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What is a Woman?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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March 23, 2022 6:23 pm

What is a Woman?

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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March 23, 2022 6:23 pm

What is a Woman?

What’s a woman? I guess you can end up being on the Supreme Court without being able to answer that question. This ridiculous story plus a few others.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics.

Steve was an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on his show. There's plenty of grace and lots of three no sacred cows call Steve now 86 34 through 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble. I love this on this one. What a call progress okay with the spirit of the age calls progress in hundred 60 years, we went from the US Supreme Court, refusing to recognize a black man named Dred Scott was a person depending on the US Supreme Court. A black person who claims you can't define what a woman is my buddies dbase I tweeted that out this morning and that's the ridiculousness. As we continue to discuss it here on the show. Welcome back, everybody the ridiculousness of the modern age. The prince of the power the air spirit of the HST basics use that phrase a lot when it comes to ideology trumping. Well, I pretty much everything. Ideology trumps reality. It doesn't matter any Audi doesn't really matter you define your gender, you define whatever right at that all bets are off. You do whatever you want to do and that's the spirit of the age. That's the lies the devil going right back to the garden, wanting to just going to mix up everything confuse everything and in for those of you that are not in Christ.

You're more than willing to play along. So you've got people that you're either a child of God. It is a child devil. We all should acknowledge that, but just being a child of the devil doesn't mean you're just some roots right you you are thinking person even if not the, the aid of the Holy Spirit you're thinking person because you made in the image of God but that doesn't seem to matter anymore either to throw that out on the third sentence today will talk to Joseph back home is been on the show before senior fellow for biblical work worldview and strategic engagement at family research Council had some great analysis on what happens.

Just the other day with Tom G.

Brown Jackson and a Sen. Marsha Blackburn who was referencing a previous case dealing with gender and sports and such an and she quoted Ruth Bader Ginsburg is like yeah men and women are Iraq that's immutable right you can't change that. Just Go back to the parcel that was smart. She's Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who was like the progressive liberal hero of the Supreme Court in the last hundred years and then just simply got into this question with Catania Brown Jackson of the what is a woman.

And because of ideology. She can answer and and unfortunately Sen. Blackburn didn't follow up with what what are you that you get to buy what a woman is what are you and that's that literally happened in a confirmation hearing for the United States Supreme Court Justice. I mean, that's it's so ridiculous it's laughable so we'll get to that, but a couple of things I wanted to follow up yesterday. We are talking about this a proclamation around the Santos had about the young woman that came in second behind. Amanda jumped in the pool with the girls and because she's from Sarasota Florida so he just wanted proclaimed that she's the winner she's a better accomplished swimmer Olympian and so Rhonda Santos just continues to set the tone. I mean if it were up to me. Rhonda Santos would be running for president in a couple years and not Donald Trump will do a show on that coming up in the next couple weeks I just want open up the phones that day. I just ask you what you think about Donald Trump running again because odds are pretty darn good. That is going to Rhonda Santos. A lot of conservatives should be taking notes from the sky since the great article. This is in the Federalist eight lessons from the Rhonda Santos school of dominating the corrupt media and I got a follow-up to that that I mentioned from the daily wire cofounder. The daily wire bench perils organization which is getting into everything, making movies now and now they're getting into the shaving business starting a shaving company to go after Harry's razors and it's one of those things that you subscribe to and else and yet there razors different brand differently levels of razors yada yada yada, which is a great example of what you doing this you live in this crazy world. When the culture in the media and corporate America, as well as government are just going totally progressive and woke instead of complaining you do something about it. So instead of just complaining about Harry's razors to start a competitor Eagle paid him up out there in the fair fight in the marketplace. Great stories so get to that to eight lessons from the Rhonda Santos school of dominating the corrupt media. This is just great.

In the end. Unfortunately, to the point we actually put an article I like this to get people to understand it but I just take you through these things and this is what we need in a president is what we need and conservatives us what we need.

