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Say "NO" to Trans Madness!

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March 15, 2022 9:45 am

Say "NO" to Trans Madness!

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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March 15, 2022 9:45 am

Say "NO" to Trans Madness!

Steve decided to play all 25-minutes of Matt Walsh’s INCREDIBLE lecture re: Why men should not be in women’s sports. From the pronoun game to the denial of nature and logic, this is the BEST argument against trans insanity that Steve has heard.

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The following program is recorded content created by the Truth Network mobile show where biblical reality meets the everyday issues of why in your home work even in politics.

Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of three no sacred call Steve now 634 through 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your host Steve Noble okay looking back at Noble to Steve Noble show out whatever what we're doing there. Anyway, it's good to be back to be with you and break some radio rules today because I'm in a play for you all 25 minutes.

Okay this is 25 minutes of a dissertation. A presentation at Matt Walsh from the daily wire gave at Georgia Tech recently, and of course are a bunch of liberals there that didn't want to be there because the title of his talk is why men don't belong in women's sports and this is in 25 minutes. It's the best breakdown dissertation of the whole trans argument, and he's basing it on Leah Thomas is the guy thinks is a woman whose the swimmer right in there letting him swim in the NCAA with women which lies winning all the time and just the madness of all that so that's it's so good I'm just like, forget it, I'd better give airtime to Matt Walsh in this case and for you to be exposed to this and think you can expect your thinking Okay and Listen to.

It's Very Logical. It Makes Perfect Sense. It's Excellent but It but the, the, That the Call of This Talk. Here's Why Men Don't Belong in Women's Sports Is Really to Get up Get to the Point We Are Willing to Say No to That Madness. No to the Gender Confusion Noted Transgender Is a Note to a Changing of Pronouns and All That Kind of Craziness. Okay, Just Getting the Point We Are Willing to Say No to Insanity, Which I Just Saw Another Pole Friend Sent Me This Paul, How Many, What Percentage of People like 40% Plus Are Afraid to Share Their Opinions in Public, They're Afraid to Get Fired. They're Afraid of All Kinds of Repercussions As Truth Goes out the Window Because It's Got a Personal Cost for You so I Hear Something. This Was in the Daily Wire.

For Example, 67% of Americans Say Disney Is Wrong to Oppose the Florida Bill Banning Kindergarten through Third Grade Instruction on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity, 67% Said Disney's Ron Kaczynski Came out, Oppose That. Then There's This USA Today's. On March 15. Today Meet USA Today's Women of the Year Woman There's 1-234-567-8910 1112 except a Man Got in There and the Man Would Be Rachel Levine Is the Highest Ranking Openly Transgender Official in the White House As the Assistant Secretary of Health Who's Got a Mental Health Problem Rachel Levine Is a Man but He's on USA Today's Women of the Year List. Sorry Ladies and Then There's This Wisconsin Teachers Instructed the High Students Gender Identities from Their Parents. That's a Story That Came out Recently, This One from the National Review Just Yesterday and There's Actually in Wisconsin a School Board Is like AAF Goods or Are Exploring Their Gender and Thinking about Changing the Gender We Don't Have Any Obligation to Let the Parents Know We Need to Support This 13-year-olds Idea of Gender Confusion and so This Is Point Literally 25 Minutes so It's Going to Play on a Play It through in Each Segment Today. Okay so This This Is Matt Walsh Is at Georgia Tech. The Surcease from the Daily Wire. Here's Why Men Don't Belong in Women's Sports Arena Play through the Whole Thing Is 25 Minutes Okay and If You're on Facebook Liber YouTube Liber to See the Video on Radio.

You Can Hear the Audio but Listen Carefully. It Is Totally Logical.

Okay You Want to Grab a Thesaurus or Dictionary It's Totally Logical. Let's Just Do the First Part and the Will Keep Coming Back to It with Each Segment. Are We Ready I Hit Let's Get This Matt Will Live. Thomas Is a Man Back to the Subject Manner Using the Word Reference Leah Thomas in Any Other Manner. I Might Refer to to Begin. There Were Some Thoughts about Language. This Is Issue Is Much Bigger Than Sports Window Start with Language but Transgender Has Infiltrated Our Society Largely through Language Not Only to the General Audit Logs Use Language to Make Compelling Arguments.

