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Regime Change... In America?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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March 29, 2022 12:28 pm

Regime Change... In America?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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March 29, 2022 12:28 pm

Regime Change... In America?

Biden gave a speech about a Regime change in Russia. Does this mean he plans on taking out Putin? Or is he talking about the US??

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network. Everyone is time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics. Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God and on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred call Steve now 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online noble now here's your host Steve Noble. I got cannot remain in power for God's sake. This man cannot remain in power. That's what the president had Saturday. The conclusion of his trip over there Saturday speech in front of the Royal Castle in Warsaw Poland for God's sake. This man cannot remain in power. Is that a call to regime change. It sure sounds like it, but who knows anymore when it comes to the president of the United States, Joe Biden, who is 79.

Presently, he'll be 80 in November and at this press conference.

He did yesterday.

He had did you see the pictures that he had all these cheat sheets right here is what he supposed they here's the question that you're probably going to get that they know them in advance from somebody's news organizations air quotes I'd say probably good chance that they did it was all a little show but not from Sony like Peter Ducey at Fox Pres. Bell Biden held a cheat sheet prepared answers for a key question during his White House news briefing on Monday a question about his remarks on Saturday which looked like he wanted to regime change in Russia with Vladimir Putin right several reporters that the president addresses common for God sake. This man cannot remain in power which he made up conclusion of Saturday speech there and Warsaw Poland. Biden insisted he is not walking back his comments you walk in his back. No, I'm not walking back seeking to separate his wish for Pres. Vladimir Putin not to be leaving Russia from an official policy that would seek to remove him close in charge that a loaded question anymore. I was expressing my outrage at the behavior of this man, Biden said, calling the Russian president's behavior outrageous comments about him work more and more an aspiration than anything so he's got these cue cards right. If you weren't advocating for regime change what you do mean can you clarify the anticipated question read these on the cue cards and looking at a picture of. I was expressing the moral outrage I felt toward the actions of this man. Biden prepared answer reads I was not advocating a change in policy.

The cue cards also included a lengthy question regarding NATO in a brief scripted response from Biden. No needle has never been more united Fox news White House correspondent Peter Ducey asked Biden about the Putin remark.

Listen to this, along with two others just bizarre behavior. Are you worried that the other leaders in the world are going to start to doubt that America's back of some of these big things that you say in the world stage keep getting walked back Ducey asked just the last couple days. It sounded like you told US troops they were going to Ukraine sound like you said it was possible the US would use a chemical weapon and ascended like you were calling for regime change in Russia. Ducey noted, none of the three occurred. Biden responded none of the three you interpret the language that way. What we were talking about helping train Ukrainian troops who were in Poland, the president said when Ducey Preston Biden added I was referring to meeting with and talking with Ukrainian troops over in Poland. Ducey asked and when you said that chemical weapons would use by Russia would trigger a response in kind what you mean by that, it will trigger a significant response. Biden said, what does that mean Ducey Preston. I'm not going to tell you the president added, why would I tell you you got to be silly. Biden insisted that if you told Ducey what the response would be, then Russia knows the response which normally I would say okay I understand. To me, since you tilt your hand and let the enemy in this case Vladimir Putin Russia see what your thinking, but it is the present United States thinking clearly at all like what's going on here that was the thing he had. He was speaking of the American troop training was done about these incredible people over there Ukraine and he said on the euros you'll see for yourself and your there and be polite what what if you just say there was that he was talking a rush of Russia uses a chemical weapon will respond in kind. What what does that mean that means it if you slap me across the face. Will Smith always all respond in kind.

I'll slap you back right get it if you throw a baseball at me all respond in kind. Which means I will throw something at you.

