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Running for Congress

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April 6, 2022 9:57 pm

Running for Congress

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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April 6, 2022 9:57 pm

Running for Congress

Chad Slotta joins Steve today to discuss his running for congress and how you can support him. Schools want parents uninvolved with their kids.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network one noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary dog on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve now 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or check them out online, Steve Noble now here's your host about their what's your problem. People need to just get back to the gospel. Welcome back at Steve Noble decedent was so great to be with you today. I'm a little punchy so you'll just have to deal that. What do you do when you run for Congress and Chad's lot is good friend of mine all cards on the table. He's also a member of my board on the Board of Directors this crazy ministry and I but even if he works and even if he he and I were not that long time friend for several years and brothers in Christ, I would still seek be supporting his candidacy to slot up for SLO TTA number four slot up for cha-cha-cha welcome back Steve.

It is so good to be with you.

Thank you for having me was an introduction what what was me like verbally vomiting all over the radio and well nice looking, super humbled for our friendship and what I love about what we do together and all the conversations that we've had is is were trying to were trying to change the world were trying to realign the country with the with God's values.

The things that your teaching in in all the work that you're doing with students which I think is incredible your civics work in the in history that you are teaching them about the founding of the country and understanding, and here's what I think at some point hoping to talk about it today. It's the why behind the what. It's not just that the current issues. The current questions of the day the policies the things that are facing our nation, but it's why we should make the decisions that we make.

It's why just checking a box is not enough why you just having folks who quote unquote would vote the right way does metal partier for you is not enough, it's the why behind the what. Yeah, and especially for us Christians.

For those of us a call ourselves father of Jesus Christ. By the way that's that's kind of role ethics, which is why I teach ethics. Ethics is like three or four-year-old kids asking why about everything, so they will not tomorrow.

I like what why is the moral thing to do, what, why we have to stand for this and oppose that. Okay, why not, so that I love that the why behind the wide and then on the notion of turning the country around. I know that and think God of the Lord has neither place that entire mantle on your shoulders, or my own.

That's right, but we all have a part to play in the culture in which we find ourselves in, and whether you want to harken back to to Esther or anybody in the Old Testament, rebutting the New Testament for that matter. I like a D. James Kennedy used to say pastor the past way several years ago, a Christian should be like hurricanes and everywhere we go. Nothing stays the same. So you have an impact wherever you go and then you follow the Lord has made you this predisposition. The nearest your experiences and in your expertise and your gifting and then opportunity when opportunity knocks. If you can't make a case against it from a biblical perspective than you step into it and that's the deal. And then that's where the adventure starts again ever get your boat out of the harbor.

You're just going to be really safe for you to be bored, or both, never to be used for the intent in which God created it, so running for Congress again will get back up. We got a lot of issues to talk about than others lot on your head not your heart but why do this is an interesting experience. You alluded to that when you got the studio yeah well you know I spent the first 20 years of my career. As you said is as up as a pastor the last seven of the church planter as a church planter and senior pastor matures, we pastored and in Cary back in 2010 the last five years running. My dad small business we lost him to cancer back in.

He was diagnosed in 2016 in the same way that I knew that God called me into pastoral ministry.

I knew that God was calling me to carry on his legacy of business are our families company would not have continued if I hadn't stepped in Toledo and now I think it's, you know, I'm 46 and about to be 47 years old and in Steve.

I asked God to question the last couple years, the Lord, how do you want me to invest the second half of my life and I think that's an important question we can ask that really at any point in our lives, and I truly believe, and I hope everyone who's listening, here's here's this from my heart, which is it's not going to be one elected official, out of a million North Carolinians that becomes the hero and changes the world right it's going to be a million North Carolinians standing up right where they live and work for the why behind the what for the Judeo-Christian values and the constitutional conservative principles upon which our country was built, founded, and that's what I'm running to do is to realign America. With that, but you know I went back and listen to to Ronald Reagan 76 and 80 speech when he announced his candidacy and Steve.

I don't hear people talking about America. That way you know our leaders the way he talked about liberty the way you talked about freedom. We talked about the potential in every American and NY again. The why the policies that he espoused were best for people best for the country and how they align with God's word and I can't wait to inspire folks along those lines will heal his hope filled right now is coming into the train wreck, known as the Jimmy Carter presidency, but oftentimes I think that we often time and I struggle with this myself. I may not.