No Not All. They May Have No Compelling Arguments As We Trust All Their Arguments at All Have Coherent Arguments, Let Alone Compelling Was Rather They like to Manipulate Language Itself.

They Make It into Their into Their Pet. They Talk about Preferred Pronouns, but a Pronoun Is a Grammatical Construct Has To Be Deployed According to the Laws of Grammar, Not the Fickle Whims of the Individual Mouth. I'm Standing. Let's Say on This Stage Is Called Stage a Personal Analogy That You Want to Communicate to Someone Else about the Fact That I'm Standing on the Stage You Will Say That Person He Is Standing on the Stage Will Be Grammatically and Factually Incorrect.

The Site She Is Standing on the Stage As She Denotes a Human Female, Which I'm Not Also Be Incorrect to Say That They Are Standing on the Stage That Indicates More Than One Person in on Just One Person Will Be Incorrect to Say See Oars Standing on the Stage That's Adjusted on Some Sort of Space Alien Which Is Far As You Know I'm Not Now in a Similar Way, If I Am Standing on a Stage and Let's Say That I Insist That My Preferred Proposition Is off, It Would Make No Sense for You to Respect My Preferences and Tell Everyone That I'm Standing off the Stage Now. I May Prefer the Word off. Whatever That Means. I May Think That I Am off, I May Identify Someone Who Stands off of Things Not Changed to Change the Objective Fact That I Am Indeed on the Stage, Propositions, Nouns, Verbs, and Pronouns.

Lester Using a Fictional Story or Poem or Something Are Meant to Convey an Objective Facts about Reality Not Going to Perform That Function in the No Longer Perform Any Real Function at All and Meaningful Useful Words Have Been Reduced to Impotent Nonsense. What Should We Just Be Polite and Call People by Their Preferred Pronouns. Anyone Answer Is No Wind. Here's Why. First of All, You Should Establish That the General You Really Call Somebody a Pronoun When You're Speaking to Them Right You Want to Address a Person Directly.

Usually Use Their Name and Name Can Be Whatever You Want to Be. If a Woman Says That Her Name Was Fred or Mansour's Name Is Sally.

I Will Call Her Present Himself Because Names Are by Definition Personal, Subjective, Arbitrary Change.

What No One Can Say You Can't. Pronouns Are Objective and Also Generally More Distant Way That Their Used Usually Called by a Pronoun. We Are Not Physically Present for the Conversation or Lease When You're Not the One Being Addressed in the Conversation. So When Someone Insists on a Preferred Pronoun Is Trying to Prevent You from Using Proper Grammar, Even When He's Not in the Room with You Saying to You Whenever You Refer to Me. Even If 10,000 Miles Away, You Must Abandon the Rules of Proper Grammar and Parent Whatever Gibberish I Have Assigned to Most Bark like a Dog on My Command and Will Not Even Hear Us Not Only Absurd, It's Also Arrogant in the Extreme. The Other Thing You Find about the Proponents of Gender Ideologies That They Are All Recent One of Them Massive Narcissists Control Hungry Narcissists Who Think They Have the Right to Control Everything about Society and Everything You Say and They Don't but Just Not How Language Works Is Not How Life Works. It's Not My Job to Enforce Your Self Perception.

Okay, You Might See Yourself Right There. It's Not My Job to Enforce Your Self Perception Zero. Matt Walsh Is Saying This Is Matt Walsh from the Daily Wire at Georgia Tech Okay Just Recently and He Was Giving This Dissertation. This Talk.

Here's Why Men Don't Belong in Women's Sports. But That Walsh Is Just Talking about Reality.

Okay, Talk about the Truth. This Is Steve Noble the Steve Noble Shelf Will Be Right Back after This and Are You Willing Saying No Mandates in This Part of Us As Christians There's Part of Us Is a Christian Is Part of the Christian.

That's like I Don't like to Unnecessarily Damaged.

I Don't Harm People Look at Look at Us and My Friend Mattie Prachi Sent This Is Done through Summit Ministries and Get Back to Matt Walsh. Here's Why Men Don't Belong in Women's Sports Say No to the Transgender Menace Because They're Trying This Is Narcissistic and a Power and Control Move Trying to Force You to Agree with Something That's Patently False. Okay so in This Poll Voters Fear Discrimination Oppose Cancel Cultures Support Religious Freedom. 42% of Voters Hesitant to Share Their Beliefs Publicly and Fully One Third Fear Losing Their Jobs Due To Beliefs. What Yes 42% of Vote. Voters That Thousand Represented 12,000 People Adults Cross Country 42% of Voters Has Arts Hesitant to Share Their Beliefs Publicly.

