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Disney Grooming Children

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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April 1, 2022 2:38 pm

Disney Grooming Children

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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April 1, 2022 2:38 pm

Disney Grooming Children

Steve talks about Disney and how woke they are becoming. Disney is introducing more LGBTIQQ characters into their movies and shows.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network's Noblesville entity meets the everyday issues of life and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cow call Steve now 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble a happy Friday everybody depresses to start with a commentary here we go.

This is the noble by the way, welcome back to the Steve Noble show the right-wing media machine has a new villain Disney right now Fox news conservative talk radio and a constellation of right-wing websites and influencers are all training their firepower on the entertainment giant Disney Disney CEO Bob Belated stand against Florida's totes saying K bill has given way to right wing media portraying the company as woke organization seeming to seeking to courtroom children of what they characterize as a radical LGBT Q agenda.

Yes, really. Disney family friendly fun for everyone intentionally inoffensive brand is being challenged like never before, largely by Florida Gov. Rhonda Santos and other GOP politicians who are playing the cameras to raise their own profiles quote for a sexual agenda for six-year-old children voxels Tucker Carlson declared on Wednesday night think that's illegal in some way certainly immoral. It's creepy as hell, and yet they are the country's leading purveyor of children's programming that's a problem no later to show Carlson spoke about executives at Disney have sought to normalize LGBT Q lifestyles by representing them in movies and other projects.

Sounds like the behavior of a sex offender. Carlson said normal people do not sexualize under age children Carlson Carlson's ranch is just one of many examples in our earlier, Fox news, Jesse Waters made similar arguments dubbing the company's theme parks as the Locust place on earth.

The truth is that characterizing Disney is a creepy company, which aims to morally bankrupt kids an extreme position as the quorum come quite mainstream and GOP media circles might be tempting to dismiss these attacks on Disney is irrelevant to the company's bottom line. But I think we should would ignore the very real power held by the talking heads and the entities attacking the company we saw over the last six years, how effective these same players were convincing. I'm not so insignificant swath of the country that news from reputable root sources was fake.

That's not to say that same fate will meet Disney is possible that this assault will blow over in a few days or weeks and Disney's footing on American cultures, strong with its ownership of brands such as Star Wars and Marvel. Disney has historically been seen as both family-friendly and in a more specific way.

Gay friendly those two identities are not in conflict. Rather, they should be. But to see a dozen others seem to be creating a conflict and then don't forget cueing on the cueing on factors at work. Of course, and then Fox Fox on Fox corporate website is flagged by MMF based on what White House the company. For instance, brags that it's received 100% rating by the human rights campaign foundation 2020 corporate quality index, giving Fox the distinction of best places to work for LGBT q. week quality company adds that it is been recognized as top LGBT Q plus friendly company. It even goes as far as to say that it seeks out to build business opportunities and lasting relationship companies owned by LGBT Q individuals there you go. That's the commentary not from me that's the first take on the rest of the stuff I'm to share with you on the play for you which better discuss you if it doesn't disgust you if you call yourself a Christian and you say that you have a biblical worldview. If this stuff doesn't discussed you and anger you to the point of of in your anger do not sin if if you don't get close with this one.

There's something very wrong with you. You okay I been torqued off for days now and I like many of you, if not most of you have fond memories of Disney including my kids. We were just there at the Disney parks Thanksgiving time on never going to holiday again but I don't think I'll ever go get will see what happens.

But this this is so dark it's so depraved it's so disgusting it's so demonic all wrapped up in the happiest place on earth. So they got found out this week.

Chris Rufo, who does great investigative journalism got his hands on leaked video from Walt Disney the Walt Disney company is called reimagined tomorrow how apropos reimagined tomorrow.

I'm in a play for you a series of videos, none of them are more than like two minutes where there just flat out, that's completely out of the closet there's no closet anymore, except for people like me and you. But there there completely. This is completely coming out in the open, unbelievably, and to say that this is not hyperbole to say that Disney is now as a corporate philosophy would appear to be okay with grooming children for homosexuality transgender is on bisexuality pin sexuality all the alleys that you want to throw in there.

