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LIVE from Ukraine

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble
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March 9, 2022 7:26 pm

LIVE from Ukraine

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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March 9, 2022 7:26 pm

LIVE from Ukraine

Slavik, a leader in the Ukraine Partnership Program, is live from Ukraine today to ask for help and tell us what’s happening in Ukraine.

Our goal is to apply Biblical Truth to the big issues of the day and to spread the Good News of the Gospel to as many people as possible through the airwaves as well as digitally. This mission, like others, requires funding.

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Everyone is time for this noble show where biblical Christianity meets the everyday issues of life in your home, at work, and even in politics.

Steve is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred cows call Steve now 86 34 true 866-34-TRUTH or checking out online, Steve Noble now here's your house noble right website I want before he finished the show today are certainly free to go to bed tonight and it's the Ukraine partnership foundation UPF okay you P is in Ukraine partnership foundation UPF I want to go there.

I want you to ask the Lord what you should do and then shoot the lock up your wallet and figure out how you should help assist what's going on over in Ukraine so I have a friend that we know each other from the seminary and that he's a pastor and is a great, great thinker and he always sends me great information. Great insight in any cetacean that you should have my friend Slavic on the show slot X actually in Ukraine at the Ukraine Baptist theological seminary. He is a Christian brother of ours Southern Baptist and active in the movement in so will get instead of a media interpretation of what's going on in Ukraine will actually hear from Ukrainian somebody that is there doing at the Lord's call them to do so that we can figure out what's our response.

What's our place in the story so Slavic is here with us live you zoom Slavic. Thank you so much for your time.

God bless you brother how are you well. Thank you. Thank you Steve for writing me. This radio show and I'll be happy to share what what I see here in Ukraine and I home is going to be in the way encouragement in a way, prayer request, you know may be a challenge to you. Amen to all three of those. So let's let's back up a little bit before Russia started amassing troops on your border before everything really went south and they invaded your country. This is go back a few months and tell us about that.

The seminary there and what you guys were working on, because I know obviously, God had a different plan in mind, but let's go back a few months and just tell us a little bit your background what was going on with the seminary. Very few things that were actually doing this year really got our record numbers for years, a record for us this year we got to 1300 students to be our world, launching P actual ministry program was so Midwest be have meso are suitable in southeastern and so we have to have graduation sometime whenever the war is over because our students finish the program but I guess they will need to wait will and so in different programs for older places. A lot of people would be believe is seminary is all about values and we have our vision is to see every local church program. Baptist discipleship and the way we see things happening every one of us will be biblical and not in our definition biblical love and got neighbor mission will live and love for yourself, but father's unaccountable and that means that it's your responsibility when Scott King, Sir, that's what we do, that's what we thought, and that's why the reason why we were so successful and just to give you some perspective. I started seminary president in 2014. At that time we had about 50 students. Today we have over 1500. Praise the Lord for that. So talk about what the Lord's doing now, but let's let's go back six weeks eight weeks, 12 weeks as Russia started doing master forces all along your border there in Ukraine.

What what what was that like for you all, because you you know you're in a semester you're teaching you running the seminary, but you see this gathering storm on the horizon. How did you guys react to that. What what were you thinking and feeling restarted. Actually some preparation because you were hundred percent sure of something happening because you have more since 2014 and so in spite of the messages that you heard all you know from our politics and media not going to happen.

Russia will never like that old. We did start started with the cold emergency fund in the beginning. Said goal like hundred thousand dollars to you know to just to prepare will let but nobody was expecting anything like what we have right now be actually have some you know some people that you talk to and they told us maybe 10% of the irascible inmate Cecily's 10% were ignited to yeah that yeah that was ridiculous. They working on mass that many troops in your border not come in. How did you find out when actually decided to come in and in shelling happens and bullets are flying. How did you find out about that slot. We said the same time.

Our children will live in the states cold. Ukraine is at war, and the first two hours I was given all our information, but what was happening in other places from US news channels, and so went winded things start to get real for you guys. You Slavic for those of you that they're just joining us with Ukraine Baptist theological seminary. We want you to go visit the Ukraine partnership foundation today.

UPF I got the link on Facebook live. But when did it start to get real for you in western Ukraine.

You're there right near the border of Poland. What were the first kind of physical representations of what was happening in Ukraine as things pushed toward you guys was it refugee showing up what what can happen first for you all. That way, actually the first day Russia attacked even the monthly cell waste make it got miles away from me while latest missiles must also be destroyed a couple places around the city didn't get into city so they learn about three spots not far away from leave and I'm talking not far away.