Why Because of Shaming, You Might Lose Your Job, All Kinds of That Stuff, but Now They Believe in the Right to Express Their Opinions but They're Afraid to Do so and so They Don't Shut up and so You You Have a Conversion in a Mass Conversion Experience Where We Can. It's the Emperor Doesn't Have Any Clothes. Hey Guys, What the Emperor Still Walking around Noon Today.

No, No, He's Fully Dressed. Steve Coming out Can't Believe You Just Said That Right like Metempsychosis, We Just Saw the Same Thing Happen with COBIT. So This Is Matt Walsh from the Daily Wire. He Was at Georgia Tech. Recently, the Name of His Talk Was.

Here's Why Men Don't Belong in Women's Sports. It's Excellence Best 25 Minute Dissertation on the Subject of Ever Heard. We Just Posit at the End of the Lesson the by the Way, I Shared the Whole Thing on Facebook Seem to Listen to It on His Facebook Page.

It's on YouTube, but I Shared It on My Facebook Pages, the Steve Noble Show Page As Well As My Personal Page, Single Watch It There.

Then You Can Posit Do Whatever but I'm Playing through the Whole Thing Switches Posit at the End of the Last Segment Number and Hit Play and Keep Going As a Woman That's Not How Your Amana. Somehow I See You That's Not What You Actually Are and so I Cannot Be Required to Affirm What I Do Not Believe in What I Know to Be Untrue and Further, It Is Not My Job to Adopt Your Perception of Yourself Whenever I'm Talking about You. What Kind of Nonsense Is This. Know What I Might Perceive Myself As Handsome and Intelligent Manager Laughing. You Don't Perceive Me That Way and That's Fine. What I Cannot Do Is Require That Everyone Who Speaks about Me Must Also Have the Same Perception My Self Perception Is Not a Project That I Can Assigned to the Entire World.

It's My Self Perception Is My Business, but Anybody Else's Second Point Using an Incorrect Pronoun and Correct As in a Pronoun That Does Not Properly Convey Objective Reality Is Not Only Nonsensical's Also Dishonest. So I Say She Drove to the Store When Talking about a Man That I'm Lying Now. Maybe Lying with the Best Intentions on the Line Can Try Not to Hurt Anybody's Feelings but A Lot Is A Lot I'm Conveying an Untruth That It Is Bad to Convey Untruths Because the Person I'm Speaking to Whoever It Is Deserved to Know the Truth If I Didn't Think They Deserve to Know the Truth and I Should Be Saying Anything to Them at All and the Person I'm Referring to. Also, Deserve to Know the Truth, Which Is Why I'm Talking to Someone Directly. I'm Not Going to Respect Their Preferred Pronouns. I'll Call Them What They Are to Their Face Because a Confused and Deluded Person Needs the Truth Doesn't Need Us to Participate in and Encourage His Delusion.