I mean on purpose openly on the big screen. The little screen in the parks on the cruises in the store where you can get Disney stuff Marvel Star Wars, whatever. And you know you know if you been a part of the shofar while you know I'm a huge Star Wars fan. I have been since 1977 when the first came out right in what you do with all this stuff so that someone expose you in order to discuss. You and I hope that the Disney parks just start getting hammered economically just get hammered economically will see what happens to Disney plus and all the other Disney products but is another side of me and I said this yesterday I said this yesterday and there's and there's some normal people at Disney were some decent employees thank you page. I have a story on that where they wrote a letter because here's what's happening. We talked about facing opposition yesterday on theology Thursday get get used to it. It's only going to get worse and I said yesterday during the show. I really don't have any hope for America. I said it I don't have any hope for the moral renewal of this country. This country is on a downward trajectory that will end in flames.

One way or another.

There can be a spike a little uptick here and there, we can see something beautiful. I think in the next two months we might see a serious restriction on Roe versus Wade coming out of the Supreme Court that would be one of those moments when there's a slight uptick, but in the background that slept slight uptick were killing more and more children by taking pills and going home and those will be available on the open market.

We would go to target or whatever and by those one day soon and then Disney and then the wildness and then, sexualizing children which is the big hullabaloo down in Florida right because they pass that hateful don't take a bill which has nothing to do at that, but it's so radical down there.

Rhonda Santos is so radical they actually think that we should keep kids kindergarten through third grade from hearing about transgender is him and sodomy Steve Noble of Europe yeah no kidding. Okay, Satan is now in charge of Disney Disney the happiest place on earth they think masquerades as a angel of light. Or in this case Mickey Mouse that that's what going on yet here for yourself to watch for yourselves or to clip to these videos so Chris Rufo just fine. Out of all the stuff investigative journalist Chris Rufo found out about it is called the Walt Disney Company reimagined tomorrow to say the least. Okay.

Sorry to start with Disney corporate president Carrie Burke. Okay, that's two minutes. This is in a meeting amongst all the Disney people. This is like woke gay transgender agenda proclamation indoctrination taking over Disney products okay Disney animation Pixar Pixar for you to go see Buzz light year. The summer they just reintroduced back in this new Buzz light year story gay kiss in the Buzz light year Pixar movie. Okay, so now these two women are that kiss so that's that's coming back ASAP and we pet her things people been talking to Disney for years.

There's never been anything this big. Never anything this figure this obvious but shame is dead, so they are probably like, yeah, fine. You can see who we are we not afraid to be who we are probably right right so that's the first one. Disney corporate president Carrie Burke listen carefully article shearers and mother to clear children actually have one transgender child, and when can sexual child and also as a leader and now is the thing that really got me because I have heard so much from so many of my colleagues in the course of the last couple weeks for them since your emails and phone conversations and I feel a responsibility to speak, not just for myself but for them to all last week we had an open farm last week at 20 is where again the home of really incredible groundbreaking CYA stories and here's where one of our execs stood up and said you know we only have a handful of clear leads in our content and I went can be true and I and I actually is.

Many, many, many Chinese characters in her stories and and and yet we don't have enough leads and narratives in which gay characters just just get characters and not have to be about gay stories and so that very eye-opening for me and I can tell you something that I feel perhaps at this moment not happen.

I easily hear and use my colleagues would not start on and in going forward is in the moment you talking about what's happened down in Florida what the let what the left calls and with the Pro gel GB GQ IAI eight. In case you guys are woken up. I is intersects a is a sexual so and then to Santos in the end up in the legislature down there passes the bill, which although the bill is as you guys are good to talk about sexuality stuff homosexuality transgender is on the gender identity. You're not going to do that stuff for kindergarten, first, second and third grade. No way. I now think of it comes up in a conversation. Okay fine, but as part of the curriculum. No, you do not talk to kindergarten to third graders the world is crazy and dark enough as it is you need at all that blankety-blank to the table and that's what they did and God bless them for so this late.