I'm talking 20 miles so the first day and so that was real how you because that's the challenge. I teach high school homeschoolers every every week about 110 students, myself, and I teach US history, antique civics, we been talking about World War I right now and then pointing out to them the obvious parallels little things were happening at the, the assassination of Ferdinand in Sarajevo and it's one little thing after the next thing you know you have a whole war. What it's going to be as it was in a little bit of a disbelieve all the sudden cruise missiles are hitting 1020 miles away from you what what was that like to experience personally Slavic because we just don't have a context where I wouldn't say disbelieve, because actually you know everyone United States was screaming about Russian blood and lungs and so I wish that was founded, be right back with Slavic everybody will be right back in talking with Slavic Pres. Ukraine seminary that's in western Ukraine near the Polish border, but they been taking in refugees a more more people showing up. We know we just heard this on the news yesterday just surpassed 2 million refugees, 2 million people leaving Ukraine and the numbers going to continue to grow and so what do you do as they come through your town and in their Merck working their way towards Poland. In this case, and they're going right through where the Ukraine Baptist theological seminary is where Slavic is the president so we have in life you zoom today and we appreciate Slavic you taking the time to be with us, so as things begin unfolding screws missiles hitting 10 or 20 miles away from you but I guess the next thing. What it didn't take very long for people to start to flee the country and obviously they're coming from Eastern Ukraine, where most of the fighting as they got head west to get to Poland. So what was that like to start encountering yet you got refugees, your fellow Ukrainian showing up in your neck of the woods. First, they will realize that a lot of our students to be affected by that and so will you reach out to all first thing you said you know we are here for you if you need safety please come our way and we will try to help you, but their first two days he realized that the need is is mass so people start fleeing key card given all the places and so it was not about our students anymore. It was not about believers and nonbelievers. It was about everyone. So what gone you actually haven't changed one bit. Did you have not change our values. So instead of talking about being biblical, national, and countable restarted limited out by serving to go students made to those people, refugees, and it's a unique thing that I did mention before you a month ago the beginning of this year we adopted five year plan seminary and part of our flammable seamount growth in the work Jackson back with them. In most, three, four years we will be up to 2400 students said not reprocessing about 350 people a day while so within the last two weeks he exceeded that number might be exceeded by what he said and people you know my stuff says that those are students, they are in different formats be doing a different thing. These are the people that got called us to serve and he pulled up so to be taken that as you know you have changed a little bit of format, but you do what you do best friend to love them, teach them use shall bend over what Christian life is all about.

Yeah. Really all we can ask will beyond what we can ask or imagine right so you asked for 2400. God says your math a little weak there Slavic him to bring a lot more people than that, that such an incredible point.

So when they're showing up for what what do they need, how long are they with you. I know you use the word processing when they're coming through and what kind of spiritual opportunities at the actually have four locations. The reason you have locations because of the headlight classrooms and office space to our locations. And you have another two locations were. We have like sleeping facility for about 60 people. Someone that someone did you actually turn our classroom and office space into pretty much right now. We can pull "up to 220 may be people in those two occasions and another 17 others so we can we can sleep more than 300 people easily return all that into sleeping but mattresses bags into our classroom space in my even by my office as a parent eight room where people come and pick up their calls. But what we do is we accept them to give them shower may provide them was warm, bad shelter, warm food hygiene items that they need close and arrange transportation for them and taken to the border and old school create.

They don't say anything. So we pick him up from the train station and deliver them to the border. He can walk across the border because you have a law. If you mail I you're not allowed to cross the border you love to leave the country unless you are 65 years old yet pretty and also be trained to counsel them. They have need a minute they willing to God every morning to have a little more strict on the same Bible and they listen to something nobody ever said something against that. Yeah, I'm not surprised, and that's an awesome opportunity. So what of all the different conversations that can be had in the midst of that Slavic what you mentioned this during the break, when we were talking just on Facebook live in YouTube the problem of evil and I'm sure that's coming up a lot. Why would a good loving powerful God allow these terrible things to happen here in Ukraine that's the question that is probably the most right now because oldies golden cheap answers, "classical Christian statement thing not fit the situation anymore so people don't buy into and so it's very difficult to explain why it happens.