Maybe What He Wants, but It's Not What He Needs That Will Help Them in the Long Run, and Any Radios He Doesn't Have the Right to Control My Speech or Compelled Me to Lie on His Back, but We Get to This Question of Grammar and Language Evolve over Time or Does However Language Evolve According to Coherent Rules and Standards so Were Talking about Here Were Talking about People Making up Their Own Rules Individually Which Is Evolution, but Degradation Fracturing Collapse Two Languages Is a Symbol Is a Sound Meant to Represent Something We Say Ellison to Talk about Elephants and Camels to Talk about Camels, but Things Could've Worked out so We Say Camels Talk about Animals That We Know As Elephants and Vice Versa Is No Reason Why We Had to Use Those Particular Sounds Represent Those Animals Just Worked out and so Language Can Shift and Change over Time, but Most Change the Language Happen Relatively Organically Due To a Wide Combination of Influences People Begin to Slightly Adjust the Verbal Symbols They Use for Certain Things and Eventually the Official Grammatical Rule Official Grammatical Rules Change to Reflect That Change Descriptively Not Proscriptive. No Tapping of Pronouns with All the Language around Gender Is Not like This Is a Top-Down Change the Grammar Rules Are Being Changed Proscriptive Our Cultural Elites Have Decided for Ideological Reasons That We Ought to Be Using Different Words and a Plan to Berate and Scold and Punish Us until We Comply. That's Not a Natural Evolution of Language That's Intentional Manipulation of Language Which Is a Very Different Thing. Just Look at What They're Doing with the Made-Up Nonsensical Word like Tanks or Latin X, I Say Would Think That Linux Is out Now. Almost Nobody in the Hispanic Community Uses That Word or like Survey Done Studies on This and Many Polls. Very Few like That Work yet Elites Keep Using It and Pushing It Pushing It Hoping That Eventually People Will Submit and Start Adopting It in Daily Use and If and When That Day Happens. They'll Then Turn around and Say Look at That Language Evolved Calling That Natural Evolution Is like Injecting Drugs into a Lab Rat Grows a 30 Year New Site and Evolved. This Is Something That You Did. Now There's Another Example of This Kind of Unnatural Imposed Evolution of Language African-American Became the Preferred Term in the 90s to Supplant Black and Then Went Back to Black, and It Was Replaced by People of Color Was Considered Politically Correct While Colored People Is Terrifically Racist.

All of This Is Pretty Arbitrary Kind of Ludicrous That Mostly the Result of Elites Telling Us What Words We Should Be Using, but That's Not Nearly As Bad As the Pronoun Change Because in the Former Case, the Verbal Symbols to Describe a Certain Reality Are Being Changed.

Okay with Pronouns They Wish to Change the Symbols and the Thing That Is Being Symbolized the Point of Making Pronouns Fluid Is to Give the Impression That People Are Fluid Are Not Just Trying to Change the Way We Describe Things. They Also Want to Change That Which Is Being Described, but Also We Want You to Use Different Words to Describe Certain Men.

They Want You to See Those Men Differently, As in Fact, the Opposite of What Actually Are. They Want You to Think That They Are Not Men at All, That All May Have Seen What a Long Digression about Grammar Really Supports. Actually It's Not a Digression Because Were Not Really Here to Talk about Sports Were Here Rather to Talk about the Truth Was under Assault, Possibly Women's Sports but Truth Itself, Not Women's Sports Just One Battleground in the War.

For Truthfully, That's What's Why I Care about It. I Freely Admit That I Am Not Exactly an Ardent Fan of Women's College Swimming like I Can Only Name One Women's College Swimmer and Is Not Even a Woman so but I Am a Fan of the Truth and of Justice and Common Sense and All of These Things Are under Assault. When Men Are Allowed to Intrude.

That's What Matters.

I've Said That Thomas Is Not a Woman I've Established While You Will Not Prefer to Know That He's Not a Woman. It's Not Break Their Citizen or Matt Walsh Speaking Recently at Georgia Tech. The Name of His Talk Is.

Here's Why Men Don't Belong in Women's Sports Here Sports Illustrated Daily Cover to Swim As Herself. This Guy Leah Thomas Wright on the Cover of Sports Illustrated. The Delusion Continues, but Not on This Show and Certainly Not with Matt Wallace and Oakley Not with You and Not with Me out in Public Where Most of Us Are Afraid to Share Our Truth Be True for Fear of Backlash Will Be Right Back There in the Cover of Sports Illustrated the Daily Cover to Swim As Herself, Leah Thomas, the Guy That's Pertaining to Be a Woman Getting Away with It and Swimming against Women, and Usually Crushing His Competitors. How Convenient Is That in Just like the USA Today. There, the Women of the Year Women of the Year. This Is Just Came out March 15 Came out Today and Bada Bing, but a Boom There. There He Is Rachel Libby. According to USA Today, She Became the Highest Ranking Openly Transgender Official in the Senate Confirmed Her As Assistant Sec. of Health in October 21 since October 2020 Will Fight If He Wants to Go by the Name Rachel That's His Business, Find Whatever Okay Rachel, but He Became the Highest Ranking Openly Transgender Official in the Senate Confirmed Him As Assistant Sec. of Health in October. That's Just the Truth. The Fact That Rachel Has a Gender Dysphoria Doesn't Mean I Have To Then Become a Liar. Even Though Rachel Is in Everybody. The Supports Rachel Is Because He Had a Keep Hope Alive One Hope Though That There Is an Alternative Truth Then to God's Truth Because You Gotta Suppress the Truth and Replace with Ally Romans Chapter When I Say This Probably Every Week on the Show and Have for Years Is Really Only One Particular Chapter in the Bible to Really Understand Fully What You See the Madness around Units Romans Chapter 1, We Don't Want There to Be a God. We Don't Want to Have To Bow the Knee. We Don't Want to Have To Admit Our Sin.