So in the present United States. The well formally leader of the free world says if Russia uses the chemical weapon. We will respond in kind. I mean even for me, a guy that went to a Big Ten university and got a Masters degree at Saigon the smartest guy on the block, even to me. I'm like that sound like if they use chemical weapons wall using two and you are the present United States. That's not very complicated language he's not capable of using complicated language right so do we need a regime change in America are you getting to the point. I got a couple other articles here that you're worried about having a man like Joe Biden is 79. Presently, he'll be 80 in November. He's obvious. I don't know if it's dementia. I don't know if it's Alzheimer's. I don't know what's going on there might be just the fact that is given is almost 80 entities. Like most men his age are losing many steps mentally and gets tired easily and so on and so forth are you worried do you think he is a problem. Do you think he's dangerous at this point. Is this the 25th amendment situation or do you think a state relax. Hey everybody, gaffes of even the present United States gaffes. They make mistakes, nobody speaks perfectly. I listen to use your show, you misspeak sometimes to yes that's correct I do. I would say I probably misspeak every day. But there is a significant difference right so are we coming into 1/25 amendment situation which in case of the removal of the present from office of his death or resignation, the VP shall become Pres. section 2. Whenever there is a vacancy in the office of the VP so-and-so for section 3. Whenever the president transmit to the president pro tem of the Senate and all I can stuff so the use of this and you get into section 4. Now you start reading and listening okay this is how you actually can take the present United States out constitutionally. If he is removed from office. If you cannot do the job. So do you think he cannot do the job is Joe Biden becoming dangerous not only to us in America but to the whole world do we need to seriously consider should we be praying for the enactment of the 25th amendment.

I got a couple of the stories, but only hear your thoughts on this, so please give me a call 866-34-TRUTH 87884 sugar thought should the president getting the point. It's just flat out dangerous.

We need to get him out of the arena. Regime change in America via the U.S. Constitution. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH no whatever that Alaris. What's worse on the world stage right now to become Alaris whose just doesn't her driveway does quite make it to the street. She's a little gaff factory as well. A woman just not impressive at all and that's why she was the first one out of the Democrat primary back in the day. Member couple years ago. She was the first one out never even made it to a primary state to get the vote was the first one out total train wreck. But like out like working to get a new Supreme Court justice the same reason female end of darker skin color. So that's why she got chosen to be the vice president and overture signaling there. Also, don't be so judgmental everybody so what do you get by not yet come Alaris in but Biden's remarks and the way he's handling things in his lack of cognitive sharpness. He's going to be 80 in November of the guys lose and I don't know anybody that I really don't know anybody that doesn't think he's losing it and I think there's a lot of Democrats that would say that think he lose is losing it, but there's not willing to say in public, but what you think. Is this what you think about the president's cognitive ability in all these gases he dangerous now like internationally dangerous. We think the deal is, should we be praying for the 25th amendment to be praying that the guys somehow get steps down, get him out of there. The 20th of the minute is not capable of leading and then you get come Alaris.

My goodness, this is like a no-win situation right what you think about this, we think about the president and all these gaffes in an international level, 866-34-TRUTH 87884 you worried about the cognitive decline of the present United States or do you think is fine want to take that position you think is fine. You could do that. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH.

Maybe you think is just fine and were just being a bunch of right-wing wackos and just like the guy Serena say whatever I this from the Wall Street Journal, Biden's remarks on pollutant stirs anxiety among Western allies thoughts a bit of an issue president binds remark to Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin cannot remain in power came under fire for muddying US policy and threatening to undermine diplomatic efforts. Yet we know that Julian Smith, the US ambassador than to NATO set on CNN's state of the union that Biden's comments were principled, human reaction to the stories that he had heard that day meeting. He's just not the most emotional reaction, so cut him some slack on Sunday in response to reporters question Mr. Biden denied he was seeking regime change in Russia still is remark which Moscow dismissed Martin escalation in Mr. Biden's verbal attacks on the Russian Pres. after present previously, calling him a butcher in a war criminal Mr. by dates were caught off guard by his comments scramble to play down there meaning and impact the White House officials said they still believe Mr. Biden's trip in speech was a success. They reminds me, this is David Trias, former CIA director and retired four-star general reminds us that a message discipline has its virtues. No kidding. Sen. Jim Riche of Idaho said Mr. Biden's comments were a horrendous gaff that undermined an otherwise well-crafted speech quote I think most people don't deal in the lien of foreign relations, don't realize that those nine words that he uttered, would cause the kind of eruption that they did.

He said that the CNN on Sunday.

This ministration is done everything they can to stop escalating.

There's not a whole lot more you can do to escalate them to call for regime change. He had that is not the policy, United States of America.

