.

I want to know that something is going to be done about it so I don't feel this way anymore so I don't feel this way anymore, so that we don't feel this way anymore which is a phrase I picked up a week ago called malignant narcissism. I'm not denying that this young ladies identifies as black queer and trans that her experiences are valuable because they are she's been through pain she's been through rejection.

All that stuff that matters. It should matter to you as a Christian it matters to the Lord. The reasons behind it is another subject, but the fact that she feels pain in a broken world. And she herself as I was to broken matters that should touch your heart. If you're Christian but like the whole world owes it to her.

Disney owes a tour to the make all this right that's malignant narcissism it's all about her at the expense of what at the expense of taking kindergarten through third graders and teach them all about the sexually deviant messed up worldviews, which is exactly what DeSantis and the Florida legislature is fighting back against why they hate the Florida legislature in DeSantis. Is he saying no. I'm sorry this is not normal is not healthy is not good and especially don't need to be dumping all the stuff in the kindergarten through third graders Disney wants to do it as a that it's becoming there their profile, their corporate MO okay so let's go to this on. This is the guy that's talking about gender expression or listen to this phrase. Gender affirmation procedures okay supporting this via Disney go areas, gender expression, doing all this work to ensure that our employees and can express their gender zero and probably at the company so you guys how to change your photo information about pronouns working with our benefits team to get information about gender affirmation procedures for employees who were transitioning entrance but also our employees who have kids who were transitioning okay that harkens back to what Biden was saying the other day and transgender special day or whatever it is, every day is a specialty apparently so benefits talking about benefits for employees and kids. Gender affirmation procedures.

Okay let me tell you what those are, because I was a friend for years. While tires been on the show many times he went to sex reassignment surgery than it has much undone as he could. Below the belt above the belt. So let's say you have a 14-year-old son and you you work at Disney that looks like Disney is going in the direction where they have a part of their health care benefits is there to help pay for your sons gender affirmation procedures which would include eliminating all the regular plumbing underneath the belt and up above when a man goes through this because he wants to go all in with being a trans woman that the man the police. He should be a woman then they get breast implants up up up okay so now Disney talk about. That's part of the benefits package. That's what Joe Biden was talking about just the other day that he would like to see the federal government go down that road and it's disturbing is that is with women in there to get testosterone treatments and a double mastectomy. There's a story of a 13 girl had a double mastectomy because her parents bought into the transgender thing gender dysphoria and said well the thing we need to do according to the present night states.

This is what he said last week, the most loving thing a parent can do is affirm their child's identity and if you really love your kids and your to figure out a way to pay for having her 13-year-old daughter get a double mastectomy so that she looks more like a boy since that's what she is.

The Emperor has no clothes and not get the federal government wants to fund and that's what they're talking about a Disney and here's the one of the high up corporate execs. We heard her video last week talk about nobody stopped us to talk about her former employee and in targeting Jens Ian millennial's on. There's a number you're going to hear and then I'll talk about in the other side of the breakout free-form is very much in the brand of free-form should be the tip of the spear when it comes to inclusion and and we like you II mean, we jumped up and down.

We celebrated that nobody stopped as an great and and in part I think nobody stopped us because we were on the returning Jens E millennial spirit, heart, and I think more open-minded and now we know now is my son text me this morning.

Jens he is 30 to 40% clearer than the other generations. Mom said as he okay so now Disney policy is being is it being affected by that. She's a high up Disney exact and she said in her previous video that got leaked out by Christopher Rufo that both her kids one is trans and the other one is queer gay and so now the teller hated my generations 30 to 40% clearer then your generations at Disney better get with it and in that statement it was some of the stats all share the underside of the break. I'm in a tell you what does matter how many people cancel Disney plus it doesn't matter how many people stop going to the Disney theme parks. I believe that this that they're doing this for virtue, signaling that the CEO is being held hostage by this malignant narcissism, but from a money standpoint you think your we think were going to hurt them by canceling Disney plus and all that stuff and hurting their stock. I'm telling you they think they're making a great financial move in him and explained that on the other side of the brave bigot start all make it clear that I don't know show in Turkey and I know in sometimes a struggle with being super snarky about this stuff because just so ridiculous and on another level. It's disgusting dark it's degenerate its debauchery is there's I mean it's just so whacked out in so many different ways as were talking through what's going on with Disney and all the LGBT QI a plus plus plus plus plus fullbore no stops pedal to the metal corporate policy of this company that Walt Disney himself.