We Don't Want to Deal with Jesus and God and All That Stuff. We Gotta Get Rid of Him and Then Once We Pick That Team until He Interrupts, We Could Say Then You're Going to Go down Any Road You Have To in Order to Support Your Position Including Saying That Rachel Levine Is a Woman, When in Fact He's a Man and That's What Matt Walsh Is Talking about. This Is so Good 25 Minutes That I'm like I Can't Cut This up.

I Can't Reproduce Its Words Can Play the Whole Thing on the Show Today, but the Whole Thing.

The Regular Video I Shared on My Facebook Page.

The Steve Noble Show Facebook Page As Well As My Personal Page. So for Happened to Be Regular Personal Friends on Facebook You Can Find It There As Well.

Here's Why Men Don't Belong in Women's Sports Now Is Getting More into Genetics and the Reality of the Physical Reality of All This Is Matt Walsh from the Daily Wire, Which Can Hit Play and Keep Going Right Woman, Just like the Word Man Has a Definition, a Woman by Definition Is an Adult Human Treatment Is the Literal Definition of the Word, a Man by Definition Is an Adult Female. Those Are the Only Two Options Available for a Human Species.

That's All You Got No Other Options. There Is No Third Sex Doesn't Exist. All Humans Who Have Ever Lived on Earth Have Been Either Male or Female.

Every Single One.

We Call This a Binary System. There Are No Non-Binary People. That's Why If You Want to Go to Amazon and Order a Shirt with the Non-Binary Products like It Will Come in Either Men's or Women's Sizes. No, What Is a Female Sex Question I Want to Watch for. Glad You Asked Was a Female Well. A Female Is Someone with Access Chromosomes and Female Reproductive System Female Gametes or Eggs the Ability and Principal to Ovulate in Their Offspring. There Are Females Who Suffer from Illnesses Mutations Injury Injuries Deformities Maybe Are Simply Postmenopausal, and so Therefore Are Prevented from Performing Some of These Natural Female Functions That Is Make Them Any Less Female.

It Is Instead an Exception That Proves the Rule.

Here's Why.

What Female Cannot Bear Children. We Know That Something Is Physically Wrong. Something's Gone Wrong Here. If She Is of Childbearing Age Can't Bear Children.

Something Is Wrong, Something Not Working Right. Maybe Can Be Fixed Made It Can't, but We Know That Because We Know That Women Are Supposed to Be Able to Bear Children. But When a Man Cannot Bear Children. We Know That Is Not a Sign That Anything Has Gone Wrong Because Men Are Not Supposed to Bear Children, and No Man in History Ever Has or Ever Will Know If There's a Woman You Go to the Doctor and Telling Your Unable to Conceive Children in Your Will Heal Run Some Test to Figure out What's Wrong with Your Body As a Man You Go to the Doctor and Tell Me Your Unable to Conceive Children in the Room. He Should Run Test to Figure out Was Wrong with Your Brain As It Happens, the Joke Doesn't Really Work Because Our Society Has Lost Its Entire Line Which Means That He Might Actually Give You Hormone Pills to Help You Transition into One, but You Will Note That Much to the Disappointment of Some of the Men When Evan Forcefully Gone Hundred on This Procedure without Realizing Even after Becoming a Woman Still the Man Will Not Be Able to Ovulate Will Not Be Able to Conceive Children Were Not to Be, Will Not Be Able to Perform Any of the Exclusively Female Functions Ever Because He Is Not a Female and Will Never Ever Be One Thomas Is Not a Female and When Everyone Is a Man, a Male with a Try Chromosomes Male Anatomy As the Women Who See Him in the Locker Room Have Attested Male Gametes but There's A Lot More to Being a Male Just That You Did That, the Physical Differences between Men and Women Are Not Confined to the Reproductive System They Can Be Found in Every Bodily System in Every Part of the Body. The Olea Thomas like Any Male Is Mailed down to His Bones down to His Cells down to His DNA When He Dies and Is Buried beneath a Giant Monument Celebrating Him As History's Greatest Female Athlete 100 Years from Now You Could Be Excavated in His Bones Analyzed and Signed, It Will Be Very Confused to Discover That the Greatest Female Athlete Was a Dude His Bones Will Attest to the Biological Reality They Will Not Declare His Pronouns.