If you engage the media at all this deal. Okay so number one acknowledge that the press has a narrative okay. The citizen just caught their lives. He pointed to their motivation for lying quote our data is available are data's transparent stucco COBIT stuff, so any insinuation otherwise just typical partisan narrative trying to be spun, we succeeded. And I think the people just want to know don't want to recognize it because it challenges their narrative a challenges their assumptions so they got trying find a bogeyman press as a narrative there bent left it's, like corporate America as well as intellectual America, about 80 to 90% of all the tenured professors nationwide are liberal they got a great job of infecting the whole system investing the system from the bottom up starting my communal kindergarten. We talked about that yesterday number two from the Rhonda Santos school don't call media mainstream, call them what they are so so what are they, his nickname for them or smear merchants. It's what he calls cousin smear merchants okay mainstream, that's too innocuous got going what they are liberal bent smear merchants okay I number three you catch more flies with wit then boring press releases to sense took notes from the former president Donald Trump penchant for cutting through forgettable politician speak and leaning into one liners and come back to what he line while people remember what you said just look at the cheeky memo to Santos put out Tuesday, recognizing Emma Wyant. That's the one I was reading yesterday who placed directly behind male swimmer Leah Thomas as the rightful winner, the NCAA fiber in your freestyle race just funny and this is what he put out this was a suite by letting men to compete.

Women sports the NCAA is destroying opportunities for only making a mockery of its championships and perpetuating a fraud in Florida. We reject these lies and recognize Sarasota's Emma Wyant is the best women swimmer in the 500 yard freestyle takes it to him.

Therefore, don't hide the bait to fight your friends harder than your enemies.

Don't take the bait.

I mean to fight your friends harder than your enemies, the corporate media loves it when Republicans go after each other, whether it's never trappers piling on criticism of the former president neocon smearing conservatives who want to avoid wars put lovers or national review going after Sen. Josh Holly for questioning the Supreme Court nominate soft on sex crimes record which will get the Santos shouting go through that see through that game and more Republicans should to one podcast rest to Santos about the medias trying to drive a wedge between you and your constituents are in Florida for president Trump is there any sort of animosity what that relationship like this is what the media does and you cannot fall for the bait. You know what they're trying to do so don't take it the governor responded just doesn't do it, so these are great, great pointers from Gov. Rhonda Santos the way he operates and we only operate this what you need operate this way with liberal media. Social media Facebook whatever evening conversations.

Tooth is a lot more there than we'll talk about eight Joe Biden scaffolds on that laptop when we come back and going round and the Joe Johnny Cash this is Steve Noble Michelle, welcome back. Good to be with you today.

Think of your time. By the way, I don't say that often the fact that you tune in, or watch or listen to the podcast. Whatever you do whatever you go through to be a part of the show to be a part of the audience. I appreciate that it don't take it lightly and it's a strange thing to know that people are willing to take some time out of their day to listen to your opinion, what you had to say and it's only as good as when it's glorifies the Lord in tracking with biblical truth and so that's what I try to do every day but thank you so much for your time and for listening or watching a being a part of it really is a blessing and I hope I bless you in return. Going through this list is from the Federalist, eight lessons that we can learn from Rhonda Santos who I wish was running for president, but is not going to. Not yet. He will mark my words on that. There's no question the Rhonda Santos is a inevitability certainly running. I think for the most part is probably an inevitability to be the next Republican president after whatever happens will trump a not so sure Trump can win, but that things continue to go the direction they are since somebody else recently was saying. I think it might've been Clay Travis on the Travis Buck sex and they took over Rush Limbaugh talk about.

He thinks that Biden will deftly not run but on his way out because he thinks that Hunter Biden actually is going to be brought up on charges and that Joe Biden will pardon his son on the way out the door and then he's out Biden's out. But who can run, no way then that's like so to be interesting to watch that trouble Ron will see what happens.

I'm not convinced that he can win, but if he does, or even if he doesn't, then four years later, six years from now. Bet your bottom dollar, God willing, I Rhonda Santos run so were going through these lessons from the way trying to Santos handles the media.

Number five.

Don't be cowed by an ad hominem attack last April, CBS's 60 minutes ginned up a fake skill about the Santos smearing him for using the ubiquitous Florida grocery store Publix to help distribute covert vaccines instead of being intimidated by the smear to Santos.