I just would have a heart attack. I would imagine all the share a quote from Walt Disney before he finished today about what's happening here so you have all these people talking to gender expression, gender affirmation procedures black where trans I'll take it to some terminology to help you get more woke and then targeting Jens E because remember Jens E. 15 to 25-year-old somewhere in that range in America now about 30% of them are saying yeah I'm LGBT QI a plus plus plus somewhere that continue and that's virtue signaling stuff that's kinda telling the whole world. I'll be whoever I want to be thinking very much is very similar to what happened in the 1960s and there's no shame anymore, so there's no problem just identifying yeah I'm pansexual yeah I'm clear on this. I'm that because that means you're kinda woke your cut open and you don't, you're not shackled by the moral restraints of the past which makes you a 21st-century Renaissance man or woman or pansexual or whatever you write so that's all purchasing way trying to make yourself feel like a great person because you know you're not because in your DNA is the image of God and so everybody knows he exists. Romans chapter 1, I was go back to Romans chapter 1 okay so here's the deal. This is this the seal Disney and in this. Now he's reading his you can tell this was written for him and you could tell he was reading a Teleprompter even though sitting in his office or whatever and he's addressing this whole crowd in this big reimagined tomorrow thing which is where all their LGBT Q radical stuff is coming out at Disney and you can just tell he's just a groveling pandering virtue, signaling CEO is being held hostage by malignant narcissism. Narcissism is all about me about my feelings all about me being mad about the culture that rejects me or makes fun of me or whatever me me me me me me me me me and they're all important. But I'm telling it I think they're making a financial investment as well and I'll explain that her second okay here's the CEO of Disney go you for joining us today. I really appreciate you taking time out of your day for this very important session. By now I hope you've all read my most recent note which I pledged to be a better ally for the LGBT Q plus community apologize for not being ally that you needed me to be and committed to ensuring that our company lives up to its values.

I meant every word and that's were here to talk about today pander, I know that we've got work to do and that work starts with listening really bad actor. I'm glad the company will hear from today's panel.

LGBT Q plus employees and I hope that you are is impacted.

As I've been by the voices that have heard over the past few weeks I've written many emails have been sent spoken with LGBT Q plus employees and their allies met with advocacy groups and convene my own leadership team and I've been taken by the honesty and openness and urgency of their stories. I want you to know that your words have made a real impact on me. I understand that we've made mistakes in the pain that those mistakes of cost and I that our silence wasn't just about to build Florida what about every time an individual or institution that should've stood up for this community did not find the leadership team are determined to use this moment as a catalyst for more meaningful and lasting change. We've heard many suggestions on how to do that and we are working to move quickly.

I want to thank the LGBT QI A+ advisory Council their allies and everyone else who submitted ideas on how we can take action. I am convening a meeting with all my direct reports and representatives of the advisory Council to discuss the thoughtful suggestions that have been made, but we know the moment requires urgency and words are not enough.

So we are taking some actions right now while that sounds like somebody that's being held hostage by radical Muslim extremists in these bins and therefore forcing him to read something that sounds like to me that's why I called it a groveling pandering virtue, signaling CEO held hostage by malignant narcissism is like some meeting with all you guys. LGBT Q IA that's intersects in a sexual plus plus plus plus plus and I meeting with my leadership team all my direct that's all the highs people in the company. I can tell you not to me.

What is not to meet with decent normal traditional parents even though they pay 95% of Disney's bills that I can meet with forget know why what what is there more component that a lot of these people think that this makes Disney more in line with Walt Disney and he cares about children deeply loved imagination Walt Disney just all in wanting to care for children and just loved the whole process okay with Walt Disney and his goal. Okay, so they do they believe their carrying that on that's that's that's what they're doing so at some it's a moral thing helping children. That's what they believe. I guarantee you they believe their helping children by indoctrinating them in their twisted worldview. Okay because misery loves company and so if you get enough people to agree with you that what you know in your bones because your main image of God have a conscience is off somehow we can we can drown that out. If we get enough people to agree with us that make sense and so that's what's going on there.