If we can keep the patient alive and not bleed out. I'm happy as opposed to thinking that the patient expects to get to the point where it he could actually compete in the Olympics and when I say he that's because I know the difference to me in a woman, but not that where he could compete that America could do something great again. I struggle where I like you know I set it on there just recently.

If you ever think Americans in the get back to whatever you think is nostalgic. This beautiful moment in history. Forget that's that's because I get frustrated and I get angry and and and I glue the hopeful message like I'm hopeful what the gospel I think we can see some beautiful things happen here and there, but the overall trajectory from Scriptures is downward, but I think we don't hear hopeful message anymore. I think most of the time we hear a stop the bleeding and will try this survive, whereas somebody like Trump, for example, comes in with a whole make America great again the course of doing a mock that no matter what, but that the hopeful message. We just don't hear very often that this will end and I you. Everyone loves to quote your Christian one. Your favorite verses. Probably if you read to the Bible is Jeremiah 2911 right of the plans I have for you right and and and this this great hopeful thought that the Lord has about our future, but the first 10 verses are not quite as rosy letter I got when I ricer starting at verse one got so I'm sending you in exile and I'm writing you this letter to let you know that when you get to the place I'm sending you in exile.

I want you to do some things I want you to get married I want you to have kids. I want you to start businesses. I want you to plant farms. I want you to stay engaged and I want you to pray.

In other words, I don't want you just to go and hold on until I come get you guys who just hunker down and hold on. I want you to be engaged and I and you know for it for so many years as a pastor as I as I would just be so desperate for people to be the church just for them to go on share that the gospel how much more so now as think about serving a public just for the church to be the church. Yeah. And when we did when we disengage from politics are not hopeful about it, we don't bother to try. This is real impact, switching the administration has real impact, not having the right people in Congress has real impact because you live in the United States of America. What they do up there pretty much affects everybody. And if you love your neighbor can help gauge Learjet slot. I will be right back here to see if it reflects who are standing for life. Okay, check that box.

Stop big government socialism check that box secure our streets, our borders and our elections. I talked about that a big case going on where they're actually allowing Louisiana whether actually going to allow the case to go forward.

Looking at Mark Zuckerberg spending over $3 million in grants down to the local level over the country mostly Democrat areas so secure our streets, our borders and our election support parents rights in education will deftly talk about that because Jeff slot is here today with us and is running for Congress district 13 big primary coming up May 17. Chad is a friend is a brother is on my board take all that stuff out, I would still be voting for Chad coming up on May 17 I know who else is in the race that doesn't phase me at all if you take that personally.

That your problem not mine. That's why I support chat so going to the think safeguard our speech and then you get into the economy and taxes the business and all that stuff let's talk about.

I thought we talked about this before we had lunch recently that I love to see North Carolina become one big giant loud County where we've got parents engaging all of the state, even those of us that are homeschool parents if you care about your neighbors care about what's happening to your kids.

The other your neighbors kids in the public school system but you shall not many times a public school boards now tell us what's going on here and why you keep showing up there and how does that translate into what you do in Congress yet will and I've still yet started speaking at tar we County public school board last fall, not because of being a candidate because I'm a dad of three teenagers that were bringing up a wake County Public schools, and we began to to encounter issues of its rights in the schools medical privacy issues that we found just objectively obscene material and in the library and our and our children school that we could read on the air because we violate the FCC II read out of books. Steve it to the wake County school board material that they couldn't say in the school board office.

Without it, creating a hostile work environment see they couldn't they couldn't say what I read at their places of employment without HR getting involved, they would've wanted teachers to reprimand students. I was interviewed by the news and Observer after my most recent speech. Again, why read from these books that are found in the library to the school board.

I read the passages to the reporter and I said could you write anything I just read in the news and Observer and he patently said no. So if you can't write it in the local newspaper say it at work in the school board officer in the classroom.

Why is it in a book in an arch Dragon's library that it it doesn't belong there, and so one of the things that were working on right now is is a a parent's Bill of Rights, something that we can say County by County school boards across the state of North Carolina will will come out and it was said, these are the priorities we will. We believe in.

In parents rights. We believe that these are the things that that to moms as they should be in charge of their children's education. We will protect and not just protect these rights but promote them.

I one of the things that I've learned some of the policies that we've encountered here locally are, at best, lipservice that date date the policies claim to be responsive after they just want you to go away chat that just I'll tell you what they need and this sounds really cynical, but it's true.