It `when you're talking about this ridiculous mirror narrative, it's important to break down just how false, how thoroughly dishonest it is because this is bad for our country that big corporate media smearing for profit just because I'm in the other party than them and using their partnership to craft narratives regardless of the facts just comes right out and hit some back okay but he does it with a lot more tact and self-control than Trump ever did or could number six quit trying to make the corrupt media like you that's huge right are our guest third segment Joseph back home wrote or wrote an article for family research Council that I'm a read but I love that the whole notion of it, which is are we require descriptions to be winsome. Was there ever a time when it's okay just to become a tough, so that's a great lesson to Santos can be tough but he does is not belligerent my trunk were trying to make the corrupt media like you up scrub press will make a scandal about you when I can appear PFF stop trying to grovel in front of corporate media outlets. He said stop thinking that the guy like you. That's right, you and I can win still and by the way, don't don't don't take that run with that as a Christian you as a Christian you have a higher calling on you, then governor does in terms of how you treat people. So remember that number seven. Don't waste energy and issues that the press say it says matter that actually don't. So don't waste your time. I memory just stop trusting the corrupt press for Pete's sake from fawning over disgrace near Gov. Andy Cuomo to St. Joe Biden would be an adult in the room about foreign policy to insisting Hunter Biden's laptop, which is up next was a Russian plant, the corporate press has been pants on fire wrong time and time again they've lost all credible credibility. Republicans should stop lending it to them.

Quote the messages for people out there is useless your partisan leftists do not trust corporate media.

DeSantis said last June. Can't trust them.

They're not trustworthy. They will live just call it what it is he knows what they are and then he just uses what he does. It was intact and self-control, which is great. I talked to Joe by and you could don't. I'm pretty sure not get pretty dark. I'm pretty sure there's a part of Joe Biden. Certainly Hunter Biden that's loving the fact that Ukraine's going up in flames right now because Ukraine going up in flames mean you means Ukraine isn't getting investigated and the laptop is a big problem for them in again likely Travis that I think I have no problem agreeing what that assertion that Hunter Biden gets smacked around and get brought up on charges gets found guilty and on the way out the door's dead pardons is what you do nothing HO buying skittles inside hundred binds MacBook, but now the corporate media like the New York Times to say it all yet solicit looks legit in a year and half later we cover that yesterday as well. These scandals are no longer about Hunter Biden there about now president Joe Biden. We need answers. This is also from the Federalist thinks bill pay to play in Ukraine was obvious scandal barred by the emails and text messages contain 100 laptop contains the influence profiteering. Joe Biden apparently participated in memories. The big guy so is that number two.

China gets in the game. Ukraine is but a patch on the influence peddling undertaken by Hunter on behalf of" the big guy gets 10%. As the younger Biden referred to his dad. China also played a large role in the family enterprise is demonstrated by again passing coverage in November 20, 21, then the times reported. In brief, the hundred binds joint global equity firm. The ball high harvest equity investment fund help coordinate the purchase by Chinese mining company of the world's largest cobalt source in the Congo. Now we don't have any ties there. Don't worry about it. Number three Moscow, Kazakhstan, and more. While Ukraine and China likely hold the most significant revelations once those threads are pulled investigator should move on to Moscow, which according to a Senate report holds another possible scandal that report documents the Hunter also received a combined $3.5 million from the wife of the former Moscow mirror Kazakhstan investor and several other individuals. Nothing to see their right before Ukraine's firing, the prosecutor investing but that's getting for his number that when Biden said hey I'll give you till the end of the day.

Get rid of that guy are you not get your billion. Here's the quote I'm telling you you're not getting the billion dollars. I said you're not getting the billion. I'm going to have to I'm going to be leaving here and I think it was about six hours I looked at them and said I'm leaving in six hours. Biden if the prosecutor is not fired for not getting the money Wells's block blankety-blank.

He got fired and they put in place.

Someone who was solid at the time. Meeting someone that would pull the rug over something number five Obama Biden administration ignoring conflicts of interest.