But now we know that Disney is losing stock price, Disney is losing Disney plus subscribers and in the could be a big hit okay. Could be a big hit for them and so they will sooner or later with this boycott will drive them into the ground and they'll have to change.

I don't think that's gonna work. Nothing is gonna work. I think what they're betting on is that they really believe right now we've got this Jens.

He is 30% LGBT Q IA plus plus plus that that's the future.

If 30% of out of Jens. These identified that way there. Disney's future customer base, not us. Old white traditional, hateful, homophobic, transfer trance, phobic Neanderthals, not us were to be debt so Emily's point on Facebook live why pander to them the minute minority because they believe that they'll be the majority. One day because they look at a Jens ease right now going well. 30% of them identifies LGBT Q something in one way or another, but most of them are living that out in word and you're going to you really you think a 15-year-old, a 13-year-old and 18-year-old really knows who they are. No a lot of her to grow out of that stuff because it's all the rage right now. That's how you signal to everybody that you virtue. That's what it means to be woke so right now I think that thinking it's kind like AOC and all the other environment people thinking well with forget Gaston nine dollars a gallon is good to be all kinds of pain, but once we get over to the green new deal were to save the earth were to save all you women are to thank us for it, but were buying into the future.

This the future that's going to save us. So I think Disney actually thinks the future of America and around the world is LGBT Q plus plus plus plus rules the world and all the people like us traditionalists were to be dead and gone. So why pander to us pander to the next generation because that's what they think the money is so they think they're morally right. They think their helping children and that's where the money is. So cancel away that that's what you feel like doing.

I totally understand that I'm not comfortable going to Disney theme park right now. No way this is getting so crazy. There's Disney plus Kelly so I'm not to judge anybody on that deal. I'm just telling you I'm I believe is nothing to change. It's only gonna get worse.

I think Disney will get to the point in our lifetime that a that a parade through Disney. The magic kingdom will look a whole lot more like a gay pride parade Vince in San Francisco than it will be Disney parades of your youth or like when I was in high school and marched with the marching band and dizzy.

All Disney characters and all the little kids and it's a beautiful scene right now. It's going to start to look a lot more like a San Francisco or Chicago or New York City. Gay pride parade will get there. I shared something and God help them and us in the earth is why the gospel and not speaking the truth. It's not my job to save the world is not my job to save America.

It's my job to be faithful with whatever opportunities the Lord gives me at your job to so I'm in a continue to speak moral truth in the culture because the cultures successful in eliminating any notion of moral truth and they have no interest in the gospel. At that point from a fleshly standpoint from an intellectual standpoint, what I need to be saved from is nothing about my lifestyle that's immoral what tomorrow's your level of judgment over there in church this makes sense. It's perfectly clear to me so that's 27. What are these people talking about anyway by romantic asexual with all that stuff so I just shared on Facebook. This enormous list people exit real Pro for homosexual probe LGBT Q organization that's in schools all across the country as an attorney, so this is their national glossary of terms updated in January of last year, starting with things like AF ABA Fab acronym meaning assigned female at birth, affirm gender and individuals to gender and gender refers to a person who does not identify with or experience any gender none whatsoever.

Europe what Pat I don't know, and Rogers Emap acronym meaning assigned meal at birth and Rajan is a romantic weird that one earlier from the Disney person. What a romantic, sometimes abbreviated as aero pronounce a row. The term refers to an individual who does not experience romantic attraction and romantic people exist on the spectrum of romantic attraction can use terms such as gay a romantic or gray romantic to describe their place within the spectrum, a romantic people can experience sexual attraction. However, then there's asexual. She also described herself as asexual that no she said by romantic okay you find that one asexual, sometimes abbreviated as eights. The term refers to an individual who does not experience sexual attraction at all by that went by romantic bi-curious, by gender, by Pok binding bio essentialism biological sex by phobia bisexual bottom surgery books chosen families.

This gender system Normandy cyst, sexism, closeted coming out culturally queer Ted naming Jimmy romantic Jimmy sexual Jimmy boy Demi girl disclosure drags on and so on. This the world that suppress the truth and replaces it with a live world that needs Jesus in its world that needs us to share the gospel is much as we can speak biblical moral truth just to be a reminder that such a thing exists for the hope that some of this is Steve Noble and Steve Noble showed God willing I talked again real soon and like my dad always cover for another program powered by the Truth Network

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