That's what you talk about this moment because now it's galvanized them and so now remember, she said she had first. She says she has two queer kids once transgender ones pansexual pansexual just me and say I'm attracted all kinds people. I don't care whether men or women or transgendered or whatever so she's got two kids so this is in her home and now the best way to deal with that if you're to turn from any notion of biblical truth is to get the whole culture to say there's no problem there. Everything is fine and beautiful in your home. Your kids are great, no problem. That's the way you solve it because you don't want to deal with the truth.

You suppress the truth you replace it with a lie. This is Romans one in Disney colors right in a rainbow flag is going to ask on this is Disney production coordinator Alan March okay is talking about queer stories listed Alan yeah I have had the privilege of working with that mingle team for the last two years and they've been really open to exploring queer stories and part of I'm on the production side part of the work. I feel like I can put in his making sure that we could take place in modern-day New York, so making sure that that's like an accurate reflection of New York's I put together like a tracker of our background characters to make sure that we have the full rack of expression and I got into a very similar conversation. Carrie is like oh all of our lakes gender nonconforming characters are in the background so it's not just a numbers game. How many LGBT Q class characters you have.

We got that further the more centered a story is on a character. The more you watched, you get to get into their story and especially with like trends characters you can't see if someone is transferred that one way to look trends and so kind of. The only way to have these like canonical trans characters canonical asexual characters canonical asexual characters is to give them stories where they can make either whole cells okay so you get that right okay canonical characters that people like Disney princesses third canonical okay this is part of the fabric of Disney is like eight and how you can tell that of the trans-character. Yes you can. You can tell almost all the time know some people are gonna like this you can tell almost all the time who trans person is because it's a guy that's trying to look like a gal or gal is trying to look like a guy and pardon me, that's me, that's almost obvious all the time. But that's not good enough for them. It's gotta be big, bold, in-your-face main characters they have to do it is not.

That's us that we have in the background. They have to be main canonical characters is good of the Disney diversity and inclusion manager Vivian Ware go gender relationships short life skills so we no longer say like boys and girls we train, providing training for all our customers and their relationship to its hello everyone hello friends, we process of changing over those recorded messages as you probably are artworks back to the Magic Kingdom no longer say like dreamers of all ages opened up to create the opportunity for our customers to look at that right so that's anybody that works there. Okay, she's talking about the parks. So Disney world Disneyland all around the world, not just here in Orlando and over in LA know we can have a big production when I see ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls ladies and gentlemen, no, no, no, no, because I half a percent of Americans are transgendered.

3 to 4% are gay but the transgender one, because we the whole gender thing. You can't hold that's just so hateful to say ladies and gentlemen, boys and girl. This is demonic to its core. This is good this is Disney driving itself. The transgendered rainbow Mickey Mouse driving him right to the heart of the garden, saying no no no this this hateful terrible God who says male and female. No no no no no that's so binary. It's so mean. It's so evil that goes right to the garden right to creation. That's the work of the devil himself nods on the guarantee that some people in my hear this or see this letter to Steve Nobles lost his mind now is just one of those fundamentalist probable Bulova yet yes on the fundamentals. I believe the fundamentals of Scripture.

No, I haven't lost my mind. In fact, my mind is solid. That's why I sound the way I do.

That's why I'm so disgusted by what's going on here. This is grooming children on an international level and another is all good stuff out there too, but we haven't seen anything at this level before will be right back. Noble to see the noble show grooming and for sexual deviancy that's that's the new deal at the Disney it's all come out just the last couple of days all these videos that Chris Rufo at the Manhattan Institute got his hands on praise the Lord because we need the little light when a little truth to understand what's going on and again this is part of just the overall trajectory of not just the United States of America but the world okay in this cesspool is getting deeper and darker and more disgusting all the time and so that you sorry everybody sorry only culture where your friends are knocking to change that the country's going down the world's going down.