I've been doing with this to myself I been the board meetings before myself and say whatever they tell you they may make a little change here and there just to get rid of you because they know we get tired.

We go back to our own individual lives because that's what conservatives do, but yet the stuff is remarkably dark and evil will and it's it's the spirit of ficus essays, the spirit of Terry McAuliffe when he was so you know out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks. And when he said parents don't have a right to tell teachers our young age. I think that was emblematic of of where he's at but I think it's also monadic of an eight a group of leaders in our country today who think they know better than we do house under monitoring how to raise our children how to keep us safe. What we should put in and on our bodies. That is the spread of big government socialism that must be stopped, and in the reason it is. We have people who truly believe that government not God as their Savior. Politics has become their religion and they operate as if they think that all authority originates with government flows through the political class and gets handed out to the people like little breadcrumbs of liberty. And we know from our declaration that we are endowed by our Creator and that what why do we see across our nation. Such a bifurcation of worldviews when people have forgotten that their created sons and daughters of God. And I'm not saying we need to make Christianity our National League right eye Larson always promote religious liberty.

But when you forget that that that the authority flows from God through the people and government's sole responsibility is to protect and secure the rights of life, liberty and happiness and we get to go pursue God's call and blessing our life. That's what made America who she is. That's what made us great. And that's we need to get back.

Now we need to keep trumpeting that and and I know that specially on the issue, parents rights and not being afraid to not only name the name of the Lord without speaking publicly, but as a Christian.

I'm in the name the name of Jesus, our mutual friend Mark Robinson, the Lieut. Gov. completely open with and and that's a good thing. That's what we need because I know that everybody is either to react one way or the other depending on whether a child of God or child of the devil, spiritually speaking, and that but that's the way it is because it's a good reminder and and you don't know what the Lord will do with that from a gospel perspective, but I but you know for Mark Robinson Arlington the governor this whole issue parents rights is been huge since he got an office yet and I been so proud of the way that he stood up and you can see how folks have come after him. Yeah, for a number of different things and what's amazing is, even when folks have come after him and we been very strong to stand with him and stem behind him to support him because our our faith teaches us about forgiveness and redemption and loyalty and standing with others and being courageous and that's really what we need is folks are willing to be courageous in our day and there is such that you every totalitarian regime that's risen to power around the world.

Throughout history, one of the precursors is always people being afraid to think what's in their heart to say what's on their mind to get together with their friends and worship as they delis they withhold, and when you with out what when that type of fear is so prevalent with the cancer culture that we have today. The conversation in the solutions that our nation comes up with. They get dumbed down so quickly and they diminish very quickly because people are unwilling to engage.

We have researchers across the country who I'm sure have delved into some of the most controversial topics of the day and refused to write their results because of fear of losing a job or being Kelly South Cove. Everything with everything else and even even have something that's about to ascend to the highest court in the land that had to give a political answer she felt when asked quite plainly what what what is a woman while not a biologist but okay so now I that that is so indicative whereat of the culture talk about people without spines.

That's a Supreme Court justice that has no spine because even even stark reality gets trumped by ideology right and that's were at.

That's why you have to be willing to stand up and and Mark Robinson gets flack. I'm sure you're starting to get black you'll get more flak when the primary and go on to the general and you get in Congress at but you know you're over the target when you get flack you will get flack you're not over the target.

Why would the devil shoot you. It's when you're speaking the truth that you get the flack you go okay cool. This is good stay on target as we would say in the world start well and we need we need again, not just leaders, not just politicians.

Obviously, right we need for for everyone from men with many children in our country to to say things as they really are just have the courage to speak plainly the truth that's in front of our faces.

If we get to the place and we can't, we have to deny reality where will that leave us well your bet, your into the pastor you're in the Romans one so either it either on God's team to Jesus Christ or in the devil's team to throw the devil steam you have to suppress the truth but then you because nature was a vacuum. You have to replace it with a lot that's why the Supreme Court justice. I refuses to say what woman as even though if I'd stood up there and settle up the question for if I drop my field right now can you tell me whether man or woman.

Of course you could because that's reality as opposed to your ideology or talking to said slot of Florida for an district 13 talk more about that when we come back as soon going around in the free delay. Everybody will be treated hopelessly little gold letter regions. Are you okay to let Becca a man comes around and what is gonna come around but in the meantime, we are supposed to occupy until he got. That's the deal for us as Christians.