Yep, that's good to be in their number 60 intelligent communities briefing on Biden route row number seven possible collusion to interfere in the 2020 election route row again is yet member. Those 50 former intelligence officials are all like the bogus Russian disinformation.

They're all covering to memory. Joe Biden is a lying dog face police officer what in the world is the man talking about. Remember that my dog face pony soldier. That's when Biden really gets after you so we'll see what happens. But I would love to see Hunter perp walked in orange when every great and not because I'm trying to relish in somebody's suffering. Hunter Biden's a sad story, and we should all have a soft spot in her heart for summary that goes down the road she's gone down East is like a train wreck right. That's where I would challenge you and I have to challenge myself regularly to remember that these are people Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, Harris, the krypton G. Brown Jackson going up and up on the Supreme Court soon girl people made in the image of God. I need to remind myself of that often so that I don't dehumanize everybody that I disagree. It's easy to do, is in it for my the only one my hands up but I guess maybe one anyway we come back let's talk to Joseph back home, Senior fellow for biblical worldview and strategic engagement at the family research Council.

He wrote an excellent analysis short and sweet to the point about the upcoming Supreme Court justice that can't answer a simple question like what is a woman that's now complicated math in 2022.

This is Steve Noble will be right back back and save Noble to Steve Noble so well, although the nomination and dealt confirmation of Cottone G Brown Jackson is pretty much a done deal.

You get to run the board that way will see a list Joe mansions got something interesting up his sleeve because he can do that.

The most powerful man in the Senate so we'll see. But in an exchange very interesting. We'll talk about Ted Cruz going after about this light sensing of child porn convicted child porn people. I will get to that in the fourth segment, but she had a tense exchange with Sen. Marsha Blackburn, and Blackburn's talking about to Ruth Bader Ginsburg in the previous case I were she quoted her physical differences between men and women are enduring the two sexes are not fungible, a community made up of exclusive on sex is different from a community composed of both Dokken and then she's like do you agree with that. Susan really know what that's all about.

And then Blackburn had a follow-up question is played very quick hi can you provide a definition for the word woman. Can I provide a definition. I can't eat can't not case contact. I'm I'm not a biologist, so maybe future Supreme Court justice know something that I don't know. Will asked Joseph back home is back on the show Joseph great to hear from you Senior fellow for a biblical worldview and strategic engagement at family research Council, Joseph, how are you my friend. I'm well as well.

I appreciated your brief but to the point commentary on Facebook about this. It's just, I mean the hilarity and the ridiculousness of going back to when you are out in Washington claiming to be a rather tall Chinese woman and people have a hard time refuting you on that and then we get to this to me what your take on this.

It's just total insanity. Well will. But there is a real logic for people like Judge Jackson and progressive in general, who have completely embraced this idea of expressive individualism to deny object through therefore you get to define reality.

What are the right show and of course that what were all commenting on how bizarre your old very quickly. We get to reality, but they would rather the insane, then in the strictures of having to abide by objective reality now for you as someone who practices law is practiced law, well educated, does this kind of ideology and a potential most likely Supreme Court justice.

Is this a problem in terms of jurisprudence in her job sitting on the screen court problem, but not all you rearward Yale law school when Christian Wagoner on free speech yet though law school student body at Gail Wright were all just from Champion shouted yelled so a conservative person would speak about something that they actually got a judge to fit on the bench and believe that there is no such thing as objective truth because then what's the purpose of having the law, what's the purpose of having language.

The purpose of having jurisprudence if you reject the idea that there is a reality of what I feel. I really wish that Marsha Blackburn turned around and said something like, well then, let me ask you, follow-up question Manas. I may be so bold as to refer to you as a man what are you are you man, every woman are you and other ME what kind of follow-up question would have been helpful.