Please, Mr. Presidents' Day on script. My question is, is even have the ability to do that. Meanwhile, close American ally French Pres. Emmanuel not chrome worried that Mr. Biden's comments Saturday and calling us to put in a butcher would also complicate diplomatic efforts you think quote I would use this type of wording because I continue to hold discussions with Pres., we want to stop the war that Russia has launched a new cream without escalation is the objective European temp diplomats worn to the Mr. Biden's comments could threaten Western efforts to help lines of communications keep him open while I disabled but maybe let's just ask the question this way are you to put an age limit on the present United States Donald Trump 75 is going to turn 76 in June. Is he too old and two years we 78 means you be 82.

By the time he finished up his second term in office. Is that just too old do you think we need to have an age limit yet 70 had 75 your time. You can't run you know if you're in there to get in before then okay but what you can't run if you're 75 or older. You can't run out of what you think about that we should have an angel in upper age limit. The lower age limit for the president versus an upper age limit 35 versus what should we have an upper age limit. Maybe that's the issue here.

But then if you're going to say 75. Then Trump will be able to run this will be 76 June 8 663487884 think this is a serious issue. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 or 866-34-TRUTH.

I let's go to visit Celia Marcello, I'm sorry, can't make out your name on the screen, Cella great, thank you so much for calling Stella go right ahead. I went and opted not to and I've been at any level with my well you need both of them have been at Barrick mapping and I do hope that the one that may now go for president.

Yet they need to be younger, but if they're not going to a stand need to do more medical exam affects young hot air and once you know what you don't mind any to be found in because the volcanic you know, Nancy making a candidate put anything together. That's embarrassing and I do think it makes a week at the country continued Trump in my thought is greatly Cella thinks Alyssa called and ensuring that. Do you agree embarrassing definitely had no disagreement there. The way I go way beyond embarrassing note to dangerous and risky settings dangerous and what you think about that. Do you think we should have a cognitive test yes is like driver's license things right some people and some people get a driver was unlike how they get a drivers license or like 88 make him pass a cognitive test. Do you actually think Joe Biden could pass a cognitive test right now. While Steve, you sure you call yourself a Christian, you sure that that's that's ugly or being ugly being disrespectful. No I'm not I'm being truthful. I pray for the president on a pretty regular basis.

I care about his help I care about the fact that I don't think you should be in there actually gets unloving that they really guy is not capable of doing the job. I think it's obvious and you just don't treat people this way, especially somebody. This can be 80 in November. A cognitive test. I like that that you have to pass a cognitive test. Let's just be truthful here, but that kinda shoots the whole thing in the foot because they had to run somebody that basically was a non-issue because everybody in the election on the 2020 election. Everybody was a Trump voter everybody. You either voted for him or you voted against him. I really don't know of anybody that was excited to vote for Joe Biden at 78 years of age to be the next present United States. Not a single person.

I wasn't about Joe but was always about the cognitive test what needs limit 866-34-TRUTH 784.

Where would you put it, how old is too old to be the president. 634 true and cognitive test because you have Donald Trump at 75 he's pretty sharp. You certainly don't have an energy problem. There you may not like his policies but is the guy capable, mentally and physically doing the job clearly you got the machine that way to get a guide 75 so maybe that needs limit is quite the answer.

Maybe it's the cognitive testing and then how do you administer to it. I see you administer no matter what what their ages I'd say while you once you hit 6570 think 70s probably the number I would go with that tub.

Mandatory and full public disclosure. Anybody wants to run for president or of your 68 to the present in unit 70 got to cognitive test and you gotta take one what every six months I probably be okay with that because it's something to get some cattle early onslaught onslaught of some cognitive issue Alzheimer something horrible like that. That can come on pretty quick and you gotta know that with the present United States, especially in this case is on the world stage dealing with somebody like Vladimir Putin when you got nuclear weapons potentially involved. Okay this is a very dangerous situation and to have a cognitively compromised man like Joe Biden at 79 obedient November out there in the world stage is dangerous is like going to Vegas this grabbed the dice blow little hot air on him and thrown down the table and see what happens.

I think that's literally what's going on here. I think it's just gotta be be really careful with his age thing. I think it's a big issue plus yeah Tom, great point on Facebook life. He's traveling great distances escaping time zones right on time zone another time zone is over there that's tough. That's tough on me on you if you're 50 that's really tough on you. If you're 79 and he has problems over here to so is an agent she was a cognitive issue. It's definitely dangerous 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH and phone lines are like knobs on a jump over there.