They Won't Affirm His Self Perception Because There Will Be No Self. The Self Will Be Gone, but the Man Will Remain Thing about That When You Die One of the Very Last Things to Remain of You Is Your Sex Even after Almost Everything Else Is Going. That's How Fundamental It Is Not. Many of These Biological Differences Happen to Give Him a Distinct Advantage over Women Sports Specially Swimming. We Get to the Polls We Care Georgia Tech Kilby Swimming against People with 20% Less Muscle Mass on Average 40% Less Upper Body Strength 33% Less Lower Body Strength. Smaller's Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers Smaller, Long Smaller Heart, Shorter Legs, More Estrogen, Less Testosterone, Lower Capacity to Produce Oxygen When They Exert Themselves Courageously. Thomas Has Chosen a Race against People Who Have Literally Dozens of Immutable Biological Disadvantages in Comparison to Himself. What a Hero. Now These Advantages Are Why the Fastest Man in the World Is Always Faster Than the Practice Will Does That Mean That Every Man in the World Is Faster Than Everyone. Of Course, but the Fastest Man in the World Is Always Faster Than the Fastest Woman the Fastest Man Dies the Next Fastest Will Still Be Faster Than the Fastest Woman. In Fact, If the 100 Fastest Men All Got on the Plane to Go to a Fastest Man Retreat and on the Way. Tragically, the Plane Crash, and They All Died. The 101st Fastest Man Who Is Now the Fastest Man by Inheritance Is Still Faster by A Lot Than the Fastest Woman in the Next 100 Fastest Men. They Could Also Go to the Same Retreat Stupidly and Die. Also, in the Next Batch of 100 Are Still Faster Than the Fastest Woman the Same Thing with Strongest Member Stores over Longer the Whole Thing Again. Now the Olympics Attest to This. There Has Never Been a Time Ever in History, Not Once, When the Women's Racing or Swimming Champions Were Faster on Average Than the Men. It Has Never Happened in History and Never Will. These Advantages Are Why There's a Website May Be Seen As Dedicated to Comparing High School Boys Track and Field, Champions against Female Olympians the High School Boys Outperform the Female Olympians in Almost Every Category by Huge Margins, Taking One Example, the Other New Balance National Outdoor Meat Is One of the Preeminent High School Track and Some Country If the 2016 High School Boys Finalist in the 100 M Race Would Have Raced against the 2016 Female Olympic Finalist the Fastest Woman Were Coming Ninth Place As High School Boys Ninth Gold, Silver, Bronze All Go to Boys Places for Three. Although the Boys against Female Olympians. This Holds True in Almost Every Event That Is Not Just Track and Is Not Just Hypothetical Is Actually Been Tested Back in 2017. A Team of 15-year-old Boys Scrimmage against the US Women's National Soccer Team and Beat Them 5 to 2 Which Is Just Great. First of All, Male and Female Athletes Are so Different Separated by Such a Vast Biological Chasm. You Can Actually Count the Total Number of Dunks Made by the WMD Players in the History the Week When We Think This Is Counted As Only Happened 28 Times and 23 of Them Were by the Same Player. No Person Takes a There's a Play on Him to Dunk the Ball 300 Times by Himself and Once That's One Player in One Year, Dunking It Almost 10 Times More Than the Entire WF WNBA over the Course of a Quarter-Century. Many Women Are Different Very Different.

There's No Denying Men Are Stronger There Faster. There Better Almost Every Competitive Sport. Literally Every Line of Evidence Supports This. All of the Evidence, All of It Supports the Claim That Men in General Have Biological Advantages over Women Sports. There Is No Evidence to the Contrary, None, Which Is Why You'll Notice of the People on That Side Never Produce Any Evidence yet They Got It Right There.