There Joseph, well kind of made me pretty gracious. I really think your question, trying to get a real so she did try to rub the real critical odor we can basically get everything that we need to know about nominee or a Office in the very question what's the difference between men and women in person you discern the most part, based on their answer that question yes is very difficult. Also, in one in one fashion. We should be grateful that with the whole crowd. The whole environment that says we don't believe in anything binary that's actually applying Mary's test to see whether you have any kind of semblance of a of a rational worldview. If you're just ideology over reality all the time on this particular issue and and Joseph you been at it for a while. I've been at it for a while.

One of the things you struggle at night and I really appreciate your great writer and a great communicator done great work and what you're doing at FRC. I just put a link up for a page at the FRC blog that you can read Joseph's writing, but this one to blog that you wrote not that long ago as last month. In February Joseph on this point in how we react and how we engage something I've always struggled with is as kind of truth and grace and as a Christian, do we always have to be winsome so when I saw that you wrote a blog about that you Christians always be winsome that caught my eye because I think we struggle with it. We struggle with a lot in the last two years with COBIT in the shutdowns and everything that the government foisted upon us is kind of this balance between hate. I didn't do. I have have a great reputation. Do I have to be nice to everybody here is there a time in a place we can kinda put her foot down and not come across as very nice people how to weep how we manage that.

That's very difficult sometimes being loving and being charged Scripture which are true or you did not take juice anything people will be bothered by them aware of their deception of the fact that your father actually your true true true people. Truth will always stay out of actual concern and love grow and yet we are sure our motivation to actually wall. People were now which is you know to get the first 13 and anybody that's been to a wedding any kind of Christian weddings probably heard this was going to check your motivation at such a great point that in and met while she did create like 25 minute presentation recently at the University of Georgia somewhere on the issue of Leah Thomas in the transgender is him and everything and any was so good about that equals yet sometimes people don't need you to be nice. They need to be truthful and to be truthful is to be nice and he missed it on the on the kind of a biblical side in terms of loving but I think is what we had to number one you and Mike to say something was my motivation and the number two is is me that my desire to be nice going to keep me away from the truth, and as a Christian we Simpson definitely don't have that option were supposed to be people of truth all the time exactly right.

We are people truth all the time and in one of the dividing line 1 challenges we face the culture picking up off 13 reference is a lot of did not rejoice in iniquity and the culture and the gospel have a very good definition for culture to show your love by rejoicing in whatever decision whatever lifestyle claim, but Scripture says you cannot rejoice not rejoice in iniquity, rejoice in the truth which means there are some things we cannot tolerate your love right exactly and that's why the Gospels and completes it or not it incorporating damnation as well as salvation at such a great point.

Last question the skin of the big one just to get us thinking in the right direction. Joseph talking to Joseph back home from the family research Council what you think. Just in terms of actual headlines what's going on in the US set-aside Russian set-aside Ukraine. What you see is the biggest challenge or problem that we have in this country right now. Culturally speaking from a Christian perspective question. You got me right right well you went to church. I think the church is probably girl charge the church, not being committed to God.

I think our country government school so weird having the church surrender our reputation so that we give back to God. We just don't care about what our neighbor we are primarily concern about what Jesus thinks about us regular reputation, let him get him were okay with that audience what we release.created a fear of man you like to church every mayor once you become snared fear we become change agents so good she has to use question you give a great pointed answer, which is why I'm grateful for you family come on the show Joseph back on God bless you my brother.

Thanks for your time, your walkable talk again so great talking to Joseph back home I put links up. By the way, so the check is a great writer break. Obviously and just all kinds great blog post I put up a direct link for the one about our we always called to be loving and winsome and what's the deal with that and that's when the and remember this is one of those lines, you should remember we need to be willing to surrender our reputation. Are you willing to surrender your reputation to represent Christ to represent his truth and to speak truth to a culture in then always of course I first Corinthians 13 reminds us to check your motivation if I'm just doing it to put somebody in their place in the winter to make myself feel better than my motivation is not a love and it doesn't count all God hears is gong wrong thing. You just make a noise. But if you tell some to the truth. Matt Walsh was talking about that that Leah Thomas, the guy claiming to be a woman impeding up women in the swim pool and competition.