Here in just a second. You get some names on the screen and I'll take calls but I had another article here. Thanks, Bill man from a guy in sub stack is a very long article, but the second half. He starts talking about his deal of Biden's reckless words underscore the dangers of the US's use of Ukraine is oppressed and the proxy were okay so you talking about a much bigger issue, but that he gets into Biden's cognitive problems and how this is a serious issue okay and all of those pre-existing dangers are in turn severely exacerbated by an American president who so often is to aged addled to speak clearly or predictably, that condition is inherently dangerous, made all the more so by the fact that it leaves them vulnerable to manipulation by the Democratic Party's national security advisers who will never forget 2016 and see more intent than ever and finally attaining vengeance against boot no matter the risks speaking to US troops in Poland on Friday, a visibly exhausted and rambling Pres. Biden. After extensive travel, etc. appear to tell US troops that they were on their way to see firsthand the resistance of Ukrainians, meaning they were headed in the Ukraine. It seems clear that this was not some plan decision have US president casually announces attention to send his intention, send US troops to fight Russians in Ukraine.

This was instead an old man more tired, unpredictable and incoherent than usual due to intense oversee travel accidentally mumbling out various phrases that could be an almost certainly were highly alarming to Moscow and other countries that is a problem Martha's Conan from Raleigh on this age issue market. Thank you so much for calling today, go right ahead program on the radio and learned about your comment. You hear that, I would say when I heard a little bit lighter. What about people. There are people who are writing your currently in that category and father and my father-in-law lifted a nearly 90 and they were lightly shark attack and they probably didn't have the energy that is playing at the energy of more than 40-year-old certainly true, you think you think it's like do you think at all. Martha's that it could be a cognitive issue that maybe we don't worry so much about their age, but we should start cognitively testing them when they get older just to make sure there mentally on their game and the physical part is not nothing. I mean these guys have an incredibly crazy schedule.

So if you're so old that you could have a sharp mind, but if you can't handle the schedule. I think that could also be an issue. Well go right ability and look at one meeting a day trip to Europe has not been that way that it not.

150 made and that added difficult trying I and and you never Trump was may take a cognitive that test had not been I know we we got it. For our our our leader yeah and I think those are all great points Martha think so much for calling in today. I appreciate this, Brian is calling in from North Carolina as well talk about Biden talk about presidents in general about age, about cognitive ability because at this point what Biden is doing this just flat out dangerous not just for America but predominantly for Europe and so that's why a lot of them are nervous about this and a lot of us are nervous as well. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number or 866-34-TRUTH, let's go to Brian Brian, thanks for calling the redhead yeah yeah all you know everything Barden. You know speak from the perspective voted on both you know all the fighters should not be in default, you know, I don't think there any question about that policy no, I don't know if they're true or their hardenable with like you know when they would faint path. Now, do you not from Internet crazy to even think about that all but what you stand right now like this is something that also had a 50 week president we come to think you would do were you may think something fit for you know and the fact that he thinks it and in it like you forget it or I don't know what is great you nothing whatever president that we have met should be able to manage themselves in a way that I don't believe in being a part of the foot be able to handle himself in the rain with the right if that makes yeah makes perfect sense.

I think it's a great point Brian. I appreciate you calling a man think so much and now 866-34-TRUTH 87884 is the number 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH and and again and again. That's a no obviously because you think it does mean you have to say and especially at that level. It's one thing we talk about domestic policy. Okay there's not a whole lot don't harm that can be done there now is a domestic policy that's fiscal policy and energy policy that could have an effect around the world. But if it's USA only things okay fine you want to gap every once in a while a gap in the air.


But when you're on the world stage and there's an active war going on. Holy moly. That's a problem and this cognitive test age things.

I think all that is an issue. It should be an issue we should make it an issue and Congress to make it an issue that would have to be a presidential that would have to be an amendment issue to change the qualifications for the office but I think you I don't think it would be too difficult after all this mess to pull that off.

Certainly somebody should propose it because we we have people in there that Joe Biden at 79 obviating November. Clearly is not up to the job of these up to the job physically is not object up to the job mentally and get some other issues with that, but I want to get to our first are called here first Mercedes gone and from North Carolina Mercedes. Thanks for calling.

Go right ahead. Now, no.