What happens what I usually cancel my people to do this month to explain the issue you mean be able to explain it to the person but to tell them of the go with what is our experience and the same to me trying to do this we cannot take people's fear. We cannot people's pain that but while they are with us, you can actually carry them in our hands while they have the same fear the same pain and make their life will be better. I'm being there, and so I think loving them this way.

It's not really a result of their age but will demonstrate they are not long be our there and I think this is what God never gave us an answer, but evil he came and shared our destiny and died on the cross was risen and he allows us to live the same life as he was kind of the way. Yeah while you're here. It knows how many seeds one man plants and Ottoman waters and reaps to me. Who knows how many seeds of what kind of fruits going to come out this bitter tree of what's going on in Ukraine.

As these people continue to pass through, that the station that God has given you right now how's the church responded work and had a breaker in a fume and about a minute, Slavic, and then make sure you let me know when you need to go.

I know you're tired and just got going 24 seven.

But what was that house the church responded most of the church and respond really well trying to break it. Trying serve them to administrate your people. Sadly we have some work with church leaders disappeared out of the scene is set. You know I think it's like always you know you have people that you expect them would be in Berkeley affecting from clients that when things have gone to those people you go on expensive front row there.

That's kind of thing and think the third thing is you are impressed with you some of their Slavic Ukraine Baptist theological seminary UPF will find out how we can pray now we can help will be right back to back his noble show are talking to Slavic today live from Ukraine Ukraine Baptist theological seminary western part of Ukraine over near the Polish order and they knew something was coming down like the media was a little thicker to go in the 20% now they knew this was going to happen. I think the world gets honest with itself will know this is going to happen.

It was inevitable specially put in charge in Russia so get hundred 90,000 troops on the border you know they're not there just doing exercises. So really I write ways and oddly enough Slavic heard about it from his kids who live here in the states because we get all this information over here they get sent back over there. The bizarre world that we live in. And then we were just talking over the break and Slavic you are mentioning that war reveals the real us that it's going to show you exactly what you're made of and who you are and often times isn't it funny that we we try to we try to get away from pressure we try to get away from difficult times.

We try to figure out a way to smooth out the rocky soil. When all the time God like no that's were that's where I do all my work in me. Most of the work that the Lord does is in the difficulties is not and when you're on top of the mountain. That's a nice rest, but that's not the reality what it is so and I noble remind people of the pretty things we are talking about over the break, but what what what what would you say God is doing over there and what would you say to us Christians over here in America that we can glean from what you're experiencing our brothers and sisters in Ukraine. So help us to become better Christians and in what he think God we be seeing God being up to other living this way. I think that God gives us an opportunity. He gave me an opportunity and he gave the church an opportunity and it gives an opportunity to all and it's up to me again. I either use that opportunity to lose that option. So in our case using that option is to serve people, and as I said before everyone makes it towards you see the concern about your own safety, and you start starting trying to save your own life and anything else and I don't condemn people doing that, but she did that you listed opportunity to serve people you serve in yourself. And so what I'm trying to say is opportunity is a rare thing you know I never dream amount and never pray about time that I'm living in red on offer and use one of my heroes, stuff like that but never in my wildest dreams I wanted to be a spot. Sadly, I find myself quite similar situation that you will is always take care of yourself.

You think about yourself you think about that's and I think what is happening right now is exactly the same opportunity here in Ukraine you know you always have a choice.

You can serve others.

You can just think about yourself and the state same thing. You can take that opportunity and use it the way you use it you can help you can give your money can give you resource you can give your time. You can do something about what you can just let it go. So this is what I think is happening and privilege in the way that I'm here and what I can do because I think that not a lot of people have that option that I have special states. Yeah, that's for sure. So how can we help you and I know you go and it's been a long day on.

Hardly sleeping, but how can we help you other than prayer and I'm in a talk about the things you mentioned you don't need to go through that list. I'll do that once we let you go but tangibly when we when we go visit the website. UPF UPF that Ukraine partnership foundation UPF how can we help our number one need right now our resources because having resources speaking by can provide warm place to sleep for those people that are serving to write in the next place we will be looking for. Provided you know medical things to them food and stuff like that so she can donate and you can support our efforts will go directly to people here in the crane and reusing every penny that you give to Ukrainians. Yeah, that's that's a opportunity or mention not sit right in front of us were not listening to CNN or Fox News or whatever were listening to our brother, Slavic and stocking was light from Ukraine and that's our opportunity. The question is what we can do with the opportunity we been given Slavic will make sure we stay in touch.