He doesn't need to be. He doesn't need you to be nice to him. He needs you to tell him the truth because one day soon, if he's not careful. He's going to be injecting himself with all kinds stop and that is going to turn his exterior over to a butcher is going to play Frankenstein with his body and that's that's very frank direct language. He needs truth. He doesn't need to be coddled. He doesn't need to be lied to.

He needs the truth if you love him you'll tell him the truth. Like for example if some like with it with the name thing if I met Leah Thomas is listenable to please call me Leah. Okay fine name if you call yourself Rover cars of Bill Collier's elevator call yourself or no phone.

Okay that's that's a name. Whatever you and I said no I want you to refer to me as a woman unlocking to do that means I'll never serve in the United States bring court apparently so let's go back to that per second. So Ted Cruz pulls out a whiteboard and I'm trying to learn more about this. This is kind of concerning okay and she's you know she's getting it. And so she can dance around the stuff a lot were talking about Dr. Tom G.

Brown Jackson as Joe Biden said when he was running for office. If he wins, he's going to nominate the first black female to the Supreme Court because that's what matters most. By the way, we arty have a black person in the Supreme Court and at the eye we got. Let's do the math.

Everybody okay grab your calculator. Let's do the math to get about 383 and 40 million people in America and a 12 to 13% of the population is African-American, so if you have nine people on the Supreme Court, and we want to 13% representation to properly represent black people that will be 1.17 people around that out correctly down that's wine. We have clear summits so that another black person to the United States Supreme Court, not some people are going here this truth would be to over represent the black populace. So forget to set up the sprinkler based on representing the populace in terms of ethnicity, skin color, sex, can we say that sex or or even sexual identity because Elena Kagan is a lesbian. Then were glad look at women versus men, black versus white, Latino, good.

What we really need this is that we need either Indian Asian. Some like that but were good on the black side. We have one black member than I'd Supreme Court and that's enough for you to do it that way you play those roles then were there. 1.17 is 13% of mine course that's logical.

We can't do that so Chris pulled up a whiteboard to show Scotus nominee. Her record on sensing child porn offenders.

This is disturbing whiteboard right to show the record on sensing child porn offenders which a lot of people come under fire just Josh Holly's out of this the other day. Nobody went ballistic. Ted Cruz pulls out a whiteboard illustrate how in child pornography cases. Could Tom G.

Brown Jackson give the defendants an average 47.2% less sentence than what the prosecutors recommended Cruz noted cases were Jackson gave significantly lighter sentences convex than what the prosecutors were asking for one case, for example, the judge gave a sentence of 28 months when a prosecutor was asking for 79 to 97 months at the huge difference which Cruz noted was what 64% reduction in another case prosecutor after 24 months and Jackson imposed a three month sentence and 88% reduction. Cruz highlighted another four cases were Jackson doled out sentences lighter than what prosecutors asked for which he said averaged about a 47% drop every single case, 100% of them. He said when prosecutors came before you with child pornography cases. You sentence the defenders to substantially below. Not just the guidelines which are way higher, but what the prosecutor asked for an average of these cases, 47% less. What's her reduction. Okay, a couple of observations she said one is, is that your chart does not include all of the factors that Congress has told judges to consider including probation officer's recommendations in these cases, the committee has not been given the probation officer's recommendations, Cruz said to Jackson. I would love to see those we just don't have access to.

I take these cases very seriously. She said, as a mother is someone who is a judge has to review the actual evidence in these cases are based on congresses requirements take into account not only the sentencing guidelines not only the recommendations but also things like the stories of the victims.

Also things like the nature and circumstances of the events in the history and characteristics of the defendant to China goes on and on and on these cases Cruz said was the evidence less than the prosecutors asked for an back-and-forth to go and she didn't really give a good answer to what's what's going on. She talks legalese. But here's the problem. She knows she's in so she doesn't have to give a full and complete answer is remember this the political process is not about finding the best judge of its about finding but that the best judge.

I don't care what your skin color is unclear what your sexes. We just want to find people that are gonna that understand the law understand the Constitution will apply fairly. That's all you do let us know what's happening here this the political process from so-and-so working to get somebody on the Supreme Court that has that as a background issue and refuses to answer the question. What's a woman. God help us. Okay, I put this ad up this this was about a four minute from the daily wire, the cofounder and co-CEO Jeremy boring at daily wire bench.