I think that Eric and can't have a good temperament to be attracted by each well. We had Ronald Reagan very right Carol, I'm not sure about that whole age thing that Joe Biden I think he is dangerous and do our country a lot of harm and clean up his act and I think you know something like Ronald Reagan. He was 69 when he started okay with that as president he started so he 77 when he finished by the end of that you know there was, I think. Let some legitimate concerns.

Or maybe he was slipping a little, but starting at 69 and starting at 79 are two very different things and I and I think you make some great points and I'm right there with you think so much work on it and I think maybe where like to invite you to grade point all you know, we've heard that enough. I agree hundred percent. Thanks so much for calling this is Steve Noble and the Steve Noble show will be right back after this 866-34-TRUTH 78844 866-34-TRUTH. 79.

Right now, maybe in November, 75 currently helping 76 in June.

There's a world of difference between those two guys forget policy. Forget party forget all that stuff.

Just the way they operate. The energy level, their ability to talk of the stump on the fly and just to think quickly and Joe Biden is acts like he's 25 years older than Donald Trump or we could say Donald Trump actually is 25 years younger than Joe Biden and not just a reality. I don't set aside your politics for second just in terms energy level and sharpness and in on the fly and you could stick Donald Trump in a room with 100 people on life TV and he'll be able to handle but Joe Biden that's not good. That's why never happened since I didn't happen during the election. That's why they control it now ex-wife got cue cards. I was looking at these is that this will cheat sheets, and is in his press conference yesterday and here's the potential questions and here's your answer now. The should the cortical leader of the free world in the middle of a war situation between Russia and Ukraine should he be in such a cognitive state that he needs several pages of notes and about 1822 point font. No that's that's not good. Let's go to Gabrielle's calling in from Raleigh think she was calling from knowledge. Not anymore.

Okay, if you want to call in and in want to chime in on this one. Cognitive test age limits for the president are you worried about the impact of a president Biden on the international scene. Right now I certainly am 866-34-TRUTH 87884 866-34-TRUTH back to this one article.

This is an sub stack by Glenn Greenwald is talking about a bigger issue in terms of the US using Ukraine as a proxy war and how US the states is is approached Putin in Russia over the last several decades now is talking more about Biden's gaffes. Okay, that's what is kinda moved on to her that Biden About US troops headed into Ukraine could generate exactly the sort of misperception seems self-evident. So do the great dangers from Biden's sudden yet emphatic declaration on Saturday. The Putin cannot remain in power. The classic language of declared US policy of regime change that clear declaration of regime change is the US goal for Putin has quickly was quickly walked back by Biden's aides who absurdly claimed he only meant that Putin cannot remain in power and Ukraine and other parts of Eastern Europe.

Not that he can no longer govern Russia what that is such a bad excuse so lame really that your goal with that.

What he really meant was that can't remain in power in Ukraine see in power and Ukraine right now he is not he's trying to be, but isn't doesn't make any sense in space, but this episode marked at least the third time in the past couple weeks that White House officials had to walk back. Biden's comments following his clear decree that US troops would soon be back in Ukraine. In his prior warning that the US would use chemical weapons against Russia if they use them first member will respond in kind. Russia uses chemical weapons that Biden seems to be stumbling and bumbling rather than following scripted recklessness seems likely in some of these cases but not all the White House's vehement denial in the wake Biden speech that regime change in Russia is its goal was contradicted by Ferguson's reporting in Bloomberg last week reading this carefully, I conclude that the US intends to keep this war going. This is really pretty, pretty frightening thought here.

I have evidence from other sources to corroborate this, the only endgame now a senior administrative official was heard to say at a private event earlier this month is the end of Putin regime.

I gather that senior British figures are talking and similar terms. There's a belief that the UK's number one option is for the conflict to be extended and thereby bleed Putin again and again I hear such language and helps explain, among other things, the lack of any diplomatic effort by the US to secure a cease-fire of really powerful point. It also explains the readiness of presidential Biden call Putin a war criminal, whether deliberate or unintentional. These escalatory statements, particularly when combined with the US's escalatory actions are dangerous beyond what can be described as an Australian news alley reported on Sunday. Russia has launched a missile strike near Poland and what appears to be a deadly warning to the United States. Whatever else is true, the US and Russia are now in waters uncharted since the Cuban missile crisis, even the savage US USSR proxy wars in the 1980s in Latin America and Afghanistan did not entail these sorts of rapidly escalating threats Russian president who validly or not feel threatened by needle expansion in the region and driven by questions of his legacy. On the other side of the US president with a long record of hawkish and is in war fever which is now hobbled by the carelessness and infirmities of old age is a remarkably volatile combination of former Greek finance Minister Yannis Valukas put it on Saturday.