That would include the political realm, which is why were talking my buddy Chad slotted today's running district 13 big primary coming up May 17 slot up for an if you like with Jerry district 13 is gonna describe the force of the kind of large. It is so southern wake County Johnston County Western Wayne County in Eastern hornet County pick.

That's a diverse group of folks definitely all of you about about half of the voting population lives in the portion of southern wake County that encompasses the district but it's a really great representation I think of the state of North Carolina anyways and is a very critical seat. If you're Republican. If you're conservative you you realize we have to win the 13th district because the other districts that were essentially imposed upon us by the court imposed maps are not forgone conclusions, because knowing is God is still in sovereign on the throne, but most likely conservative Republicans would lose a seat in Congress. If we don't win the 13th so it's very important seat state wise and nationally guy we gotta think when you're at when you're making a decision special in her primary primaries are always uncomfortable. There's people in the state that I've endorsed against other people that are that are of the same ilk. And people say I stay out of the primary know. Why would you do that, that's a stupid like you'll take whatever they put on the table know you to make a selection. Okay you want to pick the best in order to represent us in and up in the nation's capital, and that's why Chad is here today and that's why he's got my full support. So if you're in 13 then that pray for him. Give the campaign in 13 and then vote form but if you're not in 13 people can still support you, not the least of which would be prayer which is one of the most powerful, so powerful thing. We have critical you pray for men and women like you people that are believers and then once we get past the primary you pray for believers that continue on you yet to stay on that wall but also giving and financial support is all important is the big deal as it is it more challenging than you expected it to be the spiritual warfare side is absolutely it's it's not what did I expect that expected there to be challenges, but what were facing you the prayers of people. The prayers of the church for all of our leaders not just for me, not just for our candidates but for all of our leaders and I had a friend who was in Congress is been kind of a mentor to me say Chad I when you get to Washington DC for the first 60 to 90 days that you're in Washington DC be ready for every temptation everything to be thrown your way that you could imagine. Because so many different folks are gonna do everything they can to get their horizon to you and just be ready for it. So we you know we we we hear this well. I voted for so-and-so, and I believe them and then they went to Washington and they change we need to pray as a church for our leaders that they don't fall to the to that temptation earlier this year, my daughter, who serves in her high school ROTC program sent me text me a picture of what she had written on in her notebook and what she had written was 1/20 people in my third. Class stood up for the Pledge of Allegiance. And then she said I was the only one while and then includes her teacher then includes other ROTC students, and so why am I running for Congress.

I'm running to stand with my daughter but to stand for my children's future and for the future of our country and what I really believe is a battle for the soul of the country and that spirit that I will be the only one to stand spirit is what we need from every North Carolinian and every American. That's why you and I are doing what we do it's exact same reasoning for me. You spent a lot of time out talking to just regular people, not media, not people sit behind a microphone, but as regular North Carolinians number one issue.

I think this is always true is pocketbook and especially now. I mean this is a train wreck.

It's getting worse me what time should stay. Should I be worried about foods or shortages. I'm saying things now that I would've said five years ago I yeah yeah I think there's a chance need to worry about that recession is coming inflation the worst it's been in 40 years. This is a big deal but but what can be done this, it becomes one of these leviathans the go hub in the world. We fix this welcome one member of Congress do well. So what got us into this inflationary mass well.

We have leaders who are unwilling to to ask voters to vote for tax increases there unwilling to do.