You Never Presented Any Evidence Because It Doesn't Exist.

Just a Great Great Presentation by Matt Walsh from Daily Wire. Here's Why Men Don't Belong in Women Sports. By the Way, on Facebook Live.

I Just Shared the Link to That Website. He Was Talking about Boys Versus Limit Boys BS to Look It up Yourself Will Be Right Back over the Noble Show, Taking You through Matt Walsh Recitation Just Recently at Georgia Tech. Here's Why Men Don't Belong in Women's Work. She's Talking about Leah Thomas, the Man That's Pretending to Be a Woman in Swimming against Women and Winning All over the Place and Matt's Just Reminding Us That Language Matters Talk about Pronouns in the REIT.

There Are Rules in Reality to Language and Pronouns Just like the Rules in Reality to Gender and Sex Male and Female Are Generally Two Options and Then Is Talking about the Whole Sports Thingies Bring up the Fact That Men Just Have Advantages against Women.

So He Talked about This Website, Boys Versus I Put the Link up on Facebook Live and Then the Link to Matt's Whole Conversation with Some Q&A at the End of It. I Also Put up with on My Facebook Live Page Right for the Show in Life Okay but Here's That that's BS okay boys versus through all track and field events, and I swimming events and they took out the real scores from the 2016 boys national champions in America versus the 2016 Olympians. These are the best female active athletes in the world who made it in the Olympics and competed versus a bunch of high school boys 2016 high school boys 2016 Olympians okay and out of 87 events. The boys 181 metals the girls 16 the boys won all the gold medals except one. The boys won all the silver medals except to anyone.

All the bronze medals except three sold the women the best women in the world, competing against high school boys, how humiliating Olympics. The Olympic level to benefit best athletes in the world. You could make that case versus high school boys in the high school boys in the Olympics would clear them out 81 metals versus six shellac. I think that's what Leah Thomas ultimately wants to do here is compete in the Olympics against women because got a huge advantage. It's all about him, right okay so we have seven minutes to finish up Matt Wallace and then a couple of comments from me at the okay to play right back at the can't defend the position they can't even really explain their position because they run into a basic logical problem which I've talked about quite a bit and I'll talk about a so for example, they say that Leah Thomas is a woman right but they can't tell you what they mean when they say that what is a woman now gender theory has made it so that the word woman itself and the word man have no meaning leftist because of their ideological commitments cannot define the terms they say trans women are women. They say that someone can start out life as a woman in transition or as a male in transition into one. But how can I understand any of these claims in these declarations. I don't know what they mean by the word and how can they make any meaningful statements about womanhood if they themselves don't know what they mean by the word/very simply as I've been asking for years is asked on Dr. Phil. What is a woman. Now they say that biology has nothing to do with womanhood. Okay what what does have something to do with womanhood. If we can't find a woman physically. How can we define her. What is a woman was a mean now you're on the left. What exactly are you trying to say when you say that such and such biological man is a woman what you what you trying to convey about the person what you mean. You say Leah Thomas is a woman okay will do what what is that mean exactly the fair question is I've been told by the futile attempt to give an answer that a woman is anyone who identifies as a woman by definition doesn't work because you can't use the word you're defining in the definition last you for the definition of an apple and you say, and Apple is that which is an apple. We have really told me anything but apples are still in Annapolis. Same goes for women. Now you might say that woman is an adult human female or anybody who identifies as an adult, that's recently saying that a woman is an adult human female or not.

An adult female Duchess know a single woman is nothing in particular. Woman has no definition. If that's the definition. Also, the person offering a definition is themselves drawing a distinction between a person who is a thing in a person who identifies as a thing in the very phrase trans women are women, seems to admit that trans women are not really women because of their women why you calling them transfer the transport to note the transport seems to be pointing to some kind of elemental crucial difference between these two categories and I would say that crucial difference is what makes them separate categories comes down to it, if the word woman means nothing.

It's nonsensical to identify as one. Given your identifying as something that's not really anything now is a woman in the end just anybody who enjoys feminine things or dresses in a feminine way you hear these insane abusive parents who say no. My life for-year-old boy really like the little mermaid and that's when first realized is a girl femininity, though, cannot be the death of the defining quality of being a woman, because we can't find something until we define woman as a definition of stuntman and is having qualities or the parents traditionally associated with women besides the left is been trying to break down the societal constructs of feminine versus masculine for years.