It's all the sink and the only person that can clean up the cesspools Jesus himself and and when that happens is between him and the father and and we just do the best we can.

In the meantime so but it is. This is a wake-up call for us to understand just how dark it is and so that should affect our prayer life in our evangelism life and it all should also affect what are we doing with the next generation we just sit around amongst ourselves as older people and complain and talk about how the country's going to hell in a hand basket in Disney this and Disney that the question is what you do when not the least of which is praying over all these situations number two you decide what you want to do with your money with your time. I'm knocking to judge anybody on that whether you boycott or not that's between you and the Lord in your conscience and the number three. Most importantly, which is taking a bigger portion of my life and my time every day every week and every year now until the Lord brings me home as well at reaching the next generation, especially kids that are growing up in a biblical context and and want to know the Lord want to walk the Lord there there there being marinated in a culture that so antichrist.

This is just another example is this just just trying to sober us all appear again. If you think America can be saved. You pull your head out of the sand because it can't using Americans going to become some sites that shining city on the hill.

It ain't Donald Trump in for another 30 years that still knocking to do it yet understand the trajectory is set okay so we need to wake up and then you engage Walt Disney said my business is making people, especially children happy. The important thing is the family if you can keep the family together and that's the backbone of our business catering to families. That's what we hope to do and the current leadership, Disney and all these people that are so whacked out in their in their sin and depravity. The just tell Walt Disney. He was obviously a white hated hating person to himself and they redefine pretty much everything in their people. Children happy family. They redefine everything all the traditional vision and beauty of Walt Disney's toast okay so Rhonda Santos is reacting to this. This is a great clip.

This is Rhonda Santos talk about Disney and then their reaction to them passing this bill down there to try to tell the schools in Florida that they can't talk about the sexual explicit of filth in kindergarten through third grade runs at Scott come out and put a statement and say that the bill should have never passed and that they are going to actively work to repeal it. I think one was fundamentally dishonest but to I think I crossed the line. This state is governed by the interests of the people of the state of Florida is not based on the demands of California corporate executives.

They do not run this state. They do not control the state. I also thought it was interesting.

I talked to the speaker of the house yesterday afternoon and he said Disney never called them while they report this through the house.

They seem to have a problem that went was going through. This was such an affront. Why weren't they speaking up at the outset, and yet they won't. If we would've put in the good old that you were not allowed to have curriculum that discuss the oppression of the Uighurs in China. Disney would've endorsed data set want to know why you shut it like a Disney mixed on the money in China so you can't say anything about the Uighurs you can say anything because they're making money over there.

It's all about the Benjamin's.

In this case is all about the lack of a backbone in the new CEO, Disney and all the leadership Disney know because they're so afraid.

Malignant narcissism is a phrase I heard earlier today. They're so afraid of LGBT QI AAI plus blah blah blah that's good there so intimidated by that because there's so just at that beckon call of this woke movement because they have no backbone because they have no rock to build their house on their houses are built on the sand because they reject everything all truth, all God described God invented truth, and as soon as you do that your house is built on the sand and you become just a feckless angry mad hateful vengeful weak person and so you've got all these people, the LGBT Q crowd inside of Disney because of what happened. Rhonda Santos, by the way, Pres. Trump please get out of the way and let Rhonda Santos become president and and now it's just unbelievable what they're doing is unbelievable. Then Piers Morgan how about this. I love this Piers Morgan used was on CNN right so you spent the week doing the five on Fox listen to this. This is great Piers Morgan talk about Disney go ahead, it's something to give you a little listing Paul and you can't hear the words, ladies and gentlemen, boys and goals what's going home. What is going on here all facts and you mind if I just kept on by the what what why think is nuts is what you don't discuss his review low-flow notion you've got this small group of very vocal very woke people very active online and the bully companies into following the narrow worldview and I admire the companies like Netflix and the Dave Chapelle rule five months mortified when they stood by Joe Rogan that is the way to deal with the mole because the Mulberry quickly just bold moves all and just what Dave Chapelle civil Netflix Joe Rogan is still stultified. That's the right way to respond. Disney began this with a new CEO saying would not be to be political grades because, by the way, if you want to be political scientists rightly pointed out, then let's see what you go to say about the genocide of the Uighur Muslims in China which will never hear from Disney because they make too much money from a Chinese box office market so they can be political. Be consistent, morally and in terms of jewel of apparent outrage because I don't want to do that they want to believe this will mold into doing something they didn't instinctively want to do. And now that being sucked in all the hints of this woke trap apologized. By the way, never stops looking apologized to keep coming in ever start this woke right okay I got there never stops as soon as you capitulate.