Quote US Pres. who during an atrocious war does not mean what he says on matters of war and peace and must be corrected by his hyperventilating staff is a clear and present danger to all while we read that again. So this is a former Greek finance Minister Yannis vera Farkas become Senate right is what he said on Saturday. Quote US Pres. who during an atrocious war does not mean what he says on matters of war and peace and must be corrected by his hyperventilating staff is a clear and present danger to all and is not primarily talking about us back here in the good old US of a he's talking about Europe, like all of Europe and so this is alarming. It's annoying. It's alarming. It's sad it goes to show the, the correctness of the whole system that the that going back to the presidential election that the guy never came out hardly ever came out in public is not to take a bunch of questions from the press is not tested at all not vetted it all just hit him basically you know you have those silly little rallies in every 25 or 30 cars.

It was ridiculous, but we school right down the lane why because eight Donald Trump and so you put a guy in office is obviously cognitively disadvantaged and trying to be nice and losing his marbles because of his age and again I need to several of your points. I'm not saying that every older person is incapable of doing a job like this.

But most of them are 70 7580 you're losing a step in if you have a mom or dad or if it's you and your like not me baby okay fine that's that's awesome, but if I'm to give you the presidency United States as an American citizen, I have a right to test, we have a right to test the cognitive ability of older Americans that want to serve the most powerful office on the planet. That's legitimate. That's a legitimate concern hello Steve you're you're dissing older people know not. I'm not saying that to diss older people. I'm just a realist as Rush Limbaugh used to say. He called himself the mayor of real Ville yellow cam with you there rush. This is just being honest. This is being smart is being wise. And so, in this case we have a very very dangerous situation and sucking to get less dangerous.

It's not even going to stay static because, as Biden agents. It's going to get worse were only what not even a year and 1/2 and was presidency. What comes next. We want we want Biden out, and while, lout Nancy Pelosi in double while this is a bad situation and maybe ultimately one of the ways I think God judges the nation and he did.

This is with Israel. He just says fine like the old Burger King commercial have it your way hold the pickles hold the lettuce special orders don't upset us all we ask is that you let us serve it your way right front happier with you only me you think you don't need me only my word, you don't need my wisdom. You don't be my spirit. You don't need my favorite front, knock, knock yourself out. And guess what we always do.

That never goes well the nation a business community family and individual that cast God aside from our perspective never goes well. Never in that situation now, so let's put our money where our mouth is our prayers where our mouth is. That's actually a joint would you join me.

Let's just pray for the guy right now because were commanded to do that anyway. Father guy we come before you, Lord, we thank you that we live in a nation although the spotted pass like all of us is also done some amazing things in and is been an amazing success story, but also same time heartbreaking in so many different ways far from perfect. But Lord, we are commanded by you and your word to pray for those in authority over so that we can live quiet and peaceful lives. And when we have somebody that we believe to be mentally impaired, probably because of his age. We don't know. Lord, you know every detail you know over here in the man's head. You know every thought, every feeling you know exactly what the deal is what the situation is so intercede on his behalf. Lord, because his his health, mental and physical matters because of his position and so we just intercede on his behalf, Lord, that the man needs help. It appears, certainly, from our perspective so we pray from pray for his mental acuity for his physical health Lord for wisdom for wise counsel from people that bow their knee to you and for your mercy under nation. Although we have no right to ask for it. We pray for your involvement with this Ukraine Russia mass, we pray for miracles and into the situation over there Lord and and I guess I just want to pray that you will restrain the damage that can be done by our presidents challenges mentally and otherwise. Lord help us to be wise and help us to build our house on a rock and not on the sand to trust Christ to the kingdom I'm going to pray for a president to have right keep that up friend that's they have your prayer for the president should just be you know when I am reading to be praying for him regularly. This should be pretty obvious, not just for us as Americans around the world know all this. Is this email.

God willing, I'll talk to like my dad always used to say never for another program powered by the Truth Network

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