Unwilling to go back and say what we need to balance this budget to say no to budget increases and so what do they do to pay for all that spending, they turn on the printing press in on the last couple years they've increase the global supply of just the United States dollar by some 40% which devalues the currency and our debt is now at a place in our nation where we don't devalue the currency because of modern monetary theory. Some believe we will go to make those debt payment yet anticipates the canyon pay the intricate unless we make that debt less valuable by devaluing the currency and then you when you when you engage in an all out war on the fossil fuel industry and this is certainly it's an environmental issue for for so many. But if you're a business owner and the leaders of your country say were going to end your industry are you gonna continue to make investments in an industry will of course you nuts. We have folks that were planning on doing so much with exploration, oil and natural gas, and they hear their their their president say were in and fossil fuels will their knocking why you think those and rest, but that the why do we see the supply chain issues Actos out at a truck stop talking to a bunch of truckers are just talking to them about the fuel prices and about the issues and this was something that actually came up. Yes, inflation is an issue why we have in the supply chain challenges, but again, it's that it's the assault on the energy industry. We were talking delivered during the break about North Carolina hon North Carolina receives most of its natural gas from a single pipeline because radical environmentalists have attacked other pipelines and that there were there were plenty be built here in North Carolina, Duke energy burns natural gas in real time to create our electricity which means if we have a disruption in that natural gas pipeline like we did last with colonial on the liquid fuel side working to be in serious trouble that we blackouts here in North Carolina we needed to think practically about how to continue to supply inexpensive the cleanest energy possible but inexpensive energy which is absolutely oil and natural gas, clean coal safe nuclear which by the way, American industry in American exceptionalism and American technology allowed us to become energy independent while at the same time really leading the globe in improvements in air quality, water quality across the board's recollections, American ingenuity, even though until you get China and India play along with all your all to spit in the wind, it's a waste of time but we did it anyway and we can do that.

Just like when they will even talk about nuclear because they're so given over and I use that phrase on purpose or so. Given over to the progressive ideology in this warped vision for the future of the world and by the way, I think that's the way they want to save themselves by telling themselves by fighting global warming were actually in a save every single member of the human race, and that because you guys too stupid to figure it out you conservatives, especially in Christian people working to save you 40 okay your tomatoes for Edward to make you pay 9.bucks a gallon.

That's a way to justify themselves. If you like to justify yourself the way that God redeemed people then you gotta figure out another way could remain as image's just part of the spiritual battle the spiritual truth of the life that we live.

That's why they do know why they do it. They don't know why they do it.

That's just like when Jesus saying hey Pharisees, who's your daddy will our father Abraham Mickle is not your day I know your daddy is your daddy's the devil himself. That's a really popular thing to say enough is going on little really care about people with an endless and an eye as it is a man of faith is up as a pastor at a follower of Jesus Christ. I absolutely know that God is entrusted this earth to us as we have in response, a lily of stewardship and have no problem with that that the challenges now we have folks weapon icing the issue of environmental safety to impose the green new deal which again is if $30 trillion was not enough adding another $5 trillion to our national debt it in again. This is what we are talking about earlier, the why behind the what is morally wrong to saddle and any future generation as far as the eye can see with debt are the founders of our country understood this, they knew that it was wrong for today's generation to saddle tomorrow's generation with the debt they couldn't pay to live a life stuff is Dave Ramsey whose very very popular help folks get out of debt is if you're willing to live today like no one else lives.

You can live tomorrow like no one else can. We have lost that idea just with with a sense of responsibility and fists. It's just common sense. It's not rocket site well when you're that given over you don't care about the future generations. Our founding fathers understood posterity.

We don't all of this just came to my mind. I'll call all of that financial child abuse because that's what it is to sell you a financial debt when I explain this to all my students and I shown the debt clock I shown some of the videos and the like. On Mr. Noble will we do about this. They're all just deer caught in headlights like him. Sorry guys in the Smyrna figure that out. I know some things we gotta start doing but I'm like do you realize what were doing to you and and I said my one of my goals this semester is to make you sick in the make you lose sleep because you have to wake up as your left if you guys don't get engage if you don't get educated and if you don't engage working to get away with it. What were doing to you and your kids and your grandkids security. Let's just want to this one up, only to talk about this lovely comeback sharing our streets securing our borders and securing our elections in no uncertain order, but this is a huge issue wasn't twofer elderly names. Oh my goodness well and it we can talk about it yet is we go along here. You know you look back and sit in the summer of 2020 when churches were closed and the streets were full of folks there. There were three common threads that that I think we need to discuss of broken faith with the American people to keep the safe broken faith with law enforcement officers who protect us and a refusal to enforce the laws that we elected folks to pass you and and we need to work at our streets are borders and in our election now see that when you talk about all that when we come back Slot of Florida for an feedback on this is Steve Noble don't go anywhere back in Steve Noble to Steve Noble show distinct honor and pleasure today to be with my brother in Christ and hopefully one of our representatives up in Washington DC in the near future. Chad slot, a slot of war in C that SLOTT a slot up or the number four in district 13 Southern wake and several other kinds huge district on their okay in the southern part awake if you don't let me to say that you don't know what district urine first ball came second of all third of all go online to figure it out and get engage good you're not on a wine unless you're willing to do something about it. If you're not praying, and you're not engaging in or not voting, then shame on you and I and I'm not being snarky or I mean it because you're violating neighbor love which the violating violation of God love okay that's why most pastors that I got on the show and I say this best try to get the send in on folks other violations neighbor love in this country, which is a violation of God love. Therefore it's sin MO special actually met her conscience really walking past the guy, the Samaritan stopped everybody else walked by the got beat nuns that that's a matter of conscience know it isn't something you don't need to pray about man guys are obviously God decided that each of us would be born in in this missing country right and and with that comes the responsibility of stewardship is an civic responsibility question okay security elections, borders and streets will want to get through those three cherubim to talk about life because that's a big part of your family story is not a big part of my family story. It's a big part of the American story, which will also lead us to a big endorsement that I know you're excited to share with us. So let's talk about election securing our election start well. Many of you know for fall North killings realizing 2018. We amended our state constitution to require photo identification for voters and that we had judges controlled tell a state board of elections controlled by her current governor that that they could ignore that part of the state constitution and the and what why when I don't think people realize is a house working through some schooling in my past.