That's it.

They own you. They own Disney and now now now I like a set of couple minutes will you know the bottom line is all off on the binding. The bottom line on Disney's dollars. That's why they don't say anything about the Uighurs because they want Chinese dollars. They want as much wine as they can get so that I can say anything at the Uighurs.

Same thing with the MBA. So every time Lebron James talks about injustice here any silent about injustice there. You have no moral authority to say anything, sir.

Enjoy your dollars and shot up.

Oh my goodness this is just the darkness and then and then I hear the Holy Spirit & hasty. I died for the bronze just as much.

As I died for you. Yes, Lord, right. So this is just the going to get worse. Okay, not just his needs to be getting worse everywhere so look this is a letter from McCallum normal people, sane people, decent people inside Disney right open letter as employees of the Baltic Walt Disney Company.

We believe in the dignity of all people. This is why we do what we do write stories.

We make costumes we can praise we run cruises we stream movies we make magic.

We do all this because her work contributes to a fountain of wonder that inspires joy on delight and guess and audiences of all ages were proud employees of Walt Disney Company we love our jobs.

However, over the last few years. One group of cast members. That's what they call other employees has become invisible within the company should sound familiar to you. If you're Christian Walt Disney Company has come to be an increasingly uncomfortable place to work. For those of us whose political and religious views are not explicitly progressive. We watched quietly as our beliefs come under attack from our own employer and we frequently see those who share our opinions condemned as villains by our own leadership. Welcome to the party. The company's evolving responses to the so-called don't say gay legislation in Florida have left many of us wondering what place we have in a company actively promoting a political agenda so far removed from our own Walt Disney Company leadership frequently communicates its commitment to creating an inclusive workplace where cast members feel comfortable sharing their perspectives and being their authentic selves at work that is not our workplace experience right diversity leisure conservative thinker traditional normal over the last few weeks, we watched as our leadership is expressed or condemnation for laws and policies. We support, we watched as our colleagues convinced that that none that no one in the company could possibly disagree with them and grow increasingly aggressive in the grant. Then, says the Walt Disney Company take a strong stance not only in this issue, but other legislation and openly advocate for the punishment of employees who disagree with them is like brown shirt mentality. Guess where this is going. An internal poll within the company went out a few months ago asking us if we felt accepted in the company. Many of us didn't complete it because the nature of the questions made us worry that the results of the pool could be used to target us use that to my Christian friends, much as been made of our internal efforts to reimagine tomorrow but as much as diversity and inclusion are promoted for tomorrow being reimagined doesn't seem to have much room for religious or political conservatives within the company.

No kidding. That's the way it's going to go across the board, and including all a lot of denominations and churches that's the world you live in friends. It's getting darker. The question is, is your light shining all the more more from the letters really powerful this is Steve Noble be right back door back and Steve Noble to Steve Noble show losing my mind today. It's heartbreaking. It's enraging. I think all of the emotions that I'm experiencing today and letting out on the air are all justified and but remember at that I can get disgusted I can feel like I hate these people that are doing this all throughout our culture. But God loves him. He will judge them there to be held accountable for all this all this, it will be held accountable for all of it. Okay but but wrath.

He is wrath is being stored up when it gets released.

It's going to be no reason. We laugh in your neck would be saying all I told you so all you get what you deserve. You and I should get what we deserve, but for the grace of God so we only to be really careful here in your anger do not sin.