How can you go from saying as I heard all when I was growing up going back again.

Decades used to be.

Well, not all women should be expected to be feminine and now what the only defining characteristic of a woman is femininity for years years years. They said that so they subcontracted. If a boy plays with little mermaid plays with dolls that there something wrong with that is not girly and now they're saying the boy plays with dolls. He actually is a girl talk about reinforcing the gender binary. But can answer these questions. They insist that our conception of womanhood is wrong and then we ask them what the right conception is and they shrugged her shoulders as they say, but whatever woman is Leah Thomas's is that this nonsense and we all know that it's nonsense. Even most of them though the people march around outside with signs almost all of them know that this doesn't make any sense. And yet were supposed to cooperate with it anyway. Were supposed to abandon all at once. The fundamental truths that all of us know and have always known and were supposed to do it for no other reason than it will hurt people's feelings. If we don't hurt Leah Thomas's feelings because his feelings are the only feelings that matter) comes to the swimming issue is feelings and feelings about a trip wanted those feelings.

For some reason are supposed to outweigh the feelings of women don't want their sports destroyed and their privacy invaded in their very identity is appropriated and stolen and cheapened and fetishized and turn into a Halloween costume. The feelings of a million women are just when stacked up against the feelings of one gender confused man all of reality is just biology science truth. All of this must be thrown out of the window because of one trans person's feelings will I say to that, no pricing and I urge everyone in this room to say no to this. Don't affirm what you know are lies. Everyone knows it's a lie.

Don't cooperate with what you know is wrong. Don't abandon what you know is true. Don't pretend to believe what you don't believe it takes a lot of courage in this world. I think to say no. It's a word that's not said nearly enough garlic.

We are Thomas is never heard it in his life. Every once ever told was ever signed on subdued. No, this is not happening in but he needs to hear.

Now all the gender ideologically. Now all the liars and frauds, trying to push and coerce in shameless into surrendering our common sense all the cries always using emotional blackmail because they have no arguments. Everyone demanding that we pretend to believe. We don't believe all of them everywhere need to hear no that's it for me. Thank you incredible okay so I shared that whole thing on my Facebook page I just shared it on the Facebook life air feed as well so no uneasy deer that cried bullies cried bullies to the crybabies that actually bullies cried bullies and then tilts.

Don't neglect your allegiance to the truth as a Christian and and confuse that with compassion and care and love for people. If Jesus came to tell us the truth.

He's the truth I'm the way the truth and the life and what's one of those truths you guys are hopeless.

That's the truth I don't want to hear that you're hopeless you can't work your way out of this. You can't dig yourself out of the hole you need me I have to take care of the price that you've incurred because of your sin and you can't fix it. Not that not a single thing that you can do. I want to hear that but it's the truth and you have to hear it because it's the truth that will set you free. Okay so when you look at Leah.

Thomas is the front page of Sports Illustrated.

I am Leah, the transformer dividing America tells her story fresh opera final practice of the week. The most controversial athlete in America and here, here he is the cover of Sports Illustrated. Of course he's gonna drink this at Leah. Thomas had done some of her best work this season while feeling cornered on this January being her long torso was wrapped in University Pennsylvania swim and dive jacket. Her hair still damp from swim.

She looked exhausted so on and so forth. This had been a season unlike any in her 22 years and unlike any in the history of her support. Now she's he is making history is like slouchy. Of course you get drunk when you get this kind of attention. The shy senior economics major from Austin became one of the most dominant college athletes in the country and as a result, the center of a national debate, a living breathing real-time or check test for how society views those who challenge convention know for how society deals with liars in mentally ill people. In this case Ian and I know some people that like I sound like this terrible Christian because I'm just coming right out and say that but no, you tell the truth because you number one love God and never to you, love your neighbor as yourself. You have to know the truth because the truth is the only thing that will set you free Leah Thomas doesn't need an operation. Leah Thomas each treatment, and he doesn't need the world including Sports Illustrated telling them that his treatment is nothing. What we need to do is agree with. No, that's not loving as a Christian I refuse to do that which is not loving me share that one of Facebook wherever you do your social media.

This is Steve Noble and Steve Noble shall, God willing out toxic and that always say another program powered by the Truth Network

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