We were just discussing what keeps folks and verbal countries for why did they stay poor and one of the main reasons is because they don't have photo identification.

There is no shortage of talent or of our ingenuity or of inspiration in in any country around the world, but if you folks can't go into a look at a bank lending institution where near where they live in a big city and say hello. I like to borrow $50 to start this business and they say great, what's your name, let me see your ID and so what crime it is that we would say first. For whatever reason that it's somehow wrong to require folks to have. It's one of the things as estate were were willing to give those away Jeffrey so the folks have the tools they need to improve themselves elections and voted voters are not suppressed.

Elections are not suppressed by securing elections there suppressed when people don't trust the electoral process because it's not secure and they stay home and we need to change, you have to be out to be cynical and you have to understand human depravity and when you look at like I said the case. I cover this yesterday during the show in Louisiana which is now going forward. Thank God were Zuckerberg spread over $300 million around the country giving cortical grants to local boards of election right, mostly in blue counties in order to help fund" fund their operations. That's not his plate right at the state government. This is a constitutional issue where the U.S. Constitution actually does say all election law is in the hands of the state legislature because there elected by the people. Yes, if you don't mess around with elections and that happened all over the place.

Whether that cause the trump the election or not. Nobody's been able to effectively prove that a court of law yet but we have massive problems and it's only getting worse and you have to deal at the borders bad and getting worse yet well again and as I was mentioned before the break we have. We at we see the three themes in in what I what I believe are Democrat run cities across the country at our borders and even in the disasters withdrawn retrieve what Afghanistan which is a if a broken faith with the American people to keep family safe in our streets at our borders and again around the world and a refusal to stand with law enforcement people who are late laying their lives at last year was the deadliest year for law enforcement in the history of our country more than 25,000 police officers in 1786 have given their lives to keep us safe and and we broken faith with them by defunding the police and an refusal to to enforce laws that American people elected representatives to pass right and were refusing to enforce though so again we need to begin by finishing the wall at the border securing our borders and we need a merit-based immigration system, all you see that and that's a good because Gabby gotta do what's best for your country. There's nothing wrong with that. And by the way, when we have a lax border policy.

That's what causes the inhuman conditions down on the southern border. We set the trap. We baited the trap of their week policy, which is why kids and women and adult men all there so much abuse down there, the sex trafficking this death. The cartels are running the show because we threw the door open and not when I say we have Dragon abide in the liberals again. That's their way to pat themselves on the back plus another by voters entered by people that are coming from the other countries that are used to being run over to get these people whose spirits already broken politically. So all that's convenient. We like that shirt by the way please.

At the end of 2020. There is a nationwide poll of police officers about 10,000 police officers 80% of them said they would never tell their kids to be a cop when before the history of this nation police officers.

A lot of that his family passed out one right after the novel because what the liberals have done with respect. Please know I want my kids to be a cop and they pull back and things get worse.

It's it's a brutal reality okay via the life issue you issue for me a huge issue for you a huge issue and became bigger super noble family.