God doesn't say don't get angry these things to be angry about God gets angry God hates. I hate what Disney's doing. I hate their child grooming. I hate their deviant sexual mentality. I hate that they're trying to push it down to kids all over the world. This is child abuse on an international level by a $57 billion your company and it's all out your people to take a pizza gate else creased up in Hollywood. I know people that know enough about that stuff. Going Steve that's like nothing compared to stuff in other parts of the world. This is something that's out in the open. Okay, you have to understand was going on in this world. So Isaac, it's darker will your light get brighter or do we just hide, which give up to suffer get in the end we went anyway so burn right Jesus came and died for these people as much as he died for you and me. Okay, these employees some normal employees at Disney, which is probably the vast majority of them by latest the other sad thing about it vast majority of our in our normal people would decent values but that that's the phrase I heard earlier today, malignant narcissism, so you have homosexuals in this country at 34% yet transgender people in this country about half a percent to get all their allies that still a minority. Even though it's growing massively amongst our little children because I wonder why because places like Disney are doing it on purpose. Even though I don't even they don't think there's what they think they're doing is beautiful. That's how dark this is. That's also to make it one of those so-called good evil and evil good, that's the way this goes okay.

Have you read the story before malignant narcissism is all about them. So these employees mean, meanwhile, employees want Disney to make left-wing political statements are encouraged, while those of us who want the company to remain neutral and say only in a whisper out of fear professional retaliation. This is just the life is a Christian.

Get ready for this, is coming to you that you already got a little taste with vaccines. Furthermore is this politicization makes its way into our content in public messaging are more conservative customers will feel similarly unwanted you can really preach at or vilify your audience for so long before they decide to spend their money elsewhere. There you go. At the end of the article they authorize this. Why does Disney force its conservative employees into the closet where they have to live in fear for the sake of appeasing this woke mob that wants to sexualize children has Disney forgotten who and what it is supposed to serve. What about you mom and dad dearly want to support a company that treats its religious and politically conservative employees like this and it empowers a woke internal mob to compel it to interfere in politics to disempower parents control over the sexual education of their children and to turn popular art into culture war propaganda I stand, the author says with the internally silenced and persecuted Disney employees and with the Florida legislator that is legislature that is not allowing woke capitalist bullies to tell parents to sit down and shut up and hand their children's minds over to activist teachers. I would add perverts. I hope you will to try to stop activist will capitalist from clearing little children to the schools the fight worth having. I agree.

Amen. And the homes going father for 17 years. Get your kids on the public school system. There marinating in the stuff you can't possibly know how bad it is because you're not there all day and your kids don't have the wisdom and discernment to understand that it's just a frog in the pot and they come out 18 years later near like what happened will they just got marinated in garbage for $32,000.

We think This is a complicated okay let's make it worse, Joe Biden, our president the other day on transgender abdomen with a call is a day for everything transgender to have visibility. Here's what he said let's go. Let's play Joe Biden listen to this. This is that this is so disgusting that such an intrusion.

Want to know the person she's you, Jule, go our entire administration, seizure who you are made in the image of God deserve to know support. We know it's hard when there are those out there who don't see you don't respect you. For example, the onslaught of anti-transgender state laws attacking you and your families simply wrong. This administration still enough we will all these hateful bills were committed to advancing transgender equality in the classroom playing field work military in our house in healthcare systems everywhere, everywhere, everywhere, everywhere today renounce even more strips but there's always more work to do to end the epidemic of violence against transgender women of color and girls of color to ensure transgender seniors can age with dignity's even talking about finally pass a bipartisan equality act to help transgender persons around the world live free from discrimination and violence above all to be there with you to parents of transgender children affirming your child's identity one the most powerful things you can do to keep them safe and healthy like a transgender American who struggling please stop there. Not alone. Affirming your child's gender identity confusion dysphoria is one of the most powerful, loving things you can do to protect them right and then you run down to the doctor's office and that 13 of this is happened okay Sorry to like hear this, but there are 13-year-old girls who had their breasts removed under this world you satanic to the core that the present United States encouraging parents to affirm their child's mental disorder. That's what that's we just hurt and I don't think he has a clue what he saying is just pop it right whatever hands up his back. Whatever's controlling them partially Satan himself. But what what what are the kind of stuff Steve, I'm glad you asked my demonstration back what it described as gender affirming healthcare for children right like killing babies as healthcare, US Department of Health and Human Services ops population affairs. I told you this country's toast title gender affirming care and young people.