Okay now I can't play the ad on the air because they use some bad language. If you saw the video of it. It can be a little a few racy's racy in a few spots, but it's brilliant in terms of what they're doing so he had a conversation with Ben Shapiro the other day on Tuesday.

Daily wire cofounder and co-CEO Jeremy boring joined his counterpart Ben Shapiro on his show to discuss the conception and purpose of Jeremy's razors razor company launched in response to Harry's razors, pulling their ads from the daily wire one year ago today after a Twitter user with two followers complained about widely held opinions about gender identity and sex being expressed from a daily wire host boring detail the very moment he knew the daily wire had to launch a competitor to Harry's razors why the creation of a company can be vital for millions of conservatives and hopefully inspire others to participate in this larger goal after twitter account two followers complained about daily wire host Michael Knowles discussing his views on gender dysphoria. Harry's quickly pulled moved to pull their ads from the daily wire. Quote Harry's immediately. Of course had to virtue signal and say oh we had no idea were shocked, shocked I tell you to discover that people were paying to help us reach a conservative audience have conservative views boring mocked these called.

They called deals views inexcusable.

So like a Mannesmann woman woman chromosomes, DNA any Audi that can stop said that they were there. There was values misalignment between our two companies immediately pulled $80,000 worth of advertising off of Michael Knowles show and at that very moment, I knew we had to launch a razor company asserted and the reason is because these woke corporations do this all the time they pay conservatives to help them reach an audience. They pay us to endorse their products. We only do it if they're good products were proud to have been the sponsors we tell our audiences about them and then at the first sign of trouble they stab us in the back.

They betray us, not by pulling their money, but for doing it publicly. They have to go virtue signal and by virtue signaling publicly saying is Harry's did that our views are inexcusable, but telling all of our other advertisers that the only excusable thing to do would be for them to cancel as well.

I can put been complaining about it for years. Boring told Shapiro what really happened here was I just got tired of complaining about, I thought when we actually do something about it instead we know we don't want to give Harry's a bad day white. What why don't we give come conservatives a place where they can spend their money.

Get a good shave and give their money to someone who doesn't openly hate them and repudiate right now. Will corporations pay no price for dismissing conservatives since largely there are no anti-woke alternatives for conservatives patronized.

There is, I want to create a price and actual penalty by creating market around the sort of disenfranchised conservative buyer.

He said I believe in the long run. The only way to change the behavior. These big companies is to actually incentivize them with market forces and having to come compete for our business. They have Ashley take a loss to realize that they have to change their behavior.

Kurt conservatives are going to win by lamenting the loss of a culture lamenting the loss of the economy.

He emphasized we actually have to go create a new economy. We have to create a new culture or what we used to call subculture. So what I did is I shared that the original article in the announced in the commercial and its it's very funny it's very snarky. It's not very Christian.

Okay, but but the daily wire is not a Christian organization. So when I look at what they're doing, so that all this is so offensive or not. Then Shapiro's a pretty devout Jew.

I don't know anything about boring but based on the way. The commercial goes.

Mike okay is not a lot of collegians there to biblical concepts of decency, so on and so forth. But I did share and if you go watch it.

It is brilliant. It's funny, it's aggressive, it gets his point across and it's going right up to define. You don't want our money to kick us off will compete against was about as great as all four of you go put it up on my night at the readership Facebook page and shared on my personal Facebook page and look past some of the language looks at some of the content like it's R-rated it's pretty edgy, but it is brilliant. So instead of sitting around complaining about this is fine, let's give conservatives an alternative, you have to give a will Corporation your money but you would like to have an alternative. And that's what they're doing so look to see this happen more and more, and I appreciate having great like okay fine you want to do business with us. We don't want to do business with you so will create our own business, so I'll share that Jessica check it out for yourself.

This is Steve Noble on the Steve Noble show, God willing. I talked again real soon. My dad always used to say ever for another program powered by the Truth Network

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