We have a grandson now packs and congratulation areas look at that is just so handsome and so cute. That's our son Clay not born within the confines of America so our pro-life chickens came home to roost. When he and his girlfriend told us about that that he had the obvious sin. On one hand you have the absolute unbelievable blessing of a child on the other hand, and you work through that. So I've been involved the pro-life movement for years now. As a Christian I don't know. And by the way you show me your pro-life bay paid by what you say we should be showing up early faith, but what we do, but you have a daughter that was born at 24 weeks only weighed 1 pound. 6 ounces. That's right 1 pounds. 6 ounces. 24 weeks had every complication that you could have including a brain hemorrhage that at two weeks. They say would've left her with cerebral palsy with a very low, if any, quality of life.

Our church when she was born was willing to fast and pray with us, and in four weeks time. At six weeks after birth, they showed us a second scan and said, by the way that hemorrhage is complete. Gone.

God had completely and healed our daughter and now she is standing might the store I shared earlier about her standing for the pledge would send her with so incredible is yes. That's her. She is literally standing to defend her country to honor her flag to defend the rights of people who would not have stood for her right to be a lot alive and I think I think we don't need just the folks in Washington who again will check a box or vote the right way but who will be champions for what is absolutely the most fundamental right, the right to life, the sanctity of life. That right there in the ark are not knowingly protected by the Constitution.

But before that, even Declaration of Independence.

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, which was a no-brainer, like deciding whether somebody's a man or woman, common sense, which is basically at this point will and and let me add wheat we don't have to ignore what women are going through a friend of mine who who walks works for a great pro-life organization. They focus a lot on helping moms and what they found their statistics, 76% of the abortion determine women who come in and connect with them as a ministry would parent if their circumstances were different, so I'm calling on the church of Jesus Christ in America to step up and to come around these moms who are in very difficult situations and let them know. If you choose life. We are there to support you and governmentally.

That's one area setting aside the church at the because this is what heaven on earth. Looks like your urine and unintended pregnancy and unplanned pregnancy felt that mom and that dad should be. We have to get to a church that that what that's where we have to go if you get the church they're knocking to condemn us there and help us and they'll help us keep the child raise the child or see the child being adopted by great family but they're going to get involved. But I do think the government outside deck live in a secular nation in terms of governance. That's one of the programs I'd I'd like to see the government I'd like to see Congress talking about what can we do to support women that have unplanned pregnancy yes to your point of the 76%, 80% of post-abortive women in a pull a couple years ago said that the dad had said let's keep the baby. They would get the baby yes accurate this is only we act like this is only woman's issue. It is and it takes two to tango. God set up the system that Amanda supposed to lead when the man doesn't lead babies die.

That's the reality. A big endorsement on this particular yes. So along this line in and fighting for families fighting for life.

I'm just deeply honored last this just earlier this week Tammy Fitzgerald in the NC values coalition announced that they endorse me is not honorary and that just so proud of the work that they've done over the years fighting for for profamily values and for life here in the state of North Carolina and is so deeply just grateful to Tammy and the team and honored to fight with them along side I met Tammy earlier on early on in probably 2004, 2005 called X start this before radio which and people like Tammy and others. I was just living my normal American life ahead of the government. So were self-employed and homeschoolers right so it's going to do our own thing. I know the end of the book and at the end of the book we went and saw this as abandonment, theology, others watch at all swirled on the toilet from the safety of my sidelines and eventually on the go to heaven.

But sooner or later, we have built my castle. I built my wall. I put in the moat and I pulled up the gate but sooner or later with four kids yet push the gate down and push them out of the world and what was I doing about the world and which I was pushing them nothing, which is when God got a hold of me in 2004 and people like Tammy Fitzgerald kindness showed me the way because I didn't know that any Christian could be capable of actually making a dent in this mess out here, but people like Tammy have led the way for me and inspired me and showed me just somebody with a heart for Lord Hartford neighbor can get out there make a difference, which is exactly what you're doing.

Find your place on the wall and fight, stand up for your country. Stand up for what you believe it were a great and noble nation were worthy of of the flight were worthy of the sacrifice list do it together yet. Amen Chad slot district 13 here in North Carolina.

The primaries coming up May 17, at the very least, pray for my brother pray for your brother, your Christian here in district 13 to find out if you are both the man and then go to Florida for SLO TTA for and support his campaign financing Chad again. Thanks, and so glad you're looking for love you too. This is Steve Noble on the Steve Noble show, God willing. I talked again real soon and like my dad always used to say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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