I like I said earlier anytime you want to join us and you want to invite the church in America. All our listeners and buddy watching anytime you get a message just let me know and will have you on anytime you stick you very much for your time please you and pray for Mark we went. God bless you think you pal talk to you later talk to. Thanks, and then walk you guys through the prayer list that I was going through a Slavic over the over the last commercial break because I mentioned it before we hit that the commercial break on radio, but he had these things okay and and so I walk you through this. What exactly he was saying in terms of how to pray and you know what he says resources. In this case it's money okay now you know the guy okay this is going to some bigger is God blessed Samaritans purse is going to Samaritans purse the Red Cross or whatever this is going to the guy just listen to was a Christian brother who runs the seminary.

There in Ukraine, Ukraine, Baptist theological seminary in their in their missions organization is the Ukraine partnership foundation.

That's where they're collecting the money. That's where the money goes. That's when you go to UPF UPF Ukraine partnership foundation UPF, the new land right on that page. I'm looking at it right now and it's like learn more and help donate online now but there is so this now you know what's happening. You get $10 $100 $1000 whatever you can do and then that that's money going to the seminary and everybody there and the staff and students to a certain extent that they're using to processes people meaning bringing in refugees about 300 a day right now and that's only an increase. It is been 2 million people that fled the country so far and it's only going to get worse as Russia gets more and that they invade more as they control more than a push more people out because if you're looking at Facebook Liber YouTube live today. See the screen behind me that that Russians bombed or used a missile, whatever it is to hit that it was that the maternity hospital so there's a picture behind me on the screen of a pregnant woman who is badly injured from the bombing in and who's going to stick around for that. So, more more people are gonna leave so you know when you go to UPF missions that were used in 100 bucks or whatever it is it's going to Slavic and his people so that they can probably buy more mattresses. They need food they need clothing, many water they need to keep the lights on all that stuff and talk about a miracle that I was shocked that he maintain such great connection. Old-time is crystal clear. Praise the Lord for that, but that's because they're way over Levine, which I think is LV IV way over in Western Ukraine. Okay, really close to poll, but that but they got people coming in there every day and so when my friends at the harvest Crusades with the great glory years ago in or talk about prayer you listen for prayers, and the only thing we should do, but you should do nothing without it so that there are times when all you can do is pray that there's there's all the public all you can do and for most of us when it comes to Ukraine in the situation there. That's all you can do is pray enough to mention that when they come back in the last segment on the take you through Slavic's prayerless I can do is pray. Sometimes you don't even know to pray for, but that's where the Holy Spirit is interceding because you don't have the words you this is so massive. This is so crazy. This is so dark out. My situation is so broken my family so messed up I don't even know how to pray his latest mobile mumble your way through it.

But the Holy Spirit knows God knows and so he intercedes for you. You need to have all the words you want to be eloquent.

Doesn't matter got already knows what's on your heart and your mind. He knows every detail the situation but then you have an opportunity something like this you okay so the question isn't for me personally. The question isn't, will I give the question becomes how much you like, but that's the question set.

Do I do it out of the bed like there's any way around. I think God to Daniel, thank you Daniels on on Facebook. Life.for Daniel and into Slavic and then just that.

He said that's an opportunity.

He has an opportunity at the different screen being a Christian. Ukraine right now. Being a Christian in America.

I suppose if there opportunities painfully obvious in the not reveal that he said the real us.

I wrote that down, put quotes around at the real us opportunity reveals the real us so are you cowering in your house, because the bonds are voluntary out there trying to help people and you know most people that we call heroes there like a hero near the time and time again. The hero don't call me Aramaean. I just that's just what I chose to do in the time is nothing special about me.

I just did what I thought was right in the time and then we do from the outside was a will that's a hero you know what in Christianity that you just be normal Christian there really shouldn't be anything all that outstanding from a biblical perspective from a spiritual perspective about Slavic wow that's amazing what they're doing. Holy cow. I wanted incredible Christian.

I'd like to think he's just a normal shift that's just normal your little your little bit you're out there in your little wacko. You're one of those crazy Christian ethic if your wacko to the world.

You should just be normal to be normal. Christianity likely all the Roman legions are all pulling out of the bubonic plague or whatever, that the problems that went on in the first and second century in their writing back to Caesar San yeah but you know what that those people at the way those Christian people as crazy people there stay we pull all the troops out at city man. The plague is taken killing everybody because Christians they stayed.