The document states the early gender affirming care for non-binary and trans-identified moment. Minors can to hear the hiss of the snake is crucial to overall health and well-being as it allows the child or adolescent focus on social transitions, and can increase her confidence while navigating the healthcare system. They don't need indulgence. They need the truth, they don't need a scalpel. They don't need hormone treatments they need love, compassion and counseling document list top surgeries elective mastectomies and breast enhancements and bottom surgeries, removal of genitals as gender affirming care.

This is just as dark and just as disgusting.

Almost as killing babies, which they also call healthcare. This is so demonic.

This is why am like okay is the Democrat party friends out like I don't really I don't know how Christian in good conscience can support the party.

I'm not saying that the Republican Party is God's party. Notice garbage is God's party but goodness gracious, I really I don't know how you do it gender affirming care is a supportive form of healthcare consist of an array of services that may include medical, surgical, mental health, and nonmedical services for transgender non-binary people. The Emperor has no clothes.

And if you say this is sick, and child abuse while they're going to come for you friend the networks document to find gender affirming care is including so-called evidence-based interventions such as puberty blockers. That's not a problem. Gender affirming hormones.

That's not a problem, just turn them into lab rats than the conservative American College of pediatrics dedicated the health and well-being of children for a long time.

They fought this stuff is a single long-term study. They said to demonstrate the safety or etiquette efficacy of puberty blockers cross sex hormones and surgeries for transgender believing youth. This means that you transition is experimental and therefore parents cannot provide informed consent, nor can minors provide assent for these interventions. Moreover, the best lawn care evidence we have among adults shows that medical intervention fails to reduce suicide or some of the things really do know because they control the airports demonstration said the federal government will become more inclusive for transgender people, including through the use of new X gender markers on US passport applications beginning on April 11 and the transportation security ministration scanners that are gender neutral. Satan is having a heyday in this country right now. I heyday like what what what okay yeah okay got right to genders which I show you what I can do with these things.

You created is working to expand the availability of the X gender markers to airlines and federal travel programs and will make it easier for transgender people to change your gender information so security ministration records visitors. The White House complex and will be able to choose acts as a gender marker option than the White House worker event but yeah how can you tell because can't tell was a man or woman.

A more literal biologist right in airports changes will be made to screening scanners along with the introduction of the use of expert travelers going through pre-check who do not identify as male or female.

Transportation security ministration agents will receive new instructions. Good luck.

If you're Christian or conservative or abnormal values making screening procedures less invasive. The work will airlines promote acceptance of the X gender marker take them accept the mark or you're in trouble. This is all setting up nicely as an affirming your child's identity is one the most powerful things you can do to keep them safe.

Right, Mr. Pres., and then running down the street with Federal tax dollars and take her 13.14 or 15-year-old daughter and I give her a mastectomy have her breasts removed the taker 14 or 15-year-old son taken to the other surgeon across the street.

The plastic surgeon and have them get the implants because that's that's how you spell love experimentation Frankenstein butchery child abuse that's that's how you spell love for these people who are so lost and so convinced that what they're doing is beautiful that their worldview this type of America.

This type of world that will make it the happiest place on or because it's Romans one, over and over and over again. No wonder Jesus looked out of Jerusalem many because he saw there like sheep without a shepherd because this is what sheep without a shepherd to they walked off the cliffs and kill themselves take other little baby sheep with them. God help us.

God help Disney it's getting dark friends.

I hope you're ready to get darker. The hole on that flag pole under the Savior to succeed. No wonder Steve Noble showed God willing I talked again roasting my dad always used to say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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