I don't know why but they stayed. That's interesting what else is running and what else is running west away from it. They run east into it or at least they put in serve the people that are running west from East that's just normal Christianity folks to the world that looks crazy. Does that you just look normal so the question is are you normal my normal man going around in the free okay. Remember everybody that day is coming. Gold is coming for Vladimir Putin. By the way, I occasionally pray for him in the last few weeks and I partly praise the Lord just you know guide a bullet between his eyes. I do I'll say that the Lord say if if if this is a guy that will not repent then take them out: imprecatory prayer IEC Old Testament okay at so and imprecatory prayer. Okay. And then you might well but even a dead man is not too far gone for the Lord see Lazarus right and so pray. Whether it's blender Pitner Zielinski or whoever pray for the leaders of our government. I know most of you can't stand Joe Biden. I can still stand, Joe Biden, but that doesn't get you off the hook pray. I want him go there if you need a little help. Pray one Tim and pick your state and you'll get an email every day like I do it more often than not I obey and I pray for those folks in the state legislature federal level in the state legislature but were called the pray for those in authority over us. So whether you like a binder not relevant that the Lord got guts and I don't know you don't like to forget. I just precursors over that's what you need to do.

Gina yes. He said he is in trying to leave. Even though he fears for his life.

As I said, the God gives you an opportunity else and there's this opportunity and that was the funny thing you're talking to Slavic from Ukraine Baptist theological seminary is live right here in the air. Okay, so from Ukraine in Western Ukraine Levine LV IV, which is pretty close to the Polish border. But even and I thought what they haven't seen any action there, but he said the bike on the first day or two cruise missiles hitting about 1020 miles away so you you don't know and as they take over more and more of the more and more of the country. The Russians do. I can see them walking away. Then it's getting it works in an I didn't have time to talk more talk to him again. Hey Slavic what you do if Russia takes over control of the country you think they can allow the evangelical seminary to operate Ukraine Baptist electric seminary do the same thing they do in Russia is to control the church the things that we do that please not think about that. He's not leaving he's not running he's staying any pray before Lord, we pray that you give us you know 3000 students, 4000 students in the next five years and I got 300" student showing up literally every day people that need to be cited to hear that I and some some of you might be losing your mind, because hate there's a lot of good answers for the problem of evil. And that's true. There are, but sometimes the what people need from us is not a theological treatise. They just need you to hand them a blanket and a peanut butter jelly sandwich and listen to them and love on you wanted bottle water and you do it on the name of Jesus they'll figure out pretty quick that you're a follower of Christ and why do you take a sin and why do you care for us and why you doing all this. I'm so glad you asked that kindest up. They might not ask anything but you had a trust that that senior sewing not trying to be a prosperity gospel guy here that senior sewing just God will use your faithfulness and silicate.

Can you wave a magic wand is well. Romans 828. Let me tell you about that whit when your whole country is being invaded and maybe you lost family members.

You don't know where they are. That's just a ministry of presence in service and trust the Lord with that stuff that's always like were not leaving denies that while God answering my prayer. We have a lot more students and I pray for what a great way of looking at so he's not leaving like Slavic said when he kisses his wife, each data commode back over the seminary injuries there 20 hours a day, or whatever he's like this the last time to see my wife is at the last hot shower and going to get and then crystallize who you are and what you are quickly that's why said it's an opportunity and in a situation like this in the war reveals who you are the things that reveals the real us is pretty strong so they go through is prayerless by the way, the URL I mentioned before my put it up on Facebook live. Thanks for asking about that NG on Facebook live here it is. This is my friend Jim Young started this ministry, which is capital commission so they share the gospel and Bible studies in state capitals around the country. Pray one Tim that's what you'll find in the New Testament the commander pray for those in authority over us that we can live quiet and peaceful lives.

Pray one Tim will enjoy the page.

Find your state click on your state. I just clicked on North Carolina and then you can sign up children to pray for today. In this case, US Representative Patrick McHenry hey Steve, a party is, it is not showing you that you don't get to see that that might affect your prayers to get one person at the federal level, then you get to people in our state Senate and North Carolina's case, and three people in our statehouse, and today it's got pray for a teachability but I also pray for the souls because I don't know most about some of them I do and I can pray more specifically, but that's the website pray one Tim Pray one Tim right speaking a prayer.

Here's what Slavic asked his peers. His prayer list from Slavic our brother there. Ukraine and you can give it UPF Ukraine partnership foundation UPF right number one. He said this in a commercial break number one. Pray for miracle wiener miracle plain simple what kind miracle, a miracle for the war to end all are talking about, not weeks here friends. Most likely months maybe even years and economically. That's can affect life here in America to by the way, so pray for miracle for the word and pray for the church miracle in the church, a miracle amongst the people miracle the harvest of souls. Pray for a miracle for safety miracle for Russians to lay down their for their arms miracle for Russian soldier say forget you plan on doing this week that we are coming in here to chase Nazis for goodness sakes, which is one of the things Vladimir Putin said recently is ridiculous.

I'm not going to keep Kelly look at the picture by me. If you're on Facebook live YouTube live at the pregnant mom got hit in the bombing of a maternity hospital.

Many miracles there and that's flat out what he said pray for miracle for the word and okay there's number one.

Number two.

He mentioned this as well. Pray for resources to serve these people not just you think, not days, not weeks, probably months or even years. This is an end in a couple weeks yet. 2 million refugees and climbing and in this one little spot in western Ukraine 300 people come in a day that's can it go up like it's good, 300-4500 you much money it cost to take her 500 people a day that are coming to you. Oh my goodness so so pray for resources yours and mine would eat what you know about it.

Will know that we should do something I would remind you, as an ethics teacher of the Catholic Church is a great job at teaching a moral proximity now more proximity as God told us a lot more accountable for the needs that are closer to rest literally, your family, your neighborhood, your city, your county or state your country held more accountable for that. People that have needs down the street versus the people that have needs in Africa, sub-Saharan Africa. Whatever is more proximity to Toronto while God puts an opportunity right in front of you.

That's what Slavic talk about opportunities is a okay here's an opportunity to engage in what I'm doing over and Ukraine you guys talk about it. You grieve over you. You lament over you mourn over and we should. But here's an opportunity, five dollars, $10.50.I don't know if they knew the Lord okay pray for resources they need resources to serve all these people and then a serve unless pray for us, meaning the people there on the ground.

The people that they're ministering to their own students.

They got 1300 students plus all the people that are just showing up in their midst.

Pray for the people in the midst pray for us because their wiped out. You know they're going all day every day and have been for what, 12, 13 days at this point in asking to go on, so we need to pray for the strength for the resolve we need to pray for more hands and feet on the ground to help them. We need to pray for them strength. They have their their spiritual condition.

We need to pray for their mental condition their emotional condition. Their physical condition and then pray for the people working with them for other people to come along and work with them and pray that God would just soften the hearts and prepare the harvest is white and to harvest right so bring more workers into the harvest field. So pray for us a harvest of souls as well number one miracle number two resources, money, and number three for us. Slavic said them that the people at seminary that are serving holy smokes. Everybody in the ministry that serving in the people that are in their midst. Pray for them so that they go that's the prayer request literally right from the ground in western Ukraine and so there you have it gal pal up and noted that the Facebook live today and I'll do a separate post on my Facebook page. The Steve Noble show on Facebook that on there as well to remind us, and that's all try to pray without ceasing.

Praise often is gets on your radar screen and just lift that up. So let's make sure were working on doing that and they will get Slavic back on that got some other contacts at a Pope couple cannot bill a man on Facebook live right now is dealing with the people, somebody in the same city actually in Ukraine and God will continue to to create those opportunities for us and we just need to be faithful with that and share the space with them some. I showed Scott Schultz on Meyer time to zero times on my microphone it says microphone so whatever the Lord wants to do it. We need to be available and obedient that so they go. What a great opportunity to hear from Slavic and so again once again UPF If you miss that UPF missions that's the Ukraine partnership foundation. That's the ministry arm of what they're doing there at the Ukraine Baptist theological seminary to the website you he F Ukraine partnership foundation UPF missions with an and you'll see right there on the page you land on gets more information donate online sets of you know, could you discern from the guy there taken the money and their use without the people that are coming right then and there to bring that about. So what you do it between you and the Lord this is Steve Noble. This is the Steve Noble show tomorrow. Theology Thursday back with our friends at BG seminary. So that's always rich in the deep end of the pool so we look forward to that. What were talking about on Friday, God willing out that you guys will soon like my dad always used to say cover for another program powered by the Truth Network

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